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POLICE STATE 16.10.2003 14:21
Action Alert: SUPPORT Portland's ANTI-Patriot Act Resolution!
The Portland City Council will be hearing a resolution criticizing the most egregious portions of the USA PATRIOT Act. Portland would join close to 200 local jurisdictions across the country to take a stand against the USA PATRIOT Act.

We need you to take immediate action. We understand that Portland City Council will be taking the resolution under consideration on Wednesday, October 29. Before that time, they need to hear from all of us in urging them to support the Anti-Patriot Resolution. Apparently Lars Larson has been urging listeners of his radio show to oppose it and City Council is only hearing from opponents.

Please call the Commissioners today and urge them to SUPPORT A STRONG VERSION OF THE ANTI-PATRIOT RESOLUTION.

Mayor Vera Katz
Rm 340 - Ph 503-823-4120
fax 503-823-3588


REALITY CHECK 16.10.2003 03:12
What's Left: A more sensible alternative to replacing Bush with a Democrat
Bush can be stopped, a "Letter to the Left" [ http://www.petitiononline.com/LttrLeft/petition.html] tells me. It's signed by Leslie Cagan, Noam Chomsky, and Pete Seeger, among others... [B]ut so what? Beating Bush isn't the same as beating the drive, through military force or otherwise, to dominate the world. That exists independent of Bush, or whoever else occupies the White House. And if you think anyone, even slightly to the left of Bush, has to be better, take a long, hard look at Tony Blair. Or consider Clinton's record, free from the distorting mythology that Clinton respected international law, engaged every ally, and never by-passed the UN. It's not Bush that has to be beaten; it's a drive to dominate the world that has to beaten, which means beating something much more fundamental than Bush.


WAGING WAR ON DISSENT 15.10.2003 23:44
Dramatic situation in Bolivia
Bolivians rise against privatization plan The government of Gonzalo ("Goni") Sanchez Lozada in Bolivia is facing a massive wave of popular resistance after announcing a plan to sell off the country's natural gas reserves to foreign corporate interests, including US energy companies. The announcement came on the heals of austerity measures hiking the price of basic necessities.

One Version in Spanish & More on the Atrocities


The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged
The Neocon election rigging juggernaut lurches forward unstoppable in the guise of so-called election reform. Two Republican dominated corporations, Election Systems & Software (ES&S), and Diebold Voting Systems, now control 80% of the vote count in the United States. As this transition has taken place, a pattern of election upsets which overwhelmingly favor Republican candidates is emerging. These are only test runs in preparation for the 2004 presidential selection. The Neocons have determined that elections can be manipulated easily with the new touch screen voting systems and when accompanied by a media pounding of lies the public will accept the rigged election results as fact. The greatest advantage of the new touch screen voting scam is the removal of a paper trail and the blockage of access to the inner workings of the software.
[ read more >> ]

Diebold machines caught skimming votes in California
I ran a number crunch of CA counties that use Diebold machines to cast/count votes and found some weird figures that show a skim of votes from top candidates to people who were unlikely to affect the outcome.

Based on the very unlikely distribution of votes for some candidates (a meteor hit my car twice this week sort of odds) a hand count of the affected counties to compare with the machine reported count should be done. This would show that the machines had been tampered with to alter the results. As we already know, it is not possible to audit touchscreen machines because Diebold refuse to allow printing of a ballot to be placed in a box as a back up for use in just such an apparent tampering with votes.
[ read more >> ]

Diebold Doing End-Runs Around Election Certification - Here are the memos
A Diebold message board has been used since 1999 to help technicians in the field interact with programmers to solve problems. The contents of this message board were quietly sent to reporters and activists around the world, most likely by a Diebold employee. In a letter to WiredNews, Diebold has acknowledged that these memos are from its own staff message boards.

From Diebold engineer: "Right now you can open GEMS' .mdb file with MS-Access, and alter its contents. That includes the audit log... The changes to put a password on the .mdb file are not trivial and probably not even backward compatible, but we'll do it if that is what it is going to take."

