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24.06.2004 17:42
Monogamy Gene discovered -hormone could lead to purity among teens!
Scientific breakthrough should bring good cheer to abstinent chastity campaigners around the world as scientists discover that lifelong monogamy is genetically based, with the hormone vasopressin responsible for 'sexually moral conduct'. Clearly the answer to 'temptation' and 'sexual immorality' lies not in the President's new 'Healthy Marriage initiative' bur rather in hormone therapy for the unwed, and ultimately in biological engineering of the fetus to ensure that from now on all humans are born with this vitally important monogamy gene.

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24.06.2004 15:49
Tre Update: June 23, 2004
Tre says thank you all for your love and support! Happy solstice! He is doing well, despite the conditions he is living in. While we talked on the phone this evening, he paused to thank a jail mate for an extra banana given to him. Tre is very kind hearted, and it is ironic that such a peaceful soul in in such an unpeaceful place.

Having said that, here are some current notes!

On June 30th, (Wednesday) at 10 am, he would like everyone to visualize that the "member of the immigration board deems him admissible for his refugee claim." He MIGHT be able to get out on June 30th if is a positive outcome. (I believe this is the hearing titled: Admissibility hearing.)

Please pray for him if you aren't able to attend the hearing! He says thank you all, and Namaste!

[ Help Us Find a Venue for a Benefit?!!! ]


24.06.2004 15:34
Ambassador of Death, Right-Wing Death Squads, Drug Smuggling: George Bush's Plan for Iraq
Right wing death squads and a hub for drug smuggling is Bush's vision of democracy in Iraq all orchestrated by the ambassador of death, Negroponte. The old Iran Contra gang are all in place once again ready to flood the streets of America and Europe with cheap heroin from Afghanistan. The Bush administration's reluctance to hand Saddam over to the interim government of Iraq maybe based not on a fear of Saddam's military capabilities but on a fear of him telling what he knows about drug smuggling.

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24.06.2004 01:45
Mike D on the ground Yeah! Mike D's current lawyer, Diane Rader, has arranged a release hearing for him tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. at the Clackamas County Courthouse. I'm sure the phone calls helped encourage her to prioritize his case.

I just finished talking with Diane, and she said that the major impediment to Mike D being released is that he is homeless and has no reliable address or phone number. Of course, we know that Mike D is easily reached at Street Roots or Cascadia Rising; however, the system wants him to have a "home." Diane told me that a number of homeless people just wander off and never come back.

I'm sure any number of people would be willing to step up and offer Mike D an address and phone number, but I don't know what his wishes would be. We should think about who could best provide a homebase for Mike D to make the courts feel secure.

I understand that a show of support can make a big difference at a hearing. Please come if possible.

[ Carpools for Mike D's release hearing | Mike D - Open letter to a landlord | Latest Mike D Update | Mike D's Lawyer changed again ]


24.06.2004 01:36
Plaster Party at Dignity Village This Weekend
light straw clay house ready to be plastered This Saturday and Sunday (June 26th and 27th) Dignity Village will be holding a work party to plaster five new natural buildings constructed during the Village Building Convergence so that new tenants can move in. The houses are constructed entirely out of recycled building materials and light straw clay. This will be a great way to learn how to make and apply your own plaster at home using simple natural materials like clay and water. Bring rubber gloves and snacks if you like, and a hat if its sunny.

The plastering will start at 10 a.m. each day and continue throughout the day.


Sit Lie Ordinance Declared Unconstitutional
no stand no sit no lie Folks:

The newly formed National Lawyers Guild Northwest Constitutional Rights Center won a major victory today with the holding by Circuit Court Judge Marylin E. Litzenberger, that the "Sit-Lie" ordinance is unconstitutional.

The entire opinion is attached in Adobe format.

Thanks to Adam Arms for arguing and representing the defendants: Todd Kurlylowicz, Jayson Dunlap and Victoria Taylor. I also want to thank and take note of the Defendants' courage and conviction in challenging this ordinance that was crafted for the sole purpose of making homelessness illegal.

We have overcome.

Alan Graf

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23.06.2004 10:23
Caravan to Cuba leaves Portland Today
Oregon's contribution to this year's fleet of buses to Cuba

This morning the Oregon contingent of the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba leaves from Portland in its yellow school bus, one of 15 buses in North America heading toward the Mexican border at McAllen, Texas. 150 disobedient citizens are taking part in this 15th annual caravan, carrying donated supplies of all kinds to Cuba in a symbolic defiance of the 45-year old U.S. blockade of the island country, and George Bush's recent tightening of that blockade with even more restrictions on travel and trade.


