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Letters to editor by 6th graders re: Zoobomber bike theft incident
I explained the Zoobomber bike incident to my 4th and 6th grade social studies classes. From there, we discussed the various options open to the Zoobombers, which included awaking the general populace as to what's going on around them. My 6th graders came up with the following letter, which we're sending to the "Oregonian," "Willamette Week" and "Mercury."
To the Editor: We heard from our teacher about a very weird incident involving a peaceful group of bike riders and the "PoPos"! A Portland and Beaverton police officer impounded fifteen "Zoobomber" bikes that were locked on a bike rack at SW 10th and Oak Street, claiming that the bikes were an "obstruction." We always thought that bike racks were for bikes, but that's just us. We also learned that the police threatened the bikers with a taser just for asking why the bikes were being taken. We've always been told that we live in a democracy, but this doesn't sound very democratic...
[ Read More ] [ End of Story on stolen ZooBomb bikes | Followup on ZooBomber's Bike Theft | Portland Police STEAL ZooBomb Bikes ]


RESISTANCE & CIVILITY 13.09.2003 23:15
max incident
Got on the back of the train at "pioneer place" the end of the WTO demonstration this afternoon. Train was jammed with people near the door but I noticed plenty of seating at the back upstairs. Being worn out and generally lazy I pushed my way upstairs for a seat and found out why it wasn't full up there. Two young intelectual types were in a heated arguement with a middle aged african american lady. Apparently she asked a young woman why she had a mask- the girl replied something about the police videotaping people and she said "So?" and then the issue of "death squads" was brought up. The kids were all over the fact that this lady didn't know what "death squads" were. Would not back off The girl was sitting, her friend was standing in the aisle attempting to smash the poor lady intellectually with his words. They wouldn't back off until they provoked the lady into jumping up and hitting the girl at the rose quarter stop, at which point the girl starts yelling that she wants the police to come, etc.. I'm pretty upset by this and call the kids some names (I think I called you trust fund babies.) and follow the lady and her companion off the train to lend what support I could. Besides, I don't want to be around when the cops show up.

So this lady is so upset shes about ready to faint, (really) and we have to sit for a while before she's got her wits about her. Thanks me and goes off to her bus stop. Why don't you put your energy into speaking out against the madmen running the country or at the least tossing a trash can through a McDonalds window rather than valiantly battling a 95 pound middle aged black lady on the train. You did hurt her more than she hurt you and I hope youre satisfied. [ Read More ]


COWLITZ TRIBE 13.09.2003 23:06
Inside the secret society of the Cowlitz People (AKA) Tribal Council.
We have 21 sets on tribal council and those sets are held by three families, all of which do not have 1/16 Cowlitz Blood or none at all since council, during a general council meeting with those whom vote for what ever council puts forth in passing because the other members were unable to attend that meeting. Just about every council meeting taking place at St. Marry's is not revealed to General Council. No one seems to know what is discussed at these meeting because those on tribal council are sworn to secrecy and not allowed to discuss anything with anyone who wants answers.

Of those working at St. Marry's, there are three non-indians there. And they put forth their religious beliefs when working with and for tribal members. Meaning they personally think our Indian ways are heathen, just as the Europeans did when they arrived on Turtle Inland a few centuries ago. We had are own religion, but the Europeans thought our religion was wrong and we were, in thier minds heathens, devil worshipers, just because we weren't Christians like them. And they wanted the land we lived on since the beginning of time. Indian Peoples through out Turtle Inland were killed in the name of their god simply because we practiced our beliefs, believing in the Great Greater who entrusted our People in the preservation on Earth Mother and they wanted the land to divide up for themselves. [ Read More ] [ Up coming Pow Wow for the Cowlitz Indian Tribe | Cowlitz Indian Tribe is like what Pine Ridge was in the 1970's but with no Rez. ]


