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9.11: DEMANDING TRUTH 24.05.2002 23:54
Rally in Eugene: 'Bush complicit in 9-11 terror'
From the open publishing newswire: "At a little after five, two of us went to the Federal Building in Eugene for a BUSH KNEW ABOUT 9.11 rally that we had called. For a good half hour, it was just us, and we were afraid no one else would come. Then, up Pearl Street, came three young men from the University. You could see the fire in their eyes a half block away as they strode down the sidewalk with their corrugated cardboard signs. We were happy to see them, that's for sure. The night before, they had put on a showing of Mike Ruppert's video, The Truth and Lies of 9/11, at the school, and filled the auditorium. Way to go !!" [ Story and Photos ]

"get your ass out here on the street"
Another post reads: "when we were out on the streets right after 9.11 asking america to hold its fire against afghanistan, a lot of people were screaming at us, saying that 6000 people (the initial 9.11 toll) died and that we needed to strike back. now, when we're out there on the street, asking for an investigation, in part to honor the lives of those 9.11 victims, we are being chastised for it. which is it people?

"oh yeah, and for all of those people who have nothing better to yell out than 'get a job'. i got a job and i'm doing your share too. get your ass out here on the street and help us save (y)our country. rise up and do something patriotic today!" [ Story and Photos ]

"Good Lefties are shocked, simply SHOCKED, at corruption in high places"
On the topic of 9.11 and 'the Left', another posts says: "I reject the argument by Michael Albert [Editor of Z Magazine] that a concern about whether Bush knew, and what his team might have done, should not be a concern of the left. I argue Michael Ruppert's argument, if true, offers many lessons useful for good lefties." [ Read more ]

FAST TRACK UPDATE 24.05.2002 23:17
Both Oregon Senators vote 'yea' on Fast Track; activists speak out
The Amended Fast Track Bill passed the Senate on Thursday, the 23rd, as expected with 66 yeas and 30 nays. Fast Track, now known officially as "Trade Promotion Authority", would unconstitutionally limit Congress' control over international trade agreements and cede this power to the President (or, "pResident", in the current case). With Fast Track, the President alone negotiates trade agreements and passes them to Congress for a straight up and down yea/nay vote. Nothing in the agreement can be changed. Many people are concerned that this would ensure the passage of the draconian Free Trade Area of the Americas, which would extend a wealth-friendly, people-hostile NAFTA-esque economic structure over the entire Western Hemisphere (except for Cuba), leading to a "third-worldization" of life for hundreds of millions. The bill is going to go to conference committee and then on to another vote in the House.

Oregon activists are encouraging people to let Senator Wyden know what they think about his vote when he visits the Washington Park Zoo in Portland on Saturday, the 25th, and the University of Oregon in Eugene on Sunday, the 26th. [ Full story ]

Activists occupy Senator Cantwell's office
Thursday in Seattle, about 30 citizens peacefully occupied the office of U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell for over an hour, denouncing her vote today in favor of Fast Track. Singing, chanting, and holding signs reading "STOP FA$T TRACK," the demonstrators disrupted business in the office and demanded to speak with Senator Cantwell.

"Senator Cantwell claims that human rights and environmental standards should be protected. It's too bad she voted for a bill that guts them. The Baucus-Grassley bill fails even the most minimal critieria of respect for workers, the environment and democracy," said activist Heather Day.

"By voting for Fast Track today, Senator Cantwell chose big business over everything else, selling out workers, the environment and democracy. She's really crossed the line here, and people are going to remember this for a long time," said local Fair Trade activist Jeremy Simer. [ Full story ]

PEACE 24.05.2002 14:07
Peace Elves' campaign on the Hawthorne Bridge continues
From the open publishing newswire: "As I approached the peace elves, I recorded the two who were there on time, Dancing Elf Tina and Peace Elf Herself, Emily. The peace elves meet at least one time a week, more often two or three times, on one of the bridges of Portland to deliver a message of peace to the morning commuters. They do this during the likeliest commuting time, from 8-9 am. They started in December, and therein lies the origin of the group's name. Emily, the coordinator, comes prepared for stragglers like me, and brings a quote or saying that can start small and expand. So when I arrived they carried the message 'Peace Now', I tacked on the peace sign, and by 8:30, Robin arrived and the message became 'World Peace Now.' The peace elves are committed to providing a positive message for peace and letting people out there know they are not alone in their wishes for peace in the world.

