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Bad faith anti-imperialists, "cruise missile leftists," and Tibet
Recently, the controversial remarks of the Dalai Lama demurring on the subject of post-invasion Iraq have occasioned the usual flurry of ultraleft -- usually Maoist inspired -- diatribes against the Tibetan freedom struggle and the Dalai Lama himself. The arguments are old, tiresome, and fairly easily refuted: They include such nonsense as "the Dalai Lama is a CIA agent," "the Tibetan people are grateful to the Chinese for being liberated from brutal feudalist landlords," and other such claptrap. Unfortunately, these and similar arguments are evidence of the logical inconsistency, sloppy ahistoricity, immorality, and sad irrelevance of much of what still passes for "leftism" today. New Left Review has published an excellent rebuttal of these sorts of "leftist" anti-Tibetan polemics, in the form of a criticism of a recent essay by the revisionist "progressive" Chinese writer Wang Lixiong acting as apologist for Chinese atrocities against the Tibetan people.


POLITICAL CRITIC 05.10.2003 00:04
Jim Hightower Coming to PSU October 8th, Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are needed for a Jim Hightower talk benefitting The Portland Alliance, Alliance for Democracy and KBOO. The event will take place on October 8th at 7pm at PSUs Smith Ballroom (1825 SW Broadway). Tickets are $10-$20 sliding scale and all proceeds benefit The Portland Alliance, Alliance for Democracy and KBOO.

Jim Hightower, (author of "There's Nothing in the Middle of the Road but Yellow Stripes and Dead Armadillos : A Work of Political Subversion" and "If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They'd Have Given Us Candidates") will be in Portland October 10th talking about his new book, "Thieves in High Places: They've Stolen Our Country--And Its Time to Take It Back".

Volunteers get in FREE and are still needed for both the talk and the reception. To get tickets or volunteer contact The Portland Alliance by phone at 503-239-4991or by email at mazza@theportlandalliance.org


Sunday, October 12th beginning at 2:00pm on the campus of Concordia University, Portland. Join us for an theatrical explorations and discussion about the joys, sorrows and dilemmas of aging and caregiving in this one day festival of events.

All events take place at the Fine Arts Building at Concordia University NE 27th & Highland
homepage: http://www.bumpintheroad.org


POLICE STATE 04.10.2003 22:58
PJTTF/PATRIOT act hearings likely October 22
(This came through as a repost from copwatch)
"Luckily someone pointed out this article to me today at the PPRC rally. The Mayor's office had told us that the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) would be up for renewal either next week or the week after that. It looks like they're going even two _more_ weeks later in order to try covering their political butts by passing some resolution about the PATRIOT act at the same time. (Probably not 100 percent of what the Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee and the ACLU have been proposing.)

This means a few things, including that if we learn of ANY Portland Police participation in the PJTTF between October 1 and October 22, we should consider legal action. (The contract between the Portland Police and the FBI creating the PJTTF expires on September 30 each year)."

Portland may weigh in on Patriot Act (Oregonian 9/26 Article)

Brave Men and Women of Portland Police Bureau Beat Up 71-year-old Blind Lady -- kboo audio coverage "A 71-year-old Portland woman who is blind intends to sue police because she claims officers used excessive force."


Why Aren't Buses Free?
Why aren't auto drivers paying for the buses instead of the riders? Read more....
As I sat on a bus today, inching along in traffic, it became clear to me that all buses should be free. People who ride buses are providing a public service. To charge money to ride the bus is insane. Bus riders are REDUCING TRAFFIC CONGESTION for the one person per car overload on our streets and freeways. Bus riders ARE REDUCING POLLUTION. Bus riders are using considerably LESS GAS, and many buses are run on electricity, not Middle Eastern oil. According to statistics, 3% of the population rides buses. A way to increase the number would be to make buses FREE.

