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ANIMAL RIGHTS 03.12.2003 12:16
Invitation to a free presentation and video showing about OHSU's Primate Center
Come to a free presentation and video showing about OHSU's Primate Research Center by former primate technician Matt Rossell.

Matt Rossell was one of two people charged with the responsibility of caring for the psychological well-being of more than 1,200 non-human primates at OHSU. His department was created only to fulfill a Federal mandate. He worked at OHSU for over 2 years. Hear his experience, see the video he shot at the facility, and learn what you can do to help the animals.

Laughing Horse Books
3652 SE Division St.
Thursday, December 4, 7:00 p.m.

Learn more at www.ohsukillsprimates.com and www.boycottohsu.com


DEEP POLITICS 03.12.2003 12:13
WORLD BAD AIR ALERT --- Global Chemtrail Spraying
People in the UK, USA, and in many other countries, are getting dangerously sick because of the massive spraying in the sky and air of toxic chemicals -- such as barium stearate and aluminium oxide. This 'Chemtrail Spraying' started in West USA around 1991, and became severe over many countries in 2001 and 2002. Over the past few years millions of people will have died from, and many millions are now sick with, these conditions and complications from the massive 'Chemtrail' spraying operation occurring over many countries.

I have been trying (along with many, many others) to coalesce action to stop this madness for 36 months, but now this spraying is becoming very severe - so, I am trying again. In a chemical-filled storm (caused by planes dropping their chemical loads into approaching weather fronts) here on the Isle of Man a few weeks ago, I heard first-hand of many babies being taken to hospital with breathing difficulties. Now is the time to tell this story and to unite people, because most people are now beginning to understand that we have some pretty mad people making many of the biggest decisions on Earth.


B.C. INDIGENOUS STRUGGLE 03.12.2003 07:49
Skelkwekwelt Protection Center Benefit!!!


What is the Skwelkwekwelt Protection Center? Come find out! We are showing three movies on what has been happening with indigenous communities and the Secwpemc people. So come on out and find out more and support the transport of a local Indy videographer to go cover upcoming events with the Secwpemc people and the Native Youth Movement.
  • Friday Dec 5th at Vinnie's Pizza(N Killingsworth & Vancouver) 8pm
  • Saturday Dec 6th at It's a Beautiful Pizza(SE 34th & Belmont) 8pm
  • Friday Dec 12th at Red & Black Cafe(SE 22nd & Division) 5-7pm

For some more details read on...


Billboard altered to send message to Sen. Wyden

Pranksters send a message to turncoat politician, Ron Wyden of Oregon during a wet Portland night, 11/29/03.

background: [ Opposing the Medicare prescription drug bill | Stop the sham Medicare prescription bill ]


SELLING CASCADIA 02.12.2003 07:12
Oregon's New Ad Slogan
Today's news has been full of the announcement that Oregon has exchanged it's lame non-slogan, "Things Look Different Here" for the light and airy, "We Love Dreamers."

Perhaps most disturbing to me is that the entire job of developing the slogan and the campaign was given to big-time Portland advertising agency, Wieden and Kennedy, inventors of Nike's successful -- and expensive -- "Just Do It" ad campaign and slogan.

Was there any bidding involved? One wonders why the State didn't use this opportunity to open up the process of creating a slogan and ask all interested ad agencies AND citizens to send in suggestions. I'm sure it would have received some great stuff and might have made a choice that was not only more popular but which actually made more sense.

One Reader's Response:
"We kill our poor"
"We're broke!"
"The Police State"
[ Read More Slogans ]


LIFE OVER PROFIT 01.12.2003 22:26
Sea Shepherd activists in jail and need your help! December 10 day of action
Sea Shepherd activists Allison Lance-Watson and Alex Cornelissen were arrested on Tuesday, November 18 in Taiji Japan and are still in jail. They were arrested for releasing dolphins captured and penned in by Japanese fishermen. Diving into frigid waters, they swam for over an hour untying sections of the net, creating escape routes for the dolphins. They were immediately arrested by Japanese authorities and taken to Shingu and Kushimoto Police stations where they are currently being held under arrest with no bail. An international day of action is planned on December 10th.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has had a crew in Taiji, Japan since September 29. The crew, despite harassment, assaults, and the arrests of Allison and Alex were able to document the killing of dolphins and whales on four occasions, including the killing of protected mellon-headed whales. This evidence of Japanese violations of international law captured by Sea Shepherd is motivating the harassment of Sea Shepherd crew and the continued detention of two of the crew by police in the Wakayama Prefecture of Japan. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is organizing an International Day of Protest Against the Japanese Dolphin Slaughter on December 10th. Please see the website for more information. [ Read More ]


