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tácticas de la resistencia | el desarrollo comunitario | neighborhood news 21-Feb-2007 18:25

Save Madison South Rally: We Love Our Neighborhood’s Livability!

big box rally From the open publishing newswire: Over 125 neighbors, business people and allied partners in the effort to find an alternative to the proposed big box store on NE 82nd and Siskiyou rallied together on Saturday, February 17 to show their solidarity to preserving neighborhood livability. Rally attendees brought along their children, dogs, fellow neighbors and friends, showing the strong community ties of the neighborhood's diverse population. Numerous students from nearby Madison High School were also present, showing their concern over such a large development across from their school.

Citing anxiety about increased traffic, safety of nearby students at schools, and economic damage to local shopping districts, the rally gathered at Glenhaven Park to hear neighborhood leaders speak about the Big Box permit application process and the status of the current proposal. Leaders also pumped up the crowd and vowed to find a positive solution for finding a win-win solution for both the land owner and the neighborhood.




Charges Against Amber Hicks Dismissed When Portland Police Officer Kruger Fails to Appear

From the open publishing newswire: Charges against Peace Encampment activist and police abuse victim Amber Hicks were dismissed at her 2pm trial Monday. Hicks was violently arrested by Portland Police Sergeants Kruger and Lee while strolling through a park on the day of pResident Bush's last visit to the Rose City on August 21, 2003. Sergeant Kruger failed to appear in court to testify. Today's action clears the way for Hick's upcoming civil suit against Kruger and Lee for their inexcusable violence and harrassment.


MEDIA CRITIQUE 04-Oct-2003 15:29

Bush Visit to North Portland - The Local Take

From the open publishing newswire: From In And About: "While Republican donors sat inside the University of Portland's red dome auditorium and paid to see the President, area residents wondered out loud who was going to pick up the check for all the police overtime..." >>>

Some Comments:

I.M.Angry: My comment regards what happened after the protest,in the park annex. (Sorry,can't remember the name of the park-I'm new to PDX.) People were pretty peaceably assembled in the park-about a hundred of us,I'd say. I was standing out near the main road that divides the park from the annex .Everything was quiet- my feeling was that things were winding down and people were probably about to go home.Suddenly,out of nowhere,this cop in a riot hat (at least) comes flying through the crowd and jumps on this girl.Well, of course,all hell breaks loose.People are running around,freaking out,the cops are bugling at us to LEAVE THE PARK NOW OR FACE CHEMICAL AGENTS and basically the cops shut the annex down and threw us out of the park.When I attempted to get to the bus stop a few minutes later,I was prevented and threatened with arrest.
Why were we thrown out of the park? What law or statute did the PDX pigs use to justify their fascist actions that day?I heard later that there was a bus full of donors which was stopped by some anarchists (go,anarchists!)sitting in the street in front of it and that was supposedly the reason.This was also "reported" by the crap corporate media that night and never retracted or apologized for,that I know of.Only one problem,folks.I NEVER SAW ANY BUS. I heard the bus incident was at a completely different location.The popo were in rare form that day.
If someone was there that day and can explain to me what happened-did I miss something big or is this just more of the same?Has anyone filed suit?

We are the "cute little protestor wanna-be" kids who were very easily controlled and ineffective. We were easily handled and caused no uproar, and gave the PPB much reason to gloat about their great preparedness. Next time we need to, oh, actually get off our asses.


Undercover cops and their unwitting liberal co-conspirators

From the open publishing newswire: My comrade and I believe it is of utmost importance to make as many individuals as possible question all pre-conceived notions learned subconsciously through the inevitable process of socialization - ideas which the majority, many of whom consider themselves to be enlightened critical thinkers, naively accept as the gospel truth. Therefore, as in every other day of our lives, whenever we take to the streets, we attempt to make as many people as possible question their previously un-examined reasons for acting, speaking, and believing - police and protestors alike.

As usual, we called out the cops on the lawn for what they are, who they serve and protect, their motivations for deciding to become cops, and the impact that their brutal quelling of dissent has on their own families and friends.

We yelled, "So are your parents in there, paying $2,000 a plate? Your parents rich? No - they're working class just like us, or else you wouldn't be cops!"

