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EUGENE HATES HATE 04.05.2004 02:51
Skinheads in Eugene
This last weekend, while a friend was making late night fliers for a punk show in town he stumbled upon an unpleasant sight. Right in front of him, in full regalia (swastikas on arms, SS, ext, boots, the whole nine yards) was a group of four neo-nazis making fliers for distribution in town.

This is the fourth instance that we have heard about through the punk scene in Eugene, and there have also been two reported instances of hate crimes committed by "Neo Nazi" white males in the thirties reported by the main stream media. This group is attempting to infiltrate our scene, and they are doing it violently. Everytime that they have come to a show, there has been a fight. They have also been actively targeting high traffic areas like malls, ext with their fliers, and have also been targeting places of worship, and the U of O campus. This is a call towards a vigilant community, and an educated community. We can not allow the violence and hate to spread it's message without resistance.


MAY DAY 2004 03.05.2004 15:01
MAY DAY, MAY DAY: Is help on the way?
After attending the May Day march, I wonder what exactly is going on here? The history of May Day is a dispute between union members and anarchists, but at its heart, May Day is a celebration for the working class. The struggles of class war and the fight for workers rights is the spirit of May Day...and, you know, it seems Portland has lost its spirit.

I started on the march at the IWW hall, where the radical feeder march was leaving from. I got there shortly before they pushed off. Around noon-ish, someone stood on a chair and gathered peoples attention. He asked questions about how/where people would feel comfortable with this feeder march. Overwhelmingly the people gathered wanted to take the street and march across the Burnside Bridge without a permit, regardless of the police. I think only one person raised a hand for marching on the sidewalk. [ read the full article... ]

REALTED ARTICLES: Portland May Day 2004 Pictures | May Day 2004 Photos | insulted by kucinich's presence at mayday | Kucinich May Day 2004 Appearance in Portland (photos) | Vancouver Canada May Day Photos


THE 'COUV 03.05.2004 14:01
East Vancouver: a case study
East Vancouver is best described as an outer-edge suburb, or an edge city. Over the years, the differences between what exactly constitutes a suburb and an independent town or city have become blurred, as the "burbs" and outer-edges have become more independent of core urban areas. These entities have increasingly been able to exist by themselves, creating their own capital for investment and development, and creating their own consumer class. So it's hard to say what is a suburb, when the suburb could likely survive without the big city.

Yet there are places where alot of unfortunate circumstances exist simultaneously, and we would generally call them suburbs or edge cities.

In the case of east Vancouver, it seems that it developed from the high-tech businesses like HP and Wafertech, which were built in what must have been farmland at the time. These businesses spawned neighborhoods which sprawled toward the urban core, and also further into the rural countryside. The sprawl came from the urban core too, and eventually the two instances of sprawl met with each other, so that now from downtown Vancouver, one can travel east for about eight or nine miles before reaching the end of the major sprawl.


03.05.2004 12:12
Bark's Annual Community Forum on Mt. Hood National Forest: Be There MAY 4th
Surveying logging plans at Juncrock timber sale Logging has already begun on at least 3 timber sales on Mt. Hood National Forest. A Community Forum on Mt. Hood issues, organized by Bark, will be taking place on Tuesday, May 4th at 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm
2421 SE Orange, at 12th and Division at the Environmental Middle School.

There will be a Slide Show, Bake Sale, Presentations, Break-out Sessions, and Music!


02.05.2004 18:27
Tom Potter Bike Ride
Tom Potter on his recumbent bike On the morning of May Day, mayoral candidate Tom Potter had his second "Ride for the Recumbent" bike ride through the streets of Portland. About twenty people attended the event that rode up and down the Esplanade and Interstate Avenue. As a bicyclist and a reader of Indymedia, I would like to tell you about the bike ride with Tom Potter and why I decided to vote for him.


02.05.2004 15:42
The Weekly Best of Indymedia Worldwide
Each week I search Indymedia Websites looking for stories about people acting courageously to change the world for the best. I look for people who can teach us how to make the world better despite great obstacles and oppression. These acts are like water flowing under, around and over oppression...soon the wall of hatred, war and oppression will tumble. We can all learn if only we will- read on.


