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FOREST DEFENSE 31.10.2003 19:23
Back to the WALL campaign underway: Action in Ashland on Saturday!
Blockade in unit 11 of the Bear Pen timber sale, Medford BLM Save Bear Pen's Ancient Forests! Saturday, October 1. Carpools will leave at 8:00 am from the parking lot of the Sierra Club at 29th and SE Stark St.

Bear Pen: A Place at Risk: Join dozens of people from across the state for a convergence in southwest Oregon to witness the logging of old-growth forests in the Cow Creek watershed west of Glendale. Join your neighbors, visit the forests, and stand up against senseless destruction! Bear Pen would log over 200 acres of ancient forests that currently provide critical habitat for the threatened Northern Spotted Owl. The BLM has issued an emergency closure of this area in order to log ancient trees out of view of the public. Come bear witness to the destruction and tell the BLM to back off! As Bush's misguided and unhealthy forest policy is debated on the floor of Congress, people across Oregon are reviving Witness Against Lawless Logging (WALL), whose mission is to bring the continued destruction of the public forests to the attention of communities across the country.

For more info and carpools leaving from throughout the state, contact Joe Keating @ 503-234-2613, keats@teleport.com

History of W.A.L.L....


BEAUTY 31.10.2003 13:15
Aurora Borealis Visible, Photographed in Portland, Oregon Area
Aurora Borealis over Forest Park Observed and photographed the Northern Lights here in Portland, on Tuesday Night, during intense geomagnetic storm activity. As usual, mainstream media totally missed the boat, even when we attempted to hand it to them on a silver platter.


I Apologize For Voting For Bush--He's The Worst President Ever.
U.S. President George W. Bush is in very big trouble. I'm a registered Republican. I voted for George W. Bush and contributed financially to his campaign. I was wrong I apologize.Bush is the worst president America has had -- ever. 'I apologize' for voting for Bush I'm a registered Republican.

I voted for George W. Bush and contributed financially to his campaign. I was wrong. I apologize. Bush is the worst president America has had -- ever.

Bush has turned the entire world against America. He has lied to the American people and gotten us in a terrible mess in Iraq. There were no Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that threatened America. There was no Iraqi connection with international terrorism.


LIFESTYLES 30.10.2003 14:45
Why Vegan.
Vegan lifestyle prevents animal cruelty and is healthier for humans . Even though we all are exposed to dairy/eggs/etc. at times, avoidance of animal products will help all life on Earth.

We need to look at the current relationship with humans and animals, especially in western culture. The factory farms run by the beef industry is a primary example of the problems associated with excessive meat consumption. Heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes are common outcomes of excess meat consumption. Environmental degradation, loss of resources and cruelty to animals is another byproduct of factory farming.

Vegan diet contains no meat products and also no dairy or eggs, no animal products at all. Vegans get their protein from seeds, nuts, beans, grains, etc. The only vitamin sometimes missing is B12 that can be found in nutriyeast and seaweed. Mixing different types of grains and beans is also important, as some essential amino acids are only found in certain beans/grains. Vegan diet is healthier for the human because less saturated fats and cholesterol are found in meat. A vegan diet is also healthier for the ecosystem given the current human population of over 6.5 billion and the energy lost from meat consumption.


How did Nazi Germany happen? Here's how: Portland City Council renews PJTTF today
i went to the sham hearings for the renewal of the portland joint terrorism task force (PJTTF) today. what a fucking joke. we all knew how they were going to vote. why even bother with a hearing? this is the sorry state of most of democracy today: foregone conclusions buttered up with "process". sten and francisconni asked some questions and expressed some "concerns" in a meaningless show that will probably be characterized by the corporate media (if they bother to cover this non-event) as revealing some thoughtfulness, but their efforts were complete bullshit. were either of them ever seriously considering voting "no" on a measure that could only pass with a unanimous call? highly doubtful. it's more likely that the timber industry would voluntarily decide to stop cutting old growth; in other words, out of the realm of realistic possibility. no, today's hearing was a kangaroo court that illustrated the hollowness of the so-called "democratic" process and showed that new forms of governance are necessary if we are to create a culture with any fairness or honesty.

RELATED ARTICLE: Will this year's PJTTF agenda focus on environmentalists?


GENOCIDE | ECOCIDE 29.10.2003 19:41
Stop ecological and cultural eradication in British Columbia
As of September 29th, 2003, Cattermole Timber Ltd., a logging outfit based in Surrey, B.C., has been operating in a series of clearcut and selective logging zones throughout this area of the Lower Fraser Valley in British Columbia.

