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environment | technology 01-Apr-2018 13:55

VIDEO: State and Corporate Surveillance Capabilities 3.3.18 - PIELC conf.

From the open publishing newswire: From an initial gathering of just fifteen speakers and seventy-five participants in 1983, PIELC has grown to become the world's biggest public interest environmental law conference.

*Workshop will provide case examples, tips, and traps regarding government and corporate surveillance of climate activists and frontline communities, their campaigns, and their lawyers, and why everyone needs to take security issues seriously to be a serious activist, advocate or attorney.

 https://youtu.be/9qWrhNGbvY0 [1 hour 24 minutes video]


legacies | technology 20-Jul-2015 11:04

The end of capitalism

From the open publishing newswire: Without us noticing, we are entering the postcapitalist era. At the heart of further change to come is information technology, new ways of working and the sharing economy. The old ways will take a long while to disappear, but it's time to be utopian.
www.openculture.com gives us 700 free movies, 700 free E-books and 450 free audio books. The information economy is an economy of abundance that challenges the past economy of scarcity.
to read Paul Mason's "The end of capitalism" published on July 16, 2015 in The Guardian, click on


Why should we not form a picture of the ideal life, built out of abundant information, non-hierarchical work and the dissociation of work from wages\?


technology | youth 11-Apr-2015 07:11

Cascadia Cypherpunk Convergence - April 11th

From the open publishing newswire: Through this conference [today] we hope to increase how networked our movement is and raise public awareness about issues of privacy, technology and social change in the digital age.


takes place on April 11th, 10am-7pm
Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union

Time Schedule:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2015/03/429357.shtml#442360


technology | youth 11-Mar-2015 09:50

Cascadia Cypherpunk Convergence - April 11th

From the open publishing newswire: A cypherpunk is someone who uses cryptography and similar methods to achieve societal and political change.


Over the last two decades we have seen the Internet transformed from a tool of emancipation to the most insidious threat to human liberty the world has ever seen.
But amidst the seemingly intractable rise of a transnational surveillance society, there is a small spark of hope endowed on us through the power of mathematics.
It is possible to formulate a math problem (an algorithm) so difficult that even the mightiest superpower cannot decipher it. It is this fundamental property of our physical universe that provides some measure of hope in what otherwise seems to be very dark times.

Through this conference we hope to increase how networked our movement is and raise public awareness about issues of privacy, technology and social change in the digital age.


takes place on April 11th, 10am-7pm
Portland State University
Smith Memorial Student Union


alternative media | technology 30-Jan-2013 06:33

Anonymous hacks DOJ to avenge Aaron Swartz

From the open publishing newswire: Anonymous also posted an editable version of the website, inviting users to deface it as they pleased. Multiple pages -- not only the home page -- appeared to allow users to alter them.
In anger over the recent death [SUICIDE!! HELLO!?]of an Internet activist who faced federal charges, hackers claiming to be from the group Anonymous threatened early Saturday to release sensitive information about the U.S. Department of Justice.

They claimed to have one such file on multiple servers ready for immediate release.
The hackers apparently hijacked the website of the U.S. government agency responsible for federal sentencing guidelines, where they posted a message demanding the United States reform its justice system or face incriminating leaks to select news outlets.

"We have not taken this message lightly...."



social services | technology 11-Oct-2008 08:39

*SCAM ALERT!!* Predatory Company Operating on PDX Craigslist and Other Free Classifieds

From the open publishing newswire: *SCAM WARNING!!* Rental-Data Bureau's (aka RDB, rental-data.com) Predatory Practices

If you are seeking rental property in the Portland Metro area you may have run across their NUMEROUS "Call RDB" house listing ads online. The ads often list enticingly low prices in attractive areas, yet NEVER offer an address or a photo.

Avoid these people and their dubious 'service' like the plague on free society they are. They republish a database of freely obtained house listings from off the net and charge RENTERS $35 to see their substandard imageless database. They illegitimately spam the free classified sites with their 'listings' which are in reality only ads for their website 'service'. They use phony bait and switch tactics by listing enticing properties in their ads that do not exist in the database once you become a member.


animal rights | technology 11-Jan-2008 21:38

Portland Animal Defense League, Computer Security Training for Activists

From the open publishing newswire: PGP/ Computer Security, SSL, HTPS, Proxys Workshop
Monday January 14th
Food Fight! (SE 12th & Stark)


This is a computer security workshop geared towards all activists that use the internet and computers in general. A large portion of this workshop will be going through the step-by-steps of installing and using PGP encryption. It will be given by two experienced computer-security-geeks, who will be available for other questions as well.


community building | technology 02-Nov-2007 13:41

Free Geek receives International award for promoting FOSS

linuxpenguin From the open publishing newswire: Free Geek has been awarded the international Chris Nichol FOSS Prize
for "doing extraordinary work to make FOSS accessible to ordinary
computer users."

