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THE POOR WAR 22.12.2003 15:32
Wild Oats' contribution to the war on the poor.
I am a homeless vendor for Street Roots, a bi-weekly Portland based newspaper addressing the issues of homelessness, racism and the plight of the poor and displaced. The Wild Oats on N.E. Fremont and 15th appears to have a "No solicitation" policy that conflicts with the Wild Oats general statement on "Community Commitment".

On Tuesday December 2nd, i approached an employee at the N.E. Fremont and 15th Wild Oats to inquire about distributing Street Roots out in front of the store. He told me of their "No solicitation" policy but said he wasn't certain whether it applied to Street Roots. I followed him into the store and he called for a manager over the establishments' intercom system. A few moments passed and no one responded, so the worker got on a service phone and pressed a button. A moment later the worker was speaking with the manager, "Yeah, Street Roots. No, i think he's new.....allright, allright." The employee turned to me and said, "I'm sorry, but we have a "No solicitation" policy because we're on private property. The vendors at the Wild Oats on Division (southeast Portland) are allowed there because it's a city sidewalk. Sorry 'bout that." And off he went with that unique fake Portland way that i find so endearing.


BOYCOTT TACO HELL 22.12.2003 14:13
CIW announces 3rd Annual Taco Bell Truth Tour
taco hell logo A caravan of workers and allies will leave Immokalee on Feb. 25th and head north to Yum Brands (Taco Bell's parent company) corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, for the first of two major actions aimed at moving the fast food giant to clean up human rights abuses in its supply chain.

After the Louisville rally on Friday, Feb. 27th, the caravan will head west across the country toward Los Angeles and a massive action at Taco Bell headquarters in Irvine, California. Starting on March 2nd, Immokalee workers will lead a three-day march, from East LA to Irvine, taking the boycott to millions of consumers on Southern California streets. The march will culminate in a huge, day-long rally on March 5th -- a political, musical, cultural festival that will shake the foundations of a fast-food industry built on the exploitation of workers and consumers alike.

[ Taco Bell Boycott ]


GLOBAL JUSTICE 22.12.2003 00:17
Dec. 8-16th CAFTA Talks in WDC
Throughout the week of Dec. 8-16th the Central America Free Trade Agreements (CAFTA) meetings were taking place in Washington DC. During that week, however, there were daily protests in DC and solidarity protests in Houston, TX and Chicago, IL among other places.

CAFTA is, like the FTAA, is built around the same structure as NAFTA. With the FTAA meetings in Miami being unsuccessful for the delegates, the Empire (US) has focused on creating smaller trade agreements like CAFTA to create more money for the upper class, and more poverty for the lower and middle class.

Costa Rica walked out of the talks supposedly becasuse of differences with the US on agriculture and textiles. The US pushed on without Costa Rica eventually signing an agreement with the countries of Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Costa Rica may resume talks next month, and the US plans to pressure the Dominican Republic next year to join CAFTA.


What Does Self-Defense Against Riot Police Look Like?
FTAA protests swarm with riot police (www.ftaaindymedia.org) What does legal self-defense against riot police look like? Rob Thaxton, in jail in Salem, Or., 8 years, for what seems to be self-defense in Eugene Reclaim the Streets protest. 231 protesters criminally charged in Mimai at FTAA protests, 0 cops charged. Prosecutors are friends with cops. Judge in Miami says witnessed 20+ felonies by police with own eyes. No 911 response while we are assaulted by riot police. Tacoma Police Chief rapes you, where do you turn? How do we protect ourselves from police??


Save Tibet.. Why??
Tibetan Sand Mandala at Portland Library "Free Tibet" is a cause that has risen on the world stage to the level of the Nobel Peace prize for the Dalai Lama in 1989. For most who know their plight of human annihilation and cultural desecration by the Chinese over the past 50 years, the soul of Tibet is embodied in the Dalai Lama. Every Tibetan seems to contain a portion of that soul.

Why will the concept of saving Tibet not stop nagging at the collective conscience? A Tibetan monk, when asked what he thought was in it for those in the West who were trying to help Tibet, said there is nothing in it for us, except that it is right.

China is the greatest threat to the future of the West

A Brief History: Beginning in 1949 and in a violent and escalated invasion in 1956, the Communist China created by Mao Zedong invaded and subsequently occupied the country of Tibet. For China this was the gain of land mass roughly equal to the size of Europe.

