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Cab Abandoned at City Hall to Protest Rule Requiring Video Cameras in Portland Taxis
An unknown Portland taxi driver, angry over a likely City Council decision to double taxi license fees paid by drivers and require them to install video cameras in their taxis, abandoned his cab at the front door of City Hall overnight Wednesday. Around midnight, the man drove his cab over the curb onto the City Hall patio, left the lights and flashers on, locked the doors and walked away, stunning curious members of the Portland Peace Encampment across 4th Avenue who looked on.

About 170 of the city's 650 licensed cab drivers signed a petition against the fees and presented it to the city council during the Wednesday morning council meeting where the rule change was discussed. Four of the five council members, all except Dan Saltzman, said they would vote for the new rule following some minor changes. Commissioner Randy Leonard spearheaded the new law, inspired by a similar requirement in New York City and the recent murder of Portland cab driver Grigory Rogozhnikov.

Drivers who oppose the rule say the increased fees will be a huge economic burden in a poor economy where many drivers are already struggling to make a living. They also are worried about being watched and recorded while on duty and fear that members of the public will opt for other means of transportation to avoid being taped in cabs. Commissioner Saltzman worried that people such as drunk drivers will opt to drive when they might otherwise take a cab. [ Read More ]


PUBLIC POWER 07.08.2003 16:17
Today, the Oregon House of Representatives passed HB 2356, which bans the City of Portland from using its authority of condemnation in order to acquire electric utility property. Its purpose is to stop the City of Portland from acquiring PGE assets from Enron.

"Legislators will surely regret voting for this," said Bill Michtom of the Oregon Public Power Coalition (OPPC), "as it could well enable Enron to sell its PGE assets out from under Oregon rate regulation, which appears to be Enron's plan in bankruptcy court." (A detailed explanation of that plan). "The result will likely be another $300 million annual rate increase on top of the $400 million annual rate increase PGE got from the Oregon Public Utility Commission (OPUC) less than 2 years ago."


WE ARE ALL IMMIGRANTS 07.08.2003 16:10
"Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride" Kick-off event--Fri Aug 8, 6pm
When: Friday August 8th, 2003
Where: at the Northwest Labor Council Union Hall
What: Come join us in an evening of solidarity, music,poetry, and testimonies designed to kick-off a state-wide organizing campaign that will send a Freedom Bus filled with Freedom Riders to Washington DC. Immigrant workers, living and paying taxes in the United States, deserve the rights to legalize their status, to have a clear road to citizenship, to reunify their families, to have a voice on the job without regard to legal status, and to enjoy full protection of their civil rights and civil liberties... rights denied by their undocumented status and outdated laws.

Freedom Ride Web Site


DAMN THE MAN 07.08.2003 15:43
Lady Liberty Shot in the Foot...Again


Another defender of freedom has been silenced. On 4 August 2003, 20-year old Sherman Austin, the founder of the Raise the Fist anarchist news/direct action/informational website was sentenced to one year in prison for providing links on the California-based website to pages that detail how to create explosives.


New Seasons CEO Correspondence
Here's a correspondence between a resident of this neighborhood and Brian Rohter ceo of New Seasons. The person writes to him about rent hikes and concerns about gentrification resulting directly from the New Seasons store going in and he writes back(putting what's called "spin" on her message) to defend his products and talk about how wonderful they are and to make sure that she feels alone in her fight. Well she's NOT alone! Petitioners are gathering 50 signatures a day to say NO to New Seasons Corporate "health" food market! That sure beats the "dozens" he claims to have. By the way who considers coca-cola products health food anyways? This place is just a Fred Meyers in whole food's clothing.


VOICES OF TRUTH 07.08.2003 08:17
Cynthia Mckinney Delivers Fearless Address In Harlem
But sadly, every major city in America can probably call a roll: Ousmane Zongo, Alberta Spruill, Patrick Dorismond, Amadou Diallo; and those are just the names I know.

Not too far from here, the streets of Benton Harbor, Michigan exploded because they got tired of adding names to their roll. It wasn't enough that Terrance Shurn and Arthur Patterson, young adults, were on the list, but those names only topped off 16-year old Eric McGinnis and 7-year old Trent Patterson, who had also made the list.

I read that the NAACP called for calm and dialogue. I'm sorry, but I can't be calm if my baby is going to be shot or hurt by out-of-control police. I can't be calm when I drive through sections of Atlanta that look more like Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo than America.

