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Prisoner's Statements to the Break the Chains Conference
Statement from political prisoner Free (Jeffrey Luers) to the Break the Chains Conference (Eugene, OR, Aug. 8-10):
"The USA is flexing its muscles, daring anyone to challenge its power. From without it threatens with overwhelming military power. From within it threatens with fascist laws designed as much to intimidate as punish." Read More>>

If people are looking for a ride to eugene for the BTC confrence, you should post something on the BTC rideshare board below. If you have transportation there, you should do the same.


Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Harold Thompson
"I send warmest of anarchist greetings to all attending the Break the Chains Conference, from the belly of the beast of capitalism, this rural gulag fiefdom ruled over by prisoncrats! I stand 100% in solidarity with those of you wishing to build a strong Anarchist movement in the United States which will be a force for the monsters of the earth to reckon with in the future." Read More>>

Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Brian McCarvill
"I wish I were there with you. The camaraderie must be exhilarating, the hands-on personal interaction, the kaleidoscope of visual imagery, the realness of the revolutionary effort in practice." Read More>>

Ride shares to Eugene


WHITE COAT WELFARE 03.08.2003 12:26
OHSU Bio-Terrorism Labs: Hold Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes to his word
OHSU has applied for $200 million dollars of federal tax money to build two biodefense labs at their primate research center in Hillsboro. One would be a Bio-Safety Level 4 laboratory, the highest level of biological security which would house the most virulent contagions such as Ebola, anthrax, smallpox and Hantavirus. The existing OHSU primate lab has a history of losing monkeys, ignoring safety protocols, avoiding public accountability and risking public safety. With these proposed new labs funded by Homeland Security, there will be less public oversight than ever.
At a recent citizens group meeting, OHSU representatives:
  • displayed indifference to public concern and safety by responding to the suggestion that it be located in the desert by saying the scientists don't want to go there.
  • refused to answer whether they would build the labs if there was strong community opposition
  • admitted that they did not have control of the use of these labs funded by Homeland Security
  • refused to clearly state that the military will not make use of these facilities
A couple weeks ago, concerned citizens pressured Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes into agreeing to a city sponsored public meeting about the proposed bio-terror labs, but the city is dragging its feet in arranging such a meeting. Contact the mayor, voice your opposition to these dangerous bio-installations, and demand he respect citizens wishes and hold a public meeting.
Hillsboro Mayor Tom Hughes

pdf flyer


LINUX USER GROUPS 03.08.2003 12:09
PDXLUG August 05, 2003 Meeting Announcement
Meeting announcement for our monthly meeting in Portland, Oregon

PDXLUG (Portland Linux User Group) presents: "Linux at the FireSide" SPEAKERS: Everyone who comes
WHEN: Tuesday, August 5th, 2003, 7-? pm *** As usual, the meeting will be on the first Tuesday.
WHERE: Fireside Lodge, located at 1223 SE Powell Blvd
( http://www.firesidecoffeelodge.com/) Read More>> | http://www.pdxlug.org/

One Comment to this article:
in case you were wondering... PDXLUG (self-proclaimed Portland Linux User Group) is NOT the same organization as PLUG (officially Portland Linux/Unix Group, though many of its members still think of PLUG as the Portland Linux User Group, which was its original name). PDXLUG split off from PLUG back in January. PLUG has existed for nearly a decade and has a well-established record of public service, providing interesting speakers at its monthly meetings (the first Thursday of the month), a monthly install/help clinic (the third Saturday of the month at Riverdale High), and a second monthly meeting consisting of an "Advanced Topic" speaker (third Wednesday of the month). For details about PLUG, please see its website at .

Many members of PLUG appreciate and respect the interesting things that PDXLUG is trying to do, but dislike the confusion that they have caused by their choice of name, which disrespects the good work that PLUG has done for many years.



GENTRIFICATION 02.08.2003 20:39
Will NW Portland Residents Pay for More Parking Structures? Just Say NO!
Portland City Council wants to make Northwest District more like Beaverton or Gresham by pandering to automobility. Oppose the madness! A total of eight new parking structures have been approved for the neighborhood, overshadowing residential neighbors and in several cases requiring the demolition of existing residential structures that currently provide scarce affordable housing in this close-in neighborhood.

I encourage anyone interested in this issue to come to the meeting of the Northwest District Association on the evening of August 6th, 7pm at Good Samaritan Hospital auditorium, NW 22nd and Marshall. This sort of crap has been stopped once -- before I moved to Portland it took people making human circles around houses and getting arrested for blocking the path of bulldozers, but plans got modified and houses were saved.