Now, after a month of direct action and forest defense, the stakes on the work and lives of a dedicated group of people have just been upped. Instances of physical and verbal abuse of protesters in the work-zones by Cattermole employees have been documented at online sources listed below, as well as on mainstream media broadcasts that aired yesterday evening and throughout today on the Global News Network and CTV. Grassroots appeal to the cessation of forest harvesting is being smothered.

Help is urgently needed in the defense of Elk Creek. Multiple avenues for expressing support can be reviewed on the websites below, as well as perspectives being offered by many allied groups and organizations. People are especially needed who are willing to participate in direct action.

Some links:
news from Cheam and protesters | information from a local conservation group | Western Canada's Wilderness Committee Elk Creek campaign


ANIMAL RIGHTS 29.10.2003 16:29
Candlelight vigil illuminates effort to retire abused monkeys in OHSU lab
Portland, OR—Activists will hold candles in a peaceful vigil outside the home of an employee of Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), the corporate parent of the Oregon National Primate Research Center (ONPRC), to call for the retirement of a group of abused research monkeys, this Saturday, November 1, 2003. Activists should meet at the In Defense of Animals office, 5428 NE 30th (near NE 30th and Killingsworth) at 5:30 PM. Carpools leave at 6 PM sharp.

his vigil also coincides with National Primate Liberation Week, Sat. Oct. 26- Sun. Nov. 2, an annual event designed to draw attention to the growing scientific and ethical controversy about conducting experiments on non-human primates.


Senate Fire Bill at Critical Point
Tuesday Oct 28 post: "We have received word from several Senate offices that the Senate version of the so-called Healthy Forests Restoration Act will come up on the Senate floor tomorrow. The actual version of the bill that will come up on the Senate floor is the so-called "compromise" brokered by the Bush Administration and accepted by several pro-logging Republican Senators and Senators Feinstein (D-CA), Wyden (D-OR), Daschle (D-SD), Bacus (D-MT), Lincoln (D-AR), and Johnson (D-SD).

Many Senators are using the fire tragedy in Southern California to ram this bad fire bill through Congress. They claim the legislation would have prevented the Southern California fires. We know, and they know, that it would have done no such thing. Since, the bill is 99% certain to come to the Senate floor tomorrow, several Senators have committed to offering amendments to this bad bill. The main message that we want to get across to Senators is to vote no on the Cochran-Wyden-Feinstein Healthy Forests Substitute bill. Senators should also be asked to support several amendments."


What does it take to bring about a change?
Reading this site, and listening to discussions and arguments in various places, I have heard many views expressed about what is needed to bring about change. There have been many discussions about tactics, strategies and approaches. There is the ever present discussion of violence vs non-violence. Some people argue for picking up the gun, some for strict non-violence, some for political reform, some for civil disobedience and revolution and so on...

What I hear little of, and what I believe to be more critical than all of these external considerations is recognition of what sort of human character and psychological foundation is needed to bring about a shift in the suicidal direction of our civilization.

To bring about a change, we need to examine our own psyches and uproot the disease of selfish indulgent culture in its many forms. Regardless of the outer discussion, internally it is necessary to be free of violence, violence against oneself. To be driven by despair, or anger, or conditioned response will not give the good result.

We need to have the courage to have faith in ourselves, faith in the intuitive intelligence that brought forth this beautiful world in the first place. That creative force is everywhere, and within us. We do have the capacity to create something positive. To develop faith, not in some religious dogma, or technological panacea, but in our own intrinsic nature, is the counter agent to the despair, greed and selfish action that is driving us towards extinction.


VOTESCAM UPDATE 28.10.2003 15:17
Diebold Stories Increasing, 11 Universities Now Mirroring the Memos
Wendy Seltzer, an attorney for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, said she has been contacted by about a dozen groups that received cease-and-desist letters. Among them is Online Policy Group, a nonprofit ISP that hosts the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, which published links to the data.

Seltzer encouraged them to defy the Diebold cease-and-desist letters.

"There is a strong fair-use defense," Seltzer said. "People are using these documents to talk about the very mechanism of democracy — how the votes are counted. It's at the heart of what the First Amendment protects."


Reuters Report About the UCLA "Brain Sex" Study Baseless
In the article titled "Sexual Identity Hard-Wired by Genetics," Reuters reported on October 20 that one's sexual or gender identity is "wired into the genes," citing the new research by UCLA geneticist Eric Vilain and colleagues. According to Vilain, the findings would suggest that "sexual identity is rooted in every person's biology before birth" and that this knowledge may be used to ensure that intersex babies are assigned the correct gender. "If physicians could predict the gender of newborns with ambiguous genitalia at birth, we would make less mistakes in gender assignment," Vilain said. However, none of this is actually established or discussed in the actual research paper this news report is based on.

