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08.05.2004 12:29
Prayer for the warriors of North Portland
Here is a prayer for the warriors and protectors of North Portland. North Portland has been a major powerspot of many people. Starting with the Chinook and Kalapuya peoples, then the native people Souix, Cheynne, Klamath driven to North Portland to work in the ship yards during WII. The Asians and Hawaiian who were enslaved to work on the railroads. They were locked in these neighborhoods. Ho!


ALTERNATIVE MEDIA 08.05.2004 08:25
Amy Goodman's Exception to the Rulers 70-City Tour Hits Portland
70-City SRO Tour Hits Portland & Eugene May 8th

WHERE: Baghdad Theater (across from Powells)
3702 SE Hawthorne Blvd., Portland
TICKETS: Free Event
For more information:  http://www.powells.com

WHEN: SATURDAY MAY 8, 7:00pm—Eugene, OR
WHERE: 150 Columbia Hall, Univ. of Oregon
TICKETS: Benefit for KWVA and CTV
Students $6, Community members $10
Overflow room $3/$5
See  http://www.democracynow.org/book

WHAT: with Amy Goodman, acclaimed host of Pacifica Network's Democracy Now!, will speak, sign her best-selling new book: 'The Exception to the Rulers' and screen, 'Independent Media in a Time of War,' a scathing indictment of the "mainstream media's" coverage of the war in Iraq.

Goodman, who has criticized 'mainstream media' for excluding anti-war voices in the weeks leading to the war in Iraq, is broadcasting Democracy Now!, her daily national radio/TV show from the road. Democracy Now! is the largest public media collaboration in North America, broadcasting on over 220 radio and television stations nationwide.

Democracy Now! can be seen and heard on the following Eugene and Portland TV and Radio stations:

VISIT:  http://democracynow.org/book for more information.


POLICE | COMMUNITY 08.05.2004 03:04
tonight Portland Police were ambushed and shots fired near N Ainsworth & 15th ave. an officer i spoke to remarked, "Theyre shooting at us! the people ACTUALLY hate us enough to shoot at us!"
he weilded a pump shotgun, was visibly shaken and quite jittery, guarding his post at N Jarret and 13th ave. Police had by 11:45pm quarantined a three block radius from the scene of what was being described as an ambush on a squad car during a "routine traffic stop." details at this time are meager, but local television and print media tend to blow these stories wide open (though often blow off), that are first reported to portland.indymedia.org all that is known is, officers were fired upon after pulling over a car on N Ainsworth near 15th ave. it is unknown if there are any casualties/injured police or civilians. it is also unclear if police were lured into a trap through the traffic stop. as of this time backup police are in the area with K9 units searching for suspects-- as far as we know no arrests have been made. lately in North and Northeast portland there have been numerous occurances of graffiti revealing such statements as: "KILLER COPS = COP KILLERS", "FUCK THE PIGS", and "NEXT TIME WE SHOOT BACK" leading many people in these neighborhoods to speculate that infuriated citizens are organizing against police. more information will be posted promptly as it is available. [Read or Post Comments]

From the open publishing, newswire: we just returned from the scene of tonight's episode...
as of 2:00 am there are no arrests made in what has become a manhunt- cops are desperately seeking two young black males who ambushed two police who were on the street conducting a traffic stop. we just returned from the scene, the neighborhood surrounding 13th& N Ainsworth, where several streets are barricaded with patrol cars. K9 units and various other police vehichles remain in the immediate area. people from the neighorhood gathered near the blocked streets, some because they werent allowed past to get to their homes.
there are no fatalities (so far) resulting from the shots fired around 11:30. its a good thing, because senseless loss of life is very sad. checks and balances, on the other hand...
[add a comment on this article]


07.05.2004 18:19
Military Abuse Is As American As Apple Pie
Power Corrupts... Anyone who has ever been dehumanized by a cop on the street, by guards in jail, or has been shredded in the U.S. criminal (in)justice system understands unwilling humiliation by an American authority, such as the Iraqi prisoners witnessed. It is as American as apple pie...

