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29.09.2003 17:43
VIDEO FILE: More Hands Around the Reservoirs
Sunday, September 28, 2003, at noon, members of the Portland Commmunity gathered at 41st and SE Hawthorne to rally and march against City intentions to destroy and bury the historic water reservoirs located on Mt. Tabor in Southeast Portland. This is a 7 minute video of that event.


PEOPLES' RIGHTS | PO-PO | FAUX-PO 28.09.2003 10:48
48 hour obstruction as nuisance festival raises hell
Around 2:00 am on the corner of 4th and Washington Mike D. was attacked by staff security guards of the Greek Cusina. Mike D. was handing out flyers during the 48 hour 'Obstruction as Nuisance' festival to bring attention to the criminalization of homelessness. Five to seven security guards from the club dragged Mike D and then threw him into the middle of the street while other members of the festival were handing out flyers protesting the Title 14, sit-lie ordinance that makes it illegal to sit, lie or stand on the sidewalk. The Portland Police have been using the ordinance to target the local homeless population. After being thrown Mike D was holding his hands straight in the air during the entire ordeal. The security guards had him in what looked like to be a full nelson. He did not resist the security guards or react in a physical manner. Mike D. then called 911 and at least three squad cars, a fire truck, and an ambulance rushed to the seen. It appeared that Mike's shoulder or arm was injured. He went to the hospital shortly after.

On Friday around 25 homeless and homeless advocates kicked off the Obstruction as Nuisance festival in front of the Portland Business Alliance. Around 60 people from the PPRC rally joined the festival to stand in solidarity against the Business Alliance. The Alliance has been accused of advocating for laws to criminalize the homeless, supporting out of state corporations, subcontracting out of state employers over Oregon workers and being against the anti-war resolution that failed months ago. [ Read More ]


Come Celebrate Red & Black Café's Third Anniversary!
Saturday October 4th: Come on down to the Red & Black Cafe, that fine pillar of Portland's radical culture, to celebrate their 3rd anniversary birthday bash!


MEDIA CRITICISM 28.09.2003 00:43
Rebuttal of Mojones's hit piece by corporate media flack Joshua Hammer
Joshua Hammer, Newsweek's man on the ground in Jerusalem, wrote an article for Mother Jones entitled "Rachel Corrie: Martyr, Idiot, Dedicated, Deluded." It starts off bad and goes downhill from there. Recently, Pham Nguyen wrote a detailed rebuttal exposing Hammer's article as a fraud, little more than an elaborate plagiarism pieced together from a motley assortment of rightwing websites, together with unsubstantiated innuendos, falsehoods, and uncritical quotes from israeli military PR people. Mojones gave this article prime space in their last issue, with Hammer's inflammatory, eye-catching title blaring from their front cover. Read the piece and the rebuttal, then email or write Mojones and call them on their shit!


THE DRINK OF THE DESPOT 27.09.2003 19:43
2,500 Coke workers in Colombia ordered to resign or be dismissed
Coca-Cola's main bottler in Latin America, Coca-Cola FEMSA, recently announced plans to close nine bottling plants in Colombia, which could leave 2,500 workers without jobs. The managers halted production at those plants and are pressuring workers to resign from their contracts in exchange for a lump-sum payment-- "voluntary retirement." The workers have been told that if they don't "resign," they will be dismissed. Due to the high unemployment in Colombia, many of the employees fear the loss of their jobs will keep them from being able to support their families when the severance offered by FEMSA runs out. The production of these plants will be shifted to 'super bottling plants' in other cities in Colombia.

The Coca-Cola workers' union, SINALTRAINAL, has established "centers of resistance" in front of the plants that are being shut down. Workers are refusing to resign, and union leaders are calling on activists and supporters in the United States to pressure Coke in order to stop these closures.

Violence against the union has increased during the past month. On August 22, paramilitary gunmen attempted to kill Juan Carlos Galvis, vice president of the union in Barrancabermeja. Juan Carlos' bodyguards were forced to fire back but, fortunately, no one was hurt. On September 10, the 15-year-old son of union leader Limberto Carranza was kidnapped and tortured in Barranquilla by four men who repeatedly questioned him about his father's location.

