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Say No to the WTO in Cancun

This is the organizing page against the World Trade Organization's 5th Ministerial Conference in Cancun, Mexico Sept. 10 to 14. We, the people of Oregon, stand in solidarity with others all over the world to oppose the practices of the WTO. The WTO places the rights of corporations ahead of all other governments and communities. However, we control our own destinies, and we have a say in our communities - not multinational corporations whose only concern is profit. The WTO has set a date to wrap up its negotiations by January 1, 2005. The agenda for this meeting includes genetic engineering; water privatization; social services, education, and healthcare privatization (GATS); and the patenting of drugs and life forms (TRIPS). But the stakes are high for this meeting, and if they fail to meet their deadline, it could lead to the end of the WTO. Indymedia was born after protesters battled the WTO in Seattle in 1999, and the world has taken notice that we will not go quietly.

Throughout the week of Sept. 9 to 13, Portland will answer the International Call for Action Against Corporate Globalization and War. Some Oregonians will be traveling to Mexico to participate directly in protests against the WTO, and will report back on their experiences. In Portland, many social justice and labor organizations are planning events throughout the week to show others the negative effects of corporate globalization, and to show that another world is possible. These events will culminate in a march and rally on Saturday, Sept. 13 to showcase our resistance. Publish your ideas, events, and information here so that we can effectively organize our dissent.

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Chavez calls on the working class to put itself at the forefront of the revolution

From the open publishing newswire: In a meeting on Wednesday, February 14 with the retired workers of the IVSS (Instituto Venezolano de los Seguros Sociales - Venezuelan Institute of Social Security), in the Venezuela room of the Circulo Militar, the President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez declared (quoting Marx) that "the workers cannot be turned into the slaves of work, into the slaves of capital. Capital must be subordinated to the workers." Reflecting upon this Chavez ordered a review of the 8-hour day, as well as saying that the working day should be reduced to allow the workers time for education. "I ask for the full support of the working class and of the genuinely revolutionary trade unions... I call upon the working class to once and for all play its rightful role in this revolution."


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From the open publishing newswire: Reportback from WTO Ministerial Meetings in Cancun, Mexico!
Sunday, October 12th, 6:00pm
616 E. Burnside (CBLOC office/IWW Hall)

Come hear first hand accounts from those who were able to go down to Cancun and be a part of the resistance to the WTO ministerial meetings. This will also be a sendoff event for those planning on going to the FTAA meetings in Miami (November 19-22).

For those planning on going to Miami, we are having a planning meeting Thursday, October 23 @ 6:00pm, 616 E. Burnside. This meeting will be an opportunity for people to coordinate, discuss plans for how to bring the experiences from Miami back to the community, and to share knowledge of what will be happening in Miami, along with some other details.

Coca-Cola: Stop the Killings & Protect Human Rights
Juan Carlos Galvis, Vice President of SINALTRAINAL (the Columbian food and beverage workers union) and worker in the local Coca-Cola plant to speak in Portland! Juan has survived many death threats, and actual assassination attempts on his life. He is also one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed in the US Federal Courts, which has evidence linking Coca-Cola with the paramilitary groups that have threatened him because of his commitment to labor and human rights.

Kidnapping. Torture. Murder.
Friday, October 17 @ 7pm
Musician's Hall Local 99 (325 NE 20th & Sandy)

Take action at: http://www.caja.org/coke/index.htm

ANTI-WTO 19-Sep-2003 14:40

Interview with portand imcista who went to WTO-Cancun

From the open publishing newswire: On Thursday, September 18, 2003 Portland Indymedia Web Radio did a live interview with m2, a portland imcista, who was in Cancun for the anti-WTO actions. In the interview, he relates his first-hand experiences of the actions, the community, the Cancun Indymedia Center (Centro de Medios Independientes), and the mythical activist "hurricane" that blew through Cancun. This a very positive and informational talk that you shouldn't miss. Listen to the Interview


RESISTANCE & FUN IN THE SUN 15-Sep-2003 22:03

Cancun wraps up

From the open publishing newswire:


