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23.08.2004 17:44
SF Home Demo's Against Huntingdon Customer Employees
Tri Valley Herald article about the animal rights car caravan that had announced in various places that they would meet in Oakland and travel to (high level) employees of customers of Huntingdon Life Sciences. It's not clear if the targets were connected with Chiron or other companies, but there was a similar action last week which was widely reported where a CEO's house was damaged. This got in newspapers such as USA Today where it was read by people in airports everywhere. http://www.usatoday.com/tech/news/biotech/2004-08-21-biotech-protests_x.htm Personal editorial note: I suggest that this approach with well-advertised events is very high risk, given the current FBI focus on ALF and the SHAC members specifically. If you only advertise your event on indymedia, usually perhaps <10 people will show up, but the media and police do scan these pages. [ Read More ]

Who is the Legally Defined Terrorist: HLS or SHAC?

HLS MURDERS 500 ANIMALS A DAY... The Western scientific world view holds that animal testing is necessary and praiseworthy work that will improve human quality of life, while any activism against animal testing is misguided, anti-human, and sometimes "terroristic."[1] However, an investigation into the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) yields the opposite conclusion. Huntingdon Life Sciences,[2] an animal testing company, is guilty of international terrorism, and Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty (SHAC),[3] the campaign to close HLS, is effectively responding with counterterrorism. In this paper, these terms will be defined according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI),[4] and a short history of HLS and SHAC will be given to defend these claims. I will show that despite the dominant view of animal testing, it may be the activists who are praiseworthy individuals and the companies that are the real "terrorists." [ Read More ]

[ Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty ]


23.08.2004 14:46
Is Portland Racist?
I am used living in and enjoying the racial diversity of the Bay Area, California. My husband and I are an inter-racial couple, who, before this weekend were looking to move to Portland, OR. When I got there, I was overwhelmed by the wonderful parallel of the West side to my beautiful San Francisco. Trees lines the streets and it was like nowhere else I had been. The urban life hugged trees and clean air-brilliant.

However, it was not until the real estate agent drove us around the North East Side that I was completely heartbroken. I saw atleast four windows with confederate flags and a few Bush/Cheney signs nailed to some desperate lawns. At night some friends of ours, that recently moved back to Portland after residing in the Bay Area for seven years took us to "The Farm" for dinner. Although the servers were nice and the food was delicious, I could not help but notice that almost every single person coming down the narrow front steps glanced over at me once and then again. It was as if they were making sure. Making sure of what? Then something clicked and I realized I was the only person of color (Indian) at "The Farm". Also, it almost seemed like these twenty somethings had never seen someone of my race before. The staring was bad, but then someone decided they were going to take the opportunity to mock me.


EQUAL RIGHTS 23.08.2004 13:34
Vote No On Constitutional Amendment 36
A transcript of the commentary read on Show #10 of Portland Indymedia CATV News that will air on the following dates:

Monday August 23, 6:30pm, ch 23
Friday August 27, 9:00pm, ch 11
Friday August 27, midnight, ch 22

  • Imagine having a hospital deny you visitation rights to see your life partner or your child because the hospital do not recognize you as their legal spouse or guardian.
  • Imagine not being able to ensure proper medical care and make critical life-saving medical decisions for your loved ones.
read the commentary

Monday August 23rd IMC News features "NO!" on Measure 36

Tonight, August 23rd at 6:30pm at It's a Beautiful Pizza, 3341 SE Belmont
Commentary read on Show #10 of Portland Indymedia CATV News

Come down and learn how more and more of our rights to live as free humans are being systematically removed, and learn how to do something about it.

read the announcement

[ No On 36 | Portland Indymedia TV News ]


SELECTION 2004 23.08.2004 13:12
Anti-Nader Site Ironically Proves Nader On Ballot HELPS Kerry in OR!
A nifty new interactive map put up by anti-Nader activists to "prove" that Nader is drawing more votes from Kerry than Bush actually "proves" just the opposite is true in Oregon. Nader has said all along this would probably start happening as election day draws near. But the real lesson is that dumbly comparing two-way-race and three-way-race poll data is no way to predict election outcomes, or to guide electoral strategy.


23.08.2004 12:49
4 Documentaries in 7 days
Portland is home to approximately 14 independently run movie theatres. Many of these theatres are neighborhood places, responding to the needs and viewing desires of the local community. Smaller and more intimate, some of these theatres take on the name of the neighborhood it serves, like the Hollywood Theatre and the Laurelhurst Theatre. In my opinion, the biggest benefit to independently owned and operated cinemas is when they bring in independent movies, especially documentaries. This last week, I had the opportunity to watch four different independent documentaries. I saw The Corporation, Super Size Me, Hijacking Catastrophe, and Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War on Journalism. Each documentary was informative and entertaining, packed with interviews and revealing stories.


