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YOUTH | POLICE STATE 03.02.2004 08:32
Girl singled out by police at Student Activist Alliance protest
Student Activist Alliance Meeting After peacefull protest, girl is singled out because she had camera The march had recently ended, most of the people had gone home, and the cameras were, for the most part, off. This is when the police acted. Three police officers who had been standing on the west sidewalk of the pioneer square, (Maby fifteen feet away) who had appearantly singeld out one of the SAA members earlyer, swooped down and pulled her to the side of the small, stunned group she was with. Exclaiming "This is an arrest" the police soon had her, the activist put up no struggle... By that time it was obvious that they had taken her because, aside from clearly helping to direct the march, she had a camera, which they now had. We demanded the camera back, so they locked it in thier trunk.

It is not right for the police to single and pick off individuals who have been documenting, it is not right to refuse cooperation with the law they supposedly enforce. They did not give us the information we had a right to, and we will not tollerate this injustice. Earlyer several police men had violently draged a protester off of his bike after pushing him with thier car, we are looking into this as well. It is utterly rediculouse that people should have to be concerned with failing eductaion AND unlawfull cops!

Another Account:
Upon leaving Pioneer Courthouse Square, people almost immediately begain marching up Broadway Avenue. As soon as they took to the streeet, patrol cars sped up Broadway, with sirens, and parked in the middle of the road. These officers then ran to the head of the march, which was already moving towards the sidewalk, running past some marchers in the street, and shoving others out of their way. They then grabbed the individual, who was himself so close to the sidewalk that he grabbed a fire hydrant to keep himself from being dragged off. Read More >>>

[Video of First Arrest at SAA March:] DSL/CABLE Stream | 56K Stream

[Earlier SAA March Announcement | MORE SAA RELATED ARTICLES | Measure 30 - Budget Cuts Just Punish Students | We Need Adequate School Funding | Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30 ]


COKE OUT OF COLUMBIA 02.02.2004 20:37
Coca-cola infiltrates Zapatista community
KKKoca-cola products (and Pepsi) effect young (and old) people by flooding their blood with refined sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup. Natural fruit sugars are not refined and take longer 4 the body to break down, resulting in a gradual insulin increase. This sudden rush of already broken down sugars causes the insulin levels to spike, causing an addictive downward spiral of highs and lows, leading to hypo/hyperglycemia and/or diabetes..

Coca-cola and the Columbian government are responsible for the assassination of eight trade union workers in Columbia. This does not include the systematic torture and oppression of union activists on a regular basis. The US School of Assassins in FT. Benning Georgia is the training camp for right wing army/paramilitary thugs who oppress the Columbian people..

Coca-cola (and Pepsi) is also infiltrating the Zapatista community in Chiapas. We are told by neo-liberal media that the Zapatistas are engaging in voluntary capitalism, yet we question whether the Zapatistas are aware of the health risks from drinking the refined sugar product. There is also the question of water rights, if Coca-cola attempts to claim ownership of their water, does this allow them into the Zapatista autonomous zone?

Columbia Solidarity Campaign | Colombian Union Activist on Coca Cola's Human Rights Atrocities


02.02.2004 08:33
Help Close HLS - Join the Electronic CD
close hls! Every monday of the month.... join the ECD against HLS...

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) is one of the world's largest animal testing labs, operating two facilities in England and one the U.S. (East Millstone, NJ). Every day inside its walls, thousands of animals suffer and die in painful and unnecessary tests. Exposed in five undercover investigations since 1989, HLS has given the public a rare glimpse inside the vivisection industry. The horrors witnessed inside HLS have given rise to one of the most successful anti-vivisection campaigns in the history of the animals rights movement.

www.insidehls.com | www.shacamerica.net


AUDIO FILE: Klamath Basin Water and Tribal Rights.
The 9th annual Environmental Justice Conference, organized by the Coalition Against Environmental Racism, was held in Eugene Oregon over the week end of January 23-25, 2003.
Saturday afternoon I attended a panel entitled Klamath Basin Water and Tribal Rights. This is an audio report of the two speakers from that panel.

