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RECLAIM THE COMMONS 01.05.2004 06:28
West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization in San Francisco Call to Action
shut down the g8 banner
West Coast G8 Regional Convergence Call to Action
San Francisco, California : June 3 - June 10, 2004

Call for a West Coast mass mobilization and direct action from June 3rd-9th of 2004 in San Francisco in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Sea Island, Georgia:

This summer, June 8 - 10, the 8 leaders (plus the European Commission president) who represent the world's richest countries will meet at Sea Island, Georgia -- an exclusive resort in the middle of the ocean. We don't need to rub in the fact that this location was selected because it keeps away the one thing that always ruins the G8 meetings: people.

This year, a clear message needs to be sent to the G8. More than that, we in the United States urgently need to send a message of solidarity to everyone resisting the ruling class's adventures around the world. Part of the message is that moving summits to obscure locations will not stop us from using the occasion as a chance to be in the streets and show opposition to what the summit represents.

[ Free Radio Santa Cruz Audio File | Contact Info | Reclaim the Commons ]


LEARNING THE TRUTH 09.04.2004 10:03
How biotech infiltrates schools
Biotech, bioweapons and pharmaceutical corporations are all in favor of less restriction on animal testing to experiment with their genetically engineered products. These same corporations will be in SF 4 the BIOtech 2004 conference June 3-9th, no doubt attempting to force their chemically altered products on animals and people..

Why are these corporations becoming so powerful, besides US gov subsidies?

Biotech scientific establishment has a hold on the youth from an early age, some of the intro biology textbooks published by Peter Raven may hold clues why biotech is accepted by so many people. The Raven biology textbook contains info on how to genetically engineer life forms by inserting a viral/bacterial plasmid into the DNA of another living organism. This presents the genetic engineering method as acceptable and students are encouraged to pursue research in that field. ("Biotech's where the money is" said my biology teacher at community college) Raven is also head of the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis, heavily subsidized by Monsanto. Raven called out to the scientific community to document all the living plant species on the plant and record their taxonomy info. This is a form of biopatenting, claiming intellectual property rights of the genetic sequence of plant DNA/RNA. Medicinal plants are sought after the most, pharmaceutical products come from derived plant chemical compounds. By claiming ownership of the plant's DNA, it becomes easier for the corporations to manipulate the molecular biochemistry of the plant itself... [ READ MORE... ]

[ Reclaim the Commons | BIOTECH IMC ]


BIOTECH 14.03.2004 23:36
Update from Genetic Engineering Action Network Conference
March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco, CA, USA. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA, USA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. [ AUDIO: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004 ]

The GEAN conference wrapped up today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place this weekend, here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available: [ Opening Session 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-13-2004 | Corporate Campaigning 03-13-2004 | Family Farmers 03-13-2004 | Latest Science and Statistics with Michael Hansen 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-14-2004 | Interview with Group that steered the successful campaign against GMO's in Mendocino County, CA 03-14-2004 ]

RELATED: [ BioDevestation 2004 | Bio Tech InfoNet ]


AUDIO| GE FOOD 13.03.2004 02:11
AUDIO: GEAN Conference in San Francisco
Today, March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. Here is a list of the speakers:
  • Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director for Center for Food Safety
  • Percy Schmeiser, Canadian Farmer
  • Nick Greco - Organic Rice Farmer, Greco Farms, CA
  • Renata Brillinger, Californians for GE-Free Agriculture
  • Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

The full audio is available for streaming from PDX IMC Web Radio: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004

Day 2 and Day 3

The GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference continues through today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place already this weekend and more scheduled the rest of this afternoon. Here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available:


GE FOOD 28.02.2004 11:54
AUDIO: Genetically Engineered Food - What's Next?
Scientist and critic Craig Holdbridge dispels illusions about GE food. He gives a brief history of Genetically Engineered food and then moves on to critique the current models that GE scientists use. His main points are that (1) One cannot cause discrete changes through genetic engineering. That is you can't, "put a one gene in and the plant does what it's told." (2) You cannot isolate the GM plants from everything else in its environment. He goes on to answer a few good questions from the audience. The recording is one hour and 35 minutes. You can stream it live from PDX IMC Web Radio: Craig Holdbridge - GMO's - 02/27/2004