22.06.2004 14:04
Reportback - Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Conference
Saturday afternoon, June 19, 2004, a conference on media areform was held at Portland State University, sponsored by the Money in Politics Research Action Project.
This Conference was a prelude to a Future of the Media Town Hall to be held at the Oregon Conference Center, located at 777 NE MLK Jr. Blvd. This event will be from 5-7 pm in Room 204.

The following is taken from an e-mail alert sent out by Julie S. Omelchuck, assistant director of the Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, which oversees cable television operations in Multnomah County. "Two members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) are coming to a Future of Media Town Hall in Portland on June 24, 5:30 until testimony ends. Commissioners Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein are interested in hearing from communities and individuals about the connection between media and the local community. The Commissioners, and local panelists, will explore how the local media are serving the public interest, addressing local needs and roviding diverse voices. A central feature of the Town Hall will be the opportunity for people to testify or comment on these issues.

The information contained in these audio files [speakers - Janice Thompson, Bruce Fife, David Olson, Rick Seifert ] will be invaluable to anyone who plans to testify before the FCC at the Town Hall meeting next Thursday. But even for those who do not attend these files give an education in the need for media reform, both locally and nationally.

Thurs. June 24th-A Town Meeting w/ FCC commissioners on the Future of Media in Portland


22.06.2004 13:46
Free Mike D. - Update
Thirteen days of unjust incarceration has not dampened the spirits of Michael McMullin, better known to the activist community as Mike D, who maintains that he's "doing fine" despite his stark surroundings. He is currently held in Clackamas County Jail in Oregon City for an alleged Class B Misdemeanor charge related to disorderly conduct at the Solo Timber Sale Protest, July 30, 2002, with a maximum fine of $1000 and six months in jail

According to the court's records, Clackamas County Presiding Judge Selander appointed a new lawyer today, Heather Karabeika, to represent Mike. While the records show his trial date has not changed from 6/23, I expect the records to reflect very soon that a new date has been set. Some people have been saying the new date is in late July. While that date has not yet been entered into the court's record, late July seems like an appropriate new date for trial.

Please give her ( Mike D's attorney - Heather Karabeika 503-656-2637) a polite call (remember, she is not responsible for Mike's mistreatment and should be given the benefit of the doubt about serving his best interest, until proven otherwise). She will know Mike as Michael McMullin and his case number is Case # - CR0311198.

What you may want to say:
1. Ask that she schedule a release hearing ASAP.
2. Remind her that Mike is not a flight risk nor does he pose any threat to the community.
3. Also important is that he has shown responsibility to attend two hearings regarding this case and only missed one. This should be evidence of his good faith to comply with the court and show that he made a forgivable mistake.
4. This is a low level misdemeanor charge and it is a waste of county resources and a violation of Mike's civil rights to keep him in jail, now for two weeks, with one week of solitary confinement without convincing justification.


22.06.2004 13:26
Tales From Middle America 3
Okay, so here in the midwest racism is as rampant as denial, but I am going to stray from that a bit and talk about a few other things. Gender and Sexuality.

Yep, so I was riding back with my little sister from the campground and I gave here a magazine to read, it was the latest edition of Bitch magazine. I was driving, and listening to music, and I hoped she would read th emagazine and get something out of it.

After a couple of pages she says "whine whine whine." And she goes on to complain about how the entire magazine is about whining and complaining and she doesnt understand why the people that are writing it just dont stop complaining and move on.

Tales From Middle America 2 | Tales From Middle America 1


22.06.2004 13:11
Questioning Conventional Theory - Does HIV Cause AIDS?
In Dr. Mullis' own words, from the foreword of Dr. Peter Duesberg's book, "Inventing the AIDS Virus": "We [Drs Duesberg and Mullis] have not been able to discover any good reasons why most of the people on earth believe that AIDS is a disease caused by a virus called HIV. There is simply no scientific evidence demonstrating that this is true.

We have also not been able to discover why doctors prescribe a toxic drug called AZT (Zidovudine) to people who have no other complaint than the presence of antibodies to HIV in their blood. In fact, we cannot understand why humans would take that drug for any reason.

We cannot understand how all this madness came about, and having both lived in Berkeley, we've seen some strange things indeed. We know that to err is human, but the HIV/AIDS hypothesis is one hell of a mistake."

One commentor addedDisagreement about HIV's role in causing AIDS has been curiously absent from public and scientific debate, even though many of the 700 M.D.'s and/or Ph.D.'s of The Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV/AIDS Hypothesis have published their reasons for their concern (Philpott 1999). Members of this group include current and former professors of molecular and cell biology at Harvard, Berkeley, and other prestigious universities, as well as two Nobel Prize winners in chemistry, Walter Gilbert and Kary Mullis. HIV is a "retrovirus", and Peter Duesberg, one of the earliest people to call for reappraisal, has been called the "father of retrovirology". David Rasnick, the president of the Society for the Scientific Reappraisal of AIDS, holds nine patents on protease inhibitors, the drugs claimed to have saved many people from the brink of death. And yet, Dr. Rasnick adamantly maintains that these drugs are contributing to, or directly causing their deaths rather than helping them.