FOREST DEFENSE 01.05.2004 15:06
Two Events: Mark Rey in Oregon / Eastern Oregon Forest Camp
Bush's timber czar returns to Oregon!

Ashland, Oregon May 5-7

Undersecretary of Agriculture / Head of the Federal Timber Sale Program / Arch-timber lobbyist Mark Rey, will be coming to Ashland May 7 to present at the annual Society of American Foresters meeting. Expect Protests!!

Most major U.S. Forest Service and the timber industry officials will be in attendence. This is a tremendous opportunity to influence how the public will react to Bush's old-growth logging program and the Biscuit logging project-the latter being the largest proposed timber sale in the modern history of the national forest system.


Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project Field Checking Blitz

May 11th-16th: Take a couple days for Eastern Oregon's remote old-growth forests!

Blue Mountains is sponsoring a survey blitz of public land timber sales the week of May 11th through the 16th (Tuesday - Sunday). Blue Mountains is a special effort, taking folks from around Cascadia and the country to learn timber sale monitoring skills in some of Oregon's most remote and unprotected forests. Blue Mountains uses legal processes to stop illigitimate timber sales with a high rate of success, but they are volunteer-driven and need help to gather evidence to use in lawsuits.

Rides available, more drivers needed! Contact the Cascadia Rising EcoDefense Network.


Cascadia RiSiNG! EcoDefense Network | Blue Mountains | Rogue IMC | pdx indy forest activism page


RECLAIM THE COMMONS 01.05.2004 06:28
West Coast G8 Regional Mobilization in San Francisco Call to Action
shut down the g8 banner
West Coast G8 Regional Convergence Call to Action
San Francisco, California : June 3 - June 10, 2004

Call for a West Coast mass mobilization and direct action from June 3rd-9th of 2004 in San Francisco in solidarity with the mobilization against the Group of Eight (G8) summit in Sea Island, Georgia:

This summer, June 8 - 10, the 8 leaders (plus the European Commission president) who represent the world's richest countries will meet at Sea Island, Georgia -- an exclusive resort in the middle of the ocean. We don't need to rub in the fact that this location was selected because it keeps away the one thing that always ruins the G8 meetings: people.

This year, a clear message needs to be sent to the G8. More than that, we in the United States urgently need to send a message of solidarity to everyone resisting the ruling class's adventures around the world. Part of the message is that moving summits to obscure locations will not stop us from using the occasion as a chance to be in the streets and show opposition to what the summit represents.

[ Free Radio Santa Cruz Audio File | Contact Info | Reclaim the Commons ]


POLICE UPDATE 30.04.2004 18:38
CELEBRATING MAY DAY 30.04.2004 15:49
Childcare for Mayday to be provided at IWW Hall
Portland IWW Mayday Planning Committee to provide childcare at our union hall.

Where: IWW Hall, 616 East Burnside St., Portland, OR
When: 12:00-4:00p

[ Contact Info... ]

Mayday is a day long event this year!

With the themes of Health Care, Jobs/Overtime, & The Right to Organize,
the days events are as follows:

8:30am Labor Breakfast with Congressman and Presidential Candidate Dennis Kucinich
12:00pm Rally at North Park Blocks @ NW. Park Ave. and W. Burnside St. with Music, Entertainment and Speakers
2 pm March - Approximately 2 miles with stops and speaches
4 pm Speeches by Political Candidates @ the North Park Blocks

After the March party at the IWW hall at SE 6th and Burnside

6 pm 7th Annual Labor Appreciation Night @ Westmoreland Union Manor, 6404 SE. 23rd Ave.
7 pm May Day Celebration @ Bread and Roses Center 819 N Killingsworth


AUDIO | RECRUITEMENT 29.04.2004 23:48
AUDIO: No Recruitment in Public Schools
Tonight, 04/29/2004, there was a panel discussion at PSU on the topic of military recruitement in Public Schools, specifically Portland public schools. Members of the panel were both old and young. Some older who have been fighting from the outside for many years and members of the Student Activist Alliance who have been figting from the inside. The panel later featured Dennis Kucinich, who dropped in to say a few words. You can stream the audio from the discussion by clicking on the following link No Recruitement in Public Schools - 04/29/2004.

