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29.06.2004 10:50
Report back on Fahrenheit 9/11 Town Hall meeting
Last night a interactive town hall meeting was held to discuss Michael Moore's new documentary Farenheit 9/11. The ballroom at PSU was at capacity. The MOVEON Pac interactive map was interesting. Michael Moore's audio link was informative - what was missing was local solutions for a real change in leadership and cultural structure for this nation.


29.06.2004 02:17
Sunday afternoon, June 27, 2004, an event entitled "Rise in Remembrance" was held in Laurelhurst park to honor the US soldiers killed in Iraq. The event culminated in the release of black balloons carrying a red tag for each US Soldier who died in Iraq.

Unfortunately the event was sparsely attended, but what it lacked in numbers it made up in heart and compassion. The deaths of these soldiers in the face of the lies and dissemulation which brought them to this fate is more than tragic, it is CRIMINAL. Those who love Democracy in this country are burdened, not only with an Administration seeking world Empire, but by a population apparantly asleep at the wheel, lulled into a numb state by a Corporate Media refusing to ask hard questions of government officials or challenge the growing Corporate influence upon every facet of our daily lives.

[ DSL/CABLE Stream | 56K Stream ]


29.06.2004 02:05
One man in tree shuts down logging for the day at Nugget Timber Sale
Logging is active at the Nugget Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District in the Willamette National Forest. Some of the units were logged last summer, but upon learning cutting had commenced within the sale again in the past week or so, one man decided he had seen enough. In an action that should be an inspiration to all Cascadians, he went to the area determined to do what he could to halt the operation and occupied a tree in unit 8 of the sale.

When fellers arrived for work the next morning, they found him perched high in the branches of a large Douglas Fir. Evidently the fellers attempted to tell him he needed to come down and leave the area immediatly-he replied that was not going to happen and he was going to be there for an undetermined amount of time. There was a lengthy discussion between members of the felling crew and after a while they decided they could not cut with him there and jumped in their trucks and left the area.


28.06.2004 18:36
Fireworks stink
The smoke made by fireworks is densely sulphurous, highly acidic and contains alot of greenhouse gases. Fireworks dump alot of toxic metals like lead, arsenic and mercury into the atmosphere. Besides frightening animals, fireworks poison the environment in a way that is incidious and totally unnecessary. Please limit the number you buy and use to a carefully selected few. Try using lasers, fountains, balloons and musical instruments to celebrate your country rather than turning it into a toxic waste dump.

from comments: You are so right John! And what a waste of money as well. It seems we have little to celebrate this year. I live in the woods and am always fearful that some yornk will set fire to the area. But most of all, I think of the money that could be going to something better. Want to say something good about America? Spend the fireworks money on food for the hungry instead.


27.06.2004 10:37
Does Portland Have the Political Will to End Homelessness?
Does Portland have the political will to end homelessness? Join a community conversation and find out how homeless citizens, advocates, and neighborhoods are working together to end the problem. Panelists will include: William Barnes, Jean DeMaster, Dan Newth, and Gretchen Kafoury.

Where: Portland State University Multicultural Center
Multicultural Center - Smith Memorial Student Union, Second Floor
When: Wednesday, June 30, 2004 - 6:30 to 8:30 PM
Free and Open to the Public
Also visit www.southeastuplift.org

The effects of homelessness impact most neighborhoods. In my inner eastside neighborhood we periodically have discussions about the homeless situation and the organizations that serve them. Little is ever satisfactorily resolved and the issues settle down until they surface again. Ultimately, the homeless need better care. Everyone tries to do the best they can, but it is never enough. It is this situation within southeast Portland that generated the Homelessness Working Group (HWG). [ read the full article... ]


27.06.2004 08:09
Treesitter Injured
Freshwater, CA - Life has been quiet around the treesits here over the last few months (minus the incessant logging, of course). That ended today, when representatives from Pacific Lumber paid visits to at least two of the treesits in Freshwater. No trespassing signs were nailed up, along with signs reading (ironically enough) "Keep California Green." Spray paint was used to mark the trees occupied by treesitters, as well as every tree and stump leading to those trees.

At the treesit called Presidia, the words "Gass [sic] here" were painted on the tree with an arrow pointing up. The words "night ops" (as in "nighttime operations) were also tagged. Treesitters were enjoying the view from the top of the tree when they heard hammering as the signs were nailed around the area. Attempts to communicate with the man wielding the hammer were unsuccessful. Shortly after they left, a young woman treesitter began rappelling down the climbing rope. She realized too late that the Pacific Lumber employee had cut her rope when she slid off the end, falling fifteen feet to the ground. No serious injuries were sustained though she will be sore and bruised in the coming days.


