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26.03.2010 18:38
Front Image for Flyer
In response to the brutal murder of a PDX community member we encourage all people who desire to protect and avenge their communities to form affinity groups.
These affinity groups will act as small autonomous groups taking actions they feel are appropriate.

Affinity groups allow for more efficient communication between folks involved in the attack and defense of themselves, their comrades and all involved with the march or action. Creating spokes councils to coordinate with other affinity groups (who you know and trust) also encourage more successful actions.
Forming affinity groups also encourages the use of a diversity of tactics. Each group can safely and securely decide what are appropriate actions for them to participate in. These groups do not take actions on behalf of anyone but themselves therefore are free to do what they feel is most effective.

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Independent Police Review- Wednesday, March 31 to City Hall (1221 SW 4th Av)


Please come out next Wednesday, March 31 to City Hall (1221 SW 4th Av) for
the continuation on the hearing regarding strengthening the "Independent"
Police Review Division (IPR). There will be public testimony allowed--it's
just not clear whether the people who spoke on the 18th will be able to
speak again.

We're still trying to make sense of the fact that a Portland Police
Officer shot and killed a homeless man carrying what's been described as a
crafts knife inbetween the historic March 18 first hearing about
strengthening the IPR (the professional office in the Auditor's portfolio
that includes the city's "police review board," the Citizen Review
Committee) and the continuation of that hearing, which is coming up next

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Get your Fliers Here


Another Flyer for the Monday Mobilization


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For those who believe that the latest killing by the police was indeed justified


26.03.2010 15:55
Free Joel Dow
Free Joel Dow

Joel need your help! Legal team call out for witnesses! We need to gather testimony from people who were victims of the police violence on Tuesday night, or who witnessed it. Read on for details.
If you were the victim of police violence on Tuesday night, or witnessed it, we are interested in gathering info for possible testimonies. A criminal grand jury may be called to examine the charges against Joel, which is a potential chance to get the assault II dropped or changed. So again, if you have any information please e-mail freejoeldow@yahoo.com and we will get you in contact with Joel's legal team.

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Support Joel Dow Demo!

There has been a call out for a demonstration on behalf of Joel at the Multnomah Detention Center in downtown Portland: 1120 Southwest 3rd Avenue, Portland @ 3pm tomorrow- Friday March 26th! Bring signs! We have tons of fliers/pins/stickers to hand out tomorrow.
Spread the word!

In solidarity!

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Support Demo for Joel @ Multnomah County Jail!

Come out and support Joel!!

Friday, March 26th, 3p.
Multnomah County Justice Center (MCDC)
1120 SW 3rd Ave

Bring friends! Bring signs! Bring drums!
Make some noise that Joel can hear to show that we are in support and solidarity!!

Fuck the Police- For Shooting Our Fellow Citizen!
Fuck the Police- For Imprisoning Our Comrade!

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Joel Dow's Arraignment

Joel David Dow-Cop Protest Arrestee


seven year itch 18.03.2010 09:03
Iraq War Protest - March 20th, 2010
Portlanders to Protest 7 Years
Since Iraq Invasion with Rally, March, and Teach-In
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Student feeder march at 11:00am, PSU Park Blocks
12:00 Noon: Rally at Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison
1:00 pm: Teach-in at First Unitarian Church

Iraq, Seven Years Later:
Change US Foreign Policy-Bring All the Troops Home!

With the uncertain outcome of the March 7 elections continuing to delay the withdrawal of US combat troops from Iraq, Portlanders are gearing up to protest the ongoing presence of the US military and contractors on the anniversary of the 2003 invasion.

The themes addressed throughout the day will include the expansion of US military presence and US support for military occupations throughout the Middle East:

* End the Occupations of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine
* Stop the Expanding Attacks in the Middle East: No Drone Strikes in Pakistan
* No War on Iran
* US Out of Latin America

For more information: Peace and Justice Works 503-236-3065  iraq@pjw.info www.pjw.info


16.03.2010 17:43
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project Benefit Friday March 26th @ Red & Black Cafe
Come hear live music (to be announced), see a slideshow of eastern Oregon forest ecology & threats to Eastern Oregon forests, check out photo displays of proposed timber sale forest areas at stake, buy books that will help you understand & fight corporate rule!

