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HOMELESSNESS 26.02.2004 14:55
Report-back from Dignity Village Press Conference
At noon today, February 26, 2004, representatives of Dignity Village held a press conference at City Hall.Dignity has a proposal before Portland City Council (in the form of a resolution sponsored by Commissioner Erik Sten) to designate their current site at Sunderland Yard as "transitional housing," which would permit them to stay there long-term while they continue the search for a permanent site.

Jack Tafari opened the press conference by saying that "today we are hoping for a designation as a campground under ORS 455.252. That's a statute that allows for two campgrounds in any city in Oregon where the housing crisis is of such dimension that it requires that. So we're going into the council today very hopeful of getting this designation."

Tafari then spoke briefly of athe particular vision of Dignity Village and that "this designation will allow them to negotiate a firm, clear lease with the city for up to 10 years at Sunderland yard."

After these few brief remarks by Jack Tafari, about 1 1/2 minutes, the media immediately began asking questions.
[ Full report & AUDIO FILE ]

Council votes 4-1 in favor of Dignity Village proposal
Dignity's proposal to declare their site a "campground" in accordance with ORS 455.252 was approved in a 4-1 vote. Following the overwhelmingly supportive and often emotional testimony, one of the two holdouts on the council, Dan Saltzman, announced that he would support the proposal, with the proviso that the village should pay for its own water and power. Commissioner Randy Leonard had previously questioned this penny-pinching demand, citing the cost savings Dignity enjoyed as compared to traditional homeless shelters. Saltzman, however, citing the repeated statements by witnesses that Dignity Village was not a "permanent solution to homelessness," stated his unwillingness to subsidize the Village on the grounds that this could reduce funding for officially sanctioned city programs.

Only a single witness testified in opposition to Dignity Village, a resident of Oregon City who argued against the proposal, arguing to the effect that "too much money is spent on welfare programs already, and these programs are harmful to our freedoms."

The lone remaining holdout against the proposal, Commissioner and mayoral candidate Jim Francesconi, prefaced his statements with a deep sigh and the disclaimer that he "sure wish[ed] [he] could vote for this"... [ Read more... ]

Dignity Village: more info and talking points for 2/26 City Council meeting | Dignity Village Press Release | Dignity's proposal | www.outofthedoorways.org | Street Roots Coverage | Council votes 4-1 in favor of Dignity Village proposal


SELECTION 2004 25.02.2004 23:43
Kucinich Deals Edwards a Hawaiian Punch - Takes 26% of the vote
As the Democratic primaries wind their way across the nation, Congressman Kucinich continues to make his voice heard despite the mainstream media silence regarding his campaign. Like Gore in 2000 vs. Bush, Kerry and Edwards continue to run on a platform of "kinda' like George W. Bushco, but better."

Even as the mainstream media amplifies their collective silence and marginalization of the Kucinich campaign, his voter support continues to build. Kucinich began to break out in the New Mexico Caucuses with a 6% showing. Then Kucinich slipped past Edwards and Clark in Washington, and even more decisively in Maine with 16% of the vote, to finish in third place in both of those races.

Yesterday's primary results showed 6-7% voter support in Utah and Idaho, but the big surprise came from Hawaii, where Kucinich spanked Edwards in a surprising 2nd place finish, earning a solid 26% of the vote!

Kucinich Blackout

I've browsed many alternative news websites, 'progressive' sites, and it seems they all have the same affliction.? There is little if any mention of Dennis Kucinich.? Even IMCs in states with primaries coming up, it just looks like business as usual.? WTF!? This is no time for business as usual, this is our chance for the PEACEFUL REVOLUTION.

Commondreams.org- silent.? WTF!
Buzzflash.com- nada.
DemocracyNow.org Headline- Kerry wins 3 states (wtf - Kucinich 30% is THE Story!!!)
Moveon.org 'the progressives'? not a word. Have they been infiltrated?

I just looked at the IMCs in Super Tuesday States, nyc, san diego, indybay, santa cruz, vermont, atlanta, boston, danburyCT, la, sf, baltimore, ithaca, rochester,? & Minnesota.? Minnesota was the ONLY imc with a DK feature!? WTF!?? Isn't that what IMCs are all about, being an alternative to the $$ media, exposing the bias and turning our world around.? We need to unite behind the True Alternative to bushco, where is the Unity?


