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Tre: Bail set at $2500, but not out in the woods yet
Apparently, bail was set at $2500 for the criminal charges leveled against Tre in Canada. However, he is not yet free. There will be another hearing on Monday to determine bail on the immigration charges. Let's continue to hold him in the light. [ Comment ]

An emotional line of roughly ten of Tre Arrow's friends and supporters were present at his bail hearing today. Lawyer Tim Russel presented evidence for bail including over 60 letters received from Tre's family, friends and supporters from across North America. All letters specifically refering to Tre as a kind, non-violent and loving person. [ Read more... ]

Free Tre Arrow/Save the Biscuit! Benefit Show!
Saturday, April 17th.
8-10 pm
Laughing Horse Books (37th and Division SE)

Come and help raise $ and gear to defend comrades, from political prisoners to old-growth forests! Come learn about the Biscuit and help save the ancient forests of Southern Oregon! No one will be turned away for lack of funds. No money? Bring camping/hiking gear to donate to folks in the woods! [ read more... ]


  • Ryan Harvey
  • Contajous (poetry that will make you gasp!)
  • maybe more!
Tre Arrow | Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia Rising | pdx indy forest activism page


COMMUNITY BUILDING 15.04.2004 12:40
Say it with me: "No, I won't call the police."
As a teenager flees from "justice," be happy for him. If you see him, leave your cell phone in your pocket. I don't know what he was accused of, but I'm sure it's not worth shooting him over.

This morning, a friend called to tell me of something he saw on the corporate media. He's not usually in the habit of sharing this stuff with me, but he thought I would like to hear about the "teenage fugitive." He went on to describe a story that made me smile. A picture of a teenager apparently flashed across the screen while the reporter explained that, although handcuffed and in leg irons, the teen managed to break away from the flailing arms of the law, dart across the street, and leap into a waiting car that then sped away. Man, that IS a story.

Anyway, the reporter went on to describe the car, and then to urge the audience to call the police if they should spot either the car or the teen. My friend laughed at that part too. [ read more... ]

more stories by CatWoman


TOP FIVE REASONS 15.04.2004 12:34
Reasons I'm not paying my taxes
  • There's better organizations to pay my share, and who are struggling to survive ... partially due to "inescapable" budget cuts: Harry's Mother, JOIN, TPI (Transition Projects Inc.), etc...
  • We should stop feeding the monster. They're just using our money to train Nazi's to shoot us with "non-lethal" weapons and to build prisons to hold us while we sew lingerie for Victoria's Secret.
  • No one asked me if I wanted to pay for this corrupt piece-o-shit government.
  • There's no guarantee they won't just go to more corporate welfare like OHSU's $200 million+ handout via the "Oregon Opportunity Plan." That money was Tobacco Settlement money, loaded into the General Fund, and slipped straight into the pockets of OHSU by state legislators who should be in jail for looting.
  • I'm waiting for Enron to pay theirs.


RESISTANCE | TACTICS 15.04.2004 12:29
What resistance to Iraq draft would look like
Below is a blueprint for aggressive resistance when Bush tries to bring back the draft in teh fact of a military defeat in Iraq. It is based on tactics learned in the environmental and animal liberation struggles, plus "getting out" tactics not used in those issues. Of course, we speak here of drafting youth in general, not the end-of-tour soldiers he is already drafting.

The draft still requires local boards to be staffed to 'select' youths for enslaved service. That is its weak point. We will assume that activists who join the boards are soon ferreted out based on unwillingness to call people for real-but not before getting key information like addresses of other board members and suppliers. The leaves behind a group of excellent targets.

