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24.05.2009 11:45
2010 Resistance Workshop at the Red and Black Cafe! Tonight, Sunday, May 24th
Presentation/discussion about the ongoing genocide & ecocide
carried out on unceeded, unsurrended Coast Salish territories and
intensified by the coming Olympics. We will look at how different
anti-Olympic communities lead lives of resistance and take
direct-action against capitalism, colonization & social control.

Sunday, May 24th
Red and Black Cafe
400 SE 12th ave at Oak
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 231-3899
7pm sharp!
By donation, no one turned away for lack of funds


19.05.2009 17:51
Cascadia Summer Action Camp
Come learn to climb . . . We are inviting activists of all shades to our Action Camp May 23-25. This will be our kick-off event for Cascadia Summer, a season of action in defense of native forests left standing on Oregon's public lands.

At the camp we will be hosting trainings in a range of subjects such as tree climbing and rigging, anti-oppression, non-violent direct action, jail support and much more. We are facing thousands of acres of native forest clearcuts in Oregon this summer and training is the first step toward action. While the Green Scare has targeted our communities, we must make it clear that this culture will live on and even thrive regardless of state repression. We cordially invite you to help create and share the joyful, colorful, resistance culture that we hold so dear. It is our solemn obligation to keep the flame alive in dark times; so come to learn and stay to fight. This summer we will be dispatching a diversity of tactics from direct action to community education. We will have a camp in the forest and friendly houses in the city and we're inviting comrades young and less young, experienced and less experienced to join us for a summer, a month or just a few days. As long as the forests are threatened and we are able, every summer will be Cascadia Summer.

The action camp will be hosted 45 minutes outside of our campaign base of Eugene in the forests of Oregon. Visit www.forestdefensenow.org for more information or email forestdefensenow@gmail to arrange accommodations/rideshares ready for you when you arrive for the festivities.



19.05.2009 17:49
Attend or Volunteer the Rosehip's STREET MEDIC TRAINING--THIS WEEKEND!!
Our basic 20-hr street medic training will take place this weekend (Fri 5-9, Sat/Sun 9-6) and we have several places left for both participants & volunteers for scenarios (no medical experience required). This will be a fun and educational romp through allopathic & herbal emergency medicine as it pertains to radical infrastructure & street gatherings. If you are interested, but cannot commit the full weekend, consider checking us out as a volunteer "patient"--you will receive love, appreciation, and (possibly) snacks

This will be our last Street Medic training for at least a couple months, so if you've meaning to participate & not yet found the opportunity, NOW is the (or at least a "good") time to contact us.
For more information or to check registration availability, email <  rosehiptraining@gmail.com.

Stay tuned for further community workshops, the next of which will be presented at the Portland Anarchist Bookfair (to take place at Liberty Hall, June 6th + 7th). Feel free to contact us and ask us questions. There are lots of ways to get involved!!



19.05.2009 17:47
Urban Farm Collective
Portland's new Urban Farm Collective Wants YOU!!! Yes, YOU!!

Portland once again steps into the spotlight as one of the nation's most progressive and community-minded cities with the recent birth of the urban Farm Collective. Land holders, dirty hands (ie. The folks getting their hands in the soil!), and volunteers are coming together to transform backyards, front yards, and other lawns into spaces for growing food.

There are a couple of different ways to get involved.... There is no minimum time commitment. Help is also needed to get the word out! Spread the flyers, spread the love! Interested? Email  urbanfarmcollective@gmail.com with either "Dirty Hands" or "Volunteer" in the subject line!

Stay tuned for more news about the Urban Farm Collective! The Grand
Opening of the Urban Farm Collective Market will be WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3 at 4 PM, at the TIN SHED'S GARDEN PATIO.



federal fishing expedition 16.05.2009 11:12
Portland Indymedia Radio DJ Harassed & Threatened With Grand Jury Subpoena
Activists should be aware that a Portland Indymedia radio DJ, Sean Rice, has been harassed recently by the FBI and threatened with federal grand jury subpoena.
On Monday a man approached Sean Rice when Sean left his house to catch a bus. The man addressed him by his legal name claiming to be an FBI agent and wanting to "ask some questions". Sean quickly informed the man that he wouldn't be answering any questions. The man then claimed he "just wanted to talk to him about his rights". Mr. Rice then told the man he would not talk to him and walked away. At no time did the man present any identification proving whether he was a fed or not. It is important to be aware that corporations hire private detectives to harass activists. So this man may or may not be who he says he is.

Wednesday leaving work the same man approached, this time with a woman who did the talking. She started by trying to hail him over, "come here, come here". To which he replied, "No, talk to my lawyer". She then threatened him, "You're only making this harder on yourself. We can do this the easy way or with a grand jury subpoena." He requested her card to give to his lawyer and offered to have his lawyer contact her. She asked who his lawyer was and he, again, asked for her card. "No. Who's your lawyer?" "Stu Sugarman." Apparently Stu's bad ass reputation preceded him and she quickly uttered a nervous, "Ok," and they left;, again without identifying themselves or serving actual subpoena papers.

