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NEPAL: ONE YEAR LATER 01.06.2002 22:29
Lost Democracy in the Himalayan Kingdom
From the open publishing newswire:

Perhaps eclipsed by the new escalating threats of nuclear war between Pakistan and India, the fate of Nepal remains a tattered shred of its former cloth. A tiny country perched on top of the planet and nestled amongst the world's most impressive peaks, Nepal continues to slouch to an all time low. It was on this very evening last year that an already crippled economy with the majority of her population struggling merely to survive, learned that the beloved King Birendra had been gunned down at the dinner table under very sketchy circumstances at the royal palace.

What has definitely gained notable footing in the political landscape in the last 12 months is the "people's war." The seven-year-old grassroots revolution waged by the Maoist guerillas (Communist Party of Nepal) has strong appeal in most of the countryside, which is divided into nearly one hundred rural districts. At the root, it's a class war.
[ Read Full Article ]

9.11: DEMANDING TRUTH 01.06.2002 13:38
Students in Eugene march to expose '9.11 Lies'; Police cite two for handing out flyers
From the open publishing newswire: "We gathered at the EMU building's bowl on the University campus at 4:30 for a rally and march to expose the 'LIES' of 9.11 and call for an investigation. People had a lot of different signs, most made from flattened corrugated boxes. We had a megaphone to attract attention, and passed it around. Students gathered at the edge of the bowl or paused for a few minutes on their way here and there. We used quarter-sheet flyers that one of the organizers had been posted to portland indymedia to hand out to people, who were receptive to the message. Only one person loudly naysayed the gathering, in contrast to previous gatherings there on the subject of Peace. One woman who was just biking by stopped and joined the rally and march. Altogether, twelve people participated, up from five the week before and nine the week before that. This was the third consecutive Friday rally in a row in Eugene called in the cause of demanding a 9.11 investigation."

"At a little after 5:00 we marched to the Federal Building. We went down 13th and then up Pearl, handing out flyers to many people along the way: students, construction workers, cafe-patrons, shoppers, and anyone we saw. Again, the reception was mostly positive. Typical responses: 'As soon as it happened, I knew it', 'Yeah, I think Bush knew', and 'Thanks for being out here'. A couple of different folks walked along with us for a few blocks, talking about the issues."

"...[T]wo motorcycle cops pulled up into the parking lane and pulled two of the students aside. They kept everyone else back from them, just far enough so we couldn't hear what was being said. They held them their on the sidewalk, talking to them, for a little over ten minutes, though it seemed much longer. Both women were given traffic citations for 'Improper position upon a roadway' and fined $89. The officers felt that Ordinance 84.070 forbids handing flyers to drivers stopped at traffic signals if you have to step out into the street for the exchange. The students didn't stop handing out flyers after this, but they didn't go into the street again."
[ Full story, with Photos ]

There will be another march and rally, next Friday, June 7. The starting point will once more be the EMU building at 4:30 p.m. [ Downloadable flyer ]

[ May 31 rally's call-to-action: "9.11 LIES: March and Rally this Friday in Eugene" | Downloadable Flyers for Public Distribution (not specific to any time or place) | Coverage of previous actions: May 17: "Citizens in Eugene rally to demand 9.11 investigation, launch signature campaign" | May 24: "Rally in Eugene: 'Bush complicit in 9-11 terror'" ]

COLOMBIA 01.06.2002 09:25
Hard-Line, Narco-Connected Uribe Wins Colombian Presidency
From The Newswire: Last Sunday May 26th, hard-liner Alvaro Uribe was elected president of Colombia. He has promised to double the strength of the armed forces and seek wider U.S. military aid in order to win the civil war

Before Uribe was even declared the winner, U.S. Ambassador Anne Patterson went to a hotel where Uribe was and congratulate him. She predicted that Washington would have "very close" relations with an Uribe administration.

