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Police with rifles surround defenseless, incapacitated man downtown
Tonight [April 25, 2004], at 6:10pm, a man was lying on the sidewalk on 5th Avenue, between Morrison and Yamhill, in between the busstops. At first I thought he may have been hit in a fight and knocked out, then that he may have been sick, then that he may have a serious medical condition in effect, or that he may be dead. I was sure that someone had seen him before me, and had called for an ambulance already. I saw a cluster of popo at the Meier & Frank end of the block. They looked really wierd, because they were like a group of children getting excited about sneaking up on Santa Claus, while at the same time looking like a bunch of people coiled to hunt down a rabid tiger with bubonic plague. I thought this is just unexplained, it doesn't fit, and I didn't even connect what was going on. Then, from their cluster around the construction fence corner at the end of the block, they started yelling orders at the people at the busstops to leave. At least one woman said that she wasn't doing anything wrong and that she didn't have to leave. They became verbally abusive of her, scared her, and she left. They had what I first thought to be large sticks. I thought they were really in caveman mode now!! Then I saw they were rifles.


Your tax dollars at work: Pictures and report from Saturday's march
Riot Cops are LOVING this stuff After the march, walking back to the square, I was feeling pretty good about the day's events. What I saw a few minutes later, though, really made my day, and indeed my whole week. My friend and I went to her car, which was parked next to the fancy-pants Governor Hotel. And what did we spy? A wedding party getting their pictures taken - WITH THE RIOT COPS!

It seems that the riot cops took a break behind the hotel, and when the wedding party saw them in their gear, they couldn't help but ask to get their picture taken with the cops - to which to riot cops gladly obliged! I couldn't believe my luck! I did my best to not laugh too loud, and blended in with the other family members taking pictures of the bride and bridesmaids, with the black-clad riot cops on their knees brandishing their weapons and handcuffs. The cops were loving it! They were smiling, laughing, posing, and having a GREAT time, all at the expense of the taxpayers. It was really too much. I tried to get their names, but I only had time to snap a few pics and got the hell out of there before they realized I wasn't with the family and arrested me and/or confiscated my camera.


PRISONS & PRISONERS 26.04.2004 23:25
Tre Arrow Denied Bail
Today in Vancouver, British Colombia, and Tre Arrow was denied 'refugee' bail. Although a 'criminal judge' approved a bail of $2500.00(Canadian) just last week, this 'immigration/refugee' judge denied him bail. Tre, who has been on hunger strike for 44 days, was denied bail because the courts were worried about him not appearing at his next court date. Even though the 'criminal judge' believed Tre's word that he would show up for his criminal trial (April 29th, 2004), this politically appointed 'immigration/refugee judge' did not believe.


AUDIO FILES 26.04.2004 23:10
IMF/World Bank: 50 years is enough! Global Justice teach-in
On April 19, 2004 a forum/teach-in was held at Reed College with activists Che Lopez (San Antonio, Texas), Fides Chades (Tanzania-East Africa), and Gloria Vilma Ortiz (El Salvador) speaking about how the World Bank and IMF policies impact their work in their respective communities in this the 50th year of the World Bank/IMF.

[ Introduction & Che Lopez | Fides Chades | Gloria Vilma Ortiz ]


PUBLIC POWER 26.04.2004 17:36
Clackamas PUD Feasibility Study Demonstrates Significant Savings With Public Power
A Feasibility Study conducted by D Hittle and Associates, electrical engineers and consultants, shows that Clackamas County ratepayers can reap substantial savings on their electric bills with a PUD providing the county's power. Clackamas PUD Feasibility Study indicates first year rate reductions over 10% compared to PGE rates.


POLICE/LEGAL 26.04.2004 14:43
Arissa Asks D.A. Schrunk to Specify Who Comprised the Grand Jury That Refused to Indict
The Portland chapter of the Arissa organization today asked Multnomah County District Attorney Michael Schrunk to specify what the racial and socio-economic make-up was of the grand jury that refused to indict Portland Police Officer Jason Sery for the murder of James Jahar Perez.


ITS NOT GETTING BETTER 26.04.2004 10:30
Reign of Terror
The city is in flames. We can all feel them, just below the surface, licking up from the depths of outrage brought on by yet another senseless police killing. It's been nearly a month since Jason Sery pulled out a loaded gun to "assist" him in a "routine" traffic stop. Nearly a month since he pulled that trigger, cut down another unarmed person of color. It's been a week since he received an award for his "outstanding" service. And only a day since another grand jury allowed another murderer in police uniform to walk free.

