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12.08.2010 10:22
This Saturday! Civil Liberties Defense Center Benefit in PDX
The Civil Liberties Defense Center has been at the front line defending several Green Scare political prisoners and was key in winning the early release of prisoners such as Jeff "Free" Luers.
The CLDC provided free legal representation to over 35 people arrested for civil disobedience - 30 were acquitted. Represented over 80 environmental, animal and social rights nonviolent civil disobedience protesters in 2006 alone among other victories. Come out and show your support for the CDLC!

*Becky White- Rootsy Folk Punk Devotional Music*
*Tre Arrow- Musician and Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Jeff "Free" Luers- Former Eco Political Prisoner*
*Dapper Cadavers- Local Portland Folk*
*Mic Crenshaw- MC and Poet*
*Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits- Bay Area Acoustic Duo
*Holy! Holy! Holy!- A Dancing Gypsy Crazy Hazah
**And late night Interspecies DJ Dance Party*

*Where:* Autonomy 316 NW 4th Portland, Oregon 97209
**Generous donations taken at door and all night!!*
*Contact:*  oregonjericho@gmail.com (503)-750-0523

[** PDX Event Date: Sat August 14 2010]
[Eugene Event Date: Thurs August 12 2010]


11.08.2010 19:04
Short update on the case of the AETA4
On July 12, 2010, Judge Ronald Whyte ruled to dismiss the indictment of the AETA4. His ruling stated the indictment violated federal rules of criminal procedure, as well as the defendants' fifth amendment rights by not providing detail into the alleged crimes that were committed. In the days following the ruling, the Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case stated to the AETA4 defense team that the government would contact them with their plans by August 13, 2010.

However, yesterday, one of the defense attorneys received a call from the U.S. Attorney. The call was to the effect that although she had promised us some kind of communication on or about August 13 regarding status, she is still working on it and we should not expect to hear anything regarding status before mid-September. She would/could not go into any details about what is going to happen.

We'll keep you posted. Continue to support those facing charges under the unconstitutional Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.



09.08.2010 15:35
Report Back from Venezuela: Revolution in Crisis
PCASC is proud to host Benji Lewis as he reports back from his experiences as a journalist in Caracas, Venezuela.

Benji is an Iraq Veteran who publicly refused recall and redeployment orders and recently lived ten months in Venezuela working as a journalist. Benji plans to return to Venezuela to report from the frontlines of the accelerating hostility between US-backed Colombia and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

Wed. Aug 11th @ 7pm @ Multnomah Friends Meetinghouse
(4312 S.E. Stark Street)



29.07.2010 12:17
BP & the Oil Spill Catastrophe: How Capitalism is Wrecking the Planet July 29th 7:30pm - PSU
July 29 - Portland State University, Smith Memorial Student Union Room 228 - 7pm

Over two months have passed and there is yet to be any relief from the steady gush of oil destroying wildlife, coastline, jobs, and lives in the Gulf of Mexico. Following the onslaught of oil, BP execs have proven time and again that their main priority is restoring their image-and their profits-rather than the fragile environment they laid waste. Meanwhile, government officials have done little to oversee BP's "clean up" efforts or reform the corrupt Mineral Management Services.

On top of this, offshore drilling continues with business as usual and no new regulations to prevent another blow out like the Deepwater Horizon from happening again. The crisis has put a spotlight on the way that capitalism sacrifices all other concerns for the sake of the bottom line, potentially producing even greater problems such as catastrophic climate change. Come to a presentation and discussion on the socialist alternative to unconstrained ecological devastation.



20.07.2010 16:05
Callout to Seattle area for Court Solidarity! {7/21}
"Two folks who were arrested in connection to this incident: (  http://anarchistnews.org/?q=node/11737) are now being formally charged for Class C Felony level Malicious Mischief. On Wednesday, July 21st at 8 AM we will be meeting outside of the King County Courthouse for court room solidarity. King County Courthouse is located at 516 3rd Ave, and the arraignment will be in court room E1201."


