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Miami "Stop the FTAA" Coverage Page

FTAA IMC Wrap-Up #1: The N21 Jail Support Protest

On Friday, November 21, around 200 activists gathered at the Miami-Dade County Jail to hold a peaceful protest and demand the release of those who had been arrested the day before. In what has become a hallmark example of the extreme repression that global justice activists faced this past week, the police demanded that the protesters disperse. Those who had gathered began walking away and moving down the street, where they were surrounded by the over 600 riot police that had surrounded the protesters. The police then attacked the dispersing crowd, chasing about 30 people into a corner. They shoved them to the ground and beat them.


FTAA IMC Wrap-Up #2: The Miami Model

What is the Miami Model? It is several things: extremely violent police response to nonviolent demonstrators, embedded reporters behind police lines - and arresting and harassing "non-embedded" journalists, and other tactics used in the past by Timoney, including mass arrests and an arsenal of "non-lethal" weapons. Most significantly, though, it represents the next step in the criminalization and repression of dissent that is occurring in the United States right now.


FTAA IMC Wrap-Up #3: What Happened?

With so many events and points of view, and so many postings to the newswire, it might be hard to sense of what happened during the FTAA mobilization in Miami. IMC editors have scoured the newswire for some of the longer, more detailed written pieces that relate one person's perspective on last week's events.


FTAA IMC Wrap-Up #4: The Trade Talks

"The US wanted a binding comprehensive agreement with disciplines all the way through," said one official delegate from a Latin American country who has participated in the negotiations. "The draft ministerial declaration coming out of the Trade Negotiations Committee clearly is a retreat from that."


FTAA Wrap-Up #5: Global Solidarity

During the week that the FTAA met in Miami, Global Justice activists met all around the world to show solidarity with the activists in Miami that demonstrated against the proposed "free" trade agreement.

The following are links to solidarity action articles taken from different IMC's mostly across the America's.


FTAA Wrap-Up #6: We Demand Justice

After any mass mobilization that encounters unjust repression, this is the next step in the fight for justice for those who were beaten, harassed, and otherwise violated at the hands of the state. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG), the AFL-CIO, and the ACLU have indicated that they will be filing civil suits related to the violations. Miami Activist Defense and the NLG are calling for full-scale independent investigations into police misconduct.

tácticas de la resistencia | el estado policial y las cárceles 29-Sep-2006 04:44

Court Victory for FTAA Protestors

The Miami Model From the open publishing newswire: In a significant victory for constitutional rights, today, the Eleventh Circuit handed down its ruling denying qualified immunity to several officers who engaged in unlawful arrests at the demonstrations against the meetings of the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, Florida, during November 2003. This ruling clears the way for the demonstrators who suffered constitutional rights deprivations to proceed with their litigation.

The case, Killmon, et al. v. City of Miami, et al., was brought to challenge the widespread assault on the civil rights and civil liberties of protestors during the demonstrations, including challenging the so-called "Miami model," a deliberate and coordinated effort by over 40 local, state and federal authorities to engaging in silence dissent and engage in widespread political profiling, and swept the streets of anyone viewed as being an anti-FTAA activist, effectively suspending the Fourth Amendment in the city for ten days using excessive force and unlawfully arresting hundreds of people engaging in lawful political protest.


tácticas de la resistencia | el poder de las corporaciones | la justicia económica 02-Dec-2004 09:24

Fighting Corporate Globalization in Tucson, Miami, and Throughout the World

From the open publishing newswire: The struggle over Free Trade Agreements is continuous, and the fight against the FTAA came to a head in September 2003 in Miami. Indymedia videoactivists produced The Miami Model to document what happened, and this Saturday, Portland IMC will screen this film; This is a special benefit for the Portland IMC Tech Collective, which keeps this site running. Support their efforts and learn more about the FTAA and police repression, Saturday, December 4th at 2 pm at Clinton Street Theater.
more about The Miami Model | FTAA-IMC | ongoing Andean Free Trade Agreement protests in Tucson this week

SUPPORT THE REAL MEDIA 11-Nov-2004 08:57

"Miami Model" screening at Clinton Street Theater to benefit portland indymedia tech collective

From the open publishing newswire: This film documents the protests and police state built up in Miami around the Nov. 2003 FTAA Ministerial. Many Cascadians headed down there to be in the streets, and they met up with thousands of folks from around the hemisphere to all be part of the catastrophe that has constantly encircled this free trade agreement.

This film is simultaneously gut-wrenching and uplifting, there is amazing resistance and equally amazing repression. The fight against the FTAA is ongoing, but we are winning.

When/Where: Sat. Dec. 4, 2pm @ the Clinton Street Theater. This screening is a benefit for the portland indymedia tech collective, the folks who keep this site up and running. Cost: $5+ (sliding scale).

[ Downloadable PDF poster ]

el poder de las corporaciones | el gobierno 24-Oct-2004 19:54

Eerie silence surrounds failure to ratify FTAA Treaty

Stop the FTAA From the open publishing newswire: Because of an impasse between the US and Brazil and Argentina on commercial issues ranging from dumping to subsides, the 34-country Free Trade Area of the Americas, originally scheduled for ratification by the end of this year, has been put on hold.

