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Free Peltier!

This is in remembrance of the 27th anniversary since the shoot-out on the Pine Ridge Reservation that led to the deaths of two FBI agents, the uninvestigated killing of an American Indian Movement activist, and the Wrongful Conviction of Leonard Peltier.

Check out the official Leonard Peltier Defense Committee website for the latest news about his case, and how you can help.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom hold demo in Portland
The Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) held its regular Wednesday demo in Pioneer Sqaure today. Every week WILPF has a different theme, and today it was the militarization of space.

Demo participants handed out flyers to passers-by. The flyers were titled, "No missiles in space!", listed facts about the National Missile Defense program, and urged people to contact their senators. The flyer noted that, in December, 2001, pResident Bush gave notice of U.S. withdrawal from Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty "despite clear precedents stretching over 200 years which make such a withdrawal necessarily a joint act of the President and Congress".

WILPF meets in Pioneer Square every Wednesday from Noon to 1:00. They invite you to join them there and make a statement against war and oppression and in favor of peace and freedom. [ Full story & Photos ]

D.I.Y. CULTURE 26.06.2002 21:52
Black Thorn newspaper issues call for submissions
According to the open publishing newswire: "Black Thorn is a publication focused on the creative spirit inherent in radical DIY culture. [DIY="Do It Yourself"] Our mission is to create and distribute a paper that reflects the lives we actually live, and provides a vehicle for independent thought, which is reflective of who we are as people. It will be about opening doors, exchanging ideas, taking charge of our lives and the piss and vinegar spirit which courses through our veins. We choose to focus less on the musical aspects of d.i.y. and more on the lifestyles, ethics, skills and ideas that enable us to live with increasing independence and self-reliance from the dominant culture. We want to see the whole of who we are: serious and funny, deep and shallow, ugly and beautiful.

"We are in need of well written articles, reliable news, updates, upcoming events, original art, printing and art supplies, donations and ideas. We would also like to see a skillshare/classified section in future issues. We are looking for content within the wide spectrum of DIY and want to provide a link to international ideas, perspectives and happenings. We encourage all types of writings and contributions."

The deadline for submissions is July 1. [ Details... ]

COMEDY / POLITICS 26.06.2002 01:20
Paul Krassner in Portland July 12, 13
"Krassner has rare ability to alter perceptions permanently" -LA Times

His antics as co-founder of the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman & Jerry Rubin led the FBI to classify him as "a nut, a raving unconfined nut". George Carlin confirmed J. Edgar Hoover's statement saying "The FBI was right. This man is dangerous, funny AND NECESSARY!" Krassner even accompanied Groucho Marx on Groucho's first acid trip. "I predict in time he will wind up as the only live Lenny Bruce", said Groucho.

FRIDAY: July 12, 2002 ; 7:00 p.m. Doors Open, 8:00 p.m. Show
Artichoke Music Backgate StageLimited to 50 seats!

SATURDAY: July 13, 2002 7:30 p.m. Doors Open, 8:00 p.m. Show
The Old Church at 1422 SW 11th & Clay, Portland

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER 25.06.2002 23:32
Vice pResident Cheney protested, welcomed, in Portland
Vice pResident Dick Cheney's visit to Portland this weekend and was greeted by protesters and hailed by billionaires, on Sunday and Monday, downtown. Monday morning's event was a fundraising breakfast for Senator Gordon Smith that raised over $500,000.

A participant in Sunday's action described his experience: "My teenage son and I had us some fun Sunday afternoon. We protested Invisible Dick.... Not knowing in advance where Uncle Dick would be, the Coalition and other outsiders like us (more than you might think, by the way) showed up at the North Park Blocks around 3:00 p.m. It was a beautiful, warm afternoon. Lucas (my son) had made up his sign: A picture of a sneering Cheney with the caption, 'Where Is The Invisible Dick?' on one side; the other, a picture (PhotoShopped) of W burning the Constitution with Cheney sneering in the background looking on." [ Read more... ]