Both the PPB and the Mayor's office issued statements that the grand jury was "only the beginning" of the process, both assured me that everything will be fine if we just "allow the system to work." Both pointed out that there is still a public inquest and an internal investigation into the matter. But when asked whether Mr. Sery will face any charges, Officer Robinson conceded that he will not, that he was cleared by the grand jury. The inquest, then, is nothing more than window dressing. It will have no teeth. There will be no justice, just as there was no justice for Deonte Keller, no justice for Kendra James, no justice for Amadu Diallo, no justice for anyone brutalized by the police.

The system won't work. It doesn't work. It's not even designed to work. It's only there to appease us while it grinds us down. As I said at the beginning of this long article, I am not calm and my words might be shaky. But I don't feel like choosing them carefully anymore. Even the "authorities" are making no sense now, and not even pretending anymore that any of this makes sense. The illusion is gone, only the sharp instruments of our oppression are visible now. [ read the full article... ]

[ Other CatWoman stories ]


LITTLE BEIRUT #7 25.04.2004 22:03
Driving While Black: punishable by death
The vigilantes of the PPD have once again murdered an unarmed person of color on the streets of Portland. Less than a year after the brutal murder of Kendra James, Portland Police officers Jason Sery and Sean Macomber performed an execution style killing on James Jahar Akbar Perez, 28 of North Portland. According to Portland Police and witnesses, the officers pulled Perez over for failure to signal within 100 feet of making a turn. Perez turned into a laundry matt parking lot off of North Fessenden Street and rolled down his window. Sery stepped out of the squad car with his gun already drawn. One of the officers asked for Perez's license.

Perez had no license and no identification on him at the time and made the officers aware of the situation. Officer Macomber proceeded to slam open the car door and begin groping for Perez's shoulder, attempting to remove him from the vehicle. It has yet to be fully reported what happened next but witnesses at nearby shops saw Macomber step back as Sery dropped into a crouch and fired three shots into Perez's torso. The two officers then rushed the now lifeless body and proceeded to tazer him for a full three minutes. It was 24 seconds between the time the officers radioed in the stop to the time Sery opened fire on Perez. After literally hours of vehicle inspection it was determined that James Jahar Perez was unarmed at the time of his slaughter, still strapped in his car by his seatbelt. [ read more... ]

The newest issue of Little Beirut hits the streets on tuesday or check it out online. There will be a Little Beirut Release Party and May Day kick off this friday April 30th at the back to back cafe and IWW Hall (616 e burnside) with bands and djs to be announced. [ read more... ]


Does Anyone Have My Back?
I hear that organizers of the Friday march against police brutality handed out flyers telling people not to go to the march on Saturday. From what I understand, they told people that the families of several victims of police homicides did not want people to go because "they do not support violence." I admit I didn't see any of these flyers for myself, but enough people told me about them to make me confident that they were real.

If the police had unleashed their pepper spray and batons on us yesterday, as they so often have before, would these people have stood by us? Would they have recognized this as part of the never-ending cycle of police violence that attempts to make victimes of us all? Or would they have nodded in acquiescence? Would they have believed we deserved it, as we have been told that Jahar perez "deserved it," that Kendra James "deserved it," that Jose Mejia Poot "deserved it." Would our presence at a radical demonstration have been "proof enough" that we do not deserve anyone's respect in the same manner that cocaine in someone's mouth is counted as "proof enough"?

Until we can stop sabotaging each other's work, until we can stop climbing over each other in vain attempts to become the police state poster children for good and virtuous citizens, until we learn who are enemies really are, there can be no change. Until we learn to watch each other's backs rather than stabbing them, nothing will change. Is that really what we want? Do we really want to just keep gathering and venting in splintered but "peaceful" marches each time another unarmed person is gunned down by cops? Or do we finally want to examine what we're doing, and what we might do differently?


TRANSPORTATION 25.04.2004 08:19
Help me to give it up!
I live in SW Portland for now and have to drive to Hillsboro everyday to go to work. I don't want to own a car anymore. I want to use public transportation and a bike and maybe be part of a car cooperative. I am amazed at how hard it is to make these changes happen.


POLICE VIOLENCE 25.04.2004 00:22
Report from the Saturday March and Rally
There were about 200+ people gathered at Pioneer Square to attend the rally and march. I would guess many people were kept away by the fear tactic that it was going to be violent that was employed by the police, media, and other activists.

In speaking to some of the organizers, I learned that there was an impressive amount of organizing done for this march. Something like 10,000 pieces of mail were sent out, hundreds and hundreds of flyers posted, quarter sheets handed out, an ad in the Willy Week, and outreach to the African American community including the families of some of those murdered by the police.