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 25.02.2004 01:37
Review: Fourth World War rekindles the global rebellion in our hearts and souls
This is the most gripping, the broadest ranging, the most inspiring movie about the last decade of worldwide struggle I've ever seen. Tight editing keeps it moving, but it manages still to linger on faces and their expression, on reasons and their history, on momentary fragments that conjure a living, breathing whole that any of us inside the movement can recognize. And despite narratives woven from movements in South Africa, Argentina, Chiapas, Palestine, South Korea, and Iraq (as well as Genoa, Quebec, and New York) you'll recognize your kinship with a world in rebellion.


BLACK PANTHER HISTORY 24.02.2004 23:18
Audio File: Bobby Seale @ PSU 02-24-2004
Tonight, 02-24-2004, Bobby Seale one of the two founding members of the Black Panther party spoke on PSU campus about the real history of the Black Panthers to dispel myths and to motivate. His style of talking brought things down to the grass roots level and at the same time showed the depth of Black Panthers. The talk lasted about two and half hours. Listen for yourself on a live stream of whole speech from PDX IMC Web Radio.Bobby Seale at PSU - 02/24/2004


FOREST DEFENSE 24.02.2004 12:19
Endangered Species died Monday at the Forest Service headquarters
A crowd of over 50 friendly protesters, and a few armed people who looked afraid and stayed inside the building -- including a woman who held onto her big gun -- witnessed the death of four endangered species today [Monday] outside of the forest service headquarters.

About 55 people gathered this marning at 7:30 a.m. at the waterfront for a rally. Members of Back to the Wall, BARK, and the Sierra Club were there to let everyone know about Bush's plans to destroy the forest. Today the Bush administration hopes to do away with the rule that basically says that the Forest Service has to check to see if there are endangered species in the Forest before they cut it down.

Everyone then marched a few blocks to the Forest Service headquarters, where a few police officers guarded the doorway which they had locked. People who worked inside were redirected to the back entryway. Most of them thought that it was stupid and said that they knew were were peaceful and that the security was unnecessary. [ Read more... ]

related: [www.cascadiarising.org | Endangered Species Solidarity Day ]
VIDEO: [ DSL/CABLE Stream | 56K Stream ]


FOREST DEFENSE 24.02.2004 07:27
Call in Day, Tuesday February 24th: Keep the Siskiyou Wild!

TAKE ACTION: Call and fax Congress on Tuesday, Feb 24 to head off what could be the largest federal timber sale of all time. We can stop the 'Biscuit' salvage logging, but we must act!

The wild Siskiyou needs your help! Oregon's Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area is threatened by the biggest post-fire timber sale in modern history. The Bush Administration's massive logging plan proposes to log 518 million board feet of trees across 29,000 acres, costing American taxpayers as much as $100 million. The misguided plan proposes to log more than 12,000 acres of roadless lands, disqualifying 57,000 acres currently eligible for permanent Wilderness protection and would log 20,000 acres of designated Old Growth Reserves. This extreme post-fire logging proposal could move forward as early as this spring. Even though this project is Oregon specific the Siskiyou Wild Rivers Area belongs to all Americans and the massive post-fire logging will set a national precedent.

The Siskyou Regional Education Project | K-S Wild | www.tree-sit.org | Portland IMC Forest Defense Topic Pages


HOPE 23.02.2004 18:57
Spring in the Children's Garden
Last fall, the city uprooted, slashed, poisoned and burned the flowers, the herbs, the greenery in the children's garden. They did it by order of Officer Meiers. They did it to make the world a less hospitable place for homeless people, and in so doing they made the world a little colder for all of us.


WAR ON THE HOMELESS 23.02.2004 10:52
Homeless barrier constructed under highway
A fence went up on Friday 2/20 under the overpass at 16th and Johnson. It serves no purpose except to block off part of the sidewalk where some people take shelter from the rain. My questions are: Who ordered this fence? How much did it cost? Are taxpayers paying for it?
Why there?

I understand that the city officials and the police want to eliminate homelessness by eliminating the homeless. But come on building a fenced off area next to a fence under a bridge. That is complete bullshit.


FOREST DEFENSE 23.02.2004 10:49
East Fork Coquille Timber Sale BLM proposes to clearcut 600 acres of mature and old-growth
BLM proposes to clearcut 600 acres of mature and old-growth forests in the Oregon Coast range. The oldest forest to be clearcut has trees over 425 years old, more than 200 years older than our nation.

This is a huge blow for the remaining old growth forests in the Coquille watershed. The sale is located west of Roseburg in the Coastal Mountain Range, near the Coos-Bay Wagon Road, between Reston and Sitkum.