GENETIC ENGINEERING 15.02.2004 18:36
Attend the 2004 GEAN Conference!
NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NW RAGE) invites you to the 2004 Genetic Engineering Action Network (GEAN) Conference to be held March 12-14 at the University of California at Berkeley. In our view, GE represents the most serious threat to our health, the health of the environment, and the safety of our food supply. Stop corporate takeover of our food! Representatives from NW RAGE will be attending the conference, and you are invited too! We are planning to fly down, but if enough people are interested, we can organize a car pool down to the conference. Call or email NW RAGE for more info. A limited number of scholarships are available from GEAN for folks who want to go but don't have the cash.

The 2004 GEAN Conference will include speakers Percy Schmeiser, a Canadian farmer whose Canola fields were contaminated with Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Canola, and is currently being sued by Monsanto for patent infringement; and Jeffrey Smith, the author of the recently published book, Seeds of Deception. The conference will feature workshops from over 30 issue experts and leaders from the movement; a public forum hosted by Californians for GE-Free Agriculture; activist skill-building workshops; information and strategy sessions (including strategies for Biodev 2004), and more.


ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX 09.02.2004 16:41
New Topic IMC's receive long deserved recognition
Portland indymedia activists have recognized the necessity of topical indymedia sites, and would like to make that widely known. Portland IMC will be updating its "global imc network" list to include both the Biotech IMC and the FTAA IMC, under the new header "Topics".

There has been long debate in the Global Indymedia Network about this issue. Some would like to keep indymedia strictly based on cities, others would like to branch out with topic imc's. These sites collect articles about a specific topic throughout the imc network so they are all in one place. These sites create their own features and offer very detailed information on that topic, from an independant perspective. These sites are also dedicated to multilinguality because their scope covers more than one language.


ORGANIC LIVING 25.01.2004 14:41
Food for people, not for corporate profit
I grew up on a farm in the Willamette Valley. We had an apple orchard and raised beans and strawberries. Much of it we canned into the 500 canning jars my mother kept on the shelves in our pantry. In the fall we sold apple cider and dried and fresh apples. We used this money to buy school clothes for the many children in my family. My family did not use chemicals on our farm. In the 50's when the local university started pushing the "new" chemically laden farm technology, my father said it was disgraceful. He believed that a person who works the land, should be close to the land, paying attention to the wildlife and striving to be a good steward. The chemical companies and their agents did not know a thing about the throngs of honeybees that visited our orchards each spring. They could not explain how the chemicals they pushed would not kill those bees while also killing other insects and organisms. My father would have nothing to do with the new agriculture. So I learned from a master. And, I leaned to farm with love of the land and all the species that lived there.

I started out as an organic gardener trying to learn more about my craft. In the 1970's the organic grower's movement on the West Coast took off. Local communities held monthly potlucks to bring would be organic gardeners and farmers together. They teach each other how to grow food without chemicals and with sustainable farming practices. Each major area of Washington and Oregon held these monthly potlucks to try to get growers together. It was fun and interesting to meet other growers. And there was a plan to make sure that what produce or farm products farmers and gardeners had after feeding their own families, would go to a local market.

At first the prices for organic food were very reasonable. No one was "certified" organic. People just showed up at the local markets and told customers they did not use chemicals on their food. Soon there was a competitive edge added to the markets and some growers said they were "more" organic than other growers were. There was also accusations that some growers were using all sorts of chemicals on their crops. Prices for "pure" foods went up. Read More>>>

[ Other Articles by Z ]


WHAT ARE YOU EATING? 21.01.2004 00:32
Pharmaceutical & biotech corporations behind Morelos attacks
Biopiracy and genetic engineering by pharma/GE corporations represents an attack on biodiversity and human autonomy. The attack on the villagers of Tlalnepantla, Morelos by the Mexican government is the forefront of the Plan Puebla Panama agenda that seeks to control the Lacandon rainforest with genetically engineered trees from Grupo Pulsar, Mexican biotech corporation.