I propose a tax be added to auto licensing fees, car sales taxes, etc. to subsidize the bus systems. If cars insist on clogging the roads to a point where the traffic is impenetrable, the sky is hazy, and the gas is priced sky-high, then they need to be willing to PAY anyone willing to ride a bus. So they can continue to clog streets and guzzle gas, sitting in their cars alone. It is time to make the people driving cars, pay outright, for the traffic-reducing, pollution-reducing, gas-conserving buses, not the bus riders.

homepage:  http://www.kanderberg.blogspot.com


FREE FREE NOW! 04.10.2003 15:49
Support Anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free'Luers
Anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers needs your support.

Here are some places you can write letters to in defense of Free:

  1. Eugene Weekly, 1251 Lincoln, Eugene OR 97401. editor@eugeneweekly.com
  2. Register Guard, PO Box 10188, Eugene, OR 97440-2188. rgletters@guardnet.com
  3. Portland Mercury, 605 NE 21st Avenue, Suite 200, Portland, OR 97232. mercuryeditorial@portlandmercury.com
  4. Willamette Week, 822 SW 10th Avenue, Portland, OR 97205. mzusman at wweek.com

Governmental Addresses:
Attorney General Hardy Myers, Attorney General-State of Oregon, 400 Justice Building Salem, Oregon 97310. Write to the Attorney General of Oregon Supporting Free's appeal [Appellate case #A115208]. Keep messages polite and view sample letters here.

Governor of Oregon Ted Kulongoski, 160 State Capitol, 900 Court Street, Salem, Oregon 97301-4047. Fax: 503.378.6827.

homepage: http://www.freefreenow.org http://www.breakthechains.net address: Free's Defense Network, POB 3, Eugene, OR 97440

Sign up to the Free Jeff Luers listserve here: its a low traffic list that focuses specifially on Free.

[ www.freefreenow.org | Photos | Who is Jeff Luers? ]


MEDIA CRITIQUE 04.10.2003 15:29
Bush Visit to North Portland - The Local Take
From In And About: "While Republican donors sat inside the University of Portland's red dome auditorium and paid to see the President, area residents wondered out loud who was going to pick up the check for all the police overtime..." >>>

Some Comments:

I.M.Angry: My comment regards what happened after the protest,in the park annex. (Sorry,can't remember the name of the park-I'm new to PDX.) People were pretty peaceably assembled in the park-about a hundred of us,I'd say. I was standing out near the main road that divides the park from the annex .Everything was quiet- my feeling was that things were winding down and people were probably about to go home.Suddenly,out of nowhere,this cop in a riot hat (at least) comes flying through the crowd and jumps on this girl.Well, of course,all hell breaks loose.People are running around,freaking out,the cops are bugling at us to LEAVE THE PARK NOW OR FACE CHEMICAL AGENTS and basically the cops shut the annex down and threw us out of the park.When I attempted to get to the bus stop a few minutes later,I was prevented and threatened with arrest.
Why were we thrown out of the park? What law or statute did the PDX pigs use to justify their fascist actions that day?I heard later that there was a bus full of donors which was stopped by some anarchists (go,anarchists!)sitting in the street in front of it and that was supposedly the reason.This was also "reported" by the crap corporate media that night and never retracted or apologized for,that I know of.Only one problem,folks.I NEVER SAW ANY BUS. I heard the bus incident was at a completely different location.The popo were in rare form that day.
If someone was there that day and can explain to me what happened-did I miss something big or is this just more of the same?Has anyone filed suit?

We are the "cute little protestor wanna-be" kids who were very easily controlled and ineffective. We were easily handled and caused no uproar, and gave the PPB much reason to gloat about their great preparedness. Next time we need to, oh, actually get off our asses.


ENVIRO CRITIQUE 04.10.2003 15:19
The Julia Butterfly Show
Julia "Butterfly" Hill - what has she become?

If your a blissed-out hippie looking for easy answers then the "We The Planet" tour is for you. Serious environmentalists, on the other hand,might want to pass if they don't want to gag on the sappy sweet patronizing of Julia "Butterfly" Hill.... Still living off the fame her ill-fate tree-sit has afforded her, Julia knows what her adoring fans want to hear and she does not fail to deliver her message of green consumerism.