NO WTO! 13.09.2003 19:19
After opening remarks by Laurie King, of Portland Jobs with Justice, Barbara Dudley spoke ecstatically about what is taking place inside the conference halls in Cancun. Apparantly, 21 of the developing countries have presented an alternative proposal, focusing on Agriculture and Investments. Countries include Brazil, South Africa, Venezuala, India, China, Pakistan, the Philippines, with Egypt just recently joining. This is the first time countries other than the Developed nations have submitted proposals. Great News! Well, not maybe for George Bush and the global free trade agenda.
Barbara Dudley
Next to speak was Tim Nesbitt, president of Oregon AFL-CIO, speaking about the politics of deception known as Free Trade. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, since 1993, Oregon alone has lost 50,000 jobs lost due to plant closures. Hewlett Packard has shipped its high tech printer jobs to Mexico; Freightliner outsources its trucking components to Mexico; cheaper Canadian lumber forced the closure of dozens of mills throughout our state.
He cites numerous other examples of things going sour for the American worker, yet our politicians refuse to learn from these mistakes. He states that this is going to be a mainstream poilical issue in the 2004 elections.
Tim Nesbitt

[ Philosopher Seed Website ] [ WTO Solidarity pics ]


12.09.2003 23:14
AUDIO FEATURE: Recent Free Trade Forum
On Saturday, July 19, 2003, citizens of Oregon and Washington gathered at the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland to discuss and decide what kind of trade policy will work best for the Northwest. This was a well organized and attended event, lasting from 1:00-4:00, with a one hour break out session afterwards, featuring 5 workshops on various related subjects, from preparing for the next WTO protest to the "connection between globalized trade and what is at our dinner table," given by Mark Des Marets of NW RAGE. [ http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org ]


FOREST DEFENSE 12.09.2003 17:15
Red Alert for Straw Devil timber sale
Committed forest defenders needed at the Straw Devil timber sale & CFD office

The injunction protecting Straw Devil will end soon and the outcome of the Survey & Manage lawsuit is unknown. We need responsible folks to commit to protecting Straw Devil NOW before logging starts. Logging could also begin at several other sales in the Willamette NF including Pryor and East Devil (and Solo in the Mt Hood NF).

People are needed for town-based work (such as organizing fundraisers, giving orientation trainings, and collecting food & supplies). Housing is available. Folks with organizing experience are preferred, but others are welcome. Also both arrestable and non-arrestable committed people are needed for forest-based actions. Folks who can commit to at least 2 or 3 weeks are preferred.

Contact Cascadia Forest Defenders in Eugene at 541-684-8977


12.09.2003 17:10
Todos Somos Lee
A few thousand of us maybe. No more. The crowd snakes through Cancun, a neo-liberal paradise lost. Of the 600,000 people who live here fully two-thirds are transient laborers. Like a large proportion of the world's population they exist in the twilight zone of mobile capital, industrial tourism and ecological catastrophe.

At the WTO fortification; a fence ten foot high reinforced by a matrix of steel and concrete a crowd assembles. Behind the fence, thousands of cops. The farmers electrify the mood. The Mexican campensinos push a table displaying a collection of diverse corn strains, alter-like, and are lead by one who carries a basket of kernels on his back. They say that the transgenic agenda of the WTO will mean the end of all this.


SELF EXAMINATION 12.09.2003 14:05
rape in portland will NOT go away- as an issue or as a reality
i have posted several articles relating rape and rapists in portland. all of them have quickly degenerated into name calling. if we are going to recreate the world in a positive meaningful way, we need to start here, now, in our own lives
i write from anger and frustration. i don't want to put my time and energy into a community that will not, value the safety and peace of mind of people within that community. what good is a revolution if it doesn't include stopping the rape and abuse that exists in our homes, relationships, day to day lives, and minds?

so....to reiterate the last two posts:
1- what can we do now to deal with rapists in our communities?
2- how can we make our community safer for everyone?
3-what concrete steps can we take, looking forward, to unlearn what we have been taught our whole lives?
4- what does a sexually responsible community look like/
5- what changes in our current process need to made so that perpetrators will cooperate, and all parties can heal and go on with their lives?