"Miami has come a long way to make our city the permanent secretariat of the FTAA," said Mario Artecona, executive director of the Miami Business Forum, a coalition of private-industry executives. "It would be great. It would be the cherry on top of the sundae. But we have to keep on working.

Even if the FTAA is delayed a few years, the city has too much momentum going, he said. Even without the treaty, Miami has established itself as the capital of Latin America in the past two years, said Mr. Artecona.

[ FTAA IMC I stopftaa.org I portland imc FTAA-Miami Coverage I Songs about FTAA-Miami ]

MEDIA CRITICISM 29-Feb-2004 20:01

Analysis: NOW With(out) Bill Moyers - The FTAA Special

From the open publishing newswire: From the open publishing newswire: As I'm sure you're aware, tonite's (friday) FTAA special on PBS was supposed to air last Friday nite. It did not. No one had an explanation and network geeks were NOT talking. I hope we find out soon. I think overall tonite's episode of "NOW With Bill Moyers" was highly damaging to the social justice movement. It surely wasn't asking any hardball questions. And it reeked of over a week's worth of direct government censorship if you ask me.

One commenter disagreed:Just finished watching. Thought it was extremely damning against Miami police, Timoney in particular. As someone who followed the whole business in Miami, I thought it was quite well done (even *I* learned something new in this show!) Granted, I haven't watched all the video footage, and some have been arguing with me that they could have used more or better footage to make the point. Nonetheless, I think the point comes across pretty clearly: the Miami police used gigantic overkill, and attacked large numbers of people indiscriminately with dangerous weaponry.

Another commenter added:A good friend of mine once nearly started crying to see a corporate newspaper in the indymedia center. After a week of being chased on blind alleyways, cornered, beaten gassed, harrassed, illegally arrested, when it was almost over, the delegates were going back to their coutries and then citizens of ours were gathered around the splintered picnic benches eating food not bombs, my friend looked down to see A CORpIRATE Newspaper in our news office.

All of the lives dedicated, all the mumias, all the peltiers, the Chavez, the mandelas, could be heard in his voice when he asked - WHO BROUGHT THIS HERE?


ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX 09-Feb-2004 16:41

New Topic IMC's receive long deserved recognition

From the open publishing newswire: Portland indymedia activists have recognized the necessity of topical indymedia sites, and would like to make that widely known. Portland IMC will be updating its "global imc network" list to include both the Biotech IMC and the FTAA IMC, under the new header "Topics".

There has been long debate in the Global Indymedia Network about this issue. Some would like to keep indymedia strictly based on cities, others would like to branch out with topic imc's. These sites collect articles about a specific topic throughout the imc network so they are all in one place. These sites create their own features and offer very detailed information on that topic, from an independant perspective. These sites are also dedicated to multilinguality because their scope covers more than one language.


MIAMI UPDATE 06-Feb-2004 16:22

Tides Turn on Police in Miami

From the open publishing newswire: Months after the FTAA Ministerial in Miami, things are starting to come into focus. Not that the gobal justice movement ever saw it out of focus, but the "authorities" are starting to see what they levied in the streets of Miami.

It is coming to light everywhere that the police in Miami used excessive force and were definately not in the right...violating (or completely ignoring) first and fourth amendment rights. A judge hearing the cases of free trade protesters said in court that he saw "no less than 20 felonies committed by police officers"; this was a first step toward the realization of what happened.

A member of the Civilian Investigative Panel (CIP), who had previously prasied police chief John Timoney, resigned after his credibility was called into question by global justice activists. At the most recent CIP hearing, the Miami police admit absolute responsibility for the way activists were treated during the ministerial. Recently Miami Activist Defense filed a lawsuit attacking the Miami ordinance used during FTAA protests.

FTAA IMC | Save Our Civil Liberties



Lawsuit filed Attacking Miami Ordinance used During FTAA Protests

From the open publishing newswire: WASHINGTON - February 4 - A civil suit filed today in federal court calls for an emergency temporary restraining order against the City of Miami's unconstitutional restrictions on the right to political protest

Miami, FL - A civil lawsuit was filed today in federal court to challenge a controversial ordinance passed by Miami City Commission days prior to protests against the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) meetings in November 2003. The ordinance was used to chill First Amendment activities during mass demonstrations against the FTAA. The lawsuit also attacks two other Miami ordinances regulating demonstrations on public streets and sidewalks as unconstitutional restrictions on First Amendment rights.

Attorneys working with the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Mass Defense Committee and Miami Activist Defense (MAD) filed the lawsuit on behalf of Plaintiff Lake Worth Global Justice Group. Members of the plaintiff group were subject to unlawful searches, detentions and arrests during the FTAA protests. The defendants include the City of Miami, City Manager Joe Arriola, and Miami Police Chief John Timoney.