Though the U.S. backed coup attempt failed in Venezuela, Washington now has the man it wants in office in Colombia. Indeed the day after Uribe was elected, Colombia granted asylum to Venezuelan Pedro Carmona, the failed coup leader and 'dictator for a day'.

Uribe - Narco Candidate -
Uribe rose to power, first as Mayor of Medellin, a city then owned by Drug Lord Pablo Escobar, then on to Governor of Antioquia. Pedro Juan Moreno Villa, the campaign manager, former chief of staff, and longtime right-hand-man for Uribe is owner of a company, GMP Chemical Products, who is Colombias largest importer of potassium permanganate, a key "precursor chemical" necessary for the manufacture of cocaine. During a 4 year period from 1994-98 GMP imported 200 metric tons of potassium permanganate from one Hong Kong company - enough to make 2,000 metric tons of cocaine hydrochloride.

Uribe is a suitable candidate for Washington DC, which appears more intent on controling the drug trade, and squashing the competition, than in stopping it. Perhaps it would be more fitting if Washington called it the 'War Of Drugs'.

CYCLING FREEDOM 01.06.2002 01:41
Critical Mass draws 300 in Portland
Critical Mass takes the Burnside Bridge, 31 May 2002 From the open publishing newswire: "This was my first critical mass, and it won't be my last. It started out with food not bombs and, like, 300 people on bikes, lasted over three hours and ended with three cops on motorcycles chasing a girl on a bike through NW- over sidewalks, through the street, even through the patio seating of a busy restaurant! We took back the streets! that was awesome! Bikes as far as the eye could see, stopping all traffic on the burnside bridge. Bikes riding through the fountain on the waterfront. Slashing tires. Tagging cars. See you guys next month! Someone upload some pictures!"

From a comment posted to the above account: "this ride.. was a big ride, a fun ride and a terrible ride..all wrapped up in one.. undoubtedley the sheer numbers, being the greatest we have had since oct last year, enfused the mass with much passion and energy. but hey folks.. does it really need to get ugly. HELL NO. we can have a ride with 3,000 people and still make an impact without slashing tires and banging on the bus... if the only reason you come to the ride is to emote your hositility at car culture through violent manifestatiions.. stay home and take a valium."

[ Newswire post, with comments: "Critical mass this friday rocked!" ]
[ PHOTOS: 1 | 2 | 3 ]

THE RISE OF FASCISM 31.05.2002 13:49
Indy Readers Set the Record Straight - Show Beauty of Indymedia and the Newswire
From a newswire comment - "It was a mistake not to check closer, and that is my responsibility. It is unfortunate too, because the stamp is real, and what is happening around the country and in Neighborhood Watch is scary and there is no need to exagerate and fabricate as Al Martin did and which i inadvertantly facilitated. Though his story is misleading in fact, it is pointing to something that is happening for real in this country. i apologize and will not get lazy about checking sources again.

"This also highlights the beauty and strength of indymedia. The indy readership quickly questioned the story, and people did their own research and added links which were posted in the comments and linked to the feature. Though this was inadvertant, if someone tried to misrepresent a story, this shows how strong the peoples media can be, and once again how the newswire is the heart and soul of indymedia." [ full comment with info on what is verified and what not in the article ]

Imperial State Power in America

Excerpts from article by Al Martin - "Now even US postage stamps will project the supremacy of American Imperial Power into the world. The new 57-cent stamp shows an eagle, which is an exact copy of the symbol of the Waffen SS, which in turn was taken from the Imperial Praetorian eagle of Ancient Rome. This is one of the first in a new series of postage stamps being released by the US Post Office to commemorate the New Age of State Power.

"According to the Moh's color chart, the color of the stamp used to be called Nordic or Aryan Blue..."

"This same Imperial Eagle design on the new US 57-cent State Security stamp will also be used for the triangular arm badges given to those participating in the new Neighborhood Watch program."