United States Senators and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld are declaring the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American military personnel "un-American." But when I look back upon U.S. history, it seems this type of dehumanizing behavior by soldiers upon the perceived enemy is common, if not an integral part, of the lure to participate, as a soldier, in war. In the systematic education of paid killers, the dehumanization of the opponent not only serves as a reason to kill the enemy, but also enables a person to detach from the humanity of another, and kill on command, like a robot, without thinking. We see this type of insulated, authoritarian thinking exhibited in the military, in police, and in the criminal (in)justice system in America. Anyone who has ever been dehumanized by a cop on the street, by guards in jail, or has been shredded through the U.S. criminal (in)justice system understands unwilling humiliation by a government authority figure, right here in America, land o' the free. It is as American as apple pie. My theory is that part of the spoils of being in war is abusing prisoners of war, whether we are talking about cops breaking in doors and brutalizing people in the "war on drugs" on the TV show "Cops," or riot police acting like robots with brutality against unarmed anti-war protesters in the "war on terror," or prisoners of war being humiliated to titillate American soldiers in Iraq.


07.05.2004 14:16
Timber Pimp Rey Chased Out of Ashland
Following a private closed-door meeting with the Society of American Foresters at Southern Oregon University this morning, Undersecretary of Agriculture Mark Rey was chased out of Ashland by a boisterous crowd of protesters on hand to draw attention to the extreme environmental policies of the US Forest Service and the Bush administration.

As Rey was leaving the building, the protesters attempted to surround his vehicle and block his exit. They were violently pushed back by undercover security forces wielding clubs and mace. Many protesters were assaulted and shoved to the ground by the overly aggressive security force. One person was pepper-sprayed in the back of the head.


Anti-Racism and Community Development Event
Reknowned educator Charlie Kreiner will faclilitate a conversation about how racism functions to create fear and isolation in communities and how people can find strength and common ground to build liberation in their own neighborhoods. This is a part of a series of dialogues in support of the Village Building convergence.

Charlie Kreiner has been independently educating on social justice issues for over 30 years. This event is at the Pine st Theater 215 SE 9th from 6-9pm on May 11th, the cost is $5.00-30.00 sliding scale, no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.


BioDEVESTATION : San Francisco 07.05.2004 00:22
Reclaim the Commons
reclaim the commons Thousands of activists and organizers around the Western US will converge on San Francisco from June 3-9 to shut down the corporate takeover of basic life needs. While Savannah, Georgia will be the focus of G8 protests on East Coast, the West Coast G8 demonstrations will target the biotech industry's largest meeting of lobbyists and executives happening concurrently in San Francisco. However, this mobilization is much bigger than biotech.

Organizers have put out a call to not only target the meetings, but to reclaim the city of San Francisco from the corporate oligarchs and return it to the people. They plan actions that will create free local food sources and community gathering spaces, as well as actions that will bring together groups working for global, environmental and racial justice. [ read the full article... ]

reclaimthecommons.net | BioDEVESTATION 2004 ACTION PAGE


FOREST DEFENSE 06.05.2004 17:22
Forest Defenders Take Action At Society of American Foresters Meeting in Ashland
Ashland Tree-Sitters Oppose Big Timber: Early this morning, students and community members set two tree-sits high in the branches of a tree near the Stevenson Union at Southern Oregon University. The action serves as a symbol of opposition to the rhetoric of old-growth logging put forth at the Society of American Foresters Annual Meeting underway on campus. With a banner proclaiming "Save the Wild Siskiyou!" strung between the tree-tops, the action sends a strong message to the timber puppets arriving in Ashland this week.

In particular the tree-sitters oppose the presence of the Bush administration's chief of de-forestation Mark Rey, Oregon State University (OSU) professor John Sessions, author of a "study" advocating extreme salvage logging of the Biscuit fire, and Hal Salwasser, dean of the OSU School of Forestry. Students did not invite these apologists for extreme logging to SOU, and the tree-sit is a reminder that they are not welcome.