Check out PDX IMC Web Radio for more audio you can stream.


POLICE VIOLENCE 29.04.2004 19:51
Black Man in Possession of Rich Man's Car=Reason to Kill
While I tend to lean toward the explanation offered by numerous indy readers -- that the Perez killing was a pre-meditated gang hit -- I find Macomber's testimony almost as beguiling. He said, in part, that he knew something must be wrong because Perez was driving a car that was too expensive for the working class African American neighborhood he was in. Too expensive, in fact, for a black man.

Apparently, they were so edgy about a black man in a fine car that they had to shoot Perez 24 seconds after stopping him, and then taze his lifeless body for another 3 minutes. Was it an "accident"? Or an example. In the old days, a black man who was found with a white woman faced a lynching. These days, it seems, just being in possession of a CAR that's "out of his league" is enough.

The truth is out. Spilling haplessly from their own lips. The cops are not patrolling N and NE PDX to protect the people who live there, they're not even pretending to be. On the contrary, they're occupying the hood to make sure no brown people get uppity enough to lust after the privilege and status of White Man. They're there to keep the "darkies" in their place. [ read the full article... ]

Synopsis of Public Inquest ,04/28/04, Part 1 | Synopsis of Public Inquest, 04/28/04, Part 2 | Synopsis of Public Inquest, 04/28/04, Part 3


US IMPERIALISM 29.04.2004 14:48
Coup d'État Plot, Exposed, Shakes Bolivia
BOLIVIA, APRIL 17 2004: It wasn't a secret, but for a while, nobody was paying attention: there are groups plotting to destabilize the government of President Carlos Mesa, that are considering a coup d'etat in order to finalize the sale of Bolivian gas to Chile despite the outpouring of popular will against such a deal expressed in last October's insurrection.

Of course, U.S. government officials have a lot to do with it (beginning with the Viceroy David N. Greenlee, his friends in the CIA, and even officials from the gringo agency USAID). It took a counterintelligence memo, put together by confidential Bolivian and Chilean sources, specifically accusing those foreign companies and politicians - to bring this matter to light. Then Congressman Evo Morales denounced the coup attempt, and the questions began.

Yes, kind readers, the social movements also do counterintelligence work. Read More...

[ Other articles on Bolivia | Narco News ]


POLITICAL THEORY 28.04.2004 23:44
Voting for Kerry is voting for political violence
Voting for John Kerry, is a vote for violence. If you vote for John Kerry, you are supporting the killing of human beings, the majority of whom will be people just trying to live their lives. If you vote for John Kerry, you are advocating violence and putting your own stamp of approval on killing.

Now I respect and admire a truly non-violent philosophy when it is lived. I am however, repulsed by hypocrisy.

How many people will condemn Arissa for advocating political violence as a legitimate act then turn around and tell me I should vote for Kerry? Voting for Kerry is voting for political violence. If elected, he is going to preside over many many deaths, carried out for profit and/or political expediency.


The unexpected ending of the case against the Oakland 25
oakland anti-war picket at docks 5/12/03 The DA had been prosecuting 25 victims of the police assault which took place on April 7, 2003 in the Port of Oakland. A year later, the ordeal of these people finally ended in a strange twist.

A year ago on April 7th, police assaulted protesters, legal observers, longshoremen and newspeople with "less-lethal" munitions, injuring several dozen people, some permanently. The attack was the most violent police assault on the antiwar movement during the spring of 2003, and it was later mentioned in a report by the United Nations Human Rights Commission. So our city of Oakland is now on the same list as Indonesia, Guatemala and other human rights abusers.

The plan for our port protest on April 7, 2003 had been to peacefully picket the Oakland shipping terminals of two war profiteers, APL and SSA Marine. The goal was to shut them down for a shift by asking dockworkers not to cross our community picket line.

Traditionally, picketing a business is considered a socially acceptable and legal exercise of First Amendment rights. That's because the labor and civil rights movements have spent over a century winning and defending those rights. Now those rights are being called into question once more; had the case been successfully prosecuted, it would have set a precedent that might be used against unionized workers during strikes. After all, striking workers do "disrupt" businesses, and from the viewpoint of corporations, picket lines are a "nuisance."

