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Political Comic Finds a Home
A political comic strip has been running for more than a month on portland indymedia, and it hass been met with much praise. The Daily Grind has found a home here, and in Seattle.

"The columnist, Jacob Jackrabbit, originally appeared as a parody of a Rush Limbaugh-style pundit," says Aaron Neathery, the strips author, "but the strip wasn't particularly political as it proved difficult to parody pundits who are, themselves, self-conscious parodies. But after experiencing three even worse than expected years of Bush, and inspired by strips like Aaron McGruder's Boondocks and Get Your War On, I decided to bring The Daily Grind back as my own personal political soapbox."

MORE WAYS TO GET CREATIVE AT PORTLAND INDYMEDIA: [ Web Radio ] [ Videos From the Resistance | Videos Available for Download | Video Activism FAQ ] [CREATIVE ]


POETIC RESISTANCE 17.03.2004 10:53
The Daily Poetry Archive January 2004
From pirate radio to transsexual civil war love songs we got it covered on the poetry movement at Portland indymedia. So you missed a week becuase you were writing letters, helping to shut down HLS, trying to free politcal priosoners but what you really need right now is to take a break, read some poetry and create stencils. I understand, so here's your quick clicks.


FOREST DEFENSE 17.03.2004 09:48
Do Something Green for St. Patty's Day: Comments on Solo Due Tomorrow
Comments on Solo, Clark (Fall Creek), Pryor, Borg, and Straw Devil are due on Wednesday. If you have not yet commented, please do. We need an outcrying of protest to stop these sales now. The Forest Servie has already started issuing winter/spring logging waivers. If these sales go through we could see them logged before summer.

Comment at: www.citizenspeak.org/campaign/4106.php

RELATED LINKS: [ pdximc forest defense pages | www.bark-out.org | Forest Service Puts Old Growth Timber Sales Back on the Chopping Block ]


PEACE AND POLITICS 17.03.2004 09:40
Beehive Collective Coming to PDX!!
Beehive Collective Biking Raccon This Thursday, March 18 Lewis and Clark Organization for Peace and Politics is hosting the Beehive Collective and a showing of the radical art action education banners and work. Come see and hear about their amazing stuff up close and personal.

They are interested in collaborating with local groups that are focused on global justice and international solidarity work, teachers interested in digestible discussions that utilize cartoons as well as facts, and student groups looking for inspired information ...

The featured presentation, available in spanish or english, is a portable- mural "tour" comprised of a 16 foot wide banner version of the FTAA poster, or a 16 foot high banner version of the Plan Colombia poster that displays the issues in context of the "bigger picture."

The banners are simultaneously accompanied by a six-foot tall fabric storybook, or projected "slide show" that has forty enlargements of scenes from the poster. Presenters take turns narrating through the mural's details and facts, helping to break down complex issues into smaller, more digestible chunks. All the while, continually explaining how they are connected to the "bigger picture."

The bees consider it vital to subvert the talking-head-at-the-podium approach to political discussion. We break down the model of the "expert" and the "audience" by relating information across language and learning boundaries. It's a wicked healthy way to interact about MORE bad news. Come see and hear about their amazing stuff up close and personal. It is worth coming up the hill for!

WHERE: Thayer Student Lounge, Tempelton Student Union, Lewis and Clark College 0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
WHEN: Thursday, March 18 at 7 PM.
Free shuttle to campus leaves every hour from Pioneer Square.

To learn more check out: www.beehivecollective.org


OUR CAPTURED COMRADE 16.03.2004 23:37
Portland lawyer: My Conversation with Tre Arrow

Tre Thanks his Supporters for their Love and Support, and Decries Government Lies

Acting on a tip from a good friend, I tried a phone number and reached the jail where Tre is held captive. I did not really know what to expect from a foreign jail, so dealt with the guards as I would any guards here in the U.S. I gave them enough information for them to confirm independently that I was who I claimed to be, and hung up, not knowing what, if anything, would happen next.

A few minutes later, the phone rang. It was Tre returning my call. I was sorry to learn that he really is being held in Victoria, and that this is not a case of mistaken identity. Still, it was so wonderful to hear his voice again. "Tre!" was the first thing I said, completely unexpected and unplanned, when I heard this voice I had not heard in too, too long.

