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SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 17.06.2002 18:28
Greg Palast to Speak in Portland, Eugene, Seattle
In our world of corrupt, elite-serving corporate media, Greg Palast stands out as a rare investigative journalist with courage and integrity. He has broken some of the most significant stories in recent history, including Bush's election fraud in Florida, the WTO's secret agenda, and Bush's bin Laden investigation cover-up.

Just returning from Venezuela, where he exposed what really happened during the unsuccessful coup against Chavez, Palast is now touring to promote his new book The Best Democracy Money Can Buy. The book is a collection of his articles (mostly published in the UK) documenting government and corporate scandals.

He will speak in Portland on Tuesday, June 18th, 7:00pm at the First Unitarian Church, and in Eugene on June 19th, 7:30pm at the McDonald Theatre. He will also appear in Seattle and other NW locations.

PALESTINIAN RIGHTS 17.06.2002 17:55
International Solidarity Activist Speaks in Portland

John Reese, an International Solidarity Movement activist who recently returned from Palestine, spoke in Portland Saturday night at the Forum on Palestine. This was the fifth Forum presented by the Palestine Action Group.

John showed slides from the month he spent in Jenin, Bethlehem, Ramallah and the Gaza Strip. Some of the photos depicted extensive damage in Jenin. "You don't realize how bad it is until you actually see it," he said. He also showed photos of tanks and bulldozers ripping up water systems and tearing up crops, targeting the Palestinian infrastructure. He spoke of how Israel is destroying "not only the people, but the paperwork that shows there were ever people there."

John is returning to Palestine soon, where he will participate in the ISM Freedom Summer Campaign. He plans to remain in Palestine for at least a year, working for Palestinian water rights (he is an engineer). John has been a Seattle IndyMedia activist since its inception, and will continue reporting for IMC while in Palestine. He is seeking help to fund his trip.

The next Palestine Action Group Forum will be held in July and will feature speakers Emma Franks and Marlene Eid.

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 17.06.2002 16:51
Protests announced for National Governors Conference in Boise
The National Governor's Association will be hosting its annual national meeting in Boise this July 13th-16th. The NGA is a powerful lobbying group bringing hundreds of people to discuss policy, executive power, and state's issues for the upcoming year. This includes the governors of every state, members of the oval office (including the President), members of the corporate media and hundreds of lobbyists (known otherwise as "Corporate Fellows").

The interests represented at the Governor's Conference are not the interests of the public. Lobbyists overwhelmingly represent large corporations, the prison and military industrial complexes, and natural resource and energy extraction interests (for a list of NGA "Corporate Fellows" please visit their website at NGA.org). The math is simple, 50 governors, 1500 people in attendance. There is a small discrepancy, especially when taking into account that the public are not welcome at all. Profits will always be put before people at influential meetings like these, often for years to come.

The Idaho Progressive Student Alliance (IPSA) is opposed to policy that negatively effects the environment, worker's rights, women, and people of color. The policies supported by the president, our governor, and others around the nation will often go against everything we stand for and believe in. We invite community members from our state and beyond: join us to demanding change in oppressive policy and encourage more democratic institutions. We hope to have as many of us as there are of them, for there are as many issues of oppression as there are states.

Last Chance To Stop Fast Track
Fast Track could get lost in committee or it could be passed into law. What will it be? With the Bush Administration grasping unprecedented power under the guise of 'fighting the war on terrorism', it is more important than ever to stop Fast Track. Fast Track transfers constitutionally-mandated powers of Congress to the Executive Branch. George Bush, reckless in his dictatorial attitude and unilateral action, should not be given the authority to negotiate sweeping trade agreements that will affect hundreds of millions of people.

The bill to give Bush Fast Track authority to negotiate trade agreements for the US (read: more NAFTA, MAI, FTAA, etc.) has passed both houses. The Senate has passed a different bill than the House so the matter goes to a conference committee. The "new" Fast track bill is HR3009. The House version was HR3005.

