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AUDIO: BOLIVIA 20.10.2003 23:56
As it happens: Interview with Andrea Alipaz in Bolivia
Andrea Alipaz is interviewed live from Bolivia by an indymedia activist on Friday 10-17-2003 as the President is being forced from power by a united people of Bolivia. Hear the events just as they were happening only a few days ago. Hear the interview on PDX IMC Web Radio


Taking Back the Power Grid
The final results of the Multnomah County PUD Measures 26-51 and 26-52 are still weeks away but it is not to early to analyze why we allowed the initiative to fail and more importantly figure out how we can keep it from happening again. We need to learn how to "Take Back the Power Grid."
  • First, PGE has uncoupled the name PGE from Enron. Consider the home page of PGE that emphatically states, "A Plan of Reorganization and related documents filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court reaffirms that PGE either will become an independent company or will be sold. Either way, Enron will not be part of PGE's future." (http://www.portlandgeneral.com/)
  • Next, PGE launched a preemptive and ongoing, massive media and PR campaign with the simple and clear message, VOTE NO.
  • Finally, PGE has created an astroturf citizen's organization, gave it a sexy name (Citizens Against the Government Takeover), created a high-end website, ( http://www.citizensagainstthegovernmenttakeover.com/) and gave the group a decent bankroll. They even printed t-shirts in colors standardized to the vote no print media campaign.

PGE is Enron.com | PUD Endorsers | Clackamas Public Power site | PGE's Trojan Power Plant ripoff | Peoples Utility Distric in Multnomah County | The Truth about Citizens Against Gov't Takeover Fatcats


"Preserves for People" event a success!
Today's money-free barter event for home preserved foods at People's Co-op was a success! Folks showed up throughout the afternoon with jars of jelly, pickles, and compote, and traded them. I took applesauce, peaches, pears, blackberry jam, and dill pickles, and went home with apple-fig-chai compote, grape jelly, plum jelly, spicy pear jelly; pickled zucchini, asparagus, and beans; spicy crab apples, blueberry jam, tomatoes; AND two 22 oz. bottles of home-brewed stout! Most of the fruit and vegetables were home-grown or from local organic farmers. No money was used at this event, although a couple people who didn't have preserves tried. Attendees exchanged tips and talked about the politics of food. De-commodifying food is vital; the corporatization of the food supply has been leading to malnutrition, loss of livelihood, and has broken the sacred connection between eating and the earth. Interestingly, most of the people who attended this event were young people in their twenties and early thirties; it was good to see that the food preservation arts are being taken up by a new generation.


POLITICS 19.10.2003 17:11
AUDIO: Jim Hightower Speaks @ PSU
Philosopher Seed recorded Jim Hightower on 10/8/2003 at PSU. Jim talks about the state of democrarcy in the reign of the current administration. Jim is a very entertaining and insightful speaker...so it is no chore to listen to this report. There is a brief introduction by a few speakers including some good information by Lloyd Marbett.

This is a 37 minute audio file of that presentation, given in Spanish with English translation. [ Listen to the MP3 version @ PDX IMC Web Radio | Listen to the Real Media Version @ PhilosopherSeed.org website ]


RESTRUCTURING 18.10.2003 18:08
Cascadia Forest Alliance to Close it’s Office?
cfa pic Dear activist community,

There is not currently money, and more importantly, collective energy to maintain the CFA office. There is not a committed group of people willing to be responsible for maintaining the space, and there is only enough money to pay rent for a short period longer.

If there are people who want to see CFA have an office this winter, and who are willing to be apart of making that happen, now is the time to come forward. Otherwise, CFA will close its door on December 1st, 2003. CFA's phone, email, and website will be maintained, but the rest of CFA's physical infrastructure will shut down.

There will be an open house to clarify and discuss the issues for the community at large on Wednesday, October 22nd at 7pm at CFA's office (corner of 16th and Clinton). If you have input, and especially if you are serious about committing to the current office or a new CFA office, please attend, or contact the office at 503-241-4879 ASAP. No final decisions will be made at this meeting - it is only for clarifying the issues and to allow for further community assessment.