The first speaker was Don Gentry, of the Klamath Tribe. After playing a song on his flute and saying a prayer in his language, he spoke of the history of his people and the area which they share with two other tribes, those to the south and those to the east.

He laid a little foundation for what the next speaker had to say, focusing on "the living and thriving community of Native Americans where we are at. And, despite everything that has happened to us with the loss of our reservation over time, parts of our lifestyle and culture are still there, the hunting, fishing, gathering lifestyle that allowed us to survive, even Mt. Mazama blowing and creating Crater Lake. Those parts of our culture are still alive are valued today. We are still linked to our natural resources."

[ More Audio Files from Jim Lockhart ]


LABOR 01.02.2004 17:31
Oakland Safeway rally -- a study in contrasts
Yesterday's rally at Safeway in Oakland, CA, was a study in contrasts - the militancy and anger of the rank and file vs. the timidity and conservatism of the official leadership.

The Central Labor Council (CLC) put this one together along with the state federation of labor. The turnout was a bit larger than the previous one here - maybe up to 1000 this time.

Along with some others, we had been discussing carrying the rally into the store, but we heard that the leadership was planning some sort of civil disobedience. We heard that they didn't want us to "upstage" them. We also heard that they were negotiating with the cops, making a deal as far as how things were going to work.

We rallied first in a park about a mile away from the store. There were several strikers who spoke and told their stories. Then we were treated to listen to Ignacio de la Fuente, president of the Oakland City Council. De la Fuente stated several times that the Oakland city council was "pro business". Through some sort of twisted logic he found a way to explain that he was still on the side of the unions in this strike, though. I was standing next to a picket I know and pointed out what he was saying. "How can he be for us and pro busienss at the same time?" I asked. "Business takes its profit out of our hide."


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 01.02.2004 17:29
"What Microsoft did for us in Washington"
A commenter writes: Hi, I've lived in Washington all my life. I've been watching in horror, the effects that the tech industry and Microsoft inparticular have had on the region. Great, they've brought they region a bunch of money. Wow. When I was a little kid in redmond, I lived next to a cow pasture and Redmond was quite a beautiful area. Now it looks like Beverly hills and the scums in SUV's are busy shaving the surrounding forests to the ground. There's one housing complex inparticular that I think represents what companies like Microsoft our doing up here, It's call "Redmond Heights". I had to commute through it every day for a couple of years and it was absolutely unelievable. The amount of forest they shaved down for it was incredible. It was once a deerbed, but now its a wasteland of gaudy three-car garage houses. 1000 acres, 1500 homes. I used to see dead deer along the main road of the development while waiting in rushhour traffic. One morning, while cars were at a complete standstill, stuck in this once grand forest, a big old buck stumbled into the middle of the road. He was just trotting in circles like he was drunk or had just been hit in the head with a brick. He couldn't figure out what was going on. Surrounded by cars, bulldozers and clearcut as far as the eye could see, he looked terrified. Just one small example of many.


HUMAN RIGHTS 31.01.2004 01:47
The Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30
Press Release: OCBA contact: E. Rice @ ocba@qwest.net
Measure 30 Vote, Special Election February 3, 2004

Dear Oregon Citizens:

The Commissioners of the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs are encouraging all Oregon voters to take part in the Special Election taking place on February 3, 2004 in Oregon. Let us not take for granted the great privilege we have of voting on issues of importance. As we remember Black History Month 2004 and our young men and women serving in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world, Remember the privilege we have to vote on February 3, 2004.

The issues that face Oregonians and our future, "Our Youth", are complex and are issues that we must deal with. Newspapers, business, government, religious, and community leaders in Oregon have all commented on the critical nature of this vote for our states future.

The Commissioners of the Oregon Commission on Black Affairs are asking you to support and vote for Measure 30. Join with Governor Kulongoski, former Governors Kitzhaber and Atiyeh, and those concerned with education, social services, the Oregon Health Plan, public safety, and the economic future of Oregon. It is no accident that support for Measure 30 is bi-partisan.