BuyNothingDay CriticalMass Powell'sStrike
A tourist from Canada returns to Portland with the fondness of Bikesummer still warm in his heart to find our rather confusing state of critical mass. While waiting at a green light for friends to catch up he was told by an officer to get on the sidewalk because he was blocking traffic. Looking over his shoulder, not seeing ANY cars, and being from Canada he asked the obvious question, "Eh?" The Peace Keeper in question quickly told him he was to be cited for disobeying a direct order. The Canadian was left wondering why the people would willingly pay for this person to "serve and protect." I wonder what the Portland Business Alliance would have to say about the tourism generating disposition of our civic defenders.

Meanwhile at the Powell's Bookstore Strike a rather uncomfortably tight-dressed supervisor told a small group of us that we could no longer sing bike themed x-mas carols on the patio, and would have to move. Singing from the sidewalk huddled around a wet piece of paper proved to be somewhat inspiring as passerbys were all curious why we were singing there. [ Read More ] [ Bloating a different action request ]


Thanksgiving Buffalo Slaughter
In this time of thankfulness we have some sad news. On Tuesday November 25th, another bull buffalo was shot dead by DOL agent Shane Grube while running back towards the boundary of Yellowstone National Park. He was some 25 yards shy of the border. Volunteers had to witness the agents drag the dead bull to the facility where they proceeded to fork-lift him onto a truck, gut and skin him, and remove his head. Again another powerful animal died at the hands of the ignorant and intolerant. The bull lived the only way he knew how---"Wild and Free!" Even in death the Buffalo continue to teach. [ Read More ] [ Buffalo Field Campaign ]


BOLIVIA SOLIDARITY 30.11.2003 20:42
Public Letter from Bolivia
This [10-17-03] letter is an attempt to inspire genuine solidarity with worldwide social movements, so that they might intervene, to prevent order from being reestablished, and instead help to create a new and just social order in Bolivia. After one month of conflict we are at the end of our resources. The magnitude of this warlike arsenal, the mass media and economic sectors acting in the interests of the transnationals who support our government, is forcing us to ask the brothers and sisters of this continent for help to defend our common cause, for a more just world. The elites of this world have designed a system to suffocate and weaken the legitimacy of our cause, by using violence in the streets and a press corps that lies, a cause that our people paid for with blood.

Beyond the effective denial of the crisis and the portrayal of the conflict that Sanchez de Lozada sells to the foreign press, there are people dying, unionists being arrested, silenced intellectuals, and persecuted journalists. The people are defending themselves to their full capacity with diverse strategies, the right for freedom of thought and for a the right to a life with dignity for all Latin Americans, Africans, Asians, all indigenous peoples, blacks and mix-races, all the oppressed, discriminated and forgotten in this world.

It is incorrect to say that Bolivia is now undergoing its worst social, political and economic crisis. It is not true that intolerance and violence threaten to divide our country. We Bolivians understand that this crisis is not only our crisis, intolerance and violence is not threatening our people in a way that we have not experienced before, because our country has been divided by discrimination for centuries.

"The sublime sacrifice of so many brothers will only be worth it, if we can twist the arm of the owners of the world, if this battle initiates a chain reaction that leads to the defense of the sovereignty of all Latin America.... We have given of ourselves, now it depends on You."

www.rebelion.org | www.bolivia.indymedia.org


COMMENTARY 30.11.2003 20:40
An Open Letter to George W. Bush: Part 1
By: Jack Dalton, a Vietnam Veteran

Hello George

I call you George simply because that is your name. I do not refer to you as Mister, President, or Mr. President as all three of those terms are signs of respect, which is something I do not have for you at all. You are not my President as you were never elected to the office you hold, but were appointed by what is essentially a right of center republican Supreme Court. And that took place after your brother in Florida, the Governor helped you to "steal" the election (Karl Rove did you good there didn't he?).