The Bush administration has shown us that it is willing to be unscrupulous or unethical (even illegal) in how it attains its goals. It is important for concerned people to speak up on this issue. [ Read More On The Newswire ]

STATE CORRUPTION 16.06.2002 10:35
Cheney's Coming to Town!
A post to the newswire announces that our un-elected and frequently sequestered vice president, Dick Cheney, is coming to Portland. According to the latest information, Cheney will speak at a Young Republicans conference the afternoon of Sunday, June 23rd, and attend a fundraising breakfast for Gordon Smith on the 24th.

Organizers invite all interested activists to a planning meeting this Monday, 7:00 pm, Rm 327, Smith Center (PSU). David Zundel, an organizer of the protest, says: "We will name his crimes. We will name his lies. Come organize." Considering the success of the Bush protest in January, and Portland's reputation as "Little Beirut," organizers are hoping for a large and spirited demo.

Cheney has been receiving more bad publicity lately, even in the barely-alive mainstream press. An editorial in today's Chicago Sun-Times asserts that "Cheney tried to cover up what the administration knew [about 9/11] and when the administration knew it" read more

One anonymous comment on the newswire says: "Nearly six months have past since Bush visited. A lot has happened since then. Revelations of advanced 911 warnings, crooked business at Halburton and Enron, the "coup" attempt in Venezuela and the administration flushing the Bill of Rights down the toilet. Everyone who truly loves this country must be there. 10,000 protesting voices - music for democracy."

Smirking Chimp has a great selection of Cheney-related articles.

Citizens in Eugene protest loss of civil liberties
From the open publishing newswire: Benjamin Franklin is famously quoted as having said, "They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety". In the United States today, the population seems to be making the dreadful choice of "safety" at the expense of liberty. In the past few weeks, a number of alarming events have occurred with virtually no outcry: draconian expansion of FBI powers ŕ la COINTELPRO and increased funding to boot; an unprecedented centralization of the U.S. military in North America under one command (an action avoided during World War II to guarantee civilian control over the military); a proposal to create a Department of Homeland Defense and centralize federal snooping efforts; government hearings that could presage forced vaccinations of the public; and, the detaining of a U.S. citizen by the military despite a paucity of evidence indicating any meaningful criminal activity. In Portland, the news broke that the Joint Terrorism Task Force is apparently much larger than previously admitted by the Katz administration. Any of these events alone would be cause for loud protest; together they necessitate rEvolution.

Five of us stood out in front of the Federal Building in downtown Eugene on Friday, 14 June, to express our outrage at these developments and the continuing "war on terror". Positive reception outweighed negative by a 3-1 or so ratio. Those who responded at all were in the minority, though -- perhaps 10% of those who passed. Many more people assiduously turned their heads, fiddled with their radios or checked their make-up. They didn't want to know what our message was one way or another. I started to feel very angry. What debilitating disease has befallen the residents of the United States, that so few are rising up and speaking out against the pall of fascism that is swiftly covering us? [ Read more... ]

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 15.06.2002 02:15
U.S. Conference of Mayors met with Creative Resistance in Madison, Wisconsin
The U.S. Conference of Mayors (USCM) has descended upon Madison, Wisconsin. The conference will allow business leaders and U.S. mayors to set the agenda of U.S. cities during an array of high-priced meals and social events closed to the public, but open to corporations. Having been around for 70 years, the USCM has long played a crucial role in setting a corporate-biased agenda for over 3,000 U.S. cities and has a number of tools available for doing just that.

Fortunately, the people of Madison also have tools for expressing their agenda, and have very creatively been doing just that. Members of the Poverty Action Network, a coalition member of Cities For People, braved the rain to greet mayors at Dane County Regional Airport. The activists held up signs stating "Danger: Free Speech Ahead," "Cities for People Not for Profits!", and more. [ Photos ]

During Friday morning rush hour, renegade bipeds honored the auto industry's generous sponorship of the US Conference of Mayors. They hung banners from the bike path bridge over Madison's beltline reading "Vroom, vroom consume," "Your $UV is Killing Me," and "50,000 Die/Year." Ford, General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, the American Petroleum Institute, and the American Trucking Associations are all members of the Mayors Business Council. [ Photos ]

Creative People's Resistance and other activists have organized four days of events to protest the Mayors, including rallies, music and a parade. Perhaps some direct action that does not appear in the calendar will also occur.