Some people were quite thrilled that Cheney was in town, most prominently the Billionaires For Bush, who shared instruction with the arriving guests. "Sir Reginald Beefnostril and Cordelia Hasteharvest, rapidly registering that the assembled right wing supporters might have aspirations beyond their fiscal station, admonished them roundly. 'Those holding the $250 tickets to the fundraiser must use the service entrance!' he cried. Cordelia waved her white glove, laden with a 5 carat diamond, and asserted, 'All $250. ticket holders will be asked to don a rubber apron at the conclusion of the breakfast, and will step into the hotel kitchen to assist with the dishwashing. Those who have paid $10,000 or more will proceed to a private salon for photographs with the Vice President. REMEMBER, you only get the access to government that you've paid for!'" [ Read more... ]

A participant pronounced Monday's demonstration as "pathetic", saying " If we would have stuck to the plan , instead of blindly following a few wanna be leaders, we could have done more than just become the laughing stock of the rich republican scum.... And as for all those who are upset because some folks burned your precious american flag, and the media did not applaude you..... i will have you know the media will never EVER have anything to do with changing this corrupt system . They are not on our side." [ Read more... ]

Plans for the protests came together in part on the indymedia newswire, where in-depth discussions of tactics and details took place: [ "Plans for Cheney visit!" ]

Corporate media accounts: [ Associated Press | KATU | Oregonian | Portland Tribune (with notes) ]

IMC Hamilton Journalists Document Aerosol Spraying Of Hamilton-Area Skies


The phenomenon known to avid sky watchers as "chemtrails" has been gaining recognition over the past few years as information circulates the Internet. A quick search of the term "contrails" immediately leads to articles referring to abnormal types of jet exhaust inconsistent with the physics of condensed ice-crystals formed when hot exhaust meets the cool and humid air of the upper atmosphere. Although cirrus clouds can form from common aircraft exhaust under certain atmospheric conditions, studies of chemtrails done in the U.S. and Canada have confirmed the formation of cloud-making "contrails" at less than one-third of the minimum 70% humidity required to generate condensed ice-crystal trails. Further documented evidence of this unusual "contrail" formation includes irregular flight patterns, X-markings, grid patterns, curving trails, U-shaped trails, and contrail saturated skies. Additionally, the confirmation of high levels of toxic metals found in precipitation samples from areas subjected to heavy chemtrail activity, point towards a much more complex global operation than mere civilian air traffic.

Since January, Indymedia Hamilton journalists and contributors have been documenting the creation of artificial cloud formations over the Halton area. Almost daily, planes can be observed lacing the skies with what initially resemble normal jet contrails [examples here], but linger and slowly diffuse into a layer of cirrus cloud formations and finally finish as a lingering haze. This atmospheric mist then appears to act as a blanket reflecting, diffracting and refracting incoming solar radiation occasionally causing abnormal rainbow-like rings to form around the sun and the moon.

[ Read Full Article ]

June 27th, the working class of Oregon will speak: 'Everybody in, Nobody out'

On Thursday, June 27th at 11:00 AM a group of Oregonians will meet on the Capitol steps in Salem to announce the results of a signature gathering initiative. The signatures have been gathered as part of a campaign to bring universal healthcare to Oregon. The signatures will guarantee that Oregonians will have a chance to vote on the initiative in November. The first batch of signatures will number around 82,000. The second batch to be announced July 5th, with bring the total to near 90,000 people who support a fair and just healthcare system for the people of Oregon. The motto of the group sponsoring this program is "Everybody in - Nobody out"

What makes this particular signature gathering process so unique is that people who support it are mostly working class, mostly outside the Portland area, and include many who are working but have no healthcare coverage or they are paying very high rates for insurance. It is not that there is no support in Portland, the signature gatherers were late in organizing in the Portland area. The movement is now full steam ahead. [ Read more ]

LABOR / HUMAN RIGHTS 23.06.2002 11:55
Colombia Again Most Dangerous Nation For Union Members
According to an annual survey, Colombia was the most dangerous nation for union members again last year, with 201 killings or disappearances reported. This is 90% of the reported worldwide total. Public sector union members in Colombia were targeted the most, accounting for about 65 percent of those killed or missing. The ICFTU (International Confederation of Free Trade Unions) attributed that to their opposition to privatization of state-owned industries.

"Trade union activists are being systematically eliminated," the report said, adding at another point, "The entire country has been swept by this anti-union violence." The report charged that most of the killings were carried out by right-wing paramilitary groups. Groups which the U.S. is currently funding.

