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13.10.2012 14:03
Statement From A Resister - Leah Lynn Plante
Leah is a 24 year old political prisoner currently serving time at FDC Seatac. Leah was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury three times, refused three times and was thrown into prison for civil contempt on October 10th, 2012.


Leah is a 24 year old political prisoner currently serving time at FDC Seatac. Leah was subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury three times, refused three times and was thrown into prison for civil contempt on October 10th, 2012.

freeleah.org | supportresist.net

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Update: Grand Jury solidarity rally postponed 25.08.2012 11:59
8/30: Solidarity with grand jury resistors
Stand in solidarity with the grand jury resistors on August 30th

A rally will be held in front of the Federal Court House (1000 SW 3rd Ave) on August 30th to stand in solidarity with grand jury resistors. The rally will begin at 12:30pm and will last until 3:30. A federal grand jury has convened and already 4 people in the Pacific Northwest have been subpoenaed to testify against their comrades. Two of the subpoenaed live in Portland and have boldly refused to cooperate with the grand jury, potentially facing jail time for doing so. For more information about the grand jury investigation please visit the Committee Against Political Repression's website:  http://nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com/

Come out on 8/30 to show resistance to the FBI's repression and to let our friends know that we support them in these difficult times. Help us to create a culture of resistance by showing solidarity with those who have their backs against the wall.

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Update 8-29-12:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2012/08/417777.shtml


07.08.2012 06:34
Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante Resist Secret Grand Jury Investigation
After having their doors broken down by the FBI and property seized for a secret investigation, the "subpoenaed in Portland" have made it clear they will not allow themselves to be further intimidated by a broken system. They won't be appearing before a grand jury scheduled for tomorrow morning.

Statement by the subpoenaed in Portland

The two of us, Dennison Williams and Leah-Lynn Plante,were subpoenaed to the secret grand jury to begin meeting on Thursday investigating anarchists.

We are releasing this statement to make clear our intention to resist the grand jury. We will not co-operate with their investigation. If we appear before the grand jury, we will not answer any questions other than our names. If we are asked additional questions, we will invoke our First, Fourth,and Fifth Amendment rights. Under no circumstances will we talk about other people.

If you would like to join us, please visit:nopoliticalrepression.wordpress.com. There you can find out how to sign on to a solidarity statement, donate money to our defense and support campaign, and write us should we be imprisoned.

More importantly, though, you can show your solidarity by refusing to co-operate with any police force and encouraging your friends and families to do the same. The police do not protect us, and do nothing to bring justice to those who have been hurt by others. If we want real safety, and real justice, we need to continue creating liberatory alternatives to the state?s institutions.

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03.08.2012 08:53
Solidarity With Anaheim Action #2 - Friday 8/3 @ Rockwood Precinct
Last friday, community members held a rally at the north Portland precinct in protest of police misconduct and in solidarity against Anaheim police violence. This friday, they aim to take it to Gresham.

The trailer for the coming second "Stand With The People Of Anaheim" rally to follow the one in north Portland in which over 100 community members assembled, rallyed, marched, and gathered at the north precinct to protest police misconduct in Portland and Anaheim.

Video Link:
Anaheim Solidarity Rally - Rockwood Police Precinct

Event page link

Mobile T

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03.08.2012 08:47
Call To Action
We are in deep, deep shit today! "Into The Fucking Streets!"

"We like to think of the drone war as something far away, fought in the deserts of Yemen or the mountains of Afghanistan. But we now know it's closer than we thought. There are 64 drone bases on American soil. That includes 12 locations housing Predator and Reaper unmanned aerial vehicles, which can be armed."

More on this:

We will protest this on the Hawthorne Bridge at 1st and Madison on the west-side at 3:30 PM on Fridays until we pass some regulations against the use of drones. Obama joking about the use of drones is not funny to the 60 children who have been torn apart by our drone action since he took office.

We will join the Police Protest at 6:00 PM 187th and Start.