06.05.2004 14:05
An IMC Interview with Paul Krassner
Paul Krassner is an emminent cultural critic, drug warrior (on the other side) and comedian. He is a one the co-founders of the Yippies, along with Jerry Rubin and Abbie Hoffman. His publication, the Realist, was a monument to irreverence and nose-thumbing rebellion that helped spawn many of it's kind. This Saturday at 8pm, he will be performing at the Old Church at 1422 SW 11th & Clay. Tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. I took a few minutes of Paul's time to ask him some questions specifically for IMC at Powell's Books last night before his reading and signing of his new book, Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: from Toad Slime to Ecstasy.


Salvadoran union leaders still in jail, accused of "acts of terrorism"
Today Ricardo Monge, Secretary General of the STISSS health care workers union, Javier Ayala, Secretary of Organization of the STISSS, and 35 other unionists and supporters remain jailed for their involvement in Wednesdays protest against government firings, the privatization of public health care, and the presence of Salvadoran troops in Iraq.

Attorney General Belisario Artiga, is charging Ricardo Monge with being the intellectual author of acts of terrorism, illicit associations, public disorder, damages, injuries, and resistance. Artiga has said that he plans to "set a precedent" with Monge's case. This is the first time anyone has ever been charged with intellectual authorship of public disorder in El Salvador.

In custody, Monge and Ayala have now been separated from the other detainees, and remain handcuffed to each other. Read More>>>

FEAR and FRAUD: Who Stole the Salvadoran Elections?
El Salvador reportback Thurs., May 6th @ 7pm
Three International Elections Observers from Portland report back on: the March 2004 presidential elections in El Salvador, U.S. intervention, the labor struggle, women's movement, and CAFTA (the Central America Free Trade Agreement).

THURSDAY, MAY 6th @ 7pm, 325 NE 20th Ave. Musician's Union Local 99

Related Articles: [ 4/29/04: STISSS Ends the Occupation of the Cathedral, Union Leaders Still Detained | 3/4/04 Update: 17 Days until Elections in El Salvador; Violence and Provocation Continue 3/19/04: The Gloves Come Off: The New U.S. Intervention In Latin America | 10/16/03: Anti-Gang Law Generates Fear, Not Security, In El Salvador | 6/5/03: US Government Kicks Off Dirty Campaign Against FMLN | 2/27/03: Political Violence Continues Unchecked in El Salvador as Healthcare Strikers March Against Privatization, Corruption | 2/19/03: Death Squad Kills Second FMLN Activist in El Salvador ]


About an hour ago a memorial flag was hung overlooking I-5 on the Northeast side of the Skidmore bridge in North Portland commemorating the one year anniversary of the murder of Kendra James by a Portland Police officer.

Between the etchings of KENDRA and MAY 5 are two small banners sewn to the 4'x 6' black flag. One banner a picture with the slogan OUR WAR IS HERE, the other simply the words DO NOT FORGET. To either side of the flag are lists of names, 38 in all, some I recognize, victims of the Portland Police, many I do not. Bouquets of flowers attached to the wire fencing surround the flag and candles flicker and burn out. A year has passed, the list of names is longer and room still remains on the flag for more to be added. OUR WAR IS HERE! DO NOT FORGET! [ add your comments... ]

Videos From the Resistance: Holding Up that BloodStained Banner (video available for download)


FOREST DEFENSE 05.05.2004 23:48
Crown Pacific Timber Company Wins Bid on Toolbox Fire Sale
Logging plans inside the Toolbox Complex fire area on the Winema National Forest have received little public attention, and the Forest Service would like to keep it that way... Besides winning the bid, Crown Pacific may also get to log during the formally troublesome 45 day appeal period because regional forester Linda Goodman has granted an "emergency status exemption".

