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The U.S. government, including the USDA, USAID, and the US State Department, is holding a Ministerial Conference on Food and Agriculture in Sacramento, California June 23rd to 25th. Delegates from around the world have been invited to hear why they need biotechnology, food irradiation and other industrial agricultural technologies that harm people and the environment. These discussions directly impact the farmers and consumers, yet we have not been invited. Farmer movements across the world have said that they do not want biotechnology, yet the US pushing biotech on the rest of the world with the help of the WTO. It is time to rise up and be heard!

JUNE 2003 WTO PROTEST UPDATE 17-Sep-2004 10:51

Sacramento: City Council refuses to rescind "Son of Patriot Act"

From the open publishing newswire:


Remember the repressive parade ordinance that the Sacramento City Council passed last year before the USDA Agricultural Ministerial? The city council refused to rescind the odious law at its meeting last night.

It was one of the most bizarre meetings I've ever been to. The public testimony featured a self-described "libertarian" who supported the ordinance, a wacky "gun rights" lobbyist who supporting outlawing slingshots and water bottles, and a video by Dave Jenest's Citizen's Community Watch /Patriot Watch that showed the "evils" of black bloc anarchists at the Sacramento Ag Expo last year. The video was so bad that It was almost like a self parody of right wing stereotypes and jargon about anti-globalization and anti--war activists.

I, like much of the audience, was rolling in laughter throughout much of the video. It was much better than Reality TV could ever be.

Indymedia coverage of 2003 WTO protests in Sacramento: [ pdx indy | Biotech IMC ]

tácticas de la resistencia | el estado policial y las cárceles | prisons & prisoners 01-Aug-2004 08:50

Arrested at Sacramento WTO 2003 or another time?

From the open publishing newswire: If you were arrested in Sacramento and were strip searched, which may have occurred with a few people who visited there, or moved away from Sacramento to here, and participated in the June 2003 WTO meetings, you may be entitled to compensation via this class action settlement


ACTING OUTSIDE THE BOX 09-Feb-2004 16:41

New Topic IMC's receive long deserved recognition

From the open publishing newswire: Portland indymedia activists have recognized the necessity of topical indymedia sites, and would like to make that widely known. Portland IMC will be updating its "global imc network" list to include both the Biotech IMC and the FTAA IMC, under the new header "Topics".

There has been long debate in the Global Indymedia Network about this issue. Some would like to keep indymedia strictly based on cities, others would like to branch out with topic imc's. These sites collect articles about a specific topic throughout the imc network so they are all in one place. These sites create their own features and offer very detailed information on that topic, from an independant perspective. These sites are also dedicated to multilinguality because their scope covers more than one language.


POLICE STATE 24-Aug-2003 21:18

redred is free!~~thank-you so much!

From the open publishing newswire: Here is the latest statement from redred (Lori Chavez), a Portland anarcha-feminist who was facing felony charges following the Mobilization to Shut Down the Ministers of Agriculture and WTO (Sacramento, CA, mid-June). redred was initially accused of using a slingshot to shoot out the window of a state building during this protest. This translated into a felony Malicious Destruction of Property charge, carrying with it the possibility of up to five years in prison. Thanks to the support of her community and the pressure brought to bear against the District Attorney, redred's lawyer Dean Johansen was able to engineer a deal far more favorable than expected on Friday, August 22nd. Here are redred's comments on the latest developments:


SUSTAINABILITY 14-Aug-2003 23:27

Sacramento Mobilization update: Mandella Garden Legal Victory!

From the open publishing newswire:

Judge Rules CADA Violated State Law in Planning Development Project On Tuesday, August 5, 2003, the Superior Court of California, in the County of Sacramento, ruled in favor of the Ron Mandella Community Garden, in a lawsuit charging that the Capitol Area Development Authority (CADA) had failed to comply with regulations specified under the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) in the planning of the proposed Fremont MEWS project. This is the development project that would replace the 30 year old Mandella Community Garden with 119 high end condominiums. The ruling, issued by Judge Gail Ohanesian, states that "section 21090 of the public resources code does not excuse respondent CADA from completing a further environmental review of the subject project." This ruling essentially requires CADA to perform a site specific environmental impact report that assesses the impact of the proposed condominium build at 15th and Q Streets, the site of the current Mandella Community Garden.

The ruling will legally halt any construction until CADA performs an EIR, and is determined to be in compliance with the law established by CEQA. The ruling culminates just one part of a legal struggle that is ongoing and has lasted several months.

[ SaveTheGarden.org ]



UC Davis 3 Legal FInale

From the open publishing newswire: On Tuesday June 24th, three forest defenders locked themselves down to a 4 story DNA schulpture in the Life Sciences building of at UC Davis to bring attention to the GE tree testing that happens there. The activists were charged with felonies and are refused to give their names. This is a first-hand account of that civil disobedience.



