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Contemplating "Violencia Política" YA BASTA! ARRRRR!!!!
Well, political violence (hereafter referred to as PV, and not to be confused with PT, which means either "Pregnant Turkey", or "Potty Trained", I've never been quite sure which) is when somebody decides to fuck up some corporate or government property because they are mad as hell and they're not gonna take it anymore. It dates back to about 5 million kajillion BC, when the first stone decahedron company (Stone Decahedrons "R" Us) was destroyed in a clandestine tar fire (responsibility was claimed by the People's Wheel Movement). Usually they do this by dousing said property in gasoline and lighting a match, however feces and spray paint have also been used, among other things. PV should not be confused with direct action, which is more along the lines of civil disobediance.


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 21.11.2003 01:14
Media Island relaunches website
Check out http://www.mediaisland.org, an information research and dispensing tool for Olympia, the Puget Sound, Cascadia and our allies around the world.

Learn about numerous issues and participate by submitting articles, calendar event listings, analysis, artwork, photographs, and calls for attention and action. Anyone can add their favorite local and international articles to the site (we have a fair-use copyright policy) or write their own. Promote fundraisers. Post progress reports on campaigns, programs and projects.

We invite individuals and groups to post your goings on and important bits of news at the very easy to use website, expanding your local readership beyond e-mail lists and combining all of our audiences.


MIAMI FTAA 20.11.2003 16:59
FTAA overview
quasi democratic officials The FTAA protests in miami are a good example of why ALL Americans (North, Central, & South) should recognize what they are up against - An autocratically imposed mechanism( to accelerate transfer of wealth from many to a few) that has been designed by a few unresponsive, unelected people; a mechanism that will be enforced and protected with violent force by existing quasi-legitamite government entities, while those same government entities will lie about the mechanism as freely as they lie to silence opposition.


MIAMI UPDATE 20.11.2003 11:55
FTAA Demonstrators Take to the Streets, Met with Police Violence
As top trade officials from 34 nations negotiated the extention of the "free trade" agreements binding North America to the rest of the continent, protesters, also in Miami, Florida, took to the streets in a massive display of opposition to the proposed Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA) pact. The demonstrations, ranging from civil disobedience to a large permitted march organized by the AFL-CIO, were met with police intimidation, unlawful restriction of the right to protest, and violence.

Beginning on Wednesday, when 9 people were arrested by undercover officers while walking down the street, the police began a strategy of random arrests and confiscation of legal possessions of those who fit what the police believe to be the demonstrator "profile". During protests today, that tactic expanded as the police violently apprehended march participants and dragged them behind police lines. Often these officers were dressed in civilian clothes, or even dressed as demonstrators. Seven people living in an abandoned house were arrested, as the police declared that their bicycle tubes were in fact sling shot weapons, despite no evidence to support that claim. [ Read more... ]

Solidarity Statement of SOA, FTAA & Bush Protests
We, The Stop the War Coalition in London, England, The Mobilization to Stop the FTAA in Miami, Florida (U.S.) and the School of the Americas Watch Movement in Columbus, Georgia (U.S.), are mobilizing tens of thousands of people this week in the United Kingdom and the United States to hold our governments accountable. Our struggles are interconnected and we organize in solidarity with each other. [ Read more... ]


Thursday's Cascadia Forest Revue: Shock and Awe Logging coming to the Siskiyous
Massive Salvage Logging Planned for Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area. Thursday, November 20th - 8:00 PM It's a Beautiful Pizza, 3341 SE Belmont, Portland

The Bush Forest Service is planning to log up to a billion board feet of trees from sensitive, Biscuit-fire affected forests in southwestern Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers area. This no normal timber sale. In fact, this could be the single largest logging operation in the history of our National Forests. This extreme logging proposal is unlike anything else in living memory - amounting to about quadruple the combined logging on all National Forests in Washington and Oregon last year.

This scheme would drive chainsaws into the heart of the largest unprotected roadless areas on the Pacific coast between Canada and Mexico, threatening tens of thousands of acres of wild roadless forests. Quickly becoming the most controversial forest battle in the nation, your help is needed to stop this monstrous, extreme logging scheme.