So just what exactly is a grand jury?


16.05.2009 11:08
Portland Indymedia Tech Benefit Party!
Portland Indymedia Tech Collective has spread its servers thin enabling millions of folks to be the media and wishes to improve its services. But, our hardware is getting tired, and we need to upgrade.
Come contribute to the future of Portland Indymedia and the ever increasing amount of Portlanders who depend on it. Plus see a great show and dance your ass off to the inspiring beat of love & revolution while you're at it!

Stag Bitten (pending confirmation)
Molly Bang
Bum Tech
Also featuring... BEER (you know you've heard of it....) & fun raffle PRIZES!

$5 and up donation (no contribution is too small or too large)
Snacks, T-Shirts, IMC merch, Available
8pm Saturday May 30th
Union Hall
Corner of NW 4th & Everett (upstairs)

Safer Space Policy in effect!


13.05.2009 10:52
Submedia: Hopium Tour
Submedia TV logo Join the subMedia posse - survival of the smartest starts now! Producer, videographer and creative genius Franklin López exposes crucial current trends with video montages that mix culture jamming, news, satire, music and action to scratch the social justice itch. Hopium is a crash course on the countercultures, protest movements, and underground forces set to collide in the post-Bush world.
Hopium delivers 90 minutes of short films, mashups, and clips from Frank's series It's the End of the World and We Know It and I Feel Fine, the world's most subversive news show. The evening culminates with highlights from the forthcoming END:CIV, and the documentary hit GROUND NOISE & STATIC, a video report from the Democratic and Republican national conventions in 2008

with Annabeth of Cicada Sound Collective
Sunday May 17th, 7pm
Red and Black Café
400 SE 12th avenue


13.05.2009 10:40
LEONARD PELTIER: Show Your Support on May 20 at 7 pm
Leonard Peltier, Waiting for Freedom An educational forum focused on the ongoing case of incarcerated American Indian activist Leonard Peltier will be held May 20, 2009, at 7 pm, at the Native American Student and Community Center at Portland State University.
Recently, Peltier was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for a sixth consecutive year, in honor of his remarkable success in furthering causes of peace and human rights from behind bars during his 33 years of incarceration.
On the campaign trail last fall, President Obama met with Native American leaders and indicated his willingness to consider clemency or to support parole for Peltier. The May 20th event is part of a nationwide effort to renew support for Peltier's release now that Obama is in office.



08.05.2009 19:14
Fight the Banks: Foreclosure Prevention Direct actions
DIRECT ACTION GETS THE GOODS: Monday, May 11, at 9 a.m., at the Multnomah County Courthouse, 1021 SW 4th Ave. Stop the auction of foreclosed homes by the bank-fraudsters. Support SB 628.
Not active in supporting your neighbors who are facing homelessness because you think Obama will magically make everything all right?

Give up that Ghost....We need grass-roots action NOW, and YOU need to make it happen.... Every Monday morning, foreclosed homes are being auctioned at the Multnomah County Courthouse (1021 SW 4th Ave.). This is being done in spite of the fact that the bankers and their political flunkies are obstructing attempts to require mortgage mediation with the victims of the financial scams that threaten to harm all working class people. (Contact your state representatives about support for SB 628, the pre-foreclosure mandatory mediation bill that the bank fraudsters are attempting to destroy, and see: link to blog.affil.org).

Wear red and bring signs, if you can.


08.05.2009 19:04
PORTLAND TRANSIT RIDERS UNION--Fully fund public transit! No Cuts to TriMet!
Fight Tri-Met Cuts! Public transportation is a human right!

We are a group of Tri-Met riders and community activists which was initiated by the Portland Social Forum. In these times of economic disparity, when ridership is up, we believe that cutting services, hiking fares, and possibly even laying off public transportation employees is counter to building a sustainable city. Inspired by the Los Angeles Bus Riders Union, we work to build a long-term program for community involvement and participation in the decisions that affect millions of riders, and like the Bus Riders Union we believe public transportation is a human right. We reject any attempts to cut services or hike fares and strive to work with Tri-Met to build a truly democratic and sustainable city. For questions, comments or contributions please contact us.

Next Meeting:
Smith Student Union
at Portland State University
Room 229
Saturday, May 9th at 11am
(1825 SW Broadway)



08.05.2009 17:49
Know Your Rights! Sexual Harassment Forum
The Portland Restaurant Workers Association is holding a discussion forum on sexual harassment for restaurant workers and their allies. Join us May 21st, 7 PM at In Other Words Women's Books and resources, 8 B NE Killingsworth St Portland, OR 97211.