This is part of the dark side of corporate globalization, which attempts to paint a humanitarian face on its agenda. However, if it were truly a better way, it would not need to intimidate, torture and kill union workers and other organizers around the world to achieve its aims. The rise of state fascism and its aggressive military, both overt and covert, and the relentless greed of corporate globalization are two sides of the same coin, and inseparable.

This pathological two-headed beast is constantly pitting people against one another, either over ideology, race, or geography and then moving to dominate them all. If people in the U.S. do not work to defend the rights of individuals in Colombia, and other countries who are under violent assault, it is only a matter of time before union workers in this country are disappeared and killed in large numbers. The pattern is clear.

[ Colombia Again Most Dangerous Nation For Union Members | Terror War on Colombia's Unions Claims More Lives | Violence Against Colombia Trade Unions Bulletin | Global Unions Website | Center For Research On Globalization | Covert Action Website ]

INDYMEDIA 22.06.2002 19:53
Dutch Court Orders IMC-Netherlands to Remove Links
More than five years ago, the German zine 'Radikal' published instructions on preventing nuclear-waste transport by rail, which have since been placed onto the internet. Deutsche Bahn, the German rail operator has responded with lawsuits against the original host, search engines, and Indymedia-NL. Indymedia-NL had links to mirrors of the zine, indirectly linking to the instructions, which were published as a comment on its open-publishing newswire.

On June 20, a Dutch judge ordered Indymedia-NL to remove the links, requiring "Indymedia immediately after receiving this sentence to remove and to keep removed the hyperlinks, which are placed on (a) website(s) under the control of Indymedia, if those hyperlinks lead directly or indirectly to the Radikal article."

Indymedia-NL has responded with a press release, stating that they consider "the ruling a dramatic limitation of the possibilities of the Internet and the freedom of speech."

[ Indymedia Netherlands ]

Meanwhile, the Indymedia network continues to grow very quickly, with over 90 local imc's now online.

IMCs accepted into the Indymedia network within the last month include Euskal Herria (Basque), Qollasuyu, Bolivia, Ottawa, Jakarta, Rochester (NY), North Carolina, Michigan, Tijuana, Ithaca (NY), and Central Florida. Moreover, IMCs are in the process of forming in many other localities and regions, particularly in South and East Asia.

POLITICAL ANALYSIS 22.06.2002 09:47
Male domination: '10,000 Years Is Enough!'
"For ten thousand years humanity has been like a battered wife who must return again and again---because of misplaced love, emotional and financial dependency, and the lack of alternative choices---to the husband who continues to abuse her and control her life. The husband to which humanity keeps returning is called male leadership, the male domination of all social institutions.

We must change, now, from a male dominated society to a female dominated society. Humanity must cease its dependence on the battering husband named male superiority.

Men have brought us to this point. They have been the leaders for the past ten thousand years, since civilization began with the mass murder we call war. And look where their leadership has brought us. Look at the facts. Men dominate every human institution in the world, and they have dominated these institutions for ten thousand years. Men have led humanity to the cliff edge of species suicide. We must stop being lemmings. Enough is enough." [ Read more ]

PEACE ACTION 21.06.2002 10:24
Friday Peace Rally to Focus on Dick Cheney
The PPRC's weekly rally at Pioneer Courthouse Square on Friday, June 21st, at 5:00 p.m., will focus on the upcoming visit to Portland by Dick Cheney, second-in-command of the Bush Administration. "Cheney magnificently represents the Bush Administration's most disgusting qualities," said spokesperson David Zundel. "Enron's Kenneth Lay was energy advisor to Cheney, illustrating the corporate cronyism of the Bush cabinet, and it was Cheney who early on was outspoken in support of Israel's policy of extra-judicial murder of Palestinians in the occupied territories which has been a key factor in escalating the violence of the region." PPRC spokespersons also drew attention to Cheney's former role as head of Halliburton, the Texas-based oil-supply business. "This guy is at the very center of the corruption that drives the Bush Administration and indeed most policy decisions in Washington, D.C.," said Zundel. "We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate our opposition to the war-mongering, the attacks on our constitutional rights, and the selling of our democracy to the likes of Enron." The Portland Peaceful Response Coalition will be joining together with other local organizations to protest Cheney's visit on Sunday and Monday. [ Read More ]