26.06.2004 15:40
Biscuit/Siskiyou Wild Rivers Campaign Enters Crucial Phase
As many who love Oregon's wild forests know, the Bush Administration has proposed the largest timber sale in modern history in the midst of the most diverse National Forest in the country. The Biscuit logging project and the citizen effort to protect the Siskiyou Wild Rivers are now entering a crucial phase.

Numerous activities to protect the Biscuit are planned and on-going.

Please take action now. The forest needs help as simple as a letter or phone call, as extensive as a new organizer joining the campaign. The momentum continues to move in our direction. In many ways the Bush Administration is backing down and delaying the project because of citizen pressure. Our legal case is strong and the politics of a presidential election summer are in our favor. Still thousands of acres of primary forest hang in the balance of citizen action and corporate greed.

Please take action now.


FAHRENHEIT 9/11 26.06.2004 13:13
Fahrenheit 9/11 PSU town hall meeting - Monday June 28th
Have you heard about Fahrenheit 9/11, Michael Moore's new movie (which opens Friday, 6/25)? It's an incredibly powerful film that lays bare the cynicism and greed behind Bush's war policy. Apparently, it's full of footage that few people in this country have ever seen -- footage that has the power to sway the 2004 election.

Tens of thousands of US citizens are gathering in living rooms and meeting halls on Monday June 28th to discuss the movie. In the Portland area house meetings will be planned and a large Town Hall meeting will take place at PSU's Smith Center Ballroom. We'll join a live, online, interactive audio conference with Michael Moore, we'll discuss the movie, and we'll plan local actions to help win back the White House. And, of course, there'll be snacks. [ read more ]

NBC's Unbelievably Transparent Propaganda

The four-day-long drum beat against Michael Moore's film continues. First, Matt Lauer roughed Moore up on a morning show. Then Katy Couric. (What was Michael thinking talking to them!) And now this.

In Moore's favor, he did an admirable job sparring with both NBC morning show hosts. My favorite moment came when Couric asked Moore why he spent so much time showing "ordinary people" in Iraq. Why the children at the playground, the people on the street, she wanted to know. "You didn't say anything about what a ruthless tyrant Sadam Hussein was. Wouldn't your film have been more balanced if you had bothered to mention anything at all about that?" To which Moore replied, "You guys did such a good job at that, I just didn't feel I needed to do that." [ read more ]

Farhenheit 9/11 Review

For several years I was really sceptical of Michael Moore. I thought is use of humor down played the need for change, and came to close to the techniques used by the right wing radio shows. I spin doctor, working on the side of the left, and hurting more then he helped. With sceptical eyes I watched Bowling for Columbine, and my oppinion started to change. I began to think, maybe we as humans need a little bit of humor mixed in with our pain in order to take on some of the issues that activists feel so strongly about. [ read more ]

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26.06.2004 09:58
Portland Activist arrested for Greenpeace Banner Hang in PA - Faces felony Charges
Portland activist Josh Raisler Cohn was arrested this week after a banner drop at coal plant in Pittsburgh. He faces charges of four state misdemeanors, three state felonies, and two federal felonies.

After hanging a banner on one of the dirtiest coal plants in the country to protest the Bush Administration's energy plan, six peaceful Greenpeace activists were charged with multiple state and federal felonies. The four women and two men scaled the 700-foot smoke stack at the Hatfield's Ferry power plant, 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, and unfurled a 2,500 square foot banner that read, "The Bush Energy Plan Kills - Clean Energy Now!"

Photos | Banner Hang on PA Smoke Stack = State and Federal Felonies


26.06.2004 09:47
Cathedral Grove Warriors Need You
Weyerhauser (the "tree growing company") used their financial might to buy up cutting rights to more than half of the Little Qualicum River watershed, threatening the ancient, pristine forest known as Cathedral Grove. As I write this, they and Canada's liberal government are preparing to cut yet another swath through the grove, literally, to pave paradise and put up a parking lot. Warriors are rising to meet the challenge.

Victoria Indymedia


26.06.2004 09:21
Anarchists Go To The Mall!!!!
The Consumer goes shopping So let's face it, we're (the anarcho/feminist/vegan/whatever we ares) are really good at making personal decissions. We boycot (usually with the help of a small group of friends) whatever it is we feel is a not just product/system/area ext. We sit in our own little worlds with our tables made out of stollen electrical spools, our dumstered meal, and our comfy neighbors and we participate in what is really a silent protest against consumer culture. We drop out.