09.07.2010 16:26
star e rose cafe needs your talents!
star e rose were looking for bands, artists, performers and resources.
Star E rose cafe is looking for some great talents to come play at the cafe. Were looking for bands, circus freaks, belly dancers, acrobats, artists anyone who can make a crowd happy. were open to new ideas and concepts. were looking for folks who are energetic and excited about performing in a place that is known for its offbeat attitude and unwillingness to conform to the norm. Were unable to pay you but in exchange we will try and draw a crowd and give you a beer and a bite to eat and we will support you in all your artistic endeavors. were a struggling locally owned and now wORKERS COOPERATIVE business on a street that once catered to circus folks and art freaks but is now struggling amongst the growing gentrification.

we've been around for almost 15 years and we've refused to change and become just another cafe in a city of cafes. if you want to be a part of community space , a safe space, a space that wants YOU to be you then email us and we will get you on our stage !



09.07.2010 16:23
Mississippi Street Fair Saturday July 10
Mississippi Street Fair is the largest street fair in Portland and benefits local schools. Attractions include over 30 acts on four stages; the "Local Brew Garden" with 7 craft breweries; over 100 Street Fair Vendors presented by Dreamer's Marketplace; "Whole Foods Local Bites" Pavillion; and Grandfather's Rib-Off Competition. Special attractions for kids include: "High Noon Parade", The Boise-Eliot Kids Corner, and kid music programming presented by Legacy Emanuel Hospital & The Children's Hospital at Emanuel.



08.07.2010 17:06
Johannes Mehserle, Oscar Grants Killer Convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter
Oscar Grant was executed by Mesherle, and the jury gave the defense the least punitive possible verdict. No Justice No Peace.

Related: There are two events happening tonight: an informational demonstration in Holladay Park at 6pm, and a community meeting at 9pm at Peninsula Park. Read more at: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/07/400862.shtml

Related: Legal Lynching in America; Oscar Grant - Oakland meeting Video


29.06.2010 13:05
Portland filmmaker and Haiti activist Paul Reineke presents In Defense of Justice a film about the work of the Haitian grassroots human rights organization AUMOHD. Following the film will be an open discussion of the current situation in Haiti: post-quake activities (will Lavalas be excluded again?), upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections, and the threats (and hopes) for justice and democracy in Haiti.

This is a free event, but please bring a contribution for AUMOHD's continued work.

Tuesday, June 29th, 7pm
People's Food Co-op Community Room
3029 SE 21st Ave (between Powell and Division)

View the trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rr8A-NI1qHQ
Related PIMC Post: Here


28.06.2010 18:02
Announcing the 16th Annual Anti-Racist Action Conference: July 22-25 2010 Portland OR
antifa Rose City Antifa is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 16th annual Anti-Racist Action (ARA) Network Conference in Portland, Oregon from July 22 to the 25, 2010. The conference will include ARA's annual plenary, caucuses, and discussion on current issues facing antifascists. We are also organizing several workshops and social events that will be open to non-members. We hope all ARA members as well as anti-fascists who agree with our four Points of Unity will join us in July!



28.06.2010 17:56
New AETA4 Support Video
Matthew Strugar (Center for Constitutional Rights), AETA4 co-counsel discusses the case of the AETA4, indicted for allegedly participating in home demonstrations to oppose University of California animal experimentation

link to video



28.06.2010 17:20
Against Patriarchy, Beyond Feminism July 9th-July 17th
9 days of events for Our Bodies, Ourselves... at the M11, 1212 S. 11th St. Suite 24 Tacoma

Factors of our society such as patriarchy -a family, community, or system that is governed and dominated by men- and the concept of human capital places each one of us in a submissive position in our daily lives. Whether woman, queer, person of color, or poor we are either victimized, criminalized, or pacified by the dominant culture. Most of the time this goes unnoticed, and is acknowledged as "just the way it is." There is no solution in perpetuating this sentiment, or merely replacing those who are dominant over others. There is no satisfaction in relying on politicians and the police. Within their existence and infrastructure, they will always be at the top and we will keep sinking lower into the their trenches.

In participating in this week of events, we want to build relationships with those around us that are ready to take an assertive position in taking control over our lives and how we are treated as human beings. There is no expectation of things changing over night, but this is a beginning... This is about communication, mutual respect, and having fun. We hope to see you there, and in the streets.



25.06.2010 15:12
Help Map the Gulf from Portland
The Government is not creating high-res maps of the Deepwater horizon spill that truly show the ecological damage. Grassroots Mapping is. Help build aerial photography rigs to send to the Gulf! no expertise required.