"Afterwards, I asked a few questions of the other three before they hurried off to their respective jobs." [ Interview and VIDEO ]

...AND NOT A DROP TO DRINK 24.05.2002 14:04
Man to swim entire Columbia River to dramatize clean-up need
On June 4, 2002, Christopher Swain will dive into the glacial headwaters of the Columbia River, and begin a six month swim designed make the Columbia fishable, swimmable, and drinkable for future generations.

Swain will swim all 1,243 miles of the Columbia River from the headwaters to the Pacific--a historical first--in order to launch a comprehensive campaign designed to raise public awareness of the Columbia, educate the public about the spectrum of threats facing the River, highlight promising solutions, and connect interested citizens with local protection and restoral efforts.

The Columbia River Swim will kick off with a party and benefit auction Friday, May 24, 6:30 pm-9:30 pm., in the Bridgeport Brew Pub's Heritage Room, 1313 NW Marshall Street, Portland, Oregon. [ Read more

Swain's progress will be documented regularly at the Columbia River Swim website.

PEACE 24.05.2002 13:55
Portlander embarks on peace walk across Iraq
Atlanta—On May 22nd, Morgan Schneider, who grew up in Portland, joined 20 other Americans in a journey the desert to dramatize the need for the US and the international community to 'go the extra mile' in averting the all-out war threatened by the Bush Administration. "The 23 million people of Iraq have suffered cruelly for a dozen years under US bombing and sanctions. It is time to end this failed policy, not to start a new war," says Dr. James. E. Jennings of the Compassion Iraq Coalition, which is organizing the Walk for Peace. "Washington readily spends millions on defense, but not one cent for diplomacy. Why not talk?"

The Walk begins May 24th when the delegation will cross the desert into Iraq at the Jordanian border carrying signs calling for an end to the sanctions. For the next six days they will walk from the Euphrates River to Baghdad, stopping to meet and talk with people in the towns of Rutba, Ramadi and Falluja. Each walker has received pledges for every mile walked, with proceeds going to the Pediatric Oncology ward at the Basra Children's Hospital. According to press reports, the Basra region has experienced a 242% increase in childhood cancers and leukemia that many experts link to depleted uranium (DU) contamination resulting from US bombing during the Gulf War. [ Full story ]

THE 9.11 DEBATE 23.05.2002 18:40
'Conspiracy Theory' vs. 'Institutional Analysis': The past, 9.11 and Beyond
A newswire article asks for dialogue on the issue of 9.11: "This plea is for Michael Albert and Michael Ruppert to get together somehow and talk about and resolve your differences in order to better address the problems behind the events of 911."

"I suspect that Solomon and Berlet believe it is just not concievable that Bush, et al, are evil themselves in any sense, or could be capable of carrying off the hijackings and surrounding cover-up. Iím afraid that these points are debatable. However, what Bush and his team are capable of doing, or what they in fact did, does not seem to be the basis of any dispute between Albert's and Ruppert's arguments. Whatever Bush has done can be ferreted out with some good detective work. This is something we can do now. In twenty years it will be too late to hunt up the documents, or question the witnesses. We can build a movement to oppose the thievery on both the effort to go after those responsible, and to oppose and change the underlying institutions." [ Read More ]

Another newswire poster challenges "'conspiracy theory' critics": "A common rebuttal to efforts to uncover the truth, in the past, and now with 9.11, depends on the simplistic conspiracy theory vs. structural/institutional analysis idea, often saying we should not focus on the individual actions, but on the institutional basis.