I cannot be calm.

Dialogue must be followed by swift and deliberate action to root out racism at its very core. From a California gas station to a Mississippi Lockheed plant; from Cincinnati, Ohio to Benton Harbor, Michigan; to New York City, New York. And in Belle Glade, Florida where a young black man was found hanging from a tree, with his hands tied behind his back and the authorities call it suicide. In the 21st Century, America's trees still bear Strange Fruit.

How much injustice can any community absorb before an eruption of extraordinary proportions occurs?


POLICE STATE 06.08.2003 17:53
Maher Hawash pleaded guilty
A software engineer from Oregon pleaded guilty Wednesday to aiding the Taleban and now faces the likelihood of seven to 10 years in jail. The Justice Department says Maher Hawash, a naturalized American citizen of Palestinian descent, pleaded guilty to a charge of conspiring to supply services to the Taleban following the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington.

In a plea agreement filed with a federal judge in Portland, Oregon, Hawash admitted that he and five other men agreed to go to Afghanistan in October of 2001, prepared to take up arms for the Taleban and die as martyrs, if necessary. As part of the plea agreement, two other charges against Hawash were dropped including one count of conspiracy to levy war against the United States.


BUSH PROTEST 06.08.2003 17:42
A Bush tactics discussion round-up
New Bush / A21 / University of Portland Info

I have confirmed with 2 independent and trusted sources, both U of P employees, that the president will be on the University of Portland campus THURSDAY, AUGUST 21. One source stated that he would be attending a "dinner event". The other source was only certain of the date. Nothing more about the exact time of Bush's arrival or schedule is known to me so far. 1 source confirmed an earlier rumor that U of P facilities crew (or Secret Service, etc...) would be building a fence around the campus, as ridiculous as that sounds. [Read More]

tactics that would be useful for black bloc/ya basta! folks to use in this situation

this is written primarily in response to the comments floating back and forth on the call for a black bloc. as radical anti-authoritarians, we always need to keep tactical strategy in the foreground, even as we admit that there are times when emotion will cause people to rage in ways that may not be tatically sound.

obviously, property destruction is a tactic that black blocers have used in the past, and will use again. property destruction is very useful for globilazation conferences, because it helps make the whole event seem like more trouble than it's worth - seattle hasn't been itching to hold WTO ministerials anytime recently. but I concede that property destruction of corporate targets probably isn't the most useful thing for a visiting politician. that said, I will never hold it against anyone who chooses, out of honest rage, to destroy something that is in the process of destroying everything they've ever held as dear.

but the bloc, or Ya Basta! [people with padding, usually] are very useful in other ways. usually the bloc represents people willing to take front lines and move crowds forward, taking a brunt of the abuse. the bloc can keep the energy of the crowd up by continually testing and breaking boundaries. [Read More]

Why limit the protest to University of Portland?

Bush picked U of P because it is easily to defend. The police can build a fence around the campus and keep us out. The campus is also hard to get to and isolated so there will be fewer witnesses to the police beating people down. If the demonstration is only at U of P no one will even see the protest except through the corporate media's distorted account. Let's greet Bush and those who support his visit to Portland by shutting down the city not standing next to a fence. [What do other people think?]


Hey y'all I have started a list for e-mailing details as to time and place to meet (on Bicycles)! I already have about 10-15 people! So anyone in the vicinity of SE/NE Burnside Area from like 8th to 39th, or wherever you live/work, lets meet at City Bikes on SE 20th and Ankeny, unless otherwise majority rules elsewhere... SO, e-mail me at talisman@riseup.net and I will add you to the list for updates. We can figure out a good safe bike route, etc. The more the merrier, I like the idea of the Star Mass, so there will be groups of bikes coming in from all directions. [Read More]

Downloadable Posters: [¡Ya Basta! poster for Bush Protest | "A very special anniversary celebration" poster for Bush Protest | Another Bush flyer]


YOUTH 06.08.2003 12:18
Driving Without the Vote
In my burgeoning youth (I am still youthful) I would meet people who still haunt me today. In a racist class system we were re-educated from common sense to the New American logic: Christopher Columbus discovered America, Paul Revere yelled, "the English are coming" (if everyone was English who exactly was coming?), if we Americans weren't the only country to have used NUCLEAR WEAPONS against another country we wouldn't have ended the war with Japan, etc. Every day in history class I would have to answer questions reverberating American logic. In English we studied primarily white male writing from America and England. Then I would have to engage again in this American logic by trying to immitate their writings, i.e. thought processes.

