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ANIMAL RESEARCH 22.11.2002 01:09
OHSU Primate Center Expanding - Letters Needed!
From the open publishing newswire:
URGENT REQUEST FOR LETTERS! On Nov 1. the Oregonian reported on OHSU's plan to expand their primate research in, "Primate Center files building plans." The full text can be viewed online at: www.boycottohsu.com/bldg.html. The new facility would house 900 rhesus monkeys and although the article is full of public relations rhetoric about social housing, it ultimately it means adding at least another 450 rhesus macaques to the 3,100 monkeys already incarcerated at the center.

The article states, "Most research in the new building will consist of behavioral studies, observing monkeys to see which have anxiety and depression and how that relates to human mental health." This will be more of the same junk science wasting precious resources in the same vein as experiments being conducted by OHSU primate researcher Judy Cameron. In previous studies, Cameron has sewn a heart monitor and transmitter under the backs of juvenile rhesus macaques to later release them into outdoor enclosures to scare them and watch their heart rate go up. This, Cameron purports, is to help kids with anxiety and depression. [ The Sordid Story ] [ www.boycottohsu.com ]

OTRA AMERICA ES POSIBLE 21.11.2002 15:49
Sustainable Planet Party / Fiesta de la Planeta Sustenible
From the open publishing newswire: Sustainable Planet Party/ Vegan-Vegetarian Potluck November 28, 3:00-7:00pm at Laughing Horse Books (36th & Division): A potluck to celebrate all of earth's inhabitants and sustainable living!!! There will be spoken word, poetry, music, and videos to celebrate sustainable lifestyles at Laughing Horse Books on 36 + Division. The party starts at 3:00pm and may end around 7:00pm. This party happens to fall on Thanksgiving Day (November 28), a rascist holiday that celebrates the genocide of indegenous peoples and poor populaces within the United States...
[ Read More... ]

(En espa?ol) ?Un potluck (un fiesta en el cual la mayor?a de la gente trae un poco de alimento a la parte) para celebrar toda la habitantes y vida sostenible de la tierra!!! Habr? palabra, poes?a, m?sica, y videos hablados para celebrar formas de vida sostenibles en los libros del caballo que r?en en 36 y Divisi?n st. El fiesta comienza en los 3:00pm y puede terminar los alrededor 7:00pm. Este fiesta va suceder en el d?a de Thanksgiving (el 28 de noviembre), un d?a de fiesta del rascist que celebre el genocide de la gente indegenous y de populachos pobres dentro de los Estados Unidos...
[ Lee Mas... ]

LABOR 21.11.2002 10:39
National Wal-Mart Day of Action, November 21st! 3-5pm
From the open publishing newswire: Wal-Mart is waging war on workers -- and the first casualty is the American standard of living. We urge you to join the United Food and Commercial Workers and the AFL-CIO in launching the Peoples Campaign-Justice @ Wal-Mart. Participate in the National Day of Action on November 21, as a first step in building the grassroots movement that will transform Wal-Mart into a responsible employer and corporate citizen. Events are being held all over the country - don't miss it! In Portland, come on down to Wal-Mart at 4200 SE 82nd on Thursday, Nov. 21st from 3-5 PM for a rally. In Eugene, go to the Wal-Mart at 4550 W. 11th. Visit http://www.walmartdayofaction.com/ for more details and organizer contact info. [ Full Story ] [ Southern Oregon actions ]

Wal*Mart's history of locating their stores on native American sacred lands:
[ http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/Lobby/6181/release.html ] [ http://www.dickshovel.com/wal2.html ] [ http://www.yvwiiusdinvnohii.net/News2001/0102/AIMNFO010212Morgantown.htm ] [ http://mytwobeadsworth.com/WAJR.html ] [ http://www.ibsgwatch.imagedjinn.com/sites/morgantown.htm ] [ http://bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu/pipermail/nn-dialogue/2001-March/000028.html ] [ http://lightning.prohosting.com/~receipts/antiwalmart.shtml ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 21.11.2002 10:34
Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy

From the open publishing newswire: CASCADIA FOREST REVUE: A night of entertainment and education. Speaker and Slideshows from Mazama Forest Defense, Cascadia Forest Alliance. There will also be a short video. Music by: Mookie Wilson and Restless & Uneasy. Thursday November 21st 7:30pm 3-500 dollars, no one turned away for lack of funds. [ Full Story ]

PALESTINE 21.11.2002 10:19
TONIGHT! at PSU: George Rismawi "On the Ground in Palestine" - 7 PM
Addressing the Human Devastation Caused by the Israeli Occupation
Portland State University, Ballroom of Smith Hall
Thursday, November 21, 2002 : 7-9 p.m.