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 18.10.2003 15:26
Reportback from Colombian Union Activist speaking on Coca Cola's Human Rights Atrocities
The speaker, Juan Carlos Galvis spoke last night in the Musician's Union Hall, Local 88. He spoke of the reasons behind the initiation of the campaign to take on the coca cola corporation. The need for this boycott has come about because of Coca Cola's systematic violation of human rights. He shared with us some of the events that led to the decision to begin this worldwide campaign:

Dec 5, 1996, Isidro Segundo Gil was assasinated at the bottling plant in Carepa. {A chilling description of Gil's assassination, based on eyewitness accounts, is the centerpiece of a lawsuit filed in Miami in July 2001 against Coca-Cola, Panamerican Beverages (the largest soft drink bottler in Latin America) and Bebidas y Alimentos (a bottler owned by Richard Kirby of Key Biscayne, Fla., which operates the plant in which Gil was killed.... http://www.killercoke.org/} The murder took place inside the bottling factory of Coca Cola and was perpetrated by paramilitary groups. Luis Aldorfo Companera had to leave the union at this time because his life was threatened. he now has asylum here in the U.S, lives in Chicago and cannot return for fear he will lose his life. And on that same day they burned down the local union hall.

Dec 6, 1996. The very next day, the paramilitiaries entered the factory, rounded up workers and told them to leave the union or face assassination. 48 members had to flee that area because of the events of that day. In that fashion, they basically wiped out that local.
That same year, 5 members of the union were arrested and jailed on terrorism charges. It seemed that these were claims of terrorism against coca cola. They spent 6 months in jail before they were released and declared innocent by the courts. But the coca cola company was asking that they receive 20 years in prison and 500 million dollars in colombian currency as fines.
And in that same time-frame in a town nearby, another union worker was kidnapped by paramilitary groups. He was driven around the city blindfolded to a distant location. When the blindfold was removed he was showed pictures in a newspaper of a protest outside a coca cola plant and was told that if these continues they would take his life. And there are over 65 union members who have received death threats from these same paramilitary groups. This is a 37 minute audio file of that presentation, given in Spanish with English translation. Listen to the MP3 version @ PDX IMC Web Radio | Listen to the Real Media Version @ PhilosopherSeed.org website


POLICE STATE 18.10.2003 15:11
October 22 March to Stop Police Brutality Portland, OR
On October 22, 2003, a diverse group of individuals will join together in the streets of Portland to say not here, not now, not ever! We will be rising up to let every police officer everywhere know that we have had enough! As one local activist, Zazabelle, put it, "We will state, loud and clear, that the phrase 'To serve and protect,' doesn't mean a thing so long as it's worn behind a badge of deception, hatred, and brutality! I want to see this violent power trip end every day of my life, not just October 22, but this is a good chance for the community to get out there en mass, and say it loud and clear so that no officer can say they didn't hear us."

We are asking for individuals to come out for this event. There will be a vegan (no meat or dairy products) potluck, speakers, and a march through downtown Portland. Feel free to bring vegan food for the potluck, signs, and anyone you know. The speakers will include Craig Rosebraugh, Stu Albert, Dan Handleman, and more. It is also asked that you wear all black as a symbol of solidarity and mourning, but this is up to each person individually. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come. No matter what your race, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic background, age, or religion, we are all open targets for violent police misconduct. People who associate themselves with minority groups are especially encouraged to attend, because we recognize the threat of police profiling is aimed most commonly at racial minorities, sexual minorities, transgendered and gender variant individuals, and young adults.

  • When: October 22, 2003. Potluck/speakers - 4:00pm, march - 5:00pm
  • Where: South Park Blocks (across from the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall)
  • Why: To voice the public's opposition to a growing trend of police brutality and excessive use of force

[ Olympia Plans and historical links | Call Out for RADICAL CHEERLEADERS! | OCTOBER 22- STOP POLICE BRUTALITY!!! Here's the info, let's make it big! | OCTOBER 22 CRITICAL MASS!!! HELL YEAH! ]


PALESTINE 17.10.2003 23:36
Report-back from the Peres - Shaath "Roadmap to Reality" lecture in Portland on Thursday Night
Last night's speaking event at the Schnitz highlighted 2 speakers who were both instrumental along with PM Rabin and Clinton in negotiating the Oslo Accord with Arafat. One was Nabeel Shaath, and the other Shimon Peres, their bios are at the end of this writing, copied from the program. Both these men in general agreed that the 2 State solution needs to be put into effect, as was agreed on in the Oslo Accords in the early '90's and that the settlements need to be removed and that land, dignity and civil rights need to be returned to the Palestinians as soon as possible. Both agreed that this should happen now.