RedRed's New Public Statement

From the open publishing newswire: My name is Lori Chavez, known to most as RedRed. I am a Portland anarcha-feminist involved in autonomous community building and support. The purpose of this letter is to recap what happened to me while I was in Sacramento, and to ask for your support in my still pending felony legal case. On Friday June 20th, I came to Sacramento during a mobilization to shut down a meeting of the ministers of agriculture, including delegates from the USDA and the WTO. I came to take the streets and disrupt the business of genetic mutations, worker exploitation and land misuse. The destructive behavior of these institutions is not isolated; it is part of a system founded on the principles of exploitation. I came to help make the connection between the ministers of agriculture and the abomination that is capitalism. I had been in town less than a day when I first experienced the police state in Sacramento. While riding my bike down a major street, I was stopped by a police officer that demanded my ID. I refused to give it to him and stated that unless I was being arrested that I did not have to give my ID.


SOLIDARITY 19-Jul-2003 14:26

A Call for Support From RedRed

From the open publishing newswire: police represtion--we're not gonna take it!! Hola Compeneros:

As most of you know I have been facing Felony charges under the acussation that I broke a window in a state building, I also face a slue of misdominors. If convicted I will be imprisoned for 2-5 years. Currently, the District attorney is dragging out my enditment. Also, my lawyer fears that the Da is working on "urban terrorist" charges.

I am asking you, members of our commmunity, my friends to contact the Da office and demand that my charges be dropped. As time goes by evidence is tampered with and witnesses silenced. There is great political pressure to persue this fraudulant case because of the glutanus spending Sac County used to beef up there police force. I have become the token Anarchist, the one that didn't get away. I am fighting the strong arm of a corupt and devious institution, one that holds a strong hatred for anyone not inclined to be another consumer heard member. I am an anti-statist, and now is the time for our face to face battle. With my community standing beside me these charges will be defeated.



Report from UC-Davis direct action activist

From the open publishing newswire: http://biotechimc.org/images/2003/06/1056.jpg Hello supporters and miscreants, much thanks to everyone who has helped out at and since the action at UC Davis on Tuesday. I was one of them hangin' out in Davis ( http://biotechimc.org/or/2003/06/1055.shtml), the one on the left with glasses. This is my first chance to debrief, so I guess I'll sum it up by saying that we've had a lot of good support from people, a lot of people haven't even heard about the Davis action which is sad, but at least it made the front page of the Davis Enterprise. Not sure what other media it made, cept for some TV the next day. Anyhow, we all know that that is not particularly the point, the corporate media coverage. We're all dealing with bullshit felony charges, and four misdemeanors, but we don't expect any of it to stick. [ Read more ]

PRISONER SUPPORT 27-Jun-2003 19:54

RedRed Update from Sacramento!

From the open publishing newswire: As many of you know, RedRed has been charged with a felony for elledgedly breaking a window during the USDA/WTO meeting protests in Sacramento. At court Friday morning she motioned for delay to gather evidence. Her next date is July 2nd. Strangely this window was not broken until Tuesday, 2 days after her arrest for the crime(hmm). Sounds to me like someone in Homeland Security is attempting to save their job and use any means neccessary to justify the amount of money spent on surveilance. Infiltraitors, line taps, marked feds, and cops were everywhere. 7 million was spent just on training. I can just imagine the equipment costs....



3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies in Sac and need your help

From the open publishing newswire: <img src=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/267010.jpg
" align="right" class="imageright">Sacramento Anti-GE protests: 3 Forest Activists have been charged with felonies and need your help after a Lockdown at UC-Davis Life Sciences building to bring attention to Genetically Engineered Tree Research!!

During the Sacramento Ministerial protests on June 24, 2003, three comrades locked down inside the Life Sciences Building on the University of California-Davis campus where research on genetically engineered trees takes place. They have been taken into custody and are being charged with Felony Conspiracy, Failure to Disperse, Resisting Arrest, and Disturbing the Peace. All 3 have refused to give their names and are being held on $10,000 bail each at the Yolo County Jail. They are desperately in need of financial assistance and moral support.

For more information, please contact: Cascadia Forest Defenders 541-684-8977;  forestdefenders@tao.ca



True Account of Monday 23 Battle

From the open publishing newswire: . . . after the march turned south on 10th it wound up on the west lawn of Capitol Park where it had begun, the marchers began sitting in the shade under the trees. it was pretty hot. The crowd seethed with resentment at the overwhelming police state show of force along the parade route. It was clear to me that nothing was over. suddenly i saw a few black bloc anarchists bolt from the capital steps and sprint south towards N Street. this sudden action instantly stampeded the resentful crowd, and in seconds 100's of demonstrators were sprinting across the lawn for the N street side of the park. i dropped my bike and ran for it.


MUTUAL AID 25-Jun-2003 23:47

We need help! What happened on the ill fated NW Rage bus....

From the open publishing newswire: The NW Rage bus from Portland to Sacto broke down mid way and the organizers and riders of the bus must pay large sums of money for the mini vans that we had to rent to transport 40 dedicated activists from here to the protest...
To do so we are organizing a benifit show....


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