Visit Madison Indymedia for up-to-the minute coverage of this important expression of resistance to corporate power.

[ Madison Indymedia | Creative People's Resistance | Calendar of Events | Background and breaking news at Madison Indymedia's Mayors Feature ]

People thrown out of OSU commencement for protesting Bush
From the open publishing newswire: "We arrived at Ohio Stadium [at Ohio State University in Columbus] at 6 am. A rally was scheduled at the Jesse Owens memorial site for that time, and the graduates were to be at their places by 6:30 am. Family and friends were permitted to enter at that time as well.

"I didn't get close enough to the 6 am rally, but in my search for an organizer of Turn Your Back On Bush, I did indeed hear the announcement. Graduating students were told that they would be expelled and arrested if they turned their backs. they were alerted that dozens of staff memebers and police officers would be watching the stands, as well as the Secret Service. A few students asked for the definition of expulsion....did it mean removal from the stadium or refusal of their diplomas, or both? One of the persons at the front said 'Both. And what will your parents do when they are paged from the crowd to bail out their son?' I do not know if this person had an official capacity with the Ohio State University or any police department..."

"We went behind the graduates and looked for peace signs on the mortar boards (a sign that was meant to ID the Turn-Your-Backers). It was really difficult to get an accurate count, but there were a LOT of peace signs. I was sure that we weren't the only ones counting peace signs..."

"About 10 minutes later, Shrub was introduced to speak. Before he even got to the stage, we did our about-face." [ Full story ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 14.06.2002 16:37
June 15th - National Day of Action to protest Fee-Demo - Local Portland Action
On Saturday, June 15th from 11am-1pm, a peaceful rally, as part of a National Day of Action, will be held in Terry Shrunk Plaza to voice collective dissatisfation for the controversial Fee Demo program, its' widening implications, and bankrupt philosophy.

Participants from across the outdoor spectrum will gather to hear Scott Silver of Wild Wilderness, Phillip Johnson of Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, and special guests. Accompaning this will be music by local hit group "Old Friends". A table will provide the latest information on the issue and signs will be available for people to freely express themselves.

What is the Fee Demo program?

In 1996, the Recreation Fee Demonstration Program, commonly known as Fee-Demo was introduced as what Congress intended to be a three year experiment. In 2002, the experiment drags on as Congress continues to give federal managers further time in which to try and turn wild lands, which are the home of all creatures, into a profit driven commodity to benefit the few. Fee-Demo is exclusionary because lower income citizens specifically can not afford such basic rights as the freedom to walk in a forest.

June 15th, 2002 has been declared a National Day of Action to protest Fee-Demo and to urge Congress to restore adequate funding to maintain appropriate levels of recreational infrastructure on, and provide adequate protection of, America's public lands. There will be 30 protests in 9 different states.

[ New Fee Demo Legislation Introduced | Fee-Demo and the Economic Taliban | The Corporate Agenda Behind Forest Fees | Wild Wilderness Website ]

WAR OF TERRORISM 14.06.2002 12:49
Who Is Al Queda?
While the Bush regime, and its media machine have painted a picture of Al Queda's relentless quest to destroy western 'civilization', and given many assertions that these 'evil-doers' will be hunted down and exterminated, the behind the scenes picture is rather murky.

Last November, during fighting in Afghanistan, thousands of Taliban and Al Queda forces were forced back into the northern hill town of Kunduz. Trapped with them were Pakistani Army officers, intelligence advisers, and volunteers who were fighting alongside the Taliban. Oddly, the U.S. military, with Bush administration approval, facilitated the airlift of Pakistani forces out of Kunduz, and 'accidently' airlifted potentially thousands of Taliban and Al Queda troops as well. Kashmir, the territory disputed by Pakistan and India is described as their likely destination

Interestingly, it was 3 weeks after the airlift, that the Indian Parliament in New Delhi was attacked by 5 heavily armed muslim terrorists. A major event that sparked the intensification of conflict between Pakistan and India. The Carlyle Group and its business partner BAE Systems, with Tony Blair as the front man, are putting pressure on India to accept a $1.4 Billion contract for 60 british fighter jets. A deal financially beneficial to the Bush clan and its supporters.