"First, i find it an absurd argument. i doubt anyone would stand in their house doing nothing as an intruder beat up a loved one, ignoring individual action while pointing out the institutional reasons for crime. To do so indicates an abdication of responsibility, an intellectual disconnection from the real world effects of the events that are ignored. Easy of course for priveledged white men to speak this way. It is not usually their house." [ Read More ]

Further articles of interest:
[ Parenti - Conspiracy Phobia On The Left | And Now... Will the Real Skeptic Please Stand Up? | JFK Conspiracy: The Intellectual Dishonesty And Cowardice Of Alexander Cockburn And Noam Chomsky ]

Information on Bush/CIA Drug Business:
[ The Bush-Cheney Drug Empire | Analysis: The House Intelligence Committee Response To The Webb Allegations | The U.S. State Security Apparatus And It's Victims | Crack The Cia Website ]

COLOMBIA 23.05.2002 14:20
Afro-Colombian stowaways seek asylum, PICAG sets up donation fund
Two Afro-Colombian stowaways who were discovered aboard a large cargo ship in the Port of Vancouver on April 26, 2002, are planning to apply for asylum according to attorneys of the Immigration Counseling Service (ICS). A third Colombian who had accompanied them perished during the journey.

The men who appear to be in their 20's from photographs, hail from the Buenaventura region of Colombia, and today expressed their gratitude for help received from Portlanders.

During a news conference this morning, Susan Rossiter, ICS executive director representing Jhon Jairo Riasco Rivas, and Jessica Boell, representing Omar Arenas, outlined the asylum appeal process and also lauded the efforts of local organizations to assist the two men. Specifically mentioned were Peace in Colombia Action Group (PICAG), the St. Stephen's Episcopal Parish; both of whom have set-up bank accounts for support funds, and the ICS.

Asylum seekers in detention have no access to community groups. It was with dogged determination that people from PICAG were able to discover where the men were hospitalized, queried abut their needs, and accumulated donations of clothing, food, money, phone cards for delivery to them.

Boell said, "it's important to understand the asylum claims of these two men in the context of Colombia's country conditions... in Colombia there exists widespread internal conflict and rampant political and criminal violence. Both the guerrillas and the paramilitaries participate in violence against individuals on account of their political opinion." [ Full Story ]

[ Previous related stories: "ACTION ALERT: Colombian Stowaways in Portland, OR" | "Nimia Vargas' speech compels us to action" ]

WOMEN IN PRISON 22.05.2002 23:53
'The concept of a cage is a patriarchal concept'
* 90% of women in prison are single mothers.
* A conservative estimate of 250,000 children are separated from their mothers by jail and prison walls.
* 80% of female inmates report incomes of less than $2000 a year.
* 92% report less than $10,000 a year.
* Many female prisoners are subject to sexual abuse from prison authorities.

On Friday, May 31, there will be a "Women in Prison" presentation in Eugene, by the Women Embracing Freedom Together (WEFT), formerly known as the Advocates for Women In Prison (AWIP). "The goal of WEFT is to help women leaving the justice system do so with a support network that to this day does not exist. Seven out of ten inmates return to prison, our goal, to reduce that figure here in Oregon. To help women with job search, clothing, transportation, and healing. We embrace each woman to let them know they are worthy of a safe, secure life. Free from abuse, drugs and the criminal system."

There will also be presentations by members of Portland's Anarchist Prisoners' Legal Aid Network (APLAN) and the Eugene-based Break The Chains Northwest Political Prisoner Support Group (BTC/NPPSN) . All proceeds from this benefit will go towards the WEFT, and to buy books for politically-conscious prisoners here in the Northwest.

[ Details ]

Bush administration to expand US mission in Colombia; Bill may come to vote today or tomorrow.
The Bush proposal would eliminate current human rights and counter-drug restrictions on military aid to Colombia and add additional funding for counter-terrorism efforts.

The emergency supplemental, which contains dangerous language expanding US military aid to Colombia, may come to a vote in the House as early as Wednesday afternoon and in the Senate as early as Thursday. House offices are saying they aren't hearing from constituents on this issue.

What is the emergency supplemental about? This is a huge global bill for counter-terrorism efforts, but it contains a section on Colombia that dramatically changes our policy there. This policy change is a massive expansion. Currently, Congress has restricted US aid to go only towards counter-drug efforts; but if the emergency supplemental bill passes without amendments, US aid can be used to do counter-insurgency and fund other, non-drug-related programs. Besides getting the US directly involved in Colombia's civil war, the money could be used to fund a Bush proposal to train a battalion of the Colombian military to guard an oil pipeline in Colombia, belonging to none other than US-based Occidental Petroleum.