"The Neighborhood Watch program will be distributing $27 street signs and orange and black knit caps as well as arm badges. A new commercial with Ed McMahon, the new Department of Justice spokesman, is advertising this program on TV. He's the pitchman for the Neighborhood Watch and the Civilian Defense Force in the new so-called "public service" announcements."

"The triangular arm badges are red, white, and blue and the words "Homeland Security" are above and the Imperial State Eagle design is in the center. These are the sinister origins of the symbolism of the Neighborhood Watch program."

"The commercials, narrated by Ed McMahon, suggest that you cooperate with the Neighborhood Watch Association and the Civilian Defense Force. You will be told how to spot "suspicious" characters or even people you might have known all your life, who are suddenly acting "out of character." Then the camera pans down a row of townhouses, and there's an American flag in front of every house. The voice-over says "inform the authorities of anything you see that's suspicious" and then the camera stops at the one house that doesn't have an American flag flying outside -- and then it continues to pan down the way. Then they show a picture of the Neighborhood Crime Watch representative with his orange and black State Security cap and the triangular Homeland Security Imperial State Power badge, holding a clipboard, smiling and asking questions..." [ Read Full Article ]

[ Anti-Fascist Researcher Dave Emory - Radio Archives | Nazis In The Attic (part 6) ]

Is this story true?
From the open publishing newswire: "Does anyone know if the article on Imperial State Power in America has any other sources of information? He doesn't explain where he got his information about the eagle stamp or the Ed McMahon infomercial. In fact, it sort of sounds like he's making up a possible future rather than talking about something that's there, but I can't tell for sure." [ Read more, and join the discussion ]

911 AND STATE POWER 30.05.2002 17:58
Cointelpro returns amidst massive growth in FBI powers
The FBI is adding more agents, greatly widening its powers, and cozying up with the CIA, under the guise of 're-structuring to fight terrorism' and thus re-introducing the era of Cointelpro.

Cointelpro was officially curtailed by Congress in the 70's, though many activists and organizations have first hand experience that such practices carried on 'in secret'. Now Cointelpro is officially back and Congress still appears too cowed to ask serious questions regarding potential U.S. Intelligence and the illegitimate Bush administration involvement in the 911 attacks.

Chief Mueller is using the admitted 'intelligence failure' surrounding 911 attacks as the excuse to transform the FBI into a secret police/gestapo which has no restriction on who it can investigate (except of course for the Bin ladins). Any individual or organization can now be investigated and infiltrated without any evidence of criminal activity.

The ACLU has criticized the new FBI powers: "These new guidelines say to the American people that you no longer have to be doing something wrong in order to get that F.B.I. knock at your door," Laura W. Murphy, director of the national office of the A.C.L.U., said. "The government is rewarding failure. It seems when the F.B.I. fails, the response by the (illegitimate and illegal) Bush administration is to give the bureau new powers, as opposed to seriously look at why the intelligence and law enforcement failures occurred."

However it can also be seen as rewarding success. The success of another move towards a militarized police state. [ Read Full Article ]

NUCLEAR WASTE 30.05.2002 00:10
No Radioactive Roads or Rails Tour arrives in Eugene
From the open publishing newswire: "On Wednesday, May 29, a mock nuclear waste cask arrived in Eugene, as part of the "No Radioactive Roads or Rails Tour". The tour has been arranged by Citizen Alert, a multi-issue organization that works for public participation and government accountability in issues of concern to Nevadans. The day before, the tour was warmly welcomed in Ashland. The tour stops in Portland in early June. Other mock casks are making stops in other towns across the country right now. Activists plan to bring them all to Washington D.C. before the Senate votes on the issue."

"The purpose of the tour is to dramatize the dangers of a plan to move nuclear waste from all over the country to be stored under Yucca Mountain, in Nevada. If passed, the plan would move radioactive waste through almost every state in the country, bringing this deadly cargo within 1/2 mile of 50,000,000 Americans. If moved by rail, spent rods from the Trojan plant... would go through residential neighborhoods in Portland and Eugene."