Response from Metamor: "For now Metamor accepts the requirement to restrict the server password to authorized staff in the jurisdiction, and that it should be the responsibility of the jurisdiction to restrict knowledge of this password. So no action is necessary in this matter, at this time."
[ read more >> ]

electronic (blackbox) voting
Several privately-owned, politically-partisan corporations, who have been given billions of dollars by the Bush Regime to complete nationwide computerization of voting machines by 2004, are producing and installing secretly-programmed computer voting systems. These systems are protected from public scrutiny by law. A judge in Florida threw out a request to have the computers examined during the "amazing upset" outcome of a recent Florida election ruling that the innards of America's voting machines are the trade secrets of the private companies who make them.
[ read more >> ]

Computer Voting Fraud book - online now! and Free Download!
Everyone, The quintessential mover and shaker activist for computer voting insecurity (and fraud?) is Bev Harris. Her new book is out - and she is offering it free (online download) and asking everyone to read it and pass it on. Her goal is help make America wake up to this most horrifying attack on democracy via the election process.
[ read more >> ]

Motherf***ers . . . Diebold is going after sites that merely LINK to copies of their software and memos on other servers! Is it obvious that Diebold has something to hide?
[ read more >> ]

Related story: All the President's votes?
Previous stories: [ An open invitation to election fraud | More on the Fraudulent Nature of AmeriKKKan Democracy | The Voting-Machine Industrial Complex | Democracy Now! on Electronic Voting Machines | We Must Stop Bu$h From Stealing the 2004 Election | Diebold Voting Machine Controversy in Ohio | The most successful coup is one that few notice. ]


FOREST DEFENSE 14.10.2003 15:00
Logging at Blodgett halted for the day by forest defenders
Loggers for Roseburg Forest Products were met this morning by handfuls of forest activists at the Blodgett timber sale. RFP showed up to start logging Blodgett Unit 7 this morning in the Umpqua National Forest near Cottage Grove. Forest defenders met the loggers as they pulled in on the road while others were in the forest waiting... Freddies (forest service law enforcement rangers) were no where to be seen. The loggers decided they didn't want to deal with "protestors" so the loggers went home for the day.

Tomorrow, however, may be an entirely different story......


Homeland Security: A Domestic "Phoenix Program"?

Douglas Valentine is the author of The Phoenix Program, the highly regarded account of the CIA's clandestine dirty war against the Viet Cong in South Vietnam.

Now, Valentine has noted striking parallels between the Phoenix Program and former Texas Governor GW Bush's emerging "Homeland Security" plan. Prominent Phoenix Program operatives are being installed in key positions in the new Homeland Security Department. The same legal cover is now being used for the new prerogatives being claimed by the Justice Department in its campaign of "preventive detentions" as the CIA itself cited in Congressional hearings to justify its extralegal tactics against suspected Viet Cong sympathizers among the civilian population of South Vietnam.


MEDIA CRITICISM 14.10.2003 12:58
Report What I Say . . . Not What I Do!
That the mainstream media has filtered and distorted news about the war cannot be denied. But its promotion of the War prior to preemptive strike, support of the War On Terrorism and the Patriot Act (right down to specially designed logos!), embedded pro-administration reporters, and early war coverage were all of benefit to the Bush administration. Shrub's cadre wasn't complaining when the media was busy wrapping Private Jessica in a flag or photographing the downfall of a Saddam statue or covering the President on the deck of a carrier in a flight suit as he strutted about and declared the end of military action! Unfortunately the good puppy media has made the mistake of peeing on Mr. Bush's trousers.


HEALTH CARE FOR ALL 14.10.2003 06:59
Oregonians For Health Security
Oregon Seniors Urge Smith to Reject Privatization of Medicare

Seniors would rather have no bill, than a bad bill that would leave seniors at the mercy of insurance companies by privatizing Medicare . Seniors in Oregon and across the country took to the streets Friday, October 10 to protest the Medicare Prescription bill. The National Day of Action was sponsored by the Alliance for Retired Americans to urge members of Congress to reject efforts to privatize Medicare.

Oregon seniors held an action at Terry Schrunk Plaza and marched to Senator Smith's district office. Michael Arken, President of the Oregon chapter, told the Senator's staff that he and other seniors would rather have no bill, than a bad bill that would leave seniors at the mercy of insurance companies by privatizing Medicare.