One Response:
sceptical of your scepticism
I dunno. Two years in a tree. Travelling to other countries to lend support to grassroots groups engaged in similar Earth justice struggles (eg, Bolivia); getting dragged off and deported by force by the thuggish local governments ( http://nigeria.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=770). Seems to me that Julia has done a lot more than travel round in busses selling consumer kitsch and evangelizing green consumerism. I think she's innocent of the charges of profiteering you've laid at her door...Different people are at different levels of consciousness and willingness to take action....


Old People for Sale
The story of adult foster care in Portland serves as a fable to those who would claim that market forces are the best, most efficient, most effective way to meet our societal needs. In point of fact, commodification on the market robs important human relationships of their dignity and their meaning. This commodification can even be dangerous.


FOREST DEFENSE 02.10.2003 20:28
Spotted Owl pair, Heavy Machinery battle group, sighted at Mt. Hood timber sale
Over the last year, forest defenders at the Solo timber sale have occasionally heard the four-note call of a Spotted Owl in the vicinity of the controversial Solo Timber Sale on Mt. Hood. The Forest Service has not discovered this and has not filed for an Incidental Take Permit from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, required for removing the nesting and foraging of this endangered species. Recently, the owl has approached forest defenders out of curiosity and they were shocked to see that it is in fact a pair (presumed to be breeding).

As per the ongoing lawsuit by the Oregon Natural Resources Coalition for the Forest Service's failure to properly survey and account for, and accept citizen reports of endangered species in their Environmental Assessments for six current timber sales, it is unlikely thatt the Forest Service will act on this plea. The Judge for this case is still deciding whether the Forest Service acted improperly in auctioning these sales without proper review as required under the Northwest Forest Plan. An court order prohibits logging in any of the contested timber sales until Wednesday, October 8th.

This morning, heavy machinery, including a log loader, was observed moving into the area. Freres Lumber, the most recent purchaser of the Solo timber sale either has surpeme confidence that the ONRC lawsuit will fail, or plans to begin logging illegally, as they have in the past.



Tortoise, one of the Borg 4, has court in Oregon City on Friday October 3rd at 10 am.
Come out and show your support or provide a ride. Meet at the Cascadia Forest Alliance office [SE 15th & Clinton] at 8:30 am on Friday morning. For more information contact CFA 503.241.4879.


02.10.2003 15:46
After Cancún Collapse, Renewed Push for Central American Free Trade Agreement
The suicide by self-immolation of Korean farmer Lee Kyung Hae was only the most dramatic symbol of resistance to the World Trade Organization at its recent summit in Cancún, Mexico. Despite the millions of dollars invested in the meeting and the security forces surrounding it, neoliberal corporate globalization was handed a major defeat when the WTO negotiations broke down in acrimony on September 14. The US and Europe refused to negotiate on key agricultural issues, tenaciously holding on to their farm subsidies and import tariffs while demanding that developing nations eliminate theirs, terms that would bankrupt millions of small farmers across the Global South. In defense of their own agricultural interests and food security, negotiators from the so-called G-21 group of developing nations walked out of the summit, vowing not to return to the negotiating table until the US and Europe reversed their hypocritical stance on agriculture.

One Latin American country pulled out of the G-21 group, prioritizing its privileged status as pet of the Bush administration over its population s need for food security and economic development. El Salvador was an original member of the G-21, perhaps acknowledging that the global coffee crisis brought on by neoliberal structural adjustment programs has decimated the country s own agricultural sector. Yet direct pressure from US Trade Representative Robert Zoellick forced El Salvador to retreat, and led negotiator Ricardo Reyes to dismiss Salvadoran farmers' concerns as "fear of the competition of the free market." In fact, Salvadoran producers understand that unfair competition on a market that is anything but free would flood El Salvador with low-priced US subsidized products, destroying their livelihoods. Such farmers have joined a new social-movement alliance called the Popular Social Block, which is demanding an immediate end to free trade negotiations.