Cat And Mouse on The Streets Of CancunAt 1pm on the final day of WTO talks... a group of about twelve stepped out onto the road insisting that they were going to walk through the zone to various bars and cafes on the other side of the Conference Centre. Merely stepping into the road alerted the security services and the police that something was up... after half an hour or so they finally penned all activists into cages surrounded by police [image] on the road and negotiations for their release began - to be quickly interrupted by another small group of activists lying in the road blocking more traffic... And then the announcement came: The Kenyans had walked out of the talks and the 5th ministerial of the WTO had collapsed! The Kenyan delegate had only good things to say about the street actions including "If it was not for the protestors outside on the street, we would not have been able to shut down these talks"...


Cancun News and Analysis from Inter Press Service / Analis├şs y noticias desde Canc├║n por Servicio InterPress After five days of squabbling, world trade talks in Mexico collapsed abruptly on Sunday amid demands by poor countries that agricultural subsidies in the EU and the U.S. should be eliminated. Learn about what went wrong and what next in IPS. Developing Countries Pull Out, WTO Talks Collapse Social movements celebrated victory Sunday afternoon as the 5th Ministerial meeting of the WTO collapsed when the developing countries, led by Afican delegates, walked out. Through an unprecedented alliance, backed by worldwide protests, developing countries achieved near equal footing in this week┬┤s meeting while rich countries failed to impose their will.

CANCUN | WTO ON THE RUN 14-Sep-2003 16:25

Cancun WTO 9/14 update - WTO Talks Collapse! We Win!!

From the open publishing newswire:


WTO Meetings collapse Almost an hour after the official announcements from the developing countries the jubilant atmosphere within the convention center is continuing. Delegates and NGO representatives are regarding this as a victory of the developing world and many can be found embracing each other with teary eyes. Manifestaciones Cancun contra la OMC / Cancun WTO Protests News From The Streets in Cancun / Noticias desde las calles de Cancun Inside Castle Gray Skull, Last Minute Fights Over WTO Ministerial Text The draft text that was released yesterday has been strongly condemned by third world countries and NGO's. Late last night a number of countries were brought in to a late night green room meeting which started sometime after midnight and lasted about 5 hours. The US and EU are trying to break down the G21's resistance and tear apart the coalition which has been keeping the negotiations focused on Ag and Development issues. Unidad para derribar la fortaleza / Unity Brings Down the Fortress


As many as 10,000 people attended today's march and rally to demand the end of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and to commemorate the death of South Korean farmer and activist, Lee Kyung-hae, who took his life in protest against the WTO's agricultural policies. When the march came to the police barricade at kilometer Zero, the heavily constructed mega-fence was largely dismantled by an all female activist crew with an anarchist security cordon, and finally tumbled by a Korean-led contingent of hundreds of other activists. La OMC a punto de colapsar / WTO talks on verge of collapse El vocero de la OMC Keith Rockwell esta realizando una conferencia de prensa en donde ha confirmado que solamente un acuerdo de ultimo momento puede salvar la conferencia ministerial. WTO spokesperson Keith Rockwell is currently holding a press conference during which he confirmed that only a last minute compromise can save the Ministerial Conference.


Portland No-WTO Rally

From the open publishing newswire: Saturday, September 13, 2003 people gathered at Holladay Park near Lloyd Center to express their dissatisfaction with the World Trade Organization and show support for those protesting the WTO MInisterial happening this week end in Cancun Mexico. This report consists of two 6 minute audio files from that rally.

After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.



CANCUN | FROM THE FRONT 13-Sep-2003 23:22

Cascadia Media Collective in Cancun Update #2

From the open publishing newswire:


The streets of Cancun were quite today--reflective-- as people gathered at the barricade to mourn the death of their comrade, Lee Kyung-Hae. Solidarity was thick in the humid air as campesinos chanted "Cor-e-a" over and over again, lit candles and held ceremonies. But Lee Kyung-Hae was a warrior, one of the first to summit the barracade, and that spirit was celebrated as well. One by one, people launched coke bottles over the fence, cheering when one shattered against a riot cop. It appeared that they had learned a lesson from the day before...don't throw anything the cops can throw back.