Sliding scale donation, but no one will be turned away. Find out how you can spend the summer hiking & camping with us in eastern Oregon and help save the forests in the process! Look forward to seeing you at the benefit and in the forest!

For more info. leave a message for Karen at (541) 385-9167.



11.03.2010 11:36
Books to Prisoners needs help!
Hey Everyone, Books to Prisoners needs your help. We are broke and need money to send our packages out to prisoners. But there's some good news! Someone has made us an offer that may not be repeated:

A family foundation is offering 2:1 matching funds for any donations to BTP for the next 2 months. That means if someone donates $100, the foundation will give an additional $200...So please, please; if you have anything to spare at all, now is the time.

Books to Prisoners Benefit Show Saturday March 20


11.03.2010 11:32
FORECLOSURE WARS -- Do not lose your home!
stop foreclosure wars "If you are in foreclosure you are not alone. We are getting traction on this foreclosure disaster— We have gotten some of our foreclosures stopped and cancelled and are obtaining transparency on our loan issues in Jackson County so we can put together smart foreclosure defenses." --Portland Oregon Homeowners Foreclosure Support Group

Date: Saturday March 13, 2010
Time: 9:00am to noon
Location: Portland TBA (space lim-ited)
must pre-register with CODE - KT

RSVP for Location: 541.664.8332

Printable Flyer:  http://3bl.me/qvq2pe


11.03.2010 11:31
FREE Film Night - March 11 - Eugene
Civil Liberties Defense Center's FREE Film Nights

2nd Thursday of each month @ 7 pm
@ WestTown Community Center @ 275 W. 8th (next to WOW Hall)

Monthly civil rights films this month:
Black Panthers

For more information, go to  http://www.cldc.org.


09.03.2010 14:07
Save community tv
Take steps now to preserve community access television and free speech. At the city of Portland budget hearing yesterday, Commissioner Amanda Fritz said that if people are concerned about public access television (Portland Community Media) and want to prevent more budget cuts and in fact restore funding to PCM, they can make a difference by showing their support for community access by contacting all of the city commissioners. So if you want to protect your first amendment rights of free speech for all, and continue to have a platform to air your concerns about animal rights, the environment, the arts, politics, neighborhood livability, etc, contact all of the city commissioners and tell them to fully fund community media. Right now PCM's budget has been cut so much that the facility is relying on volunteers to keep it open. Please contact the commissioners and use your voice to protect this vital community service.

Amanda Fritz' Response


02.03.2010 17:41
This Weekend's Student Animal Liberation Coaltion Events
Friday, March 5 at 6:00pm. At Portland State University Smith Memorial Student Union room 236 (Cascade Room)
Saturday, March at 7:30pm. At Portland State University 5th Avenue Theater (510 SW Hall St.)


01.03.2010 12:42
Come to PSU on the 4th to defend public education!
Hundreds Gather at the Education is a Right Rally!

In the defense of Education on March 4th A National Day of Action

WHO: Students, community leaders, and activists will rally to defend education in coalition with thousands from across the country on March 4th, A National Day of Action on behalf of Higher Education. Our local coalition is composed of the Associated Students of Portland State University (ASPSU), Students for Unity (SFU), International Socialist Organization (ISO), Students United for Palestinian Equal Rights (SUPER), Pan American Solidarity Organization (PASO), Radical Women, Faculty members, and volunteers through Jobs with Justice.

WHAT: In commemoration of the protests in California last year on UC campuses across the state, students return to continue to protest lack of an accessible, affordable education. Hundreds will gather to take a stand that education is a right!

WHERE: Portland State Park Blocks on the Center Stage

WHEN: Rally and speakers at 1P.M. Followed by a march and bands until 3 P.M, March 4th 2010


27.02.2010 06:38
Say NO To Starbase!
This is a notice of a rally and testimony to the Portland School Board scheduled for Monday, March 8. The Starbase program is a Pentagon program that abducts elementary school children from public schools and brings them to military bases. This militarization of younger and younger children has got to stop.