PS Both actions are non-violent.


15.07.2012 12:26
Indybay Journalist Wins Payment and UCB Agreement to Change Policies, Train Officers
Covering a 2012 Occupy Oakland Covering a 2012 Occupy Oakland "Free Chris" Rally & March
SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA: David Morse, a veteran independent journalist and long-time member of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center (Indybay) has settled his lawsuit over the University of California - Berkeley Police Department's (UCBPD's) improper arrest, imprisonment, and seizure of journalistic materials during a student demonstration he was covering as a journalist. In exchange for Mr. Morse's agreement to dismiss the lawsuit, the University of California Regents have paid $162,500 and have agreed to modify UCBPD policies and procedures regarding acceptable means of seeking materials from a journalist or anyone possessing materials with an intent to disseminate to the public and have also agreed to conduct extensive training sessions for UCBPD officers regarding protections for journalists under federal and state law.

Background Information:
homepage:  http://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2012/07/09/18717220.php


10.07.2012 22:54
SWAT raid on organizers of Occupy Seattle & Everything For Everyone Festival
Early morning, July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of organizers from the Occupy movement. Police kicked down the front door and threw flash-bang grenades into the house.

This action targets well known activists from Occupy Seattle and the Red Spark Collective (part of the national Kasama network).
This apartment has been a hub for organizing the Everything 4 Everyone festival in August - to bring together West Coast forces for a cultural and political event building on the year of Occupy.

This from Everything4Everyone.org:
Early morning, July 10, SWAT police forced their way into the Seattle apartment of organizers from the Occupy movement. The sleeping residents scrambled to put on clothes as they were confronted automatic weapons.

The neighbor Natalio Perez heard the attack from downstairs: "Suddenly we heard the bang of their grenade, and the crashing as police entered the apartment. The crashing and stomping continued for a long time as they tore the place apart."

After the raid, the residents pored over the papers handed them by a detective. One explained: "This warrant says that they were specifically looking for 'anarchist materials' which lays out the political police state nature of this right there. In addition they were looking for specific pieces of clothing supposedly connected with a May First incident.

This action targets well known activists from Occupy Seattle and the Red Spark Collective (part of the national Kasama network).
This apartment has been a hub for organizing the Everything 4 Everyone festival in August - to bring together West Coast forces for a cultural and political event building on the year of Occupy.



26.05.2012 07:26
(video) Rose City Copwatch: Abolishing The Police.
A workshop given by Rose City Copwatch on 'Abolishing The Police' at the 2012 Law & Disorder Conference in Portland, OR.
Watch a wonderful, thought provoking workshop discussion around the reasons why people believe we need the police in our society, and community alternatives to the police and how to put them into practice.


homepage:  http://www.becausewemust.org


11.05.2012 08:25
Grand Jury Subpoena in Oakland
Taken from our comrade Jose Palafox:

From the face of the Grand Jury Subpoena, it appears related to an animal rights action that took place in Santa Cruz in August of 2008. I believe this is a political repression and part of a government attempt to gather information on activists and the animal rights movement. I will be getting a lawyer and plan to exercise my rights to the fullest extent. The National Lawyers Guild in San Francisco can help people subpoenaed before Grand Juries.

homepage:  http://www.becausewemust.org/grand-jury-subpoena-in-oakland


01.05.2012 21:25
Riot police make arrests in Portland for walking on the road
An un-permitted May Day rally through downtown Portland ended in mass arrests as people repeatedly marched in the streets. Police came in with force at intervals to make targeted arrests at various intersections. Portland, OR, USA, 05/01/2012.

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20.04.2012 07:11
Riseup Server Siezure
On Wednesday, April 18, at approximately 16:00 Eastern Time, U.S. Federal authorities removed a server from a colocation facility shared by Riseup Networks and May First/People Link in New York City. The seized server was operated by the European Counter Network ("ECN"), the oldest independent internet service provider in Europe, who, among many other things, provided an anonymous remailer service, Mixmaster, that was the target of an FBI investigation into the bomb threats against the University of Pittsburgh.