Mine was the first friendly voice he had heard in some time, and I assured him he has all of your love and support. He told me that meant the world to him, and he thanks you all for your love and support.

We talked for nearly half an hour. [ Read more... ]

Indymedia readers express support for Tre Arrow
Tre's lesson must not be lost!
Tre is a hero for the example he set for all. There are many paths to revolutionary types of change and Tre showed us all that we don't have to choose between empty calls for revolution or failed reformist measures. While it may be easy for some armchair activists to criticize Tre's judgement by getting caught shoplifting, nobody should question his committment to fighting for what was right. [ Read more... ]

Tre Arrow: Folk Hero of the West
I can't remeber what office Tre ran for so I hedged a little bit in writing this. Otherwise I believe I wrote everything else as truthfully as possible. I hope others will start talkning about freedom for Tre as soon as possible. Not only should he be free but he should take governement office and have oversite of the forest service. [ Read more... ]

Arissa Media Release Supporting Tre Arrow
Craig Rosebraugh, former spokesperson for the Earth Liberation Front, spoke out today in support of accused "eco-terrorist" Michael Scarpitti. Calling him a Saint, Rosebraugh urged the public to stand behind Scarpitti and demonstrate support for his commitment to protecting the natural environment. "It is a horrific day for our country, for the environment and for those working to make the world a better place," Rosebraugh commented on the news of Scarpitti's arrest. "Tre Arrow is neither a terrorist or criminal, he is a hero and should be recognized as such." [ Read more... ]

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EQUALITY UNDER THE LAW 16.03.2004 23:24
Benton County to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses
On Tuesday, March 16th, in a 2-1 vote, Benton County (Corvallis area) commissioners agreed to start issuing same-sex marriage licenses. The commissioners made the decision after the three-member board heard two and a half hours of emotional testimony.

Most of those who spoke were for the issuance of the marriage certificates.

Benton County commissions heard from a slew of religious leaders, several of whom advocated gay marriage. But others such as Steve Lee of the Suburban Christian Church said marriage between a man and a woman is rooted in the Bible.


CORPORATE DOMINANCE 16.03.2004 23:22
AUDIO FILE: The Underlying Issues of the Free Trade Debate
This is a presentation given by Barbara Dudley, professor of Political Science at Portland State University. The topic was: the underlying issues of the free trade debate.

With the WTO and the FTAA in polical limbo, is the Neoliberal agenda in trouble? What are the broader political and economic implications of the developing countries' revolt against the Washington consensus? Can we find common ground in shaping a new agenda?

Barbara has appeared in various venues around Portland for at least the last three years, sharing her knowledge and perspective about the subject of Global Free Trade. More recently, she has been addressing the failures of the International Global Free Trade meetings to reach agreements, first in Seattle, then in Cancun, and finally last November at the Free Trade Area of the Americas meeting in Miami. >[?All these various past presentations were distilled down into a cohesive and integrated accessment of the situation facing the world at the present time. As Barbara states towards the end of her talk: "we are living through one of the more interesting, if not most interesting, political moment that we've been in in my lifetime. And what's going to develop over the next three to four years, in terms of the trade agreement and the trade agenda of the developing countries is going to tell us alot about the future of the world."

[ streaming audio ]

[ Other stories by Jim Lockhart ]


PROTESTING THE WAR 16.03.2004 15:13
Portland Mayor Candidate Protests War At British Parliament
Peace Protest at British Parliament I wanted to share with the readers of Portland Indymedia one of the most moving experiences I had in Germany, and that was meeting US troops involved in the war in Iraq. What struck me was the faces of these brave men and women, as opposed to the faces I so often see on Fox News or CNN. To watch mainstream TV news coverage of the war, one might think our soldiers in Iraq are all in their late 20s to early 40s, mature and savvy veterans with the constitution to handle the horrors of this war. The faces I mostly saw were those of 18 to 22 year olds, showing signs of extreme anxiety and depression. My father was a nurse in the Army on Okinawa during the Viet Nam War, and I remember how he would describe soldiers being evacuated from Nam due to serious injury--"kids." This is just one more way the imagery of war is being manipulated to maintain public support at home.


