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FTAA MIAMI | SOLIDARITY 15.11.2003 15:14
Support Needed: Miami activists arrested
On Saturday, Nov 15, five activists (including two from the Pagan cluster) were arrested in Miami for the crime of leafletting, that is, peaceful organizing for the upcoming anti-FTAA mobilization. Urgent support action is needed.

Please contact Mayor Manuel A. Diaz ("Manny") and City Attorney Alejandro Vilarello ASAP. Briefly and strongly, let them know that...

* pre-emptive arrest of dissenters must stop right now;
* the charges against these five people are without merit and should be dropped immediately;
* the City of Miami is expected to behave like a democracy!

Contact information:


AUDIO FILE: Alliance For Police and Community Accountability
At the November East County Democrats meeting, JoAnn Bowman spoke briefly about a new citizens organization just being formed concerned with police and community interaction. This is a 10 minute audio file of that presentation, the last half of which are her responses to questions from the audience.

[Portland Copwatch | Alliance for Police and Community Accountability Audio File
homepage: www.philosopherseed.org


MUTUAL AID 15.11.2003 05:33
UNDERGROUND -film showing benefit for Little Beirut Newsletter


"You don't need a Weathermen to know which way the wind blows."

Portland Anti Capitalist Action Presents


Five Weather Underground members met with a film crew to produce "Underground" in 1975. Around two hours, the film contains conversations with the Weather while they were still underground. "People make history" said Billy Ayres. Cathy Wilerson, Kathy Boudin, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeff Jones, and Billy Ayres talk about how they came to consider themselves revolutionaries and followed up their belief with armed struggle against the U.S.

Archival footage of the "Days Of Rage" is shown, along with other clips of revolutionaries and insurrections within the U.S. Speeches by Malcom X, Martin Luther King JR, Rapp Brown, Fidel Castro, and Fred Hampton appear throughout the film.

This film is not to be confused with the recently released "The Weather Underground." Underground is filmed during a revolutionary struggle, not afterwards when retrospect has blurred perspective.

Sunday, November 16th 8:00 p.m.
Vinies Pizza 300 N. Killingsworth
$3-5 Sliding Scale, (no one turned away)


GIVING PEACE A CHANCE 14.11.2003 23:35
Report from PPRC Friday Rally
rob: coming to these rallies and coming to these protest allow me to express my feeling or to vent where i cannot otherwise. its good to know that this is making a difference in Portland. it seems that each week as we march we see more people driving by honking, waving and/or flashing the peace sign that more people are agreeing with what we have to say. that we are getting the message out and that people are finally understanding what this is all about.

Paul: i remember when there were just the 4 or 6 people just up the street picketing the federal courthouse over huac (house unamerican activities committee) in the early 60's. 4 to 6 people registering their complaint over a period of time has a effect. when we march every week people see 50 or 100 people walking down the street carrying signs, speaking out against war and/or injustice. it reaches out, reminds more people that these atrocities are being carried out in our name and i can sleep well tonight knowing that i have spoken out against injustice today.


GLOBAL JUSTICE 14.11.2003 13:29
FTAA approaches Miami as activists mobilize
Seven days before the mass march and Direct Action against the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas) the city of Miami is bustling. The police are mobilizing against protestors, while activists mobilize against the FTAA.

The convergence space is a vibrant mix of diverse peoples setting up aid for those converging in Miami. There are several working groups, including housing, food, legal, and action medical/wellness, set up to make sure that all needs are covered. The FTAA-Miami IMC space is also located in the Convergence Center.

The city, state, and county police have been actively harassing protesters; three activists were arrested Monday November 10 without provocation.

Today, November 13, the "Protest Ordinance" passed unanimously, giving the police a supposed upperhand. However, their trainings have focused on the things that they have made illegal, and the global justice movement has creativity in their pocket. The police may be facing tactics that they have never trained for.

Local, grassroots groups representing communities of color have been taking an active role in resisting corporate globalization. The Root Cause is releasing a Community Impact Report, outlining the impacts of free trade policies on poor communities and communities of color in South Florida.

Overall, the air is buzzing with excitement. New people arrive everyday and immerse themselves in organizing, learning new things and meeting new people working to create a wonderful community. Florida activists have set up a Free Carnival Area of the Americas, building puppets for the protests and using education, art, and action to create positive change. Two streaming IMC radio projects have been set up, and print and video working groups are also active.


RAMADAN IN PALESTINE 13.11.2003 05:54
Report-back from Oregon native in Palestine - Israeli Invasion in Yanoun --3 Boys Shot


My wife and I are in the West Bank for the next six weeks, learning and listening and helping out where possible. On Tuesday we took a taxi to Yamoun, a small village to the west of Jenin that had just come under Israeli invasion/curfew/etc. They're right in the middle of Ramadan here, which means everyone is fasting, no food or water from sun up to sun down. Breaking the fast at sun down is part of the religious tradition. It's the equivalent of having a suicide bombing during the Jewish Sadir, or a military campaign on Christmas day.

