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MEDIA CRITICISM 21.02.2004 11:48
Obnoxious Qwest Commercials
My recent e-mail to Qwest Customer Service
If this doesn't apply to your department, please pass my comments along to your advertising agency. I find the latest Quest television commercials objectionable and deceptive. Objectionable because they infer that a letter from one's mother or a phone call from one's sister is not only less important than a call or a bill from Qwest, but actually something unpleasant to be endured (commercial with girl picking up mail and reacting only to the Qwest bill and elderly couple racing to the phone during dinner hoping that the call is from Qwest and looking disgusted when it is only the wife's sister). In the second commercial, the couple hesitates to answer the call while enjoying spareribs because "it's probably a telemarketer". But when the wife realizes "it might be Qwest!" they can't drop their dinner and get to the phone fast enough. It seems to me that a company that makes telephone solicitation calls during dinner IS a telemarketer, Qwest or not.

These commercials don't strike me as making a joke or playing for laughs . . . the people in your commercials seem seriously, deliriously happy and apparently have an unhealthy fixation with a telephone service provider.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 21.02.2004 00:27
Wyden at OHSU today, only happy people invited
What: Lecture with Ron Wyden
Where: OHSU
When: Saturday, Feb 21st at 3-6pm
Admission: Free!

WARNING! Only those who support OHSU policies will be free to enter and leave at will.

As part of their bafflingly self-promotional "brain awareness season," OHSU is presenting a series of lectures and other activities centering around neuroscientific research and star power. The latest will feature Ron Wyden (what does he have to do with neuroscience? I don't know either), and will be tomorrow [this] afternoon.

OHSU has been in the habit of brutalizing monkies and apes, rats and mice, insects, dogs, (yes, dogs!), sheep, cats, guinea pigs, horses, and anything else they can get their hands on for many years, and all their experiments seem to revolve around bringing ever more funding into the school rather than around curing anything. Trust me on this. The blood they have spilled in the past 40 years can never be undone, and they have very little to show for it all.


Women Street Performers & Sexual Safety
When I ask all my street performer friends why they think there are so few career solo women street performers, they all hint to the sexual safety issue. So, as a visible, veteran, solo woman street performer for 27 years, I thought I would tell ya my take on it...


Barkfest! Sat, Feb 21, 7:00 pm – 2:00 am

Please join us and spread the word!
Barkfest! Sat, Feb 21, 7:00 pm - 2:00 am
Holocene, 1001 SE Morrison @ 10th, Portland

Enjoy a live Mardis Gras marching band and other supreme music, food, dancing, no-host bar, door prizes, silent auction, tarot card readings, and a multi-media extravaganza — all in the name of forest protection! The silent auction closes at 10:00 pm, so come early. You won't want to miss bidding on a weekend retreat at a charming mountain cabin, a beautiful back pack, bike gear, artwork and so much more!

All proceeds go to support Bark's efforts to preserve the forests, waters and wildlife of Mt. Hood National Forest.

Bark is a non-profit grassroots forest protection group working to preserve the forests, waters, and wildlife of Mt. Hood.There are currently 48 timber sales in the vicinity of Mt. Hood National Forest, and Bark works with volunteers to monitor, track and challenge each and every one of them. Bark is the only group that monitors on-the-ground all of the logging activity on Mt. Hood. Bark works to educate the public through its monthly hikes, Adopt-A-Timber Sale program, and its award-winning cable access TV show, "Bark for Mt. Hood."

ABOUT BARK bark\'bärk\ vb - to advertise by persistent outcry


VINDICATION 19.02.2004 22:28
March 20 charges dropped for critical mass
Photos from Critical Mass On March 20, 2003, in solidarity with the world community, Portland demonstrators took to the streets and to the highways. Many were arrested and charged with various crimes from disorderly conduct to criminal tresspassing while voicing their first ammendment rights. Charges are now being dropped.