Genetic engineering corporations are becoming more aggressive in their attempts to control the global food supply and patent biodiversity. The collaboration of pharmaceutical (Novartis, Syngenta) and biotech (Monsanto, Grupo Pulsar) corporations is an assault on biodiversity wordwide. Farmers and indigenous people are chased off their land by WTO controlled governments, the pharma/GE corporations are right on their heels engaging in biopiracy and spreading GE seeds of destruction..


PCASC EVENTS 10.10.2003 00:39
Reportback from WTO Ministerial Meetings in Cancun, Mexico!
Sunday, October 12th, 6:00pm
616 E. Burnside (CBLOC office/IWW Hall)

Come hear first hand accounts from those who were able to go down to Cancun and be a part of the resistance to the WTO ministerial meetings. This will also be a sendoff event for those planning on going to the FTAA meetings in Miami (November 19-22).

For those planning on going to Miami, we are having a planning meeting Thursday, October 23 @ 6:00pm, 616 E. Burnside. This meeting will be an opportunity for people to coordinate, discuss plans for how to bring the experiences from Miami back to the community, and to share knowledge of what will be happening in Miami, along with some other details.

Coca-Cola: Stop the Killings & Protect Human Rights
Juan Carlos Galvis, Vice President of SINALTRAINAL (the Columbian food and beverage workers union) and worker in the local Coca-Cola plant to speak in Portland! Juan has survived many death threats, and actual assassination attempts on his life. He is also one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed in the US Federal Courts, which has evidence linking Coca-Cola with the paramilitary groups that have threatened him because of his commitment to labor and human rights.

Kidnapping. Torture. Murder.
Friday, October 17 @ 7pm
Musician's Hall Local 99 (325 NE 20th & Sandy)

Take action at: http://www.caja.org/coke/index.htm


Portland No-WTO Rally
Saturday, September 13, 2003 people gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center to express their dissatisfaction with the World Trade Organization and show support for those protesting the WTO MInisterial happening this week end in Cancun Mexico. This report consists of two 6 minute audio files from that rally.

After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.




GENETIC ENGINEERING 13.09.2003 23:27
Safeway GE protest Sunday!
Join NW Resistance Against Genetic Engineering to protest GE ingredients at Safeway this Sunday [Sept 14]! We will be handing out information at the Safeway on 28th and Hawthorne from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Help us educate consumers about what's in their food and pressure Safeway to remove all GE ingredients from their store brand products (including Safeway Select and Lucerne). As part of the GE Free Markets Coalition, we were able to pressure Trader Joe's to remove GE ingredients from their store brand, and with your help we can succeed with Safeway. [ Read More ] [ NW RAGE ]


UC Davis 3 Legal FInale
On Tuesday June 24th, three forest defenders locked themselves down to a 4 story DNA schulpture in the Life Sciences building of at UC Davis to bring attention to the GE tree testing that happens there. The activists were charged with felonies and are refused to give their names. This is a first-hand account of that civil disobedience.


CANCUN WTO SOLIDARITY 11.08.2003 11:54
Art Night for WTO Rally and March
Banner , Sign and Puppet Making happening to get ready for rally and march . As part of an International Day of Action Against Globalization there will be a Rally and March in Portland on Saturday, September 13th.

WHEN: Monday, August 11th & August 25th From 5 to 9pm.
WHERE: 1421 SE Stark (The Collabatory)

Bring your creative minds and come help stop the movement towards globalization. Any art supplies and sign making equipment is much appreciated. For more information call NW RAGE at 503-239-6841.