Please come to the rally and meeting to support the school board toward making the right decision to say no to the military. It's bad enough that in order to get financial aid a young person must register with the Selective Service, and it's bad enough that the military recruiters have access to our high school students as a condition of federal funding. This is going way way way too far. Help! If we don't protect our five-year-olds, what does that say about us???

Click here to see a related story


22.02.2010 07:17
28th Annual Public Interest Environmental Law Conference, Feb. 25 - 28 in Eugene
Continuing economic uncertainty is merging with environmental and social degradation, and humanity faces both a mounting crisis and a dawning opportunity. As environmental activists, we must recover from the damage inflicted on our communities, our nations, and our planet, renew our determination for and commitment to positive change, and reimagine how we shall move forward into the new century and toward future generations.

PIELC has become the premier annual gathering for environmentalists from across the globe, and is distinguished as the oldest and largest conference of its kind. The four-day event includes more than 150 panels, workshops, and multimedia presentations addressing the entire spectrum of environmental law and advocacy. This year's panel topics include: fighting coal power plants and mountaintop removal mining, responses to Copenhagen, water law and dam removal, sustainable architecture and design, grassroots environmental activism, recent environmental litigation and legislation, new developments in species and habitat protection from the U.S. and around the world, and many more.

View the whole panel schedule at:  http://www.pielc.org/Brochures/2010.pdf
Read more about the keynote speakers:  http://www.pielc.org/2010/speakers.html
Register for the conference:  http://www.pielc.org/pages/register_active.html
Ride and housing boards:  http://www.pielc.org/phpbb2/index.php

homepage:  http://www.pielc.org
phone: 541-346-3828


22.02.2010 07:04
New to vegetarianism? Register for Veg 101 classes, sponsored by Northwest VEG.
Confronted by global climate change, health concerns, and disturbing news about the treatment of farmed animals, many people are switching to a flexitarian or vegetarian lifestyle. If you find yourself wondering about the impact of dietary choices, now is a great time to sign up for the Spring 2010 sessions of Veg 101, offered by Northwest VEG.

Veg 101 classes will run from 6:30-8:45 PM every Sunday from March 7 to April 25. Each class features a one-hour lecture and one-hour cooking class, with samples served. View the complete course description at  http://nwveg.org/veg101.php

Northwest VEG is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) group that supports healthier, more sustainable, compassionate food choices. Join us for the 2010 Portland VegFest, which will be held on September 18 and 19 at the Oregon Convention Center.

For more information about Northwest VEG, visit www.nwveg.org.


19.02.2010 13:13
Stand Together Against Police Violence March 3PM Friday
Rally and March in response to the recent murder of Aaron Campbell by Portland Police, and the perpetual violence perpetrated by police in our communities.

Pioneer Square @ 3pm on Friday the 19th!

Tomorrow, we are calling for the citizens of Portland to stand strong together against the violence inherent to the policing system. We have asked our fellow students to join us in walking out of classes and into the streets. We now extend our invitation to our teachers and professors, as well as to all of the many members of Portland's diverse communities. We will not be passive observers to the continued brutalization of our friends, neighbors and families, but instead will stand strong in opposition to those who would marginalize and attempt to quell our outrage.

See you in the streets!
love and unity,
Students for Revolutionary Action


19.02.2010 10:54
"ONE STRUGGLE-ONE FIGHT" An Intergenerational Political Prisoner Support Panel
'One struggle, one fight' - it can be an elusive concept. Please join
this panel of speakers as they talk about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, the Green Scare, COINTELPRO and how they relate to each
other. The aim of this panel is to explore how movements struggling for fundamental change can persevere over the long term in the face of state repression. This will be a benefit for the AETA 4, four activists in the Bay Area being prosecuted as "terrorists" for their beliefs. All money raised will go to their legal defense fund. In addition, this event will hopefully plant the seeds of solidarity and cross-pollination between movements.

-Friday, Feb 19 @ 5pm
Reed College-3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard
Eliot 314
-Saturday, Feb 20th @6pm
Red and Black Cafe
400 Se 12th Ave

Speakers: Lauren Regan (Civil Liberties Defense Center), Nadia Winsted
(grand jury resistor), Claude Marks (Freedom Archives, former political prisoner), Jeffrey Luers (former political prisoner, environmental activist), and Walidah Imarisha (historian, hip-hop artist).