From the open publishing newswire: On November 21, 2002 at 7:00pm, Portlanders will have the rare opportunity to hear from an outstanding individual who has witnessed first hand on a continuing basis the suffering of Palestinian children and families in the territories occupied by Israel. Joining him will be a delegation from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions speaking on how the Occupation has affected employment and working conditions for Palestinians. [ Full Story ] [ International Solidarity Movement ]

GET UP, GET OUT, DO SOMETHING 19.11.2002 17:48
Upcoming events round-up
Independent Publishing Resource Center workshops
Long Stitch Bookbinding, Copyright Basics, Letterpress Printing and more...

Eugene Student solidarity against war with Iraq
On the University of Oregon campus, Wednesday, November 20th at noon, there will be a peace rally with bands, speakers, etc., as part of the nation-wide November 20th protests. [ Details ]

Public Talk by Zen priest/Vietnam veteran
The Portland Buddhist Peace Fellowship is hosting a talk by the globe-walking, peace-talking Zen priest, Vietnam vet and activist, Claude AnShin Thomas. 7 pm, Wednesday, November 20. [ Details ]

Road Rip Extravaganza
This is a short 5 minute piece on the potential problems of new roads built in our National Forests in order to access timber. The file is extracted from the recent Bark Field Trip to West Fivemile Timber Sale in the Barlow Ranger District. While on the hike, Nathalie Shapiro, of the Groundtruthing organization, Bark, speaks briefly about some of these problems and about the upcoming Road Rip Extravaganza being held at 6:30 pm on December 5. [ Details ]

ACTIVIST SUPPORT 19.11.2002 16:55
Actvist Mary Bull in SF Jail on Felony Charges and Needs Support!
From the open publishing newswire: International Activist Mary Bull is being held on felony charges in SF for pouring fake blood at Chevron lockdown action.

taken from an email from Starhawk : "Mary Bull, indefatigable Boycott the Gap organizer and Pagan cluster member, was arrested this morning at Chevron in the course of our GREAT action against the war in Iraq, in which a river of blood (cornstarch, food coloring and water) was spilled across the ground in front of the entrance to the plaza. She is currently charged with felony vandalism. (People are being asked) to call the San Francisco District Attorney's office, Terence Hallinan, at 415-553-1741 and urge him to have the charges dropped. Please remember, when calling, that Hallinan is generally very supportive of activists and civil disobedience, so there's no need to take an antagonistic tone. " Otherwise, protesters succeeded in blockading both Chevron and Diane Feinstein's office. About thirty people were arrested altogether. The others were charged with trespassing, cited and released. [ Full Story ] [ SF IMC story ]

Action needed for Damascus dogs- Nov. 19, 02
From the open publishing newswire: Many of you may have read Steve Mayes' disturbing article in the Oregonian last Tuesday, (Nov. 12) County raids site, seizes 3 puppies, finds six carcasses. Around 50 feral dogs, four of them whelping females and many showing signs of disease or neglect, are being kept in squalor conditions on this rural property Southeast of Damascus. Thus far, County officials seem uninterested in pressing for criminal charges even though there appears to be evidence that would support a case. Instead, Walter Cate, the interim dog control manager for Clackamas County, told me that they had a meeting with the Engelson sisters and their attorney and are working out an agreement to "bring them into compliance." The sisters have at least a fifteen year history of non-compliance including every provision of their conditional use permit...

IDA has filed a complaint with the Clackamas Co. Department of Transportation and Development which should start an investigation into the Engelson's land use agreement. There is no time to wait because the Engelson's attorney will be presenting a draft of the agreement as early as Wed or Thurs of this week! Please pick up the phone and call right now! Then, please, follow up your calls with POLITE letters and emails to the same county officials.