"The bill approving this highly dangerous plan has passed the House of Representatives and goes to the Senate soon. Organizers of the tour are urging everyone in the nation to contact their Senators and urge them to vote 'nay' to this plan."

[ Full story and photos | Mock Nuclear Waste Tour | Citizen Alert ]

YOUTH ACTIVISM 29.05.2002 23:26
Boycott Abercrombie Campaign
From the open publishing newswire: "When I was at Faith in Action's peace vigil today, a young woman asked me to sign a petition for the 'NATIONAL ABERCROMBIE BOYCOTT CAMPAIGN'. Having never been a fan of Abercrombie's corporate omnipresence and their Hamptons-esque brand of snobby glamour, I gladly signed.

"This particular campaign is organized by the National Abercrombie Campaign (NAC) of Columbus, Ohio, and takes aim at a series of tee-shirts that the organization feels 'promote racial stereotypes'. Indeed, the 'Asian' series features a shirt that says, 'WONG BROTHERS: TWO WONGS CAN MAKE IT WHITE', with mid-Century style charicatures of Asians on it. The campaign is supported by a coalition of concerned students from colleges and universities across the nation."

"The young woman I talked to filled a whole page with signatures while I was there. Great going !! There are many forms of activism, and its always great to see kids getting involved."

[ Full story | National Abercrombie Campaign ]

FAITH IN ACTION 29.05.2002 22:49
Peace vigil in Eugene seeks 'No wider war'
From the open publishing newswire: "Today, thirty-some folks gathered for a peace vigil in front of Senator Ron Wyden's office in Eugene, at 7th & Charnelton. The event was called by Faith In Action, an affiliate of Two Rivers Interfaith Ministries. Faith In Action is made up of people from many different religions. Unlike an 'eccumenical' organization, which typically draws its flock from Christian demoninations only, Faith In Action has Hindu, Buddhist, and Muslim members as well. Faith In Action began holding these vigils in the last month, and plans to continue them 'until the war is over'. Each vigil will be organized by one of the member organizations, generally a faith-based one, and an individual from that organization will open and close the vigil with some words about the meaning of their participation. Today's vigil was organized by the Friends Meeting (the Quakers). We all held hands and observed a moment of silence to meditate on the meaning of peace before dispersing. The next vigil will be on June 12th, in front of Senator Gordon Smith's Eugene office, on 7th & Pearl, at 4:30 p.m."

[ Photos ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 29.05.2002 21:23
Convicted Timber Thieves Buy Mt. Hood Logging Contract Despite Protests
Estacada, OR: At 8:45 am, May29th, 15 activists with the Cascadia Forest Alliance and other groups protested the auction of the Borg timber sale in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Chanting "If you buy Borg, you buy us!" and "Public lands, not private profit!" the activists were hoping to deter any would-be purchasers from signing a contract with the Forest to clearcut the 45 acres of ancient forest at stake at the Borg timber sale. The only purchaser to show up for the 'auction,' Thomas Creek Lumber & Log Company, purchased the rights to cut the Borg timber sale for the minimum bid price. Activists angrily pointed out that Thomas Creek Lumber has been convicted of national forest timber theft in 1975 and 1991, stealing millions of dollars of trees from the American public.

"It's already a crime that our publicly owned ancient forests and drinking watersheds are logged at taxpayer expense every year," said Ivan Maluski of the Cascadia Forest Alliance, a group with a long history of successful protest within the Mt. Hood National Forest's Clackamas Ranger District. "And it adds insult to injury when convicted timber thieves are allowed to continue to log our public lands." [ Read More | Photos ]

[ Cascadia Forest Alliance Website ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 29.05.2002 19:32
Earth First! Activist Arrested In Montana After Lockdown
"Wild Rockies Earth First(WREF!) activist Redge Peterson will be arraigned on federal felony charges of conspiracy to impede and obstructing an officer at 9:30am, May 30th in Judge Ericson's court. Redge was arrested May 28th after a successful 11 hour blockade of the Bitterroot National Forest Service headquarters. Redge and other members of WREF! gathered at the Forest Service office yesterday to demand an immediate end to logging under the guise of restoration in the Bitterroot National Forest. At 5pm yesterday Redge voluntarily unlocked himself from two concrete barrels. Redge's action effectively interrupted business as usual at the Hamilton Forest Service office.