The actions of SHAC provide a model for closign down a draft board. A new group forms, we will call it Stop sLavery and Murder(SLAM) for the purpose of this article. It applies SHAC style home demos and disruption as well as office disruption to draft boards and their members. [ read more... ]


Fire and Forests Road Show Report Back
I was at the Oxygen Collectives (from Ashland) Fire and Forests Road Show tonight at PSU. It was so fucking amazing! I dont want to give too much away, because they are going to be at Reed tomorrow night... But, when I got upstaris I was greeted by some stiltwalkers giving me some literature, a long table with a ton of information and wonderful people (including good friends that I hadnt seen in awhile :)

Then, all of a sudden, the room went dark and a folk singer who wasnt supposed to be on the bill, got up and played a song about the Biscuit Fire. He said his name was Ryan. It was a really moving song and I enjoyed it. He had to have someone hold the lyrics for him, made me think that this stuff is so important and so many wonderful people are just busting their asses however they can to get this stuff out there!



SOLIDARITY 14.04.2004 13:02
Tre Arrow's Bail Hearing Set for Thursday; Bail and Defense funds Urgently Needed
Environmental activist and Oregon ex-patriot Tre Arrow will appear for a bail hearing in Victoria B.C. Thurday, April 15th at 2pm, he aslo expects to have an imigration hearing later that day. Supporters are concerned that the US may use this as an opportunity to extridite him to the US, where he faces other charges.

Supporters in the US and Canada will pause at 2pm Thurday to hold a good thought for a positive outcome from his hearings, and to manefest his fredom and safety. We would like to invite all of you reading this to do the same. Whatever your spiritual traditions, please hold Tre in your heart and thoughts Thurday. Today it is he who is cought in the cross hairs, but it could just as easily be any one of us, his fate and ours are inextricably intwind. [ Read more... ]

I'm doing well, staying strong, thanks to all the love and support pouring forth from everyone, and being able to connect with Indogo Girls music when I call friends in "stump town". So thank you so much,.Thanks also to everyone who wrote on my half for the bail hearing: thank you for you kind, loving words of support and truth. At this point what we need in bail money.

If everyone who wrote a letter could donate $20 (or $50 or . . .) specifically towards the bail funds that would appreciated immensely (enternal gratitude to those who have) To contribute for bail contact my lawyer, Tim Russel, at 250-480-1529 ASAP. [ Read more... ]


PORTLAND POLICE STATE 14.04.2004 12:55
March for Justice and Police Accountability announced for April 24
PORTLAND, OR - The Arissa organization is planning a March for Justice and Police Accountability in response to the murder of James Perez by the Portland Police. The March is set to take place Saturday, April 24 at 12:00 Noon beginning from Pioneer Courthouse Square.

With District Attorney Michael Schrunk's recent decision to convene the grand jury investigation into the death of James Perez before the promised inquest, the upcoming March comes at a critical time. The grand jury is set to begin hearing testimony on April 20, just four days prior to the April 24 March.

Arissa believes the result of the grand jury investigation will be less than satisfactory. Either the grand jury will refuse to indict Officer Jason Sery, or the indictment will be for a crime far less severe than murder. In previous cases involving murders committed by the Portland Police, including Kendra James, Jose Mejia Poot, Deontae Keller, and even those in 1985 and 1975 that involved inquests, the Portland Police Officers involved faced no criminal punishment. Knowing this, there are ample reasons to believe Officer Sery will get away with this act of murder.


IT REALLY IS UP TO US 14.04.2004 12:34
The Daily Grind: Adiós
It has been a wonderful couple of months for me and my chainsmoking rabbit. Reader response to "The Daily Grind" was better than I expected or could have hoped for, especially here at Portland Indymedia, easily the most active and vital IMC in the network. Unfortunately, I've recently run out of time to devote proper attention to the strip. Although I'll continute donating occasional items of interest to the newswire, Jacob and Lazlo must bid you all a fond adieu.

As for what the coming months have in store for us, if Bush's press conference last night was any indication, expect a spectacular meltdown. An administration this blatantly corrupt is just plain bad PR for an amoral power structure that's usually quieter about its amorality, so I have every expectation that Dubya and Co. will soon be consigned to the dustbin of American political history. But what next? John Kerry? Pffft...