Emergency Status Exemption is part of the bag of tricks in the "Healthy Forest Restoration Act". It allows public lands managers to declare an "economic emergency" to circumvent the appeals process (normally 45 day for the sales based on fear of economic loss if the burned trees are not logged before they decay. A preliminary injunction has been filed to challenge Goodman's decision to allow immediate logging of the area. The plaintiffs are: Northwest Environmental Defense Center (NEDC), Oregon Natural Resources Council (ONRC), and the Klamath Forest Alliance. I have not heard if there has been a decision on the injunction yet and I imagine those same groups are suing on the sale. I'll post again when I know more.


THE PROCESS OF BELIEF 05.05.2004 15:56
BushCo Trying to Provoke the Next Attack
A review of all the latest atrocities shows that these policies cannot be mere incompetence. It sure seems like 'they' are trying to push the Hatred of America to new heights, like someone is trying to inspire 'the next attack' which will allow the bushies to declare martial law and end America as we know it. Look at this list of things they've done to purposefully create outrage and further the Hatred of the US.


Starbucks in 7 Corners Vandalized
Police have taped off the New Starbucks in 7 Corners tonight after someone attempted to throw a molotov coctail through one of their windows. This is the fourth time a window has been smashed on the property since the development began. There has so far been no word from management or the owner as to whether Starbucks still plans to open tomorrow as previously announced. More info as it becomes available. [ add your comments... ]

from comments: fan of whoever did it says: As for what's wrong with starbucks, the same thing that's wrong with walmart, or mcdonalds, or taco bell. And then some. They put local businesses out of business, which means the only jobs in town become cheap, unskilled, low wage shit jobs with no benefits and no local connection to ensure moral treatment of workers. It also means that the people have no choices: Travel across the country and see how many choices you have as you move through the thousands of miles of highway lined with taco bells, walmarts, mcdonalds, and yes, starbucks. It means more space on the planet devoted to useless pursuit of shit we don't need. Consumption of more crap that's not even good for us, and comes from friggin somewhere. From places in the third world plowed under to make room for more coffee plantations to feed the mindless habit of yuppie junkies.

from comments: Non coffee drinker says: The funny thing is, there will probably be more of an uproar over the destruction of Starbucks windows, than there is to Bushs agenda or the thousands dying over in Iraq. We can firebomb children and torture prisoners, but by god, we cant destroy a Starbucks window because it is an outrageous act of terrorism. The vandalism will probably soon be called domestic terrorism in the media.Watch with me and laugh at how the mainstream media will turn this into an Atrocity....


Kendra James: One Year Later
It was one year ago today that Kendra James was shot and killed by Scott McCollister of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB). Lofty words were exchanged after her death about how things would change, how the PPB had learned from it's "mistakes," how it would never happen again. On this day, one year later, it's time to look back.

May 5th, 2003. A patrol car with PPB's N Precinct spots a car, driven by an African American, driving through the working-class neighborhood of N Portland. Although the driver has, by the officer's own statement, done nothing wrong, the patrol car turns around and begins following the "suspect." The white police officer hounds the driver of the car, following at close range, waiting for some pretext -- anything -- to pull the car over. Why? Because it was "suspicious" that the car was out so late in "that area." At some point, the car attempts to make a turn, probably to get out of the path of the ongoing police intimidation. The driver uses a turn signal, but the officer's subjective statement is that the driver did not turn on the signal soon enough. Just as in so many other "isolated incidents" of police harassment, the officer uses the turn signal violation to pull the car over and go on a fishing expedition that intrudes into the civil rights, the human rights, and the very lives of the occupants of the car.

In the course of this all-too-routine traffic stop, a young, unarmed African American woman is pepper sprayed, tazed and then shot to death by the Portland Police. Although she was unarmed and weighed less than 100 lbs, the huge and fully-armed officer Scott McCollister claimed he was justified in the killing because "I feared for my life." McCollister never paid for his crime, and is still walking among us with a loaded service revolver, waiting to strike again. [ read the full article... ]


MAY DAY: OLYMPIA, WA 05.05.2004 11:40
May Day in Oly expression of Freedom & Liberty & No War
May Day in Oly an expression of Freedom and Liberty with resistence against war, oppression and dumb rules made by dumber 'residents' high on power. No blood oil to burn - all foot power to reclaim the streets. A day away from our chattel to say for Labour Day in Oly-Ox-Run-Free!