Haunted by the ERA being regulated to a real estate company, after women having finally recieved the right to fully own and control property less than one hundred years previous, I felt the destruction by our re-education camps.


BUSH KNEW 05.08.2003 21:18
9-11- New Books, Videos, the Growing Movement for Truth and Accountability
I have come to the conclusion that "the definitive video" on 9-11 has yet, to be made- we still DON'T KNOW what really happened. We do know that the government/corporate press lied about what happened and are engaged in a massive cover-up. Some brilliant, outstanding, research has been done by a number of people exploring different aspects of a large, complex, "special operation" which has government finger-prints all over it, but we have yet to put together all the pieces of the puzzle. The researchers have yet to meet in one place and put their heads together and compare notes/evidence/theories.


SUSTAINABILITY 05.08.2003 19:25
Stop New Seasons?? Neighborhood Meeting on Land Use Announced
New Seasons Concerns Neighborhood Meeting announced for Wed August 13, 7PM @ the Red and Black (22nd and Division). All are welcome to learn about Land Use, the City's Comprehensive plan, zoning changes, and the process of a Land-use hearing.

In light of all the interest in New Seasons's plans to build a store in our neighborhood, HAND neighborhood Land Use Chair will be present to explain the process of a land-use hearing. If you have concerns about New Seasons (whether for traffic safety issues, gentrification issues,threats to local businesses, zoning irregularities, the destruction of a historic property, the location of dumpsters, etc) but want to learn how to articulate them effectively to the hearing officials, then please attend. If you want to hear what your neighbors' concerns are, then please attend. If you want to build a movement of local neighborhood activism, then please attend.


ELECTORAL POLITICS 05.08.2003 19:01
Herding Ducks"
These are some musings on the personal experiences of being involved with the grass roots, indy-media, blog and e-mail driven campaign for president by Dennis Kucincih. In Portland there is a perfect fit between Kucinich and Oregonians, both independent and beholden to no one. But we're a strange lot here in Cascadia with our complete suspicion of anything organized. It's a lot like 'Herding Ducks'.


PORTLAND PEACE CAMP 05.08.2003 15:40
Peace Encampment Member Pleads Not Guilty to Charge of Interfering with a Police Officer
An October 27 trial date was set today for Todd Kurylowicz, a longtime Portland Peace Encampment member, who pleaded not guilty to charges of 'Interfering with a Police Officer' and 'Obstruction as Nuisance'. Kurylowicz was taken into custody on Friday, July 11 for allegedly crossing a police line that had been set up around the Encampment while several Portland police officers took campers' property from the sidewalk across from City Hall on SW 4th Avenue.

The Multnomah County District Attorney added the charge of 'Obstruction as Nuisance' just before Kurylowicz's arraignment today at Community Court in the Justice Center downtown. The DA, however, reduced both charges from misdemeanors to violations, eliminating the possibility of jail time.

Community Court Judge Jerome Cooper offered Kurylowicz the option to plead guilty and have the charges expunged from his record upon the successful completion of 32 hours of community service and a 2-page letter stating 'How I Got into Trouble and Why It Will Not Happen Again.' Kurylowicz refused, saying that he broke no laws and was arrested by Sgt. Sara Westbrook and Lt. Bill Haunsperger as a retaliatory measure for exercising his free speech rights against the American war on Iraq.


SOLIDARITY | POLICE STATE 05.08.2003 15:25
RedRed's New Public Statement
My name is Lori Chavez, known to most as RedRed. I am a Portland anarcha-feminist involved in autonomous community building and support. The purpose of this letter is to recap what happened to me while I was in Sacramento, and to ask for your support in my still pending felony legal case. On Friday June 20th, I came to Sacramento during a mobilization to shut down a meeting of the ministers of agriculture, including delegates from the USDA and the WTO. I came to take the streets and disrupt the business of genetic mutations, worker exploitation and land misuse. The destructive behavior of these institutions is not isolated; it is part of a system founded on the principles of exploitation. I came to help make the connection between the ministers of agriculture and the abomination that is capitalism. I had been in town less than a day when I first experienced the police state in Sacramento. While riding my bike down a major street, I was stopped by a police officer that demanded my ID. I refused to give it to him and stated that unless I was being arrested that I did not have to give my ID.