With its continued occupation of Tibet, Communist China works to wipe out the culture of Tibet. Communist Chinese have destroyed all but 13 of the 6000 monasteries that made up the higher education and university system of Tibet. In the process, China took centuries old artifacts from the monasteries and placed many of them for sale on the lucrative international art market. Thousands of Tibetans die while performing forced labor.

financed by Western Investment and consumer spending, China's dictatorships are rising as dangerous economic and military powers. Tibet's history reveals an important perspective on the nautre of China's leadership. Tibetans understand the nature of China's dictators... The Tibetan's experience offers insight into the nature of future leadership in China Read More>>>

[ Interview With a Tibetan Llama | www.tibetanphotoproject.com/ | From a Tibetan in Exile ]


Priest Murdered in Guatemala
Jose Maria Ruiz Furlan, better known as ´Padre Chemita´was murdered by unknown person or persons in Guatemala City this week. He was 78 years old, and the assassins shot him 4 times near the church where he ministered for over 30 years. He was well known for the religous and political work that he had been a part of for much of his life.

He help aquire over 70 peices of land for poor families to build homes on, and was most active in the southern region of the city, where he lived. In 1970 he publically accused the military of killing his borther, and he ranas a candidate for mayor in the late 1970´s. he was also excommunicated form the church for 9 years for participation in politics.

The Human Rights Commission here thinks that because he was such a public figure that there will be serious pressure on the government to find the assassins, but it will be a slow and hard process, but even iftheir identities are discovered, it is hard to knwo if they will be prosecuted.


The Daily Poetry Movement
Two Selections: Cry Palestine by Nancy Stohlman and Der 11-ter November by Dovid Edelshtat. The second peice comes from the Yiddish Anarchist movement back in the 1800's. All of their pamphlets would start with poetry. I have included a website so you can check out more on the Yiddish movement. I have chosen my two selections in timing with Chanukkah. I have always loved Chanukkah because it is a holiday set around candles. If your going to celebrate tonight light a candle to bring the light. Resist! Refuse! Recycle!

http://www.iisg.nl/collections/yiddish/yidhis | Solstice Poem


Big Money Opts for Phallic Symbol at Ground Zero
The sponsors of a design the commemorative project at Ground Zero contest have picked an entry that will be the tallest building anywhere, ever. Is this really a good way to remember those who died on that day?

The building will be something like 1400' high, which means it will be taller than the twin buildings in Kuala Lumpur, which means we're better than them.

The first 70 floors will be occupied by businesses and what not, whatever they put into offices, and the top 40 floors or so will be kept empty, conceivably to remember the victims. It is rather a creepy and strange idea, to build this monster and keep the top half empty, as if we can store ghosts up there, or as if to say, we will never forget you because we built all this useless office space up above where the important office space is.

From the design I saw on tv, the building will have twists and turns in it, to make it more unique. But won't this just make it more like a giant veined phallus? [ Read more... ]

Government's 911 Coverup Falling Apart
To most Americans, the first inkling that something was wrong with the official story of the 9/11 catastrophe occurred about a year after the event, when President Bush resisted setting up a panel to investigate the events of that dark day.

Why would he not want to investigate the greatest crime in American history? many wondered. Then, he badly underfunded it. Then, he tried to name infamous power broker Henry Kissinger to head it. Since then, Bush has stonewalled a committee of his own choosing, one stacked with political functionaries that is ill-equipped to conduct either a police or forensic investigation " and, perhaps most revealing, one that accepted the government's version of who the guilty parties were before they examined any evidence!

To date, there has never been anything revealed to the public about how the U.S. government KNOWS that Osama bin Laden and al-Qaeda were the actual perpetrators of 9/11.

Today, millions of Americans realize - simply from watching thousands of cop shows on TV - that the one most interested in covering up a crime is the one most likely to have committed it. Many more millions also realize that the foremost beneficiaries of the attacks and mass killings of 9/11 are the same people who are now waging wars that are based on some very suspicious rationalizations, most of which since have been exposed as outright lies.

Shockingly enough, even Thomas Kean, chairman of the committee constructed to cover up this greatest crime in American history, blew the whistle the other day that the attacks could have been prevented. [ Read more... ]


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 20.12.2003 14:17
Litte Beirut Cafe Revolution!
pdx aca red star pro-community ant-capitalist logo On January 17th, Little Beirut the networking paper put out by Portland Anti-Capitalist Action will be celebrating it's first anniversary. Please join us for a night of community building, food, music and art. We are asking local groups to table and speak or just come and catch up with the work being done by other radicals/revolutionaries. If you are interested in tabling, performing or submitting artwork please get in touch with us ASAP. Come out and support and learn about other collectives and community action groups! You thought we worked hard in 2003? Just wait till 2004!