"Yesterday's action brought back to public light the failings of the current Forest Service plan of logging to restore the Bitterroot Forest. "As evidence in the forest shows, logging is not restoration." stated Julia Piaskowski of WREF!. "In our field assessment we found that the Forest Service has violated public trust. They implemented a plan that does not restore our forest and are unwilling to even follow that plan's inadequate guidelines." WREF!'s monitoring activities found numerous violations of the current plan." [ Read More ]

EF! Round River Rendezvous 2002
The Earth First! Round River Rendezvous is a week-long wilderness gathering of hundreds of folk from around the world dedicated to taking action to protect the Earth. This year's rendezvous will take place July 1-8 in Cascadia's Gifford Pinchot National Forest in what is temporarily called Washington State.

[ EF! Round River Rendezvous 2002 | Earth First! Journal ]

NUCLEAR WASTE 28.05.2002 22:46
'Mock Nuclear Waste Cask Tour' to call attention to dangers of moving radioactive materials
The Mock Nuclear Waste Cask will be traveling the roads of Oregon and Washington from May 28 to June 7 on the same routes that nuclear waste on route to Yucca Mountain, Nevada would travel. It is part of a six cask campaign to raise awareness on the upcoming vote in the US Senate for a high level nuclear waste dump at Yucca Mountain.

The Mock Cask is a to scale version (20 feet long and 8 feet in diameter at the ends) of a high level nuclear waste transportation cask used to move highly radioactive waste by truck. Each real cask would hold about 2 metric tons of waste amounting to approximately 850,000 curies of radioactivity (10 year old fuel) and ten times the long-lived radioactivity than released by the Hiroshma bomb. To date the Department of Energy is not able to specify details of the massive radioactive waste transportation scheme that will initiate as a result of a decision to site the dump at Yucca Mountain.

The Yucca Mountain Project calls for the movement of 77,000 tons of highly radioactive waste from commercial nuclear power reactors and Dept. of Energy nuclear weapons sites to Yucca Mountain. This will result in thousands of shipments over 24 years through 44 states and within one-half mile of 50 million Americans; 35 times more waste would be shipped annually than has been shipped in the past.

In the face of unresolved technical issues at Yucca Mountain and numerous concerns over the transportation of the waste the Department of Energy has been moving forward. Congress has the opportunity now to oppose the Yucca Mountain Project to allow proper review of the health and security issues surrounding the transportation of the deadly waste.

ANARCHISM 28.05.2002 22:44
Eugene hosts 'Anarchy: The Intentional Creation'
In collaboration with the comedic play, "The Accidental Death of An Anarchist", which is being performed for the next three weekends at the Lord Leebrick Theatre in Eugene, there will be a series of events where people can come to "learn about, discuss and contribute to the energy, ideas, inspiration and connections that make up the Anarchy movement in Eugene".

This week's presentations will include local anarchists sharing their work with: A Brief History of Anarchy in Eugene; Independent Media: Newspapers, Radio, Film and TV; Anarchist Parenting; Community Organizing; and film shorts from PickAxe Productions, The Cascadia Media Collective & The Cascadia Alive Music Video Collection; among other things.

Funds raised will go to support local anarcha-feminist, green anarchist and anti-globalization literature distribution.

Full Schedule of events

FOREST ACTIVISM 28.05.2002 21:14
Local Forest Activists Asking People To Help Protect Oak Grove Watershed
On Weds May 29th Cascadia Forest Alliance (CFA) activists will gather at the Estacada Ranger station at 8:45am to rally against the Sale of our public lands to corporations.