The Critical Infrastructure Brigade, as the Bush administration calls it, would be protecting a pipeline that, when operational, pumps about 35 million barrels per year. This equals a $3 per barrel subsidy to Occidental, payed by U.S. taxpayers - more corporate welfare.(Read More)

Past Features
[ April 13, 2002 - Afro-Colombian Women's Rights Leader Speaks | March 13 2002 - Colombia - War and Killing Widen, Debate Narrows | March 1 2002 - Eugene, Portland citizens protest against war in Colombia ]

Words From the Front - Nimia Vargas' speech compels us to action

Indigenous Rights - U'wa Prevail Over Oil Giant

[ Narco News Website | Colombia Policy Website | Zmag Colombia Site ]


SUSTAINABLE CULTURE 21.05.2002 13:51
Natural Building Convergence - Bringing the Vision Down to Earth
The Natural Building Convergence has officially come to a close, but the building that was done remains for Portlanders to enjoy and learn from. With great enthusiasm, people from around the country came together to create the first such natural building project held in an urban environment. These works are an inspiring mix of vision and practicality. Vision to create a new path of sustainable culture and practicality of making it actually physically work - To be inexpensive, non-toxic, aesthetic, and lasting. Read a couple accounts from the newswire.

"The Cob building is almost eight feet tall. It is dark brown like the most fertile soil. It is smooth and contoured like a fine sculpture. John a volunteer takes a big scoop of mud and sand and heaves it up to the people standing above him on a ladder. They are plying the Cob kiosk building inch by inch. Soon it looks like a real building. There are a window and a doorway and etched in the back of the building in the soft mud is design and creation. Lyn, an artist who recently relocated to Portland from Boston is excited about the fact that none of the materials are toxic. She talks about going to a workshop the night before for children that brought out phenomenal design ideas."

"Joan asks a site teacher whether the structure will hold up in the wet Pacific Northwest. "What do you think?" the teacher replies. The group begins to talk about how the buildings are found across the globe in all weather settings. They discuss the benefits of building with Cob. "Warm, strong, round, smooth, inexpensive, saves trees, non-toxic". The participants add to the list of why to build with natural building materials. The discussion goes on about how the building codes for our area may have to changed. They talk about how a small building can cost as little as $300. They exchange recipes for cob mud and adobe and talk about building communities of Cob houses." (Read Account)

Photos: [ #1 | #2 | #3 | #4 ]

Watch Video taken onsite

[ Another account - on site and presentation impressions | Natural Building Convergence Photos and Text Part 1, Part 2 ]

[ Natural Building Convergence Website | Daily Progress Photos ]

9.11 INVESTIGATION 21.05.2002 13:47
Green Party demands independent 9.11 probe


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Green candidates and other members of the Green Party of the United States repeated the call for Congress to authorize an independent investigation into the attacks on September 11, in the wake of revelations that the Bush Administration failed to inform Americans about indications that Osama bin Laden was behind a plan to highjack airlines.

"The government of the United States owes this to the American people, and especially to the victims and their relatives," said Ted Glick, New Jersey Green Party candidate for the U.S. Senate. "It should be an independent investigation, with broad subpoena power and access to classified information, conducted by a body of citizens outside of Congress and the Ashcroft Justice Department."

"While the White House tries to downplay the news, it's becoming clear that this is even more gravely serious than the Enron debacle, which Congress refused to investigate as a political scandal and only as corporate malfeasance. An investigation needs to be directed by those whose only interest is in finding the truth, and who have the courage and resolve to seek the truth regardless of political or criminal implications. Relatives of the victims should play a major role in the committee overseeing the investigation."

[ Full story | Green Party of the United States | Pacific Green Party ]

STURM UND DRANG 20.05.2002 13:10
New terror threats: 'More BS to evoke a public response?'
From the open publishing newswire: "Now we are told that electronic communication intercepts reflect 'increased traffic' between 'al Qaida' cells, indicating these cells may be planning a new wave of attacks. The intercepts, it is said, are comparable to intelligence that was being acquired in the weeks leading up to 9-11.