[ Portland Anti-Capitalist Action ]


Important developing situation in Bolivia: Attempts to discredit social justice movements ramping up
Posted by an indymedia activist currently visiting Bolivia: I´m sitting in an internet cafe on Avenida 16 de Julio in downtown La Paz, Bolivia. It´s something like the 3rd hottest day in La Paz´s history, which isnt that hot. Usually it never goes above 70 degrees farenheit here.

It may appear that the incredible social changes that rippled through the country just 2 months ago have come to a low simmer, but in fact things are still happening, boiling away beneath the surface.

La Paz is in a canyon about 3000 meters above sea level. at the top of one rim of the canyon is El Alto, the site of an historic showdown in October between the people and the government of Bolivia. This morning I went to El Alto, a city in its own right , population 800,000, built in the last 17 years not by the state but by people, people flooding in from the surrounding countryside, the Altiplano. This morning I went there, to visit a neighborhood where 16 people died in that showdown. A friend who knows better spanish than I interviewed several kids while I videotaped, and they talked of the tanks and tear gas and bullets. We also talked with the priest who is working to raise money for those injured and the families of those killed. One man still lies in bed with 2 bullets in his head, because there is no money to take them out.

Back in La Paz the papers are telling a different story.


LABOR SOLIDARITY 19.12.2003 18:11
Portland IWW presents a forum on the Southern California Grocery Strike
The strike by 70,000 grocery workers in Southern California has been dragging on for some time now. The outcome of the stike will have lasting implications for all workers, organized and unorganized.

This discussion forum,led by Tom Leedham who was the former head of the Teamsters national warehouse division, is meant to assess how the strike got to this point and how it might be resolve, if things go right or if things go wrong. Bring your questions. A donation will be requested to pay for hall fee

December 20th 2003 Time 5:00 pm
Portland IWW Union Hall 616 E. Burnside Portland 503.231.5488

[ Announcement post: Forum on the Southern California Grocery Strike | background: Calif. Grocery Workers Strike: Union Leaders Call for National Boycott of Safeway Stores ]


19.12.2003 16:28
Sample Comment - due Dec 21 for Meteor Timber Sale that Could Devastate Salmon River
The Klamath National Forest Service is proposing to log 744 acres in the spectacular Salmon River watershed, threatening ancient forests, Riparian Reserves, and Wild and Scenic River corridors.

Sample Comment: (please feel free to cut and paste and get this in the mail TODAY!!)

EPIC, the Klamath Forest Alliance, and Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands Center are challenging the Knob Timber Sale in federal court, and need your help to block the disastrous Meteor. The majestic Salmon River is much too precious to lose, and the Forest Service must know that citizens from across the state and nation demand its protection. Please write the Klamath National Forest today and urge them to deny the Meteor Timber Sale and to protect the Salmon River and these ancient forests. Key issues on the logging sale are [ below ].

related: [ Meteor Timber sale elicits protests ]


ISM/ Non-Violent Direct Action Training on Sunday 21 December in Olympia
MARK YOUR CALENDERS: There will be an ISM/Non-Violent Direct Action Training on Sunday 21 December.

All are invited regardless of your intentions, whether it is to support someone travelling to the Middle East, going yourself, or simple interest and enthusiasm in non-violent direct action. Pass it on, space is limited to approx. 20.

This will be on the TESC campus on the third floor of the CAB in the S&A area starting promptly at 09:30 to approx. 4.

Please RSVP if you are able and we will forword you some interesting materials.

Students Educating Students About the Middle East(SESAME)
The Evergreen State College
CAB Space 15 sesame@lists.riseup.net (360) 867-6033


ANTI-RECRUITMENT 19.12.2003 00:27
call: 503-257-9950 -- and let the military know that portland says no to recruting in our highschools... and everywhere!!!!

tell them that the portland comunity does not want murderers in our highschools.

the military recruters are just as guilty as those soldiers who put bullets through childrens heads.

recruters turn people into killing machiens,
soldiers are jus killing machiens that turn people into dead.

the youth must rise up!!!!!!!

student power!


TACTICS 17.12.2003 17:34
Analyzing the Movement -- Looking Back at PPRC, Part 3
After 9-11, after the disappointment of the first PPRC rally, I was in a peculiar circumstance. At least, it was peculiar for me. I was being pushed by the world, by the morning paper, by conversations at the water-cooler, by an overwhelming sense of doom. I had to act, but I didn't know how. There was only one organization in town that was visibly working against the war. My options seemed limited.