Meanwhile, in Kosovo, and recently in Chechnya and Macedonia, the U.S. is funding terrorists (drug dealers, gangsters and warlord fundamentalists) which include Al Queda forces.

Is the U.S. fighting a 'war on terrorism'? fighting against the terrorists? or rather using the terrorists to de-stabilize numerous regions around the world to promote military and economic domination? Who is Al Queda, and what is the relationship with the CIA and the Bush regime?

Add Your Comments

[ Centre for Research on Globalisation | indy 911 Investigation page ]

ANIMAL RIGHTS 14.06.2002 09:28
Activists Organize A Virtual Sit-In To Protest HLS
A new, and uniquely computer-age form of civil-disobedience is being used to protest Huntingdon Life Sciences this Friday evening, June 14th. It's called the 'virtual sit-in'. The idea is that a large number of people run an automated tool that repeatedly downloads the website of a company who they wish to protest against. If enough people take part, this will disrupt the company's online presence in the same way that a large crowd of demonstrators would disrupt their physical presence. The virtual sit-in means that people all around the world can participate in one concerted effort - a form of citizens globalization from below. [ For More Info ]

Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) are a UK based animal experimentation company who have been exposed for animal cruelty and other criminal offences on five separate occasions. In 1997, Channel Four filmed workers repeatedly punching a four month old puppy in the face.

THE TIGHTENING NOOSE 14.06.2002 01:50
'Forget the 'dirty bomb' -- this looks more like dirty tactics'
The U.S. government stirred the pot again a few days ago by announcing that they had arrested a U.S. citizen, Abdullah Al Mujahir, a.k.a. Jose Padilla, for being part of an effort to detonate a "dirty bomb" in a U.S. city. Attorney General John Ashcroft claims that Mujahir is a member of al Quaida and can be legally held by the military "under the laws of war" for an indefinite amount of time. Civil libertarians are gravely concerned about the dearth of evidence and due process in this case. The Wall Street Journal is one corporate media outlet that has revealed the lack of a case: "Although some U.S. officials, including U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft, said that Mr. Padilla researched dirty bombs in Lahore, Pakistan, an intelligence official said his research consisted of 'basically surfing the Internet' for information on the crude devices."

One writer has commented on the situation this way: "Forget the 'dirty bomb' - this looks more like dirty tactics on the part of the Bush administration. There was no dirty bomb; there was no realistic prospect of a dirty bomb; and there was next-to-no possibility of a dirty bomb being detonated anywhere in the USA. Rather, the whole affair looks like a desperate attempt by Bush and co to deflect accusations that they have failed to foil terrorist attacks - and many people seem to be falling for it." [ Read more... ]

A poster to SF Bay Indymedia commented: "Bush-Ashcroft has crossed a major 'bright line', so to speak, between democracy and dictatorship. If we thought things were bad before we now have open violation of the constitution and it's about time that we organized to at least save what's left of America...otherwise things will be infinitely worse than they are now. What is at stake is nothing less than whatever remains of our democracy." [ Story and many comments ]

Another portland indymedia post reads: "What makes us think we have more rights than Abdullah Al Mujahir? What's to stop John Ashcroft from accusing you of being a member of al Qaida and locking you up with no evidence and cutting you off from your family and a lawyer? Apparently, nothing at all. I'd like to challenge all the Real Americans out there to do their civic duty and defend the constitutional rights we are being cowed into abandoning for the sake of a little security." [ Read more... ]

Rallies are planned in Portland and Eugene on Friday, 14 June, to protest Mujahir's situation, and other recent attacks on civil liberties by the U.S. government. Portland: Pioneer Square at 5:00. Eugene: The Federal Building at 5:00.