It was shocking to hear stories from various sources of how people were being told not to go to this event, and how other activists were making efforts to deter participation. The organizers from the march of the previous day were saying this was going to be a violent event. Of course it wasn't. [ read more... ]

Sergeant Robinson, Public Information Officer, Takes Me Into the No Spin Zone
Today my girlfriend and I wandered downtown from across the river and checked out the Arissa gathering at the Square that lingered after the march. I did not catch any of the march and it was by now about 3:30pm, but was intrigued by the predictably large police presence and the group assembled to decry their latest shooting. I figured I'd see if I could chat up the cops and see if anything interesting came of it. [ read more... ]

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SOLIDARITY | CREATIVE 24.04.2004 23:17
Peg Millet In Concert Tuesday
Peg Millett At Laughing Horse Tuesday 4/27 at 7-pm for Tre Arrow Fundraiser An evening of songs, stories and truth telling with Peg Millett at Laughing Horse Books [3652 SE Division] benefiting Tre Arrow's Legal Defense Fund

Known for her sweet voice and her unfailing commitment to preserving what little remains of our wild places. Peg Millett has dedicated her life to acting against the destruction of this blue-green planet we call home.

$5-$10 suggested donation or more if you can afford it!


Portland Police deck of cards finally uploaded!
The deck of cards, intended to help save citizens from attack and opression, has finally been uploaded. We are at least a year away from being able to legally force the PPB to give up photographs of these cops, but many of these cops are known to indymedia readers. Send in those photos!

I wanted to post the actual photos here, but the 54 pictures took way too long to post. I have thrown in a few samples for kicks, but to view the actual deck, go to HERE and it will load the entire deck for you. That is the official page, and will be updated continuously. There is no copyright on this deck, and anybody can print, download, sell or otherwise pass out the deck as long as it is not altered for cash (but you can alter it for your own use). [ read more... ]


Cyclists/motorists fight at Nocturnal, Wed. 21st April
The mid-week pub crawl met at Lucky Lab, then proceeded to upstairs at the Goodfoot. After the Goodfoot, we went to the Triple Nickel.

(I didn't witness this next paragraph first hand) When the first three (or so) cyclists had almost arrived at the Triple Nickel, they were nearly hit by an automobile that took a turn fast and wide. When they parked at the Goodfoot, the same automobile was observed to be parked in front of the Goodfoot, and the driver and his passengers were identified inside. At some point, I believe right after the near collision, the cyclists spoke to the driver and his passengers, and the passengers offered some apology and shared concern that the driver had been going too fast.

Inside the bar, there was some discussion and concern that this driver was too intoxicated to safely operate an automobile and that someone was going to get hurt(like a cyclist or pedestrian). With two sites of drunk driver caused fatalities right around the corner from the Triple Nickel, the danger seemed particularly real. The consensus among the pub crawlers was that we had to take some action. So one of the cyclists confronted said driver and told him that he believed the driver was too drunk to drive and should make other transportation plans. The driver became defensive to this, and did not respond positively at all. After more discussion among the cyclists, and some talking with the bouncer, it was decided to let the air out of the tires of the driver's car, in the hopes that this would force them to find alternate (safe) means of transportation.


Arissa organization announces that it will "occupy key intersections that enter and exit this city" starting at 1:00 on Friday, the 23rd
PORTLAND OREGON- In response to the recent murder of James Perez by the Portland police, the Arissa organization, citizens that support it, will occupy key intersections to demand justice and police accountability. Today starting at 1pm will occupy key intersections that enter and exit this city (Portland).

It is not difficult to demonstrate a patten of state repression. People of color, the homeles, disabled, poor, and politically radical have been iolently targeed by "Portland finest." Couching this discussion in the context of party politics is abusive at best. The political machinations of this local goverment have supported, and have continued to aid in repressive acts across party lines. The murder of James Perez is just one in a string of unjustifiable homicides by the Portland police. It is time to recognize that the politial systems of this country are fundamentally corrupt, and act accordingly. [ read more... ]

Grand Jury: black skin, un co-operative and hand in pocket = JUSTIFIED DEATH!
Grand Jury: black skin, (unknown) cocaine in blood, and hand in pocket = JUSTIFIED DEATH! apparently even though SERY had no idea about the contents of Perez's blood, the fact that Perez wouldn't leave the vehicle in less than 24 seconds and the claim that Perez had a hand in a pocket is reason enough for Sery to shoot Perez THROUGH THE HEART!