We arrived in the late morning in a drizzling rain to find a huge crowd of young Palestinian boys--"shebab"--throwing stones at Israeli military jeeps. There were 200 or so kids, ranging in age from 6 to 18 years old. Teenage shouts were punctuated by periodic bursts of machine gun fire and and their answering screams of hasty retreat.

Shortly after we arrived a boy of 12 was shot in the arm and brought by his comrades to the local clinic, which waited with open doors just two blocks from the clash point. The kids set up numerous barricades, although only one (a burning tractor tire) seemed to stop the Israelis for any amount of time. Tanks crushed at least 2 civilian vehicles.

In addition to the destruction in the street and clashes with kids, the military took over 4 homes in the town to use as bases for their operation. They smashed in doors, and smashed out windows in 2 of them. In all four they took the families who were there and locked them in one room, with no food, water or bathroom. In the largest home this meant 50 - 65 people in one small space with no bathroom.

Last night we stayed in one of the homes that had previously been raided and searched. The tanks, jeeps, APC's and hummers pulled out of town at sundown, roaring and idling, just as the families of Yamoun were sitting down to their evening meal, breaking the Ramadan fast. The homes that had been occupied or searched were trashed-- furniture turned over, ripped open, doors blown out, windows broken. Often (not always) Koranic artwork had been destroyed. Imagine your grandmother's reaction if her nativity scene had been stomped on, or Torah defiled. Full Story>>>

Palestine Indymedia | International Grassroots Campaign Against the Israeli Apartheid Wall | U.S. Stop The Wall Campaign | Seattle Day Against The Wall Events


BOLIVIA: Alternative Summit
Congressman Evo Morales, leader (MAS) has invited to the Social Alternative Summit Fidel Castro, president of Cuba, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from Brazil, and Hugo Chávez, from Venezuela. Also some 20,000 Bolivian workers of the land will be there, cocaleros (coca growers), farmers, and indigenous.

"We want to summon everyone who wants to change this system of life, to come and attend this Alternative Social Conference to construct amongst ourselves a new strategy for this country. The neoliberal system already has completed it's cycle, we must bury it, also we must create new alternatives ", Evo Morales said.

Bolivian Farmers Reclaim Unused Land


FOREST DEFENSE 12.11.2003 16:13
Call out from ELK CREEK (B.C.)


Help needed NOW in B.C. The oncoming winter bodes shorter days for the activists residing in the forests of the Elk Creek watershed, a place newly interspersed with around 800 truckloads of timber lying throughout selective- and clear-cuts on the forest floor. Despite the recent destruction, concerned people hold hope that justice may somehow still be served - both for native title, as well as for the forest itself.

What is apparent now, with recently inspired changes - both in the Land Act that permits logging within formerly protected watersheds such as Elk Creek, and the far-reaching tenets of the Working Forest Initiative, is that the provincial government is attempting to liquidate the value of terrestrial resources before their unfounded right to carry out such acts is superceded by indigenous title.

The Pilalt people have always gained their physical, cultural, medicinal, and spiritual sustenance in relations with the mountainside of Elk Creek, giving their unceded title legal precedent to the in situ corporatist agenda now attempting to eradicate their very link to the earth.

Any sort of assistance is greatly needed now in Elk Creek.

www.elkcreekaction.org | Grandmother Betty Krawcyzk speaks on necessity for civil disobedience in B.C.


RECLAIMING THE LAND 12.11.2003 16:01
Bolivia: Land Seizures
Since the recent countrywide protests in Bolivia, and removal of their "democratically elected" president, Bolivians have gone ahead and organized their own plans for land redistribution.


La Paz, November 11, 2003. - In a new clash with the government of president Carlos Mesa, again several thousand landless farmers and peasants have begun occuping several agricultural properties belonging to the large estate owners from the former regime of Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada.

Justifying this action by the community, the leader of the farmers of La Paz, Rufo Calle, has sworn that his group will continue to take over unused land throughout different regions. "The authorities are not fulfilling their commitments and people no longer want to hope", he said when demanding that at least of 10 to 20 hectares of earth be given to each family farmer.


LABOR SOLIDARITY 12.11.2003 15:51
ILWU local #5 strike
ILWU Local 5 the ILWU local number 5 won a big victory today in front of Powells books downtown Portland store. At 2:30 pm the daily shipment of internet orders did not go out. "No Mail today!!" someone yelled as the USPS worker shut the doors to his empty truck. the Powells workers are on strike to protest unfair labor practices by the powells corporation including surveillance, super supervision and discriminating against union supporters.

hundreds of people showed up today to help the powells workers get the word out. People picketed the dowtown store of Powells books to bring attention to practices by the powells corporation which violate the national labor laws.