[ The evil Dick Cheney | Plans for Cheney visit! ]

WAR CRIMES 21.06.2002 10:11
Mass grave discovered in Afghanistan - U.S. involvement alleged
Human rights groups are urging that mass gravesites in northern Afghanistan be immediately secured and investigated for evidence of possible war crimes involving United States military personnel. An Irish documentary maker has secretly filmed mass graves near the northern city of Mazar-e-sharif and interviewed witnesses who claim that container loads of prisoners were dumped in the desert. It's alleged that most suffocated in the sealed containers, but those left alive were shot on the spot. Key aspects of his claims are backed up by a detailed report from the group Physicians for Human Rights.

There are estimates of 1000-3000 prisoners unaccounted for and one eyewitness is claiming there were U.S. soldiers present and involved in the tortuous killing of masses of prisoners. [ Read More... ]

INDEPENDENT MEDIA 21.06.2002 08:14
The Greg Palast Experience
Greg Palast, award-winning investigative journalist, spoke Tuesday night in Portland at the First Unitarian Church to about 400 people. The talk was sponsored by KBOO, the PSU Rearguard, the Portland Alliance and Portland Peaceful Response Coalition.

Palast is an American reporter "in exile." He writes for the Guardian and has a regular program on BBC television, two highly respected UK media outlets. But the US media won't touch his stories. Why? Because he ruthlessly exposes corporate and government lies, backing up his reporting with solid documentation.

Palast broke the story of the systematic disenfranchisement of African-American voters in Florida that resulted in Bush's "winning" the state, and therefore the presidency. He tells this story in his new book, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy, and in a series of articles available on his website.

In a brief interview with Palast, he talked about the role of the media during the recent attempted coup in Venezuela. While the US media uniformly parroted State Department propaganda that (legally elected) President Hugo Chavez had resigned, Palast, who traveled to Venezuela to get the real story, reported a US-backed military coup. [ Read more ]

SPIRITUAL LIVING 20.06.2002 18:43
Renowned meditation teacher speaks in Portland
International teacher of Vipassana Meditation, S.N. Goenka, spoke to a packed auditorium Monday night about the technique of Vipassana meditation. Vipassana meditation is a non-sectarian practice which allows one to come out of the suffering of the life.

In addition to hundreds of free ten day courses taught each year in more than 80 centers around the world, Vipassana is being taught to convicted felons in prisons. In Deli's Tihar prison, known for housing some of the most hardened criminals, there is a meditation center where inmates can learn this technique. Vipassana in prisons is also picking up in here in The States. There have been many courses taught in Seattle's NRF (Northwest Rehabilitation Facility.) Recently in one of Alabama's maximum security federal prisons, a 10 day course was conducted.

Below is the audio of this talk. In part one he talks about the technique of Vipassana meditation and what he has observed in this country so far in his 5 month tour. In part two he answers questions from the audience.

Audio of the talk: Part 1 | Part 2

[ Newswire Article | Vipassana in prisons | www.dhamma.org | Meditating Cops ]

9.11 INVESTIGATION 20.06.2002 15:42
9.11 victims' families demand answers
Julie Sweeney's voice wavered on the verge of breaking as she addressed those gathered at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. "I don't want anybody to ever deal with the phone call I dealt with at 8:58 that morning from my husband from United [Flight] 175, saying goodbye."

Sweeney was one of a number of family members of the victims of 9/11, along with their lawyers, independent researchers, and members of the media who gathered on June 10 to mark the launch of UnansweredQuestions.org, which is dedicated to giving voice to the unanswered questions of 9/11, and demanding their answers.

Sweeney spoke passionately of her disappointment with what she saw as an attempt to buy off the victims while shielding the government and airline industry from further liability. "I can't accept money from our government under the facade of goodness and generosity when, on the flip side, they have capped the funds available to be recovered and they have limited the liability of the airlines for the approximately 271 people on these four planes. "After really researching the fund, it was blatantly obvious to me that the priority was not the victims and their families, like they were saying, but the airline industry that they were determined to save and protect."