Jalil Abdul Muntaqim: Support for the Break the Chains Conference
Statement to the Break the Chains Conference (Eugene, OR, Aug 8-10) from political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim. I believe it is important that participants in this conference understand the issue of the existence of US political prisoners' is an issue of recognizing resistance in this country.

There has been, and will continue to be resistance to capitalist-imperialism, white supremacy, and domestic colonialism. Although there are many varied aspects of struggle being waged on different fronts, the bottom line is that racism and capitalist-imperialism is the foundation of all of our troubles. Therefore, while progressive and revolutionary forces are battling against US imperialism outside the borders of the US, it is imperative that progressives and revolutionaries redouble their determination to do battle inside US borders.

3 statements from political prisoners to the conference | On the importance of supporting political prisoners | Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Harold Thompson | Statement from Anarchist Prisoner Brian McCarvil


REPUBLICAN LITE 01.08.2003 22:35
Hillary "walmart" Clinton is Coming! Protest Tuesday!
HILLARY "WALMART" CLINTON is coming to our town to raise funds. Hillary has a history of human rights abuses. Beside being the former lawyer for Walmart, who not only employs child labor but foreign prison labor, but also subjegates the American working class to welfare as she calls for welfare reform.

Hillary "Walmarts" legacy with the war against Iraq doesn't bode well either. She voted against the fillibuster, watched as anti-war leafletters were arrested outside her office and voted for the war in Iraq as well. Her unanimous support of this illegal war and her support of child labor and prison labor should be acknowledged. Nowhere in her whitehouse biography does she aknowledge her support of human rights abuses.

This can be remedied by us. To show up outside event go to Borders Books, 708 SW 3rd Ave, Tuesday August 5, at 4:30 to gather. She will be speaking at 5:30pm. Please do not let Hillary play the liberal facade in our town. Let her know that we know who she really is and it is time for change!!!


What do People's Co-op customers think of New Seasons' plan for a new store? A report.
Volunteers from the No New Seasons campaign flyered in front of the People's Co-op on Wednesday. Wednesday is a busy day at the store because that's when the weekly farmers' market is held outside, and folks come from all over to buy fresh produce direct from the source. The three of us passed out a couple hundred flyers (included with this article as downloadable PDFs) and had dozens of conversations. We found a diversity of opinion among people who regularly shop at People's about New Seasons' plan to put a large corporate whole foods store just a few blocks away.

No New Season's Website


F*CK CORPORATE MEDIA 01.08.2003 22:24
Corporate Newsbox BURNED outside the Red & Black
Wednesday morning smoke wafted up to the sky from the Red and Black cafe, and it wasn't from a cigarette. Evidence showed that someone had set fire to the Portland Tribune box. Throughout the day, plastic humbly smouldered in a clump on the ground while ashes and fragments of newsprint scattered themselves on SE 22nd Avenue. Within a day or two the box was unnecessarily replaced with a new one.

Personally, I think that it's a shame that any sidewalk space is taken up by the corporate news boxes. These are public sidewalks, so we own 'em. Say no to the corporate media! Let's flood the Tribune office with our dissent. You can write to delivery@portlandtribune.com. Why not write a letter to the editor at letters@portlandtribune.com while you're at it? If you want to have fun on the phone, circulation's number is 503-282-4094. If you call or write in, post a comment here and share what sort of response you got!


DEFENDING THE GORGE 01.08.2003 22:07
A new group in town: The Gorge Defense Network
The people of the Columbia River Gorge are rising up in resistance to the alarming rate of ecological destruction in and around our communities. We invite you to a sustainable living gathering from AUGUST 27 - SEPTEMBER 1 where we will be learning ways to rely on ourselves while breaking free from the chains of a government which seeks to control everything we need to survive in the name of profit and greed.

Come experience the breathtaking scenery at the panoramic crossroads of the Columbia River and the Cascade mountain range. Share and gain skills from restoring and preserving the land to living a low impact lifestyle on this fragile planet.


