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FOREST DEFENSE 21.04.2004 18:21
Update on Logging at Blue River Face Timber Sale
Active logging continues at the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Willamette National Forest. Massive Douglas Firs 400-500 yrs old and 4-6' across are hitting the ground in this frontal assault on public lands by Roseboro Lumber Co. and the US Forest Service. Activists were on the ground this morning and fellers were confronted, resulting in a temporary halt in logging in unit 5e where a large population of rare lichens has been documented by citizen activists. Cutting is also beginning in unit 5d, where 39 acres of classic old-growth forest is located, a beautiful area where huge Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar trees have stood for many hundreds of years along with rare lichens, Tree Voles and Spotted Owls. There is still a large portion uncut and resistance will continue.

It was discovered just this morning that many trees within units 5c and 5e were re-marked to "cut" trees from "leave" trees, and it is unclear at what point this happened. The timber sale was being promoted by USFS as an "understory thinning"-evidently they felt they could get away with converting the sale to an old-growth slaughter without this being noticed. That and the fact that USFS ignored a huge amount of survey data documenting the presence of sensitive species within the area, collected by citizen surveyors- makes this a prime example of the failure of USFS to protect biological diversity on public lands. If this concerns you please contact the following people and demand an immediate halt to the cutting at Blue River Face Timber sale:

District Ranger John Allen(Mckenzie District)Roseboro Lumber


JUSTICE FOR JAHAR PEREZ: Rally Fri. 4/23; grand jury pickets continue
Friday, April 23
4:00 - 6:00 pm
This action will start in Terry Schrunk Plaza (SW 3rd & Madison, Portland) and end in Pioneer Square.

The following press release is from the Albina Ministerial Alliance.

For immediate release: Join the Albina Ministerial Alliance Ad-Hoc Community Justice Coalition for a week of community expressions, beginning Tuesday April 20, 2004. The AMA Ad-Hoc along with a host of organizations and individuals will be picketing at the Multnomah County Court House to show our support for an indictment of Officer Jason Sery. Please continue your support for positive change within our city. Included is all the information concerning the picketing.

We are inviting all outraged citizens to join us as we embark to change the current culture of the Portland Police Department. We are placing a special invitation to all elected officials and all candidates for positions in our city, county, and state to also join us. Signs will be made for our elected officials, and major candidates for offices.

Picketing hours will be 9am-11am, 11am-2pm, 4pm-6pm each day from Tuesday, April 20 through Thursday, April 22. At each picketing shift there will be people available to speak with the press.

We are also in the process of planning a downtown Portland march and rally for Friday April 23, 2004. These events held this week under the AMA Ad-Hoc are all non-violent shows of community expressions.


TARGETED CRIME 21.04.2004 11:17
Vandalism & Attempted Arson at Calendula
On Monday, April 19, 2004, I arrived at work to find someone has glued an Arissa "anti-war movement" poster on to our front business street sign. Scrawled across the front of the large poster in black in were the words "Craig Rosebraugh is a scab" At the bottom of the poster the address "1914" was also written. Instantly I suspected that someone involved with the 1914 Burnside space had been involved. This morning (Tuesday) there was an attempted arson attack at Calendula. Sometime between 5:00am and 6:00am our recycling dumpster was lit on fire. This dumpster was full of paper and sat next to others that were also full of paper. They were sitting next to the restaurant at 3257 SE Hawthorne when set aflame, which if it hadn't have been for the fire department could have easily lit our entire building on fire as well as the adjacent house.

I consider this attack a response to the political work Arissa is conducting in Portland.

one commenter posted:After the attempted arson of Calendula, I luckily ran into a member of the 1914 collective (which is located at 1914 Burnside), and we had a very important conversation. The word "scab" scrawled across the poster glued to Calendula's sign refers to a disagreement between a member of 1914 and Craig and myself that happened about a year ago. Since then, there's been only a little communication between the two sides. But in talking to this same member of 1914 yesterday, he and I realized that some other party is trying to exploit this division.

The member of 1914 denies that he had ANYTHING to do with either action.


QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 21.04.2004 00:15
I have a question about the draft
Question: I keep getting these letters from the draft board saying I need to register. What should I do?