In an interactive slideshow, Rolf Skar with the Siskiyou Project will introduce you to the Siskiyou Wild Rivers area, explore fire ecology and share ways you can help save this national treasure! Full Story>>>

[ More Info on Biscuit Fire Issues | Alternative Proposal to conserve the Siskiyous | Healthy forest Initiative and other Legislative Attacks this year on National Forests |Overview of Bush Forest Agenda ]

[ New indymedia film, "Forest & Consciousness" debut tonight at the Revue ]


The Transparency of Nature for the Mystery of Creation
"Who would deny that nature is transparent to a mystery eluding us, that it points beyond itself to something that isn't nature and yet appears in every part of nature?.. If nature is degraded to a mere sphere of objects, its transparency is lost.. Because we are blind for creation's glory and accept the world as a brutum factum, the earth comes to nothing under our functional instrumental reason." translated from German


MEDIA CRITICISM 19.11.2003 23:24
The failures of the "progressive" media
This week George W. Bush faces a week of intense, non-stop protests. But you would never realize the importance or significance of these events if you relied on the corporate media or even the so called "alternative" or "progressive" media.

Bush and his administration faces a week of protest, first in the UK and then in Miami. To get the news as it happens, unfiltered by corporate editors and journalists, and untampered by money, follow  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/ and  http://www.indymedia.org.uk/ and  link to www.ftaaimc.org.


AUDIO FILE: Symposium of the Free Trade of the Americas
On November 17, 2003, in solidarity with those in Miami and around the world protesting the Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA), the Lewis and Clark Organization for Peace and Politics and the Campus Greens held a Symposium on the harmful effects of free trade. Two speakers, Martin Hart-Landsberg, professor of economics at Lewis and Clark, and Barbara Dudley, professor of Political Science at Portland State University gave presentations on the FTAA and then took questions.


LIBERATION THEOLOGY 19.11.2003 04:46
Invitation to Paradise: Cult Marketing
"Post-modern advertising assumes the function of religion and reveals the spirituality of consumption.. What is involved is self-fashioning, a kind of trendy self-invention. Life puts itself on stage and invents its identity..Meaning becomes lifestyle.. Capitalism succeeds in elevating commodities into our gods." The kingdom of goods always threatens the kingdom of God, liberation theology warns.


RESISTANCE 18.11.2003 23:05
Bush Arrives in London as Protests Increase
As Bush was flying in to London protests were already underway. Over one thousand people marched on the US embassy (via the offices of ExxonMobil) in the Burning Planet March Against Bush. Focussing on climate change the march was noisy and bright and gained support from many passing by. Outside the US Embassy speakers including former Environment minister Michael Meacher, Tony Juniper (Director, Friends of the Earth) Stephen Tindale (Director, Greenpeace)and others all lined up to denounce the destructive policies of the Bush administration and its corporate sponsors.
See [report] [report + pics]
Pictures [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7]

Meanwhile in Brixton yet another statue of George Bush was being toppled by campaigners, this time complete with mock trial where he was found guilty of a number of charges - see report and pics [1] [2] [3] .

Earlier in the day another naked protest against Bush took place at the Tate spelling out the words 'Bush Go Home', while students at University College London have occupied part of the university. The London School of Economics Student Union also voted to support the next three days of protests.
Visit UK IMC for the latest coverage.


ENRON'S THIEVING BUTT 18.11.2003 13:36
Enron and Portland General Electric Co. (PGE) announced this morning that Enron had agreed to sell PGE to "Oregon Electric Utility Company, LLC," a company to be headed by Neil Goldschmidt and other prominent Oregonians

There are no details of the deal available, except that the "transaction is valued at approximately $2.35 billion." Funding for the local group is to be provided by Texas Pacific Group, a leveraged buyout operator (involved in deals for Continental Airlines, Burger King, and other companies). "People kept asking us why Neil Goldschmidt was opposing the PUD, writing letters and opinion pieces for newspapers," said Nancy Newell of the Oregon Public Power Coalition (OPPC). "I guess he did not think he needed to disclose his financial interest in the deal."

[Oregon Public Power Coalition | 10,000 Votes | Clackamas Public Power]


POLICE STATE 17.11.2003 13:20
Seattle Police Keep LEIU Protestors' Videotapes
6/2/03 Seattle Police Riot on Peaceful LEIU Protesters in permitted protest zone Well, the Law Enforcement Intelligent Unit (LEIU) hearings, based on the June 2, 2003 LEIU protests in Seattle, are back on. On November 14, 2003, in Judge Deborah Hankins' courtroom, five of the LEIU defendants were represented by attorneys Paul Richmond, Larry Hildes, and Michael Withey. You will remember last time we visited this topic, at the August 28 hearing, LEIU defendants' property was not being returned by the Seattle Police, including video cameras, videotapes, personal and student identification, credit cards, and even ice cream cards (with only one cone left until the free one). When the attorneys asked the judge for those items to be returned in August, since the Seattle Police were not responding to those requests, the judge on the bench that day, Judge Ron A. Mamiya, told the attorneys, Mr. Richmond and Mr. Hildes, to ask the prosecutor for those things back. So, the attorneys turned to their left (?!), and asked the prosecutor for the defendants' belongings back. The prosecutor said some of those possessions may be considered and used as evidence, so they may not be returned.