PLEASE only post if you have relevent answers, suggestions, or other CONSTRUCTIVE questions


POLICE STATE 12.09.2003 11:35
Breaking: Pomona CA activist coop currently under siege by the FBI and ATF
At 2 am PT Fri. 9.12.03 FBI and ATF agents approached our collective home and arrested one of our members. They would not provide a reason but we knew it was politically motivated because that member has been a key organizer in anti-war and antiBush protests.

Since 2 am they have completely surrounded our home. They will not let us come or go with any boxes or bags, incl school notebooks. They cut our Net access. They say they will be there until their warrant arrives so they can search our house.


Cancun Updates

Radio Hurakan transmitiendo en vivo por internet Radio Hurakan is born amidst the storm of resistance to the policies that the wto will discuss in cancun, and the need for the voices of the people to be heard - the rebel voices, the alternative voices, the voices of the community. All of these people have gathered at this moment to form agreements , discuss and dialogue, and bring communities together to create a more dignified and just world for all.

Actions inside the convention centre disrupt US delegation As the US delegation denied his right to speak, Alehandro Cavillo of Greenpeace calmly explained that today, the Biosafety protocol comes into effect. If the US pushes it's agenda, this protocol may be overridden by the WTO. One point that Alehandro made was that under this protocol governments have the right to protest their producers, consumers and biodiversity. This right is currently denied to Mexico, which suffers from the dumping of genetically modified grains from the US. The practices of 'dumping' subsidized exports on the Mexican market has made sure that local farmers can't compete. 600 farmers a day are leaving the land and heading towards the city.

Cancun - Sept 10th - Report from Starhawk Kyoung Hae Lee is dead. I don┬╣t yet know his story, only that he came with the Korean workers┬╣ contingent. I videoed them forming up in the march, carrying their proud banners, beating their drums and bells. They marched up at the front, with the campesinos and the other workers. When the march reached the police barricade, they split off, marched up to the fence, and Kyoung Hae Lee took his own life, stabbing himself in the heart in an act of ritual suicide.

Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 Martes, Nueve de Septiembre Protesting certainly has a culture...and we often marvel at the manifestations of such culture here in Cancun. Today marked the first series of marches to the perimeter fence: one march of students/black blockers/internationals and another of campesinos. We attended the first. It was filled with potential, and we are eager for tomorrow, but interactions seemed to hint at the age old conflict between the "non-violent" and the "radical".


'Civil Society' scores media coup at WTO meeting The largest media coup sofar in the WTO's 5th Ministerial Conference was scored minutes ago when a collection of groups described by Anuradha Mittal of the International Forum on Globalization as representing "civil society" staged a guerrilla press conference about the suicide of 56-year-old rice farmer and president of the Korean Advanced Farmers Federation Lee Kyung-hae here yesterday.

Primer kil├│metro ganado / First Kilometer Gained El kil├│metro cero es ya un punto de resistencia en la memoria colectiva. Kilometer zero has become a point of resistance in our collective memory.

10 September: Mass Mobilization in Cancun / 10 Septiembre, Mobilizacion Grande en Cancun About 7,000 farmers, indigenous people, environmental and social justice activists, and international supporters marched through downtown Cancun on Wednesday, with the objective of shutting down the WTO.

Declaraci├│n de Canc├║n Declaraci├│n de campesin@s e ind├şgenas, durante la marcha del 10 de septiembre / Declaration of the Farmers and Indigenous, from the march on the 10th of september

Protesting Within the WTO Walls / Manifestacion Dentro de la OMC Standing within the WTO walls, approximately 40 prominent non-governmental organizations rose during the opening day of the forum and voiced their opposition to its economic and social policies.