Come build a yurt with us and at osalt's organic reaserch farm. Meet us at back to back cafe at 7th and burnside at 9 am saturday to carpool out to the farm. Contact mbthink@hotmail.com for more info. [ Read More ]


FOREST SURVEYING HIKE 31.07.2003 23:01
CFA First-ever Aqua-Surveying / Hike @ the Hipo Timber Sale
Sunday August 3rd, join CFA on a hike to the Hipo Timber Sale in the Barlow District of Mt. Hood National Forest. The hike, whether logging or not logging, will explore two beautiful old-growth units that has Western Hemlocks and Douglas Firs. The hike will also look at the current conditions of Clear Creek that resides next to one of the units and do an Aqua-Surveying at Frog Creek. The Aqua-Surveying contains surveying for aquatic macro-invertebrates and visually analyzing stream conditions. Be prepared for a full day out in the forest for a moderate hike. Bring water, lunch, hat, sunglasses and appropriate clothing for the weather. People interested in participating on the aquatic macro-invertebrates survey portion of the hike will need to bring waterproof boots (recommended height of boots = 1 foot). Contact Joseph at foreststreams@riseup.net for more information.

homepage: http://www.cascadiaforestalliance.org

To learn more about Hipo, visit this link: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/07/267633.shtml


PORTLAND PEACE CAMP 31.07.2003 22:36
City Commissioners Threaten to ‘Escalate’ City Tactics Against Portland Peace Encampment - Violent Police Raid Predicted
City Commissioner Randy Leonard visited the Portland Peace Encampment on Thursday afternoon to notify campers that the city plans to 'escalate' its tactics to force the removal of the Encampment. The camp is a non-violent protest against the American war on Iraq that has been ongoing for 24 hours per day since the US military invaded and occupied the nation on March 20.

Since that time, the camp has evolved from a straight peace protest to draw attention to the constitutional rights to freedom of speech and assembly. Occupying sidewalk space on SW 4th Avenue directly across from City Hall for 24 hours a day has also led the Encampment to become a voice of resistance against Portland's anti-camping ordinance and the city's so-called 'sit-lie' ordinance, both designed to prevent Portland's poor from occupying space in the downtown core and within the city.

Peace Encampment members have issued a call for any interested city residents to visit the Encampment with video cameras and cameras to document police misconduct.


FOREST DEFENSE 31.07.2003 18:01
Temporary Restraining Order on Straw Devil!!!
With treesits, popular support and legal support from the ONRC (Oregon Natural Resource Council) the forest community has won a temporary restraining order against logging at Straw Devil and 2 nearby old growth timber sales! Logging was sheduled to begin again as early as Friday! Please keep in mind this is not a complete victory, only a delay. This being said it gives us another month at the least to prepare for the struggle ahead. We've got a whole lot of exciting stuff planned for the Forest Service and the timber industry

From a comment to this article titled, "more Clarification": 1) Only tree felling and new road construction are under the restraining order 2) They can yard trees already felled and they can rebuild existing roads. 3) They can also log the uncut remainder of unit 50 of east devil, (but they still need to follow fire level restrictions)

Previous stories about the struggle at Straw Devil: [ Forest defense community mourns the loss of our friend Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | Forest (dis)Service billboard in Eugene re-faced to memorialize Sparrow (14.Mar.2003) | friends of Sparrow announce occupation of Straw Devil timber sale ( 24.Mar.2003) | Womyns Occupation at Straw Devil Timber Sale in Cascadia's Willamette National Forest (2.Jul.2003) | Small Victory at Straw Devil Timber Sale (8.Jul.2003) | Forest defense needed immediately to stop logging in Straw Devil timber sale, where Sparrow's ashes are scattered (23.Jul.2003) | Update after Unit 1 logged-- arraignment & protest Monday July 28 (24.Jul.2003) | First Hand Account (24.Jul.2003) | photos of destruction at Straw Devil (28.Jul.2003) | Straw Devil declaration of war (28.Jul.2003) | update on comrade arrested at Straw Devil (28.Jul.2003) | Forest Defenders Needs List) | ] [ Cascadia Forest Defenders ]


Stark Raving Theatre is presenting "ELECTROPUSS" - a biting, hilarious comedy that stings corporate America without mercy. A must see, epsecially for Indy-media readers who will find much-needed laughter within the scathing critique of corporate mindset. Playing Thursdays through Sundays at CoHo theatre space, located at 2257 NW Raleigh (an awesome theater space) in Portland, at 8pm. Great cast, great play.

Stark Raving Theatre Website


INDYMEDIA VIDEO 31.07.2003 17:48
Sunday, Aug 3 - We Interrupt This Empire - SF Day of Bombing Documentary
The San Francisco Video Activists' Network presents the story you won't see on Fox News: an eye-popping, jaw-dropping look at the Bay Area's radical resistance to an illegal war. One of the filmmakers will be present for a question and answer session after the show.

Sunday, August, 3rd @ 4:00pm
Clinton Street Theatre
SE 26th & Clinton St.

"We Interrupt This Empire..." is a collaborative work by many of the Bay Area's independent video activists which documents the direct actions that shut down the financial district of San Francisco in the weeks following the United States' invasion of Iraq.