Answer: So ya know, there's no draft, that's for the board of people the call on under the assumption that they bring a draft back. They have the legal authority to arrest you for not registering under the selective service 7 or so months after your 18th birthday but they haven't arrested anybody since the 80's. Also, if there are any blank spots or essay questions put "Conscientious Objector" or if you're doing the paper version write it in a few spots and if you're really concerned with it come to an SAA meeting or a PPRC meeting or something and get signatures affirming that you're a conscientious objector to all wars and write up your essay for the draft board because you've got between two days and a week to gather all this if they bring back the draft, so it's best to be ready. SAA can help you with the whole conscientious objector folder stuff too, Wednesdays at 5 at EMS, be there or be a rectangular object with four equal sides and four 90 degree angles.


RESISTANCE | TACTICS 20.04.2004 15:37
Call for Black Bloc Militant Action on Mayday!
Attention my fellow Anarchists, anti-capitalists, anti-authoritarians and activists this is a call for a Portland Black Bloc on Mayday at the North Park Blocks. At high noon speakers until 2pm then we take the streets! [ read more... ]

you know. comments: Hi Folks. Okay, I am all for black bloc tactics and think that they can be wonderfully effective when organized and carried out correctly. This is not it. I want to encourage every single person that reads this to pay attention to some of the things that I will say and to show up for the MayDay actions but not for the black bloc.

Gene Lawhorn comments: In response to the call to militant action by Widerstand: First Widerstand needs to brush up on his or her history. May Day originated out of the Carpenters Union back in 1884 when P.J. McGuire had a resolution introduced in the FOTLU convention. That's the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions of Canada and the US, the predecessor of the AFL, American Federation of Labor. The resolution called for a general strike for the eight hour day by all working people to begin on May first of 1886. The Anarchist who like to claim May Day as their holiday were against the eight hour day at first. They felt the eight hour day was too much of a compromise to the capitalist system. Furthermore the Haymarket martyrs were executed in 1887, not 1886.


Akha and Indymedia Activist, from Salem, Arrested in Thailand
huts and forest background(used in thialand feat.) Matthew McDaniel is a Human Rights activist that has been living and working with the Akha tribe in Northern Thailand since 1991. Recently he also got involved in setting up an Indymedia in Thailand. Last week he got arrested at the border between Thailand and Burma and he is now being detained at a deportation centre in Bangkok.

According to an activist that recently travelled through Thailand Matthews arrest puts not only his family but the whole village in danger. "By his sheer presence and loud mouth he was the "protector" of the village, the police and military were reluctant to enter the village." According to a friend of Matthews the "village might be under attack" he said he doesn't know what the "Thai and the Burmese government are capable or willing to do".

Matthew McDaniel was arrested on 11:00 AM Thursday, April 15th at the Maisai Immigration Checkpoint while going to deliver vitamins to an Akha friend in Burma. Matthew McDaniel was fighting to save the land of Aooh Yok Akhe that was being taken by the government.


11 years ago - April 19, 1993 - Remembering Waco
From a newswire comment: in april 1993, i was still identifying as a liberal. i had voted for clinton the year before and was thrilled that he was president. (that thrill was wearing off quickly, as the gays-in-the-military promise was starting to look like it would be shucked off.) the massacre at waco happened, and i don't remember liberal publications or liberal friends being upset about it. just the opposite in fact; people seemed to think that it was okay because the people in the compound were religious nuts with guns. i recall that right-wingers were up in arms (just about literally) over the event, though, and that seemed to confirm that, as a liberal, i could ignore the issue.

since then, i've expanded my horizons a lot, read more, had new experiences, and am up in arms (not literally) about waco in retrospect. just the what the fuck happened there, anyway? why did the feds kill all those people, many of them children? why were the feds involved at all? what was the REAL story behind why the the gov't felt threatened by the branch davidians? it seems that the story we were fed was mostly made up, and that the narrative of the day as told by the gov't is a bunch of lies...


LOCAL POLITICS 19.04.2004 12:52
ABF: Anyone But Francesoni or SBF: Somebody Besides Francesconi
Francesconi is bad news! When I first moved here, Francesconi was in the process of shutting down the Human Rights Commission--something we could surely use in Portland these days. He voted against the city's anti-war resolution, making Portland one of only two or three cities to vote a resolution down. Even Chicago passed an anti-war resolution! He was the the only vote against extending Dignity Village's lease. He sucks!! And this is a guy who got his start with the Portland Organizing Project. Once he got his liberal credentials in place, he started sucking up to the Portland Business Association and other developer types, so that he could one day be mayor.