It really is up to us, folks.

in solidarity,
Aaron Neathery


10 YEARS OF ECO RESISTANCE 14.04.2004 10:34
10 Years of the Northwest Forest Plan: Cascadia Eco-Resistance

PART II of a Two Part Feature - Click Here to Read Part I

Now, in Southern Oregon, the largest timber sale in history - 40+ square miles of logging - is taking shape, innocuously named the "Biscuit Recovery Project". Earth First! will hold its regional rendezvous there, June 10-14. The deep south Cascades are certain to be a hot spot: nearby, just across the CA border multinational energy giant Calpine (a co-conspirators with ENRON in the California energy crisis) and war profiteers Halliburton are planning to decimate 10,000's of acres of sacred tribal land around Medicine Lake for geothermal energy exploration.

East of the Cascade crest in Oregon massive old growth logging masquerading as forest-fire fuels reduction is being fought by groups like Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project and PROWL. New direct action groups like the Klamath-Salmon Action Network are activating in Northern California. The Cascadia Forest Defenders have a renewed womyn and trans gendered occupation in the forests near Eugene, OR. Citizen surveyors the Cascadia Wildlands Project and the tree-climbing Northwest Ecological Survey Team are all expanding their efforts.

In Portland:

Bark - Mt. Hood's timber sale monitors - is now facing dozens of logging operations, with logging season already begun at the Hipo and East Five-mile sales. Bark is holding a Community Forum on the issues on May 4th. The Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Network support office (not to be confused with the Cascadia Rising Infoshop) promotes grassroots eco-resistance across Cascadia and helps folks find a place in the forest defense movement. Both groups need your support! Also, not to be missed: Wednesday and Thursday the Oxygen Collective will be speaking in Portland at PSU and Reed Colleges respectively.

As one Cascadian put it - "Bush is using Cascadia as his playground for a new forest policy, we will use it as our palette of resistance."

BACKGROUND AND NEWS: Cascadia RiSiNG! Eco-Defense Infosite | Native Forest Council | Indymedia Forest Pages: Portland | Rogue | Vancouver | SF Bay |

RELATED GROUPS: Back to the WALL | Bark | Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project | Cascadia Forest Defenders | Cascadia Wildlands Project | EPIC | Klamath-Salmon Action Network | KS Wild | Medicine Lake Infopage | Northwest Ecosystem Survey Team | Oxygen Collective | PROWL |


SELECTION 2004 14.04.2004 01:50
Republicans Walk Out Of Federal Hearing On Voting Machines
As the battle over voting machines rages across the country, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights met on Friday, April 9th, to examine the Integrity, Security and Accessibility in the Nation's Readiness to Vote". Two scientists and four representatives of civil rights organizations were invited to brief the Commission.

But, before the panelists had a chance to share their views, three Republican commissioners and one (notably conservative) Independent commissioner walked out, ostensibly over a personnel dispute. But, others are not so sure.

It appears that voting technology is a topic that the Republican leadership wants to tightly control. It is without doubt that Republicans own most of the companies that manufacture, sell, and service voting machines. And President Bush and the Republican Congress appear determined to control and limit oversight of the elections industry.


FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION 13.04.2004 19:13
Freedom of speech, the cops, and public schools
With all the police shootings taking place in my community I'll be damned if I'm going to sit by and do nothing.

Today started out like any other day, I woke up, got ready, and headed off to school. As I got there and waited for class to start I couldn't help but think about some fliers I saw posted up in north/north-east portland. In my opinion I think the fliers are a good step in the right direction to help make the cummunity more aware of the officers who are killing us and getting away with it. Too much talk is happening and not enough action. Yes I know talk is a good thing but lets face it, we have been talking for years and people are still getting murdered by the police.

Now when I say "action" I don't mean a protest that lasts for a few hours and then fades away (although protests do have a purpose), no. What I mean by action is taking a firm stance and not backing down. Not letting the corporate media, the police, or anyone else for that matter tell you what you are doing (like posting fliers for example) is "disgusting" or "wrong" as portland police cheif foxworth puts it.

Its not. You have the legal right to.


LEGAL UPDATE 12.04.2004 20:43
About the Llaneza sentencing
Some observations from a witness at the Llaneza sentencing. Llaneza was given 20 years state prison, with a minimum 18 years to be served without possibility of parole, for killing two and critically injuring a third cyclist during a high speed drunken driving spree on June 25, 2003.