"To serve and protect? Who you serving and protecting? The people? We're out here - you're pointing your guns at us! You're serving and protecting the rich - the ones in there! The same people who are closing our schools, slashing our budgets, cutting our jobs - and your families are affected too! You're traitors to your own families! How does it feel? Think about that tonight!"

After just such and exchange, a typical liberal counter-revolutionary sheep piped up behind us, "This is a peaceful protest! Don't be violent!"


F*** THE CORPORATE MEDIA 23-Aug-2003 15:44

A21: Who pays for our public services, streets and why doesn't the media tell the truth?

From the open publishing newswire: Independent media first given Secret Service Clearance to attend Dubya soriee and then denied access by Portland Police. Portland's KGW/NBC Channel 8 Steve Redin assaults indy videographer, because he had to get his prise-winning shot through a chainlink fence. What does the real media look like? You, me or NBC? Who paid for this propaganza fundraiser and who owns the streets? Lane County Commissioner Peter Sorenson and other elected officials want a true healthy forest and safe communities, while Bush wants old growth timber for his timber wealthy donors.



Cascadia unwelcomes Bush to Portland

From the open publishing newswire: At least 2500 people turned out to protest pResident Bush, dictator of the Corporate United States of America, in Portland. Popos made seven arrests and peppersprayed unarmed, peaceful citizens. Throughout the day, people called in with breaking news from the streets, which was broadcast on web radio and was posted to the website. For a full accounting of the events from witnesses and participants who are posting their stories and photos, see:

We were there today, and it made a difference. Not necessarily because Bush likely saw a few Sieg Heil salutes and bunch of middle fingers. And I doubt that we made a dent into the brainless pockets of patriotic sheep who clustered at a few intersections and front yards. Those of us who gathered made a difference with our solidarity, with our efforts to build a new community. The medics with water and Malox, the legal observers with their watchful eyes, the independent journalists with their cameras, and the anarchists who blocked the busses of rich fucks -- together we wove a web that over time will not be broken. [ Read more... ]

Dissent: Mission Accomplished
The Portland Spitune, aka "Tribune", ran the headline "Bush: Mission Accomplished" this morning. This counts as probably one of their most laughable wastes of ink ever, not to mention gross rationalizations and naked example of wishful thinking. If you call having a pResident being forced to not announce their presence to the local community, setup deceptive motorcade routes, require thousands of dollars of police protection, sneak in and sneak out of political speeches in their own country a successful mission, then I would have to agree with the Spitune. Otherwise, I would say what happened yesterday is the reaffirmation of what the administration learned the last time they were here. That is, people are aware of the miserable person and policy maker that pResident W. is and he should always expect to have to hide his face in shame. [ Read more... ]
[ More Media Criticism: Mad About Bias Rally Coverage ]

US Govt has No Legitimate Authority
Actual armored assault vehicles from Vancouver and from Salem graced the streets of the quiet residential neighborhood that Bush "visited" yesterday. If we really live in a democracy, as we have been told since grade school, then why was this necessary? Why did it take assault vehicles, tanks, military style weapons, and sneakiness to get "president" bush into our city? And why did he even come at all, if not to meet or to communicate in any way with the people who actually live here? This wasn't a visit, it was an occupation. [ Read more... ]

$29,000 Bail! Support Our Comrades in Court Today!
The arraignment for our 7 comrades abducted yesterday by the State's police force is Today, the 22 of August 2003, at 2:00 PM! Downtown Portland, Justice Center, Courtroom #4. It is at 1120 SW 3rd. One comrade is being held with $29,000 dollars bail! Go to this, support these individuals! The protest IS not over. Witness to our comrades in trial is our and their constitutional right! Civil disobediance is our BIRTHRIGHT! [ Read more... ]

Photos: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 ]

EVENTS AND RESOURCES 20-Aug-2003 00:00

The People vs. Bush - Aug. 21

From the open publishing newswire: Portlanders plan to protest pResident Bush on Aug. 21 when he visits town for a fundraiser at the University of Portland. This website has been abuzz with plans, ideas, flyers, and more. For details, go to http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/a22round2.