Rally For Education hosted by the Student Activist Alliance


EDUCATING OURSELVES 30.01.2004 14:37
The Best Activist Books Ever
Walking into a bookstore like Laughing Horse can be a bit daunting at times. As an activist, there are so many issues, authors, and branches of history worth investigating that it's often difficult to know where to begin. So in an effort to establish an essential list for the overwhelmed truth seeker, I am asking for your submissions to the unofficial Indymedia Best Activist Books Ever hit list. Please contribute your all time, essential, top 5 or so list of activist books below. Ooh, if you have any, you could do the same for must-see activist films too!


MEDIA CRITICISM 30.01.2004 14:35
"The cause of the blast is under investigation"
I frequent CNN.com. I consider it a fairly reliable mouthpiece for administration propaganda. How many times have you seen this sentence or some variation? "The cause of the blast is under investigation." Black hawk helicopters drop from the sky? Under investigation. Soldiers drive off the road in their humvee. Under investigation. Pipeline explodes. Under investigation. Do we ever see any articles on CNN.com and likeminded sites which relate to us the results of these "investigations?" Something like "Remember the pipeline blast last week? Turns out it was a bomb." If you are foolish enough to take these news articles at face value, it sounds like soldiers are flying and driving their equipment into ditches, mountains, and each other. The so-called "non-combat" related fatalities.


TRANSPORTATION 30.01.2004 13:45
daily atrocities that aren't "news"

It bears repeating, over and over again, until the point is driven home: 40,000 Americans die every year in gruesome carnage due to auto "accidents." These get labelled "accidents," despite the relentless predictability of the statistics, only because we've been inured to them. Where is the "war on reckless motorism"? Where is the "war on dangerous roads"? Where is the "war on suburban sprawl"? But a fluke attack by "19 Arabs" that kills far less people warrants returning the entire world to the days of iron-fisted imperialism. I'd say that's something to marvel at.

To put the problem in perspective, consider this: How many died worldwide due to train accidents in the entire past century? WORLDWIDE. IN THE ENTIRE PAST CENTURY?

Answer: Far, far less than die EVERY YEAR due to car accidents in THIS COUNTRY ALONE. J. Crawford in the book _Carfree Cities_ puts the number at 9000.
[Read and comment on original article: Actress runs over senior with SUV]


Court Issues Final Judgement Concerning Property Taxes On Ballots and Voter Pamphlets
Yesterday, the U.S. District Court of Oregon issued a final judgment, ordering the State of Oregon to ensure that the State and county election officials do not place on ballots or in Voters' Pamphlet s (or anywhere else) the often false and misleading information currently required by Oregon statute for all "local option tax" levies.

Hope - Another PUD Opportunity: No, there won't be a revote on the previous Multnomah PUD initiative. However, there is a group that's begun working to put together a new PUD initiative for the November 2004 ballot. See, there were 8 precincts in Inner Southeast Portland which demonstrated strong support for the PUD, with some voting as much as 60 to 40% in favor of creating the PUD. The new campaign will focus solely on establishing a PUD in those eight precincts, to essentially build a foothold for future expansion efforts. The great thing is that since it's a smaller area, it will only require about 550 signatures to be placed on the ballot (note that PUDs are in a different section of the Oregon Constitution, and therefore have much lower signature requirements than ballot initiatives). As soon as more details have developed, they'll be posted here on Indymedia. Also, there are still PUD campaigns going on in Yamhill, Clackamas and Washington counties this year. Keep an eye on how those go! [ Read More ] [ Judgment, Opinion and Order of the Court (pdf) | Voters.net | PUD Endorsers ]


Call out for Solidarity with Lenard Peltier!
Leonard Peltiers struggle for freedom and justics is not only his, but all of ours. There has been a call for an international day of solidarity in support of Peltier, his apeals proccess and justice. We are asking that anyone with transportation please offer it up for this important event and help us get people up to tacoma for an afternoon of Exciting speakers and solidarity!