"I can't help but wonder why they're telling us this - what purpose does it serve apart from scaring the hell out of everyone, silencing the new-found voices of the administration's critics, deflecting attention from an embarrassing string of revelations about what the Bush team knew in advance of 9-11, and laying the groundwork for further military actions somewhere in the world?" [ Read more ]

'911 Warnings Put Bush Under Fire, Issues More Fake Terror Alerts'
Another post reads: "The Bushies are feeling the heat over their foreknowledge of 911 attacks. The suspicions of millions of Americans that the Bush cartel turned a blind eye to the impending terror attacks is suddenly confirmed... Outraged by the disclosure of pre-911 warnings, the public is asking some tough questions of the Bush administration—and the President's unresponsiveness... In the wake of this criticism, Cheney and the Bush team simply roll out predictions of new terror attacks. It's one of the oldest tricks in dirty politics." [ Read more ]

"Isn't it interesting that the newest "Terrorist attacks by Al-Queda" alert (issued 5/18/02) come just as there are increasing questions concerning the American story about the 9-11 attacks themselves. Of course this is just purely a coincidence. Dick Cheney goes on national TV to try to answer the various questions about "what Bush knew and when did he know it," but also mentions that by the way there is an impending Al-Queda terrorist attack in the works. This is a pathetic and clusmy attempt to divert attention and deflect questioning about the 9-11 attacks, with a transparent piece of disinformation designed to whip up more Fear and Hysteria among the public." [ Read more ]

Related newswire post: 'WAKE THE FUCK UP!'

What is "sturm und drang"?


Local activist: 'Get off your butt and vote for Peter Alexander'
A post to the open publishing newswire reads: "Why it's important for you to get off your butt and vote for Peter Alexander for Portland City Council. Hey, you gotta use every tool in the toolbox - even electoral politics. Slightly better people in local office can mean a lot more room for direct action and other methods. Still not convinced? How about voting just because it will feel good to punish a reactionary moron? Who? Read on..."

If you live in Portland, you don't even have to drop off your ballot yourself. The Alexander campaign is sponsoring a Vote by Bike! service. [ Details ]


POLITICAL ANALYSIS 19.05.2002 23:09
'America the Spineless and Murderous: Open Letter from Canada'
"Dear America:

"And so it has come to this. Your once great nation has fallen into madness, an affliction of mass denial that brings shivers up the spines of millions outside your borders. Yours is a sick nation. But most of you carry on as though nothing at all is the matter.

"Dark, evil operations run rampant in the secret corners of your government institutions. An illegally constituted government pursues war at will anywhere on earth, discussing nuclear options that become points for cheerful chatter over lunch. Your military and intelligence agencies employ terrorist tactics around the globe even as they insist that such tactics are necessary in the fight against terrorism.

"You have become a nation of monsters, America. Hypocrites. Murderers. Fools."

[ Read more ]


ANTI-RACISM / ANTI-FASCISM 19.05.2002 22:47
'Nazis got the boot' in Vancouver, Washington, Saturday
According to a post on the open publishing newswire: "In response to the speaking event by David Irving, held at Salmon Creek brewpub, in Vancouver Washington, around 25 anti-racists met in Esther Park in Vancouver, and made awesome signs responding to the revisionist racist history espoused by David Irving in his 32 books, the most recent being the one he was signing and selling, called 'Churchill's War' or something like that... Then, after finding out that the owner of the bar was unaware of who this group really was, and how many were there, (around 30 or so) we proceeded to the brewpub, and showed the signs to the participants, through the plate glass windows, chanting and singing 'No Nazis, No KKK, No Nazis in the USA!' and 'The only good Nazi is a dead Nazi!' and 'David lies, it's proven in court', among other chants... After awhile, the cops showed up, seemed to be okay with the demo, and after telling us to keep the sidewalk clear and to avoid threatening people or swearing, kept their distance, around 7 of them... A prom limo came by and videotaped the scene.