The conference committee currently debating the bills has set a deadline of October 17 for a decision to be reached. You can share your opinions with Oregon's congressional delegation at 1-800-511-3802. Read More>> www.oregoniansforhealthsecurity.org

Profile of Kids without health care:
new efforts to insure Oregon children

"When my daughter gets sick, the only thing I can do is go to the store for Tylenol. That's not real medicine, it only helps for a few hours." -- Nataliya Khodzhoyeva, Portland janitor. Nataliya works full-time, but her children do not have health care coverage. During the last legislative session, improvements were made to cover more kids. Children and families earning less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level will now be eligible for the Oregon Health Plan and Family Health Insurance Assistance Program. Unfortunately, many parents do not realize their children are eligible for health care coverage. There are over 40,000 children in Oregon who are eligible for OHP or FHIAP but are not enrolled. If you know an uninsured child contact DHS or Oregon Health Action Campaign's Health Care Helpline at 1-866-458-4457 to see if they are eligible. A number of ballot initiatives have been filed by members of the Oregon AFL-CIO to develop a mechanism so that all children in Oregon could have health care coverage. If enough signatures are gathered, the initiative would go on the November 2004 ballot. The filed initiatives would create a 2% payroll tax to fund the program. Employers who provide family coverage would receive a rebate to cover the costs of providing the benefit to their employees' children. In addition, federal funding would be maximized to offset the costs. Read More>>

Thursday's signing ceremony for new Prescription Drug program


POLITICIZED MUSIC 13.10.2003 22:17
Portland Band on National Tour to Promote Awareness and Action Against Voting Machines
Portland new wave band Railer are touring for 5 weeks across the country, with a mission to inform and invigorate fans and voters to take local action to prevent voting machines from being purchased and installed for the 2004 election.

Portland, OR - October 6 - Upcoming Portland band Railer is launching a nationwide music tour in mid-October to join the fight against fraudulent voting technologies. The popular new wave rock act that won the Northwest's largest ever band search will tour coast to coast spreading information about the new technologies while introducing new fans to their unique sound.

Florida Missing Ballot Whistleblower Fired


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 13.10.2003 21:52
Audio Files: Jim Hightower and Paul Krugman in Portland
Jim Hightower

Jim Hightower spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at Portland State University Wednesday evening, October 8, 2003. This is a 35 minute audio file of that presentation. Articulate, humorous, witty, his presentation was all of these, blended with a keen perceptive grasp of the political arena, he unfolds the theme of his most recent book, "Thieves in High Places." His remarks were preceeded by a presentation by Lloyd Marbet who spoke about the upcoming vote to turn Portland General Electric into a Public Utility District and the most recent Campaign Finance Reform initiative.

He led off by saying that he was proud to be in Portland adding to the rebellion against the thieves in high places who are trying to steal our country from us. "Piece by piece they have been stealing our democracy, which is really our ability to make the decisions that control our lives. These days that ability has moved out of our lives into the corporate suites" Hightower fully supports the citizen Initiative to turn PGE into a PUD, and demonstrated a better grasp of the issues involved than most citizens who live here, at least those citizens who are depending upon PGE and the local media to inform them about the issue. He encourges folks to vote on November 4th and "kick Enron's thieving butt out of Oregon."
Articulate, humorous, witty, Jim Hightower is all of these, blended with a keen perceptive grasp of the political arena, he unfolds the theme of his most recent book, "Thieves in High Places." Hightower speaks to the issue of corporate corruption, especially demonstrated by the polixiwa of the Bush Administration, offers examples of various successful struggles against corporate excessess, as well as sound advice about how the community can unite and take back their democracy. Read More>>

Paul Krugman

This is a 37 minute audio file , full of insight and humor An excellent presentation, Krugman speaks to the Bush tax cuts and other policies which are weakening the economy and the country. These not only include economic policies, but foreign policies which are draining our country of resources needed right here at home. An excellent presentation, full of insight and humor.... Read More>>

[Paul Krugman | Unofficial Website | Official Website ]

homepage: http://www.PhilosopherSeed.org


ECO-CIDE 13.10.2003 13:26
Allyn Ford to begin logging at Blodgett timber sale tomorrow
Roseburg Forest Products, owned by timber beast Allyn Ford, will begin logging operations at the Blodgett timber sale tomorrow.

Blodgett is located in the Umpqua National Forest near the town of Cottage Grove, Oregon. A tree-sit there last year saved 9 acres of old-growth (along with public outcry and pressure), and Roseburg Forest Products released paperwork stating that they would not begin logging the rest of the sale until 2004. Well....the forest defense community won a major victory against 6 other timber sales last week, and RFP is probably worried about a ripple effect and decided to get the trees on the ground before anything else could stop them....

