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REAL ECO-TERRORISM 03.08.2004 21:48
Logging in the Oak Grove has begun again
The Batwings timber sale consists of 109 acres of a naturally fire created stand of forest 50-150 years of age, generally speaking. There appears to be a great range of age of trees, diversity of tree species and vascular plants, and overwhelming evidence of black bear, woodpecker foraging, deer, elk and coyote scat, and bobcat scat. The purpose and need of this timber sale, according to the forest service, states, "It has a high level of root disease and mistletoe and does not contribute to an aggregated vegetative pattern." The most interesting part i found in looking through documents is the rule regulating forest openings to 60 acres on the west side(of the Cascades)and 40 acres on the east. The forest service says it has regional approval to bypass the rule. We're talking about a government approved 109 acre clearcut....WOW!!!!!! The timber industry really has learned from the past, and proven they really care. I mean, i thought logging was done differently now, it's sustainable and low impact and blah blah we plant differently and science is on our side blah blah. Yet, in 2004, the FS still plans, sells and oversees 109 acre clearcuts!! 109 acre clearcuts surrounding underground streams and seeps with the hills around as far as the eye can see clearcut and monocropped. This is a vital watershed not only to people in the Portland metro area, but these last stands of native forest are essential corridors for overall species richness of the affected areas. The integrity of these stands are important to the survival of dependent species and the seasonal use by other species.


GE FREE ZONE 03.08.2004 17:17
Trinity County, CA Bans GMOs
gmo free On Aug 3, Trinity County, California became only the second county in the nation to ban the growing of genetically engineered (GE) crops and animals. By a vote of 3-1, Trinity County Supervisors elected to ban GE crops and animals in an effort to protect Trinity's local economy and environment.

Trinity County's decision reflects a growing movement across America to defend local agriculture, biodiversity and human health. Four other California counties will vote in December to ban genetically engineered crops in their county, while dozens of counties across the country are advancing "GE Free" Zones.


03.08.2004 15:09
Bicycle Polo Tentatively Banned from Portland Parks, Alcohol Cited as Main Reason
There has been much confusion on the issue of Bicycle Polo in Portland Parks as of late. Many people do not seem to understand what is going on and are, understandably, jumping to conclusions. This article will hopefully shed light on the factors surrounding the issue and lead everyone to a better understanding of what's going on.


Anwar Peace: A Man With A Target Sign Around His Neck
Anwar Peace, a clean-cut young man, with dark skin and an average build, wears a target sign around his neck (which is in the custody of the Seattle Police as of July 31, 2004), as he trails the Seattle Police, asking for answers. His many photo albums documenting police brutality and police breaking laws, do not endear him to local police. They were not amused, for instance, when he sat outside their precincts with a target sign around his neck, and a card table, full of educational materials for the public on the lack of police accountability in Seattle. He has been very vocal about the strange police killings of minority citizens in the NW, working with the families of John David Walker and Michael Randall Ealy, for example. Families have suffered unexplained assassinations of their loved ones by the SPD, and people like Anwar are not letting these things be forgotten. Anwar's vigilant presence is not welcome by most members of Seattle's police force, and the Police Chief has gone to odd measures to keep Anwar away from him. [ Read more... ]

[ Other articles by kirsten anderberg ]


02.08.2004 17:08
Road to Boston - Comunique from my sister: Boston, the Final Days
Bush thanks Kerry for his support My sister Edain has spent the last week in Boston to attend the Boston Social Forum and the Democratic National Convention. She has traveled with supporters of Kucinich and attended caucuses and workshops, protests and parties. This is the last report back in the series.

EDAIN: I am back home in San Francisco and have slept for about 24 hours in less than two days. We got 3-4 hours of sleep each night. We went to events all day and then sat at the computers and made notes and sent messages about what had happened that day and then laid in our beds and talked and laughed about all that had happened.