11.09.2003 14:54
TONIGHT! Beaverton Bioterror Lab Community Meeting
Ebola Virus Photo Meeting Tonight for the public to discuss OHSU's proposed Level 4 Bioterror Lab
Thurday, September 11
7-8:15 PM
West Beaverton Neighborhood Association
7th Day Adventist Church- Fellowship Hall

\14645 SW Davis Rd. (near Murray)


NO WTO - CANCUN 10.09.2003 23:36
In Cancun: 10,000+ march; Korean Farmer Commits Suicide In Protest of WTO policies
A Korean farmer took his own life in protest against the policies of the WTO and at least eight other protestors were seriously injured by police during the first massive march against the Fifth Ministerial of the WTO.

Fifty-year-old Lee Kyang Hae of the Korean Farmer's Organization stabbed himself in front of the indifferent glare of police who were attempting to block passage of the march. The Korean farmer climbed the metal barricade, screamed something in Korean and jammed a knife into his stomach. His body fell from the top of the fence amid screams of help from the rest of his contingent who later reflected their sadness over the event.

Other newswire articles: [ Anti-WTO actions BEGIN in Cancun! | Cascadia Media in Cancun: Update #1 ]


PRISONS 10.09.2003 23:16
32nd Anniversary of Attica Rebellion and Massacre Sept 9-13TH - Documentary showing on the 13th
THE SOUND BEFORE THE FURY OF THOSE WHO ARE OPPRESSED- L.D. BARKLEY. ON SEPT9th 1971 over 1300 prisoners took over a portion of attica state prison, held over thirty hostages, and attempted to gain certain civil liberties over the course of five days. They had tried to protest oppressive conditions in all other ways but to no avail. During the occupation they brought in the media to see the degradation, and outside observers to negotiate their demands. On Sept 13th they were massacred 39 dead 150 shot and 1289 tortured, in what was the bloodiest one day encounter between Americans in the 20th century.

On September 13th the 32nd anniversary of the ATTICA massacre LAUGHING HORSE BOOKS will be showing Cinda firestone's 1973 documentary ATTICA. We will have a discussion afterward as well as a moment of silence for those who suffered and died for the struggle against racism, u.s. imperialism, slavery, and of course fascism. 3652 SE DIVISION ST 503-236-2893 7PM FREE.


INDYMEDIA 10.09.2003 15:28
PDX Indymedia meetings on Saturdays
Every Saturday at the Red and Black at 5pm indymedia volunteers get together to talk about the cool projects they are working on and to meet new people. If you are interested in being involved in media activism, come on by. Whether it is video, audio, writing articles, helping with center column features or outreach that interests you, your skills and/or enthusiasm are needed and welcome. There are many effective, creative and satisfying projects, both existing and envisioned that people can work on. Indymedia needs more volunteers! Women are particularly encouraged to get involved.

Portland Indymedia is a loose collective of media focused activists. Meetings are enjoyable and open, with work and laughter mixed together. Within the guiding principles, people act autonomously from their own creative impulse. People who like doing audio, work together and do audio. Portland indymedia is a creative and dynamic cauldron within which to develop ones skills, and do effective work in the world.


Sahara climate change threatens region
Hundreds of mud brick structures in Timbuktu, a Unesco Heritage site on the Sahara, have been melted by this years torrential rains in the area, including some structures as much as 600 years old. Because Timbuktu does not have a drainage system, even more modern structures have collapsed when their foundations sunk into the muck. The Niger river is less than an inch below flood stage, and millions of people who live along its banks are being warned to move to higher ground as more heavy rains are in the forecast for the region. The Niger is currently experiencing a flow of eight times as much water as is typical for the rainy season.


FOREST DEFENSE 10.09.2003 09:36
Great Grandmother in court defending forests
Great grandmother Betty Krawczyk will finally get her day in court this coming Monday, September 8 starting at 10am. Actually, she will get five days before a BC Supreme Court judge to explain her actions protesting the BC Liberals proposed Working Forest legislation - as her trial is expected to go every day of the week right through Friday September 12.