JAIL SUPPORT: 503.234.4518
INDYMEDIA WEB RADIO: portland stream, ashland stream

Mon. 6:00pm Central Library U.S. Bank Room - Organizing Meeting
Mon. 7:00pm It's a Beautiful Pizza - Videos from the Resistance
Mon. 9:00pm Outside Central Library - Sign Making Party
Tue. 10:30am University of Portland - United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference
Tue. 5:00pm Laurlhurst Park (next to the duck pond) - Publicity Meeting
Tue. 5:00pm PSU Koinonia House - PPRC general meeting
Tue. 6:00pm PSU Smith Center Ballroom - Medea Benjamin / Community Action Forum
Tue. 7:00pm The Know - (P)Resident Evil: The Night Before Bush Video Showing
Wed. 11:45am SW Oak and Front Street - Bush Wanted for Forest Crimes Protest
Thu. 10:00am Aug. 21 protest at 3rd and Salmon Downtown (for those that can't make it to UP)
Wed. 8:00pm Peace Camp - Sign Making for Bush Visit
Wed. 10:30pm Portland Cable Access Channel 22 - A22 and Day X videos
Thu. 8:00am Peace Camp - "Bring- a- Dish" Breakfast
Thu. 9:30am biking meetups at various locations
Thu. 10:00am Aug. 21 protest at Columbia Park in North Portland
Thu. 5 pm protest at SW Park and Salmon Downtown (for those that can't make it to UP)
Thu. 2:30pm Aug. 21 protest in Redmond at Deschutes County Fairgrounds
A22 in Seattle

Resources: pdx indymedia a21 action page | a21 flyers | pdx indymedia flyer | protest text message service | bike/bus transportation | carpool information | maps of the area | bush visit schedule | child care | police scanner url | stopbushseattle.com | A22 Portland Bush Protest Archive Page

BUSH PROTEST... AND SO IT BEGINS 19-Aug-2003 16:45

Surprise Treesit; Five arrested at University of Portland anti-Bush press conference

From the open publishing newswire: Today at the University Of Portland myself, some corporate media, and a few other indymedia journalists went out to cover the event. Before the press conference could start though the director of security for the University of Portland ordered that the lawn everyone was standing on were to move so it could be mowed. An interesting tactic if I do say so which bothered the hell out of the corporate media because after that they all had to cram onto the sidewalk, battling for space among themselves.

Five wonderful speeches were given to denounce George W. Bush and his visit to Oregon to promote his "healthy forest initiative." Among Them were CFA, PPRC, Code Pink, and the Portland Alliance to name a few. To our surprise, the Portland Police, and the University of Portland Security patrolling the area, a tree-sit was well underway. After the press conference a banner drop was held from a tree one block south of the main entrance to the University of Portland on N Portsmouth.

Police (ten officers in all including U of P security) began to tape off the area with crime scene tape to block off any pedestrian traffic from entering the immediate area around the tree-sit. Slowly but surely after it was announce the tree-sitters began to lower their belongings, bag after water bottle. Police then took their things and put them into their police cars. [ Read more... ]

update: Two of Tuesday's U of P arrestees released

Transcript of CFA speech
The stated goal of George Bush's visit here in Portland is to tout his so-called Healthy Forest Initiative. Taking advantage of a national tragedy, President Bush unveiled the so-called "Healthy Forest Initiative (HFI), at the peak of the 2002 wildfires in Southern Oregon. The HFI uses fire, or more accurately the threat of fire, as a smokescreen to give the logging industry increased access to our national forests. The initiative removes environmental protections provided by NFMA, NEPA and the Roadless Area Conservation Rule, as well as state and regional conservation plans. In the name of fire prevention, the HFI prevents citizens from challenging logging and other destructive projects on land managed by both the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. The HFI represents one of the greatest threats to our national Forests since the infamous 1995 Salvage Rider that opened millions of acres of national forestland to logging.

The scandal of the HFI is that the Forest Service authorizes logging in remote, in tact forests in one area to pay for the thinning of fire prone forests in other areas. In short, the Forest Service is cutting, intact, naturally fire resistant forests that have long been coveted by the timber industry to pay for "fuel reduction" near fire prone communities. [ Read more... ]

[ photos ]

BUSH VISIT 18-Aug-2003 12:47

United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference on Tues

From the open publishing newswire: Please Check out these events Tues, Weds, Thurs Please Come to 1, 2 or all 3 of these Events!