Comments you may want to include:
  • Finding 6 dead dogs is a serious matter and the county should prosecute; not make deals.
  • The Engelsons have had many chances to comply with their conditional use permit and you want to see an investigation started immediately to have their permit revoked.
  • The results of the dog necropsies should not be hidden from the public.
Clackamas County Animal Control
Walter Cate interim dog control manager
phone: 503-655-8629
[ Full Story and Contact Info ]

FOREST ACTIVISM - BENEFIT 18.11.2002 14:51
CASCADIA FOREST REVUE Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Thursday November 21st 7:30pm
Liberty Hall
311 N. Ivy

From the open publishing newswire: CASCADIA FOREST REVUE: A night of entertainment and education. Speaker and Slideshows from Mazama Forest Defense, Cascadia Forest Alliance. There will also be a short video. Music by: Mookie Wilson and Restless & Uneasy. Thursday November 21st 7:30pm 3-500 dollars, no one turned away for lack of funds. [ Full Story ]

MO' RADICAL ACTIVISM 18.11.2002 14:48
Radical Movie Night Report!
From the open publishing newswire:On Thursday night, Nov. 14, 2002, the Clinton St. Theatre featured "Radical Movie Night," with six videos showing the ELF and ALF in action as they fight the rape of animals and the environment for profit. It was hosted by activist Josh Harper, who has been an activist, especially on animal rights issues, for over a decade. He brought a message of solidarity within all activist communities. "I understand we all have something that gets to us," he said. "But I want revolution on all fronts." [ The Whole Shebang ]

LABOR 17.11.2002 20:54
ILWU on Waterfront Lockout
From the open publishing newswire: Hear the labor union perspective on what happened with the lockout on the West Coast waterfront. Luisa Gratz is the President of the ILWU Local 26, President of ILWU Southern California District Council. She provides her take on the history of relations between the ILWU and what the Pacific Maritime Association has been doing. She was interviewed by People's Tribune TV, and then carried on their radio program. You can listen to it below (MP3 for download or streaming). It also includes comments from Chris Mahin on the November 2002 elections.

[ streaming version | download ]

LABOR ACTION 17.11.2002 20:50
November 21 Wal*Mart Day of Action
From the open publishing newswire: Who: Community & Labor Activists
Where: Wal*Mart in Talent (near the freeway exit). Meet at the parking lot entrance (suggest you do not park in the Walmart lot).
When: November 21, 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
What: Leaflets handed to customers in support of the campaign of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW). Targets Wal*Mart for its anti-labor practices, its treatment of employees, and its support for George Bush in tarnishing "good faith bargaining" in the current labor dispute with the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).

NOTE: In Portland, UFCW is asking supporters to rally from 3 to 5 p.m. at Wal*Mart Eastport, 4200 SE 82nd Ave. (we're gonna surround 'em from both ends of the state!)
[ Read More... ]

RADIO ONLINE 16.11.2002 18:05
Two Interviews: 2000 Elections and Industrial Farms
From the open publishing newswire: Steppin' Out of Babylon -a film about the 2000 elections in Florida

Richard Perez produced this enlightening documentary about the details of how people (half of them black) were illegally taken off the voter roles in Florida if they were likely to vote democratic.

Click here for streaming version<. Click here for download of MP3.
[ Read More... ]

The Fatal Harvest-The Tragedy of Industrial Agriculture

Kimbrell is a public interest attorney in Washington, DC, a member of the Board of the International Forum on Globalization, etc.. He talks about GMO food other important agricultural issues addressed in his book.

Click here for streaming version. Click here for downloadable version.
[ Read More... ]

Sue's programming can be found at the a-infos radio project.

PLUG IN! 14.11.2002 15:53
Happenings and Callouts
Activists wanted to help Progressive Portal
During the past few months we've been swamped with a variety of critical needs: 1) Defending against a huge, sustained "cyber-attack" against us 2) Operating several projects related to the threat of war against Iraq... 3) Work on the November elections and aftermath ... Now, we are facing some new challenges, and [ would like your help. ]

A chance to hear Infernal Noise Brigade
... without getting pepper-sprayed or arrested! Infernal Noise Brigade and Tchkung! will be appearing in Portland and Eugene this Friday and Saturday. Friday, November 15th at Plan B (aka The Medicine Hat Gallery), 1834 N.E.Alberta, Portland. This is a 21 and over show, $9 at the door. Saturday, November 16th in Eugene at the WOW Hall, 291 W.8th. This is an all ages early show, $8-10. [ The Skinny ]

On the Ground in Palestine - Presentation About Occupied Palestine - Update
On November 21, 2002 at 7:00pm, Portlanders will have the rare opportunity to hear from an outstanding individual who has witnessed first hand on a continuing basis the suffering of Palestinian children and families in the territories occupied by Israel. Joining him will be a delegation from the Palestine General Federation of Trade Unions speaking on how the Occupation has affected employment and working conditions for Palestinians. [ Learn more ]