Take action at: http://www.caja.org/coke/index.htm


FOREST DEFENSE 27.09.2003 17:05
Devastating Tongass Rider Passes In Senate
Last night, during floor debate on the 2003 Interior Appropriations bill, the Senate rejected an amendment offered by Senator Boxer (D-CA) to strike a devastating anti-Tongass rider that had been attached to the bill by Alaska Senator Ted Stevens. The Steven's Tongass Judicial Review rider makes it nearly impossible for citizens to challenge road building and logging plans in the Tongass National Forest in Alaska - America's largest publicly-owned forest. The rider targets almost 40 Tongass logging projects, including at least ten sales where all or portions of the sale area are currently protected by the Roadless Area Conservation Rule.

Senator Barbara Boxer's (D-CA) amendment would have eliminated the harmful Tongass language from the bill but with momentum building in favor of Senator Boxer's amendment, Senator Stevens used a procedural vote on a "motion to table" to make sure there would not be an opportunity to vote directly on the Boxer amendment. The vote to set aside the Boxer amendment passed narrowly 52 to 44, leaving the Tongass language in the final bill. This vote sends a clear message that a strong contingent in the Senate does not
support Senator Steven's back-door tactics.


FREEDOM RIDERS 27.09.2003 13:06
Portland Freedom Riders Begin Day 2 in Walla Walla
"Walla Walla knows how to treat the Freedom Riders with dignity and respect!" shouted Maria Damaris Silva, a co-organizer of the Portland bus, at the early morning breakfast in the meeting hall of St. Patrick's Catholic Church Wednesday. Several riders shared personal accounts of their lives as immigrants or the children and grandchildren of immigrants.

After leaving the church, the pilgrims joined a rally with students on the campus of Whitman College moments away. Students and riders shared their thoughts on the meaning of the Freedom Ride to Washington, DC and New York and the importance of attaining dignity and respect, a path to citizenship, safe working environments, and living wages for hardworking immigrants and their families.


CRITICAL MASS 26.09.2003 23:17
Critical Massers Take Ross Island Bridge
"Who's Bridge?" "OUR BRIDGE!" That was our battle cry as about 15-20 Critical Massers rode in both west bound lanes of the Ross Island Bridge backing up traffic and pissing off a lot of motorists. It was all possible because of the absence of the Portland Police who decided shortly before, we took the bridge, to pack up and go home because there were to few of us left to follow around any longer. We showed them.


Hike the Straw Devil Timber Sale Sunday Sept 28
Join us for a tour of the recently logged old-growth forest at the Straw Devil timber sale in the Willamette National Forest. We will also take you to the tree-villages being occupied by the Cascadia Forest Defenders. Bring boots, lunch, water, and be prepared for rain. Now is the time to witness the ongoing practice of old-growth logging on YOUR public lands.
carpools leave at 10:00am from the Growers Market, 454 Willamette St, Eugene


FARM WORKERS RIGHTS 26.09.2003 17:01
Two Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride Busses Detained By Border Patrol in Texas
Two busses on the Immigrant Worker Freedom Ride (www.iwfr.org) were stopped by Border Patrol agents just outside of EL Paso, Texas. People were apparently ordered off the buses to be indentified, but people refused to provide the documentation asked for. This show of strength and solidarity, plus the immediate intervention of the local Bishop and elected officials, most likely forced the Border Patrol to back off and let folks through. Si se puede!

Some great quotes from one of the organizers, who was quoted by a local radio station story Here as well as in the local paper Here

"They were asked for their identification but the passengers felt it was racial profiling and exercised their right to remain silent," Bicchieri said. "Almost everyone on both busses are people of color."

"This shows exactly why these laws are needed," Bicchieri said. "People who are working, paying taxes, contributing into this economy, contributing to this society, should not worry that when they drive to another part of the country they live in, that they will be stopped, and harassed, and asked for papers."