"The company running the facility has confirmed that the server was removed in conjunction with a search warrant issued at the request of the FBI," said May First/People Link director Jamie McClelland. "The server seizure is not only an attack against us, but an attack against all users of the Internet who depend on anonymous communication." "The FBI is using a sledgehammer approach, shutting down service to hundreds of users due to the actions of one anonymous person," said Devin Theriot-Orr, a spokesperson for Riseup. "This is particularly misguided because there is unlikely to be any information on the server regarding the source of the threatening emails.""Furthermore, the network of anonymous remailers that exists is not harmed by taking this machine. So we cannot help but wonder why such drastic action was taken when authorities knew that the server contained no useful information that would help in their investigation."

The FBI purportedly seized the server because it was hosting an anonymous remailer called Mixmaster. Anonymous remailers are used to send email anonymously, or pseudonymously.

Riseup Birds explanation for riseup users - "Server Siezure (Don't panic)"


20.04.2012 06:49
Video: Keaton Otis Vigil on 4.12.12 - A Report Back
Keaton Otis Vigil 4.12.12
((( i ))) - a video report back from the vigil that is held monthly on NE 7th street

first part: Fred and the corporate news - audio quality is low at some points in video
second part: Dave talking with folks at the vigil

 http://youtu.be/0RlRl79YGz0 (12 min video)

Original PIMC post w/ cell phone video clip of the police shooting Keaton:


02.04.2012 16:34
Video: Free The Horses
police horses The Portland police are continuing to use animals (horses) for tools in crowd control.
This is video footage from just one (1) incident in 2010 where these animals, are rammed into citizens protesting on a public sidewalk. The ramming of protesters with peaceful loving horses, is done until its realized (as seen in the video) that this abusive tactic is doing no good what so ever. This is repeated year after year.

Retire the Police Horses.

Free the Horses - Retire the police horses from crowd control - 2010
(3 min video)


02.04.2012 08:03
Fire Frashour Campaign Pissed but Not Surprised.
Fire Frashour Portland, Oregon - Today the Fire Frashour Campaign released a statement concerning the reinstatement of Portland Police Officer Ronald Frashour. In 2010, Fire Frashour waged a community campaign to get Office Frashour removed from the Portland Police force, to strike the arbitration clause from the Portland Police Association's contract, and to keep the negotiations between the city and PPA open to the public. Below is their statement:

On Friday, we learned that Ronald Frashour, the Portland police sniper who murdered Aaron Campbell in 2010 is being reinstated. While we are disgusted and appalled at this news, we are not surprised.

The Fire Frashour campaign predicted when he was fired that he would return.

Frashour follows a long line of killer cops who murdered and got away with it. During the last 15 years, no Portland police officer has lost his job for killing someone.

There is plenty of blame to go around. The District Attorney is guilty because he didn't secure an indictment, despite the fact that Frashour shot and killed an unarmed man who posed no threat and wasn't even suspected of a crime. The Portland Police Association is guilty, because they defend abusive cops no matter what the circumstances. The City Council is guilty, because they approved a new police contract continuing the arbitration clause that guarantees that killer cops will return to the force.

Related Comment: License to Murder
Related Videos: Videos: Aaron Campbells murder - outrage by community - can you hear us now?
Pictures from Rally: Protests as Portland police officer Ronald Frashour reinstated


22.03.2012 08:04
Indybay Journalists Charged with Felony: Conspiracy to Make Media
SANTA CRUZ, CA: District Attorney Bob Lee has embarked on a full frontal assault against independent media in Santa Cruz by including four regular contributors to the independent news website Indybay.org amongst the eleven people charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors after the occupation of a vacant bank building on November 30th, 2011. District Attorney Lee apparently believes it is his duty to dictate how events such as the occupation of the vacant bank at 75 River Street should be reported on by the media, and if he does not approve of the coverage, then journalists risk the DA bringing charges against them.