TUES August 19th 10:30 am - 12:30pm
United Against Bush Rally and Press Conference
at the University of Portland Corner of N Portsmouth Ave and Willamette Blvd -- The Cascadia Forest Alliance will hold a 45 minute press Conference during the Rally to highlight the many problems that the Oregon Community has with the harmful initiatives of the Bush Administration. Leaders of the Forest Defense Community, The Peace Community, the Human Rights Community, and the Labor Community will make statements.

WED August 20th 11:45 am - 2pm
Bush Wanted for Forest Crimes

Help us arrest Bush and STOP logging on our National Forests! Meet at SW Oak and Front Street at the Battleship Oregon Memorial Marine Park. Following campaign and protest Briefing we will walk to the US Forest HQ in Downtown Portland (333 1st Avenue). Join the Greenpeace Forest Crimes Unit at a protest outside the U.S. Forest Service Headquarters. President Bush is "Wanted" for forcing the Forest Service to commit crimes against our nation's forest.

THURS 10am - ???? August 21st - JOIN PORTLAND IN SAYING: "NO TO BUSH!" Meet at 10am at Columbia Park on North Lombard Avenue University of Portland, Corner of Portsmouth and Willamette



Revolutionary Call Out

From the open publishing newswire: Portland Anti Capitalist Action, Queer Revolution and the Portland General Organizing Group of the Federation of Northwest Anarchist Communists (FNAC) endorses, supports and calls on everyone to attend the demonstrations coming up the 21st of this month to protest George W. Bush. We feel that this demonstration is crucial towards illustrating the resistance to his regime, but also to draw attention to the bigger picture of what the system Bush is upholding is all about.


USING THE MASTER'S TOOLS 16-Aug-2003 14:21


imctv From the open publishing newswire: Hardly the brightest bulb you never did see George Dubya Bush is coming back to Portland on August 21 almost a year to the day that he came to Portland last time. As he looks forward to his warm reception this time you can, now for the first time on cable TV, see what the welcome wagon looked like last year on the Video Collective's A22 protest video. Portland cable access will be showing the A22 and Day X protest video six times between 08/16/2003 and 08/31/2003. Be sure to set your VCR (or a friend's) so you can tape it.


LEGAL SUPPORT 14-Aug-2003 23:38

Civil Disobedience Workshop

From the open publishing newswire: The General Defense Committee of Industrial Workers of the World and local civil rights activists are preparing for the upcoming visit by President Bush to the University of Portland on August 21, 2003. Motivated by last year's outrageous police behavior towards peaceful, legal demonstrators, we are hosting the following events:

Civil Disobedience Workshop:
Saturday, August 16, 1:00-5:30 PM , at the Musician's Union Hall, 325 NE 20th (between Everett & Flanders)-
: Presented by experienced local trainers and members of the National Lawyer's Guild, the workshop will cover various aspects of nonviolent civil disobedience, the law, and your rights. Refreshment provided. A donation is requested. Wear sensible clothing. For further information or childcare please call (503) 234-4518.

This event is open to all ages and the general public. Our goal is to promote awareness of resources and skills available to effectively exercise our freedom of assembly and speech.

General Defense Committee of the IWW
616 E. Burnside St., Portland, OR, 97214
(503) 234-4518



I am deeply concerned with the state of the Portland Activist community

From the open publishing newswire: Like the rest of you, I am a part of the activist community. As a member of this community I mean the following article as a self-reflection and a challenge- not as a critism of people, affinity groups, etc. However, I am harboring concerns about the state of our community.
While Portland is a very creative, progressive, and radical community, I have NOT been inspired by the local radicals' ability to network, develop common vision, outreach, and support the general public in their resistance. This has meant that the media has been able to take avantage of weaknesses and make much of the general public reluctant to participate in direct action. I am also worried that "acitivst-only" protests and general police repression have left too many of us burnt out, tierd, and ineffective


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