"After awhile the people inside decided to stand with their backs up against the windows of their fishbowl, in an effort to try and block the protesters out... but the signs went over their heads no problem... As did the finger pointing, and the cameras flashing in their faces... It seemed as if they thought we would somehow cease to exist, as the revisionist history of David Irving claims that 3 million holocaust victims didn't ever exist.... So the chants changed to things like 'We're Not Here' and 'We don't Exist!' as well as 'The nazis are playing musical chairs!'. A great song, 'Hitler only had one ball' rocked and was sang quite a few times... Other songs also kept the mood going... Passersby joined the protest, as did people who had been inside listening before we showed up."
[ Full story: "Nazis Got The Boot - 'Hitler Only Had One Ball!'" | Another account: "we beat the fascists lastnight" | Protest ends Holocaust 'lecture' (Tribune Article)]

[ Original announcement for action | Updated Information ]

Portland Green Party using creative get-out-the-vote effort: Vote by Bike!
Local Greens are attempting to counteract low voter turnout -- currently counted at around 19% of mail-in ballots returned so far -- with a new get-out-the-vote drive: "VOTE BY BIKE"!

"If you haven't heard about this already, it's an exciting idea local activists have come up with to help increase voter turnout! They are promoting a free ballot pickup and delivery service where people can call either one of the Green Party office numbers, 971-244-0127 or 971-244-0128, to have a bicycle courier come and pick up their ballot and take it to one of the official drop-off sites. They are hoping that this will help encourage procrastinators to turn in their ballots, even now that the mail-in deadline has passed, and in the spirit of Peter Alexander's grassroots campaign, they are doing it in a way that promotes alternative transportation!"

read full newswire story for more information on how to help

9.11: 'THE WORD IS OUT' 18.05.2002 09:03
Citizens in Eugene rally to demand 9.11 investigation, launch signature campaign
From the open publishing newswire: "A call for a rally had a handful of us out there on the streets echoing what the congress and others are asking of pres. bush. you've probably noticed that bush is squirming and *scrambling* now, which is the answer to the question posed to us by a passing motorist, 'what could've bush done even if he did see it coming?' he should have *scrambled* the jets immediately, asap, on the spot. he didn't."
[ Full story: "The Word is OUT Rally in Eugene" ]

Another account of the same May 17 rally says: "[T]hese concerns could as easily be expressed by 'the Right' as by 'the Left'. It's not a 'peacenik' message per se, and makes no commentary on the morality of the 'war on terror' as a response. And honestly, considering the shivering temerity of the Left regarding questions of 9.11, these if-Bush-knew-then-why-did-it-happen? questions might find more of a home on the Right. That's our loss if we let that happen... We need to hold hands with the Republicans on this one."
[ Full story: "9.11: It's time to hold hands with Republicans" ]

Signature campaign: Calling for a Congressional Investigation into 9.11
Activists in Eugene have also announced a signature campaign calling for a Congressional investigation into 9.11. The text on the signature sheet, which has been uploaded to the newswire, reads: "We, the undersigned residents of the State of Oregon, hereby request that you, our elected officials, participate in a full, thorough, and public investigation of the Bush Administration and the U.S. Government's intelligence agencies surrounding the events of September 11, 2001." Organizers are urging people to "Print out this PDF. Make copies. Go out and collect signatures. As many as you can !! Not just from lefty-types, either -- this is Everybody's issue !! Then, mail copies to Oregon's representatives and senators. And do it soon, in the next couple days, while this issue is still hot. We can't let the pResident get away with killing all these people !!"
[ "Signature campaign: Calling for a Congressional Investigation into 9.11" | Download: "handbills of WTC families: 'seething, angry'" ]
CAMPAIGN UPDATES: [ "9.11 signature campaign already a success" | "Your Voice is Important!" ]

Weekly Peace Rally in Portland Focuses on Palestine, and What did Bush Know That He is Not Telling
The weekly Friday Peace Rally/March in Pioneer Square had two themes. First - The Israeli occupation of Palestine, and announcement of the Palestine Forum on Saturday Night. Second, was the emerging information surrounding Bushs foreknowledge of the 9.11 events and asking just how much he knew. Two speakers presented clear evidence that Bush is lying about the extent of his foreknowledge and demanded that he come clean. After the rally, everyone marched through downtown. It was satisfying to hear the 30 or so people chanting in a loud voice, and demanding accountability from Bush on what happened on 9.11, an issue that until now, the anti-war and progressive movement would not touch.

No-GMO Safeway Campaign Continues - NWRAGE to Protest Multiple Safeway Locations Saturday May 18th
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (NWRAGE) and the GE Free Markets Coalition are holding a day of action against Safeway in its newest campaign to protect consumers and the environment from the hazards of genetically engineered food. Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and Wild Oats listened to its customers and have removed genetically engineered foods from its shelves. It is time for Safeway to do the same!