On N30 1999 we shut down the WTO. On N30 2002 we will recapture the spirit of resistance and all the creativity, enthusiasm, and intensity of that time. The Bush administration is preparing to escalate its war on the world by attacking Iraq yet again. This agenda means war - war on the poor, and war on the world. And in 2002 we're confronted with new offensives against peace, democracy, and our very lives. To fight global injustice, we must fight it here at home. Join us! N30 2002 will climax a week of creative, disruptive resistance. What will you be doing the [ week of N30 ]

Peace Church Challenge
Now is the time to terminate war and military aggression and only the Christian church can do it as our obligation to the founder of our religion, Jesus of Nazareth, Messiah of Israel and the Son of the Living God. Only the Christian Church can terminate war by raising the voice of its ministers and priests in the pulpit of their respective congregations. Devastation caused by war will end only when ministers and priests refuse military-age members of their respective congregations to enlist. But it will not be easy because it may provoke persecution, just as early Christians suffered rather than capitulating to Caesar. [ Details ]

Why no stories about communities of color?!
PLEASE!PLEASE!PLEASE! Post some stories about how the Bush Junta's policies are affecting [communities of color]! They are the ones that are going to have to bare the brunt of the loss of civil liberties. If you know of any activist groups in town that deal primarily with communities of color, let them know about Indymedia and let them know that if they post something original or if they simply post a press release to the newswire it will probably be the easiest way to reach several thousand people a DAY!! [ Full Story ]

Anti-GE protest at Woodstock Safeway
SATURDAY the 16th of November
11am to 1pm
4515 SE Woodstock
Come tell Safeway to get Genetically Engineered ingredients out of their product line! [ Full Story ]

ACLU & SOA Watch Challenge in Court Plan to Search Protest Participants
From the open publishing newswire: Thousands are anticipated to arrive in Columbus this weekend to call for the closure of what they call a terrorist training camp on U.S. soil - the School of the Americas, renamed Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHISC), a combat training school for Latin American soldiers. SOA grads continue to be implicated in egregious acts designed to terrorize and coerce civilian populations throughout Latin America.

This afternoon [Wednesday, 14 Nov.] members of School of the Americas Watch, including founder Fr. Roy Bourgeois, filed an injunction in federal court to prevent a plan "to prohibit 10,000 plus people from exercising their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble, speak, and petition the government in a public forum unless they each first submit to law enforcement searches without consent, without warrant, without probable cause and without individualized suspicion."

Attorneys Gerald Weber, Legal Director of the ACLU of Georgia, and William Quigley filed the civil action case against Columbus City Mayor Bobby Peters and Columbus Police Chief W.L. Dozier. Columbus police plan to use metal detectors and possibly more comprehensive searches on every participant in the vigil outside Ft. Benning.
[ Read More... ]

Letter to the Murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero
The former archbishop of San Salvador Don Oscar Arnulfo Romero [who was assassinated by an SOA graduate] is still remembered. Jon Sobrino, Salvadorian Jesuit and liberation theologian, writes a letter to his former bishop every year on March 24, the anniversary of his murder. What a marvelous idea to keep alive the remembrance and explosiveness of Romero's life for our current situation!

[W]e ask you for a great miracle, that our neighbor in the North may be converted and stop being an oppressive empire greedy of power, accept differentials or gradients and be a member of humanity's family like everyone else. Our second petition is that we here in El Salvador facing immense problems do not burn out in ourselves but with our smallness open ourselves to solidarity with the women and men in Afghanistan and to everyone suffering in the world, above all in Africa. On the subject of miracle, the poor, your poor, have a perfect right to demand a miracle from you because they no longer know how to stay afloat. Many doors were closed to them and many promises broken. Often they stand idle with empty hands and must leave the country. Injustice, lies, corruption and structural egoism is the air we must breathe today.
[ Read More... ]

[ Thousands to Expose Double Standard in War on Terrorism | Atlanta IMC | SOA Watch ]

ALTERNATIVES TO USARY 13.11.2002 18:50
Busting short-term loan sharks: ACORN holding lending fair Saturday
From the open publishing newswire: ACORN will be holding a lending fair on Saturday November 16 from 12:30 to 4:30 pm within the Carpenter's Local 247 Union Hall at 2205 North Lombard, Portland. All who are considering learning about scams, buying a first house or negotiating a low-cost car loan are encouraged to attend. This ACORN-managed event will provide an interface to reputable home and car lenders, and appraisers and refinancers will also be available.