The award is given annually by the Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) to acknowledge organizations working with FOSS, Free and Open Source Software that is free to users and has an open source code so any user can view and modify it.


corporate dominance | technology 29-Mar-2007 06:06

Beware telemarketing that ATTACKS "net neutrality"

From the open publishing newswire: I just receive an automated telemarketing call asking me to warn Oregon Sen Gordon Smith (why only Smith? Wyden is at least as sleazy...) AGAINST support of "net neutrality" beacuse according to the telemarketing speaker "net neutrality" would mean that "consumers would bear the cost of enhancements and expansions to internet" ...

... and ABSENT net neutrality, according to the telemarketing, "big corporations like yahoo and Comcast" would bear these costs.

Receiver of call is than asked to press "1" (I think it was) to leave what they said was to be a personal voice message to Smith saying that you DON'T WANT NET NEUTRALITY because NET NEUTRALITY means only "higher costs to consumer" without consumer benefit.


community building | technology 19-Nov-2006 20:03

help Free Geek recover stolen computer equipment

D:\IMC\penguin.jpg From the open publishing newswire: Bummer! I just learned that Free Geek, Portland's computer recycling non-profit ("Helping the needy get nerdy") has been broken into and several laptops / LCD monitors were stolen. Please report suspected stolen laptops / LCD monitors (being sold on Craigslist, on the street, etc.) to Free Geek. They track the serial numbers of items and could likely tell you if something was stolen from them, if you are able to obtain the serial number. If someone tries to sell you any of these things and refuses to give the serial number, or otherwise acts suspicious, notify the police (on the chance that they can distract themselves from harassing immigrants and shooting mentally handicapped people) and give them as much detail as you can. [ Read More ] [ Free Geek Breakin \ Free Geek ]

IPRC Robbed!

Portland Independent Publishing Resource Center, a nonprofit devoted to facilitating creative expression, was broken into and robbed on Sunday night sometime after 8 p.m. Thieves stole our main computer (an apple G5), which housed the records for our library of over 5500 zines, our member/user database, and more. Theives also took two computer monitors, and in true grinchy fashion, the covers of the couch cushions (presumably to carry away our items). If you know anything about this robbery, or can help in some way, please email our temporary email address: iprcoutreach@yahoo.com or call (503) 827 0249 thanks! [ Read More ] [ IPRC ]

corporate dominance | technology 19-Oct-2006 02:08

AUDIO FILE: The Internet at Risk

From the open publishing newswire: At a Press Conference today, October 18, 2006, held at Powell's Books on West Burnside in Portland, Senator Ron Wyden spoke about Network Neutrality and the fight in Congress over the future of the internet. He was joined by local business owners and concerned citizens who delivered more than 20,000 petitions from Oregon residents supporting Net Neutrality.

Net Neutrality is the longstanding principle that ensures all Web sites and services are treated equally. This fundamental principle, in place since the Internet was created, prevents Internet service providers from discriminating against content or services traveling over their wires based on which companies pay them the most.


government | technology 01-Aug-2006 16:37

HURRY - STOP the National Security Surveillance Act, S. 2453

From the open publishing newswire: Senator Arlen Specter's solution for the President's refusal to obey U.S. law requiring warrants for wiretapping Americans is to change the pesky law in order to make the President's warrantless wiretapping program legal. He is now trying to pass the National Security Surveillance Act, S. 2453. We Need To Stop This!

So far this has happened -- SAN FRANCISCO - The Bush administration appealed a court decision Monday that allowed a lawsuit to go forward challenging the president's warrantless domestic spying program.

In rejecting government claims that the suit could expose state secrets and jeopardize the war on terror, U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker ruled July 20 that the eavesdropping was so widely reported there appears to be no danger of spilling secrets. Walker also said he did not see how allowing the lawsuit to continue could threaten national security. Walker is the only judge to rule against the government's claim of a "state secrets privilege."

And this is where I as well as BORDC are asking everyone to contact their Senators now and at the very latest by Aug 2!


community building | technology 29-Jul-2006 01:22

Geek Fair 2006!

Geek Arena From the open publishing newswire: listen to an hour's worth of interviews from Free Geek's 2006 Geek Fair held on Saturday July 15. This audio is available in both streaming (pls) and download (MP3) formats and features interviews with folks from Free Geek, Shift to Bikes, Wibiki, Backspace, Redwing, and "Nature" with music by the Eclectic Bastards and an excerpt from "Geek Arena!"


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