This is not an argument about if boycotts work. I think they do, I think dropping out is the best possible thing any of us can do in this society, and that it is really the strongest thing we can do to really change anything. But, we are dropping out of this culture in ones and twos. We are moving to neighborhoods that support us, and that we support. Dropping out is good, but leaving it simply at that is, well inherentlly selfish! All of us, everyone reading this could simply continue to boycott all we want and nothing but "OUR" world will change. And I didn't drop out to change my world, my partners world, and my roommates. I dropped out to change the world the kids nextdoor live in, the world the pissed off skaters, and the depressed housewifes live in. The world that surrounds me, is killing me, and you, and all of us, including our children (whether they are alive, or will come about in the future).


25.06.2004 23:24
Democratic Machine Coming Down Hard on Nader
In a letter to Ralph Nader, Democrat Ron Wyden claims that Nader is attempting to defraud the citizens of Oregon by collaborating with groups supporting Bush in order to get on the ballot. Read Wydens Letter

The Nader campaign responds:
1.Does Nader have anything to do with the announcement of pro-Bush groups that they are going to try to stack his convention?

Answer: Absolutely not. The press reports that two pro-Bush groups are trying to get their supporters to come to the Nader Convention at Benson High School on June 26. The Nader Campaign has had nothing to do with this effort.

2.Does Nader seek the support of genuine conservatives?

Answer: Absolutely yes. Nader has always had a strong appeal to classical conservatives, because his values are Jeffersonian. He comes from a small town and a family business, has fought the government along with big corporations, he stands for government efficiency, ending police state legislation, ending corporate welfare, rejecting trade agreements that destroy American sovereignty, and believes our foreign policy should support ordinary people overseas, while resisting the lure of empire. Read More...

Another Poster writes: The Democrats are digging their own grave. Naders campaign is gaining momentum because it is filling some of the vacuum left by the Democrats abdication of any real dialog with the people. And if the Democrats lose, they will blame Nader again, and not look at their own failings.

Nader is running a smart campaign because he is breaking out of the conservative/liberal rut and reaching out to people based on common sense and the issues important to the majority of people, regardless of political affiliation. He is pointing out the path that reaches beyond this false dichotomy and which can unite people in common cause. The responsibility is not with Nader to drop out, or with the voters to vote democratic no matter what. The responsibility lies with the Democrats to articulate something worth voting for. Read More...

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PART TWO OF A THREE PART SERIES: “The BOregonian Bamboozle: the Newhouse Clan of New York and the Corruption of Monopoly Publishing”
This furtive and sinister dynasty did not just enter the Portland journalist scene, during the early 80s, from New Yorker new money. As we will see in the second part of this expose´, their suffocating presence on American publishing started quite early. This same publishing dynasty started around the time that the Hearst and the Pulitzer dynasties began their massive conglomerations in the States. It was during this time around 1910 that the phrase, "yellow journalism," began to be used: meaning tainted journalism.

Link:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/290984.shtml

Part 1:  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/06/290982.shtml


25.06.2004 10:32
Greenpeace Activists Protest Old-Growth Logging in Umpqua National Forest
Umpqua National Forest, Ore - Greenpeace continued to spotlight destructive logging practices on U.S. public lands today, this time in Oregon's Umpqua National Forest, administered by the U.S. Forest Service. Four activists attached themselves to a three-ton cargo container placed in the middle of active logging operations at the site of the "Peanuts" timber sale, where felling and hauling of old-growth trees is underway by the D.R. Johnson company. Surrounded by stumps, the bright yellow container, which reads "Bush's Forest Destruction Stops Here" is the latest staging ground for Greenpeace's campaign calling for a moratorium on commercial logging of ancient forest on public lands.

For updates about today's action, see  http://weblog.greenpeace.org/stopthesales/index.html


25.06.2004 08:46
Audio Report: FCC Commissioners Speak at Media Town Hall
This Evening, June 24, 2004, a Town Hall was held at the Portland Convention Center entitled "The Portland Town Hall On the Future of the Media".

An ambitious project, presented by Free Press, in partnership with the City Club of Portland; the Communication Workers of America, Local 7901; Jobs With Justice; the Money in Politics Research Project; the Mount Hood Cable Regulatory Commission; and the American Federation of Musicians, Local 99
This first part of the event was moderated by Jo Ann Bowman, who introduced two FCC Commissioners, Michael Copps and Jonathan Adelstein. This is a 20 minute file of the remarks by the two Commissioners. Many other people spoke, and later I'll hopefully be able to post more of what others had to say about the dangers faced by our Democracy due to media consolidation.

FCC Commissioners Copps and Adelstein

Previous feature: Reportback - Our Democracy, Our Airwaves Conference


25.06.2004 08:37
North American drought worst in 500 years
According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the current drought in the West of North America is the worst that has occured in the last 500 years, with water flow levels at close to half those of the drought in the dirty thirties of the previous century.