Short-term lenders (think "Payday Loan" offices) flourish while pretending to help low-income residents. An attempt was made to legislate them out of business in 1998. It failed due to lobby pressure on key Portland Representative Frank Shields in the Oregon House.
[ Read More... ]

World Bank "Economist" to Speak at Reed, Protests Planed
From the open publishing newswire: A world bank economist is coming to speak at Reed College. This is a call to organize to demonstrate our opposition to neoliberal and imperialist economic policies.

Karla Hoff, a research economist in the World Bank's development research group, will speak on "After the Big Bang? Obstacles to the Emergence of the Rule of Law in Post-Communist Societies" on Thursday, November 21, at 4:15 p. m. in Reed's psychology auditorium. The paper Hoff will be presenting is co-authored with Joseph E. Stiglitz,the 2001 Nobel Laureate in economics, although he will not be present. The lecture, sponsored by the Bernard Goldhammer Memorial Lecture Fund, is free and open to the public.
[ Read More... ]

[ GlobalizeThis.org | Global Exchange: What is the World Bank/IMF? | Anarchist Guide to Money and Economics]

FARMWORKERS 12.11.2002 23:58
Oregon Farmworker Ministry Benefit Coffeehouse this Friday
From the open publishing newswire: On Friday, November 15, 2002 at 8:00PM at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church will host the first OFWM coffeehouse concert in their fellowship hall. This fundraiser benefit for Oregon Farm Worker Ministry (OFWM) themed "building community through music." OFWM has for over 17 years has worked to be a reconciling force between urban Anglo's and rural Latino farmworkers. This unique work is manifest in this event where such renown artists as Irene Farrera & Venezuela Viva and Sky in the Road along with other Latino and Anglo artists.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear great music and appreciate the gifts the Hispanic community shares with all.

The Oregon Farmworker Ministry is an organization of church congregations and people of faith that both advocates for farmworkers and educates congregations, civic, and labor groups about farmworker issues. The OFWM is an important source of support for PCUN, Oregon's farmworker ministry, helping to organize vigils, accompanying organizers to the fields, and promoting the sales of union label blueberries and Christmas wreaths made by PCUN's women's group. [ Read More... ]

[ Oregon Farmworker Ministry Website | PCUN Website ]

Radical Movie Night this Thursday
From the open publishing newswire: Come out for a nite of film dedicated to revolutionary direct action, including footage from the earth and animal liberation fronts (Elf/Alf), hosted by veteran earth activist Josh Harper. Josh Harper, editor of the !Breaking Free! Video Collection, a series of highly acclaimed direct action documentaries, hosts this night of radical film. Harper is well-known to the Northwest, most notably for his involvement in the 1999 sabotage of the Makah Whale Hunt just outside Neah Bay, Washington. Harper has remained virulent despite facing on-going state repression , including being the subject of a 2000 Portland grand jury witch hunt, investigating the courageous actions of the ELF and ALF.

This event comes just before the 50th anniversary of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS), the world's most notorious contract animal testing company with facilities in both the UK and US. Harper currently works with Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC), the hard-hitting and innovative international campaign to close HLS. The local HLS campaign sponsors this event, and all proceeds will help send Portland activists to the anniversary "celebrations" at HLS in New Jersey.
[ Read More... ]

BECOMING THE MEDIA 11.11.2002 22:38
Much anticipated 'Guerrilla Video Primer' now available
From the open publishing newswire: The Cascadia Media Collective is excited to announce the completion of its newest film, "Guerrilla Video Primer." With footage and analysis gleaned from years of experience around the country and a fast paced musical soundtrack, Guerrilla Video Primer is a great film both as a videography tutorial and for entertainment. From camera basics, to interviews, filming in the middle of a street battle, editing and distribution - the film explains how the Cascadia Media Collective has learned to make the quality movies that it does.

Guerrilla Video Primer contains never before seen footage from the FTAA protests in Quebec City and the World Economic Forum protests in New York City, as well as footage from the streets of Palestine.After seeing the film's debut, respected local activists said things like:"I kept expecting to get bored, but I never did!"and "That was the most informative movie I've seen yet about the anti-globalization movement. "The Primer's debut left people inspired, challenged and pumped. Now's your chance to share that feeling.
[ Read More... ]

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