The actual research published in Molecular Brain Research (Vol. 118, pgs. 82-90) is titled "Sexually dimorphic gene expression in mouse brain precedes gonadal differentiation," and this title summarizes the entire paper accurately: this study shows that female and male mice develop different brain structure even before their gonads are formed. The significance of this study is that sex differences in the brain have been traditionally said to be caused by the different levels of hormones produced by the gonads--testes for males, ovaries for females. Vilain et al. observed sex differences in the brain prior to the formation of sexually specific gonads, which suggests that there are other mechanisms that cause brain sex differences than hormones.

Interesting discovery, but how does that show that gender identity is "hard-wired"? Paper does not address this question at all, but it would be ridiculous to claim to have discovered the nature of gender identity in a study using mices, because mices do not report their gender identity to researchers like human subjects do. And besides, is findings from the mice sexuality really generalizable to the human population? [ Read more... ]

[ Intersex Initiative Portland ]


Video of San Diego Fire Damage (and other climate related stories)
Only you can prevent forest fires. The following short video clip shows some of the destruction in the suburbs of San Diego caused by the raging wild fires in California. Already just under half a million acres have burned in one of the worst wild fire seasons in a long time. In a typical fire year for the United States, around 2 million acres could be expected to burn, and so having half a million acres burn in a matter of days is significant.

According to some news reports, a lot of the trees in the mountains are dead, making them kindling for the fires, and thus these California fires might indicate the danger posed to America's Unhealthy Forests in next years fire season (no word on how many trees in the mountains are already dead, like the California trees, but given the severity of conditions in the American West, you have to expect trees to start dropping dead sooner or later...)

The video file was shot in color, but looks black and white due to the great amounts of soot in the area. The file is in Real Player format (about 166 KB)

San Diego Fires (Real Media)

Related story : The Unhealthy Forest Initiative | Update on Bush's unHealthy Forest Restoration Bill

Other Climate related news

On Thursday, October 23rd, 2003, NASA released composite images which show the retreat of the arctic ice cap over the last two decades, in a press release titled RECENT WARMING OF ARCTIC MAY AFFECT WORLDWIDE CLIMATE.

The shrinkage corresponds to consecutive minimal records being set throughout the 1990s, with the year 1991 being the only exception to the pattern (when Mount Pinatubo erupted in the Phillipines, spewing ash into the atmosphere, which temporarily cooled the arctic - this event also illustrates just how sensitive the global climate is to emissions in the atmosphere).


ANIMAL RIGHTS 28.10.2003 08:17
Electronic CD against HLS. No Masks Necessary!
All day long, Monday the 27th of October and Tuesday the 28th, check in at the SHAC America website for a link to the Moscow site where the ECD will be taking place. By taking part you will be helping to bring to a grinding halt the ever important web medium for particular companies sponsoring HLS. You will be sending a loud message that no silly injunctions or crooked politicians can derail the campaign to close HLS, as we are more creative, intelligent, and diligent than our dim-witted HLS enemies.



HEALTH CARE FOR ALL 28.10.2003 07:12
State legislature kicks 40,000 off Oregon Health Plan
HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!!! Article in today's Eugene Register-Guard and my letter to the editor in response.
Register-Guard: Thank you for your Oct. 26 article on the decline of the Oregon Health Plan. The comfortable, self-righteous, middle-class state legislators have no understanding of what it means to be poor. Never mind mental illness or drug addiction, often caused BY poverty; just being poor is enough to create constant instability in our lives. The problem is unemployment, low-wage jobs, part-time and temp work, insufficient Social Security and disability payments.

The state legislature has kept OHP in an uproar with constant changes. They split it into two programs, Plus and Standard, and cut benefits from Standard (mental health, addiction, dental) prescriptions. People died. They pushed us into HMOs, supposedly to save money, even though this just adds an extra layer of administrative cost, and set up premiums and copays people can't pay. Now they're proposing to reinstate some of the benefits they cut, but will reduce the list of illnesses that are covered and cut hospitalization so your life has to be threatened to use it. Read More >>

Comment: People with chronic, and life-threatening, disabilities are not getting even the most basic medical care- including for psychiatric crisis-treatment and psychotropic medications (for schizoaffective disorder, severe depression, schizophenia, etc.). It is no exaggeration to say that many lives have already been lost.