FOREST DEFENSE 17.10.2003 23:34
Activists in Cascadia protest at Office Depot in support of Canadian forests
Today, Friday, Oct. 17, activists in Cascadia stood up to defend the forests of Canada. Meeting at the Office Depot on MLK near Stark, they brought banners and flyers to educate the public and Office Depot customers about how the store's paper procurement policies don't go far enough to protect ancient forests.

Although two driving passers-by had the usual blather -- "Go home!" (I am home, I thought to myself, here in Cascadia, trying to defend the forests!) and "Hippies!" -- other people honked and waved, and at least two customers told Office Depot they would be taking their business elsewhere. The first of the two was staff from one of the Community Colleges, and the second was a city employee who purchases supplies for a whole division, so these two customers represented significant business for the store. The woman from the city had not heard about Office Depot's policies before, but was quickly convinced on the spot, and went inside to tell them she was terminating the relationship. Yay!


PUBLIC POWER BATTLE 17.10.2003 23:32
Federal Court Agrees with P.U.D. Supporters: County's Ballot is so Patently False and  Profoundly Misleading that it Violates the U.S. Constitution in 4 Different Ways
The U.S. District Court of Oregon late today ruled that the language placed on the ballot for the November 4, 2003, election for the formation of a People's Utility District (PUD) in Multnomah County was "inherently misleading and hinders the conveyance of accurate information to voters." Chief Judge Ancer Haggerty found that the language about the tax consequences of Measure 26-52 is "profoundly misleading" and severely impairs the ability of PUD supporters to accurately explain the tax consequences to voters.

The November 3 ballot includes Measure 26-51, which creates a Multnomah County PUD. That measure has no tax consequences at all. The ballot also includes Measure 26-52, which would allow the new PUD, if created to apply a one-time levy of 3 cents percentage $10,000 of property valuation for the purpose of funding a professional engineer's report on the value of the assets of Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) that the PUD may wish to acquire. State law requires that any PUD formation election include this levy.

The Multnomah County Commission adopted ballot language for these measures, which the U.S. District Court found to be inherently and profoundly misleading. The language states, "This measure may cause property taxes to increase by more than three percent." In fact, the court's opinion concluded that "the three percent warning overstates the potential effect of Measure 26-52 by a factor of 10,000."


ANTI-FTAA ORGANIZING 17.10.2003 15:06
DONATIONS needed to support FTAA/ALCA Indymedia Organizing
Many people associated with Indymedia are preparing to cover the FTAA/ALCA Ministerial meeting in Miami this coming November. Several work groups have been formed to coordinate different aspects of our effort. Since Indymedia is an all volunteer collective, to cover this historic moment in history, we are in need of funds to pay for the costs of computer, video and web radio hardware, Internet access and a public convergence space.

Please help us out by making a tax-deductible online donation of any amount, using your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Bank debit card. You have two options:

Browse to the new FTAA Indymedia site


Go Directly to Donate Site

Report from Chicago FTAA Consulta

On October 11 and 12 over 75 people representing 18 geographic locations came together to help form a strategy to shut down the FTAA Ministerial meetings taking place this November in Miami.

During two days of discussion, we reach consensus on the following issues:

  • We Call For A Morning Demonstration on November 20
  • Education and Propaganda
  • Work Stoppage and School Actions
  • Jail Solidarity


Local Homeless Organizing Campaign Under Attack!
Again! Dear Friends,
The newest Tent City, "Integrety Village" was swept this morning amidst menacing threats from the local Police Department. Brother Ibrahim Mubarak, a Principled Muslim Revolutionary who has spent most of the last few years organizing around Homelessness and Imperialism, has been named the Information Co-ordinater, and faces jail time for allegations of " sleeping outdoors". Brother Ibrahim, to the ire of the courts has refused a plea agreement on the basis of the Principle of Universal Human Rights.