Articles and discussions: [ "ARE YOU SCARED YET? DIRTY BOMBS ALERTS AND OTHER PROPAGANDA" | SF Indy: "'DIRTY BOMB' SUSPECT CAN BE HELD INDEFINITELY" | "Americans are losing their rights" ]

LABOR 14.06.2002 00:53
Activists show solidarity with workers in El Salvador
On April 26, according to the Campaign for Labor Rights, "the management of the Tainan factory in El Salvador announced -- through an article in local newspapers -- that workers who had been suspended from the factory would NOT be returning to their jobs. The workers in the Tainan factory have been organizing a union, Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria Textiles (STIT) or the Industrial Union of Textile Workers, in the second of the two plants at Tainan for almost two years. STIT obtained legal recognition in July 2001 and had just submitted a request to the Labor Ministry for collective bargaining rights when the management made the announcement that it would close the factory. Tainan then began to dismantle machinery in the factory and initiated the legal process of dissolving the company. The company had been suspending workers since last August claiming lack of orders, though the union has evidence that the factory was receiving work and sending it to other factories. Suspensions escalated sharply at the beginning of April after a meeting between the Labor Ministry, the company, and the union in which the company announced that it would offer full severance benefits to anyone who would voluntarily resign. If workers didn't resign, they would be suspended. Tainan El Salvador produces for many US retail companies -- its primary customer world-wide is the Gap."

According to a newswire post, "In response to the inaction of Tainan Enterprises in the face of the demand to reopen two factories in El Salvador and respect the right of the union there, STIT, to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement, STIT [called for] an international day of action against Tainan Enterprises on June 13th (June 12th for Taiwan). Activists in Taiwan protested at Tainan Enterprises headquarters in Taipei. STIT in El Salvador protested at the Embassy of Taiwan and the office of Tainan Enterprises in El Salvador.

"Solidarity campaigners called on US activists to put pressure on Footlocker (formerly Venator, Inc.) because they've received recent shipments from Tainan Enterprises and have refused to respond to campaign organizers repeated phone calls and letters. In Eugene, one lone activist covered the parking lot of VRC with informational flyers about Footlocker's refusal to engage with labor organizers and support the workers' right to unionize as well as presented the history of the El Salvadorans' struggle to unionize. Mall security was hot on her tail, but never caught up with the 'lone flyer.'" [ Story ]

[ Background on the Fight for Worker Rights at the Tainan Factory in El Salvador | More info at Globilizaction website | U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 13.06.2002 21:23
Forest action camp underway in Rogue Valley
Peak Timber Sale Near Crater Lake The forests of Peak timber sale are imminently threatened! Roseburg Forest Products/Scott Timber (stUMPQUA BANK) holds a contract to begin logging operations early July!

Join local community members and activists from across the Northwest for a 2 week action camp at the Peak timber sale, Prospect Ranger District, Rogue River National Forest.

Come and learn! Connect with the forests of the upper Rogue basin. Connect with activists working to protect the land. Gain and share skills in tree climbing, wilderness first response, nonviolence, public lands strategy, forest defense, survey and manage, and plant and critter identification.

Peak is one of over a dozen Replacement Volume Program sales threatening old growth across the Northwest. The RVP is a scam crafted by the timber industry to cut the last remaining old growth forests. The RVP is a violation of the public trust and must be cancelled immediately!

The Peak Timber Sale is in the Upper Rogue River Watershed west of Highway 62 and Crater Lake National Park. Logging threatens 660 acres of old-growth forest core fisher habitat. These forests reside at an elevation of 4,000-5,200 feet. The trees are estimated to equal approximately 3,890 thousand board feet(mbf) of lumber.

FOREST ACTIVISM 13.06.2002 00:51
Little River Demo Timber Sale Cancelled
The Little River Demo timber sale, site of a beautiful forest in the Umpqua National Forest was set to be logged in order to "study the effects of clearcutting on wildlife". In a stroke of sanity, the U$ Forest Service has decided to cancel this sale!! This is a HUGE victory and activists can now concentrate on the remaining dozens of other sales on the chopping block this season.