HAPPY BASTILLE DAY! 14.07.2003 13:22
We Surrounded the Prison Where Jose Bove is Incarcerated
On Bastille Day the French show their support for rebellion and Jose Bove. The modern prison where political prisoner Jose Bove is incarcerated is built in the scrubby garrigue, a rocky shrub covered landscape that covers a lot of the land between the Mediterranean and the Cevennes Mountains in the South of France. Bove, the leader of the Cofederation Paysanne, a french small farmers union, is imprisoned for political reasons, though the official reason is that Bove destroyed Genitically Modified crops government scientists were growing in a govt. lab.

Bove is a political prisoner because his sentence is extraordinary in a country where farmers and truckers and winemakers regularly break the law to express their outrage at government policies. Bove is dangerous because he is a skilled political activist who knows how to use the media, and how to form coalitions with groups outside of France who are opposed to capitalistic methods of farming. Bove wrote a book titled 'The World is not a Commodity'. Bove is also vocally pro-Palestinian, in a country where you can be arrested for disrespecting the Israeli flag.

So we gathered in the hot garrigue near the prison, within sight of the mediterranean in one direction and the city of Montpellier in the other. There were people from the League Communiste Revolutionaire, whose presidential candidate, a 27 year old postman, won over 4 percent of the votes in the last election. Also people from the anti corporate globalization group Attac. Also the Green Party was represented, as was the anarchist CNT, and the radical labor union Sud. [ Read More ]


PRISONER SUPPORT 27.06.2003 19:54
RedRed Update from Sacramento!
As many of you know, RedRed has been charged with a felony for elledgedly breaking a window during the USDA/WTO meeting protests in Sacramento. At court Friday morning she motioned for delay to gather evidence. Her next date is July 2nd. Strangely this window was not broken until Tuesday, 2 days after her arrest for the crime(hmm). Sounds to me like someone in Homeland Security is attempting to save their job and use any means neccessary to justify the amount of money spent on surveilance. Infiltraitors, line taps, marked feds, and cops were everywhere. 7 million was spent just on training. I can just imagine the equipment costs....


3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies in Sac and need your help
<img src=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/267010.jpg
" align="right" class="imageright">Sacramento Anti-GE protests: 3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies and need your help after a Lockdown at UC-Davis Life Sciences building to bring attention to Genetically Engineered Tree Research!!

During the Sacramento Ministerial protests on June 24, 2003, three comrades locked down inside the Life Sciences Building on the University of California-Davis campus where research on genetically engineered trees takes place. They have been taken into custody and are being charged with Felony Conspiracy, Failure to Disperse, Resisting Arrest, and Disturbing the Peace. All 3 have refused to give their names and are being held on $10,000 bail each at the Yolo County Jail. They are desperately in need of financial assistance and moral support.

For more information, please contact: Cascadia Forest Defenders 541-684-8977;  forestdefenders@tao.ca


Activists bid farewell to Sacramento Police
Despite the fact that both the WTO Conference and its attendant protests are winding down and folks are all going home, police helicopters continue to fly over the Mobilization Welcome Center every few minutes. In response, a group of young people arranged themselves into this "Circle A" shape in the parking lot to send a farewell message to the police. We'd like to think we cracked a smile up in that agitating machine. See ya later, Sacto PD!


VANDANA SHIVA 25.06.2003 12:15
Vandana Shiva on Community Television
Vandana Shiva was an opening Keynote Speaker for the 21st annual Public Interest Environmental Land, Air and Water Conference in Eugene in March of 2003. A lively, informative and entertaining presentation. She spoke for about an hour before a packed house covering many issues, including the patenting of some of the ancient foodstuffs of India.
This program will replay twice on all three Portland Cable Access |channels: channel 22, channel 23, and channel 11, starting tonight, wednesday June 25th. An audio file of this presentation can also be found at: http://www.philosopherseed.org/tv_individual.htm


Sacramento Ministerial: Call the City Manager to Complain About Police Misconduct
The City Manager is responsible for the police. Consider calling to complain about police misconduct that you have heard about or experienced for the benefit of residents and people that have been arrested or assaulted.


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