Portland Freedom Riders Day 2 in Walla Walla | Undocumented Workers Successfully Challenge Border Checkpoint


CASCADIA SUMMER 26.09.2003 00:34
The Destruction of the Oak Grove watershed in the Mt. Hood National Forest
I camped in the Mt. Hood National Forest in mid September, in the valley of the Oak Grove fork of the Clackamas River. I visited three timber sales and Buck Lake. Everywhere I went I was vividly reminded of the horrendous destruction wrought upon the ecosystem by the Forest Service. Where once there were thriving temperate rain forests, now there are clearcuts and monoculture plantations. Tiny islands of old growth ecosystem remain, but for the most part they are set to be on the chopping block sooner or later due to their designation as part of "the matrix", a creation of the Clinton administration's Northwest Forest Plan. Clinton's plan has been characterized as "merely paint[ing] a thin veneer of conservation on the continued destruction" of Cascadia's precious ecosystems. In reference to the Northwest Forest Plan and other decisions, noted environmentalist David Brower went so far as to say: "Clinton and Gore have done more harm to the environment in 8 years than Bush and Reagan did in 12." Writer Jeffrey St. Clair maintains that this poor record is not due to Clinton and Gore's political beliefs, but can be blamed on the mainstream environmental organizations, which rolled over and played dead during the 1992-2000 Democratic administration, because they had friends in high places they didn't want to offend. The cost of their misplaced civility is clear to see in the Oak Grove valley, which activists currently describe as "hammered". Then and now, the lesson is the same: Don't trust the liberal establishment; it is a hollow farce that lacks both political spine and moral conviction, and it will sell out any attempt at meaningful change in a heartbeat.

Here in the Cascadia, we cannot count on the possibility of a President Howard Dean to do what needs to be done to save the forests: that is, to end to all commercial logging on public lands. We must take matters into our own hands. Currently, the Oregon Natural Resource Council, Bark, and the Cascadia Forest Alliance are among the groups trying to stop the destruction. This weekend, the 25th-29th, you could go to CFA's action camp near the Solo tiber sale to learn more.

In many ways, however, it too late to save the ecosystems around us; they are already destroyed. That's what I saw in the Oak Grove watershed.


FAITH | WORKS 26.09.2003 00:16
Dorothee Soelle, liberation theologian: 1929-2003
Even in her death, Dorothee Soelle has, again, given us a push. We have had a lot of exchanges among ourselves in our community about what we learned from her as a theologian and as a woman about her straight way of thinking, about her cheeky sense of humor, about her religious devotion, about her sense of resistance and conscientious objection. And we also have spoken about the new "mansions" that her speaking and writing have created. We will miss Dorothee Soelle, the prophet, the voice for the voiceless of our time.

Dorothee Soelle was our ally, here, at the Bread and Roses community. As one of the few liberation theologians working in the First World, the Catholic Worker roots of our movement were well known to her and they were valuable.


LOCAL PEACE EFFORTS 25.09.2003 17:00
Portland Peaceful Response Coalition to mark 100th Friday Rally on Sept. 26th
The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be marking the 100th Friday rally and march for peace at Pioneer Courthouse Square this coming Friday, September 26th. "We've been out here every week for 100 consecutive weeks with our simple message, calling for peace and justice and for nonviolence in place of the criminal and dangerous policies of our government's so-called 'war on terror'," said Mikel Clayhold, a volunteer with the PPRC. "We mark this 100th rally with grief for the thousands who have been slaughtered in the US wars on Afghanistan and Iraq, we again call on Americans to actively oppose the Bush Administration's colonial ambitions in the Middle East, and we rededicate ourselves to this long and difficult struggle to set our country on the path to peace and justice."

The Friday marchers will proceed to City Hall, a frequent destination for the Friday rally, where local musician, Ms. Melinda Pittman, will perform several songs to mark the centennial rally and march. [ Read more... ]