Indybay.org coverage: [ Oakland 4/7/03 Compiled Stories | 5/12/03 Return to the Docks Protest | 4/26/03 Rally Against Police Brutality | 4/7/04 Remember the Shots! Return to the Docks! | ]


Public Inquest Begins in Perez Murder
I went to the courthouse at about 4pm & left at about 5:30. No other protester was there. There were tons & tons of media equipment for the dumb "remotes", even tho nothing was going on. Reporters had to have their "background", tho, against which to say that nothing was going on. Duh. Cinema verité wannabes. A three-car accident on the block shortly before 5 did happen, but of course reporters' scripts weren't written for that. The moon could've crashed into the nearby park, but the scripts weren't written for that. So ignore the moon. [ add comments ]

Synopsis of Public Inquest ,04/28/04, Part 1 | Synopsis of Public Inquest, 04/28/04, Part 2 | Synopsis of Public Inquest, 04/28/04, Part 3

watch the inquest...


FREE SCHOOL BUILDING 28.04.2004 19:46
Village Free School Begins School Construction
It is commonly thought that a school is a building that warehouses children, teenagers and adults for a certain clock controlled period, as if it is a mandatory stage before work or between careers. However, there are others, educated on the principles of free education, and on the works of some radical philosophers in education (Illich, Ferrer, Robin, Freire and Kozol, for example); who also understand that organizers, students and teachers are human beings, and that each person has his/her particular needs and desires for an open learning environment.

Village Free School


Forest Service Raids Straw Devil
Another Straw Devil Photo Cascadia Forest Defenders had over 500 dollars worth of climbing gear confiscated in a raid yesterday afternoon.

Forest Service Law Enforcement as well as their stash sniffing dog paid environmentalists at the Straw Devil Timber Sale an unfriendly visit yesterday afternoon.

They began their visit by pulling over a person who had been visiting the forest for not wearing a seat belt on a logging road. They blocked her in with two forest service SUV's, took all of her information and issued a ticket before speeding off to further foul deeds.


Media Release: Arissa Calls Today's Inquest "A Sick Attempt at Pacification"
PORTLAND, OR - The Arissa organization today spoke out against a public inquest, which begins Wednesday, into the killing of James Jahar Perez by Portland Police Officer Jason Sery. Calling the inquest "a sick attempt at pacification," Arissa condemned the process as meaningless and ineffectual.

"The public inquest is, like all Mayor Katz's responses to police brutality, a half-hearted attempt to dupe citizens into believing officials are taking real accountability for their actions," said Arissa spokesperson Craig Rosebraugh. "In reality, a public inquest, no matter what its outcome, has absolutely no power to impose any kind of disciplinary action or criminal charges against the party being investigated—which is in this case, the out-of-control, murderous police officer Jason Sery."

James Jahar Perez, who was unarmed, was shot and killed by Portland Police Officer Jason Sery on March 28, just 24 seconds after being pulled over for a minor traffic violation.


WOMENS RIGHTS 27.04.2004 19:12
First Hand Account of March For Women's Lives
On April 25th, I arrived in DC after a 12 hour journey. I went down on a bus filled with people I had never met before. I bought the ticket from a woman selling them in front of a local coffee shop. There was a group who identified with the International Socialists Organization (ISO) on the bus. There was a small group of older women (50s and 60) who had been to the march 1992 and an earlier march in DC as well (not sure of the year). There was a group of younger organizers (20s and 30s) who had met on the internet discussing the march and who (along with the socialists) had done the bulk of the organizing.

There were also a large number of college women from the local state college. They were very bright and very impressive. I did not get the impression that they had been to many (or any) protests before. Why did these younger women go? One of them told me she went for her mother who was pro-choice. Her mother had had an abortion before she was born. She honored her mother's choice and wanted to have the same freedom for herself. These women made signs about Christian fanaticism. They saw the problem as a fundamentalist Christian right that was attacking their freedom. One explained to me "We are going to Washington to fight for our freedom!" I tell you this to give you one view into the demographic of the over one million people who came to DC this past Sunday. [ read the full article... ]

MORE COVERAGE: DC IMC | Global Coverage (en/fr/more) | Germany IMC (de)


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