Zoellick and the USTR has shifted into overdrive on CAFTA, and Zoellick himself is in Central America this week as part of an emergency visit.

Related: [ Second phase of IMC organizing for FTAA/ALCA-Miami convergence ]


POLITICAL CRITIQUE 02.10.2003 15:15
The Trouble with Liberals - ‘Blaming the Victim'
Recently an anarchist posted a piece criticizing liberals for adopting positions that were basically equivalent with those of an undercover cop. A much more devastating critique of liberal Democrat ideology was published in 1971, by a black American, William Ryan. The title of the book is 'Blaming the Victim', which one reviewer called "an impassioned, brilliant expose of middle class ideology' and another called 'an illusion shatterer of the first order (which) will stop you dead in your tracks.'

Ryan's book remains one of the most interesting dissections of Liberal Democrat thought I have ever read, and even years after reading it, what it said sticks with me, a testament to the power of its arguments... What the book said can also be applied to certain segments of the 'Green' political party, for as I have listened to the political debate, and analyzed certain Green positions put forward by certain Green candidates, once again I have found myself confronted with policies that have hidden within them the ideology of blaming the victim.

It is one of the characteristics of victim blaming that the inequality of Capitalist society is not questioned, but rather the blame for certain suffering and social problems is instead shifted to become a problem inherent in the victim. It is this middle class status quo attitude which is at the heart of victim blaming, and thus is found at the heart of to much of what passes for 'liberalism' in the world. These liberals want to preserve the status quo, since they benefit greatly themselves from the way things are, but at the same time they are disturbed by the suffering and poverty along the margins. What they do not want is any sort of fundamental change which might result in a reduction in privilege for themselves, and at the same time they do not want poverty and injustice in the world, and perhaps unconsciously, they begin to tilt towards 'solutions' that involve blaming the victim. Such solutions are not always transparently obvious as 'victim blaming' and can even superficially appear to be 'progressive', and this is not surprising since it is important to this middle class liberal mindset to incorporate a self image as one who is not an oppressor.

Related articles:
[ The trouble with Indymedia | Why Do Liberals Defend the CIA? ]


SUSTAINABLITY 02.10.2003 13:15
Village Building Convergence Info meeting October 2nd, 6-8PM
Want to be part of The Village Building Convergence 2004?

Come to an informational meeting and potluck on Thursday, October 2nd, 6-8PM at 3844 SE Yamhill.

The 2004 Village Building Convergence is a 10-day event of daytime and evening educational, inspirational, and celebratory activities surrounding the transformation of our neighborhood spaces into vibrant public places. It will take place this Spring/Summer, but planning begins NOW!

Permaculture Teacher Training October 8-13, 2003 Eugene, Oregon, Cascadia

Empower yourself to promote sustainable living and design! In this dynamic, interactive and fun course learn powerful techniques to communicate whole systems education to others and apply permaculture design principles to teaching.

Certification Course: Permaculture Teacher Training
with Jude Hobbs and Tom Ward
October 8-13, 2003 - Eugene, Oregon


02.10.2003 13:02
Climate conference becomes a disaster - Kyoto up in smoke?
Fresh from a visit with George Bush, Putin and his government are giving indications that Russia will not be endorsing the Kyoto accord. The Canadian government was under pressure from the Bush adminsitration to not ratify Kyoto, and the Australian government has abandoned the accord. Due to the way the accord is structured, if Russia does not ratify the accord is dead in the water.

According to Putin, in a joke he made to the Climate Change Conference, global warming would be good for Russia, since they wouldn't need such heavy parkas, and they could grow more wheat. His remark drew an angry response from a delegate from Finland, who spoke about the ecological catastrophe facing the Northern regions of Europe, with polar bears being particularl;y hard hit by receding ice, which leads to a disruption in their traditional hunting practices, and thus starvation and potential extinction event. Other participants drew attention to the uncertainty surrounding the potential effects of climate change, to suggest that it could be harmful to Russian interests (in particular the melting of the Permafrost, could result in a large bog, into which would sink all of Russia's oil pipeline infrrastructure.


