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MEDIA CRITICISM 17.06.2003 21:50
Join Code Pink Wednesday for another FCC vigil
Last week's vigil in Lake Oswego <IMG SRC=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/266570.jpg " BORDER="0" ALIGN="left" HSPACE="7" VSPACE="5">

Wednesday, June 18th 5:30 pm on SE Hawthorne between 27th and 28th (in front of Safeway).


Sat Jun28 @ 7pm Benefit for A22 (Bush protest) lawsuit
June 28, 2003 @ 7:00 pm
NE 28th, btw. Couch & Davis
$6-$20 donation

Starting at 7pm, we'll be showing the Portland Indymedia Video about the 2002 Bush Protest, and Alan Graf will talk about the lawsuit he's pressing against the city for police brutality. Then the ever-kickass Del Toros and Digital Knife will play, hopefully followed by Riot Cop if they're not dead or in Sacramento [why would they be in Sacramento? see here:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/sacramento/]

The proceeds from this benefit will be used to hire experts on pepper spray and police brutality, to pay deposition fees, etc, not to the National Lawyers Guild (NLG) attorney pressing the case against the city for police actions during the Bush protest on August 22, 2002, nor to the all-volunteer legal team.

NLG attorney Alan Graf filed the lawsuit in Federal District Court in October 2002, naming as defendants the City, Mayor, Police Chief and about 25 individual Portland police officers for violently attacking a peaceful crowd of demonstrators with pepper spray and shooting rubber bullets at the Bush protest on August 22nd 2002.

The crowd was young and old: the youngest person pepper sprayed by the police was a 10month old baby. The parents of the baby were also sprayed, and the entire family, including two other young children, are plaintiffs in the suit. There are four other plaintiffs besides the family. Among the demands of the lawsuit is the creation of an independent, civilian police review board with the authority to punish those responsible for use of improper or excessive force.

Following are two links, one to the site of the attorney pressing the case, the second to background on the August 22nd protest:

Alan Graf's site:  http://www.hippielawyer.com
A22 PDX IMC:  http://portland.indymedia.org/archive/a22/


ANTI-RACISM | RESISTANCE 17.06.2003 17:19
Revolutionary Anarchist People of Color (RAPOC) Group Forming
A call is being sent out to those who identify as revolutionary anarchist people of color to come together and begin critical discussion around issues involving our oppression as well as our work as revolutionaries. To develop a space where people of color can come together and talk about the specifics of our experiences within a mostly white revolutionary trend.

Some ideas for discussion:
-growing up "American" where our cultural heritage was taught out of us.
-white guilt from our perspective
-issues surrounding woman of color
-issues surrounding queers of color
-the dynamics of capitalism and racism.
-what does being anti-racist mean
-when people assume everyone in the room is white and refers to that.
-when people talk of community organizing and really refer to people of color
-how a lot of white people idolize revolutionary people of color.
-how a lot of white people think that when people of color take up arms its "cool" without any analysis as to the struggle and tragedies that bring people to that.
-multi-racial/ethnic identity politics
-also reading selections by revolutionaries of color

Obviously the ideas for discussion are many. The aim of this group is create dialogue, form affinities, and help better our understanding as revolutionaries of color.


MUTUAL AID 17.06.2003 11:10
pdxaca rideshare benefit
Hardcore show this thursday to benefit rideshares to Sacramento WTO demos!

THIS THURSDAY JUNE 19TH / 7PM / 3 BUCKS / 1036 N SHAVER / SHOW OVER BY TEN ---SICARII (hardcore from Olympia) plus others.

please come support the band on tour and sending people to the demos in sacramento!


MEDIA REFORM 17.06.2003 07:41
Act to Stop the FCC
Some actions and websites for those wishing to persue stopping the FCC from further giving away the air waves.

On June 2, big media got even bigger despite overwhelming opposition from the American public.

Next Wednesday, the Senate Commerce Committee will vote on whether to rescind this corporate giveaway.

The next two minutes of your time will likely mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Go to http://www.mediareform.net and tell your friends to do the same. Code Pink Vigil Wednesday


COMMUNITY BUILDING 17.06.2003 01:09
Come join ACBC in fun and cooking!
<IMG SRC=" http://portland.indymedia.org/icon/2003/06/266551.jpg
" BORDER="0" ALIGN="right" HSPACE="7" VSPACE="5">

The Anarchist Cooking and Baking Collective formed on the realization that while everyone enjoys eating well, many people don't know how to gather food and cook as well as they would like to. ACBC meets weekly and cooks themed dinners together in a non-hierarchical environment. Currently ACBC is hoping to have fresh faces join us on Thursdays to share and enjoy new recipes.