Pulling up and Identifying the Roots
I live in North Portland. I am white. I am not the only white person living in North Portland, seems that I feel more and more comfortable every day as new white people move into this neighbourhood for its cheap rent and its diverse culture. Just the other day there were a bunch of white people, that looked like yuppies, walking around only a block away from a "gang-related" murder...but they werent scared, they felt safe.

I would like to think that a large part of the minority community tension is directly related to the middle class/well-off youung white people moving in to their neighbourhoods. They are coming up here with no regard for the community as it was, they just want to be by their friends, the new art galleries and the new restaurants. By doing this, they are raising property values (which translates into higher rents for those that dont own their homes).

These already impoverished/low-income minorities find themselves in a pickle. Their community is going to white, their rent is being raised and they can either pack up and move to St. Johns or Vancouver for cheaper rent, or they can stay where they have been until they have no choice. But if they move, it doesnt stop or even dent this machine that is driving them away, it is called GENTRIFICATION.


FOOD IS A RIGHT 12.04.2004 15:43
Food Not Bombs Int'l Gathering CANCELLED
The International Food Not Bombs (FNB) Gathering has been cancelled. Due to poor planning and a lack of time there will NOT be an International Gathering in or around New York City in the week before or during the Republican National Convention.

FNB organizers across the United States worked with FNB people in NY to come to this conclusion. There was alot of intense discussion that went on between the people in NY and outside of NY...the only clear choice was to halt the planning for this and do more local organizing.

Along those lines, FNBers have began planning smaller regional gatherings before the RNC so that people can connect and share ideas/visions about the future on FNB. The first of which is the Rustbelt Gathering in Cleveland, Ohio. There are also plans to have a gathering in Richmond Virginia towards the beginning of July.


Relatively harmless herb Ephedra illegal as of today
What's more plausible - that the government has outlawed ephedra because it's LINKED to 155 deaths in history, or because the pHarmacuetical industry is one of the biggest political contributors and doesn't want a natural extract as a competitor that can't be trademarked and regulated?

Ephedra is the main active ingredient of Ma Huang, an herb that has been used for thousands of years to alleviate symptoms of asthma, upper respiratory infection, nasal and chest congestion, and to increase metabolism. The Food and Drug Administration, citing a TOTAL of 155 deaths that have been LINKED to it, has banned all sales of it as of today, April 12, 2004.

The move marks the first time the government has outlawed a dietary supplement and will set a precedent for action against other "risky" products, Health and Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson said. "For too long, dietary supplements containing (ephedra) have been heavily promoted and widely used. They are simply too "risky", Thomson said at a news conference. Bush administration officials said several recent developments allowed them to take action against a substance that had been under scrutiny for at least six years.


HOMICIDE WATCH 12.04.2004 09:13
two more dead men, no more answers
First ONE, then TWO more men were shot dead in the north/northeast Portland corridor over the weekend.

"netrunner" says:

"i knew the shooting victim that died fri. night since he was in grade school. i coached and watched him play basketball through mid-school and high school. Julio was american indian from the warm springs indian reservation of oregon. my family and i often leave the rez to visit the city, and for years my advise has been to beware of the police AND the gangsters, try not to get pulled over, (obey all the rules of the road), and stay out of certain neighbor hoods, unless it's absolutely neccesary. julio was probably the last person in the world that deserved to get shot in the head, and i know that someone knows something. whoever that is, please come forward."

Meanwhile, as murders go unsolved, and known multiple-homicide perpetrators plea-bargain their cases down to who-knows-what, Our Fearless Leaders are busy creating new drug crimes ...


HANFORD WATCH 12.04.2004 08:39
U.S. Dept. of Energy tries to cut corners on Hanford cleanup; get it done faster, cheaper
In light of the recent Hanford "State of the Site" public meetings, as well as the positive accomplishments and problems we face in cleaning up Hanford, I would like to share my observations and concerns.