Sweeney also said, "I feel very let down by a government that I was taught from a very young age to trust, and that they do good and righteous things for us. When we put our trust in businesses that are federally regulated, the government should stand behind the common person because we have smaller voices then they do if something were to go wrong. This isn't happening, and red flags are popping up everywhere that mistakes were made." [ Read more... ]

This press conference received almost no attention from the corporate media and was not even taped by C-SPAN. UnansweredQuestions.org, however, has provided streaming audio and an account in two parts: [ Part 1 | Part 2 ]

FOREST ACTIVISM 20.06.2002 13:02
Wild Rockies Earth First halts logging truck with banner hang
From the open publishing newswire: Two activists with Wild Rockies Earth First!(WREF!) repelled from the Van Buren St. bridge on ropes anchored to a log truck. The truck was hauling trees cut as part of the Bitterroot salvage scam. Between the two activists a banner declared "Global Capitalism Kills Our Forest" to bring home awareness of the cost of globalization to our local community. About an hour later police removed the two activists. The two are charged with felony criminal endangerment. Four other activists were arrested for stopping the log truck and charged with disorderly conduct and pedestrians in a roadway.

Deforestation worldwide is a result of corporate globalization. The Bitterroot Restoration for-profit deal is yet another sale of our natural resources for corporate gain. The global assault on our environment destroys habitat, ripiarian areas, water quality and soil quality. No place is that more obvious than in the Bitterroot Forest.

[ Wild Rockies EF! stops bitterroot logging truck, goes over bridge with banner | Wild Rockies Earth First halts logging truck with banner hang | activists released with conditions ]

LABOR 19.06.2002 22:57
Global day of action against Footlocker
Thursday, 13 June, was a global day of action against shoe retailer Footlocker and Taiwan-based Tainan, an apparel manufacturer. In April, Tainan began closing a factory in El Salvador, claiming a lack of orders. Workers at the factory, who are organized under the Sindicato de Trabajadores de la Industria Textiles (STIT - the Industrial Union of Textile Workers), however, have evidence that the site was receiving work and sending it to other factories. Under pressure from activists with the Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) and the U.S. Labor Education in the Americas Project (U.S. LEAP), some U.S. retailers, including the Gap, have helped put the pressure on Tainan to clean up their act. Footlocker is one corporation that has so far refused to act, which is why they were the target of Thursday's global day of action. [ More background ]

Demonstrations and educational efforts took place in El Salvador, at Tainan's headquarters in Taiwan, and in 20 cities across the United States, including Portland: "There were six of us in the mall [Thursday], and we were able to leaflet a lot of people for about a half an hour - standing right in the mall entrance to the Foot Locker - before the security called the police. (And we stayed a bit longer even then, which thoroughly agitated them.) We had a couple big signs and talked to a lot of people. Footlocker heard our message. (Maybe Ann Taylor too -- coincidentally right across the mall aisle from Footlocker.) I'm sure [CLR will] keep us informed of what happens - people were really excited to know that it was happening in so many different places at the same time."

Other actions took place in Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, Madison, St. Paul, Tucson, Ashland, Eugene, Spokane, and Olympia.

[ Full story | previous story: "Local Action in Solidarity with Workers in El Salvador (eugene)" ]

WINK WINK, NUDGE NUDGE 19.06.2002 15:14
'Billionaires for Bush' crash Greg Palast event
Greg Palast, investigative journalist and author of "The Best Democracy That Money Can Buy" -- which exposes the fraud of the 2000 U.S. presidential election -- spoke in Portland last night. Unfortunately the lecture was marred by the rowdy presence of the so-called "Billionaires For Bush", a group of super-rich citizens who show up at various activist events and rain on the parade with ostentatious displays of their wealth and power. The Billionaires claim that their corporate citizen members are the true rulers of the United States and that meaningful democracy does not exist. Items on their "Ten Point Agenda" include more tax cuts for the wealthy, abolishing the labor movement and all social spending, and privatizing "everything".

According to a newswire post: "The Billionairs [sic] for Bush elbowed their way through a crowd of deluded leftists on Tuesday evening to educate the assembled rabble on the new war economy. They informed everyone to bone up on flag etiquette, and reminded them to 'fly your flag and shut your mouth.' The group proclaimed, 'up with plutocracy, down with democracy' to startled attendees. Their banner, proudly displayed, read 'OUR profits trump YOUR freedom.' Inside the event, the Billionaires offended onlookers by hosting a small, exclusive cocktail party at the front of the house, and toasting themselves, with many iterations of 'to US!' They were also heard chanting, 'Justice for JUST US!' and 'Wealth care, not welfare.'"

