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drug war | health 10-Nov-2019 10:16

Americans for Safe Access Portland Chapter Planning Meeting

From the open publishing newswire: The Portland chapter-in-development of Americans for Safe Access will be holding a planning meeting on November 18 from 6-7:45 PM at NW Library (2300 NW Thurman St., PDX). Join us to learn more about advocating for the medical cannabis community on a local and national level.

[...] The meeting will include a brief presentation about Americans for Safe Access, a review of the chapter paperwork that must be submitted for approval, and a discussion of how our chapter can participate in regional and national campaigns. The meeting will be held at the NW Library (2300 NW Thurman St., PDX) and is open to all ages.


anti-racism | health 06-Sep-2015 17:34

Video: 8 .11 .15 Race Talks - Racism and Health

From the open publishing newswire: August Race Talks program consisted of a film screening of one portion of a seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health and a presentation by guest speaker Leslie Gregory. This is a free monthly event at Kennedy School on the 2nd Tuesday evening of every month.
A screening and discussion of Unnatural Causes ... "is inequality making us sick\?"

 https://youtu.be/Ga40RZdjjAs [1.hour 14.minute video]

This August Race Talks presentation was by guest speaker Leslie Gregory. Leslie is a Physician Assistant and Executive Director of Right to Health. This race talks program consisted of a film screening of one portion of a seven-part documentary series exploring racial and socioeconomic inequalities in health.

Previous Race Talks events are recorded and archived on this youtube channel:  https://www.youtube.com/user/racetalks01


actions & protests | health 03-Mar-2015 13:28

Video: Health Care for All Oregon Salem Rally 2.11.15

From the open publishing newswire: Filmed in Salem Oregon on 2.11.15 on the steps of the State Capital
Health Care For All Oregon
This video is the complete rally and speeches

There was a gathering a few blocks away prior to the rally for organizing and workshop.

The video starts with a group from the workshop heading to the rally

The event had music provided by The Raging Grannies, Norman Sylvester, David Rovics, Dr. Atomic, Peter Bergel, Bob Wickline, Bajo Salario/Collective. and others

The video is 2 hours and 35 minutes:  http://youtu.be/wenyi216uDQ
The speeches start around 59:54 in the video.
Around 1:45:49 Sen Demral announce the new bill SB 631 for "Single Payer"


health | human & civil rights 23-May-2014 01:13


From the open publishing newswire: March against Monsanto is a global call to action aimed at informing the public, calling into question long-term health risks of genetically-modified foods and demanding that GMO products be labeled so that consumers can make informed decisions.

Saturday, March 24 - 11:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Rally and March Against Monsanto
Gather at Shemanski Park, S.W. Park and Main

Why we march?
-- Protect our food supply!
-- Support local farms!
-- Protect our environment!
-- Promote organic solutions!
-- Expose the cronyism between big business and the Government!
-- Bring accountability to those responsible for the corruption!


Together we can reclaim the Commons!
Save the bees! Save the seeds!


energy & nuclear | health 19-Oct-2013 12:48

Radioactive Portland

From the open publishing newswire: Group forming to deal with the issue of nuclear radiation in Portland.

Portland is radioactive, especially when it rains. Using a geiger counter, I've measured radioactive contamination in rainwater 10 times over normal background levels. Nuclear radiation is accumulating over time from decades of industrial and military activity. Some of it comes from Hanford 200 miles up the Columbia River, and some of it has found its way here from Fukushima. We're forming a group called Radioactive Portland to respond. We'll conduct monitoring, share knowledge and take direct action. We'll meet weekly. Visit  http://radioactivepdx.org and join the discussion.


health 09-Apr-2013 15:28

Debate on the Fluoridation of Portlandís Drinking Water (Measure 26-151)

From the open publishing newswire: The Multnomah County Democrats will sponsor a Debate on the Fluoridation of Portland's Drinking Water (Measure 26-151) on Wednesday, April 10 from 7:15 to 8:45 p.m. at the Matt Dishman Community Center, 77 NE Knott Street in Portland. Doors open at 7:00.

Healthy Kids, Healthy Portland will present the pro side. Clean Water Portland will present the con side. Prepared questions from the Multnomah County Democrats and written questions from the audience will be asked by the moderator. There will not be open mic questions from the audience.

No signs will be allowed into the debate room; buttons, t-shirts and stickers are fine. Representatives from both sides will have tables outside the debate room with literature and materials.

Parking is limited, so please carpool, bike, or take public transportation if you can. The Matt Dishman Community Center can be reached via Bus #4/Fessenden, Bus #24/Fremont, Bus #6/MLKing Blvd, and Bus #44/Mocks Crest.

This event will be videotaped and your attendance implies consent to be filmed.


environment | health 30-Mar-2013 16:02

Oregon residents Sound the Alarm on coal dust, coal export and climate change

Raging Grannies singing coal carols at the Capitol Building, Salem From the open publishing newswire: Columbia Riverkeeper reported on their facebook page that 425 people attended the midweek rally in Salem to stop coal export. See pictures of the rally on Demotix. You can read more about the fight to stop coal export from the Pacific Northwest at Power Past Coal.

The fight against coal export is an international one. Newcastle residents in New South Wales, Australia are fighting against the T4 coal loader being built to expand coal export from the world's biggest coal port. It is the same fight to stop King Coal in Australia and in the United States. One of the three companies keen to export coal from the Powder River basin is Ambre Energy, a Queensland based company.