23.08.2004 11:08
Activists Subpoenaed to Seattle Grand Jury
Join activists from throughout the west in taking a stand against government repression:
WHEN: Wednesday, August 25; 12:30pm
WHERE: 700 Stewart St., Seattle, WA


There goes the neighborhood: Former Seven Corners resident blames New Seasons and Starbucks for accelerating decline of affordable housing stock
A few months back, there were a few voices that said all the new businesses coming into the Seven Corners neighborhood would raise rent and end up throwing out many of us who have lived in the area for a long time. Not many people came to our aide, saying that it wasn't important or that what was happening was actually a good thing. Well, it finally happened and we were thrown out of the neighborhood.

We rented through a company that adjusts rent according to the neighborhood's property values. After years of our rent remaining mostly stable, New Seasons made the announcement that they would be buying the Red Apple building. My rent immediately went up. Although we told people what was happening, their only response (excluding a hand full of true comrades) was 'that's just tough fuckin' luck. They're a health food store and we all love them.' WTF was the only thing I could think. Was the community that I had supported now failing me because they like corporate health food chains? For those of you who know the Seven Corners neighborhood, you know that Peoples Food Co-op is just right down the street, so the need for another health food store is basically zero. Yet there was an active campaign to legitimize New Season entry to the neighborhood. The fight against New Season was short lived because there wasn't enough of us in the neighborhood who wanted to stop this sort of gentrification from happening. Most of the folks who have come to call the Seven Corners neighborhood their home are just bouncing through, trying to make a buck on the housing market. There's not a lot of folks who have lived there long term anymore. So of course they wanted a business to move in that would raise the value of their houses (as one person told me "Gentrification isn't so bad when you own your home"). With so many people for New Season's, dissent went away shortly there after.

Not long after that battle was lost, a rumor that Starbucks had bought the old Ladd Meat building started.

previous stories re. New Treasons:

[ stories from No Starbucks in 7 Corners campaign ]


22.08.2004 19:33
Nader Announces: We have the Signatures!
votenader.org Nader today released through the Portland Campaign office this statement: "We are now confident that we have the signatures to qualify for the Oregon ballot. The county clerks and elections staff throughout Oregon have the important responsibility to finish the validation process in time for us to deliver the signatures to the Secretary of State on Tuesday at 5:00p.m."

"We salute the efforts of those who have recruited additional staff and those who have worked overtime and on the weekends in order to assure that every signature is counted, as they have traditionally done. Their willingness to do what one county clerk called "whatever it takes" is enormously appreciated. By their professionalism, integrity and diligence, they safeguard the core of our democracy, which is nourished by more voices and choices."

[ Oregon Nader campaign website ]


22.08.2004 12:46
Workers Without Bosses: Solidarity With Argentina's Self-Managed Factories
The workers of Brukman, one of about 200 self-managed factories in Argentina, need your help. Although they recovered their factory at the beginning of 2004 and are running it again, the factory has been damaged by police action, and many of the machines are not running at full capacity due to lack of spare parts and repair manuals.

SOME BACKGROUND: In December 2001, the workers of the Brukman garment factory in Buenos Aires occupied their factory due to the collapse of the Argentine economy. They ran it successfully for well over a year. 18 April 2003: Midnight. Hundreds of police officers in riot gear evict the five workers staying on watch in the factory. Social movements in Buenos Aires mobilize to retake the factory, resulting in massive police repression. Faced with unemployment in a country without any social benefits system, the Brukman workers mounted a campaign to recover their factory, in cooperation with other social movements. Across the street from their factory, they set up a working vigil, complete with sewing machines, tents, and a kitchen. Marches, street demonstrations, art workshops, and solidarity actions by other occupied factories such as the Zanon occupied factory in the far south of Argentina, finally resulted in victory by 29 December 2003. [ Read More ] [ Workers Without Bosses | Machine parts and technical manuals needed ]


22.08.2004 12:01
Anti-Klan? Stop measure 36
It's not a coincidence that the corporate totalitarians (Bush, Cheney, Drugs Limbaugh, etc.) have chosen to attack same-sex marriage. They actually don't give a damn about it, but they know they can divide the nation on cultural grounds. They have created two new classes: the 'unbekante' (unacceptable) Gays and the heroic SS (the religious nuts). I just finished picketing Hinson Baptist Church in SE Portland. The churchgoers looked uncomfortable at my sign ("Civil Rights For All: No On KKK 36"), but that was not surprising. I was quite civil and said "good morning" with a smile to many of them. However, I was a little surprised to see non-Baptists, with "forest defender" and "Nader" and "Kerry" and anti-Bush stickers on their cars, also displaying confusion and/or annoyance.