As the sun set, drums and torches gathered in the park for a raucous march through the streets of Cancun. It was fast, fun and somewhat frustrating. As more than 1,000 people approached the barricade, "leaders" steered the march away and back towards town. A Pizza Hut was tagged and smashed up along the way...but in all, it seemed like the boundless energy of the march was squandered. In the end, the day seemed an appropriate way to celebrate September 11th...in vigil for fallen comrades, no love for the USA. [ Read More ] [ Cascadia Media Collective | Cancun Indymedia | Gallery | WTO Solidarity in Portland - pics | a lost "Hopi Survival Guide" ] [ UPDATES FROM CANCUN INDYMEDIA: wto, us, cancun | CJSF Daily News Report 9/13/03 on the WTO Cancun Ministerial | Interview with Starhawk | Not in our name: Steven Shrybman speaks on GATS and the Canadian resistance to privatization - part1 / part 2 | El Huracán llega a Tijuana | Testimonio sobre l'impacto de Plan Puebla Panama en Oaxaca | Statement of the International Indigenous Peoples' Caucus | Queremos entrar a toda costa | Cancún: mujeres abriendo vallas ]

NO WTO! 13-Sep-2003 19:19


From the open publishing newswire: After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.
Barbara Dudley
Next to speak was Tim Nesbitt, president of Oregon AFL-CIO, speaking about the politics of deception known as Free Trade. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, since 1993, Oregon alone has lost 50,000 jobs lost due to plant closures. Hewlett Packard has shipped its high tech printer jobs to Mexico; Freightliner outsources its trucking components to Mexico; cheaper Canadian lumber forced the closure of dozens of mills throughout our state.
He cites numerous other examples of things going sour for the American worker, yet our politicians refuse to learn from these mistakes. He states that this is going to be a mainstream poilical issue in the 2004 elections.
Tim Nesbitt

[ Philosopher Seed Website ] [ WTO Solidarity pics ]



Cancun Updates

From the open publishing newswire:

Radio Hurakan transmitiendo en vivo por internet Radio Hurakan is born amidst the storm of resistance to the policies that the wto will discuss in cancun, and the need for the voices of the people to be heard - the rebel voices, the alternative voices, the voices of the community. All of these people have gathered at this moment to form agreements , discuss and dialogue, and bring communities together to create a more dignified and just world for all.

Actions inside the convention centre disrupt US delegation As the US delegation denied his right to speak, Alehandro Cavillo of Greenpeace calmly explained that today, the Biosafety protocol comes into effect. If the US pushes it's agenda, this protocol may be overridden by the WTO. One point that Alehandro made was that under this protocol governments have the right to protest their producers, consumers and biodiversity. This right is currently denied to Mexico, which suffers from the dumping of genetically modified grains from the US. The practices of 'dumping' subsidized exports on the Mexican market has made sure that local farmers can't compete. 600 farmers a day are leaving the land and heading towards the city.

Cancun - Sept 10th - Report from Starhawk Kyoung Hae Lee is dead. I don┬╣t yet know his story, only that he came with the Korean workers┬╣ contingent. I videoed them forming up in the march, carrying their proud banners, beating their drums and bells. They marched up at the front, with the campesinos and the other workers. When the march reached the police barricade, they split off, marched up to the fence, and Kyoung Hae Lee took his own life, stabbing himself in the heart in an act of ritual suicide.

Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 Martes, Nueve de Septiembre Protesting certainly has a culture...and we often marvel at the manifestations of such culture here in Cancun. Today marked the first series of marches to the perimeter fence: one march of students/black blockers/internationals and another of campesinos. We attended the first. It was filled with potential, and we are eager for tomorrow, but interactions seemed to hint at the age old conflict between the "non-violent" and the "radical".


'Civil Society' scores media coup at WTO meeting The largest media coup sofar in the WTO's 5th Ministerial Conference was scored minutes ago when a collection of groups described by Anuradha Mittal of the International Forum on Globalization as representing "civil society" staged a guerrilla press conference about the suicide of 56-year-old rice farmer and president of the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation Lee Kyung-hae here yesterday.