I have 12 rolls of pictures of all that went on and will soon figure out how to get them out. My friend, that I traveled with, got lots of footage on the events and will be making a documentary out of it, although she is going to Africa next week for a month so it will be awhile before she completes it, and her documentary on Africa. I never did go into the convention, although on the last day I went to the free speech cage because I heard that the Quakers were tearing it down and I wanted to see it. The most important events happened in the last days in Boston. [ Read More | Read Days Four and Five | Read Day Three | Read Day Two | Read Day One ]

Boston Indymedia | portland indymedia dnc & rnc coverage


02.08.2004 16:54
What A Single Mom on Welfare Needed
This article is based on personal experience, and nothing else. It is not based on statistics, it is not based on what social workers say. It is merely what I experienced as a single mom in poverty, and observations about what would have helped me the most in that situation. My son is now an adult, so I am not in the thick of child care needs, etc. anymore. I can finally write about it. As I was experiencing it, I was too overwhelmed to have the time or energy to have written this down. I find that we make welfare moms invisible by not giving them access to childcare. After a while of being on welfare as a single mom, I was amazed the way the stigma wore at my skin, like saltwater will eat your flesh after too many days at sea without fresh water to wash it off. Or how blowing sand in the desert gets into everything no matter what you do, after a while. I could not wash the stigma of welfare off me and I learned to become invisible in society so I would not trigger that stigma. I had the misfortune of no family to help me with child care and lack of family is often part of landing on welfare. (It is also part of why a homeless teen would want a child.) A homeless teen, who has left home due to abuse, as I had, for example, is a prime candidate, I would guess, to become a welfare mom. Without family, one lacks a huge foundation that most people literally take for granted. And poverty bites away at your soul, day by day on the street, without any buffer. There is a downward spiral of poverty that can act like quicksand. But this is not an article about the politics of the welfare system or what makes poverty. This is about the *reality* of welfare moms and what you can do to help them if you so desire.

Other articles by kirsten anderberg


02.08.2004 12:40
The Mendocino Model
gmo free mendocino On March 6, 2004 residents of Mendocino County passed a measure that bans the planting of Genetically Engineered (GE) crops -- also known as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) -- within their county. Mendocino County's Measure H is being used as a model for at least a dozen other counties in California where local residents are well on their way to passing similar measures. Organizers in Butte, Humboldt, Marin and San Luis Obispo counties have already collected enough signatures to place measures on the November ballot. Californians feel that local measures seeking to ban the cultivation of GE crops are critical steps to take in the promotion of economically and ecologically sustainable agriculture.

California farms produce more than 350 varieties of crops and export more than any state in the US. Although California is recognized as a world leader in organic food production and sustainable agriculture, the world's largest biotechnology companies are attempting to coerce GE crops onto California's farms. Genetic engineering poses a significant risk to the environment, our food supply and the economic health of farmers.

Californians for GE-Free Agriculture


02.08.2004 10:32
DNC 2 RNC Marches on!
The DNC2RNC March is a 258 Mile Movement from The Boston Common to Madison Square Garden; stopping, rallying, and spreading resistance the entire way. The March left from the Common the day after the DNC ended, on July 30th. Nearly 90 people rallied at 9am, ate breakfast provided by Seeds of Peace, and held a circle chant where we all met each other by saying our names and having the group repeat it. At around ten in the morning the march was off. The police escorted and the first day had little tension.


02.08.2004 01:25
The FBI Lied, Again
American beaten by the police for peacefully demonstrating. The FBI lied to you when they said protesters planning to attend the anti-DNC marches in Boston were plotting to attack the media. The DNC is now complete and not a single report of an attack against the media has surfaced. Had such an attack occurred, it is doubtless that the media would have hyped it. No such attack occurred. Here is an article instigated by the FBI concerning the alleged plot by protesters to terrorize the media: Nets warned of threat.


BACK TO THE WALL 02.08.2004 01:07
Senator Ron Wyden has a vision for our federal forests. His vision is not the preservation of our last remaining wilderness but rather the saving of small areas of old growth trees while industrial logging continues and dominates. His vision for our wilderness is that of a large theme park. He does not have a conservation ethic. He is the consummate politician.

Since becoming Senator his policies have time after time moved in this direction. He has successfully adopted the strategy of Mark Hatfield. His plan is simple and effective. It is, plainly put, 'two steps forward and one step back'. Two steps forward (from his perspective) to increase logging and one step back to preserve wilderness.

The latest example of this strategy is Wyden's writing and passage of the Healthy Forest Restoration Act (HFRA), which allows cutting of millions of acres of our forests (two steps forward) followed by his Mount Hood Wilderness Bill (one step backward). The HFRA is responsible for the largest timber sale in US History the Biscuit Sale. If it succeeds it will effectively destroy the remaining wilderness of the Siskyou Forest. Wherever there is a forest fire there now exists a legal basis to cut it down. To avoid effective condemnation by the environmental community and increase his environmental currency he countered in an election year with the Mount Hood Wilderness Bill. This Bill would protect wilderness areas around Mount Hood but the bill also encourages logging and establishes a reserve for mountain biking. The Bill will likely be watered down after the election to the betterment of the logging industry to be more consistent with Wyden's vision.


