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Downtown Ashland Shut Down!
Following the beginning of the invasion of Iraq, Ashlanders gathered in the plaza downtown to express their sorrow and rage and to stand in solidarity with anti-war activists across the globe.

A street theater performance at an Exxon gas station drew the condemnation of Ashland Mayor Alan DeBoer, who attempted to disrupt the expression of dissent in his community. Earlier in the day, many activists received an e-mail from DeBoer, encouraging Ashlanders to gather in the park and "pray for the world in this controversial time."

After holding an intersection adjacent to the Exxon for about 30 minutes, the crowd moved back into downtown, and held another intersection for nearly 2 hours. Police diverted all traffic around downtown, causing backups and confusion for motorists. Under the watchful eye of the Mayor and APD, armed with digital cameras, drummers and skateboarders, children and teens, city councilors and anarchists, street performers and artists, business owners and concerned citizens convened a meeting to discuss future actions against the invasion in Iraq, in the middle of Main Street.

A call has been made to continue to build momentum in Ashland. The Women in Black are inviting all to their vigil in the Plaza, Friday at 12:00 noon. A vigil is planned for Senator Smith's office in Medford, Friday from 3:00 to 7:00 pm. People are encouraged to organize into affinity groups to plan civil disobedience until this war ends.

For updates and more reporting, check out www.rogueimc.org

ANTI-WAR ACTION 19.03.2003 18:59
As attacks on Iraq begin, so does civil disobedience in Portland
Activists block Broadway Bridge during morning rush hour
From the open publishing newswire: This morning seven protesters armed with signs and some gusto stopped traffic on the Broadway Bridge.

The police monitor Indymedia, any attempt at direct action must be planned and discussed outside of this forum. And then discussed afterwards. This is afterwards.

This morning around 8 am seven anti-war activists carried out a demonstration against war. The goal was to disrupt commerce and stop traffic (the connection, again, between traffic and this war is that the war is for oil and the cars are major comsumption units of that oil...and cars are dangerous...) The seven protesters started on the east side of the Broadway Bridge and marched across the bridge towards the west side.

The plan was that that early morning traffic would be heading into downtown to work (meaningless jobs and that is a whole other story) and stopping them from getting to work (instead of getting home from work) seemed to be a better option. With anti war signs and determination, we made it about 3/4 across the bridge before a cop car came from the west and stopped up east-bound traffic while asking us to get onto the sidewalk.[ Read More... ]

It is incredibly easy to direct an action like this. Independant groups interested in this kind of action should talk amongst yourselves about similar actions, early morning is the best, groups as small as seven can disrupt things (remember the fedral building?, and today). And the more people the smoother things would go. THis was mostly impromptu, only planned about 18 hours before the actual event. This will work to keep the anti-war movement active in these waning days and if commerce is dirupted enough, it will make a statement.

Hope to see you in the streets. Peace.Love.

Bush Is The Real Terrorist - billboard action
I saw this the other day on 99E by 26W in Eastside Portland. No I didn't do it, I am a reporter. It disappeared shortly thereafter. [ Larger Photo ]

Civil Disobedience at the Federal Building
Peaceful protestors, including religious leaders and committed pacifists, will gather at Portland's City Hall today at noon to ring bells for peace and protest the Bush administration's war on Iraq. Many in the group may engage in acts of civil disobedience in the tradition of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.

The group's goal is to model a Gandhian act of civil disobedience to inspire others in the community to engage in similar acts to resist the Bush administration's illegal and immoral war against the people of Iraq.

"As our nation prepares to launch an illegal, immoral, and unjustified war that will put millions of Iraqis at risk and endanger hundreds of thousands of U.S. servicemen and women, we stand here today to remind our leaders and fellow citizens of our noblest ideals and pledge to resist, with bodies and souls, our government's inhumane course of action," said Reverend Cecil Prescod. [ Read More... ]

City Hall Press conference re. anti-war protests and alleged terrorist threats: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto Spout More of the Same
From the open publishing newswire: Katz, Kroeker, and Giusto, among other officials of the Portland's 'civilian' leadership, today expressed more of the same commerce minded rhetoric we've come to expect. Absent an amusing session of musical chairs amongst the three wisemongers, today's three-o'clock press conference contained little in the way of dramatic policy shifts.

Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker expressed concerns that commerce not be stopped in Portland as children start dying in Iraq; the people of Portland are encouraged, however, to express their constitutionally guaranteed freedom of speech in more polite fashions. Chief Kroeker also expressed a willingness to entertain last minute requests for parade permits, should splinter groups wish to discuss their plans with the Portland Police Bureau.

Multnomah County Sheriff Bernie Giusto, responding to a duly seated, mainstream reporter's question regarding the lack of teeth in stepped up police presence and political prescience in prosecuting the righteous war of commerce continuance upon protesters in Portland, answered that resources and beds had already been set aside within his domain for those who wish to ignore the dire warnings of wrath and mayhem to befall any lawbreakers in the City of Roses. In other words, actual criminals have been released in order that beds be made available to jail radical anti-war protestors, should they fail to immediately obey any and all authoritarian dictators. [ Read More... ]

Early Report: City Hall News conference
From the open publishing newswire: Just in from City Hall.

