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23.07.2004 14:53
Klamath Tribes in Scottish Power meeting demanding that the Klamath River dams be removed
 Dead salmon line the banks of the Klamath River on Sept. 28, 2002. - AP Today the Klamath Tribes, environmentalist and fishermen are in the shareholders meeting in Scotland telling Scottish Power to free the Klamath River. Please Take a moment of your day to support the communities of the Klamath and to demand justice over profit for the Klamath River. Two years ago 34,000 wild Salmon died in Klamath, the tribes and communities of the Klamath need these fish to survive. Please help us to say never again. Act now and you can help to free the river and Save the Klamath Salmon. Email  ScottishPower@pelicannetwork.org. One Klamath communitiy members comments are below.


DICK CHENEY RETURNS 23.07.2004 12:30
The Return of Dick cheney--Monday the 26th at 4PM at the Airport Embassy Suites
On July 26, 2004, this coming Monday, from 4:30 PM onward, VP Dick Cheney will be in town for a fundraiser and party. You and I are not invited. However, I plan to go to help throw a Peoples' Party as near as we get to Cheney's party located at the Embassy Suites Hotel at 7900 NE 82nd St. I hope you will join me.

You can reach the hotel via Max by going to the Mt. Hood Station and walk about ten minutes to the Hotel. As more information becomes available regarding the exact location of this event, I will post it on this website.

Bring your best art work, musical instruments, posters, flags and your creative and First Amendment self. This event is peaceful. [ read more ]

[ Cheney's TFR for Portland, Free Parking? | Not In The Pen | There's plenty here on the Cheney visit | "just me" | Hardhearted Thieves | One part chain link - Two parts people power ]

[ www.hippielawyer.com | Jail Support - 7/26/04 | July 26 2004 Cheney Protests | January 13 2004 Cheney Protests | June 23-24 2002 Cheney Protests ]


23.07.2004 05:13
The Road to Boston: Communiqué from my sister.-Day One
My sister is just a few years younger than I am. Tonight she will leave San Francisco and head for Boston. She is traveling with other women who will be standing together at the National Democratic Convention and the Boston Social Forum that will take place this weekend. I wanted to go with her. I cannot afford to go. So she has agreed to send me daily updates from Boston and I will share them here on Portland Indymedia.

The women she is traveling with are radical videographers. They are going to Boston for different but similar reasons. They want to witness, and they want to put pressure on the Dems to change their ways. They want the Democrats, including Kerry to start representing the people of this country and stop threatening the people of other countries. And, there are other reasons to go. But, I will let them tell you that.

about Edain: Who am I? I am 51 years old. I raised two sons, and one is still living. He is 27 and lives in Oregon. His brother was 27 when he died six years ago. I was raised in small university town in Western Oregon. Both of my parents were well educated. Even though, we were not wealthy (my father spent much of his childhood in an orphanage because his mother was ill and my mother was the oldest of 11 children). My mother died when I was ten and my father raised me and my 11 brothers and sisters by himself.

Update: Communique: Boston IMC diverse voices, diverse tactics

These are comments being posted to the "Communique from my Sister" feature as they appear on the Boston IMC web. They are interesting and important conversations between organizers, anarchists, participants. These are the beginning of the deeper conversations that we must have in every community in order to move ahead to a more just and peaceful world.


22.07.2004 15:54
Don't believe the hype -- Wyden's Wilderness Bill will INCREASE logging on Mt. Hood!
The bill will increase logging projects like the Mill Creek timber sale Forest Conservation group Bark opposes Senator Wyden's inclusion of a mandated increase in logging in his Mt. Hood Wilderness Proposal, introduced in the US Senate today. The bill mandates a quota for logging on the westside of Mt. Hood National Forest while opening up the east side of Mt. Hood for logging in the name of forest health and fire prevention. Mirroring the Bush Administration's so-called Healthy Forest Restoration Act, the bill allows logging in Mt. Hood's eastside back country, which has been proven to increase the risk of catastrophic fire.


21.07.2004 21:11
Preserves & Produce for People, Not Profit
my own personal bounty from last year's barter Back by popular demand! People's Co-op is reprising last year's fun and successful money-free barter event! Only this time, the Co-op is having it on THREE different dates: Aug. 14, Sept. 18, and Oct. 16. What's the purpose of the event? To exchange delicious and healthy home-grown, home-preserved, or wildcrafted food; to share knowledge and skills about growing and acquisition with other people; and to create new community networks around food distribution that don't rely on money.


21.07.2004 18:33
New Charges Against eco-activist Billy Cottrell
The Free Billy Support Network has announced that new charges have been laid against American eco-activist, Billy Cottrell. All the new charges relate to the alleged use of "a destructive device during a violent crime(924c)".


21.07.2004 11:50
Take Action to Defend the Endangered Species Act!
Grey Wolf Congress is considering two bills that would dramatically weaken the Endangered Species Act. Please take a few minutes to call your Representatives and urge them to Oppose any effort to weaken the Act.