PINK RESISTANCE 16.06.2003 23:56
The Pinks Leave Their Calling Card at the N.W. Republican Leadership Conference
Six Portland Code Pinks subjected themselves to the parallel universe of the Republican Party, assembled at the Doubletree Hotel Jantzen Beach on Hayden Island Drive for a weekend conference. The women had made reservations to stay at the hotel, to give them access and a staging area.

We had some ideas of what we would like to accomplish -- to be a visible presence, and (" not to comfort the afflicted in this case), but to afflict the comfortable". These were modest goals, but considering the tight security, it was a daunting challenge with so many "unknowns".... until we could get there and case the joint."

Dressed in regular attire, appropriate for a conference (no pink at this time), we circulated around the hotel. One member innocently picked up a conference schedule from the registration table, returning to the lobby to share it with the other pinks. But within one minute the Republican authorities were on us, demanding that we relinquish the schedule since we were not registered for the conference and had no official name-tag. Without argument, we complied and headed back to our room, followed by a swarm of security people. The Republican security guy was polite and apologetic.

"We're sorry about this, ladies, but the security is tight due to the presence of some VIP's, and we don't want a situation in which there are invaders around trying to pass themselves off as "normal".


Film Night at the Ecotrust Building: "Net Loss: The Storm Over Salmon Farming"
All over the world, fish are at the heart of people's diet and culture. And in the Pacific Northwest, there's no fish like the legendary salmon. Now there's a new way to produce fish - where salmon are raised in giant underwater cages called net pens. At first these salmon farms seem like a good idea - more fish for people to eat and less pressure on wild fish. But the farms themselves have become a serious new threat to the survival of wild salmon.

Filmed in Chile, Washington, and British Columbia, NET LOSS assesses the risks and benefits of salmon farming, with government and industry spokesmen who make the case for salmon farming, and fishermen, native people, scientists, and consumers who explain the dangers it poses and the damage it has done.

Moving Images Video Project


NEW WORLD ORDER 16.06.2003 23:26
US Imperialism in the Philippines
This coming Sunday June 23rd (7:00pm) at Laughing Horse Books, ACE SATURAY will speak on globalization and US imperialism as it affects the Filipino people.

Since 9/11 the Bush administration has escalated military presence in the Philippines, with more US troops in the field than at any time since World War II. The Phillipines is a linchpin of Bush's worldwide strategy as well as a key to capitalist globalization. Come here how the Filipino people are fighting back and how movements in the US can learn from they 100+ years of resistance to US imperialism.

Sponsor: Portland Anti Capitalist Action
Contact: pdxaca@ziplip.com


PL Climbers Raid Tree-Sits Near Death Site Of David Gypsy Chain
<b>contact: Farmer (707) 825-7849</b>
Grizzly Creek, Ca.- After a several week pause, climbers hired by the Pacific Lumber Company are once again attempting to remove tree-sits that interfere with logging. This time however, their target is the "Tree-Village" which includes the old-growth redwood known to activists as Aradia.


RECALL VERA CAMPAIGN 16.06.2003 18:34
Anti-Police-Violence Group Seeks New Volunteers
The Recall Vera Katz Committee will hold another organizational meeting in its campaign to use the recall to call attention to escalating police violence, the mayor's codependent defense of it, and the need to replace the paramilitaristic structure of the Portland police department with community policing based on a civilian model.


GENDER / SEXUALITY 16.06.2003 17:09
Portland Pride Parade Pictures
Eugene March to support Free met with police violence and intimidation
The June 15 Register Guard article reads, in part:
"About 70 people gathered at noon at Scobert Park to protest what they believe was a harsh sentence for Jeffrey "Free" Luers, who two years ago was sent to prison for 22 years for burning three sport utility vehicles and attempting to burn an oil company.
Shortly before 1 p.m., about 50 protesters, many wearing black scarves and masks, blocked West Fourth Avenue in front of the park and began to confront motorists, said Pam Olshanski, Eugene police spokeswoman...
By about 1:30 p.m., the crowd had mostly dispersed as officers increased patrols in Whiteaker. An hour later, a half-dozen bicycle patrol officers were monitoring [!!] Scobert Park...
The Eugene Human Rights Commission has issued a letter supporting a reduced sentence for Luers [24, who was] convicted on 10 felonies - including three counts of first-degree arson at the Romania truck dealership off Franklin Boulevard on June 16, 2000, and two counts of attempted arson at Tyree Oil Inc. three weeks earlier.