NEVER FORGET 17.11.2003 13:19
Activists Join Academics in Opposing Enola Gay Exhibit
An impressive committee of leading intellectuals from around the world has joined forces with veterans, clergy, activists and students to challenge the Smithsonian's plans to exhibit the Enola Gay solely as a "magnificent technological achievement." The planned exhibit, set to open December 15 at the Air and Space Museum's new Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center at Dulles, is devoid of historical context and a discussion of the ongoing controversy surrounding the bombings, and lacks basic information regarding the number of casualties. The "Committee for a National Discussion of Nuclear History and Current Policy" has formulated a powerful statement of principles, which appears on their website: www.enola-gay.org. The statement has been circulating in the activist and academic communities here and abroad. The statement makes clear that the signatories, who number about 250 now, are not opposed to exhibiting the plane in a fair and responsible manner, but they fear that a "celebratory" exhibit both legitimizes what happened in 1945 and helps build support for the Bush administration's "dangerous new nuclear policies", hence the linkage between past history and current policy. The signers, who include a who's who of the American intellectual left, include Noam Chomsky and Howard Zinn, famed writers E.L. Doctorow and Kurt Vonnegut, activist Daniel Ellsberg, celebrity Martin Sheen and renowned folk singer Pete Seeger. [ Read more... ]

previous feature: [ PATRIOTIC CORRECTNESS: the Hiroshima cover-up ]


MYOPIC MILITARY MIND 17.11.2003 13:14
Marine mammals are innocent victims of war on terror
Under the cynical pretext of protecting national security, the Bush administration strong-armed the Senate Armed Services Committee into approving the most far-reaching rollback of marine mammal
protection in the last 30 years. It exempts the U.S. military from obeying core provisions of the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Endangered Species Act.

Because these unprecedented exemptions are part of a "must-pass" defense bill, they were quickly approved by both the House and Senate, and President Bush is sure to sign the bill into law.

What do these new exemptions mean in the real world? It will now be far easier for the U.S. military to harass and kill whales, dolphins and other marine mammals with high-intensity sonar and underwater
explosives. The armed forces will no longer be limited to harming or killing a "small number" of animals.


Contemplating Political Violence
By Craig Rosebraugh
I have found it interesting over the last year to read the comments against me, my beliefs and activities on this site. While I do find constructive criticism quite healthy and necessary I have been amused that the bulk of criticism against me has consisted of unfounded rumors and outright lies (ie. that I drive a $30k car, I get payed great sums of $$ for speaking engagements, I am truly a capitalist at heart, I don't know how to shoot a gun, I am a trust-funder, etc.) It strikes me as a bit odd to say the least that not only do the perpetrators of these written attacks fail to identify themselves, but more importantly they have failed to pose any serious challenge to my theories, writings and beliefs on the need for a revolution in this country and the involvement of a mixture of strategies. With that said I look forward to reading more mythological tales of my personal life on this site written by anonymous cowards. For those who do have thought provoking critiques and criticisms of my work, based not on religion, emotion or personal attacks, I thank you in advance for contributing to the needed philosophical development of resistance politics in this country.

For political activists it is crucial to constantly analyze strategies and tactics to ensure that the activities we engage in are effective and worthwhile. For those who do continually engage in the analytical process, the time comes when each individual must answer the question: Am I involved in particular strategies and tactics because they are truly capable of advancing the movement and stopping a given injustice, or am I primarily acting only to appease my own personal conscience? Failing to ask this question and to honestly answer it commonly leads to burnout and dropout on an individual level and ineffectiveness and ultimate failure for movements as a whole.

When pondering the above question it may not be easily understood how to determine if a particular tactic and strategy has been exhausted or is ineffective. The simplest answer is that when a tactic or strategy has been repeatedly unsuccessful over a lengthy period - thus causing not the growth but often the stagnation and even demise of a movement - that tactic and/or strategy on its own should be deemed ineffective and exhausted. The desirable question then becomes what tactic and/or strategy needs to be implemented to progress a given movement?

The Logic of Political Violence - Book release and talk by Craig Rosebraugh - Dec. 12th 7pm Laughing Horse Books


FAIR TRADE NOT FREE TRADE 16.11.2003 22:43
AUDIO FILE: The Salvadoran Struggle Against Free Trade
On November 10, 2003, at SEIU Local 49 in Portland, Sara Quintanilla (an electrical worker and Secretary General of her union local) spoke about her union's struggle to halt privatization and defeat the Bush Corporate Globalization agenda from taking over El Salvador and all of Latin America.
In spite of international protests and condemnations, the Bush administration hopes to complete the Central American Free Trade Agreement, (CAFTA) negotiations by December 2003. In order to pave the way for CAFTA the right-wing Salvadoran government wants to privatize healthcare, electricity, water, and education. The government has been trying to dismantle the unions, reduce wages, and abuse human rights, but the people of El Salvador and Central America are saying NO! And are calling on our solidarity to support their struggle against CAFTA and the FTAA.