22.06.2004 13:02
Reporters Greatly Needed For Street Roots Newspaper
Street Roots is looking for enthusiastic and inquisitive people to perform varied work involving news assignments. Work must be accurate and completed according to set deadlines. The applicant must be self-motivated to gather information and create accurate and timely stories and exercise judgment. The applicant should be able to develop basic community contacts to report on news in a timely and accurate fashion. Ability to interact with peers and editors from a variety of backgrounds to coordinate work with our bi-weekly newspapers is also a necessity. News experience in any media is preferred, but not at all necessary. People of all ages, races, disabilities, sexual orientation and political beliefs are very welcome. Volunteer position.


22.06.2004 11:56
Torture(d) Logic
I must admit, I was taken by surprise the other day. Until John Ashcroft's appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee, I thought I was ready for anything that could be thrown my way in this once-fair land turned Bushworld. (Boredom Alert: Personal details ahead; don't say you weren't warned!) I'm 48 years old and, as they say, I've been around (and being 48, I'm allowed, by law, to use an expression like "I've been around" with no self-consciousness whatever): I am twice-divorced (but happily-married now; Ann made me include this), have gone through the requisite drink/drug problem years ago (hey, I'm a writer, remember?), and worked two decades for a company that helped prepare me for the surrealism in which America is now enveloped (pun probably intended), the U.S. Postal Service. In other words, I've got my scars. (Here--want to see 'em? Oh, god, I am getting older.) I've also attended more than my share of counseling sessions and had my heart broken by the San Francisco Giants on a too-regular basis; hell, I've even been to Europe! (For the Franco-phobes in the reading audience, the French were welcoming and warm, so put THAT on your freedom fries—or is it now, after the Spanish election, freedom fly?) And, of course, I've been here in the old "homeland" (what a putrid word) while George W. Bush has gone out of his way to make it into a feared and despised pariah nation, appearing to delight in smirkingly stomping on whatever goodwill this country ever had (and after 9/11, it had a lot) with his decidedly unTexas-sized boots.

But (naively, I see now), I never envisioned the day when a discussion of what constituted torture and whether America could technically find a way to commit it would ever be held in the Senate--or, for that matter, the House, even with the execrable Dennis Hastert as speaker. (As an aside, I think this should also, from this point forward, officially render any future discussion of Bill Clinton's parsing of the word "is" as laughably irrelevant.) As I watched the United States Attorney General refuse to provide to United States Senators a 50-page, August 2002 Justice Department memo allegedly outlining legal pointers to the administration on how to dodge trite little annoyances like laws prohibiting torture so America can blithely engage in it, I realized even more just how heinously this country's soul has been assaulted. (I was especially troubled by another rumored memo in which the Justice Department opines that being forced to listen to hours of non-stop Rush Limbaugh broadcasts will not result in long-term emotional damage.) [ read more ]

[ More commentary from Mark Drolette ]


cuba solidarity 22.06.2004 06:10
Bush's Cuba Blockade Breached at Blaine
The border known as Peace Arch is among the most heavily crossed in the world. During the long hot wait to enter the U.S., vehicles loaded with Cuba supplies received honks and raised fists of support from impatient drivers entering the U.S. and Canada. They were responding to banners and placards on aide vehicles reading "Goods for Cuba," "U.S. Hands Off Cuba," "Free the 5 Cuban Heroes in U.S. Jails," and "Impeach the War Criminals in Washington."

Sixty-five friends of Cuba from Olympia, Seattle and Bellingham, WA, along with supporters from Vancouver and Victoria, BC, stood fast with two pickups and a car filled with humanitarian aide for the embargoed Caribbean nation. U.S. border police and customs agents granted unusually smooth passage for the vehicles, drivers and donations after a cursory review of the contents of a half-dozen boxes.

Among the 65 blockade busters were Cubans from Canada and the U.S., Salvadorans, Nicaraguans, Chileans, students, many elders, feminists and activists from a broad spectrum of social justice and anti-war movements.