05.05.2009 20:44
Fort Lewis Stop Loss Rally
On May 9th IVAW Ft. Lewis will begin its Stoploss Campaign. Right now Fort Lewis, the largest military base on the West Coast, will be deploying three infantry brigades to Iraq and Afghanistan over the next four months. This means that 10,000 soldiers will be leaving to serve in occupations in the Middle East. IVAW Fort Lewis will be joining with other groups from the community to hold a rally outside the gates of Fort Lewis to demonstrate our support of these soldiers who are being exploited by the military. The anti war-community needs to show service people and their families that they are not suffering alone. Participants will meet at COFFEE STRONG at noon on May 9th to assemble. They will then proceed to Freedom Bridge which leads to the gates of Fort Lewis where they will rally in support of GI Rights. [ Read More ]

15109 Union Ave SW
Lakewood, WA 98499


05.05.2009 20:34
The end of the Canadian seal hunt
Today is a day to celebrate. The European Union has slammed shut the door on trade in the products of the commercial seal slaughter. The Canadian government estimates that losing this primary market will cost Canada's sealing industry $6.6 million (CAD) each year. The hunt brought in less than $7 million last year. Just the promise of an EU ban was enough to drive the prices for seal fur down to $15 (CAD) per skin -- a decline of 86 percent since 2006. As a result, many sealers stayed home. Out of this year's quota of 280,000 harp seals, fewer than 60,000 have been killed so far.

Canadian seal hunt supporters won't give up just yet. With government subsidies still in hand, the sealing industry will be chasing down new markets. The ProtectSeals campaign is working to convince all targeted nations to follow the EU's example. Canadian Senator Mac Harb has introduced his nation's first bill to end the hunt. The ProtectSeals campaign is striving to convince other members of Canada's Parliament to support the bill. [ Read More ]


27.04.2009 23:00
May Day! Friday, May 1, 4pm Rally, 5pm March
May 1st belongs to the people! International Workers' Rights Day is our day! A day to celebrate victories, mourn the dead and fight like hell for the living. This year we will be together in the streets of downtown Portland to demonstrate for our rights and to demand a just economy that works for all of us.

May Day 2009[:] March and Rally for Immigrant and Workers' Rights!
Economic Justice for All

May 1st, 2009[:] South Park Blocks, Downtown Portland

1pm - Posters and Party
4pm - Rally with speakers and entertainment
5pm - March


27.04.2009 22:58
Trans & Womyn's Action Camp Benefit Show
Friday May 8th, 7p, Red & Black Cafe, SE 12th Ave & Oak, Portland, OR

$ 5-10 Sliding Scale Donation Suggested, No One Turned Away for Lack of Funds

[Music:] * Adelit@s * , * The Dapper Cadavers * , * HUMANWINE * , * Hazel *



27.04.2009 22:55
No on HB 3058, A Bill Which Would Ease LNG Development
Salem, OR - Private property owners affected by proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) takeaway pipelines are calling on the Oregon legislature to stop a bill that would ease the path for LNG development. The Northwest Property Rights Coalition is asking members of the House Sustainability and Economic Development Committee to oppose HB 3058, which would allow developers of LNG terminals, pipelines, and transmission lines to apply for permits on private lands without first obtaining landowner permission. The bill is scheduled for a hearing on Tuesday, April 28th at 1pm.


27.04.2009 22:47
Sea Lion Defense Brigade is Seeking More Monitors, and WHISTLEBLOWERS
Columbia River Sea Lion Much gratitude to the community for starting to stand up for the Columbia River Sea Lions recently! For those who want to get involved but haven't known what they could do to help, here is your invitation. The Sea Lion Defense Brigade is expanding our patrols, and we would like your help.


27.04.2009 22:46
Pens opened at Oregon game farm, in solidarity with Jordan Halliday
In the early hours of April, 18 2009, after making our way through muddy fields we
descended upon CSL Game Farm (7401 NW Kerkman Rd, Cornelius, Oregon) a breeder of
'game birds' for the meat industry. Outdoor pens housing pheasants and quail were
opened giving the birds a chance to escape into the night sky. The exact number
that got away is unknown, but we hope it is many.


27.04.2009 22:43
help fight against local union busting
Many of you are aware that workers at Laurelhurst Village nursing home on 33rd and Stark have been organizing a union at their facility since late February in order to improve the living and working conditions at their nursing home. Workers had built a majority in support of the union by late March when Laurelhurst management took drastic measures to curtail their campaign. Workers have been written up, suspended, and one employee was fired for union activity. Elizabeth Lehr was fired only three days after demonstrating public support for the union while attending a delegation to the employer to show support for a fellow coworker who was also disciplined for union activity. You can read her statement below.


27.04.2009 22:33
Regenerative Gardening Workshop
A workshop held at the headquarters of City Repair, a local nonprofit which turns spaces into places, and reclaims the commons for public use. A synergistic workshop using both traditional and permacultural methods, which encourage healing through soil remediation and wise-use planting.

May 3, 2009 , 12-2 PM $10-20 sliding scale
Double Digging and Biointensive Gardening Workshop: 3-5 PM


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