One comment to this article:
Did the spokesperson happen to mention:
That more then 2 people were arrested?
The fact that people were shot/shot at with rubber bullets while on the sidewalk (one in the back while running away from the pigs?)
And that several of the people while arrested were strangled (maybe because they had been talkin shit for so long to the cops that they had a vendetta against them personally?)
Did they write down that one of our good friends, now in jail (not of the forementioned) was stopped and IDd because he "fit the description" of 6 people on bikes they were following simply because he had a pack. Supposedly he has a heavy warrant in another state he'll be sent away for, and he wasn't even involved in any of that!
That, they invaded a co-op, which scared the shit out of children, so much that peaceworks and whitebird were called to intervene and to tell the cops to get OUT of the co-op because of the situation. So they went into the street and arrested him there.
A LOT more then that happened, but were the mainstream media there with open ears and clear eyes!? Of course not. Are they ever?
Fuck mainstream corporate media. They lie.
-Supportin the peeps
(Hope you get out soon! And to all others, don't get raided!)

Another Comment:
just wanted to add that I personally saw 4 people get arrested and heard about at least 4 more.

The pigs pulled out their "less lethal" guns within the first few minutes of the march and started charging after people and shooting people in the back. Later, others were harrassed, ticketed, and/or arrested for minor bicycle infractions like crossing in the cross walk when the "hand" was blinking, as well as assaulting another and giving a ticket for "dog at large" when the persons' dog pulled away for just a second. Then a woman was assaulted (strangled, yanked out of the crowd, and thrown against the wall) and arrested simply for vocalizing against the abuse of the pigs.


Why should you join the mobilization in Sacramento?
Wars are being fought on many fronts, and the backroom deals which ensure that the majority of the world's population are kept under the heel of Empire are as much a target for people who believe in peace and justice as opposition to murderous armies and bombing campaigns in Afghanistan or Iraq. The Sacramento mobilization is time to show that we understand it is not enough for those of us who live in the US to turn out in hundreds of thousands at the outbreak of a military invasion - we need to be looking for strategic opportunities to confront Empire on an ongoing basis to turn this nation 180 degrees and walk together in a radically new direction.

...It is widely recognized that controversy over agriculture is the achilles heel of 'free trade' agreements such as the World Trade Organization and the Free Trade Area of the Americas. Some have even suggested that the whole WTO process could unravel at the WTO meeting in Mexico this September if there is continued failure to reach agreement on agriculture. While the Sacramento ministerial is not actually billed as a WTO meeting, the timing of this meeting to gather support for the US position on agriculture in the run up to the WTO ministerial in Mexico is no coincidence.

From June 23-25 in Sacramento, the US Department of Agriculture, the Agency for International Development, and the State Department are hosting government ministers from 180 nations and transnational corporate reps to lay out the US government and agribusiness' vision for the future of the world. A major grassroots mobilization and convergence is planned in Sacramento from June 20-25. This is an opportunity for people to say no to a genetically engineered future, and to voice instead a living world vision, rooted in social justice and ecological sanity... [ Read More ] [ Sac Mobilization ]


GENETIC ENGINEERING 15.06.2003 17:14
Benefit to send street medics to Sacramento
As momentum builds to mobilize against bio-imperialism and the WTO agenda, the Oxygen Collective will lead a caravan from near the Canadian border to the Sacramento convergence. Priscilla, the Oxygen Collective's 40-foot biodiesel bus, will help to raise energy and highlight the shadowy issues being discussed behind closed doors in Sacramento. Come help us unravel the mythology of genetic engineering, industrial agriculture and corporate globalization. Meet others in your community who are heading south for the Sacramento convergence. The Oxygen Collective will perform a colorful multi-media presentation including costumes, puppets, street theater, excerpts from the film 'Fed Up,' and music with Becky White of the Sisters of the Revolution.

13 FRIDAY - Ashland - Elks Lodge - Wide Awake Benefit and Back to the Roots kick-off, 7pm
14 SATURDAY - Eugene - Free Speech Plaza, 7:30pm - dusk
15 SUNDAY - Portland - Liberty Hall - Benefit to send street medics to Sacramento, 7pm
16 MONDAY - Seattle - TBA
17 TUESDAY - Bellingham - TBA
18 WEDNESDAY - Olympia - Heritage Park, 4pm - dusk
19 THURSDAY - Redding - Caldwell Park, 5pm - dusk
20 FRIDAY - Sacramento - 5 day Festival in the Streets!


Billionaires for Bush Spin the Roulette Wheel for WAR!
Billionaires for Bush The Portland chapter of the Billionaires for Bush visit the Northwest Republican Leadership Conference and Introduce a New Way to Start a War. The Group Unveils a Mysterious Roulette Wheel Decorated with Names of Future Military Targets.