PRISONS 05.08.2003 13:51
Correctional Officer Threatens Prisoner Organizer
At Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville, guards routinely harass and disrespect prisoners. In this instance, prisoner organizer Barrilee Bannister has been singled out for harassment after receiving mental health counseling for being sexually assaulted.


BILL TO STOP VOTE FRAUD 05.08.2003 07:38
More Calls to Vet Voting Machines
"Rep. Rush Holt (D-N.J.) introduced a bill, H.R. 2239, in May to amend HAVA to require computerized voting machines to provide voter-verified audit trails. So far, his bill has 26 sponsors and it's unlikely to get out of the Committee on House Administration."

Please take two minutes to visit your representatives website and send a quick email letting them know this bill needs to move forward before the 2004 election is stolen too. ***we need to get HR 2239 out of committe and out to a vote: TO REQUIRE AUDITABLE PAPER TRAILS. No other activism we do will count if the elections are not free, fair, and verifiable!!!***


For more infor, go to: www.wired.com


Protect Survey and Manage Species: Comments due August 8th

Please send your comments today to protect Survey and Manage Species in our National Forests.

To read about the proposed modifications, visit: http://www.or.blm.gov/surveyandmanage/

For more about why these rules will allow increased logging on public lands, go to the EPIC website at: http://www.wildcalifornia.org/projects/natlforest/bush/guttingNWPlan.html


PEACE / ANTI-WAR 04.08.2003 01:53
Peace activists attacked and injured at PPRC Friday rally
There was a pretty significant attack on the PPRC peace rally and march participants Friday at Pioneer Courthouse quare. There were minor injuries (lacerations, bruises, a previous injury was opened up and bleeding pretty badly), but none serious (as far as I could tell).

What was different about today's harassment and ultimate assault was that it involved planning and organizing by several people working in concert. As we experienced last week (from a different heckler), a single person started >aggressively harassing our rally as soon as we started. Several very courageous people tried to isolate him from our group, but he aggressively pushed into our circle and was yelling insults and obscenities at us. After a few minutes, we moved out on our march. (The person who was harassing us last week was identified as being present among the crowd that was standing close by, the crowd that this week's 'counter-protestor' was a part of.)

When we returned, about eight or nine young men were standing side-by-side blocking the usual path that we take back into the square, the Southwest corner (Yamhill & Broadway). The drum corps and most of our group went around them to the right, avoiding this rather belligerent, but ultimately ineffective "Maginot Line". Some peace marchers confronted them however, and exchanged heated words. At some point shortly thereafter, the true assault began.


FOREST DEFENSE 03.08.2003 21:35
Two Canadian forest defenders jailed
ELP! Bulletin (30th of July 2003)

ELP has learnt that former Canadian eco-prisoner, Betty Krawczyk, is back inside along with her co-defendant Jen Bradley. Both are being held pending trial for anti-logging activities. The two are part of the organization Women in the Woods, a women's environmental group based in Victoria, BC, Canada. The group set up a blockade to prevent the multinational logging company Weyerhaueser from clearcutting a rainforest valley on Vancouver Island. The Walbran Valley holds some of the largest living red cedars and Douglas-firs in North America. Weyerhaueser is moving quickly to liquidate this pristine ecosystem.

August 2nd Update: Jen was just released, see the latest report of their court date on www.vancouver.indymedia.org or Read More Here>>


UPCOMING EVENTS 03.08.2003 21:12
The People vs. Bush - Aug. 21
Portlanders plan to protest pResident Bush on Aug. 21 when he visits town for a fundraiser at the University of Portland. This website has been abuzz with plans, ideas, flyers, and more. For details, go to http://portland.indymedia.org/en/action/a22round2

AUGUST VIDEO SHOWINGS Featuring: The Fellowship Of The Ring Of Free Trade, Li2U News, Rise-Up Between The Lines (Sacramento), Sacramento Rough Cut, Petty Fascism 101 (Sacramento), Critical Mass Memorial Bike Ride, AC-130 (war footage)

  • Monday 25th 6:30pm-8:30 @ Central Library (us bank Rm)

|Saturday--08/16/2003--Channel 22--11:00pm | Wednesday--08/20/2003--Channel 22--10:30pm | Friday--08/22/2003--Channel 23--11:00pm | Sunday--08/24/2003--Channel 11--12:00am | Thursday--08/28/2003--Channel 23--11:30pm | Sunday--08/31/2003--Channel 11--10:00pm |


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