"Lake Worth Global Justice members were harassed and arrested by police during the FTAA protests," said Cara Jennings, a member of the plaintiff group. "We were not only stopped and detained, but we also witnessed numerous people being prevented from engaging in lawful protest activities in public spaces around Miami." [ Read more... ]

[ FTAA IMC site | pdx indy FTAA Miami coverage ]

REMEMBRANCE 10-Jan-2004 22:54

We Laughed at Danger (and Broke All the Rules)

From the open publishing newswire:


Memorial piece for Jordan Feder, who died immediately following the Miami police state. A beautiful piece written by a friend and fellow fighter.

It is November 23, 2003. At around 11 p.m. we load into our van, ready to leave Johnston Memorial Hospital in Smithfield, North Carolina and head back north. Morninglory turns to us. Jordan wanted her to tell us that he loves us all and that he never would have traded this for anything.

We are leaving Jordan behind in North Carolina. When we arrived at the hospital his fever was 103.7º F and his hands were going numb. The doctors said it was the flu and gave him something to bring down his temperature. We decided it would be best if he spent the night with a person we know in Raleigh. Allie and Madmartigan, our medics, will be staying with him.

Rewind a bit. Start somewhere else.


[In Loving Memory Of...]

FTAA MIAMI | APOC 09-Dec-2003 07:10

Anarchist People Of Color Miami Report back and Conference/Movement Discussion (open to everyone)

From the open publishing newswire: This thursday hear a report back from a Portland Anarchist person of Color who went to miami.

Many APOCs came together in Miami to protest the FTAA. Many were brutalized and arrested. Come participate in discussion in what happened and why, as well as how do we look to the Future.
*** Also on hand will be persons present at the First Nationwide APOC Conference held in Detroit in early October. Questions welcomed.

THIS THURSDAY. December 11th. 7PM
Laughing Horse Books
3652 SE Division
For more info on local APOC organizing contact Revolutionary Anarchist People Of Color at rapoc@ziplip.com
Donations will be collected for Portland APOC organizing.
For more info on FTAA and Miami protests check: www.ftaaimc.org


FTAA MIAMI 04-Dec-2003 22:52

Oregon Pagans in Miami

From the open publishing newswire: "No army can hold back a thought, no fence can chain the sea."
Thursday, November 20
The day starts at 7am at Government Center, perhaps as many as 1,000 people are gathered for an early morning march/parade to the fence that surrounds the Intercontinental Hotel. The police presence is large, but they stand back from the edge of the crowd, blocking the entrance to the MetroRail station and standing across the intersection. Marching through downtown Miami is eerie: buildings are boarded up, offices are closed, there are no workers or shoppers. It's like a ghost town. Naturally, folks want to challenge the 9 foot fence, to take down the symbol of the state's attempt to silence us. But here we are singing and dancing through the streets with puppets, drums, flag twirlers, and radical cheerleaders. We are a vibrant, colorful, pageant flowing through the empty streets of downtown. Some of us wonder if we'd be better off marching through the neighborhoods where our audience would be more than the riot cops who are armed and ready to pounce.


PRISON 04-Dec-2003 01:29

The life of women prisoners in Miami-Dade County as seen through the eyes of an FTAA protester

From the open publishing newswire: "Come on Ladies, no talking allowed... Eat faster, Ladies or lose your food... Midnight, Ladies get out of your beds and in line for count... Ladies, if you are found with more then one blanket you will be disciplined... Ladies, it's four in the morning: time for count and then breakfast. I said 'WAKE UP!' Ladies. You don't want to see me angry!"

Who are these "Ladies"? They are the women inmates of the Miami-Dade County Corrections and Rehabilitation Department. Don't be fooled. Many of these women (65%) have not been convicted of crimes. They are merely too poor to secure the funds necessary to free themselves with bail and obtain legal counsel other than a public defender.

Ninety-two percent of these women have incomes of less then $10,000 per year with which they must support themselves as well as their families. They may spend more then five days in jail before a magistrate reviews their case. Then they are often given a difficult choice. They can plead guilty and go free on the spot with a mark on their record. This option leaves them less likely to get a job and more likely to get jailed again. Or they may "choose" to remain in jail, for weeks and sometimes months, if they can't raise their bail money, before their court date. For these women, innocent before proven guilty has become a joke. [ Read more... ]

related: I remember in Seattle N30 1999 when I was in jail and I heard all of the people in the streets outside using "Repeat after me!" to send messages inside! What would it be like to hear thousands of people sending their support to you while you are inside your cubicle, factory, and so on...? [ Expanding Jail Solidarity ]

POLICE STATE 30-Nov-2003 01:19

Anti-FTAA Solidarity and demands from Dade County Women Prisoners

From the open publishing newswire: MIAMI -- (November 27, 2003) The Dade County Women's Detention Center prisoners express their solidarity with the protesters of the FTAA. Many of the conditions the protesters found in the jail and detention centers, however horrific, are just examples of what we live with every day. There are many health code and civil right violations in the Dade County jail system. The women prisoners would like the following conditions to be addressed immediately:

1) There is black mold in our showers that cause rashes and breathing problems.

2) There are large amounts of bugs in our cells and in our showers.

3) The food is often in terrible condition, sometimes even rotting.


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