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WTO CANCUN 13.08.2003 10:32
WTO CANCUN - latest updates
WTO CANCUN - latest updates author: Starhawk and Lisa Fithian The next ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organization will take place in Cancun, Mexico on September 10-15. From the 8th on, a huge mobilization will greet the meeting with creative protest and visions of alternatives. Below is our report on some of the preliminary organizing we did last week in Cancun and Mexico City.

Lisa Fithian and Starhawk from RANT went to Mexico from July 27 ? August 7th where we met with organizers and local activists in Cancun and with campesino organizers in Felipe Carillo Puerto, three hours south. We went to Mexico City on Aug. 1st and spent the weekend with students at an encampment focused on the WTO and then attend a three day gathering meeting of Via Campesino. We also met with lawyers coordinating the legal support for the September mobilization. Our primary interest was plans for nonviolent direct action. Here is a quick summary of what we learned...


CANCUN WTO SOLIDARITY 11.08.2003 11:54
Art Night for WTO Rally and March
Banner , Sign and Puppet Making happening to get ready for rally and march . As part of an International Day of Action Against Globalization there will be a Rally and March in Portland on Saturday, September 13th.

WHEN: Monday, August 11th & August 25th From 5 to 9pm.
WHERE: 1421 SE Stark (The Collabatory)

Bring your creative minds and come help stop the movement towards globalization. Any art supplies and sign making equipment is much appreciated. For more information call NW RAGE at 503-239-6841.


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