In this audio file Sarah begins by discussing the impact that the privatization of telecommunications and energy have had. "Energy has not been completely privatized yet, that is, only the distribution of energy has been privatized at this time. What has happened with the privatization of telecommunications and the partial privatizastion of energy, there has been an increase of poverty in El Salvador, and of course an increase in the wealth of transnational corporations."


RACIST POLICE STATE 16.11.2003 15:49
NYPD attacks Anarchist People of Color fundraiser
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 16, 2003
Contact: Critical Resistance Northeast Office,
718.398.2825, crnyc@criticalresistance.org

People attending a private fundraising event in Brooklyn were shocked early this morning by an unprovoked and violent assault at the hands of the NYPD. Up to 100 people attending a fundraiser for activists of color were indiscriminately sprayed with chemical agents, beaten with nightsticks, and harassed by a throng of up to 100 police officers. Witnesses say there was no cause for the assaults and the subsequent arrests following the melee.

Critical Resistance is a national grassroots group that focuses on prisons and police brutality, and challenges the belief that policing, surveillance, imprisonment, and similar forms of control make our communities safer.

for more info and updates, check out: [ http://nyc.indymedia.org/ | NYPD Attacks APOC Fundraiser | jail solidarity callout ]

Full Story


Run for Freedom Prisoners of Conscience
Close the SOA and remember the Prisoners Of Conscience! Jim Toren and Jon Blickenstaff from FootPrints For Peace are leading the way to Ft. Benning to honor those who have volunteered to go to prison in order to bring public awareness to the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" formerly known as the "School Of Americas". In the dark cold hours of this morning, November 16th, 2003 a small group of dedicated people have awakened early, eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and gathered in Lexington Kentucky at the Federal Medical Center, a Federal prison, to begin a run to the SOAW protest at Ft. Benning Georgia.

Their purpose is to honor and support the people in prison who are known as Prisoners Of Conscience. These people are in prison because they performed acts of civil disobedience at Ft. Benning as witness to the wrong doings of their government and were willing to suffer the wrath of their government in order to bring awareness to all America and indeed the world, that something is wrong and needs to be changed! They are all volunteers and patriots in the truest sense of the word.


Run for Freedom Prisoners of Conscience
Close the SOA and remember the Prisoners Of Conscience! Jim Toren and Jon Blickenstaff from FootPrints For Peace are leading the way to Ft. Benning to honor those who have volunteered to go to prison in order to bring public awareness to the "Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation" formerly known as the "School Of Americas".
In the dark cold hours of this morning, November 16th, 2003 a small group of dedicated people have awakened early, eaten breakfast, gotten dressed and gathered in Lexington Kentucky at the Federal Medical Center, a Federal prison, to begin a run to the SOAW protest at Ft. Benning Georgia.

Their purpose is to honor and support the people in prison who are known as Prisoners Of Conscience. These people are in prison because they performed acts of civil disobedience at Ft. Benning as witness to the wrong doings of their government and were willing to suffer the wrath of their government in order to bring awareness to all America and indeed the world, that something is wrong and needs to be changed! They are all volunteers and patriots in the truest sense of the word.


KBOO's news & public affairs programming airs approx. 37 hours a week
KBOO's news & public affairs programming airs approx. 37 hours a week -- under 25% of the air time. The music-entertainment programming at KBOO is on over 130 hours a week -- (75%)

KBOO's got the best stuff in town but even NPR-affiliate KOPB 91.5fm airs more news & P.A. material (true, not the same quality or local content). KBOO needs to air public affairs shows beyond the morning hours that working folks can tune into.

dialogue is ongoing about airing more public affairs programs nightly There *are* public affairs shows that are on at 6pm after the KBOO Evening News (5-6pm), such as Labor Radio (Mon.), This Way Out, Out Loud, Prison Pipeline (Tue.), Hole in the Bucket, Circle A Radio, The Underground (Wed.), Voices of the Middle East, Proverbial Perspectives (Thur.), Feminista Factor and Counterspin (Fri.). Here is the link for the KBOO Program Schedule: http://www.kboo.fm/schedule.

KBOO Weekend News: Volunteers are producing a pilot for the KBOO Weekend News. It is tentatively arranged to air today at 8:30am. The Weekend News Pilot will air tonight at 10:00pm.


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