ZooBombers Getting Hassled By Cops...Again
Last Sunday the Portland Police Department showed up in force to rain on a ZooBomb parade. Four police cars were waiting in Washington park, at least 2 maybe 3 cars were waiting on Salmon and at least one car was waiting on Burnside. This "sting" was incited by the recent Oregonian article on ZooBombing which talked about public drinking and the use of marijuana. The Police handed out tickets en masse, including some for "crossing the max tracks" to the tune of $300. At least two people were arrested for unkown reasons. It was nice to see our tax dollars hard at work taking dangerous, menacing bike riders off the streets, instead of trying to catch those pesky burglars, rapists and murders. God bless you Portland Police Department...

[ previous pdx indy stories about the ZooBombers ]


A21 BUSH PROTEST LEGAL UPDATE 11.11.2003 00:29
Charges Against Amber Hicks Dismissed When Portland Police Officer Kruger Fails to Appear
Charges against Peace Encampment activist and police abuse victim Amber Hicks were dismissed at her 2pm trial Monday. Hicks was violently arrested by Portland Police Sergeants Kruger and Lee while strolling through a park on the day of pResident Bush's last visit to the Rose City on August 21, 2003. Sergeant Kruger failed to appear in court to testify. Today's action clears the way for Hick's upcoming civil suit against Kruger and Lee for their inexcusable violence and harrassment.


FOREST DEFENSE 11.11.2003 00:26
AUDIO FILE: Healthy Forest Initiative Dialogue
The November Bark Field Trip was to the Borg Timber Sale in the Oak Grove Watershed, a tributary of the Clackamas river system.
Towards the end of the hike, participants held a dialogue about the Healthy Forest Initiative, a bill which recently passed through both houses of Congress. The content of these two bills differed sufficiently that a comprise bill will have to be hammered out in a committee and then again approved by both Houses. This affords citizens the opportunity to contact their representatives and voice their concerns over this bill

Though superficially proposing to protect the forest and adjacent communities from the ravages of fire, this bill opens the forests up to increased logging, while at the same time limiting and inhibiting citizen participation in the intricate process of the U.S. Forest Service Timber Sale Program. Federal laws which protect the forest, such as the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), as well as State Regulations, guaranteeing citizen participation, are weakened.

During this dialogue, many questions concerning this bill and its effects upon forest and human communities are asked and answered by the group gathered in a snowey clearing here in an uncut portion of the Borg Timber Sale. The segment finishes with an exhortation to hold our representatives accountable for their actions, and not excuse them as simpley not being up enough n the issue at hand. They are being paid, actuallyu, overpaid, to be on top on protecting our rights and our resources.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 11.11.2003 00:20
Eggs: A victimless crime? Try the red pill.
There are approximately 300 million egg laying hens in the U.S. confined in battery cages — small wire cages stacked in tiers and lined up in rows inside huge warehouses... Laying more than 250 eggs per year each, laying hens' bodies are severely taxed. They suffer from "fatty liver syndrome" when their liver cells, which work overtime to produce the fat and protein for egg yolks, accumulate extra fat. They also suffer from what the industry calls 'cage layer fatigue,' and many become 'egg bound' and die when their bodies are too weak to pass another egg.

After one year in egg production, the birds are classified as 'spent hens' and are sent off to slaughter. Their brittle, calcium-depleted bones often shatter during handling or at the slaughterhouse. They usually end up in soups, pot pies, or similar low-grade chicken meat products in which their bodies can be shredded to hide the bruises from consumers.

In one notorious case of extraordinary cruelty at Ward Egg Ranch in February 2003 in San Diego County, California, more than 15,000 spent laying hens were tossed alive into a wood-chipping machine to dispose of them. Despite tremendous outcry from a horrified public, the district attorney declined to prosecute the owners of the egg farm, calling the use of a wood-chipper to kill hens a "common industry practice."


Urgent plea for funds for Bolivia Indymedia Center
Indymedia-Boliva, after less than one year of operation is now embarking on another project. They are setting up operations in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, with plans to work with Indymedia-Rosario, Argentina, to set up live radio broadcasts for an Alternative Summit which will be running concurrent with the annual Ibero-American Summit -- where heads of state from Spanish and Portuguese speaking nations gather -- these events will be taking place in Santa Cruz Bolivia this November 14,15 and 16th !!! SOON.

Local Portland collective has quickly moved to support an urgent plea from Indymedia-Boliva for funds, by scraping together $120 dollars. We just sent them $100 dollars today, November 10th. Personally we are asking for $65 dollars to reimburse one of our members, beyond that we are asking to raise as much possible to send to Bolivia -- Pronto / Quick !!!