STREET REPORT 01.08.2004 18:53
Police Taser Large Mentally Ill Black Man
taser gun in action pic, from taser.com A large black man was tased and subdued at approximately 1:33 PM on SE 50th at Division. He had allegedly threatened a hispanic man with a knife, who reported to 911 and the police responded. Police say he was stopped on the street, asked if he had a knife, then pepper sprayed as the man reached into his pocket. He withdrew his hand holding the knife, and was tased. Several more charges were required to subdue him. He is breathing, and EMS arrived.

I saw the man eating at Gramma Lucy's cafe, on Division just above 50th. He seemed to be mentally ill or at least have a sever speech problem. He paid for his food and got some water to go and left. I at my lunch, and upon leaving saw many police rushing to the end of the block. I saw 8 police around him, and other witnesses said they heard and smelled tasers. After a struggle, they got his arms behind his back and cuffed him. An officer came over and sprayed off his face with what I'd guess was water.


Marines train for "crowd control" in West Virginia
ABC TV News last night (Saturday, July 31) aired a story of Marines "training" onn the streets of a West Virginia town for crowd control and urban combat. A series of chilling video clips showed Marines in full riot gear moving forward in rank while beating nightstick-like batons in unison against the plastic riot shields they carried. The scene was identical to many recent protests where similarly armed police have used such tactics to steamroller protestors. Other video showed a new type of "non-lethal" stun grenade and various hardware such as rubber bullets for use in controlling/dispersing large crowds. The news commentator said the exercises were being conducted on the streets of small-town America to give Marines a feel for how real people would react to their presence. The official "explanation" for these exercises is that the Marine participants will soon be deployed to Iraq, where they will use their training to quell street protests.

Several questions/observations come to mind:

  • Why are Marines being trained in these type of police tactics at all? Aren't we spending a gazillion dollars to train Iraqi police to handle these very situations?
  • To date, the only (non-combat) public protests in Iraq have been noisy but peaceful. Why the sudden interest in controlling these people to the point of screwing them down? Wasn't the (ostensible) purpose to "liberate" them, and to establish "democracy"? (Oh, forgot, this IS what democracy looks like. Silly me.)
  • Is this "training" the Marines are receiving really intended to be useful on a practical level in Iraq, or will Iraq simply be Phase II of training to use these forces right here in America? I'm not a big fan of conspiracy theories, but it's a fact that the Bush administration has cancelled the Posse Comitatus Act and virtually eliminated the line between civilian and military control of civil affairs. Really makes me wonder about our own future and the potential for martial law.


Raise Your Voice to Stop Abuse of Jailed Activist Tre Arrow
Be a voice for justice! Jailed peace & environmental activist Tre Arrow is being subjected to abuse and human rights violations. We must stand together and demand justice. Tre has been moved into Segregation because fruit was found in his cell on Wednesday which is against prison rules. The Wardens Court placed him in segregation for several days as punishment. He now weighs 91 lbs. He is being subjected to verbal abuse by prison guards and is not given blankets when requested for warmth. Tre urgently needs your help in contacting those responsible to improve his circumstances. [ Please write to the following ]

other recent Tre news: [ Tre Arrow granted refugee status ]


DEBATE 01.08.2004 18:41
Theft, Property, Capitalism and 'the Workers'
We rode into the night like ill-tempered Nazgül, screeching and fluttering through the darkness. What poor souls waited to witness our passage? The Plaid Pantry squatted in its small lot on the corner of two busy streets. The vapor lights in the parking lot cast a ghostly orange palor upon all that sat beneath. The scene was still; serene. We sliced through the dead, pale parking lot on silent phantom wheels, our V brakes hissing as we pulled ourselves short of hitting the curb of the front walk. We dismounted, one staying behind to mind the steeds while the other and I entered the foul domicile of evil enterprise. The counter-slave stood docile and attentive to the whims of the money machine in front of him as we made our way back to the wine shelves. We soon found the item we had come for: A 1.5 litre bottle of Casarsa Merlot. We decided upon a diversion.

"What is your cheapest twelve pack of beer?" We asked the horrid little capitalist slave behind the dirty counter.