Safeway has been a big proponent of GM foods since they came on the market. And though over 80% of shoppers are concerned about eating food that contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs), Safeway had disregarded these concerns, scoffing at the notion that customers might not want to eat these untested, unlabeled and unwanted 'frankenstein foods'.

Help put an end to this experiment by demanding Safeway stop using genetically engineered ingredients in their products. Info on Time and Locations

Previous West Coast Actions
LA - April 23, 2002 Safeway CEO Steven Burd presented with the "#1 Secret Food Polluter" award.
Portland - April 27th Portland Safeway Action by NWRAGE
San Francisco - Consumers and Activists Continue Grocery Store Protests
2002 Supermarket Campaign Launches

[ True Food Now Website | GE Free Website | NW RAGE ]

Saturday Night, May 18th NWRAGE is hosting a free talk by Washington State University genetics instructor Stephen Jones speaking on corporations, universities and the patenting of life.

Stephen Jones is a winter wheat breeder at Washington State University and the former Chair of the National Wheat Crop Germplasm Committee. The wheat breeding program that Stephen leads has been in existence since 1894 and is the only public wheat breeding program in the country to have declared itself GMO free. More Info on the Evening

A recent article by Mr. Jones - In (Seed) Bed Together - Are Agro-Giants Taking Over University Research?

9.11: UNCOVERING THE COVER-UP 17.05.2002 13:04
Amidst Congressional calls for a 9.11 investigation, a call to 'Demand Answers - Demand Truth!' goes out
From the open publishing newswire: "The floodgates have opened on Bush's LIE - it is imperative that we are out there on the streets in FULL force. The questions being asked of Bush and Co. by representatives from all over the country is great news! This is an ideal opportunity, the one that we have been waiting and planning for!

"We need to put our heads together and come up with tactics to make sure that the truth does not get swept back under the rug. A postcard campaign is one way to involve citizens in our communities so that they can request that our elected officials demand a full investigation re Bush's forehand knowledge of 9.11.

"It is imperative that we do not let the Truth lurk back into the shadows like Cheney and Bush are going to ask Americans to do: 'Vice President Dick Cheney said in a speech in New York on Thursday that suggestions by some Democrats that the attacks could have been prevented were "thoroughly irresponsible and totally unworthy" of national leaders in a time of war.'

"Our moment has arrived! Carpe Diem!! Post your brainstorms here so that we can collaborate and make this happen!"
[ Call to action: "Demand Answers - Demand Truth!" ]

Related stories:
[ newswire: "Proof of Bush Admin 9/11 Foreknowledge" | newswire: "Mr. Bush, We're on to You" | newsire: "Bush Explainations For Pre-911 Warnings Fail The Test" | Reuters: "Democrats Press Sept. 11 Intelligence Probe" | Reuters: "Plan Proposed Before Sept. 11 to Hit Al Qaeda" ]

9.11 INVESTIGATION 17.05.2002 11:06
Noose Tightens Around Bush - White House Takes Indefensible Position on Type of Warnings
With increasing public awareness of government foreknowledge of the 9.11 attacks, the White House was forced to admit that it did have warning. While he has now acknowledged that he did have warning, Bush insists that he did not know about the possibility of suicide attacks and that their warnings were for 'conventional' hijackings.

This position is also indefensible as numerous foreign governments before Sept. 11th gave specific warnings of suicide attacks using planes on buildings.

For example, German Intelligence, BND, warned both the CIA and Israel in June that Middle Eastern terrorists were 'planning to hijack commercial aircraft to use as weapons to attack important symbols of American and Israeli culture.'

Also, German police, monitoring the phone calls of a jailed Iranian man, learned the man was telephoning U.S. intelligence agencies last summer to warn of an imminent attack on the World Trade Center in the week of Sept. 9

According to a story in Izvestia on Sept. 12, Russian intelligence warned the U.S. last summer that as many as 25 suicide pilots were training for suicide missions involving the crashing of airliners into important targets.

Other direct warnings were received by the U.S. government and have been documented

Bush's claim that there was no specific foreknowledge of suicide attacks is a lie. Demand the truth.

And there is more. . .

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