[ Fidel's letter to Bush | Pastors 4 Peace Sendoff Party tonight in Portland ]


21.06.2004 18:57
Northwest Resistance Against Genetic Engineering is collecting food donations to give to the Oregon Food Bank. We are accepting all organic canned goods at food drop-off boxes from June 15th through June 30th. The boxes are located at: We believe in organic foods that both feed the body and the planet. We also believe that all people, rich and poor, have a right to healthy, pesticide free, organic foods. Say no to genetically engineered foods and yes to organics. Please join with us and make a make a donation today! [ comment on this article... ]


21.06.2004 16:35
Proud to be the beaver state - DYKE MARCH PICTURES
The Portland Lesbian Avengers hosted the 11th annual Dyke March Saturday evening. Dykes, lezzies, trans-women, trans-men & bois, and many other queer identified folk gathered in the NW Park blocks at 6pm. There were hot & scandalous outfits being shown off, crazy flirting, and at least 3 different flyers with chants for the march being circulated. The march was permitted and was to start going down NW Davis street, but Portland dykes break all the rules and instead went down NW Couch. The Dykes on Bikes took off first on their hot motorcycles. There were also tons of bicycle-riders in the march. The route lead these fabulous queers south on Broadway, east on Salmon, and north on Naito until it dispersed into the waterfront pride festival. Two vehicles were used to make the march accessible for all participants. Naked breasts were everywhere. So were other queers and allies cheering us on. There was one pathetic protester, and he was drowned out by a bunch of raging dykes. A couple stood in front of him and made out, which was deliscious. The Lesbian Avengers estimate that 400-500 people marched. The Dyke March is a 100% grassroots event - there were no corporate sponsors, all needed money was gathered at fundraisers at Holocene and the Red & Black cafe.


20.06.2004 22:10
The Mass Arrest: Part II of Protesting Bio 2004
On the evening of June 8th, 128 activists were encircled and arrested at Market & 5th in San Francisco. We'd spent the morning protesting the BIO 2004 convention at the Moscone Center. The UN Plaza was where the evening event was to begin; it been billed as "Reclaim the Streets -- Mutant Street Party."

A website announcement for the event read: "A free renegade street party will unwelcome the Biotech Conference to San Francisco, and toast the death of the G8 meeting in Georgia." The party would be a form of street theater; it struck me as a somewhat zany but nevertheless creative way to express our protest. Humor could be an effective way of getting our message out.

I arrived a little after 5 p.m. As I approached, I could hear music playing. A couple hundred people were already there, and more kept arriving. Most were young, and a good many, perhaps the greater part, were dressed in black, indicating that they were anarchists -- the "Black Bloc." Several carried anarchist black and red flags, and, as is their custom, a good many wore bandanas over their faces.


20.06.2004 11:21
Western Shoshone: War not just in Iraq
The United States Congressmen are mirroring the same deceptive tactics in Western Shoshone territory in Nevada as in Iraq, said Western Shoshone as legislation was pushed to compensate tribal members for Aboriginal land in an effort to seize it and open it up for mining, energy and nuclear corporations.

While Western Shoshone maintain their Aboriginal land claim secured by the Treaty of Ruby Valley of 1863, their sacred Yucca Mountain is being gutted for nuclear dumping, their horses and cattle seized to make way for geothermal industries and the earth mutilated for gold extraction.

"If the war on terrorism is about protecting this country, then why is our own government trying to take away our homelands?" said Mary McCloud, Western Shoshone elder.


20.06.2004 10:13
BE A WITNESS and Enjoy the Forest
This summer the Forest Service has authorized numerous timber sales in the Mt. Hood National Forest, basically in the back yard or the Portland area. These cuts are on public land, subsidized by public money, yet requests to end old growth logging are ignored. The Mt. Hood National Forest is one of many places were the last of the region's old growth forests are being logged to pad the pocket books of timber companies. But something can be done...


19.06.2004 14:58
Protesting BIO 2004
On the morning of June 8th, I awoke from frightful visions of being surrounded by grotesquely mutated demons. Some were dressed in blue and others wore pinstriped jackets and neckties. The ones in pinstripe seemed to be in charge; they had monstrously bloated heads which vaguely resembled Dick Cheney's.

Bluish early morning light oozed in through the window and dispelled the images, but feelings of apprehension lingered on as I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, found a bite to eat, and set out for San Francisco. That's where the BIO 2004 convention was taking place, and this was the day of our protest. I was determined to be extremely careful and not get arrested, clubbed, trampled by a horse, or any of the other unpleasant things that seem to happen these days to protesters at major conferences such as this one.

Despite my fears, I was glad to be demonstrating in San Francisco, which would at least be safer than Atlanta, where the G8 summit was being held. I'd read that the governor of Georgia was going to declare martial law in order to control protests in that area. The news was disturbing. We all live in the shadow of the Miami Model. I hoped the people in Georgia would be okay. [ Read more... ]

[ Biotech IMC ]


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