Last week the Hanford Advisory Board (HAB) met with a full agenda concerning the federal budget for Hanford cleanup, worker pension and safety issues, ground water cleanup actions, update on the Solid Waste EIS (environmental impact statement) and more.

I believe we are facing the worst crisis at Hanford and across the weapons complex that we have faced in my 12 years of involvement. We have a crisis in cleanup "philosophy" or attitudes of this administration. Department of Energy Headquarters (DOE HQ) in D.C. has taken control of management to the point that management at the Hanford site seems to have lost all of its power.

The Tri-Party Agreement (TPA), a legally binding roadmap to cleanup, and the environmental laws that govern the cleanup of lethal and long-lasting wastes are being "held hostage" by DOE HQ. The administration's current attempts to reclassify waste, and hold back cleanup dollars until the courts give a "satisfactory" answer is typical in our new "Age of Secrecy." This in turn impacts the cleanup budget.

Even more important, many of the new initiatives impact the health and safety of this region now and for future generations. The buzzword for the new philosophy is "acceleration." Faster, cheaper. At the annual State of the Site meetings held around the region, citizens demanded quality cleanup, long- lasting cleanup, honesty, reality. Are we getting that?

[ Hanford Watch ]


DEEP POLITICS 12.04.2004 08:35
Chemtrails over Camas
I have been coming to Portland Indymedia for about a year and a half now. In that time, I have had to carefully determine which news sources to believe and what to discredit. (That happens with Indymedia... you need to use your own intellect to judge what is the truth and what is not.) During my visits here, I have seen stories about Chemtrails. To be honest... I never really read any of them, because the idea sounded just way too "out there" for me. (No offense.) Anyway...

Two weeks ago, (3/28) I went canoeing with my 4 year old son. We decided to go to a nearby lake and soak in some springtime sunshine. All was fine and dandy when we paddled out to the middle of the lake. (Round Lake, Camas Wa.) When I looked directly toward the south... I could plainly see numerous contrails laid in a north/south direction. (The contrails went as far as the eye could see.) However; when I turned my head toward the North... I could plainly see ALL of the contrails ending a couple miles north of Camas. (See picture.) For those of you that don't know... Camas, Washington is directly across the Columbia River from Troutdale Oregon, which basically makes us the northernmost part of the Portland Metro area.

[ More chemtrail stories! ]


Ellis Excessive Force Appeal Goes to Full Hearing
Independent Police Review Division (IPR) held its monthly meeting in Portland City Hall. CRC meetings are open to the public.

On the CRC's agenda at this meeting was Bill Ellis, a Portlander in his mid-20s, who appealed the IPR's denial of his claims of excessive force against numerous Portland police officers during a war protest on March 25, 2003. Video taken by several cameras at the scene on SW Fifth Avenue and Taylor Street show Portland police officer Leo Besner approaching Ellis on a bicycle. As Ellis ambles up the sidewalk, protest sign in hand and accompanied by a large group of peaceful protestors, officer Besner instructs him to 'come here.' Seconds later, Besner grabs Ellis' arm and swings him out into the street, throwing Ellis off-balance as Ellis tries to avoid falling over Besner's bicycle. Ellis is body-blocked, slammed head-first into the pavement, handcuffed, and pepper sprayed in the eyes from point blank range while dozens of stunned demonstrators look on in disbelief. [ READ MORE... ]

RELATED VIDEOS: [ Li2UNews | Martial Law ]


NEWS FROM OUR BROTHER 10.04.2004 08:52
Message From Tre Arrow
Hello to everyone, I am alive and kicking behind these wall and bars. I'm staying strong.

Part of the reason I am staying strong is all the love and support pouring forth from folks.

No matter what kind of darkness the establishment tries to supress us with, they can't pierce the Light. they can't stop the love, the consciousness, awareness. And the Truth will prevail.

Time is now to rise up, stand together, and oppose the injustices that are being committed, not just against activists, but the thread of life on this precious Earth.

When the film The Corporation (independent Canadian film) comes to town please go see it, and bring everyone you know. Together we will stop them, stop the corporate corruption, and create a healthier, more just planet for every living thing.

Peace, I love you all


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