Take Action!

Tell them that they should specifically oppose the ?Critical Habitat Reform Act of 2003? (HR 2933) and the ?Sound Science for Endangered Species Act Planning Act? (HR 1662).

U.S. Capitol Switchboard

Speak out against Wyoming's War On Wolves | Write A Letter for the Eastern Reef inhabitants, and for the Whales | Comments Due Friday July 23 for 5 Rogues Timber Sale in Southern Oregon


21.07.2004 11:48
Saturday Slideshow on global resistance to technology
 Fiddleheads (young ferns, edible only before they are unfurled) July 24th at 7pm there will be a stellar slideshow at the Cascadia Rising Infoshop (1540 SE Clinton). The presentors include the creator of the 2002 memorable "Squat Slideshow" featuring slides and stories from the squats of Spain, as well as members of Wildroots.

Wildroots is a 30-acre radical homestead adjacent about 45 minutes from Asheville, NC. Their focus is on experiential learning and living, while practicing, developing and sharing skills - Wildroots lives off the grid, carrying their water from nearby streams, engaging in permaculture, gardening by the moon, natural and primitive shelter building, hide tanning, herbal medicine, nature crafts, and wild food foraging.

Don't miss it!


CORPORATE GREED 21.07.2004 09:58
Circuit Court Judge issues permanent injunction to remove the Willamette Electric People's Utility District vote from the November ballot
On Friday, July 16, Circuit Court Judge Janice Wilson issued a permanent injunction to remove the Willamette Electric People's Utility District vote from the November ballot. This decision was in response to a lawsuit on the PUD's consitutionality filed by Charles Hinkle of Stoel Rives, on behalf of the following plaintiffs:
Gary Coe - owner, Speed's Supertow
Mark Cooksey - PGE employee
Dave Johnson - PGE employee
Dan Yates - president of American Waterways (Portland Spirit cruise ship)

The Willamette Electric People's Utility District campaign is an attempt to establish a PUD in eight precincts which voted a majority in favor of the Multnomah County PUD in November 2003. The lawsuit contends that the Willamette Electric PUD violates the Oregon State Constitution because it would be formed from "part of a municipality" rather than an entire municipality or county. The Constitution does not explicitly say that PUDs cannot be formed from parts of municipalities. However, Judge Wilson chose to support Mr. Hinkle's interpretation of the Constitution.



21.07.2004 04:09
Secret Haliburton Contract Disclosed
Although improperly stamped "SECRET" on February 28th of last year the "Justification and Approval" for a non-competitive contract award to Haliburton's KBR division was recently declassified. Although there is no cap on the dollar value of the contract, a worst case scenario is approximated at 15.7 billion dollars.



19.07.2004 17:08
Pastors For Peace Caravan "Welcomed" By Over 100 Federal Agents
More than 100 officers from Homeland security, the Treasury Department, Customs, Immigration and Border Patrol were on hand at the Hidalgo/Reynosa border crossing this morning, to welcome the Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan, which is challenging the travel ban against Cuba. After obsessively meticulous searches of all belongings and several items seized, the caravan was finally allowed to cross the border. Their mission, to bring supplies and good will to the people of Cuba and to defy the U.S. Government's ban on doing so, was accomplished successfully. [Read More]
[Caravan to Cuba Leaves Portland] [Bush's Cuba Blockade Breached at Blaine]


19.07.2004 16:36
CMC giving away Guerrilla Video Primers
As you may or may not know, members of the Cascadia Media Collective have spent the last 6 years honing media skills to support the growing movements of resistance here in the U.$. and around the world. In the last year we have been fortunate enough to secure the resources to take our goal of a decentralized, autonomous, radical media one step further. Thanks to the Paul Robeson Fund, we are able to send out 250 FREE copies of our newest film, Guerrilla Video Primer.

What is Guerrilla Video Primer? It is a 60 minute action-packed, training video providing detailed instruction on skills from basic camera techniques to Copwatch to distributing YOUR guerrilla media and much more. By distributing free copies, we hope to encourage activists and organizers, rabble-rousers and educators; we hope to encourge YOU to utilize guerrilla media if not make it yourself.

If that sounds like something that your group would like to receive FREE in order to support your work and/or provide for your community, just let us know and we'll send one to you this summer. You can contact the CMC to request a Guerrilla Video Primer or with any questions via the following information:


19.07.2004 16:12
Lo Carb Conspiracy
Lo Carb! Low Carb! Carb Assist!

Whatever the coy brand name, Dr. Atkins is everywhere. You can't pass a store shelf without seeing something advertised as low (or "lo") carb. Why?


19.07.2004 15:58
Updates from BARK about Mt. Hood & Willamette and ALL National Forests

It's been a bitter sweet week. The Bush Administration has reversed the Roadless Rule, putting at risk 58 million acres of pristine National Forest land. In the same week, however, Bark heard news that two of the destructive logging projects that we have been fighting on Mt. Hood National Forest have been withdrawn. This is a rare victory! Congratulations to all who put in so many hours doing field work, pouring over documents, writing letters and educating the public. Join us at our upcoming Pizza Party to celebrate!