A conferance with the Media was held on location at SE Water Avenue, to discuss the situation with Today's Sweep. Cadre from the Tent City along with various other stratas of the Local Left were in attendance to denounce the actions and to demand Universal Housing, Healthcare, and Employment be instituted in the United States, a "developed" Western Industrial Country.Furthermore, the group intends to maintain a presence, that is the necessity of a basic sleeping arrangement, were ever it so chooses until the situation is genuinely resolved.


THE FIGHT FOR THE FORESTS 17.10.2003 12:48
Latest Info on Blodgett timber sale
Logging began wednesday in Unit 7 of the Blodgett Timber Sale in Umpqua National Forest. The Logging was prevented for one day by Forest Defenders, but began again yesterday after a blockade was removed by the Forest Service. This area consists of gorgeous rocky meadows as well as madrones, hemlocks, sugar pines, doug firs, yew trees, and more. It is also home to numerous wildlife including at least one cougar.

The rights to log this area were given to Roseburg Forest products / Scott Timber as replacement volume under the controversial Salvage rider program. Both companies are owned by Allyn Ford of Roseburg, OR. Mr.Ford is also the Chairman and 3rd largest shareholder in Umpqua Bank behind the Herbert Family and Richard Williams; all of which are huge player in the logging industry.

Lock down at Medford BLM sale

Deep in the wild and remote Siskiyous mountains, more than a dozen forest defenders set up a road blockade this morning in the active Bear Pen timber sale west of Glendale. Three people locked down in the early hours and they continue to hold the blockade this afternoon. Several loggers and trucks immediately turned around when they met the first slash pile and saw more obstruction further down the road.

Activists were confronted by the security guard and two loggers. Although the guard was irate, the two loggers were respectful of and interested in the demonstration. The loggers said that they live 3 hours from the logging operation and expressed frustration over the long drive for work. When asked why they did not stay closer to home and perform light-touch forest work rather than penetrate deep into the wildlands far from communities, the loggers said that the forests on the Coast Range have already been decimated, denying them further work.

Three arrests have been made at Bear Pen and they are being taken to Douglas County jail in Roseburg. The Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center (KS Wild) won a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) today for the King Wolf timber sale in the Glendale District of the Medford BLM. A hearing has been set for October 28. The basis of the lawsuit is that the Medford BLM sold more than half the volume that they said they would to Swanson-Superior. People are needed to go to King Wolf tomorrow with the TRO to ensure that Swanson-Superior has in fact halted their logging operations as ordered by the court. Please call 541.821.3882 if you are able to make that trip tomorrow.


HUMAN RIGHTS 17.10.2003 00:38
Columbian Union activist/Coca-Cola worker to speak Friday, Oct. 17th
Speaker: Juan Carlos Galvis is Vice President of SINALTRAINAL, the Colombian national food & beverage workers union, and President of the CUT, the Colombian national trade union confederation, in the town of Barrancabermeja, and worker at the local Coca-Cola bottling plant. He is also a human rights advocate and leader of the local coalition "Space for Human Rights Workers of Magdalena Medio." Barrancabermeja is one of the areas in Colombia with the highest amounts of paramilitary violence, and as a result of this, Juan Carlos has survived numerous death threats and actual assassination attempts against his life, the most recent occurring on August 22, 2003. Juan Carlos is one of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Coca-Cola filed in US Federal Courts evidence linking the Coca-Cola with the paramilitary groups that have threatened him because of his outspoken commitment to labor and human rights.

Friday, Oct. 17 @ 7pm
Musician's Hall Local 99 (325 NE 20th)

Related Stories:
[ Green Party, labor, and latin@s | Colombian Trade Union Speaker ]


NEWS OF THE UPRISING 16.10.2003 14:58
Bolivia: The Resistance Intensifies - "Que Se Vayan Todos"
Below are links to breaking news, eyewitness reports, related articles and live radio streaming from Bolivia, compiled by IMC-Bolivia and the Indymedia network. IMC-Bolivia has issued an urgent appeal to the global activist community and Indymedia readers everywhere for solidarity and support..including badly needed donations. Please give what you can. See donations link below.

General Info and Hourly Reports (English):

Wednesday 10-15: Additional Stories (English):

Latest Updates:


FOREST DEFENSE 16.10.2003 14:41
Help save Mt. Hood!
Bark has an unusually large amount of tasks we really need help with in the upcoming weeks and months. Please check out the list below and let us know if you can help!