Who Would Jesus Marry?

I swear this last couple of weeks are something right out of the twilight zone. My partner and I were just considering the trip to Vancouver BC (or SF) when gay marriage lincenses started to be issued right here in stumptown. And yes, I got married. It was the best thing I ever did. I cried, I told all of my friends, I applied for health benefits for my partner at work (who is self employed).

I cannot tell you the number of straight folks I work/play with right here in Portland who were THRILLED that I got married. I have never felt such support. And then there were my parents... [ read more ]

Stories from earlier in the day: [ Statement of Commissioner Serena Cruz in support of Chair Linn | Pictures From Multnomah County Building | Lisa Naito's Statement Reguarding Issuance of Marriage Licenses | Is Gay Marriage Anti-Black? | Gay Marriage, Still Legal, Still Going Strong | Marriage Equality Continues to Prevail in Multnomah! ]

Features from earlier this month: [ Getting married for Gays and Lesbians means alot more to us than a slip of paper | Same-Sex Marriage Sweeps the County | Multnomah County Begins Issuing Same-Sex Marriage Licenses ]


HOW FINE ARE THEY? 15.03.2004 18:56
Aren't Portland Police just stellar?
Went by the courthouse today to support a friend who had trial for hanging a peace banner on a bridge facing the Navy boats during the Rose Festival last summer. It was a pretty silly affair, the plan was for hanging the banner in a completely legal way, but the cops decided to lie about her posture and say that she was violating a city code forbidding the "leaning of a torso over the rail of the bridge". They slammed her for a fine for violating the city code as per what the cops said. That's all well and great, but what was really interesting was the trial that started before hers then was halted and restarted later...

Apparently one Ms. Crowler was having an administrative search warrant served on her mother's home for excess yard debris or something. Ms. Crowler is 72 years old, legally deaf and blind, and lives in North Portland. The city agent was apparently showing her around the property, telling her she had to get rid of an "inside chair", a toilet bowl used as a flower planter, when Ms. Crowler noticed that an antique Red Flyer wagon that she rubbed against on the way out of the house was missing. She demanded that it come back and the city agent denied having taken it. She asked where the removed property was going and he said that contractors were loading it into a large truck with trailer.


DAMN THE MAN 15.03.2004 13:20
Tre Arrow Arrested by FBI

Tre Arrow was taken into custody this morning in Victoria, BC.

Earlier today info came to portland imc that wasnt entirely correcty: [ COMMENT ], here is the update. Tre Arrow was arrested earlier today in a Victoria British Columbia Hardware store. He was caught shoplifting a set of bolt cutters. He is currently in the custody of Canada, being held on charges of: theft, assault and obstructing a peace officer.

The Portland Joint Terrorist Task Force held a press conference today commending themsleves for the capture by proxy. The FBI has already updated their website to declare that Arrow is "captured" although terms have not released regarding his return to the US. Local activistws are already calling for legal funds to help when the time comes.

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"The Price of an Orange" - Reflections on Palestine from Starhawk
I am writing this as we approach the anniversary of two murders. And I find myself thinking about an orange, a ghost orange, growing on a branch on a ghost tree that no longer stands in the courtyard of a home crushed to bloodstained rubble. In Rafah, the border town that lies on the dusty frontier where Gaza meets Egypt. A place of cement tenements pockmarked with bullet holes, streets choking in dust and smashed concrete, barbed wire and fences and sniper towers, where Rachel and Tom died, like so many of the Palestinians they had come to stand with in solidarity.

In March of 2003 Rachel Corrie was killed as she was trying to stop an Israeli soldier from demolishing a home. The bulldozer driver saw her, and deliberately ran over her. She was twenty-three years old.

Just a few weeks later, an Israeli soldier firing from a sniper tower shot Tom as he was trying to save some children who were under fire. After nine long months in what the doctors call a "vegetative state," his body breathing but his mind and brain destroyed, Tom died in mid-January, just a day after his mother whispered in his ear that his murderer had finally been arrested. He was just twenty-two.

Tom and Rachel were not unique in dying in Rafah. Palestinians are killed every day.