"This is the second sale in the Oak Grove Watershed to be auctioned this spring. Come show the Forest Service and potential buyers that we are not about to let them log our public lands. The Oak Grove Watershed is a part of our national forests that have been clearcut to all heck. The timber sales in this area are all that remain of native forests in the Oak Grove Watershed!!

"If this sale and others from this sensitive watershed are allowed to be logged the Forest Service will have created the monocrop tree plantation that they desire. These forests however hold the native seed that will make this watershed a forest again and not a farm!"

Carpools will leave from the CFA office at 7:00am and at the Daily Grind at 7:30am

[ Newswire article | Cascadia Forest Alliance ]

Microsoft attacks schools, linux advocates provide alternatives
In an attempt to bully schools into their latest licensing scheme, Microsoft(M$) has been demanding software audits of schools in the 24 largest districts in Oregon and Washington, in addition to schools in 35 other states.

One of the questionalble terms of this new license requires schools to pay Microsoft $45/year for each and every computer, whether the computers are using M$ products or not. Essentially, the school would rent the right to use M$ products on all of its' computers on a per-computer basis, even if some of the computers were incapable of running M$ products. The new license also asks the districts to make "institutionwide commitments" to M$. In light of M$'s recent anti-trust lawsuits, it is downright arrogant they would propose such a blatantly monopolistic licensing agreement. While M$ has legal "right" to require software audits through copyright law, using such "rights" to attack schools with millions in budget shortfalls is simply stealing from the children.

Thankfully M$'s predatory tactics seem to be backfiring. Many school districts have started using viable alternatives such as the freely available and copylefted GNU/Linux operating system and other free software. Portland Public School district(PPS) has plans to install 16 new linux-based computer classrooms this fall. Projects such as K12linux have been facilitating linux in school systems.

Another interesting project was started by a joint relationship between PPS Environmental Middle School and a non-profit organization called Freegeek. Through a 6-week program, students learned about computer recycling and re-use, and built 5 linux terminals out of recycled parts, with new paint jobs of the student's design. This computer lab was built with 100% recycled parts, mostly with computers that are 5-7 years old otherwise destined for scrap materials, at best, if not landfills. [ Full Article ]

9.11: DEMANDING TRUTH 28.05.2002 01:00
'9-11 ACTION: Time to Hit the Streets!! Here's how...'
From the open publishing newswire: "I did a little experiment this memorial day weekend. I made a red-white-and blue poster board sign that said simply and clearly this, 'Bush is LYING about 9-11 !!' (All in blue on a white sign, except LYING was in bright red.)

"Then I stood out in the Kansas City city center area and held it up at the passing traffic. I expected to get 'the finger' about every 2 minutes. BUT GUESS WHAT. In 3 hours I was only flipped off ONCE. 90% of the those who acknowledged me were cheering and honking and saying, 'I knew it all along.'

"IT IS TIME TO HIT THE STREETS. ALL YOU NEED IS A NICE SUNDAY AFTERNOON, A POSTER BOARD, AND A BLUE AND RED MAGIC MARKER. I know it's nerve wracking to go out and do this by yourself, but hey, freedom is not won by being timid and safe all the time." [ Read more ]

FAST TRACK 28.05.2002 00:22
'Join No on Fast Track rally in Salem'
From the opening publishing newswire: "Now that the bill that contains Fast Track has slid passed the Senate like a greased pig at the fair it heads back to the House for conference committee. It passed the House for the first time by just a single vote. Now is the time to claim the victory that was stolen from us that December! We rally to let our Representatives know that we are opposed to Fast Track, Chapter 11 in NAFTA and the Free Trade of the Americas Agreement.