"What a minute..." He said, picking up a book of alcohol prices and beginning to flip through it. As he did so, we grabbed the Casarsa and headed toward the counter.

"Ummm, well..."

"Never mind, we have that which we desire." We said as we made our way from the counter to the door.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE! I'LL CALL THE POLICE!" The poor, poor man's vapid threats disipated into the night as we rode away in victory.

'Ludd' comments:
You have the nerve to look down on someone behind the counter as a slave to the capitalist system. Here's another idea, the guy behind the counter isn't being a parasite like you are. The guy behind the counter is working. Revolution is for the working class not parasites who steal cheap wine. Try getting up off your ass and earning something for a change. Try contributing to society.

'Alice' retorts:
Plaid workers don't get written up when someone does a beer run on them (or in this case I guess a wine run, and shitty wine at that...come on kids, at least get the good stuff...). I should know, I used to work there. And if the article is describing the worker's reaction verbatim, then HE'S the one that's a "fucking stupid punk." Why does he give a shit that someone just stole from his employer? It's not HIS money. He's just working there, and getting paid a slave wage to do so. Someone who gets that worked up over a few kids thwarting capitalism is hopelessly entrenched in the capitalist mindset, and therefore worthy of the title "horrid little capitalist slave", in my opinion.

'anti-Nazgul' claims:
Theft isn't the issue, dismissing or ignoring the struggles of others is. People who chose to work to survive aren't capitalists.

'Alice' points out:
I disagree. If you are a worker, you support capitalism and are therfore a capitalist by default. As I said before, capitalism cannot survive without the workers. The soldiers that rape and kill are workers, the cops that maim are workers, the scientists that devise "terminator genes" are workers, the gas station attendants that allow people to pollute the earth by pumping gas into their cars are workers, the taxi drivers, shuttle bus drivers, towncar drivers are all workers and they pollute a hell of a lot, the lumberjacks who murder the old-growth trees are workers, the people who work in the lumber mill that chops up the corpses of the murdered trees are workers, the migrants who come and assist the corporate farms in oppressing the land, the earth, whatever are all workers, etc etc. They say no one can victimize you without your consent, and this is especially true in the case of the working class. How much sympathy are we supposed to have for a class of people the majority of whom are unwilling to unionize, unwilling to change anything toward their own benefit? How can we in good conscience continue to try and help people who WILL NOT help themselves, and force the rest of us to suffer as a result? I for one am not willing to continue to suffer for the mistakes of the rest of the working class, and I don't think that just because someone is a "worker", that they are somehow sacred, untouchable.


01.08.2004 08:50
Arrested at Sacramento WTO 2003 or another time?
If you were arrested in Sacramento and were strip searched, which may have occurred with a few people who visited there, or moved away from Sacramento to here, and participated in the June 2003 WTO meetings, you may be entitled to compensation via this class action settlement


Willamette Electric PUD campaign fights back!
The Willamette Electric People's Utility District campaign is proud to announce that we've retained attorney Tom Nelson to represent us in the struggle to get back on the November ballot. Because of Tom's efforts and expertise, we've been given an opportunity to present our case before Judge Wilson on Friday, August 13th. We fully expect the injunction against us to be dissolved on August 13th, and to be promptly placed back on the November ballot.

See also:
Attorney Tom Nelson leads effort to return Willamette Electric PUD to November ballot
Willammette Electric PUD website


31.07.2004 15:40
Bicycle Polo Banned - come out to support it this Sunday
Bike Polo is a sport played on bikes with mallets where opposing teams try and score by hitting a small ball though a goal. Last Sunday Portland Parks and Recreation (PPandR) ejected those playing bicycle polo from their court in Alberta Park. You can help by watching and supporting bike polo this Sunday at Alberta Park.

"Parks and Rec. told us that bicycle polo is not allowed on public parks." Said Bill Dozer, of the Axles of Evil, a bike polo club in Portland. "They gave no specific reasons for removing us, only that they were under specific orders to remove us from the park."

"Uh basically it's fucked," said Kenichi, another regular poloist. "We have had permission to play on this court; due to upkeep it can't be used for tennis and hasn't had a net set up for as long as we have played here... over two years. I would think they would be happy someone was using it." The court in question is in Alberta Park on 21st and Killingsworth. The Axles of Evil plan to play their normal game like they have for the prior 100 plus Sunday afternoons.