COMMUNICATION 15.03.2004 09:48
Mother sez: Improve the discourse on Indymedia to improve effectiveness of reporting
Mother is as guilty as anyone, but she vows to improve.

Folks, some of us are using really dumb persuasive techniques. Doing this does not help your position and often undermines it. This is in my attention especially because of the frequent use of ad hominem techniques in these pages.

Logical argument is rarely taught in school. Only a few nerds get involved in debating. This is a situation that leads to being two particular problems: being easily manipulated by fallacious arguements, and using faulty argument to persuade others.

If our issues are important, and many of them are, we need to pay some attention to our responsibilities as independant reporters and give our issues the best possible presentation.


BIOTECH 14.03.2004 23:36
Update from Genetic Engineering Action Network Conference
March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco, CA, USA. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA, USA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. [ AUDIO: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004 ]

The GEAN conference wrapped up today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place this weekend, here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available: [ Opening Session 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-13-2004 | Corporate Campaigning 03-13-2004 | Family Farmers 03-13-2004 | Latest Science and Statistics with Michael Hansen 03-13-2004 | International Policy 03-14-2004 | Interview with Group that steered the successful campaign against GMO's in Mendocino County, CA 03-14-2004 ]

RELATED: [ BioDevestation 2004 | Bio Tech InfoNet ]


LOCAL POLITICS 14.03.2004 14:18
Local Portland politics: May 18th candidates and measures
Democracy girl On May 18, 2004 Portland residents will be asked to vote in primary election to identify who will be able to run for Portland Mayor and two city council positions this fall. The last day to file for candidacy was March 9th. 25 people have qualified as candidates for Mayor (23 agreed to run). 7 candidates have qualified for Commissioner # 1 position, (incumbent is Jim Francesconi). 11 candidates have filed for Commissioner position # 4 position (incumbent is Randy Leonard). Residents will be asked to vote on one measure: Measure 26-53 - which will amend the city charter to read "Candidates Receiving Majority Vote at Primary are Elected". (See wording of this measure below).


AUDIO| GE FOOD 13.03.2004 02:11
AUDIO: GEAN Conference in San Francisco
Today, March 12th, 2004 marked the beginning of the GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference in San Francisco. Events began with a public forum called "California at the Crossroads". A roundtable of speakers talked about current GMO issues from the struggles farmers are facing, activists passing legislation in Mendocino County, CA and consumer issues from GE foods, mad cow and other safety and environmental concerns. Here is a list of the speakers:
  • Rebecca Spector, West Coast Director for Center for Food Safety
  • Percy Schmeiser, Canadian Farmer
  • Nick Greco - Organic Rice Farmer, Greco Farms, CA
  • Renata Brillinger, Californians for GE-Free Agriculture
  • Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association

The full audio is available for streaming from PDX IMC Web Radio: GEAN Conference 03-12-2004

Day 2 and Day 3

The GEAN (Genetic Engineering Action Network) conference continues through today, Sunday 03-14-2004. Many exciting and informative discussions and workshops have taken place already this weekend and more scheduled the rest of this afternoon. Here is more audio collected from the conference so that you can plug in to what is going in the fight against GE Food and other struggles against GMO's. You can stream the audio from PDX IMC Web Radio-below is a list of what is available:


BIKE TO THE FUTURE 12.03.2004 18:23
Bike commuters take over Hawthorne!
I bike commute across the Hawthorne bridge to downtown most days. (Otherwise I walk or bus.) There are getting to be quite a few bike commuters on the bridge. It seems there are more than previous years at this time of year. Going home, heading east, after getting off the bridge I haul ass down the bike lane until splitting off into Ladd's circle. On days that I walk, I walk on Hawthorne all the way to 60th. It is my impression that most bikers leave Hawthorne for quieter streets as soon as practical for them, like Salmon, or Lincoln, or Clinton. Here is an un-well thought out idea:

Bike commuters leaving the bridge heading east gather for a few minutes at the end of the bridge ramp. When there is 10 - 15 or so bikes take the lane and go all the way on Hawthorne in mass. It would be something of a mini critical mass commuter cluster fuck for the drivers and would create a much safer bike environment. Bad language aside, I would urge all riders obey the signals and be ultra courteous. We need to win over the auto public to alternate ideas and promote a safe and attractive, not crazy, bike ride. [ READ MORE ]