Some of this stuff can even be done from home. Everything is no experience neccessary!

1. Phone banking (this is desperately needed in the next week - you can do it from home!)
2. Flyering around town for Bark's next hike on November 9th.
3. Tabling for Bark around Town or at "Fall Fest" a benefit on Saturday October 25th. (You'll get in this $10 event FREE: bands, puppet show, belly-dancing, and fire-dancing).
4. Watching Bark TV videos and writing a brief description of their contents (a great way to learn about Bark)
5. Odd jobs around the office: filing, data-entry, errand running, etc. (we could definitely use help in the coming week here at the office.)
6. Calling our volunteers to ask for help (yes, we need it that bad!)

Remember folks: Bark is built on the strength of its volunteers - we only have 1˝ employees to monitor the whole Mt. Hood - we need your help! Students - you can intern with us! Call us anytime!


CITIZEN ACTION 16.10.2003 14:37
AUDIO FILE: Lloyd Marbet Speaking On the P.U.D. and Campaign Finance Reform
At the recent Jim Hightower Presentation at Portland State University, Lloyd Marbet spoke for about 8 minutes about the upcoming vote to turn Portland General Electric into a Public Utility District and the most recent Campaign Finance Reform Initiative petition drive
"We need to stop legalized bribery in Oregon. We need to put Money Is Not Democracy's initiative petition number 53 on the ballot; we need to take back our Democracy; we need to enact Campaign Finance Reform."
Referring to corporate control of the political process, Lloyd says, "what is happening to us is not new; it has been going on for a long time. What is new is the opportunities that are now before us and the face of the powers that that stand against us....we need to take control of our utilities, we need to take control of our legislature."


Calpine Plans for Medicine Lake Resource Extraction include 200 new sites
MEDICINE LAKE - A San Jose-based company planning to build a pair of geothermal plants near this sacred lake has asked the U.S. Forest Service for permission to conduct more than 200 surveys of the resource-rich area.

Calpine Corp. says it isn't planning any new projects and that the surveys are meant only to get a better understanding of the area's potential. Although the company made the formal request, the project is really headed by the state California Energy Commission, which funds geothermal research, Calpine spokesman Kent Robertson said Monday.

Environmentalists warned that more surveys could mean only one thing: More development in an area held dear by American Indians and nature lovers.

Medicine Lake Hike and Campout Oct 18/19

The Medicine Lake Caldera is a magical area held sacred to many of the Northern California and Southern Oregon tribes and a rare refuge for the wild in the scared landscape of the Southern Cascades and valleys of the Klamath Projects. Located about 30 miles east of Mt. Shasta, Medicine Lake is the largest shield volcanic in the Cascade Range and host roadless areas, rare carnivore species, lush lakes and springs, vocalic flows and lava tubes, and many ancient forests. It feeds the largest spring system in California. Partially due to the "energy crisis" they helped manufactured, Calpine corporation has approval to begin turn this landscape into an industrial wasteland of power plants, toxic slumps, large roads and at least 38 miles of clearcuts for 1000 feet wide power lines. This will all be paid for with taxpayer money and sold back to us as "green energy".


LABOR | COMMUNITY 16.10.2003 14:32
Cipriano Ferrel Education Center grand opening a success
News Update from PCUN, Oregon's Farmworker Union: On Sunday, Oct. 12, the rainclouds parted to reveal a clear, blue sky just in time for the commencement of the Grand Opening Celebration, which featured events both inside and outside of the Center. An audience including Nuevo Amanecer residents, elected officials, and representatives from charitable foundations gathered under a large white tent for the opening ceremonies.


FIGHT BACK 16.10.2003 14:30
Boycott the Fox News Channel
Infoshop.org is calling for a boycott of companies that advertise on the Fox News Channel. Fox News is the main purveyor of the right wing agenda in America, which has had a deleterious effect on American politics. Fox News presents itself falsely as a bastion of " fair and balanced" journalism and as an alternative to the "liberal media."

Infoshop.org is calling for people to boycott products and services associated with companies that do business with this right wing cable channel. We seek the removal of Fox News from cable services.

Check link for details and support Boycott the Fox New Channel campaign.


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