On March 20, 2003, critical mass riders took over the I405 highway to draw attention to the invasion in Iraq. Almost an entire year later, the city is dropping all charges on the mass riders. Those who showed solidarity by not pleading guilty and accepting community service will pay no fine, serve no time and can now file suit against the city for false arrest. This should be a lesson to all; that we need to stick together on these issues and we can and will prevail.

Next time let's shut down the federal building, the court, the injustice center, or city hall or all of them...they are all in close proximity to each other and the people participating in the wicked government, that we are all forced to live under, need to understand that this country is killing the world. Pioneer Square would also be nice to shut down as cronic shoppers need to be woken up! [ READ MORE... ]

[ More Critical Mass March 20th Stories ] [ Day X Action Page ]

breaking news from march 20th: 8:25 pm: Newswire post at 7:50 pm: "Cops cornered bike riders on Morrison bridge and threw them on the ground and beat them. Cops are becoming more violent. They cornered critical mass riders coming back from the i-405 liberation and beat the crap out of several riders. The cops have the riders tied up, face down on the bridge waiting to take them away."


SELECTION 2004 19.02.2004 17:05
While Dean Conned Anti War Vote Party Bosses Laughed
Now that the Democratic party bosses have effectively driven the anti-war vote into the ground with more than a little help from the corporate media that gave Governor Dean's campaign the red carpet treatment up until mid December while at the same time purposely ignoring Congressman Dennis Kucinich's campaign Governor Dean's campaign now looks more like a very effective con job by an egomaniacal centrist who agrees more with Al From and the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) than with the progressive rhetoric Gov. Dean was faking on the campaign trail that always managed to look like DLC policy when Governor Dean finally got specific.

The anti-war vote according to the corporate media talking heads now has to look at the John Edwards and John Kerry. Two men who voted for the war and are now claiming to be jilted lovers saying that they were misled by the Bush regime, a totally disingenuous strategy to deflect the criticism of both their votes. Edwards and Kerry claim they were conned instead of just admitting they were looking at the polling data and hedging their bets in the upcoming presidential primaries. This kind of behavior is exactly why many people are suspect of what lurks in both these men's hearts and in all those that voted for this war in the Democratic Party in Congress. [ READ MORE... ]

[ More Stories by Lloyd Hart ]


COMMUNITY RESOURCES 19.02.2004 13:14
Portland Indymedia has expanded its scope!
There is a new "genre" titled "creative" for which to categorize your articles! This new genre was created to categorize creative expressions, like poetry and art, that were previously amibiguously categorized under "commentary".

There have also been changes to some of the "topics". There is now a Police/Legal topic page for categorizing: police brutality, spying, harassment, invasion, selective enforcement, legal and jail support, etc. There is also a dedicated topic page for Prisoner Support. There are also regular action pages added, most recently is a Stop Starbucks page. There are plans to add March 20th 2004 and BioDevestation 2004 action pages.


VIDEO RESISTANCE 18.02.2004 20:30
Videos from the Resistance Available Online
chemical times

Four videos from the resistance have been made available online for those who wish to download them. Since portland indymedia cannot offer the resources to host these videos directly, guides have been provided to facilitate downloading from peer-to-peer networks. This may not be the easiest solution but it should prove to be the most effective.

[ "A Call to Media Arms" | "A Million Dollars Later" August 21, 2003 Bush Protest | "Cops of the World" | "Li2U News" Corporate Media Expose ]


Rose City Copwatch Publicizes Scott McCollister's Return to Work
hiding his face On Monday, February 16, in response to Officer Scott McCollister's return to the Portland Police Bureau, Rose City Copwatch members and volunteers installed over 300 posters in various areas of East Precinct. The posters announce a contest: the first person to provide a photo of McCollister will receive a free bag of groceries, compliments of Rose City Copwatch.