Grassroots Mapping is a group empowering communities to map their own space. They're in the Gulf right now using simple and cheap balloon and kite aerial photography rigs to photograph the oil spill. It's a truly grassroots effort, and the number of mapping teams continues to grow as teams train new teams. This Saturday at Gallery Homeland (Map here) in inner SE we'll be building balloons, testing out homemade designs to reduce the cost of getting airborne, and assembling rigs to send to the Gulf. Come join us- no expertise required, all supplies provided. If you can, bring food!


18.06.2010 17:54
Fill The Streets June 19th! March Against The Police State!
March Against The Police Be there: June 19th, 3PM Sharp, SW Jefferson & SW Naito on the water front. Let the police and city know that we will not accept the murders of our community members, let the PPA and their new president know that closed negotiations are affront to a community already outraged by an out of control police department!

Related: Call for Anti-Authoritarian Black Bloc

Related: Call-Out for Non-Black Bloc Protesters


16.06.2010 13:00
Party for the Dogs! A Benefit for Ananda Farm Sanctuary
What: Benefit to raise money for the animals of Ananda Farm Sanctuary
When: Thursday, June 17, 7pm to 10pm
Where: Sweetpea Vegan Baking Co. located at 1205 SE Stark st
Why: To raise money for the animals, and to have a great time!

Sweet Pea is putting on a fabulous benefit to raise money to help with vetting costs for the rescue dogs of Ananda Farm Sanctuary. Ananda saved a group of dogs last month who were on death row in Los Angeles. Each of them came in with some very serious health issues, and would have been put down in the shelter had Ananda not stepped up to save them.


11.06.2010 19:50
Predator Film and Justseeds Art Show
"Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators" - Film, Art Show (by Justseeds Artists' Cooperative) & Discussion

Monday, June 14th @ the Hollywood theater - 7PM - Birds, butterflies, beaver and antelope, wildflowers and frogs could their survival possibly be connected to top predators like the wolf and cougar? For those who have seldom given thought to the great predators so often missing from the web of life, here is a world of reason to think again. Following in the footsteps of wolves and cougars, and the scientists working to understand their place in the rapidly changing world of nature, award-winning filmmakers Karen and Ralf Meyer of Green Fire Productions have captured the predators' ongoing drama in their new documentary, Lords of Nature: Life in a Land of Great Predators.

[A]ccompanied by an Art Show by Justseeds Artists' Cooperative, highlighting art about predators and our relationships with them. It will be followed by a Q&A panel discussion with scientists, wildlife managers, and conservationists.


11.06.2010 13:56
West Coast Regional Earth First! Rendezvous - June 11th-13th!
Action Camp For all those who love Ancient forests and wild spaces (and those who enjoy being alive, thanks to these forests and wild places!)... you are invited to join us in the trees for another summer of resistance!

The West Coast Regional Earth First! Rendezvous and Cascadia Forest Defender's Action Camp will be taking place June 11th through 13th. This will be an opportunity to sharpen direct action and forest skills and connect to people with similar skills/interests. This will also be THE BEST WAY to plug into the CFD's summer campaign to defend Oregon's native forests.

Camp will be within one hour's drive East of Eugene in the Mckenzie Watershed. Location is accessible by a public bus line. Stay tuned for directions and more information.

Updates can be found at:  http://forestdefensenow.org/

May the Forest Bewitch You!


09.06.2010 15:06
March for a Police Free Society, March Against the Police State
Every Portlander is affected by the police. Let's come together and let them know we are on our communities side. June 19th @ 3:00 Waterfront at SW Jefferson


03.06.2010 12:02
Vancouver WA Overwhelms Kansas Hate Group
Westboro Baptist Church Religious Ministry is planning on holding a local protest on June 1st, 2010. The protest is scheduled to occur at Heritage High School (7825 NE 130th Avenue) from 2:15 pm until 2:45 pm. Theme will be concerns of homosexuality.

Nonviolent Counter-protest in Portland Oregon
Thursday, June 3
Grant High School
2245 N.E. 36th Avenue
7:00 a.m. - 8:00 a.m. (prime arrival time of students)

Addition Info From The Vamcouver Washington Protest:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/06/399949.shtml


31.05.2010 13:25
Anti-cop picnic on the waterfront
Picnic today 3pm on the waterfront! Naito pkwy and Jefferson. Come share food and ideas about how to make the Portland Police Bureau obsolete.


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