a smattering of portland indymedia stories about previous Friday rallies: [ PPRC Friday Rally - Photos (03.Aug.2002) | 'Fuck You George Bush' poem read at Friday's anti-war rally (11.May.2002) | Peace activists attacked and injured at PPRC Friday rally (04.Aug.2003) | Friday rally marchers demand: 'Send Kroeker back to LA!' (24.Aug.2002) | Friday PPRC Rally and March - Time to Stand Up! (05.Oct.2002) | MoveOn volunteers participate in Friday PPRC Peace rally; Make call for Feb. 26 'Virtual March' on D.C. (24.Feb.2003) | PPRC Rally this Friday -- photos and text (03.Aug.2002) | Homeland Security agents attack anti-war protesters (14.Jul.2002) | 'While you're shopping, bombs are dropping': Friday rally account (19.Oct.2002) | Portlanders march to 'Beat Back Bush's War' (17.Aug.2002) | Portland PPRC peace protest, with photos (09.Aug.2002) | Portlanders protest Gaza Strip bombing (27.Jul.2002) | PPRC rally in Portland tonight (05.Jul.2002) ]


FOREST DEFENSE 25.09.2003 16:35
Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project needs your help!
If you're at all familiar with their work, you need to speak up now. Blue Mountains is under attack in the Central Oregon press right as they have launched an appeal on one of the most important timber sales of the year.

In the wake of the B & B Complex fires that broke out right before President Bush came to town, and many sources, including some official ones, are declaring as deliberate, blatant, arson, Blue Mountains is getting hammered in the local press, right as they are appealing one of the most important timber sales of the year, the vast Metolius Basic project. Blue Mountains isn't alone in opposing the Metolius, but a lot of other local groups that haven't been surveying the area for the last year have caved into the Forest Service plan. Front page articles are quoting the Forest Service as gospel, while the editorials and letters are brimming over with misinformation and hateful rhetoric about environmental extremists. Keep in mind that this is a region where just "environmentalist" is a bad word.

There are two things that need to happen in response. The papers attacking Blue Mountains need to get letters to the editor in response, and people need to come to the Forest Service negotiation hearing in Sisters, for which 40 opposition parties have already registered their intent to come. That hearing has not been scheduled yet, but you can find out more by leaving a message at (541) 385-9167.


SUPPORT VALID SCIENCE 25.09.2003 16:28
Donate stuff for Oct. 4th fundraising garage sale to benefit CAAT(Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing)
CAAT (Coalition to Abolish Animal Testing) needs your help. We are having a fundraising garage sale Saturday, Oct. 4.

OHSU's National Primate Research center has been around for over 40 years, sucking up hundreds of millions of tax dollars. While social services are disappearing and people are dying from lack of medical treatment, OHSU keeps taking our money for research that is producing nothing of value.

CAAT is spreading the message that contrary to claims that animal research saves lives, it is in fact doing more harm than good to human health.

This is your chance to put all that stuff just sitting around to good use by donating it to the garage sale. If you'd like to arrange drop-off or pick-up of your donations, contact CAAT at:
or call the CAAT line at (503)972.CAAT


IMPERIAL ARROGANCE 24.09.2003 17:02
Open Letter in Solidarity to Venezuelan Goverment
We, the undersigned, condemn the US actions that prevented Venezuelan President Chavez from coming to the US to speak at the United Nations

President Chavez represents the growing global movement for economic and social justice, against US domination and for self-determination - beginning in Latin America. The people in the United States have been deprived of truth and of information about the new Venezuelan process, by a corporate media which has vilified and censored Pres. Chavez, and the movement he spearheads. Pres. Chavez has said he most regrets not being able to give a televised speech at Riverside Church where the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., a year to the day before he was assassinated, declared "[the Vietnam] war is the enemy of the poor."

We call on governments at the UN, Congress and people in the US in whose name these policies are carried out, to join us in;

  • Protesting US interference in the ability of a government to represent itself in the UN, and this attack on free speech;
  • Condemning the US refusal to protect President Chavez on its soil and, worse, its use of assassinations, deportations, illegal arrest, torture, overt and covert invasions and other methods to dispose of democratically-elected and social change leaders it doesn't want;
  • Demanding that the Bush administration stop its complicity with a discredited and corrupt elite, financing & sheltering their attempts to destabilize the economy, provoking violence and chaos, and imposing a dictatorship that would enable them again to steal, impoverish and exploit the Venezuelan people, on behalf of US multinationals and themselves.