The unit they will begin operations in is unit 7 - a highly diverse unit on a steep slope, and home to a cougar, and others. There are gorgeous rocky meadows there as well as madrones, hemlocks, sugar pines, doug firs, yew trees, and more.

Allyn Ford/RFP holds contracts to log dozens of other old-growth timber sales in Oregon.



GENOCIDE OPPOSED 13.10.2003 08:12
Anti-Columbus Day Activities

Come out and join us for two days of Anti-Columbus/ Indigenous Solidarity activities, including debut footage from WTO Cancun protests.

  • Mon 12 noon: Indigenous Solidiarity Day at EMU Amphitheatre on the UO campus. Come see Chrystos (rad indigenous poet), Stormy Ogden (author on colonialism and women's prisons), Prof. Chuck Hunt (annual Columbus Day lecture) and many more, with music from Azuquita and Juice to Make it Happen.
  • Mon 8 PM: The Cascadia Media Collective presents: Guerrilla Media In Action, Columbus to Cancun. WOW Hall (8th and Lincoln) $5 Poetry from Chrystos and other special guest performances. Video from FTAA Quebec, Denver Transforming Columbus Day 2002, WTO Sacremento and debut footage of WTO Cancun.
  • Tues Stormy Ogden and Chrystos at LCC in the Education Building.
Chavez urges Venzuelans to not celebrate Columbus Day


FOREST DEFENSE 13.10.2003 00:15
Columbia Helicopters Harass, Endanger Activists on Gypsy Mountain
Columbia Helicopters Endangers Peak Tree-sitter’s Life Activists on Gypsy Mountain are being harassed and endangered by employees of Columbia Helicopters, an international company based in Oregon contracted by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber to fall trees and yard them with helicopters. The giant, double-propeller helicopters have become an annoying mainstay in the skies of Humboldt County since the area was opened to helicopter yarding several years ago.


12.10.2003 23:07
The Genocidal Mentality
Part 1: The 'free market' as genocidal ideology

In his book "The Nazi Doctors", Robert Jay Lifton, investigated the question "how is it that ordinary people take part in acts of extraordinary evil." In his forward to the book he noted that in deciding to investigate this matter he described his "conviction that what was now most needed was (not a study of the victims of the Holocaust but rather) a study of perpetrators." His movement in this direction brought forth misgivings among people insisted that this was a subject best left alone, and that 'Nazi evil should be merely be recognized and isolated: rather than make it an object of study, one should simply condemn it...(such a study) ran the risk of replacing condemnation with "insights"." This was based, he stated, on "an assumption that Nazi or any other evil has no relationship to the rest of us," and assumption he described as "false, even dangerous." He also made note of the fact that the doing of evil was not something restricted to Nazi doctors : Soviet doctors diagnosed dissenters as insane; Chilean doctors manned the torture chambers; American doctors worked for the CIA on mind manipulation experiements; Japanese doctors conducted experiments on prisoners of war; South African doctors falsified death certificates of victims of torture. [ read more ]

Part 2: The Great Humanitarian Wars

It has become a feature of the last 20th and earlier 21st century that the planet has become embroiled in what are called 'humanitarian wars' which, it has been said, are being fought to 'prevent genocide' and are targeting 'new Hitler' who once again threatens the world with tyranny and genocide. In the case of the Balkan conflict and the war in Kosovo, this war against 'ethnic cleansing' and 'the new Hitler' was supported even by many who could be called 'liberals' who were appalled by the prospect of 'genocide' and thus were willing to support military intervention. [ read more ]

Part 3: In defense of Idealistic Moralism vs 'Pragmatism'

Ideological totalism describes, "A belief in which devil hatred subsumes anything in he way of positive belief' resulting in an ideology that took on "totalistic qualities, became associated with thought and feeling that was absolute and completely polarized." A classic example of this type of totalistic ideology can be found in the cultural archetype of classic Christianity, a religious ideology that incorporates both the ideology of of polarization between 'devils' and 'angels', 'saved' and 'unsaved', 'lost' and 'found' and also incorporates the genocidal mentality in its descriptions of 'hell fire and brimstone' for those outside the orthodox genocidal system. This totalistic mentality was also incorporated in the Cold War between the Americans and the Russians, with the Russians becoming the repository of Satanism in a new type of quasi-religious cult where the 'free market' represented heaven and salvation, and the Russians represented hell and damnation. This devil then became 'the repository for all evil; and America, by means of an insistent symmetry, the repository of good." Thus the relationship could be understood "in biblical terms" with the enemy becoming 'godless monsters', 'the focus of all evil and the evil empire." By dwelling exclusively on enemy evil, this "justified any means on our part, covert or overt, violent or nonviolent, that might serve the purposes of frustrating' the enemies design. The enemy was willing to 'strike a surprise blow' because of 'American virtue : the essential tolerance of our world outlook, our generous and constructive impulses, and with the absence of covetousness in our international relations. The language was deliberately hyped for the sake of gaining support for American weapons buildup." This followed "other themes of ideological totalism, including manipulation of guilt and shame in those who rejects its assumptions and a cult of confession to permit such 'deviants' to admit their errors and the principle of 'doctrine over person.' (The Genocidal Mentality, Robert Jay Lifton, Pg 87-88) [ read more ]