I started going to meetings. My life was soon overwhelmed by them. Head first into the process, I was to be facilitated, debated, proposed, and finally flummoxed. [ Read more... ]

previous parts: [ 1 | 2 ]


ANIMAL RIGHTS 17.12.2003 17:32
"Merry Fucking Christmas, Puppy Killing Scum!" -- Activists Stink Bomb Forest Pharmaceuticals Christmas Party
Saturday, Forest Pharmaceuticals Christmas party was stormed by activists in Cincinnati (Howard Solomon, CEO, was in attendence). Multiple stink bombs, leaflets and personal security alarms were thrown by angry, screaming activists. The overwelming stench forced many to leave the party and go outside. One female activist was arrested and harrassed by Forest employees, while others were assaulted on their way out. Even though there was one arrest, this is not finished, not even close. Actions will escalate until Forest drops Huntingdon Life Sciences.


TACTICS 17.12.2003 17:30
Law School As Revenge
I went to law school as revenge. I was a street performer, endlessly hassled by cops. Before that I was a homeless teenager, terrorized by police. I went to LAW SCHOOL AS REVENGE. I thought, "What would be "The Man's" worst nightmare?" Then decided the answer was, "Street performer/attorneys!" The straw that broke my back, and made me decide to actually attend school, with vehemence and purpose, was my receiving 8 obscenity tickets for my feminist comedy/street performance. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) defended me, and I began to realize I needed to become an attorney to protect access to free speech. But the road to school as revenge was not easy.


MEDIA CRITICISM 17.12.2003 07:07
ABC and other network bias protested Monday eve Dec15th at KATU
25 to 35 enthusiastic shouting protestors, with GREAT signs AND chant leadership, lined both sides sides of NE Sandy Blvd at 22nd Ave at KATU-ABC-affiliate Mon Dec 15th from 5-5:30 pm to protest Media brownout on presidential campaigns of Dennis Kuninich, Carol Moseley Braun and Al Sharpton.

I was there as one of a dozen people not particularly associated with Kucinich campaign who decided this was an important issue on its own merits and wanted to participate.
. . . The organizers did a great job of pulling this zesty event together at short notice, using portland.indymedia as well as, I assume, several list serve arrangements. We got such enthusiastic honking from passing traffic I almost thought the drivers had signed on as extras. And so far as I saw, there was not a even a hand held sign telling people to "honk for something."
. . . The organizers, at least mostly from the Kucinich campaign, were seriously considering a second protest on the same issue--and it surely looks like it could be a success too.
. . . The only downside I can think of is that they left the IMC report back to somebody who did little more than drop by with a sign.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 16.12.2003 08:53
Anti-HLS Electronic Civil Disobedience starts TODAY!
http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2003/12/276631.shtml With Russian activists taking down HLS's webpage for weeks and flooding Huntingdon inboxes with emails, electronic actions have really heated up in the past month. No better time for everyone's favorite e-action: the HLS ECD

Last time HLS customer/bastard Daiichi got slammed with thousands of emails. Hundreds of activists from across the world logged onto a chatroom where in each and every word they typed generated an email to a Diachii employee. What fun! Tomorrow (and the whole week this time) should be just as exciting! Don't miss out.

AND PLEASE REMEMBER - this is Electronic Civil Disobedience, meaning you are publicly and proudly disrupting the targeted company's internet communications medium. Unless you use a public computer that cannot be traced to you do not be surprised if your ISP gets a complaint about your actions.

That being said - kick some ass!
Visit: www.shacamerica.net/ecd.htm all this week to participate. Check www.shacamerica.net daily for updates on the campaign to CLOSE HLS!


FOREST DEFENSE 15.12.2003 10:46
Report from the Dec 12th Wyden Weenie Roast
Friday, Dec. 12th, Back to the Wall held the Wyden Weenie Roast rally in front Wyden's office. Just before 1 pm, a stack of weenies (veggie of course!) were delivered to Wyden' office. Meanwhile, people gathered outside the office, about 50 altogether.

There were 4 big weenie balloons with Wyden's picture on them, held aloft by a couple regular helium ballons. There was a 'press conference' where the speaker, Joe Keating spoke about the details of the so called "Healthy Forest Initiative". It was pointed out that this bill is going to allow an unprecendented amount of cutting on public lands and that it is the Democrat, Senator Wyden who sponsored it. It was also pointed out that he happened to be the Senator who received the most blood money from the timber industry. Rather than honestly represent the majority will of his constituency, he has betrayed that will in the name of personal profit. Some people would call that an evil act. At the least he should be remembered as a selfish profiteer who helped destroy some of the most beautiful forest remaining in the world today. Humanity will suffer for the selfish acts of Ron Wyden.

At the end of the press conference, a letter, on stationary that looks like Wyden's, was read out loud. The letter seems to have been written by Wyden in a moment of unusual candor. It was a funny letter, especially since a copy was sent to the members of Congress! I thought that was a creative and worthwhile tactic.


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