Bradley Stuart Allen and Alex Darocy are Indybay photojournalists and Indybay editors who were reporting on the occupation. No charges nor arrests were made at the time, but warrants were issued over two months later on February 8th, 2012, for Bradley, Alex, and nine other individuals. Alex was arrested at his home before he could submit to the surprise warrant. Bradley and Alex were originally charged with felony vandalism, felony conspiracy, and two counts of misdemeanor trespass, but after a three-day preliminary hearing starting March 13th the felony vandalism charge against both was dropped. Alex and Bradley remain out of police custody on their own recognizance. [...]

Conspiracy to Make Media

As for the most serious remaining charge, felony conspiracy, District Attorney Lee has offered absolutely no supporting evidence of a criminal collusion. The DA has not argued that Alex and Bradley had prior knowledge that the building would be occupied. The DA simply asserts that the mere act of newsgathering at an announced demonstration, which turned into an unannounced building occupation, constitutes felony conspiracy to promote trespass and vandalism. In the same preliminary hearing supplemental brief referenced above, the DA wrote: "The defendants' presence and postings... aided and abetted the organization's occupation of the property." From this, District Attorney Lee takes another leap by claiming that Bradley and Alex "effectively serv[ed] as the media arm of the organization; the group's propagandists." The "conspiracy" is nothing more than reporting on a newsworthy event.


01.03.2012 05:57
Help Portland ban Horses and Chemical Weapons at Protests
police horses and chemicals Encourage Portland's Charter Commission to let Portlanders vote on banning horses and chemical weapons for crowd control.

Several of the proposals being considered by the Charter Commission are making city officials nervous, according to commission member Steve Weiss, quoted in a Portland Mercury article. The 20-member city council-appointed group is given the power to create proposals that (if 15 of them agree) are then placed on the ballot to be decided by voters. Housekeeping measures and an independent utility commission proposal were supported by the city council and mayor, but when the commission started considering other more radical ideas? like instant runoff voting and police accountability? the city leaders' nervousness began. Two votes are expected this week: Monday, February 27 on an independent utility commission proposal and Wednesday, February 29 on a proposals that would ban the use of horses and chemical weapons for crowd control... The major point made by those testifying at the police accountability subcommittee meeting was that pepper spray, tear gas and horses don't break up protests? they only make them more chaotic and dangerous. The commission asked for comments from protesters who have had to deal with horses and chemical weapons up close, so any comments based on personal experience would help inform their opinion. Would Portlanders ban horses and chemical weapons if given the chance to vote on it? Possibly. Should Portlanders be given the chance to vote on these issues? Definitely.

The possible vote on the police accountability proposal [took] place Wednesday, February 29th from 6 to 9 PM at Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th Avenue, 3rd Floor, Rose Room. For links and video visit: villageportland.com

Video of the Feb 22 hearing


09.02.2012 18:01
Reflections from Monday night's Oakland solidarity march
From an arrestee:

On Monday night there was a march in Portland in solidarity with Occupy Oakland's call-out for a day of action against police brutality and arrests. The description for Portland's march specifically called for a respect for diversity of tactics including a black bloc and nonviolent direct action. Unfortunately the actual event proved much less tolerant to this diversity of tactics - people utilizing black bloc tactics were physically assaulted by other marchers on multiple occasions, and scapegoated for the 10 arrests the police made.


05.02.2012 07:57
Video: NDAA Protest in Portland Oregon 2.3.12 - Occupy Portland
A short drive by video of the Pioneer Square protest of the NDAA

NDAA Protest in Portland Oregon 2.3.12 [one minute video]

President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) into law. It contains a sweeping worldwide indefinite detention provision. The dangerous new law can be used by this and future presidents to militarily detain people captured far from any battlefield.

He signed it. Now, we have to fight it wherever we can and for as long as it takes.


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