12.10.2003 07:34
Proxy warfare: Is this the new global economy?
Genocide in Central Africa... Imagine the scene: a country is wrenched by violence. Civil war rages between rival factions, supported by forces from various neighboring states. The country abounds in some of the rarest and most valuable resources in the world, resources vital for industrial economies everywhere. Meanwhile, US special forces and mercenaries employed by private military contracting firms like Halliburton, Dyncorp, and MPRI, quietly guard massive, modern, sophisticated industrial operations for the extraction and shipment of these strategic resources, right in the midst of the surrounding turmoil. Is this Iraq a year from now?

Try Congo today, according to Keith Harmon Snow. Snow has spent the last four years investigating events in Central Africa, including Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic. He spent seven months on the ground in Central Africa, collecting eyewitness accounts from refugees, and witnessed the activities of US based multinationals in mining and other mineral extraction operations. His conclusion: citizens in the outside world have been fed an elaborately crafted lie concerning events in the Congo and surrounding countries, a lie intended to completely whitewash the role of US and other industrialized countries in deliberately sponsoring and fomenting war, supplying modern weapons and training to armed groups in exchange for privileged, royalty free access to rare minerals vital to industrial economies... But the atrocities are in Africa, and the world is silent...


Israeli High School Refusniks Speak in Portland - Monday Night
star of david peace Monday, Oct. 13th, 7 p.m.
Service Employees International Union Hall
3536 SE 26th (south of Powell)

"When the elected government tramples over democratic values and the chances for a just peace in the region, we have no choice but to obey our conscience and refuse to take part in the attack on the Palestinian people. As youth about to be called to serve in the military we pledge to do all that we seefit so as not to serve the occupation."

www.shministim.org | www.jewsforglobaljustice.org


RESISTANCE | TRUTH & BEAUTY 11.10.2003 11:04
World Cup Streakers - Boycott Adidas
On October 6th, two animal rights activists streaked across the soccer field at the Women's World Cup soccer tournament carrying a banner stating, "Adidas kills kangaroos" and "Boycott Adidas!". Both of the women involved have stated that they were driven to take such extreme action because of the horror the felt while watching the footage of the Kangaroo slaughter, including images of baby Joeys being ripped out of their dead mother's pouches, thrown to the ground and stomped to death.

The World Cup receives sponsorship from Adidas, and the sporting goods giant has been under heat lately due to their use of 'K Leather', or Kangaroo Leather in the making of their soccer shoes. The nearly unregulated hunting that goes on in the Australian outback of these gentile creatures has been responsible for millions of deaths, and has directly contributed to the extinction of six species of kangaroo, and helped put 17 more on the endangered species list. Adidas is the largest purchaser of Kangaroo skins, leaving them largely responsible for what is now the largest slaughter of wildlife in the history of humanity. [ Read More ] [ www.savethekangaroo.com ]


Officer Meyers' Vision - An update on the destruction of the children's garden downtown
The children's garden is gone. In its place is a dark patch of barren earth. Standing tall in the middle of the wreckage is a large, white sign that reads, "NO TRESPASSING" in two languages. (Yes, Officer Meyers mentioned this in my conversation with him earlier in the week. He was very proud of the fact that he made sure the signs banishing The People from the park would be in Spanish as well as English.) People walking by keep their heads down now, no one stops to smile at the thoughtfulness of children. All vestiges of their gift, and the gifts of the Earth, are gone. Plowed under by Officer Meyers' vision.