Our collective "El Filo de la Frontera" or "The Border's Edge" will be working with them to produce bilingual radio programs generated from their interviews and broadcasts.


COMMUNITY BUILDING 10.11.2003 11:31
Founding Congress for A Corvallis Community Alliance
Progressive activists and organizers from the Corvallis area will be meeting on Saturday, November 15, at the Oregon State University International Forum in what they are calling a Founding Congress. The goal is to plan a permanent alliance of local groups and individuals for the purpose of developing a common vision for the future of Corvallis, and take action together to fulfill that vision. "I believe there is a need for us to create an inclusive democratic space where we can share ideas, struggles and visions for change," said Lisa Gonzales, one of the event organizers.

The all-day event will focus on how the various groups, which cover a gamut of issues from labor and civil rights to the environment, can work together to achieve the common goal of a more progressive Corvallis in the next five years. The organizers hope the alliance will sustain what they see as a rising tide of public involvement in community and world affairs caused by recent events.

"My hope is this will be the beginning of a great joining-together of community groups and individuals to work towards common goals and create a Corvallis more livable, peaceful, and beautiful in which everyone can flourish," said Deborah Dombrowski, President of SEIU OPEU Local 083.


SELECTION 2004 10.11.2003 01:00
Beware Disinformation during Presidential Campaign
The 2004 presidential campaign is well underway, and it's gonna be an ugly one. If you're someone who sees the demopublican duopoly for what it is -- a single corporate monster with two heads -- you've got tough times ahead. The Anything-But-Bush people are desperate, and are already getting shrill in their demands that no one on the left or elsewhere do anything but toe their party line. Their tone is that of an angry, jonesing addict who needs another hit; in this case, the drug is political power, not a chemical substance, but the urge is no less destructive. Unlike an individual junkie, though, these people will take us all down with them if they get their way.

Dirty tactics will be the name of the game from democrats and republicans both, and the former will be no less cunning in their lies. Already the disinformation is appearing. Posts on this site that falsely accuse Nader of losing Gore the election in 2000 are becoming more common. Today, a ridiculous assertion appeared under the title, "Ralph Nader accepts millions from Bush", and the editors of this site had the good sense to compost it. The accusation is entirely false.


Boycott Borders Books
Workers at Borders Books store #1 in Ann Arbor, MI went on strike this past Saturday, November 8 at 9:00 AM. We do not take this step lightly. By striking, we hope to convince Borders Management to negotiate with us in good faith so we can reach a fair contract and return to our jobs.

We are writing to ask all of you to support us by

1) boycotting all Borders, Waldenbooks, and Amazon.com;
2) volunteering to picket with workers in front of the store or organize solidarity pickets in your city;
3) joining Borders Readers United, our community support coalition ( bru@riseup.net)
4) calling Borders Headquarters (734-477-1100) to tell them you support u


LABOR 09.11.2003 16:58
Fired Salvadoran Labor Leader Sara Quintanilla to speak in Portland !!!
Monday, November 10th @ 7:00pm
SEIU Local 49 (3536 SE 26th)

In spite of international protests and condemnations, the Bush administration hopes to complete the Central American Free Trade Agreement, (CAFTA) negotiations by December 2003. In order to pave the way for CAFTA the right-wing Salvadoran government wants to privatize healthcare, electricity, water, and education. The government has been trying to dismantle the unions, reduce wages, and abuse human rights, but the people of El Salvador and Central America are saying NO! And are calling on our solidarity to support their struggle against CAFTA and the FTAA.

Sara Quintanilla (an electrical worker and Secretary General of her union local) will speak about her union's struggle to halt privatization and defeat the Bush Corporate Globalization agenda from taking over El Salvador and all of Latin America.

$3.00 at the door, no one turned away for lack of funds

Contact CBLOC at 503-236-7916 for more information


PGE Runs Expensive Full Page Oregonian Ad
Two interesting PGE / PUD-related items appeared in this morning's Oregonian. The first is an odious, folksy and expensive full page ad taken out by PGE "employees" (read: PGE) to "thank you for your support on election day." The second is another editorial by Steve Duin, taking PGE Prez Peggy Fowler to task.

First of all, the jobs of PGE employees were never at risk. Oregon law requires that a P.U.D. offer continued employment to current PGE employees; it was only option on the table that guaranteed continued employment at current wages and benefits. Foolish PGE employees who voted against the P.U.D. are now vulnerable to manipulation by whatever corporation buys the assets of Enron (of which PGE is one), currently being sorted out by the courts. However I suppose we cannot be too hard on these employees, as I am sure the pressure to campaign on behalf of their employer was enormous and constant.

Rather than paying big bucks to campaign against the best interests of the community and buy expensive, full-page advertising to rub it in, why doesn't PGE take the money and either reinvest it in the community, lower utility rates, or use it to pay back some of the money owed to Oregonians over the Trojan debacle?


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