We need folks with transportation to help us get as manny folks from Portland up to tacoma for the Peltier Solidarity Rally... If you can please come to Holiday Park south of Lloyd Center (15th and Multnomah st) at 8 am on the morning of [Saturday] Febuary 7th... next saturday. please contact me at redredlori@riseup.net if you can offer space in your car.

Excerpt from the Statement from the Leonard Peltier Solidarity group of Tacoma: ...The nature of the struggle for justice for Leonard is not just a legal question but is also political and must have continuous public support in order to free Leonard. The U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit, made this very clear in the ruling on November 4, 2003. In that ruling the court stated: "Much of the government's behavior at the Pine Ridge Reservation and in its prosecution of Mr. Peltier is to be condemned. The government withheld evidence. It intimidated witnesses. These facts are not disputed." Rather than act upon that which the court states is not disputed, it used Leonard's trial in which evidence was withheld and witnesses were intimidated as the reason why it denied Leonard's appeal. [ Read More ]


BENEFIT | HUMAN & CIVIL RIGHTS 30.01.2004 06:43
PCASC\ CBLOC Auction to Benefit Elections Delegation to El Salvador - TONIGHT!
Benefit For Elections Delegation To El Salvador
Saturday, January 31st, 6-9pm
Redwing Coffee & Bakery

1700 SE 6th Ave.
(corner of Market and 6th, just S. of Hawthorne)
Special Guest: General Strike
**Beer and snacks will be available**

Silent Auction to raise money to send delegates to be official elections monitors in El Salvador [in March]. Auction Items to Include:
  • White water rafting trip for 6 (all supplies included w/ professional rafting guide on a river of your choice)
  • Organic Fair Trade Coffee
  • Historical Central American Posters
  • Political union shirts from El Salvador
  • Local Art Work
  • 3 Hrs. Garden Consultation
  • Sheet metal worker labor
    [ Read More ] [ Elections Delegation to El Salvador - CISPES ]


29.01.2004 21:05
International Food Not Bombs Gathering
Food Not Bombs (FNB) volunteers from around the globe will converge in New York City August 25-27th. Planned to precede protests against the Republican National Convention, the Food Not Bombs International Gathering will host activists from one of the world's largest revolutionary movements for three days of workshops, spokescouncils, skill shares, foodsharing and discussion on the future direction of the movement.

Since its inception in 1980, FNB has grown from one chapter to more than 300 groups all over the world who are organizing against war and militarization by cooking and serving free meals in their communities with the idea that the billions of dollars wasted on military spending should instead be used to nourish the hungry. An autonomous movement, FNB chapters engage in various projects in their communities from fighting against poverty, gentrification and governmental immigration policies to organizing against the war on Iraq. One hope to come from this gathering is that FNB chapters will be better informed of what other groups are accomplishing in other parts of the world.


Last Friday January 23rd, while everyone wasn't looking, because the media's attention was purposely focused elsewhere, the president signed into law H.R. 2763. It funded several of his crony's pet projects and, in some instances, changed forever the American Way of Life. Want to see just what is changing, so that the announcements over the next few weeks by the gubment and by your employer can be compared to what is actually decreed? Then go here to read what the Department of Labor has published: "Employees meeting the foregoing requirements are excluded from the Act's minimum wage and overtime protections. Thus, they may work any number of hours in the work week and are not subject to the Federal law's overtime pay requirements."

Do you really think that Big business here in Oregon, say Intel or Nike, is going to suggest to the state that they want to continue paying their low-middle-income employees, who just barely make a livable wage overtime? From what I understand, some companies have already informed their employees to no longer count on the overtime that they have been paying for "increased productivity" instead of hiring additional workers.