Perez, 28, was killed by a bullet to the heart. Two other bullets hit him in the left arm and left side of his chest. Dr. Larry Lewman, deputy state medical examiner, said Perez had an "extremely high level" of cocaine in his system. Police radio logs show the shots were fired 24 seconds after the officers called in the stop. [ read more... ]

Rally and March Today - 4:00pm-6:00pm Downtown

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OTHER ATROCITIES: [ Portland Police Beat, Stun and Pepper-Spray Elderly St. Johns, You Just Paid for Another Police Brutality Lawsuit Settlement (Beating of Old Blind Lady) ] | [ 1998 Another Survivor Murdered by the Cops ]


Act for the Earth: a bioregional ecology conference and skills training
April 30 - May 2, 2004
Southern Oregon University
Ashland, Oregon

Peace House, OSPIRG and the Ecology Center of the Siskiyous (ECOS) are collaborating to host a weekend of workshops, panels and trainings on the campus of Southern Oregon University. With a focus on applied skills and trainings, the weekend will offer participants the opportunity to take a variety of actions on behalf of the earth and all life.

Act for the Earth is a community effort to draw connections between diverse struggles that can easily be seen as one. Consciously blending "issues" from social justice to eco-defense in order to share our experiences and learn from each other, this Conference aims to build inspiration and longevity in our actions. Join us for an exciting weekend in the shadow of the Siskiyou Mountains in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

Rogue Valley IMC


HYPOCRISY 22.04.2004 12:13
Portland Police Honor Killer Cop with Top Award
At American Legion Post #1 veterans and the Portland Police Bureau honored officer Jason Sery last Saturday as Portland's top cop, an award handed out to one officer every year.

It pays to be a killer cop in the Portland Police Dept. While the grand jury is still sitting, hearing evidence to decide if a crime has been committed, it has been announced that Portland Poice have chosen their latest trigger happy cop for the highest honor of the year. [ COMMENT ]

RELATED ARTICLES: [ Police Accountability March April 24th | Background Information ]


DISRESPECT | GLBT 22.04.2004 11:48
Lars Larson and Oregon Conservatives speak out against Day Of Silence
Conservative talk show host, Lars Larson takes issue with the "Day Of Silence", a day that students take a day long vow of silence to protest discrimination and harassment that many Gays and Lesbians have suffered in schools around the nation.

Lars Larson equated the day as to being no different than wearing a bathing suit to school and calling it "Bathing Suit Day". I am glad Mr. Larson understands the bigotry, discrimination and violence that many students have suffered because of their sexual preference. Likewise, it is quite disturbing that Larson along with the brunt of his conservative listeners see it fit to promote gun rights over equal rights in schools. [ read more... ]

pdx indymedia gender / sexuality page | New header for Gender and Sexuality page


FOREST DEFENSE 22.04.2004 10:13
June's Forest Defense Events
Cascadia  Forest Defenders needs help maintaining the occupation at Straw Devil This summer Cascadia will see the first real effects from Bush's elimination of environmental laws on forests. Below is a calendar of upcoming events and links on current campaigns to turn the tide against Bush! It's now or never for Cascadia's forests folks! Get AcTiVE!


NEWS OF OUR BROTHER 22.04.2004 08:38
Tre Arrow Update from friends in Canada
Tre was shipped to van Tuesday and is being held at the North Fraser Detention Centre there ( a max security facility) There was an immigration hearing Wednesday, which was essentialy adjourned until this Monday, April 25th, at 10am. 16th floor of the Federal building on the corner of Georgia and Hamilton - it is unclear at this time whether it will be public or private. We will likely need more bail for this monday - if anyone can donate (the current estimate is another $2500,) then please email me to let

If the hearing does turn out to be public, several friends and supporters from both the US and Canada are planning to attend, and be available to atteset to Tre's character, also the amazing 75 letters that were written last week will be offered into evidence at Monday's hearing as well. [ Read more... ]

Tre seeks refugee status in Canada
Tre appeared in good spirits, happy to see friends and supporters who had come to the court house to show solidarity.He was eager to speak to the waiting media, however the court marshalls blocked the cameras (even though the media had every right to be there and tape) and hussled Tre into the hearing room without allowing him to speak What begain as a public hearing under the Immigration Review Board,quickly shifted gears, as the Judge noted that there was a potential Refugee claim by Tre. The Refugee claim would trump the Immigration hearing so that needs to be dealt with first.

According to Canadian law, Refugee claim hearings are not public hearings, since the courtroom was already packed with supporters, and those pesky media people, the room was cleared. Tre is embarking upon a path which may keep him in Canada for many months, possibly years. It is expected that he will be kept in Vancouver BC, as all the hearings will take place there. [ Read more... ]

[ Other stories about Tre on pdx indymedia | Tre Arrow Legal Defense Fund ]


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