RELATED ARTICLES: [ Fix Hawthorne to improve bike and pedestrian safety and quality of life | Cyclists: Show some freakin' courtesy! ] [ Other Stories by Mother ]


EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS 12.03.2004 10:58
A Little Civil Disobedience
A essay concerning electronic voting and the steps that voters might take to protest on election day if they feel that their vote may not count. In order to frame my argument, let me take you back to Election Day, November 2002. I went to the polls that day thinking, "Wow, the Democrats are gonna win big time today. We're sick and tired of Bush and company and we're gonna throw them out!" Later that evening, I sat in front of the television set watching CNN announce that my Democrats had been thoroughly trounced, not only in my home state of Texas, but also all across America. I simply could not believe what I was hearing and yet there seemed to be a very simple explanation for this huge Republican landslide. As most political pundits put it: "The Democrats did not pose any opposition to Bush's agenda because Bush was such a popular wartime president". I was sick at heart and I'm not going to kid you either, I was ashamed of my Democratic party. I couldn't believe that we didn't have the intestinal fortitude to stand up to what I had seen happening since George W. Bush took office in 2001.

And the more I thought about how angry I was about the political atmosphere, the more I realized that I couldn't be the only one who felt that way. But I had to sit and listen to all the pundits talk about that amazing wartime president named George W. Bush. Then last year I started reading stories about electronic voting machines and how many of them were used for the first time in the 2002 elections. In particular, the Diebold voting machines appear to have played an extremely important role in the voting results in Georgia. Senator Max Cleland was voted out of office, despite being ahead in the polls prior to the election. Georgia also voted in a Republican governor for the first time in over 100 years. In my home state of Texas, despite very close polling, Republicans cleaned up in the elections for Governor, Lt. Governor and U. S. Senate. [ READ MORE ]

[ The 2004 Election Has Already Been Rigged ] [ MORE ON DIEBOLD ]


FOREST DEFENSE 11.03.2004 22:06
Bark Sues to Stop Old-Growth Timber Sale at Mt. Hood
Portland-based forest conservation group, Bark, filed a suit in the Federal District Court in Oregon today to stop the Forest Service's plans to log 184 acres of old growth on Mt. Hood National Forest. The area slated to be logged, called the Slinky Timber Sale, is located east of Estacada in the Oak Grove and Upper Clackamas watersheds, and would clearcut trees as old as 450 years. The Clackamas River District on Mt. Hood is currently planning 15 other logging projects totaling 5,195 acres. Concern about the cumulative impact of these projects on drinking water and wildlife is what spurred Bark to take action.

The Slinky timber sale proposes removing 184 acres of northern spotted owl habitat at a time when the species is thought by many experts to be at risk of extinction. Current timber sales are expected to remove over 1,355 acres of spotted owl habitat from the landscape, equivalent to over two square miles of forest. In the past several decades, thousands of acres of spotted owl habitat have been destroyed. Given the precarious state of the spotted owl, Bark feels the timber sale is utterly irresponsible.

"The Forest Service is out of step with the public's desire to preserve Oregon's remaining ancient forests," says Sandi Scheinberg, Bark's executive director. "The Forest Service's documents say they need to log these forests because they are old growth. We feel that this is the very reason that they should be protected. Oregonians overwhelmingly want to see our legacy ancient forests preserved for clean drinking water, critical wildlife habitat, and for our children."

related: [ Naturalist Hike w/Bark this Weekend to No-Whisky Timber Sale | Mt. Hood logging Season Begins at Hipo and East Fivemile! ] [ FOREST DEFENSE ACTION PAGE | Cascadia Rising ]


11.03.2004 19:39
HLS: Urgent Action Alert for animals in labs
The real terrorists have blood on their hands. HLS's favorite customer, the Yamanouchi Corporation, is participating and presenting at this weekend's '6th Great Lakes Urology Seminar' in Troy, Michigan. Where the hell is Troy, Michigan you ask? Beats us - but here is how we can protest it and smear Yamanouchi's already muddy name:


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