We need to say NO to him! We need to prevent hime from getting more than 50 per cent in the primary (May 18), so that there can be a run-off later. I'm not too excited about any of the other people, but any of them would be better than Francesconi. And not voting in a race like this IS voting--you would be voting for the status quo--voting for the guy with the most money--voting for big business. Even if you think the whole system is broken (as do I) it's important to send a message against big business backed, right wing candidates like Francesconi.

And the weird thing is that NO ONE likes this guy. I was just driving through upper/middle class Irvington, and there were about three Francesconi yard signs up, and tons for Potter. Seriously, who likes this guy, besides the Portland Business Association? Unfortunately he has about 1 MILLION DOLLARS to pretty much slam-dunk this thing--unless everyone says NO. [ read more... ]


FOREST DEFENSE 19.04.2004 09:57
Active Logging at Blue River Face
Timber sale monitors have just discovered active logging is underway at the Blue River Face timber sale in the Wilamette National Forest. The area is a classic old-growth stand rich with mosses, lichens, and huge trees. Most of unit 5c has been felled(16 acres). Units 5d and 5e have not been cut. These are the units with 500 year old trees and the largest known population of Pseudocyphellaria Rainierensis, Spotted Owls,and much more. It is unknown if units 5a and 3 c,d,e are being cut at this time. About 100 acres of the timber sale remain.

These are the same stands of trees where our dear brother Sparrow climbed trees with brave dedication to document the presence of The Oregon Red Tree Vole. Blue River Face was indeed the first place he came to do upper canopy surveys and he found substantial data, which was turned into the Forest Service. Many activists spend hundreds of hours documenting the presence of sensitive and threatened species within this area. All this is being ignored by the US Forest Service and Roseboro Lumber Company.


F*CK THE CORPORATE MEDIA 19.04.2004 09:50
Willy Week Claims That Cops Shooting Unarmed Citizens Isn't Murder
According to Willamette Week's Rogue(s) of the Week activists who demand reform when police kill unarmed people are rogues.

"...inflamed rhetoric such as likening a police killing to "murder" does not help the relationship between the Portland police and the community it serves--it only hurts it. Get a grip, people." EVERY TIME AN UNARMED PERSON IS SHOT BY A POLICE OFFICER Willamette Week, other ineffectual press people and so-called community leaders (they) insist that we "should discuss the problem and see what changes we can make to stop this kind of tragedy from happening again."

That is complete bullshit. They sure have talked about it enough. How many reports and commissions do they need? They know what needs to be done but they don't insist on the changes. They have blood on their hands because change would happen if the they would stop protecting these murderers.

"crazed" leftist writes: According to the Willamette Week it's anti-cop hysteria be critical that cops shoot down unarmed people in cold blood several times a year. So I guess I'm hysterical to thinkg that cops killing an unarmed man 24 fucking seconds after a traffic stop is murder.

Screw you Willamette Week.

I'm scared that me, my friends, my family, my neighbors and my fellow citizens will be shot down for no reason and you assholes think that's hysterical. Murder is murder no matter how you try to spin it.

CatWoman writes: I can't say these words enough. Let me say it again: Fuck the Corporate Media.

WW has just proved, once again, whose side they're really on. They play hip and cool, but we know what they really are. One more corporate mouthpiece trying to co-opt the masses.

The only voices in town out there really interested in the truth are our own. The corporate media is still trying to protect McCollister by hiding his face, even as they plaster the faces of every "suspect" the police name across their pages and their screens. Thank God the people no longer need the corporate media to keep informed. They've lost their grip on our minds: we have real alternatives. Thanks to Rose City Copwatch, to whomever found the photo, and to all the people who continue to post that fucker all over town, we know what this "armed and dangerous" criminal looks like without their help.

And thanks to Arissa for stepping up. No matter how much corporate media whining issues forth from the pages of WW or the studio at KATU, we will all be there for the action next week. Fuck killer cops, fuck killer cop apologists, and fuck the corporate media.


THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT 18.04.2004 23:31
SAA call out for help
We at the Student Activist Alliance are in a bit of a pickle. We're getting more and more folks coming to our meetings and we're taking on quite a few important projects. In order to effectively organize our school communities were calling for the help from the greater activist community to support us with the resources present there. The resource that were looking for most is the use of an office space and a space to meet in once a week. We need someplace large enough to accommodate a meeting of about 30 folks once a week (thanks to PPS permit people, we have been getting denied our permit for really wacky simple reasons), and a place were we can work on our web site, keep files, email folks/ fax things, phone bank, etc. These two requests do not necessarily need to be the same space. We'd love one, the other or both.


FOREST DEFENSE 18.04.2004 15:58
AUDIO FILES: Oxygen Collective's Fire and Forest Roadshow
Wednesday evening, April 14, 2004, the Oxygen Collective pesented their Fire and Forest Roadshow at Portland State University. It was an incredible event, combining music, poetry, slide show presentations and video.

The Oxygen Collective, from Ashland Oregon, are touring the West Coast from San Francisco to Seattle in a biodiesel bus, spreading awareness about devastating projects proposed by the Forest Service and the BLM. Specifically, the Bush Administration's proposal to "salvage" the 2002 Biscuit fire, seeking to log 20,000 acres of old growth reserves. This timber sale would be be the largest timber sale in modern history. Quoting from Rolf Skar, who also works with Siskiyou Project. Excerpted from an information page on the Oxygen Collective website:
"How large is this extreme scheme? Hold onto your climbing harness. The Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) contains proposals for up to 1.02 BILLION board feet of logging across 60,000 acres. That's enough to create a chain of log trucks 2,700 miles long - stretching from Oregon's Siskiyou Mountains to the East Coast. The preferred alternative proposes 518 million board feet of logging including 12,000 acres of Inventoried Roadless Areas." [ read more... ]

[ SEE THE SHOW: REMAINING DATES ] RELATED STORIES: [ Fire and Forests Road Show Report Back | Oxygen Collective Is On The Road ]


WHERE IS THE LOVE? 18.04.2004 15:42
Following godhatesfags.com around PDX
I followed the WBC to three different churches this morning before they went to PSU. At each church, members of the congregation came out to usher worried church-goers inside and to smile and greet passers-by. At the church on SW 14th and Columbia, one person showed up with a huge sign which read "God Loves Us All" and at the 1st United Methodist Church on SW 18th and Jefferson, a girl had a sign that said "God Loves All," which the members of the WBC threw shit on.

More than their hateful messages, passers-by seemed to be upset by one loud member of the WBC dragging an American flag around on the ground and standing on it, calling it a "filthy fag symbol." One man with "Marines" embroidered on his jacket got in the guy's face and another man had to be held back from hitting the hate-monger.

PSU had the biggest turnout for counter-protesters with loud music and plenty of pro-queer signs. Through a benefit that contributed money for every minute that the WBC was there protesting, they (I'm not sure of the organization" raised over $200 for SMYRC. Tomorrow, 4/19 at 9:15 am, the WBC is going to return to PDX after a stint in Salem to protest at the PDX City Hall. All are encouraged to come and to show your support for queers and queer allies or just your hatred for Phelps' evil message! [ read more... ]



WEEKLY WORLD NEWS 18.04.2004 12:39
The weekly best of worldwide indymedia
Each week I search the Indymedia sites worldwide for stories of resistance, community building, hope, and tactics. We here in America have forgotten that we can stand up. There are plenty of examples worldwide. We need to get out of our small space of convenience and illusion and look out into the world. Here a few of the stories I found this week.


Come to the Try/On Life Community Farm's Cob-building benefit this Sunday!
It's spring and the bees are buzzing, So much wants to happen at the Farm, but it needs your help! There's going to be a great party this weekend to raise money for materials to build a Cob sauna at the Farm during the Village Building Convergence. It's going to be a great time, with lots of old-timeously bands, beer, and prize give-away games. And later, a community sauna! Please join us!

A benefit for Try/on Life Farm Community Sauna Project. The Try/On Life community Farm, in cooperation with the Village Building Convergence will be building a cob sauna. This project will be used to teach cob building techniques during the convergence, and the entire Portland community will benefit from there being a sauna at the Farm.

The party's at Liberty Hall, 311 N IVY STREET...It starts at 7:00 PM This Sunday evening, April 18.