12.02.2010 10:26
Rose City Antifa Calls for Protest of Neo-Nazi Pacifica Forum Presentation Tonight
Jimmy Marr of the National Socialist Movement is scheduled to give a presentation for the anti-Semitic Pacifica Forum on Friday, February 12 entitled "Can Myths Harm Indigenous Peoples?" The presentation will take place in Agate Hall on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, Oregon, at 5:00 PM. Local anti-fascists are calling on people in the region to demonstrate against this unapologetic show of bigotry and eliminate the Pacifica Forum as a platform for Neo-Nazi propaganda. Meet at 4:30 PM at Agate Hall.
Anti-fascist groups in Eugene, Oregon--including, but not limited to, the Black Tea Society--will be demonstrating against white supremacist Jimmy Marr's Pacifica Forum presentation this Friday, entitled "Can Myths Harm Indigenous Peoples?" ( advertised on pacificaforum.org ) Rose City Antifa supports the Black Tea Society's call for active opposition to the anti-Semitic, racist Pacifica Forum, which has served as a platform for prejudiced propaganda on the University of Oregon campus for years. Demonstrators will be meeting at 4:30 PM on Friday, February 12 in front of Agate Hall on the U of O campus, at 18th Avenue and Agate Street in Eugene, Oregon.


11.02.2010 11:50
DISRUPT the opening ceremonies! at Pioneer Square on Friday
Friday the 12th, at pioneer square, the opening ceremonies of the olympics will be aired live on two large screens. I am not sure what time this is, but I do know that a disruption would be in good form. If you find out the time, please post on the calendar.


11.02.2010 11:44
Tre Arrow to speak at Reed College
tre arrow Tre Arrow to speak at Reed College
Thursday, February 11, 2010
7pm, Blue Heron Infoshop (Gray Campus Center Room 34)

Tre Arrow served 5 years in state custody after being accused by an FBI informant of masterminding a series of political arsons in Oregon in 2001. Tre fled to Canada, but was later arrested there, held, and ultimately extradited back to the US after being denied political asylum. Prior to his flight and ultimate arrest, Tre was a prominent organizer and activist working to protect Oregon's ancient forests, including Eagle Creek, a major drinking water supply source for the state's citizens. Tre gained widespread public recognition for his 11 day occupation of a 9 in. wide ledge on the Forest Service Building downtown.

Having recently completed his sentence, Tre will speak publicly for the first time about his activism, his case, his extradition, and his prison hunger strike.


11.02.2010 11:40
Portland Indymedia Web Radio is looking for New Shows!
Portland Indymedia is looking to add to it's already stellar line up of show. Have a show idea? Maybe it's time to make that idea a reality.

Do you have a radio show show idea that you've always wanted to do but weren't sure how to get started or thought that it would cost too much? Portland Indymedia has radio times open in our schedule and is looking for people who want their own radio show and are social justice minded. Here's the schedule with current shows and times.

Monday - 1,2,3 Who Cares airs 9pm to 10pm Tuesday - maximum Damage airs 10pm to 11pm Wednesday - OPEN Thursday - The Naked Diablo airs 7pm to 9pm

Friday - Sex Positive airs 7pm to 8pm and Foxfire Radio airs 8pm to 10pm Saturday and Sunday are OPEN.

Look at all the opportunities!!! To get involved it's easy come to any Saturday meeting at the Red and Black Cafe 400 se 12th ave and let us know your interested. We'll get started from there, just remember that Portland Indymedia is Social Justice based news site and your show should have some element of that.


11.02.2010 11:31
Protest police shooting of unarmed black man! 10 am, Thurs 02.02, Justice Center
Members of the Albina Ministerial Alliance (AMA), other concerned organizations, and the community at large who are outraged at the death of Aaron Campbell by a police assault rifle in late January, will gather at 10:00 AM on Thursday, February 11 at the west front steps of the Justice Center on SW 3rd Avenue in Portland to present community demands related to the case. From there, the group expects to hold a picket line around the Multnomah County Courthouse on SW 4th Avenue in support of an indictment for Officer Ronald Frashour who, in the words of Portland Police Association President Scott Westerman, "shot an unarmed black guy running away from us."


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