The Northern Spotted Owl and Marbled Murrelet populations that depend on these forests for nesting are continuing to decline. Many of the forests set aside for old-growth dependent animals ("Late Successional Reserves") were previously clearcut and have not regrown enough to help.

Hike To Coquille T.S. Sunday Feb 29th | Umqua Watersheds Detailed Info | Related Post Aug '03 | Portland Indymedia Forest Defense Pages


GENDER | RESISTANCE 23.02.2004 10:47
Women wage war on weenie-waggers
Weenie Waggers. Guys who get off on indecent exposure. As a young girl, I had many an unwanted dick thrust upon my naked eyes, and I was scared. These men chose spots that were isolated, they waited until there was no one else around, they were intimidating and scary, it was verging on rape and you could not tell if you were ABOUT to be raped if you did not get out of there fast. It definitely is more than nudity. I am fine with nakedness and nudity. This is something else. And it is not sexual either. I seriously doubt these men EVER get a reaction of "ooh, neat, can we have sex?" from the women these men assault. This is a power move by men on women. Plain and simple. And it is the kind of power move that reinforces a Patriarchy. So it must come down NOW!

[ Other stories by Kirsten Anderberg ]


CRITIQUE 23.02.2004 10:44
Is Derrick Jensen a fraud?
Got a listen to Derrick Jensen at the Synergy Conference in Olympia this weekend and he used EXACTLY the same words he used in his early January Portland apppearance, down to the seemingly spontaneous little asides, the fiddling with his papers, the cogitating about the number of pages he had completed on his next book. Most troubling, he opened his talk, as he did in Portland, by holding up a "disposable", new plastic bottle of water, opening it, taking a drink, and saying "I know there's no chance of revolution as long as they get us to buy this stuff", while an unused carafe full of water and a glass sat on the table he was using. Among the most striking features about the Evergreen venues and students was the use of nondisposable stuff, including water containers. He did his missive on hope being an opiate, his litany of the mother bear, and the second time around, done in the same voice, with the same false emotion, it felt contrived.


Will the Defeat of Measure 30 Affect Prison Programs? What Will That Do to Recividism Rates
The Oregon Criminal Justice Reform Coalition is asking people to contact Legislators. Interim Committees are meeting now and will be deciding what gets cut. Cutting prison programs may appear to save money, but what about the long term effects on recidivism and public safety?

In light of the current budget situation and the defeat of Measure 30, our strong voice advocating for continued and effective programs needs to be heard. While we have been strong advocates for the past two sessions of evidence-based results guiding our program decisions, we cannot sit by and watch programs disappear because of our current budget situation. With the defeat of Measure 30, there are likely to be major cut-backs in prison programs, including the education programs.

Its obvious some things have to be cut to make the budget fit the dollars available, but saving money today in ways that will cost more in the future isn't sensible. 96% of the people who go to prison will be released into society again at some point in the future. If they go to prison without an education, vocational skills and/or the ability to cope with life, spend from one to 5, 20, or 30 years behind bars with no programs to teach them those skills, then are released to the streets, how can we expect them not to return to what they know - crime.
*** for more information on why recidivism is so high, see next article, "Why Prisoners Keep Going Back" With approximately 70% of our prisoners needing education services, we must urge policy makers to protect these crucial programs. Please contact your legislator, members of the Interim Judiciary Committee, and the Director of the Oregon Department of Corrections. Urge them to maintain current prison programs aimed at high-risk offenders.

Measure 30: Rural counties lose | The Oregon Commission on Black Affairs supports Measure 30 | Measure 30 opponents sell "tax hike" lie | Info on Measure 30 from Oregon Center for Public Policy


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 22.02.2004 11:19
Progressive Radio Station Shut Down by Free Traders
Radio for Peace International (RFPI) the only world wide progressive short wave voice broadcasting to rural and third world communities has been evicted by the UN's University for Peace (U-Peace) in Cost Rica. If you live in a community anywhere in the world without a community radio station or internet access your only choice for progressive short wave radio coverage of world events has been RFPI. With content provided by the beginning days of indymedia in 1999 RFPI broadcast to the world the events leading up to the collapse of the WTO meetings in Seattle. RFPI has also covered the negative impacts of the IMF and the World Bank on developing countries and has been the only anti-hate voice on short wave radio.


Democratic state legislators betrayed Oregon Health Plan clients
Senate Democratic majority leader Kate Brown promised, at a public meeting in Portland last year, that she would vote against any cuts to the Oregon Health Plan. Then she, and the other Democratic state legislators, voted for a plan that cut OHP.