North American droughts are linked to the global climate system, linked to both oscillations in the Pacific and the Atlantic Oceans. When the Atlantic Ocean is cooler this typically corresponds to wetter conditions in the American west, while a warmer Atlantic corresponds to drought and decreased water flow in the West.

[ Previous articles by Brent Herbert ]


25.06.2004 08:21
Audio Report: Statewide Initiative Petitioners File Suit Against Oregon Secretary of State
This morning, June 24, 2004, a press conference was held in downtown Portland toannounce a suit in the US Disrict Court against the Oregon Secretary of State, "to stop implementation of his entirely new and completely unjustified policies that are trashing tens of thousands of valid signatures on statewide initiative petitions for no coherent reason."

The Press Conference was intoduced by Dan Meek, who "along with Linda Evans and Lee Burger are representing campaigns which are collecting signatures for statewide ballot measures. It includes the Oregon Medical Marijuana 2 Campaign and Term Limits, and also the Oregon Taxpayers Association Campaign to repeal the Multnomah County income tax." Meek goes on to state that, "while all of us may disagree on issues of substance, we do not disagree that the Oregon Secretary of State has begun to enforce brand new and arbitrary and unnecessary rules that have the effect of throwing out 10's of thousands of perfectly valid signatures on statewide petitions that were submitted recently for early for verification....." Announcement and Suit documents


25.06.2004 05:41
Mike D vs. Judge Dread
Mike D was not released at his release hearing today at 3pm. His bail was reduced. Still waiting to see if Mike D wants to be bailed out. Mike D. had his release hearing this afternoon at 3:00pm in the courtroom of Judge Ronald Thom aka Judge Dread. I witnessed one defendant after another chopped down by axe of Judge Thom. He barely allowed any defendants to speak. When they asked to speak, he simply said, in his authoritarian manner, "NO!" Defendants were not brought into the court room. Instead, they were viewed on monitors. Whether they were in custody or not the monitor made everyone look like a criminal. The personal aspect of the courtroom was nil.

When Mike D's case came up Judge Dread's justice was also swift. To his credit he did reduce Mike D's bail from $50,000.00 to $5,000.00. But, he would not release him on his own recognizance though his lawyer argued that he had a place to stay and based on his two weeks in jail he would definitely take his court date seriously. When Mike D asked to speak to his lawyer, Dread said "NO!" Mike D's physical reaction was to basically throw his hands up in the air. He also raised the fist to show that he was continuing the fight. [ read the full article... ]

UPDATE: Mike D. was released at about 6pm thursday. He was bailed out at his own request.


24.06.2004 21:44
a very special CRITICAL MASS this friday
this friday is a very special critical mass
its part of pedalpalooza
also a ride in rememberance of the bicyclists who were killed last year on belmont and 40th
there will also be a benefit show later featuring bands who were friends of the deceased


24.06.2004 18:00
VIDEO: Ralph Nader Addresses His Reasons for Seeking the Presidency in 2004
On February 22, 2004, Nader appeared on Meet the Press to announce his candidacy and to address his reasons for seeking the nation's highest office. During his appearance, Nader answered many questions about his candidacy, such as:

- Why is he running this year, when so many Democrats have blamed him for 'throwing the 2000 election' to George W. Bush?
- Will a John Kerry presidency be much different from George W. Bush's first four years, from a foreign policy perspective?
- What would Nader do about the deepening war in Iraq if he were elected president?
- Should George W. Bush be impeached for misleading the American people into an illegal, immoral, and unnecessary war in Iraq?
- What does Nader make of a recent article in The Nation magazine urging him not to run in 2004?

Presented here is video of Nader's entire 20-minute appearance on Meet the Press, arranged in three unedited segments.


Download the Videos and Read More

Ralph Nader Nominating Convention - Saturday June 26th
Ralph Nader will hold a nominating convention to place his name on the Oregon ballot for President. It will occur on Saturday, June 26, 2004, 5:00-7:00 p.m. at the Benson High School Auditorium.

Recent articles about Nader and the Nominating Convention: [ Question About Nader Convention | THE THIRD MAN THEME: RALPH NADER INTERVIEW | Howard Zinn Endorses Nader Convention | Howard Zinn urges: "Attend the Oregon Nader Convention" | Ralph Nader To Hold Nominating Convention ]

Recent lively discussions about issues surrounding Nader: [ DemoStalinists Sue To Block Nader From Arizona Ballot | DemoThugs tear down Nader posters in Eugene | Kerry May Actually Be in Third Place, Behind Nader and Bush!!! | Nader picks Camejo | Nader Convention as a main feature? | DemoCorpse thugs tearing down Nader posters in Portland ]


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