"Unfortunately we expect Portland Parks to eject us from the court again," said Dozer. "We hope that people reading this will be there to witness the harassment and will tell their friends and witness what could be the last polo ever played on public parks. Maybe if there is a good turnout of spectators this Sunday Parks and Rec will see that we are a community institution worth supporting."

[ Contact Portland Parks and Recreation | Axles Of Evil Website ]


30.07.2004 12:47
AUDIO FILE: City Council Opposes Trucking Radioactive Waste Thorugh Portland
At the Press Conference, which followed the vote on the Resolution, Commissioner Eric Sten stated that "the Portland City Council unanimously passed a resolution in which we asked President Bush and the Administration to reconsider a plan which was recently announced."

"Under that plan, maybe as much a 1000 trucks of radioactive waste would go through the city of Portland, unmarked, on the way to Hanford." Nat Parker, Conservation Organizer for Oregon Sierra Club who provided testimony about the Administration proposal before City Council, also moderated the Press Conference. "We're gathered today at the step of City Hall to tell the Bush Administration that Portland opposes the Presidents plan to ship radioactive waste on our highways, through our communities to the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in southeast Washington."

[ Hanford Watch | The RadioActivist Campaign (TRAC) ]

Some Past Articles: [ Hanford ground water cleanup criticized | Judge won't drop Hanford downwinders from lawsuit | Oregon sends ultimatum to Dept. of Energy | Radioactive Waste In Columbia Riverbed To Be Checked By Washington State Ecology | More Stories... ]


29.07.2004 16:26
Comunique from my sister: Day 4 and 5 - powerful voices some gagged.
Gagged in Boston My sister has been attending meetings with democratic and progressive caucuses in Boston. It is in these groups that pressures are put on the current Democratic Party platform. Is it working? Read on. This is a report for Monday, July 26th and Tuesday, July 27th.

Note: Update early this morning (Thursday, July 29) Edain told me that all speakers to the convention are now being censored. Because of the speaking truth to power by some convention speakers - all speakers must now submit transcripts of what they will say to the DNC. The speeches are now being seriously censored...including Kucinich's strong anti-war speech last night. Jesse Jackson went ahead and gave his speech against the war anyway!

EDAIN: Day 4 - Monday, July 26th: We went to the Cathedral of St. Paul, a very progressive church and the 1st church, and saw Mimi Kennedy (actress, Darma & Greg); James Cromwell (actor, I Robot); Dr. James Zogby, www.aaiusa.org (founder and president of the Arab American Institute (AAI), a Washington, D.C.-based organization which serves as the political and policy research arm of the Arab American community); Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Jackson, www.rainbowpush.org.

The church was absolutely packed, it must hold at least 1,000 people, and the audience and Jesse Jackson were very supportive of Dennis Kucinich (Mimi Kennedy has campaigned for him for at least the last year). Everyone's message was that the people have to mold the government. Jesse Jackson talked about the government having to be from the "bottom up" not "top down".

Day 5 - Tuesday, July 27th: I went to the Paulis Center to see Mimi Kennedy (again), Medea Benjamin (of Code Pink and Global Exchange), Tom Hayden, California State Senator (who spent time in prison as one of the Chicago Seven), formally married to Jane Fonda, and author of "Street Wars, Gangs and the Future of Violence"; Phyllis Bennis, Fellow of the Institute for Policy Studies; and Dennis Kucinich. [ Read More | Read Day Three | Read Day Two | Read Day One ]

Boston Indymedia | portland indymedia dnc & rnc coverage


29.07.2004 13:12
New "Less Lethal" Weapon Deployed in PDX
Budgets are tight in PDX: clinics close and families feel the squeeze from all sides. But, as always, there is money for more weapons systems to defend capital from any potential "bad guys" seeking equality, representation, rights, or other such absurdities.

Ossifer Felts at the Cheney protest was toting a Belgian FN303 "marker" rifle. It's powered by CO2, fires a .68 caliber "paintball" that contains very little paint, about 5% pepperspray, and the toxic heavy metal Bismuth the main ingredient.

This weapon caused damage to facial nerves when used against a union leader in Switzerland who objected verbally as the police beat down her son. Bismuth was imbedded all over the muscle and fat of her face, so close to nerves that it couldn't be safely removed by emergency room physicians. Her doctor called the police, asking what this metal was, and they denied knowledge of this weapon and responded that it must have been something thrown by a demonstrator. So here's the scoop before it happens in PDX. [ read more ]


More Pictures from the Demonstration: [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ]


July 2004 Cheney Protests


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