It is also completely outrageous that for the lack of a $6 dollar payment, someone would lose their health benefits for six months. For those of us who work with these clients on a daily basis, it is clear that a much simpler (and much more comprehensive) system of health care is urgently needed (and one that is not punitive). All of us, insured or not, must strongly demand that OHP and other such programs be designed to work effectively for the people that need it most. Universal healthcare, NOW!!


Update on Bush's unHealthy Forest Restoration Bill
Roadside Many of you have emailed and called us asking for an update on the status of Bush's insidious bill, and want to know when this bad legislation will finally receive a proper burial. The following is an update on where the bill currently stands: On September 22nd, Democratic Senators Wyden, Feinstein, Lincoln, Baucus, Craig, Kyl, McCain, Domenici, Crapo, and Cochran cut a deal on a new version of HR 1904.

Tom Daschle (D-SD), and Senator Johnson (D-SD) also endorsed the deal. Due to the fact that Senator Daschle decided to support the deal, many other moderate Republicans and pro-environment Senate Democrats believe that the deal is good. The problem is that the deal is worse than HR 1904, and will still fully implement President Bush's bill. The compromise language in the deal is controversial, confusing, and unclear from a legal standpoint. The new supposed old-growth protection language has loopholes that could actually increase logging in these stands, as well as in roadless areas. It places restrictions on project appeals and judicial review.

Comment: ~5% of the nation's old growth is left and the pro-environment Democrats are "cutting a deal" that will cut down what's left. we saw this in the Clinton era with the salvage rider and we're seeing it again now. if you're serious about saving forests (and hence ourselves), then you can put no hope in Democrats and liberals. what's needed is a grassroots rebellion against this lawless logging, with protests, direct action, and whatever else will work. the "leaders" and executive directors won't help us here. we need to act ourselves.

the Witness Against Lawless Logging campaign has been revived. this is one great way to fight here in Cascadia, where we stand to lose so much...


9.11 INVESTIGATION 27.10.2003 17:59
Stop the Bush 9-11 Cover up!
Seattle and Kansas City activists are considering organizing 200 or 300 or more protesters to stand one on each corner of downtown intersections on a Saturday (when traffic is high), thereby covering 75 or more intersections with signs on 4 corners reading "Stop the Bush 9-11 Cover up!" or "9-11: Bush Knew!" or "9-11: What is Bush Hiding?"

EVERYONE should forward this idea to ALL their contact lists, and urge other cities to contemplate the same actions, perhaps coordinating into a national day of 9-11 action... 9-11 cover up stories are beginning to break in mainstream media (28 redacted pages, censored PDB, and FAA covering up why they waited 30 minutes to call NORAD on 9-11) Congressman Jim McDermott just passed out 9-11 Deception dollars to all members of Congress - entering them in the Congressional record

The ONLY thing holding Bush up is the illusion he represents security (few support him on any other issues). IF the swing voters see a crack in the "Bush=Security" facade, it will bring him down. 9-11 failures are the way to do that, by shining a light on the Bush 9-11 cover up. [ Read more... ]

From pdx indy archives -- 9.11 Truth Seeking rallies in Eugene, 2002: [ June 8: 9.11 LIES march and rally in Eugene biggest one yet | May 31: Students in Eugene march to expose '9.11 Lies'; Police cite two for handing out flyers | May 24: Rally in Eugene: "Bush complicit in 9-11 terror" | May 17: Citizens in Eugene rally to demand 9.11 investigation, launch signature campaign ]

Background can be found at the pdx indy 9/11 Investigation page.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 27.10.2003 17:51
Cascadia Rising Infoshop needs stuff to sell at garage sale benefit
The Cascadia Rising Infoshop located at 16th and SE Clinton is putting out a call for stuff to sell to help keep the space going in its continuing effort to educate the citizens of Portland. The Cascadia Rising Infoshop is dedicated to educating folk in our bioregion of forest issues, government scams, community going-ons, coalition building, and work to liberate all people from oppression. Cascadia Rising! Is committed to hosting meetings amongst various groups and collectives and accommodating citizens doing work for a better world... but we desperately need your help.

In early December we will be re-opening our doors as an Activist Resource Center (including lending library, internet connections, bicycle library, meeting space, etc) in full swing and under the management of a new collective called the Cascadia Education Collective. The 1540 SE Clinton address is a special space at a good price and a group of us have come together to maintain and make it available to the activist community in Portland. We have the energy we just need some more money. If you are interested in the endeavor and desire to help fan the flames of resistance DONATE SOME STUFF THAT YOU DON'T WANT and WE'LL SELL IT!!!