Is there ANYTHING you can do between now and March 31st, when this goes into effect? Call, write, e-mail, sit-ins in offices of ALL OREGONIAN REPRESENTATIVES, to demand that they agree to follow Oregon Labor Laws and ORS regulations and not bow down to Bushit and his Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao! [ Read More ] [ White House press Announcement | Changes to section 207 | Department of Labor ]


Student Activist Alliance to take the streets

Location: Pioneer Square

WHEN: 5.00pm FEB 2nd

  • Because the Youth of today are the leaders tomorow.
  • Because education is important
  • Because even if M30 passes - big fucking deal its not going to save the sorry state of our schools
  • Because just because we are kids does not mean we can not make change

[ MORE SAA RELATED ARTICLES | Measure 30 - Budget Cuts Just Punish Students | We Need Adequate School Funding | Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30 ]


LABOR SOLIDARITY 28.01.2004 12:52
Expanding the Safeway Picketing to Six Stores this Weekend--Please Join Us!
Below is our report from our succesful and fun Safeway protest this past Saturday. The next step is to expand the Portland campaign from one store to six. We are signing folks up to picket at local stores this weekend. Please join us! Email us to sign up for a shift, or just show up. Thanks!

[RELATED ARTICLES: Portlanders rally for California supermarket workers | Fun Pics from inside Safeway at Saturday Protest | "Don't Shop Safeway" Pictures | Biggest labor dispute in US in 20 years]


No Starbucks in 7 Corners Mtg Reportback - 1/27/2004
The first No Starbucks in 7 Corners meeting brought out a strong contingent of community members opposed to Starbucks's plans for a new retail location at 21st and Division. About 70 were in attendance at the meeting last night, which was held at the nearby People's Co-op community room.

Topics discussed included talking points against *$, possible legal tactics, petition circulation, signs and flyering, outreach to elected officials, and more. [ Read more... ]

A mailing list and website have been set up. Learn how you can get involved in the campaign. Visit:

No *$ Website

No *$ Mailing List

RELATED ARTICLES: [ Things you might have learned from the Starbucks Meeting Tonight | NWRage announces opposition to plans for Starbucks in 7 Corners | Starbucks to open store in SE Portland? | Channel 6 filming story on Starbucks in Red&Black right now - Vive la indymedia! | Community urged to call Ladd's Meat bldg owner to tell him "NO to Starbucks in 7 Corners!" | Willamette Week publishes an article on Starbu cks in Seven Corners struggle | Seven Corners Area Businesses opposed to plans for new Starb ucks on SE Division ]


AUDIO FILE: Gaining Political Power in Oregon
Harry Lonsdale, speaking before a meeting of Money Is Not Democracy, a group seeking signatures for the Campaign Finance Reform Initiative, Ballot Measure 53.

Lonsdale, who, in 1992 ran as a Democrat for the Senate from Oregon three times unsuccessfully, began by stating, "I am angy, almost beyond words at George Bush and his administration for this immoral war, for which there seems to be no evidence..........I'm angry at my fellow Democrats for not calling him on it and not standing up to him.....but most of all I'm angry at the press, I'm angry at the media for not calling this guy for this immoral war."
What can we do, he asks? "We can use the initiative process as a way of fighting back.....I think it's a potential way at least to gain political power in Oregon."
Harry Lonsdale speech | www.PhilosopherSeed.org


28.01.2004 09:16
The Relevance of Marxism
Karl Marx Some of the predictions made by Karl Marx during his analysis of capitalism that have proved to be accurate and one that has yet to come to pass.

[Some snippets of comments to the article:

"this thing here" wrote:

name a single country on the face of this earth that has a purely capitalist economy....it's impossible...

now, like a gigantic flashing red light trying to tell us something, perhaps we should all notice how a vast majority of the economies on this planet are mixed to one degree or another. even america's...

"Konrad Adenauer" responded:
...I don't consider myself a doctrinaire follower of any "ism" of any variety. However, I think it's important to avoid simplistic mantras of any sort in economics or politics. While few people today would embrace simplistic Marxist slogans of the sort that were the stock in trade of the East Bloc authoritarian regimes, plenty of people are willing to assume that capitalism as we know it today is some kind of natural, inevitable state of affairs, or even that "it's always been this way." And it's even more important to disabuse ourselves of the airy fairy tales of capitalist propaganda of the sort that Marx debunked more than a century ago but that live on alive and well in the imaginations of millions to this day, than it is to ward off the dangers of left "utopianism."]


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