01.10.2003 15:46
The trouble with Indymedia
These comments are in regard to an article from the "feature" section of the site, where the heading was listed as "THE TROUBLE WITH LIBERALS, PART XXXI." I think that making such a derogatory judgment in the heading is a fairly immature act on the part of whichever Indymedia volunteer posted this feature.


"Revolutionary Cells" Claims Bombings at Shaklee, Promises More
On the night of September 25th volunteers from the Revolutionary Cells attacked a subsidiary of a notorious HLS client, Yamanouchi. We left an approximately 10lb ammonium nitrate bomb strapped with nails outside of Shaklee Inc, whose CEO is both the CEO for Shaklee and Yamanouchi Consumer Inc. We gave all of the customers the chance, the choice, to withdraw their business from HLS. Now you all will have to reap what you have sown. All customers and their families are considered legitimate targets.


Undercover cops and their unwitting liberal co-conspirators
My comrade and I believe it is of utmost importance to make as many individuals as possible question all pre-conceived notions learned subconsciously through the inevitable process of socialization - ideas which the majority, many of whom consider themselves to be enlightened critical thinkers, naively accept as the gospel truth. Therefore, as in every other day of our lives, whenever we take to the streets, we attempt to make as many people as possible question their previously un-examined reasons for acting, speaking, and believing - police and protestors alike.

As usual, we called out the cops on the lawn for what they are, who they serve and protect, their motivations for deciding to become cops, and the impact that their brutal quelling of dissent has on their own families and friends.

We yelled, "So are your parents in there, paying $2,000 a plate? Your parents rich? No - they're working class just like us, or else you wouldn't be cops!"

"To serve and protect? Who you serving and protecting? The people? We're out here - you're pointing your guns at us! You're serving and protecting the rich - the ones in there! The same people who are closing our schools, slashing our budgets, cutting our jobs - and your families are affected too! You're traitors to your own families! How does it feel? Think about that tonight!"

After just such and exchange, a typical liberal counter-revolutionary sheep piped up behind us, "This is a peaceful protest! Don't be violent!"


DIRTY LAUNDRY 30.09.2003 22:49
TV Newswomen: Why Trannies should deliver the news
Hurricanes and recalls are all I recall
last month
some people blowing so hard
you'd think their pants would fall off
and that's what concerns me most
Why do the late night network news
women look like transvestites
like they could bend their emasculated co-
anchor over the faux desk and
f*** him silly and sideways
with another Isabel/Arnie report
Newschicks with dicks
ripping my sphincter open
with eight inches "Up To The Minute"

You may think I'm not well-
anchored here
but there are distinct advantages
to trannies delivering the news
Here's that report...


ONE BIG UNION 30.09.2003 00:16
Portland Women's Crisis Line Announces Intent to Unionize
Portland Women's Crisis Line is a non-profit agency dedicated to providing advocacy and resources to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Established in 1973, PWCL works 24 hours a day to stop violence against women, children and anyone affected by interpersonal violence. "We go to the hospital when a woman is raped, and provide support whether she reports to the police or not. We are often the only voice of support to people who have been beaten, berated and isolated." said Stacie W., an employee of PWCL.

With all the time and effort the advocates at Portland Women?s Crisis Line dedicate to improving the lives of others in the community, it only makes sense that they begin to advocate for themselves. In order to start that process, the workers publicly announced last week that they joined the Industrial Workers of the World, local union 650.


LABOR 30.09.2003 00:05
Powell's Books contract negotiations community update
If you've been at any of Portland's world renouned Powell's Bookstore locations in the past few days, you may have seen employees wearing stickers along the lines of "1% won't pay my rent" and "no way". If you'd like to know what thats all about..read on.


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