4:02 PM- I have just returned to my humble adobe from the mayors news conference at city hall. I arrived a little late, and the first speaker I heard was Chief Kroeker. He was talking about "Operation Safe City" which would envolve regular police officers on extended shifts. He emphasized that the citizens right to freedom of speech would be protected, but that police would act to prevent the destruction of private property. He also emphasized that "No acts of hatred" would be tolerated, and that he was coordinating with leaders of the Muslim community so that police would be ready to respond against hate crimes against Muslims. As far as reporting suspicious behavior, Chief Kroeker, suggested... [ Read More ]

Police Bureau Policy on Antiwar Protests
Presented below is the full text of the Portland Police Bureau policy regarding the forthcoming protests planned for after the start of the war on Iraq. The policy was distributed at this afternoon's press conference at City Hall. [ Read More... ]

Original annoucement: Mayor and Police Chief holding press conference at 3:00 about Day of War
this just in...

3:00 p.m., City Hall, Tuesday, March 18:
Mayor Vera "they're not bullets, they're pellets" Katz and Police Chief Mark "give 'em medals when they shoot minorities" Kroeker will be holding a press conference today to discuss the city government's possible responses when the attack on Iraq begins and we rise up and take the streets in protest (as is our right to do).

c'mon and down and ask 'em questions! that's why they're doing this, right? to share information? as residents we have the right to know anything. of course, maybe there'll just be some brief statement and no questions 'cept from the corporate media, but it might be interesting to see. [ Read More... ]

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PEACE / ANTI-WAR 17.03.2003 02:49
When the Bombs Drop, Portland Stops: Events announced for Day of Iraq Attack
From the open publishing newswire: the fascists in power aren't listening to the people of the world and seem set on attacking Iraq any day now. here's a summary of the announced events in portland for that day so far.

Following a tradition from the first Gulf War, activists have been spreading the word for months and months now that people should meet at Terry Schrunk Plaza, 3rd & Madison in downtown Portland, the day bombing/an invasion begins. If the attack comes after 4:00 p.m., then the event will happen the next day.

Flyers are circulating around town announcing a march to start from the plaza at 5:00 p.m. What will happen during this unpermitted march? The flyer says: "We will stop 'business as usual' by blockading key intersections. There will be space for everyone to express themselves. Be prepared for weather and unpredictable police. For all of our safety, please be prepared to participate at your comfort level, and be respectful of others' tactics. There will be childcare, medical and legal support available. For more info call 877.572.5727 or email shutitdown@ureach.com." Read a press release for the actions.

Meet tonight, Monday, Mar. 17, at 6pm at the 1914 Arts Collective Space (1914 E. Burnside). Come to make signs, shields, banners, and network with other affinity groups and working groups. Wishlist: cardboard, cardboard, cardboard! Paint, ducttape, styrofoam, fabric, squirt-top water bottles, markers... and anything else you can think of for messaging on the streets.

The plan is to leave classes at 2:00, meet in places listed below at each school, and then march or transport some other way to the rally at 4:00. If announcement comes after 2:00 or on the weekend, the strike will be the next day. There is gonna be a ton of students out there. [ Details for six area schools ]

An anti-war CM is planned for the day the bombing starts. Come to the North park Blocks around 5pm on the day the bombing starts, bring a bike and a voice. And some anti-war charm. Hopefully this will coincide with people shutting down all government buildings and at least a few bridge closures. I liked hearing state of emergency the other day. Call to action, dont let Portland slide into this war without resistance, picket and stand strong shut down major thruways (make the connection already between war for oil and cars...)--like bridges. And major corporations around portland. [ Newswire post ]

For downloadable posters for these events, and to find out what's going on around the region, visit the portland indymedia STOP WAR page.

Other Proposals and Thoughts
Run on the Banks
Since this war is all about money and power, protesters must speak themselves in the language of money and power. So one way I thought might be possible to do this, is on the day bombing starts, to withdraw a substantial amount of money from a bank account. [ Read More... ]

Meeting at Laughing Horse to discuss various tactics at rallies & marches
There will be a meeting to discuss various tactics at rallies. This will be an open meeting, But we will do our best to kept it safe. We feel it is necessary to have a space for folks to talk out they're differences face to face. The objective will be to reach some form of common ground and strenthen the movement. [ Details ]

Direct Action has never been less arrestable in Portland
budget cuts have changed the face of protest and direct action here in portland, but we haven't quite figured that out yet as a movement. remember how all those people were released from jails back in january 'cos there's just not the money to keep them in there? have you heard about how only violent crimes are being prosecuted right now in many cases? or how even people caught red-handed for crimes like burglarly are not being held? this city is quite simply incapable of mass arrests right now. i think that's why they only took one person on saturday on the morrison bridge. [ Read More... ]

67 things you might want to know before the bombs drop
If you can get through it all... interesting sum of information on things related to war, iraq and the US. [ Read List... ]

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