Full Hilarious Article


early morning protests at the republican conference
several different groups have been acting to protest the republican conference for a variety of reasons. I went early this morning with the Forest Kids down to Jantzen Beach, the doubletree hotel.

People dressed like trees and owls attempted to go into the hotel, but were, not surprisingly, turned away. Not wanting to cause too much trouble, they took their banners, costumes and signs to the property limits. Once there a small banner was happily placed upon a street pole; an indignant cop immediatly told us in a rather amusing voice to 'not break the rules' and that we should 'act like adults.' in fact, we didn't 'see other people climbing all over other stuff.' we 'shouldn't climb on other people's things.'

so the banner duly came down and we continued to show our support to the forests, protesting the 'healthy forest initiave', the cosponsor of which was in attendance at this conference. Other portland activists came out and we represented a nice mix - dirty forest kids, bluejeans and tshirt short haired men, a few punks and Code Pink. Code Pink gets all the points, they had arranged to get a room in the hotel so they got to actually represent inside the hotel. A few people williningly engaged us in conversation, the media didn't want to have anything to do with us, and some republicans looked mad.

CFA press release on protests this morning>


LABOR SOLIDARITY 13.06.2003 22:37
Conflict resolution and compassion lead the way to solidarity at Janitors for Justice Rally
Justice for Janitors I went down to film the Janitors for Justice rally and march today. There was a great turnout, a banner drop, speeches, music. In short, it had it all. But the best thing about the march turned out to be something I almost didn't film. In spite of the tremendous show of solidarity among various groups present, there was a note of conflict. A small group of men who had been custodians with the Portland Public School system were present with signs and a loudspeaker... a person from SEIU explained that these men had experienced a lot of pain as a result of their positions being contracted out. As at least two people mentioned, some of them had lost their homes, some had watched their families break up as a result of their livelihoods being taken away from them. Many had put in years of labor for the school district, only to see their positions swept out from under them and contracted out to other workers who now make less money and receive few benefits. As it turned out, these former workers -- who had been part of SEIU Local 140 -- had directed their anger toward SEIU. They believed that SEIU had sold them out, since they felt the union did not do enough to protect their jobs, and they were angry that SEIU Local 49 is now representing the workers who took their jobs.

An angry unemployed custodian was shouting about how he had been deprived of a good job with good wages and good benefits, how he only wanted justice... This man really was in pain, and from everything I could see, he just wanted to be heard... Another woman stepped in and offered to mediate. Suddenly, it all began to change. Defenses dropped, people stopped arguing and began to really listen to each other. The custodians said they just wanted to sit down and meet with SEIU and Jobs for Justice, face to face. Contact information was exchanged, and the mood began to lighten. I don't know if the peace will hold, as I had to leave right after witnessing this exchange. But this was an extremely important step. I find I have more hope in the strength and power of the worker than I had before. [ SEIU - Justice for Janitors Banner Drop ]


MEDIA CRITICISM 13.06.2003 22:30
Local media casts all homeless people as being violent
The Oregonian states in its June 13, editorial titled Portland's barbaric street life: "Law enforcement options are to conduct sweeps of homeless camps, and try to enforce some constitutionally questionable ordinances banning camping and sitting on the sidewalk. These options are not ideal, but even the flawed choices available are better than letting gangs of people rule one another by savage intimidation, brute force - and murder."

As if these are the only choices: sweeps under questionable laws or savage violence.

Violence is not exclusive to homelessness, or vice versa. Violence occurs in our society across class lines, spanning the housed and the homeless, the rich and the poor, the sane and the insane...The circumstances of homelessness, by definition, make homeless people extremely vulnerable to crime. They are often isolated from the social support structures that most of us take for granted, and they are often conditioned to believe that a call to the police is not necessarily in their favor.

The criminalization of the homeless is not a viable solution to the problems found on the streets, including violence.


GENETIC ENGINEERING 13.06.2003 14:08
PDX to Sacramento- We have a bus!
The New Progressive Network has generously agreed to donate the use of their bus for our trip to the Sacramento Ministerial.

WHO: You!
WHAT: A 47-passenger bus
WHERE: From Portland to Sacramento and back! Departure location in S.E. PDX will be announced.
WHEN: The bus will depart from Portland early Sunday, June 22 and will arrive in Sacramento that evening. After two full days of protest and community in the streets of Sacramento, the bus will return to Portland on Wednesday, June 25. We will arrive in Portland late that night/early the next morning (the 26th).
HOW: Bring $20 and something to share to the NW RAGE potluck next Monday, June 16, 6:30 PM at 1421 SE Stark St.

Your $20 deposit will reserve your space on the bus. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. We expect the bus to fill quickly.


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