On May 5, 2003, Officer Scott McCollister shot and killed Kendra James, an unarmed, 21-year- old, African-American mother of two in North Portland. Despite massive public outcry, including demands that McCollister be fired from the Police Bureau and held accountable for James' death, Scott McCollister was re-armed and reassigned to work in East Precinct on February 5, 2004.

[ More On Kendra James ]


Francesconi Shows True Colors: Black, Green and White
After testifying before city council about the growing lack of affordable commercial and residential property in Inner Southeast Portland, currently being exasperated by the new Starbucks development on SE 20th and Division St, it was brought to my attention that Lord francesconi had been enjoying a cup of coffee from the predatory chain the whole time.


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 18.02.2004 11:21
PJTTF: League of Women Voters asks Katz, Where's the Clearance?
Some of you may have seen a short article in the Portland Mercury two weeks ago regarding Katz's promise from October 29 to have her security clearance to review FBI-classified files being generated by Portland Police within three months. That deadline is way past and the Mercury indicated the Mayor still has not done anything.

At the same time the article came out the League of Women Voters, one of the groups which has been consistently testifying before Council for more oversight of the Joint Terrorism Task Force, was drafting this letter, which went out late last week.


COMMUNITY 18.02.2004 11:10
Community Land Trust in Southeast Portland Picks up Steam
Over 30 community members attended the DivisionVision meeting held at the Red and Black Cafe Monday night to develop a planning strategy for the Division Street business corridor. Many issues were discussed including the recent state and federal grants allocated for Division St transportation and development projects, communication building among current businesses and organizations in the area, Community land trusts and planning for the next neighborhood street fair to be held in July.

A lot of energy and discussion was put into community land trusts and local development corporations. This was largely due to the groundswell of opposition around the planned Starbucks (and possibly Subway) currently under construction at SE 20th and Division St. There was general agreement that the community needs to plan in advance of economic development so that self-serving developers cannot make economic choices counter to the will local communities.


Meet and Greet the Three Cheerleaders of the Jobless Recovery
President Bush's Labor, Treasury and Commerce Secretaries Visit Portland in the Morning and Eugene in the Afternoon

President Bush's traveling cabinet secretaries - Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, Commerce Secretary Donald Evans and Treasury Secretary John Snow - will visit Portland and Eugene tomorrow to lead cheers for the administration's economic policies that have boosted profits for global corporations and decimated jobs for American workers.

Make Sure They Hear from Oregon Workers About the Impacts of the Bush's Economic Policies On Jobs, the Jobless and Working Families


Peak Oil, a plea to learn about it, teach, and press for responsible leadership
IF YOU FEEL YOU CANNOT ABSORB SOME VERY UNSETTLING INFORMATION, DO NOT READ FURTHER. This is critical information, but you cannot help if you are upset beyond recovery.

I have been very busy the past days researching and writing letters about a topic of the utmost urgency to you, to me, and to every citizen of Earth. It is a very shocking topic at first consideration. I was devastated for 2 days. It is also of such extreme importance that you learn about it, and use your resources to teach others, that I have decided to share it with you, and every other persons I know who are willing to stretch their minds to include a very different future than they might ever have expected


LABOR MEDIA 17.02.2004 21:20
FIREBRAND: A voice for Portland's ranks and file workers
The release of the first issue of firebrand, a paper for portlands rank and file workers, will take place this friday, at the Redwing Cafe (1700 SE 6th and Market) at 7 pm. The first issue of FIREBRAND, a radical rank and file paper focusing on workplace and community issues will be released at the movie showing. Come and pick up some free copies to distribute in your workplace and community. The new labor collective Firebrand formed in the winter of 2003 from the need for radical labor organizing. We see all around us, in our workplaces and communities, the need to struggle against bosses, bureaucrats and all those who would profit from our misery. "It's a rich man's game, no matter what they call it; And you spend your life putting money in his pocket."

This issue contains articles on:

  • Organizing in the Social Serivces
  • An update on the workers struggle at powells
  • An introduction to firebrand
  • Six reasons for a union
  • Quebec workers telling globalization to fuck off
  • and...CARTOONS!!