ANIMAL RIGHTS 17.04.2004 08:49
Join IDA for World Week for Animals in Labs
Trine was a capuchin monkey subjected to outdated drug experiments at OHSU. In the Chinese calendar, 2004 is the year of the monkey. In the anti-vivisection calendar, next week is World Week for Animals in Labs (WWAIL). From April 17-25, In Defense of Animals (IDA) and many other groups and individuals will be stirring public interest about the wasted resources and suffering hidden inside locked animal labs.

While planning these events, I've been overwhelmed by memories of some of the monkey friends I made while working for two years at Oregon Health and Science University's Oregon Regional Primate Research Center. These memories remind me of why the mission to expose the fraud of animal research is so important. I take these issues personally.

Saturday, April 17— Showing of Chattel
Sunday, April 18—'Primate Research—Then and Now'
Monday, April 19— GO Veg Texas Radio
Tuesday, April 20— Candlelight Vigil
OHSU President Peter Kohler's home
Thursday April 22—'Gorilla' Theater and Leafleting

and more...


Francesconi Puts Ten-Foot Pole Between Himself and New Downtown Parking Rules
Portland mayoral candidate Jim Francesconi testily distanced himself Tuesday from a proposal to radically increase downtown parking fees during an election year. The dustup between Francesconi and outgoing mayor Vera Katz occurred during a public work session on a new budget for the Portland Department of Transportation. The issue was tabled for future discussion in a more private venue.

Under a budget proposal submitted by Katz, the city would have increased downtown's metered parking revenues by extending hours from 6pm to 8pm, charging on Sundays that are now free, and raising parking fines. The city says the increased revenue collected from the proposed fees is needed to pay for a planned major renovation of the downtown transit mall and to cover the costs of city street repairs. According to Katz's budget proposal, the parking plan would have generated an additional $2.4 to $4.5 million per year.

The Transportation Department has been under commissioner Francesconi's management since 2002. When the candidate realized Tuesday that his department managers had included the plan information in background materials provided to the mayor, he quickly put the brakes on it. "... I have never recommended this," said Francesconi, according to the Oregonian, to which Katz responded, "It's in your own transportation budget."


Earth Day Celebration of Localization -- Saturday, April 17
We're building the village! Participate in one of the most vibrant examples of community, localization in action, and inspirational celebration Portland has to offer. Earth Day 2004 - Celebration of Localization is a grassroots, all volunteer event sponsored by several Portland community organization and hundreds of dedicated coordinators and volunteers. Music, art, activism, community, food, celebration - this is the future we want - live it today!


Portland Police Tear Down April 24 March Posters, Arrest Two More People
Two more people were arrested last night for hanging up posters advertising for the April 24 March for Justice and Police Accountability. So far a total of three have been arrested in the last week. The cops obviously do not want this event to be publicized. We have received calls from all over North and Northeast Portland today saying that the cops are going block by block taking down all the advertisements for the March. [ read more... ]

This March for Justice and Police Accountability begins an effort by the people of Portland to:

1) Ensure Jason Sery, the Portland Police Bureau officer who shot and killed unarmed James Perez is prosecuted for murder.
2) Ensure a Citizen's Committee to Oversee the Portland Police conduct is established with independent disciplinary power.

Join the people of Portland for this March for Justice and Police Accountability. Meet at 12:00 Noon, April 24th at Pioneer Square in downtown Portland. [ read more... ]

RELATED STORIES: April 24 March against Police Brutality - I'll be there, but... | Rose City Cop Watch Press Release | COPS Removing RoseCityCopwatch Fliers | McCollister, Sery Identified!! [ arissa | Rose City Cop Watch ]


PORTLAND HATES HATE 16.04.2004 11:21
fred phelps is coming to portland this weekend
Rev. Fred Phelps of the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS is sending his minions up to Oregon this weekend to protest queers and queer allies. Best known for his protest at Matthew Shepard's funeral and his website, www.godhatesfags.com, Rev Fred Phelps has targeted various locations in Portland, Beaverton and Salem to protest a queer's right to life, love and state-sanctioned unions.

PSU, the courthouses, churches, high schools and city hall are all on their hitlist as places that condone queer lifestyle. Phelps announced previously that he was planning on coming to Beaverton to protest an art exhibit that accepted all families, including same-sex ones. However, due to the overwhelming number of other queer-friendly activities going on in the country, a spokesperson from the Westboro Church said that they were going to have to reschedule. So here they come. [ read more... ]

Fred Phelps Background | LOCATIONS HE WILL VISIT


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