At any rate I'm not writing to you to rehash the stolen election. This letter is in response to things you have said and what you are doing in Iraq (the other countries you have sent troops to will be covered in another letter... as well as what you are doing to this country internally). It's in response to your plans for global domination, the militarization of this country, most, if not all, of which is being driven by the oil and energy industries


POLICE STATE 30.11.2003 01:19
Anti-FTAA Solidarity and demands from Dade County Women Prisoners
MIAMI -- (November 27, 2003) The Dade County Women's Detention Center prisoners express their solidarity with the protesters of the FTAA. Many of the conditions the protesters found in the jail and detention centers, however horrific, are just examples of what we live with every day. There are many health code and civil right violations in the Dade County jail system. The women prisoners would like the following conditions to be addressed immediately:

1) There is black mold in our showers that cause rashes and breathing problems.

2) There are large amounts of bugs in our cells and in our showers.

3) The food is often in terrible condition, sometimes even rotting.


POLITICS 30.11.2003 01:08
Corporate Globalization magnate, George Soros, gives $5M to MoveOn.org
2003 has seen the rise of a new current in US politics, best described as Neo-Centrics, or simply Neo-Cens, for ease of comparison with a better known defection of Socialists to the Conservative Right. Although allied with long-time social democrats (who were once distinguished by whether they accepted secret funding in bags from John A. McCone's office or Armand Hammer's office), the Neo-Cens are former radical critics of "lesser-evilism" who have decided a year before the 2004 election that the whiff of fascism is in the air.

Funding for a some of the Neo-Centrics comes from George Soros, who gives away $400m a year through his Foundation and thus subsidizes many of the activist groups, luminaries and publications of the American left, probably dwarfing the sums that once trickled out of Langley or Moscow. Soros does not control the left, as right-wingers imagine, but his monetary influence is one of those hushed secrets inside the left usually dismissed as conspiracy-thinking.


MUTUAL AID 29.11.2003 22:05
OHAP’s Health Helpline Assists Many In Need, Saving Lives Along The Way
Oregon Health Action Campaign (OHAC) newsletter, Winter/Spring 2003:

Despite the devastating cuts and horrible suffering imposed upon some of the most defenseless citizens of Oregon, there are rays of hope. One of these is OHAP's 24-hours per day bi-lingual (English/Spanish) Health Helpline.

Medical bills result in 40% of the bankruptcies filed in the United States. Untold thousands are sent to collections and have their credit records ruined by medical bills. But hospitals in Oregon have a mandate and a mission to provide free or affordable payment options to income qualified patients

No one is turned away from OHAP's Helpline. Citizens, legal immigrants, and undocumented people are all welcome to call. Some health programs are available to all.

We are a relatively small organization and are always seeking good volunteers and funding support for our efforts. If you would like to help us save lives or become a volunteer trainer for others wishing to work as Volunteer Health Advocates, please give us a call at 1-800-789-1699, or in Salem, 503-581-6830, and ask for Tim Miller.

Oregon Health Access Project | http://www.ohac.org/newsletter/203Newsletter.PDF


IRAQ 29.11.2003 16:04
Bu$h's PR Stunt In Baghdad Underscores US Crisis
Air Force One flew into Baghdad under conditions of secrecy so total that air traffic controllers at the airport did not know the identity of the plane. Bush was taken from his ranch in Crawford, Texas in an unmarked car, and Air Force One flew under a false call signal, with its lights off and escorted by US jet fighters.

The siege mentality of the administration is shown by the restrictions imposed on the handful of reporters and cameramen who accompanied the president. The stridently pro-war Fox News camera crew were the only ones permitted to record the event, with even CNN being rebuffed from participation.

Bush spent 27 hours in the air in order to spend only two-and-a-half hours on the ground in Iraq. His own itinerary suggests that the US military barely controls even the perimeter of the Baghdad airport, the headquarters of the occupation force.


SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS 28.11.2003 18:22
Beaten and hogtied at Ft. Benning


On Sunday, November 23, I took part in a nonviolent civil disobedience action at Fort Benning, GA, to protest the U.S. Army´s School of the Americas (SOA, now called the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation - WHISC)

Shortly after more than two dozen of us entered Fort Benning and were arrested, US Military Police took us to a warehouse on the base for "processing." I was directed to a station for an initial search, where a woman soldier began shouting at me to look straight ahead and spread my legs. I turned to ask her why she was shouting at me and was ordered to keep my mouth shut, look straight ahead, and spread my legs wider. She then began an aggressive body search.

Today I have a black eye and the soreness that comes with severe muscle strain. Mostly, I'm burdened with a serious question, "What are these soldiers training for?" The soldiers conducting that search must have been ordered not to tolerate the slightest dissent. They were practicing intimidation tactics far beyond what would be needed to control an avowedly nonviolent group of protesters who had never, in thirteen years of previous actions, caused any disruption during the process of arrest.