HUMAN RIGHTS 17.02.2004 21:07
Thursday, 2/19 - Equal Rights forum in NE Portland
Please join the Oregon Bus Project, PPAO, NARAL, BRO, OABA, and PCUN at Disjecta (116 NE Russell) on February 19th at 7:00 PM to find out how you can work to bring forth an Oregon we can all be proud of.

This month we will be delving into the relationship between the efforts of grassroots equal rights organizations and Oregon's elected leadership. We want to bring to light the importance of having a legislature that shares the values and supports the efforts of equal rights organizations. For only when we have both an active, engaged citizenry and a progressive, socially responsible legislature will we be able to fully realize our goal of a just and sustainable Oregon.

  • PCUN: Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United), is Oregon's union of farmworkers, nursery, and reforestation workers, and Oregon's largest Latino organization. PCUN is involved in community and workplace organizing on many different levels. Founded in 1985 by 80 farmworkers, PCUN has since grown to include more than 5,000 registered members, 98% of which are Mexican and Central American immigrants
  • OABA: The Oregon Assembly for Black Affairs (OABA) is a statewide organization committed to improving the status of Blacks in Oregon. It was founded on April 9, 1977. It is nonprofit and nonpartisan, but political. Its purpose is to improve the political, educational, social, legal, and economic status of Blacks in Oregon.
  • BRO: With a track record of success that has made Oregon a model for organizers nationwide, Basic Rights Oregon approach their mission, of ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, from many angles. "Our implementation of youth and transgender committees ensures that these perspectives, which have been traditionally left out of our movement, are heard".
  • NARAL: NARAL Pro-choice Oregon is the largest grassroots pro-choice organization in Oregon. They work to educate the citizens of Oregon about a woman's fundamental right to choose and use the political process to protect this right.
  • PPAO: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Oregon (PPAO) is the political arm of Planned Parenthood of the Columbia Willamette and Planned Parenthood Health Services of Southern Oregon.


What New Seasons Hath Wrought: An inner Southeast Portland neighborhood falls prey to corporate development
It is with no great joy that i say "I told you," but... "I told you so."

Here's two places to meet folks who are concerned about these issues:
* Wed., Feb. 18, 6pm -- "No Starbucks in 7 Corners" -- Cascadia Rising! Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton)
* Thurs., Feb. 19, 7pm -- Hosford-Abernathy Neighborhood Assn mtg, featuring a discussion of Starbucks with a Starbucks rep., and more about the new developments at 21st & Clinton -- St. Philip Neri Church
When those of us in SE Portland began organizing -- belatedly -- against the opening of a New Seasons grocery store on SE Division at 20th last Spring, one of our main arguments against the local corporation was that its presence would bring gentrification to the neighborhood. We were scoffed at by folks across the political spectrum here on indymedia, and in personal conversations. Right wingers, of course, just spouted off about the "free market" (neglecting or refusing to notice that there's nothing "free" about a fight between individuals and corporate power), and how we should just shut up already. Some liberals gushed about the allegedly "neighborly" nature of New Seasons (neglecting or refusing to notice the fact that New Seasons' friendly spin was little more than that -- spin) and how it would all be okay. Other liberals said they were looking forward to "more choices" to complement to Wild Oats (née Natures) and the People's Food Co-op (neglecting or refusing to notice that in most corporate vs. co-op battles, the co-op loses) and how there was nothing to worry about. Finally, some radicals pooh-poohed the whole struggle, claiming that SE is already gentrified and that we're bunch of dumb hippies who should fight "real" struggles (neglecting or refusing to notice that the New Seasons vs. People's situation is nothing less than the fight against capitalism writ local, and nothing if not "real"), and how it didn't matter.

No one ever presented a good counter-argument to our warnings of gentrification. We were simply dismissed or told to relax. Now, however, months before New Seasons is scheduled to open, the effects can already be seen.