[ Past IMC stories on gay marriage ]


THE FOURTH REICH 22.08.2004 08:34
George W. Bush, The Neocons & The Nazis: Ties That Bind
There are numerous connections between the Bush family and the Nazis. Moreover, the philosophy of the neocons within the Bush administration has already been connected with fascism. However, no article has attempted to present an overview of the fascist connections within the Bush administration. This article will begin to outline the fascist connections between the present Bush administration and the Nazis, using a two-prong approach. The philosophical roots of Bush and the neocons can be traced back to one of America's notorious fascist.

Several authors have already noted the link between senior members of the Bush administration and the fascist Leo Strauss. However, exploring further the philosophical roots of Bush administration, we see that this connection leads back to the robber barons and the empire of J.P Morgan. Due to the natural congeniality between the robber barons and the corporate state of fascism, most of America's leading industrialists became America's leading supporters of fascism. They were responsible for bringing Hitler to power and for building Hitler's war machine.

[ More on the Fourth Reich ]


22.08.2004 08:20
Reportback form Haiti: Resistance and Repression Six Months After the Coup
Each year on August 14th Haitians celebrate Bwa Kayiman, a voodoo ceremony that marks the beginning of the slave revolt that started the Haitian revolution in 1791. On this 200th anniversary of the success of the Haitian Revolution and the establishment of the world's first black republic, the celebrations were particularly charged with emotion, irony and dissent as foreign troops again patrol the streets of Haiti and foreign interests challenge the independence for which Haitian's fought and died.
From the open publishing newswire: On February 22, 2004 eighteen people were killed as the so-called rebels, who overthrew the constitutional government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, looted and burned the Police Commissary and Transportation Authority of Cap Haitien. Their violent campaign included the destruction of a school bus program founded and subsidized by the Aristide government. During the raid, all of the buses that provided transportation for poor children in the countryside were looted and burned.

A worker in the school bus yard in Cap Haitian was forced into hiding after the coup expressed his fear and frustration standing among the ruins of the once thriving program of gutted busses marked "Dignity." Fighting through tears he stated, "The international community wants us to give up our dignity, doesn't want us to join hands but we still have dignity. If they are rich it is because they took our programs and resources without working for them. I think it is my right to work in a program supported by the former government, but it has cost me so much."

From the open publishing newswire: Although international attention has largely focused on the removal of President Aristide little attention has been given to turnover in local government offices. Immediately following the coup on February 29th more than 400 mayors and the employees of their municipalities were forced from their posts following a campaign of repression and political terror. Most were forced to go into hiding or flee the country five months before their mandates were scheduled to expire on July 17th, 2004.

All but two of the mayors were elected officials representing the majority Lavalas political party founded by Aristide. They have all been replaced by un-elected appointees of the government of Gerard Latortue who is also un-elected and was anointed in a process largely controlled and supervised by the Bush administration.

Related Article: Haiti and impeachment: connecting some dots


21.08.2004 16:42
Again "monday-protests" all over Germany
It began 3 weeks ago in eastern germany: in a couple of cities a few hundred people protested against the "HARTZ 4" program and the "Agenda 2010" which are government plans that will have an deep impact on workers and unemployed people. One aspect is that welfare money will be cut down dramatically. The situation in eastern germany is that the average unemployment rate is at more than 20%. So finding work is almost impossible and pupils who finish school often dont find any job at all. "Hartz 4" will make millions of people live with not more than 300 Euro per month. [ Read More ]


21.08.2004 10:12
What has the Nobel Prize winner Sinclair Lewis to do with Bush?
In May I wrote in Blattchen about the fiasco of the imperial presidency in the US. Bush's warfare is discussed in the Hague Tribunal and judged by international law. At the end he was ascribed with a Caesar delusion. After the text was put on the website, it began to travel. First, someone from Indymedia translated it into English and put the English version on the net. Then it was taken up by several US websites and discussed. One commentator said I was an idiot. I had not understood that all these regulations of warfare and international law were no longer in effect after September 11, 2001.

This happens in a land predestined for the "rule of law" according to political science and other disciplines. The newspapers announced that General "Tommy" Franks, the old schoolmate of Bush's wife and Iraq war commander, said the freedom rights of the constitution will be annulled next time a great attack like September 11 occurs and the land will be under emergency military law because the security of the country could only be guaranteed this way. Colleagues from China replied to the question about Bush's chances for reelection. He will lose even if his friend Bin Laden does him the favor of launching a new strike right before the election. I didn't take this seriously at that time.