NEWS FROM AFRICA 27.10.2003 17:48
Hard to Tell 'Who's on First, What's on Second' in Congo
he central part of Africa, along the equator, is mainly jungle and bush. The ability for snipers to run and hide and the difficulty moving military equipment makes it very difficult terrain on which to fight a war. It is an even more difficult place to maintain a peace.

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has emerged battered and torn from a civil war which lasted almost five years and which eventually involved seven other neighboring nations (Background Report). But they have managed to cobble together an interim government comprised of the former national government, rival political groups, and several rebel army groups. It is an extraordinary amalgam of parties who have been largely hostile to one another for many years but who are now sitting at the same table and maintaining civility while they plan for the rebuilding of their country. The Congolese have achieved this political miracle almost entirely with their own initiative although they have enjoyed the benefit of foreign peacekeeping troops who have largely maintained the peace and provided the breathing room for talks and comprises to take place.


PERSONAL REPORTING 26.10.2003 14:45
"Last Travel Journal" part I
This article summarizes some thoughts, musings and pensee's concerning a voyage that I recently finished around the Earth. This voyage took 13 months of active traveling and opening my senses to the world reality around me; this period of living was truly worth the experience - so marvellous and quite horrifying at that same time. Arriving back, I would like to share some travel sentiments and ideas.

While living in Europe, this being many years before my grand trip around the world, I became acquainted with some British travelers that were doing these long trips around the globe. These intrepid travelers were for the most part young people who like myself (many were pierced, tattooed, squatted out or out squatted or both, and had the general anti-capitalist new age tendency; well an albeit middle class one) quite generally then, enjoyed traveling and were very different from the typical worldly clean cuticled/daily showered travel bug that sleeps in fine hotels, carries fine camera equipment and goes everywhere in plane or in air conditioned bus. Their alternative traveler stories were quite remarkable and I was getting somewhat envious of their voyages and their descriptions of the Exotica in the world. I especially was jealous of their amazing stories from the Indian subcontinent. Even the wild stories of getting deathly ill or being chased by robbers were becoming attractive.

Then this terrible Birth began in my still robust mind - yes, if these young British kids were doing it, then I could do it too! So I began to save my money, first in Europe and then also when moving back to Amerika. First, I learned that the most expensive item was the ticket: called a Round the World Trip Ticket. And of course, there was the spending money scheme, which I ought to have saved up; even though I planned to work as I traveled.

[ Read this first installment of a three part series written for portland indymedia ]


PGE Employees Pressured To Campaign Against PUD
photo from Portland TribuneIn the most recent (Friday, October 24, 2003) issue of the PORTLAND TRIBUNE, an article titled, "Decision Day Nears for People's Utility District Campaign" ( http://www.portlandtribune.com/archview.cgi?id=21047) carries a photograph and caption which reads, "Dave Covington, a lineman for Portland General Electric, says union members are being pressured to support PGE and Pacific Power in the fight against the people's utility district." (actual paper carries photo and caption . . . online story does not but I've scanned and included it here).

A link to the Clackamas County PUD site at ( http://www.clackamaspower.com/fatcats.htm ) details contributions made to the "Citizens" from June through September of this year and includes "in kind employee time contributions" for PGE and PacifiCorp (these same figures are quoted in the TRIBUNE article but are clearly out of date at this point). Anyone who has seen nicely dressed "employee-types" walking around downtown with anti PUD signs and stickers on their backs cannot help but believe that these are employees, sent out the door sent out the door like so many automatons with the message that they must push the agenda of their employer, regardless of the fact that they do not stand to lose their jobs if a PUD takes over. The only people with jobs at risk are the executives who make the big bucks and are afraid of losing them.

It would be very enlightening to see one of the memos or e-mails to these employees to determine exactly what sort of coercion or half-truths are being used to move them - willingly or reluctantly - to action. I am sure I'm not the only one who's noticed a majority of the anti-PUD letters to the editor in the OREGONIAN are written by PGE employees and signed that way. One can almost picture them sitting at their computers with a form letter in front of them, devoting a "strongly suggested" 10 minutes a day to trashing the PUD ballot measures.

Related Links and Websites: For your own sake get off the couch! | PGE is Enron.com | PUD Endorsers | Clackamas Public Power site | PGE's Trojan Power Plant ripoff | Peoples Utility Distric in Multnomah County | The Truth about Citizens Against Gov't Takeover Fatcats


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