[RELATED ARTICLES: Community Land Trust Picks up Steam | pdx indymedia launches "No Starbucks in 7 Corners" topic page | Report-back from anti-Starbucks action this lovely morn]


AUDIO FILE: Russ Redner, Speaking at the Peltier March
Redner, long time activist for Native American sovereignty and treaty rights issues, first addresses divisions within the Native Community driven by a recent trial in Rapid City S.D. Here a federal jury on convicted Arlo Looking Cloud in the 1975 execution-style slaying of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash, thought by some at the time to be a government informant against the American Indian Movement.This is a long story, and here are a few links for those who are interested.
First Nations Issues of Consequence.

Black Mesa Indigenous Support
News From Indian Country
The rally took place after a 2 1/2 mile march from Portland Park to the downtown section of Tacoma. This is short video, 2 1/2 minutes, of the walk and a clip of Redner speaking to the gathering.
56K Stream


FOREST DEFENSE 16.02.2004 22:58
Solo Timber Sale Back on the Chopping Block
Last summer's "victory" at the Solo, Borg (Mt. Hood National Forest) and Straw Devil, Clark, East Devil, and Pryor (Willamette National Forest) appears to be all to short lived. Despite the best efforts of Cascadia's environmental movements (tree-sitters with the Cascadia Forest Defenders and Cascadia Forest Alliance, legal efforts of the Western Environmental Law Center and Oregon Natural Resources Council, surveys by Bark, the Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team, & Cascadia Wildlands Project) Bush, the corrupt Forest $ervice beauracracy and the timber barons appear poised to have their way. Worse, with the elimination of the elimination of the Survey and Manage Protections the timber sales may actually be more severe than they were initially planned as "buffers" in the sales, removed because of the rare species that called them home, may well be eliminated. Lovers of the wild: get organized, get informed - it's going to be a long, hard summer. [ Read more... ]

9 Cities Plan for Survey and Manage Day-of-Action!
Monday February 23rd, join the Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network and Back to the WALL in a region wide day of resistance to species extinction and forest destruction in your backyard! In Portland protests will be held at the Region Six Forest Service Headquarters at 8 a.m. SHARP at 333 SW First Avenue. Protests are also planned in Bellingham, WA, Olympia, WA, Wenatachee, WA, Eugene, OR, Ashland, OR, Detroit, OR, and Eureka CA. Solidarity protests may also be held in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Bush and Mark Rey (former timber industry lobbyist / Undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of the federal, public lands timber sale program) just released a final draft of a plan to eliminate "Survey and Manage" species protections. Survey and Manage was created as a result of the Spotted Owl controversy of the 80's and 90's mandates that surveys be made for rare and little known species before any timber sale in western California, Oregon, or Washington takes place - a basic "look before you log" requirement. Survey and Manage has been a lynchpin of combating timber sales under the legal system for years ? and was the basis of the Straw Devil / Solo / Clark timber sale victories last summer. [ Read more... ]


Books To Prisoners Film Night Presents:
Thursday the 19th we'll be showing some powerful movies. This is a benefit to raise postage and funds to purchase books for prisoners. The event lasts from 7 till 10pm and is located at the Horn of Africa 3939 ne MLK blvd. and Shaver st. There will be an all you can eat African Vegan Buffet.
  • Lumumba: Death of a Prophet (1992) -Directed by Raoul Peck, 60 min b&w Documentary about African political leader Patrice Lumumba, who was the first (and last) democratically elected Prime Minister of Zaire (now Congo) when he was assassinated in 1961, a murder orchestrated by the CIA.
  • Assata- a conversation with youth in Havana (1997) 119 min color
    Infamous escaped political prisoner, former member or the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army, Assata Shakur now lives in Cuba with political asylum. in this video Assata speaks on her experiences as a female black revolutionary, unjust imprisonment, and life after being liberated and relocating to a non-imperialist country.

Portland Books To Prisoners Mailing Nights & Ways You Can Help!


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