This morning's aches and pains, along with the memory of being hogtied, give me a glimpse into the abuses we protest by coming to Fort Benning, GA. As we explore the further invention of nonviolence in our increasingly volatile time, it's important that we jointly overcome efforts to deter our determination to stand together against what Martin Luther King once called, "the violence of desperate men," - and women.

Voices In The Wilderness | SOA Watch


GENOCIDE 28.11.2003 17:22
Saturday, Sand Creek Remembrance Day in Olympia
On Saturday, Olympians will commemerate the Sand Creek Massacre with an afternoon of prayer, atonement, and information sharing about the past and present struggles of indigenous peoples on this continent.

In celebration of Union military victories, President Lincoln in 1863 declared the last Thursday of November would be an annual day of national thanksgiving. On Thursday, November 24, 1864, Colonel John Chivington of the Colordado Volunteers celebrated second annual Thanksgiving holiday by marching his troops out of Denver headed for Sand Creek. Black Kettle's band of Cheyenne, having earlier surendered to, and allied themselves with, the US Army, were camped by the Army's instruction at Sand Creek. Most of the young men of the band were out on a buffalo hunt. Seeing the soldiers, Black Kettle raised up the American Flag given to him by the soldiers at Fort Lyon as a gesture of good faith. Along with it, he raised a white flag, and he gathered his family around him. Chivington and his soldiers attacked and murdered Black Kettle and about 150 members of his band in cold blood that morning. Afterwards Chivington's soldiers cut off the women's genitals and used them to decorate thier hats and their saddle horns. They scalped and mutilate every single person who was killed.

We feel that this event is more representative of the nature of the interaction between the indigenous people of this continent and the Europeans who invaded it, than is the glib, myopic Thanksgiving story of Indians and pligrims sharing a meal. We feel that if the people of this continent are ever to build for themselves a just future that it must begin by accurately understanding and accepting responsibility for the past. As such, we propose the abandonment of the Thanksgiving holiday and replacing it with Sand Creek Remembrance day. We feel that the European invasion of this continent deserves to be remembered with prayer and fasting and work to build a better future and not with glutony, self congratulation, and white children dressed up as "Indians" using paper head dresses.

Toward this end, we are organizing an afternoon of prayer, atonement, and information sharing about the past and present struggles facing indigenous people on this continent. It will be held in Sylvester park in Olympia from 12 to 3 on Saturday, November 29. Please join us

National Day of Mourning in Massachusetts


Powell's workers on strike today!!!
Don't forget, Friday Nov. 28 is the Unfair Labor Practices walkout by Powell's workers, called becaue of harassment of union activists and other illegal activities by Powell's management.

Powell's Books Inc. has made the decision that the George Dubya Bush era is the best time to force out the union and impose their will on the workers...or at least to turn the screws on us. They're trying to take back medical benefits, which will make it impossible for many employees to get coverage *and* pay their rent, much less to insure their children.

Powell's refuses to release profit figures, so we can't tell just how rich owner Michael Powell and CEOs Ann Smith and Sylvie Horne are getting as they try to push more of Portland's children off of the insurance rolls. They've apparently decided that Portlanders are so used to going to Powell's that they won't care if the bookstore is pretending to be progressive or not.

PROVE THEM WRONG! Join our peaceful picket line today (outside all Powell's stores except Airport), DON'T SHOP at Powell's today, and keep checking Indymedia for updates on the struggle for economic justice at Powell's. Thanks!

[ CORRECTION: the picket is only happening at the Burnside Powell's ]


Willamette Week cover story on Jake Sherman characterized as "full of crap", "disgusting", "sensational", "shit", and "an execrable piece of yellow journalism"
I read Carlton Smith's article with disgust, largely because I can picture him lengthening this piece on Jacob Sherman into his 17th bestselling book (he's best known for co-authoring The Search for the Green River Killer back in 1991) and laughing all the way to the bank. I was also disgusted with how he delved into various voyeuristic details, from Jacob's mom's rape by a fellow cop to his separated father's detachment and other lurid details of this "dysfunctional" family. These details would be relevant in a book length analysis, but seemed to lean more towards the sensational in this short piece.
"use of the term 'ecoterrorist'... generally serves as a pretty good indicator that 'this particular article is a piece of shit and is so biased as to be nearly useless'"
Then there's his horribly simplistic statements and assertions: we're told Jacob was a "gifted, idealistic student" who was "captivated by [Tre] Arrow's charisma and the siren song of violent nihilism" so strongly that in six months' time he was completely metamorphosed into an elf. In my mind the word 'captivated' does not begin to address the complex transformation that Jacob apparently underwent, but this transformation is described in a predictable, banal way: in late summer 2000, Jacob was "an outgoing and extremely bright" "preppy" student, who degenerated to sporting "a somewhat hippy appearance" by late fall, and then fell into "negative" politics (after all, he "wrote frequently about the Zapatista insurgency in Mexico and quoted Che Guevara"). By midwinter Jake was "growing edgier, harder as he found himself echoing the charismatic Arrow."