The People vs Bush - Round 2

Last August 22nd Bush visited Portland and the police rioted. Emergencies were declared, pepper spray and rubber bullets flew and lawsuits ensued. The city paid for Bush's fundraising and will likely end up paying for the injuries and civil rights violations caused by the Portland police. Now Bush is coming again for party fundraising which the city will pay for once again, and after lying to the country about the necessity for preemptive war in Iraq, the citizens of Portland are even more pissed. Check out the new page devoted entirely to the upcoming Bush Visit August 21st!


RESISTANCE | A22 ROUND II 30.07.2003 17:27
Black Bloc Call to Action August 20-22
Attention Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists of all types, this is a call for a Portland demonstration and Black Bloc in response to President Bush's scheduled visit to Portland on Aug. 20-22. Portland has shown time and again that we will not sit idly by when corrupt and power hungry politicians come to our city. Now we have been given an opportunity to show our defiance to these war mongering criminals in an effective and noticeable manner; by doing everything in our power to shut their leader and figurehead out of our city. We must come together and make Portland a city free of corrupt politics (and politicians) if we hope to further our revolutionary ideals and make anarchism, anti-authoritarianism and anti-capitalism significant portions of Portland's culture. We call upon you to help organize and affect this resistance It's time to take back our streets, take back our city and take back our lives. [ Read More ] [ On The Black Bloc Alternate Press Review | Infoshop | Alternet | Infoshop FAQ ]


A.C.D.S. may break ties with HLS
A.C.D.S. is a small company in upstate New York, with reportedly less than 10 employees. They have been revealed as a business affiliate of HLS in 2000. SHAC USA spoke today with Grant Jordan, the President of A.C.D.S. He informed us that he has certainly been hearing your calls, text messages, letters, faxes, etc. He expressed disgust at what HLS does and was very polite. He indicated that he was seriously considering taking a stand and refusing to do business with HLS in the future.

**Another interesting note: When A.C.D.S. was instructed by a client to send samples to HLS, they were contacted shortly thereafter and told to pull them from HLS and place them with a different company in California! Clearly no one wants to touch HLS! Keep up the calls, keep them polite, and help Mr. Jordan make the right decision! [ Read More ]


Video documentary on RAFAH town in PALESTINE and RACHEL CORRIE
A powerful documentary exposing the horrendous violence perpetrated by the Israeli military in the town Rafah in occupied Palestine. It is also maybe the only film to date about the recent killings of three internationals there: Rachel Corrie, Tom Hurndall, and James Miller. Very Powerful. Presented by a friend of Rachel's with discussion afterwards. Benefit for peacework in Palestine. WHEN: Wed. july 30th 7pm WHERE: Liberty Hall 311 N Ivy St. COST: $5--? sugg. donation (no one turned away) This video is hard to watch because it is very violent, but it is good because people need to see what is going on on the ground there.


CODE PINK | OUST BUSH 30.07.2003 10:02
Street action with Code Pink this Thursday before WTO meeting
This Thursday there's a planning meeting for local protests against the WTO in Sept (see calendar item ) at the IWW Hall on E Burnside and 6th.

Code Pink will be doing a protest prior to the meeting in the area of Burnside and MLK. Our current focus is getting troops out of Iraq and Bush out of the White House. Join us 5pm - 6pm. with signs, banners, radical cheers, bodies! Get the message out to commuters and have some fun. We have extra signs -- or bring your own. Pink, as always, is optional.

Code Pink at the Division-Clinton Street Parade


CYCLISTS WHO REMEMBER 30.07.2003 09:54
Cyclists: Call to Action - Everyone get behind the People's Mayor: Bud Clark.
Clark, who as mayor routinely pedaled to work at City Hall, rode into view again this week to help promote Providence Rose Pedal, a five-week series of cycling events here in America's most bicycle-friendly city.

Among this summer's additions, building on the success of the annual Bridge Pedal ride, is Kids Pedal on Aug. 3, a chance for youngsters 7 to 13 to cycle a seven-mile route including three downtown bridges without any cars -- or grown-ups -- getting in the way. For full details, visit www.providence.org and click on Rose Pedal.

I suggest that as cyclists we unite to celebrate Bud as the people's Mayor. Bud always wanted to be known as the People's Mayor and his vision of the city was that the people should enjoy it, participate with it. And, especially, to participate as activist/anarchist/non-capitalists in the events, in a very positive way, that Bud champions. Bud always wanted to be known as the People's Mayor and his vision of the city was that the people should enjoy it, participate with it. Bud started the Mayor's Ball which was a multi-cultural music party and his vision was to "have fun with the city".


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