24.09.2003 16:41
Miami "Stop the FTAA" Coverage Page
Fields of Hunger: The Lives of the Fresno Farmworkers
Look, for a full bucket (of garlic) they pay us $1.50. In the market, four heads of garlic cost you $2. Here they pay you per bucket, not per hour. They punch your card for each bucket. Sometimes you don't make enough for the minimum wage. Like right now we have to pay bills. If we don't work, how are we going to get paid? We work because we have to. We work all day and sometimes we make less than $30 for a six-hour day." -- A migrant worker from Oaxaca who had recently been laid off for speaking out against poor working conditions

According to the Department of Food and Agriculture the "Golden State" rakes in about $26 billion in profits from the fruits of the labor of the estimated 800,000 farmworkers in California. Yet it's not unusual for a farmworker who has spent most of his or her life working in the fields to have nothing to show for it.

Every day in Fresno, people are making choices. They are debating whether they should rent an apartment or sleep at the Mission. They are wondering if they should buy groceries or pay the rent. They are deciding whether to go to the doctor for medical treatment or go to work to pay the bills.

No person should have to make the choice of taking Tylenol for an injury that requires medical attention in order to go to work. No woman should have to rub alcohol on her bloody and bruised knees as part of her daily routine. And no person with diabetes should have their life-span cut short because they can't afford adequate food or medical attention for their condition. But the people that grow the food we eat, who spend their lifetime making someone else rich, have to make these kinds of choices every day.


POLICE STATE 24.09.2003 09:56
Emergency Action Needed to Protect Free Speech in Miami!


This THURSDAY, SEPT. 25, the Miami City Commission will most likely pass an ordinance banning the use and possession of a variety of items related to peaceful protests, demonstrations and protest marches. This includes puppets and other props; street theater masks; signs on sticks; cameras (still and video; used to record the actions of overzealous police); padded clothing (for protection against police truncheons and dogs); bullhorns; gas masks of any kind, including bandannas (used for protection against tear-gas and other dangerous chemical agents often used indiscriminately and recklessly by police), and much more.

The ordinance, which will take effect when passed and expire on Thursday, Nov. 27, is clearly aimed at stifling the voices of the tens of thousands of people - students, union members, activists, peasant farmers and many other types of individuals - from around the Americas and the world who will be coming to South Florida to protest at the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) meeting to be held from Nov. 17-21 in Miami.

It's important that concerned citizens immediately contact Miami city officials to voice their opposition to this draconian, unconstitutional measure.Tell them you're contacting them to express your opposition to this ordinance which strips away free speech rights - refer to it the parades and demonstrations ordinance; if they ask what you mean, tell them it's item J-O3-772 on the Sept. 25 City Commission agenda, which would add section 6.1 to Chapter 54 of the City of Miami municipal code


FOREST DEFENSE 24.09.2003 09:08
How I Became an Eco-Warrior
A week had gone by, no one had come back out. I was alone and comfortable with it. I'd made friends with the forest, the trees and the creatures. Now, when I hiked around the forest birds didn't treat me like an intruder. I didn't know it that day, but I was about to experience something amazing... A freak storm blew in that evening. It had been raining harder than usual and I headed back to camp early. the temperature was steadly dropping and the wind whipped as it began to hail.

I huddled around the fire drying my wet clothes when a sudden gust tore the grommets out of the tarp where it was tied. The tarp flew like a flag tied at only one corner. there was so much rain mixed with the hail that as I struggled with the tarp my fire was extinguished. I was able to rescure the tarp. With a little effort I rekindled my fire, again I set about drying my clothes, now both sets. The hail became a heavy sleet, the wind picked up. This time it blew down instead of up. Under the weight of the wind and sleet my tarp collapsed on top of me, again putting out my fire. I managed to get the tarp up again. I struggled over my dead fire for the second time.

All the wood was wet and it was difficult to get burning. I was able to get a small fire going, but it was a fraction of the fire I first had. I shivered as I tried to warm myself by its small flames. As I shivered around my pathetic fire the temperature dropped even further. the sleet had turned to full on snow. It was really coming down. Every few minutes I had to knock it of the tarp. But the storm was determined to have my fire. the wind had come in so hard and fast that it split the tarp right down the middle. For the third time my fire went out.


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