[ Here's some recent history ]


SELECTION 2000 REVISITED 22.02.2004 01:37
Indymedia readers smack down the Democrats over Nader
Lloyd Hart writes: Roosevelt sent two boat loads of Jews to their deaths and allowed the American elite to finance Hitler leading to 38 million more deaths. Truman committed mass genocide with the H bomb. Johnson participated in the military coup that murdered the president and then 2 million Vietminese. Carter provoked the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and backed the worst elements in Afghanistan leading to uncounted deaths. A Clinton executive order caused the UN to pull out of Rawanda causing the deaths of 500,000 people. Clinton also over saw the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi children.

How many people will die because of the next democratic president?

"Repentant Nader Voter" claims: "While we do not blame you or ourselves for the Gore loss, it is irrefutable that Bush might not be in office if you had not been a candidate."

But "jimmy stewart" responds: "It is irrefutable that pigs might fly if Nader had not been a candidate, it just isn't terribly likely. It is also irrefutable that Bush might not be in office if the election hadn't been rigged, if Gore hadn't knuckled under, etc. etc. It is also irrefutable that if any of these are an issue, Ralph running is a non-issue. What Ralph does or doesn't do is also a non-issue if any such things should happen again.


DEEP POLITICS 22.02.2004 01:23
Chemtrails Over Portland
I can see them out of my window right now. I'm in SW Portland at work on Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy. Where else in Portland can you see them.

"Merlin" comments: Yesterday afternoon, the chemtrials were very numerous. As a retired person with degrees in engineering, math/physics, and geography (meteorology), & having been an engineering supervisory w/USDOT/FAA (the people who manage the air space above us), I can tell you unequivocally that the government's debunking stories are pure BULLSHIT!

Like I did yesterday, and again today, one can easily use their astronomer's telescope to see for themselves that the vaporous discharge is coming from dispersal nozzles on the wings of the aircraft used, and are NOT vaporous discharge from the engines. If you set your scope carefully and use it to snap photographs, you'll usually be able to see the actually nozzles themselves...

As to exactly WHY the government is doing this, I am not entirely sure. There are a number of excellent theories that make sound sense, and some are more viable than others.


FOREST DEFENSE 22.02.2004 01:13
Monday's Day of Action!! 7:30 am Downtown!
Save the Species! Cascadia wide Day of Action:
You - yes you - can wake up early monday morning if you wish to protest the impending extinction of 300+ species in your backyard.

Monday February 23rd, join the Cascadia Rising Eco-Defense Network and Back to the WALL in a region wide day of resistance to species extinction and forest destruction in your backyard!

In Portland protests will be held at the Region Six Forest Service Headquarters at 8 a.m. SHARP at 333 SW First Avenue. MEET BEFORE THAT if possible at 7:30 at the Waterfront Park Downtown.

Protests are also planned in Bellingham, WA, Olympia, WA, Wenatachee, WA, Eugene, OR, Ashland, OR, Detroit, OR, and Eureka CA. Solidarity protests may also be held in San Francisco and Washington, DC.

Bush and Mark Rey (former timber industry lobbyist / Undersecretary of Agriculture in charge of the federal, public lands timber sale program) just released a final draft of a plan to eliminate "Survey and Manage" species protections. Survey and Manage has been a lynchpin of combating timber sales under the legal system for years and was the basis of the Straw Devil / Solo / Clark timber sale victories last summer.

Some things to think about:

Portland IMC Forest Defense Page


A 1946 classroom film with a message for the 21st Century...
Could a campy, early post-WWII American classroom film hold profound lessons for Americans of all ages today?


YOUTH | RESISTANCE 21.02.2004 13:42
The "School Survival" site at  http://rise.f2o.org/schoolsurvival, run by a student from South Africa, boasts it is "The Complete Anti-School Site." She began the site in 1999 when she became disappointed in her school and protested its policies. The site hosts a lot of good information, and had me laughing outloud at great tactics and antics...


HANFORD WATCH 21.02.2004 11:53
DOE not working with public on Hanford cleanup
Over the past decade or more, we have worked diligently to build a coalition of interests in the Northwest to support the critical cleanup of nuclear contamination at the Hanford site. We have supported funding, lobbied for greater efficiencies in contracting, recommended changes in timelines and milestones, and actively participated in the public involvement process...

Unfortunately, over the past year or more, we have detected a troubling change in this previously cooperative partnership. The DOE seems increasingly unwilling to involve, engage or even inform regulators, stakeholders or the public. And even when information is forthcoming, it is becoming clear that the Department has no interest in paying any attention whatsoever to the comments received from their "partners."


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