The homeless people are not gone, they still have nowhere else to go and so they have not gone. A large group of homeless men and women lined the sidewalk across the street from the garden, as they have every morning for as long as I can remember. I stopped to talk to a small group near the corner. As always, everyone was friendly and courteous to me. I asked what they thought of the mess across the street. One man gestured toward the wasted ground and said, "I think they're going to replant it. It used to be really pretty, with the flowers and stuff there. It was beautiful." He smiled fleetingly at the thought, and then shrugged it away.

Another man said, "Yeh, we used to camp there sometimes. I think that's why they did this. Because we camped there. It used to be so pretty." "Where will you go now," I asked. "Now that the garden is gone?" "Oh, we'll go somewhere," He replied. He was used to this. "We never go away, we always have to be somewhere. We'll find a place."

Background/related: [ Officer Meyers leads Portland Police in eradicating children's garden (Oct. 8) | Open letter to the lovely Officer Myers-watch your ass! (Oct. 8) | Children's Garden plan..what do you think? (Oct. 10) ]


FOREST DEFENSE 10.10.2003 08:17
Federal Judge Rules That Forest Service Allowed Illegal Logging In Local Timber Sales
Portland-- A federal district judge ruled today that the Forest Service illegally allowed logging of old-growth forests in six controversial timber sales on the Mount Hood and Willamette National Forests in Oregon.

Judge Garr M. King ruled that the Forest Service violated the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) when it allowed logging of 574 acres of old-growth forests within the Clark, Solo, and Borg timber sales in the Mount Hood National Forest, and the Straw Devil, East Devil, and Pryor timber sales in the Willamette National Forest. The judge halted any logging of the forests through November 7, when he will hold a hearing to decide whether to permanently enjoin logging.

Solo, Clark, Borg, Straw Devil, East Devil and Pryor Sales Might Be Cancelled at Nov. 7th Hearing
The six sales contain trees up to 500 years old. The Forest Service first proposed to log these public treasures over five years ago. In 1999, federal district judge William Dwyer in Seattle ruled that federal agencies' failure to survey old- growth timber sales for protected species before allowing any logging violated the Northwest Forest Plan. That ruling led to an agreement between conservationists and the Forest Service to halt logging of roughly 100 old-growth timber sales in the Northwest, until the agencies performed surveys.

"These old-growth forests are a legacy for our children, and deserve to be protected for future generations," said Pete Frost, attorney for the Western Environmental Law Center in Eugene, who represented three conservation groups in the suit. [ Read more... ]

Cascadia Forest Alliance Statement on Lawsuit Victory
The news broke yesterday that we've attained a huge victory in our campaign to protect the forests at the Solo timber sale on Mt. Hood. CFA activists have been out in the forest a lot of over the past month preparing to stand in the way of logging at the 157 acre old growth Solo timber sale. But with Judge King's ruling that the Forest Service (once again) broke the law trying to cut down the last of our wild public forests, logging will be further halted at least for months, if not longer.

This is truly a victory for Cascadian grassroots activism and organizing. And all your support, whether moral, physical, or financial was critcal in making this happen. This victory is yours as well! [ Read more... ]


PCASC EVENTS 10.10.2003 00:39
Reportback from WTO Ministerial Meetings in Cancun, Mexico!
Sunday, October 12th, 6:00pm
616 E. Burnside (CBLOC office/IWW Hall)

Come hear first hand accounts from those who were able to go down to Cancun and be a part of the resistance to the WTO ministerial meetings. This will also be a sendoff event for those planning on going to the FTAA meetings in Miami (November 19-22).

For those planning on going to Miami, we are having a planning meeting Thursday, October 23 @ 6:00pm, 616 E. Burnside. This meeting will be an opportunity for people to coordinate, discuss plans for how to bring the experiences from Miami back to the community, and to share knowledge of what will be happening in Miami, along with some other details.

Coca-Cola: Stop the Killings & Protect Human Rights
Juan Carlos Galvis, Vice President of SINALTRAINAL (the Columbian food and beverage workers union) and worker in the local Coca-Cola plant to speak in Portland! Juan has survived many death threats, and actual assassination attempts on his life. He is also one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed in the US Federal Courts, which has evidence linking Coca-Cola with the paramilitary groups that have threatened him because of his commitment to labor and human rights.

Kidnapping. Torture. Murder.
Friday, October 17 @ 7pm
Musician's Hall Local 99 (325 NE 20th & Sandy)

Take action at: http://www.caja.org/coke/index.htm


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