This sale was yet another "Replacement Volume" timber scam given to Roseburg Forest Products, on top of the fact that it was for "research" purposes. Little River DEMO Timber Sale (7.1 million board feet of old-growth and native forest) is within the Little River drainage on the North Umpqua Ranger District. [ Read More ]

[ Umpqua Watersheds Website | Eco-Echo Website ]

Forest Defenders Invade Lumber Board Meeting - 3 Arrested Hanging A Banner

"Co-founders of the Oregon-based Cascadia Forest Defenders stormed the North American Lumber Association (NAWLA) annual Board of Directors meeting at the swank Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs this morning. With radio and video rolling, the forty-some directors sat stunned and silent while activists exposed their genocidal and eco-cidal profiteering. The activists escaped security by a hair on the stairway just outside the meeting room." [ Read More ]

PEACE 12.06.2002 20:35
Faith in Action vigil in Eugene: Depart from evil, pursue peace
From the open publishing newswire: "Thirty-some people gathered for Faith in Action's peace vigil at the Federal Building in Eugene today. Faith in Action is a coalition of faith-based organizations in the Eugene area. They hold these vigils every other Wednesday. They chose this location because U.S. Senator Gordon Smith's office is in the Federal Building and this intersection gets a lot of traffic at rush-hour.

"It was ninety degrees and sunny in Eugene today, and this woman [pictured] stood so her face was in the shade but her sign was in full view. The crowd was about 60/40 male/female. Interestingly, no one there seemed to be under the age of 30 without also being under the age of 5. Six or seven small children were in attendance. A couple of them held signs for awhile, but the heat soon drove them to the shade where they drew with chalk on the pavement.

"At the end of the vigil, we stood in a circle, held hands, and meditated silently on Psalm 34:14: 'Depart from evil and do good; Seek peace and pursue it.'

"The next Faith in Action peace vigil will be Wednesday, June 26, from 4:30-5:30 p.m. either at the Federal Building, or a few blocks down in front of Senator Wyden's office, at 7th and Charnelton."

[ Story & Photos | Previous Faith in Action peace vigil (29 May) ]

STATE POWER 12.06.2002 15:35
Has the PJTTF secretly expanded from 9 to 40 Portland officers? No, says Mayor Katz - they were there all along, covertly
boot Two thirds of the way through an Oregonian article on the new FBI, the article quietly said: "The Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF), which before Sept. 11 included nine police officers from Portland and Beaverton working with six FBI agents, now has 40 full-time local police investigators teamed with 12 FBI agents."

Though the Oregonian had no interest to inquire into what would be massive changes in the JTTF, Portland's activist community is vigilent and a local citizen wrote a letter to Mayor Katz and the City Council asking for clarification.

The Mayor replied: "Portland's committment to the Joint Terrorism Task Force has not changed. The phrase 'local full-time police investigators' does not refer to the Portland Police Bureau alone. I spoke with FBI spokeperson Beth Ann Steele to get some insight into the number quoted in the newpaper. According to Ms. Steele, the number includes local representatives of such agencies as the INS, IRS, US Postal Service, Secret Service and USDA."

Say What!? There was never any mention in all the public hearings last year, of these other 31 "local investigators". So much for the idea of open dialog and accountability. It is only because of a casual comment in the Oregonian that citizens now know that these other 31 investigators in the PJTTF exist!

Mayor Katz avoided addressing the statement in the Oregonian that the number of FBI agents has gone from 6 up to 12.

If you have any further information on this story, comment on the newswire

CIVIL RIGHTS, including community opposition to the JTTF, will be the focus of Portland Peaceful Response's weekly vigil this Friday, June 14 at 5pm in Pioneer Square.