9.11 INVESTIGATION 09.09.2003 16:28
Recent Member of Blair's Cabinet Accuses Bush of 9/11 Collusion - U.S. Media Silent
Michael Meacher, member of British Parliament and until 3 months ago the Environmental Minister has accused Bush of collusion in the Sept 11th 2001 attacks. Meacher resigned his post as Environment Minister because he opposed the conquest of Iraq. Last year Congresswomen Cynthia McKinney asked the question "what did the Bush Administration know?" and demanded an investigation. Now a former Cabinet level minister of this countries staunchest ally has in effect accused Bush of treason. Read his article that was published in the Guardian.

This story is making headlines around the world and the U.S. media is completely silent about it. A recent member of Tony Blair's own cabinet accuses Bush of complicity in the September 11th 2001 attacks and treason against his country and the U.S. media says nothing? That is exactly what has happened.

Not only has the U.S. corporate media ignored this story but one poster is pointing out that the Indymedia network in the U.S. is also saying nothing. Shame on indymedia (except pdx) for ignoring the 9.11 cover-up!

On the newswire:
[ Meacher predicting Fourth Reich with his 9.11 accusations ]

Previous PDX features on the peoples investigation of 9/11:
[ 9.11 - What did the U.S. know, and when did it know it? | Why is the Indymedia network ignoring the call for a 9.11 investigation? | The People's Investigation of 9.11 | It's time to stop loony conspiracy theories about Sept 11 ]


SUSTAINABILITY 09.09.2003 12:44
OrganicVolunteers.com aims to encourage sustainable agriculture and lifestyles
Are you tired of marching in the street begging the politicians to transform the world? Do you feel protests have lost there effectiveness? Do believe that getting arrested for social justice really doesn't change anything and just ends up being an expensive visit to jail?

Let's face it the negative approach of protest and lobbing has outlived its usefulness. Panhandlers are more effective at getting what they want then protestors and non-profs. What progressives need is a new approach, a positive step towards change, one where we stop begging the corrupt system to change itself. We need to take things into our own hands. We must build an alternative system that's sustainable and socially just. We need positive action rather than negative reaction in order to change the world's direction. OrganicVolunteers.com, the brainchild of an Idahoan, is one such organization that attempts to put the tools of positive action into your hands.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 09.09.2003 12:37
Update on police theft of ZooBomb bicycles
The final low down on who, what and why???.........

The officers involved were PPB officer Suttle and Beaverton Police officer Coulson. The bikes they stole, (the total seems less than the # of bikes in the pictures I took), approx 15, were turned in to the Portland Police Downtown Evidence/Property Room, located on 17th and Jefferson. The clerk I spoke with @ about 11:30 today claims that unless the owners can prove ownership to the officers who turned them in as "found property", they will be destroyed. [ Read more... ]

previous stories: [ Portland Police STEAL ZooBomb Bikes (06.Sep.2003) | Followup on ZooBomber's Bike Theft (08.Sep.2003) ]


MEDIA CRITICISM 08.09.2003 13:54
Portland Tribune gets it wrong with article about OHSU's bid for a Bioterror lab
i submitted the following "letter to the editor" to the Portland Tribune today.

I take issue with Mary Bellotti's Sept. 5 article, "OHSU loses hefty bid for biolab". First, the article creates the impression that OHSU is "unlikely" to recieve a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to build a Level 4 lab. But according to The Scientist magazine (April 2, 2003), the NIH wants to build at least one Level 4 lab on the West Coast, and only two applicants are contending: OHSU and the University of California at Davis. Since "Davis was a strong contender, but community opposition has forced UC officials to seek alternate sites," OHSU is in a good position.

Second, Bellotti posits -- without any apparent irony -- that "the need for such research became a prominent issue two years ago in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and incidents of mailed anthrax", even though it is now well-documented that the anthrax used in those attacks "originated within the U.S. biodefense program, where the necessary expertise and access are found" (LA Times, Sept. 22, 2002, et al.). It is not rational or logical to argue that the U.S. government needs more "biodefense" labs to protect itself from the substances currently being created and stored in existing ones.


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