This youtube video by Greenpeace USA explains the issue of coal export from the Powder River Basin in Wyoming and Montana through the Pacific Northwest and the impacts this will have: Get the Coal Energy Facts: Help Us Stop Coal Exports.

One of the speakers at the Salem rally was Dr Patrick O'Herron, Trauma and acute care surgeon, Salem Oregon, who attended the rally with several medical colleagues representing over 600 health care representatives in the Pacific north-west sounding the alarm on coal exports.

His speech, which I have transcribed. Watch the video on youtube: Sound The Alarm Rally Doctor on Coal: It Will Make You SICK!:


actions & protests | health 17-Mar-2013 18:27

Video: No Fluoride Rally- Hawthorne Bridge 3.15.13 in Portland Oregon

From the open publishing newswire: no fluoride rally on the Hawthorne bridge

 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFbFCKDNxfY [video 38 min]

Friday in Portland Oregon



health | human & civil rights 11-Feb-2013 18:50

Video: Health Care for All Oregon Salem Rally 2.4.13

HCAO From the open publishing newswire: Around 1,0000 attend the Health Care All Oregon Salem Rally Monday 2.4.13 in Salem Oregon.

A rally with speeches, music, and Health Justice Networking Rally for HCAO.

This was filmed on the State Capital steps, the event started around 10 am:

 http://youtu.be/75M2g6iEYZ8 [full video 1hr. 25 min.]

(also) the same full video is available for downloading here:
 link to archive.org

(also) the arrival & drumming on the Capital Steps video is available here:
 http://youtu.be/4I_5dBFAlNM [video is 9min.]

Many of the rally's participants came dressed in red [some as Supreme Court justices with umbrellas]
Many participants were waving signs that read "We want health care not wealth care" and "Everybody In. Nobody Out."


health 02-Nov-2012 13:56

Montavilla Food Co-op Seeks Volunteers

From the open publishing newswire: The Montavilla Food Co-op is looking for new volunteers and allies to continue our efforts to open a grocery co-op in Montavilla! For the last three years, a small group of dedicated volunteers has been working to open a grocery co-op in the Montavilla neighborhood, but we need the support of the surrounding neighborhoods and more volunteers to continue the effort. It has been a tremendous summer of growth for the co-op. Our membership has reached ~120 but our aim is to have 500 - 800 members before opening the store. If you would like to help, please continue reading to see how you can get involved and help build our membership.


corporate dominance | health 18-Sep-2012 08:53

Video: Dr. Paul Connett On the Dangers of Fluoride

From the open publishing newswire: Excellent power point presentation by Dr. Paul Connett, Director of Fluoride Action Network. Dr. Paul Connett has spent 16 years researching the fluoridation issue, first as a professor of chemistry, specializing in environmental chemistry and toxicology. Dr. Connett details the many dangers of adding fluoride to municipal water systems and demonstrates the gross lack of science employed by those who promote this action.

After a brief introduction by Kim Kaminski of Clean Water Portland, Dr. Connett opens his remarks with the statement: "what you are seeing in Portland is the end of fluoridation world wide. It is already clear from what you have just seen in just a few weeks that they've got no arguments, no science, and you're seeing the kind of tactics that are put in place of science and solid rational argument."

Dr. Paul Connett

This is not Democracy! This is not Portland! This is a wake up call!

[RELATED:] Video: Portland Citizens Respond to Forced Fluoridation Vote


actions & protests | health 23-Aug-2012 06:30

Photos from Recent No Fluoride Protest

From the open publishing newswire: Photos from the recent Demonstration at Portland City Hall, protesting City Councils intention to add fluoride to our water supply, at the cost of five million dollars. According to corporate news reports, a yes vote has three votes, enough of a majority to pass.
Mayor Adams, Nick Fish and Randy Leonard have indicated their willingness to vote for this proposal.

A large and very well informed crowd gathered at City Hall around 12:00 on August 21, 2012, to emphasize to City Council their dissatisfaction and outrage at this bypass of the democratic process.

These photos not only depict the event, but also provide a window into many of the objections to this proposal:
"Search hydrofluorosilicic acid. (www.fluoridealert.org)

homepage:  http://www.fluoridealert.org/videos.aspx


actions & protests | health 15-Jul-2012 13:23

Help send the Rosehip Medics to Charlotte and Tampa!

From the open publishing newswire: The Rosehips medics are preparing for travel to offer free medical support at mass protests of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in Charlotte, NC and Tampa, FL (Aug 27th-Sept 6th). In 2008, Collective members offered vital Good Samaritan and harm reduction care to Convention protestors; and this election year (which promises another wave of popular protest) the Rosehips will again present basic assessment, first aid, and emergency services free-of-charge in the streets.

To this end, we are making July a month of preparation, with Indiegogo fundraiser, Queers with Benefits--Queer dance party, raffle & fundraiser, with DJ ROY G BIV of BENT fame; Street Medic* Training (Aug 3-5)-- 20 hours of instruction on Street Medicking, from basic assessment to all kinds of care--all for $25-50. Pre-registration required (email rosehipmedics@gmail.com for info or registration)

Depending on funds raised, we will send between 4 and 8 highly-trained and experienced Street Medics* to the East Coast. Without contributions now, some of us will be forced to reconsider our plans in light of survival needs (like rent), which could mean fewer queer medics in the streets and wellness spaces of Charlotte and Tampa this year. Help send the Rosehip Medics to Charlotte and Tampa!

Indiegogo Fundraising page


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