Verdict in on Bari/Cherney Vs FBI Case: FBI Political Police Lose - Jury Awards $4.4 Million
The FBI loses! As Ashcroft plots the expansion of the American police state, a jury in Oakland has found the FBI at fault for attempting to frame environmental/labor activists Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney. Three senior agents from the FBI's terrorism squad, which worked with the Oakland Police Dept. collecting files on local political and activist groups, as well as three OPD officers were found liable for violating Bari and Cherney's 1st and 4th amendment rights. "This verdict shows that activists are the target of the FBI and that reasonable people can see that, and they've awarded us huge damages because of that," says Earth First!er Alicia Littletree. [ Full details | Press release ]

The 10-person federal jury reached unanimous verdicts against 6 of the 7 defendants, but remains undecided on the claim surrounding Cherney's arrest and found no liability for the conspiracy claims, perhaps because evidence of COINTELPRO-style frameups was withheld by Judge Wilken. "We have more to appeal than they do," says plaintiff's attorney Dennis Cunningham, referring to withheld evidence and the six FBI agents dismissed from the case. Cherney summed it up to the press, "We argued this case with our hands tied and the jury blindfolded and we still won." [ SF Indy Judi Bari Page ]

From an SF newswire comment: "Judi Bari was a labor organizer and an environmentalist who understood the connection between the two movements and did her best to unite both movements. She was also a feminist, fighting for our right to abortion, and a peacenik. A verdict that so clearly demonstrates the strength of all those movements comes from a community, the San Francisco Bay Area, where labor, the environmental movement, the women's liberation movement and the peace movement are all comparatively strong. It is the progressive ambience, created by all of our many demonstrations, workingclass community organizing of all kinds and labor organizing that made this verdict possible."

STATE POWER 11.06.2002 20:28
Bush's Department of Homeland Defense - Framework of Fascist State embraced by top Democrats
The new Department of Homeland Defense sought by Bush, and readily embraced by top Democrats, is the infrastructure of the emerging Police State. The proposal, developed under tight secrecy by only four people, is another acceleration in the move towards presidential dictatorship.

Right from before the presidential election, when Jeb Bush, along with Katherine Harris, conspired to defraud tens of thousands of mostly African American and Hispanic voters in order to manipulate the election, to the Anthrax letters which, when correlated in a timeline with the introduction and passage of the Patriot Act, appear to have been sent to push the Patriot Act through, and recently to the re-instating of officially sanctioned FBI 'Cointelpro' powers , the pattern is quite clear.

This is not about protecting the people, but about surveillance and repression of the people.

In what was most likely a CIA operation, the Anthrax letters were sent to top Democrats and Media and were a blunt message. Congress capitulated with hardly a whimper, with many Congresspersons later admitting that they never even read the constitutionally suspect Bill that they passed.

Now the Department Of Homeland Defense is on the agenda

The consolidation of agencies such as the Coast Guard, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the Transportation Security Agency and others—22 in all, from five separate government departments—represents an unprecedented concentration of police powers at the federal level and under the control of very few people.

Congressional oversight of the new behemoth agency will be far more limited than the current supervision of 22 separate smaller agencies. Bush boldly cited the lessened congressional scrutiny as one of the main advantages of his reorganization plan.

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the dictator." George W. Bush - December 18, 2000

With the Shadow Government in place, Congress little more than a shadow itself, and the Department of Homeland Defense likely to be implemented, Bush's dream of dictatorship is well on its way to reality. It is up to the people to stop it.

[ Bush's new Department of Homeland Defense: the scaffolding of a police state | Greg Palast - Theft of the Presidency ]

GENETIC ENGINEERING 11.06.2002 15:20
Activists gather at Safeway to demand GE-FREE foods
NW RAGE (Resistance Against Genetic Engineering) activists spread the word to a receptive public at the event on, Saturday, June 8, at Portland's Lloyd Center Safeway. Between 40 and 50 protesters showed up on a beautiful sunny day to give Safeway a taste of public opinion on the matter of Genetically Engineered food.

A giant Frankenstein puppet marched along with families and others holding signs asking for safe, GE-free food, while passers-by stopped to chat with the protesters, or to sign cards and petitions asking Safeway to stop using genetically engineered ingredients. Later on, we were joined by a second monster, a 270-pound genetically engineered abomination who continued with us through the protest.

Again this week, as in previous demonstrations, hundreds of passing cars honked their horns in solidarity with the protesters, smiling, waving and giving thumbs-up signs. From the reaction we received it was apparent that the word had been getting out about the issue, and people wanted something to be done. Many folks stopped and took time to thank us for doing this. [ Read More ]

[ NW RAGE Action page | NW RAGE ]

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