19.07.2004 08:52
This Monday (tonight) - Protect the Blue Mountains!
~please spread the word and pass on - don't miss this opportunity to show your support for forest protection east of the Cascades~

Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision 'Workshop' - open to public!

Monday, July 19 - 6pm - 9pm
(open house at 6; presentations at 6:45)
Lloyd Center Doubletree Hotel
1000 NE Multnomah St.
Portland, Oregon


FOREST DEFENSE 19.07.2004 04:21
Biscuit Auction Means Biscuit Action
Ancient forest in the Biscuit Burn went on sale today (friday 7/16/04) in the Medford, OR offices of the Siskiyou National Forest. The Forest Service had placed 1900 acres on the auction block, promising 42 million board-feet (mmbf) of timber. In the end, three of five proposed sales were purchased, totaling 34 mmbf from about 1160 acres. With companies now coming forward to profit from Biscuit ancient forest destruction, the action starts today.


18.07.2004 22:32
Enforced Democracy: the Bolivian referendum
After a long day of tension, rumors, and ocasional provocations, Bolivian polling stations have closed and the counting of votes is underway. But the results are already known. Regardless of whether the "yes" vote or the "no" vote wins, Bolivia's most valuable natural resource - natural gas - will remain in the hands of the transnationals.

Bolivia, South America's poorest country, has long had its wealth plundered by foreigners. First, it was the realization by the Spanish in the sixteenth century that a small hill in the southeast of the country was comprised almost entirely of silver. For two centuries, the wealth extracted from Cerro Rico in Potosí was, according to Uruguayan writer Eduardo Galeano, "the primary nourishment of the capitalist development of Europe." Next it was saltpeter, desperately needed as fertilizer for exhausted European soil, and plundered by the English. Then during the second world war, Bolivia's tin was mined and sold at approximately ten times less the market price, leading to massive strikes, and massacres of the workers, who were only demanding to be paid a living wage. Now, the world wants Bolivia's gas - the second largest reserves in Latin America. But Bolivians are sick of watching the wealth of their nation stolen from underneath their feet. [ Read More ]
[ WeAreEverywhere.org ] [ Bolivia Video Screening in Portland, Tuesday July 20 ]


POLICE HARASSMENT 18.07.2004 16:15
Did you know you need a license to 'Drive' your Bicycle?!?(looking for a kick A$$ lawyer)
You will not believe this!

I was riding my bicycle home after working all day. I was riding a bicycle for the first time, which I was recently given by a friend, on the streets of Tualatin & Lake Oswego. A Lake Oswego officer who was making a left turn from oncoming traffic pulled infront and basically what happened is he demanded my ID/License and told him he was harassing me and that he had no reason to demand any ID and once I got on my bike to go (I didn't even go anywhere) he grabbed me with both hands and forced me off my bike and to the ground.
He arrested me for refusing to provide ID, which I was RIDING a bicycle!!!

You don't have to have a license to ride a bicycle... DO YOU, or does anyone at all?

So that officer arrests me, puts me in his squad car and takes me to Oregon city jail for Clackamas County... When he gave me the summons to appear in court, it said that I was charged with 3 crimes(2 misdemenors, 1 felony), with total fines of $18,500.00 ...I was like WHAT THE F#$K! $18,500!!!


18.07.2004 14:12
Peace protestor assaulted -- Portland police disperse heckling assailants
At 3:35 pm today [Saturday], police were called to the corner of SE 37th and Hawthorne in response to a physical attack on Glen Owen. Owen was standing on sidewalk hoisting the foil-wrapped peace symbol that appeared on the front page of the ~Portland Tribune~ of July 2nd 2004.

A heckler, a middle aged woman, shouted, "Bush is your President!" Owen shouted back "Fuck off or go fuck yourself and your vice-president too!"

At that point a middle-aged man walking behind the heckler struck Owen in the face shouting, "You don't speak to my wife like that."

Then Owen, who is homosexual, shouted "That's a hate crime; call the police!" The middle-aged man continued shouting various kinds of neo-con invective while shielding himself behind the bodies of his wife and daughter. Owen made no attempt to respond with physical violence, merely repeating "That's a hate crime; call the police!" while police were called, apparently by the proprietress of the nearby Café Bagdad.


17.07.2004 15:19
Klamath tribes converge for wild salmon
Klamath tribes spoke truth to power at an anti-Endangered Species Act (ESA) rally and hearing today, July 17, 2004, in Klamath Falls, Oregon. The Klamath River issue has been the most contentious Western water struggle of the last ten years with rallying from right-wingers and massive fish kills of native salmon shaking the communities of Southern Oregon and Northern California.
Klamath tribes spoke truth to power at an anti-Endangered Species Act (ESA) rally and hearing today, July 17, 2004, in Klamath Falls, Oregon.


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