The Billionaires also crashed the January 5th protest against pResident Bush in Portland this year: [ Article & Photo | VIDEO ]. No one knows when or where they will strike next, or what other dastardly deeds they will commit. Citizens are urged to watch out for fur coats, expensive suits, and tiaras, and report any further sightings to the portland indymedia newswire immediately .

Portland police to be armed with potentially lethal electro-shock devices
Portland Copwatch reports: On Monday, June 17, Portland Police Chief Mark Kroeker announced that the Portland Police Bureau is now equipped with tasers, small electro-shock devices which are supposed "less lethal" alternatives to guns or pepper spray. Kroeker seems to have made the decision without seeking community input. It appears Kroeker did not even consult with the highly-touted new civilian police review system, the Independent Police Review Division (IPR). Tasers are at best an unknown danger and at worst, two-time killers, according to human rights group Amnesty International.

A 1998 report on Police Brutality and Prison Abuse in the USA ("United States of America: Rights for All") describes the taser and its cousin the stun gun as devices which "jolt" a suspect with 50,000 volts of electricity. The book reports "In July, 1996, a 29-year-old woman, Kimberly Lashon Watkins, died after being shot by police with a taser in Pomona, California. Just five months later, Andrew Hunt, Jr died when Pomona police reportedly shot him several times with a taser after he had been handcuffed."

Members of local police accountability group Portland Copwatch question whether the taser has been fully and independently tested for safety on people with specific ailments (such as heart conditions or epilepsy). The group also worries that once the new devices are readily available, police may misuse them, as they have with other weapons like pepper spray and "beanbag" guns--each of which have been used against unarmed civilians including peaceful demonstrators.

"We are very concerned that the Chief is adding to the police arsenal with no community input," said Kristian Williams of Copwatch. "He seems to have forgotten his promise to leave L.A.-style policing in L.A." [Full story ]

The M26 Advanced Taser is the weapon the Portland Police will be using. Taser.com has the full specs of the weapon, with video presentations and the Owner's manual, with warnings. Find out more about what they'll be pointing at you.

[ Amnesty International: "Rights for All" report | Taser.com | Portland Copwatch ]

CYCLES OF LIFE 17.06.2002 23:26
'The Movement Loses a Visionary Leader'
In a tribute posted to the open publishing newswire, Chuck Kaufman, National Co-Coordinator of the Nicaragua Network, writes: "Trim Bissell, founder and National Co-Coordinator of the Campaign for Labor Rights, succumbed after a 20-month battle with a brain tumor and left the ranks of those who struggle for justice and peace..."

"Trim taught college level creative writing for three years and was becoming a nationally noted poet when, in 1968, his outrage at the US slaughter of Vietnamese peasants caused him to give up his academic life and move with his first wife to Seattle, WA to, as he described it, 'join the armed resistance to the Vietnam War.' ...He and his wife joined the Weathermen, a more radical off-shoot of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)... His activities in the Weathermen resulted in his arrest on federal charges of attempting to set off a bomb late at night at the University of Washington ROTC building (Reserve Officer Training Corp). With the willing agreement of his parents, who had put up their house as bail, Trim went underground where he remained a fugitive for 17 years. For a time he was on the FBI's 'Most Wanted' list."

"He took a new name, Terrance Jackson, went back to college where he earned a B.S. in Biology and a Masters in Physical Therapy and rooted himself deeply in the Eugene, OR community working as a physical therapist and, beginning in 1980, as a painter and sculptor... In 1987 the FBI finally caught up with him... There was widespread support from friends, former patients, the local newspaper, and even the FBI agent who arrested him, for the argument that his 17 years as a productive citizen paid his 'debt to society' and he should not be sentenced to jail. But, a jury in Seattle sentenced him to two years in a minimum security prison."

"In late 1995 we created the Campaign for Labor Rights (CLR) with Trim as its unpaid coordinator. ...CLR grew quickly due to Trim's indefatigable energy and incisive analysis and soon became know as the 'grassroots organizing department of the anti-sweatshop movement.'" [ Read more... ]

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