Primer kil├│metro ganado / First Kilometer Gained El kil├│metro cero es ya un punto de resistencia en la memoria colectiva. Kilometer zero has become a point of resistance in our collective memory.

10 September: Mass Mobilization in Cancun / 10 Septiembre, Mobilizacion Grande en Cancun About 7,000 farmers, indigenous people, environmental and social justice activists, and international supporters marched through downtown Cancun on Wednesday, with the objective of shutting down the WTO.

Declaraci├│n de Canc├║n Declaraci├│n de campesin@s e ind├şgenas, durante la marcha del 10 de septiembre / Declaration of the Farmers and Indigenous, from the march on the 10th of september

Protesting Within the WTO Walls / Manifestacion Dentro de la OMC Standing within the WTO walls, approximately 40 prominent non-governmental organizations rose during the opening day of the forum and voiced their opposition to its economic and social policies.

NO WTO - CANCUN 10-Sep-2003 23:36

In Cancun: 10,000+ march; Korean Farmer Commits Suicide In Protest of WTO policies

From the open publishing newswire: A Korean farmer took his own life in protest against the policies of the WTO and at least eight other protestors were seriously injured by police during the first massive march against the Fifth Ministerial of the WTO.

Fifty-year-old Lee Kyang Hae of the Korean Farmer's Organization stabbed himself in front of the indifferent glare of police who were attempting to block passage of the march. The Korean farmer climbed the metal barricade, screamed something in Korean and jammed a knife into his stomach. His body fell from the top of the fence amid screams of help from the rest of his contingent who later reflected their sadness over the event.

Other newswire articles: [ Anti-WTO actions BEGIN in Cancun! | Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 ]

SOLIDARITY | CANCUN WTO 21-Aug-2003 21:24

URGENT - Donations Needed for Cancun IMC

From the open publishing newswire: The Cancun Anti-WTO Coordinating Committee and the Cancun Indymedia Collective are in desperate need of donations to rent a media center space and obtain internet connectivity.

This is an URGENT call out to Indymedia supporters worldwide to donate online to support the efforts of the Cancun Indymedia Collective to establish a temporary independent media center and cover the upcoming WTO Ministerial in Cancun, Mexico from September 1st - 15th. Activists from Chiapas and Mexico City have been working non-stop for months to pull this all together and they urgently need your help.

Also view a statement about this on Indymedia Global's home page: http://www.indymedia.org/

Cancun Chaos Pagan Event


HUMAN RIGHTS 19-Aug-2003 07:23

Medea Benjamin and others at Community Action Forum at PSU Ballroom 6 pm TONITE!

From the open publishing newswire: Community Action Forum:
"Eyewitness report: US Occupation of Iraq"

6pm: Award winning video on the Venezuelan Coup
7pm Zaher Wahab, PhD-update on Afghanistan
7:30pm Medea Benjamin, international human rights activist and founding director of Global Exchange. She's just returned from Iraq and will also update us on the upcoming WTO summit in Cancun and FTAA meeting in Miami.

Smith Center Ballroom-Portland State University, 1825 SW Broadway

$5-10 requested donation (no one turned away) Cosponsored by PSU Progressive Student Union, PCASC, CBLOC, and dozens of other groups.


WTO CANCUN 13-Aug-2003 10:32

WTO CANCUN - latest updates

From the open publishing newswire: WTO CANCUN - latest updates author: Starhawk and Lisa Fithian The next ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization will take place in Cancun, Mexico on September 10-15. From the 8th on, a huge mobilization will greet the meeting with creative protest and visions of alternatives. Below is our report on some of the preliminary organizing we did last week in Cancun and Mexico City.

Lisa Fithian and Starhawk from RANT went to Mexico from July 27 ┬ş August 7th where we met with organizers and local activists in Cancun and with campesino organizers in Felipe Carillo Puerto, three hours south. We went to Mexico City on Aug. 1st and spent the weekend with students at an encampment focused on the WTO and then attend a three day gathering meeting of Via Campesino. We also met with lawyers coordinating the legal support for the September mobilization. Our primary interest was plans for nonviolent direct action. Here is a quick summary of what we learned...


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