At last we have a culprit: it's all Tre Arrow's fault. I love Smith's inclusion of a quote from a psychiatrist who testified at trial about how Jacob was groomed: "Tre Arrow [came] across him [Jacob]. And for some reason that is not very clear ... Mr. Sherman got picked out in a way which I would describe as being very similar to the kind of grooming behaviors that you see where you're looking at, say, sexual predators." Ooooh ... scary men with kiddie porn. Smith neglects to mention that expert witnesses are hired to say whatever it takes to keep their side's client on or off the hook, depending on which side is hiring them. Come on, Smith ... can't you at least make one reference to Michael Jackson's bedroom while you're at it?


INDIGENOUS ISSUES 27.11.2003 10:58
Thanksgiving: A Native American View
I celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving.

This may surprise those people who wonder what Native Americans think of this official U.S. celebration of the survival of early arrivals in a European invasion that culminated in the death of 10 to 30 million native people. Thanksgiving to me has never been about Pilgrims. When I was six, my mother, a woman of the Dineh nation, told my sister and me not to sing "Land of the Pilgrim's pride" in "America the Beautiful." Our people, she said, had been here much longer and taken much better care of the land. We were to sing "Land of the Indian's pride" instead.

I was proud to sing the new lyrics in school, but I sang softly. It was enough for me to know the difference. At six, I felt I had learned something very important. As a child of a Native American family, you are part of a very select group of survivors, and I learned that my family possessed some "inside" knowledge of what really happened when those poor, tired masses came to our homes.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 26.11.2003 23:39
Think that turkey looks appetizing? Think again.
Repost of 2002's Thanksgiving feature: Over 300 million turkeys are killed every year in the United States, 40 million of them specifically for Thanksgiving. The majority of these are raised in factory farms where they are stacked in cages in windowless sheds where they can't live naturally (or happily) in any sense of the word. Often they cannot move, and many die in the conditions before they are fully grown. They are debeaked and declawed without anesthesia, making it difficult or even impossible for them to eat, and research shows that they feel the pain of this for the rest of their lives. Those who survive are fed until they are grotesquely obese and cannot stand because their skeletons are too weak from confinement. Over-burdened in this way, and trapped in close quarters with too little oxygen, many turkeys die when their hearts explode from the physical stress.

The birds are unable to reproduce naturally in these conditions, and the males are "milked" for their semen, which is then shot into the females with a syringe or tube. Turkeys do not recieve even the scant protection given to pigs and cows by the Humane Slaughter Act and many are tied upside down still alive and conveyed to the part of the factory where they are knifed. Not all die right away and suffer unspeakably by bleeding slowly to death.

Turkeys and other poultry are often infected with salmonella and campylobacter bacteria from their unnatural living conditions, and deregulation of the industry means that more diseases are reaching the dinner table. Even if a particular bird is free of these bacteria at the point of purchase, it was most likely raised on a steady diet of antibiotics and chemical growth stimulants which are not good for human health. Additionally, working conditions in poultry factories are unpleasant and dangerous, and big business has blocked legislation that would grant workers relief. The turkeys lose, and the people lose.

Still hungry for that drumstick? [ Newswire article ]

Sources & More information: [ The Turkey Day | Save a Turkey | Turkeys Want to Be Friends, Not Food | Gruesome treatment of turkeys as exposed by PETA | Turkeys: Hooked on Drugs (Jim Hightower) | United Poultry Concerns, Inc. Turkey Brochure | Reviews of Karen Davis' Book "More Than a Meal" | At Our Mercy: The Eating of Animals | About Factory farms | Meat Is Murder (Resources) | VEGETARIAN FOOD SOURCES | United Poultry Concerns | Animal Liberation Front | portland indymedia animal rights news ]

Related: [ Why I Hate Thanksgiving ]


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