This May Day in Oly, was a day off in celebration of our lives and a renewal of what it may feel for us to truly be free and be at liberty to do whatever we please in our city and streets and do no harm and not comply to the belief in blood oil or the WAR. The day started with an essential late breakfast of several hundred loaves of organic hearth breads for several hundred friends of peace. Later, the hoe down band came and there was square dancing at Heritage Park. Food not Bombs fed a wonderful lunch (even with a vegan ice cream made on site) to the band on one side and drums on the other. [ read the full article... ]


Voters Beware - Possible Sabotage in Multnomah County Elections Office
Anyone who has RE-REGISTERED in the past 3 months in order to vote in the primary needs to be aware that the Elections staff has been selectively changing, omitting and overriding voter registration information!

Some of you have, no doubt, updated your voter registration this year in order to obtain a ballot with the Presidential candidates listed. Oregon is a CLOSED primary state, so only voters registered Democrat or Republican will be given ballots with Presidential candidates. It has been a high priority with the Kucinich campaign to make sure that Greens and Independents and Libertarians are allowed to vote in this primary and not be left out. Therefore, it's with great distress that I report this from an anonymous Kucinich staff member.


Open House at new Starbucks in 7 Corners on Wednesday, from 2-5, provides opportunity for community to express their rage and disappointment
As reported here on portland indymedia, neighbors and business owners in the 7 Corners area of Southeast Portland have been strongly opposed to the opening of a new Starbucks store at SE Division & 20th. Issues have included concerns about traffic, rising rents, the deleterious effects of out-of-state corporations on local economies, litter, and the corporate homogenization of one of a legitimate, locally-centered neighborhood. Responses have included an above-ground campaign, positive proposals, talks with the owner and developers through the neighborhood association, testifying at City Council, and broken windows and monkey-wrenched equipment at the site.

To probably no one's surprise, none of these tactics actually stopped the Starbucks from moving in. The owner, local landlord Peter Perrin, had already signed a lease with the corporate coffee behemoth before the news got out, and neither could back out of the deal without risking a lawsuit for breach of contract. So it is now up to the neighbors to Shut This Starbucks Down.

The first chance will be an open house for the community on Wednesday, May 5, from 2-5 in the afternoon.


COMMUNITY CRITIQUE 04.05.2004 05:37
The Problem with Anarchist Ego
'Lets get Free'- New zine of writings by anarchist prisoner Jeff 'Free' Luers It seems that more and more anarchist publications are becoming breeding grounds for self-promoting pompous drivel. Perpetuating a cycle of discord not only among fellow anarchists, but others who could be our allies if only our heads weren't stuck so far up our arses.

The problem is not so much a lack of ideas as it is a superiority complex. It is so easy to turn on those we disagree with because their view of a utopian society isn't like ours whereas it is much harder to actually challenge the state.

Anarchists, leftists and activists of various sorts all seem to have one thing in common these days: the ability to direct their energy at one another rather than focus their collective energy on the source of all our misery.

How easily do we forget? This is exactly what the state wants us to do-fight amongst ourselves. All the bickering has made us a stagnant and ineffective farce. We are so busy criticizing each other that we fail to challenge the state or even attempt to create an alternative, relegating ourselves to obscure political theory and unintelligible banter. Perhaps, most shameful of all: we fail to criticize ourselves.

[ The latest dispatch from Jeff 'Free' Luers & Brian Cargill | June 12, 2004 International Day of Action in Solidarity with Free ]


West Coast Street Medics Gathering
Protest Medic Patch from Left Bank Books, Seattle, Wa. USA
Calling all Street and Forest Medics to convene at the West Coast Medics Gathering in Portland, OR May 28-30. Hurry, registration ends May 10.

Join us for a weekend conference for medics living and working on the West Coast to create a sense of connection and define who we are. We hope to share skills, experiences & resources, and address issues unique to medicing in the West.

Questions? Email: info@blackcrosscollective.org


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