What can be expected from the Bush people? [ Read more... ]

[ Marc Batko Translations ]


21.08.2004 09:58
Case dismissed for second-to-last arrestee from March 2003 anti-war actions
Today I was scheduled at 1 pm to appear in Multnomah County Court to be tried for charges stemming from protesting the U.S. invasion of Iraq on Friday, March 21, 2003. My volunteer lawyer, my friend and witness who was arrested with me on the 21st, and I spent many hours preparing my defense. The case was swiftly dismissed this afternoon for lack of evidence against me: the police officer called to testify against me was a no-show.

A brief history of my charges: I was arrested twice, on March 20th & March 21st, while nonviolently marching to protest the U.S. aggression. Each time I was imprisoned for a few hours before being cited and released; on the 21st I also got blasted in the face with pepperspray before getting arrested...

Over the eighteen months since my arrests, a couple of interesting things happened.


20.08.2004 16:35
Forest Advocates Come Uninvited to Central Oregon GOP Events
Despite next to no notice, forest advocates made their presence known at a hearing in Sisters on Wednesday on "forest health" orchestrated by Greg Walden and two separate appearances by Ann Venemen, Bush's evil Secretary of Agriculture. We did our best to counter their rhetoric and get the message out that ecologically destructive logging actually RUINS forest health.


IT'S THE SYSTEM, STUPID 20.08.2004 13:31
An international surrealist statement against torturocracy on the occasion of the imperial coronation of George W. Bush
...Although the roads to the Abu Ghraib dungeon and the Guantanamo Bay concentration camp all intersect at the center stage podium of the Madison Square Garden this week, none of us are naïve enough to think that these are exceptional phenomena isolated to only one group of politicians. The spokes of torturocratic ideologies radiate out far from the helpless individual whose body and will are being broken on its wheel. Torture is a routine activity happening every day in any number of countries throughout the world as an integral part of security operations, law enforcement systems, and State authority. Any consolidated power, not just that of the Bush-Cheney regime but the entire apparatus of the State itself, passes on its surplus of accumulated violence to the next coterie of corporate executives, military officers, and civil bureaucrats regardless of political party affiliation. This power is disguised as "national security" and "public safety," but it is nothing more than statist and capitalist self-interest. Therefore, police and military torture cannot be eliminated through well-intentioned legal-aid groups and human-rights reform movements—it can only be curtailed by the sustained dismantling of the State's pretensions to moral and civil authority and its jealously-guarded monopoly on violence.

It is for these reasons that we feel obligated to re-assert surrealism against this ghoulish and self-congratulatory revival meeting in New York City this week.[ Read more... ]

more info: [ NYC IMC | pdx indy RNC coverage ]


19.08.2004 20:45
street roots exposes new programs happening in Portland
The new article on Philadelphia and Portland's approach to homelessness exposes the Portland Business Alliance and the police and on how they plan on working with homeless people.

I'm not sure how many people have been actually reading street roots, but over the last few months they've exposed several programs with the Portland Business Alliance, including a program working with panhandlers that has failed and there new attempt at sweeping people off the streets. It also exposed a new approach by our favorite Officer Jeff Myers who plans on arresting people who are drug addicts and making them stay in jail until they beg for help.

Street roots seems to be one of the only organizations and media outlets right now actually exposing different laws effecting people in Porltand.


U.S. WORLDWIDE POLICE STATE 19.08.2004 18:12
Cyprus Government Admits CIA Campaign Against Indymedia
The scandal is unfolding in gigantic proportions... and we can hardly keep up with the developments. Responding to a publicity and solidarity campaign by Indymedia, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus has been forced to admit that they were acting under orders from the US Government to carry out an intelligence investigation of Cyprus Indymedia and of one of its founding members, Petros Evdokas, in order to assess whether he "constitutes a threat to US interests."

Previous Feature: Cyprus IMCista Investigated by United States Intelligence Services


19.08.2004 17:56
Pacific Green Party fields record number of candidates
The Pacific Green Party will field a record number of candidates for county, state legislative and federal congress seats. Candidates will hold a press conference Monday, August 23 at 11a.m. at the Capitol Press Corps and Associate Press room in the Capitol Building in Salem, Oregon to announce their candidacies. Deadline for filing voter pamphlet statements, minor party nomination and other documents is August 24.

Candidates expected to declare their candidacy include: Teresa Keane for 1st Congressional District; Mitch Besser for 5th Congressional District; Jeff Strang for state Senate District 22; Steve Geiger for state House District 28; Liz Trojan for state House District 35; Curt Sommer for state House 37; Chuck Fall for state House District 42 and Lori Burton for Linn County Commissioner #2.


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