"The only thing that Fast Track and the rest will bring us that is free, is a Texas sized boot up the arse from His Fraudulency, King George the ll and his corporate cronies. We must not be idle while OUR democracy is traded away. We must stand up and shout that the Constitution that specifies that Congress has the sole authority for negotiating trade is the best way that we can share our collective wisdom. Its the only way to hold accountable those elected officials that shaft us for the almighty buck. Time to put an end to this power grab by the Thief. Where are you Whyit Urp? We need to see you at High Noon in Salem!

"Of great concern is the Chapter 11 provision in NAFTA. The NAFTA negotiators wrote themselves a whole new field of law so that foreign corporations can use Chapter 11 to challenge laws protecting the enviroment, public health and safety, jury decisions and even consumer choices that get between them and projected profit. Under these rules, foreign corporations are suing and winning huge claims before SECRET tribunals. To date both Mexico and Canada have been forced to pay polluters not to pollute." [ Full details ]

Open call to IMC videographers
From the open publishing newswire: "'INN Reports Worldview,' started by NYC IMC'er Lenny Charles with the help of activist programmer Tom Kiely are looking for videographers & stringers who are interested in having their international news footage and stories included in our new show. "We are producing this show from our studio in New York City near Ground Zero in the same location that hosted the IMC's 'head quarters' during the World Economic Forum last February. Our mission is to bring attention to pressing daily and current international news stories that are not being covered by US mainstream media in order to create greater public awareness. "The aim is to broaden the perspective and discourse of the average American citizen in a format that is relevant and accessible to viewers regardless of their background or political persuasion. "'INN Reports Worldview' is an alternative/activist news show with a surprisingly 'straight' look to it! The show, produced five days a week, features our newscaster reading news gathered from original foreign sources via a non-US newswire that links many of the world's best media outlets, as well as contributing activist reports. Stepping outside the US media bias, it's encouraging and surprising how many other voices there are around the world that echo our concerns about runaway globalization and militarization."

[ Full details ]

Black Thorn #2: Call For Submissions
From the open publishing newswire:

"Black Thorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical DIY culture. Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, and provides a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about opening doors, exchanging ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ethics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self-reliance from the dominant culture.

"We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful. We are in need of well written articles, reliable news, updates, upcoming events, original art, printing and art supplies, donations and ideas. We would also like to see a skillshare/classified section in future issues. We are looking for content within the wide spectrum of DIY and want to provide a link to international ideas, perspectives and happenings. We encourage all types of writings and contributions, but can't guarantee it will be printed. We can only guarantee it will be reviewed and a collective decision made on each submission. If your interested in contributing or would be interested in helping out with fundraising, distribution or supporting this project in other ways....get in touch."

Resist the Mayors: U.S. Conference of Mayors in Madison
This summer, the U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) will descend upon Madison, Wisconsin. The conference will allow business leaders and U.S. mayors to set the agenda of our nation's cities during an array of high-priced meals and social events closed to the public, but open to corporations. Having been around for 70 years, the USCM has long played a crucial role in setting a corporate-biased agenda for over 3,000 U.S. cities and has a number of tools available for doing just that.

One such tool is the Mayor's Business Council, a branch of the USCM that allows major corporations to directly influence mayors on key economic issues through a series of meetings and interactions. With a membership fee of $10,000 keeping all but the wealthiest out, the Business Council is one of the least democratic components of the USCM.

These companies are allowed to buy access to local government officials, while the people affected by the policies crafted at the conference are kept out. In fact, according to the council's own website, "Through the creation of the Mayors Business Council, we have transformed our organization to bring corporate America even closer to the mayors of our nation."

"What are we going to do about it?" The Creative People's Resistance (CPR) is a group that has formed specifically to create a radical resistance to the USCM. CPR is making a regional and national call to action for people to converge on Madison from June 13 to 18. Tentative actions include a Critical Mass with bikes and family farm tractors, "pirate golfing," street theatre, a tent encampment, Reclaim the Streets, and a pirate flotilla. It will be a weekend of fun and exciting resistance to the continued efforts by corporations to control our lives.

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