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03.11.2004 00:30
Report-back from PPRC sElection night action downtown
In an election night action, PPRC marched to The Marriott where the Repugs were celebrating, then hopped MAX and headed to The Convention Center to meet up with Dems

About 50 regulars and others marched with the PPRC No War Drum Corp from across from the federal building downtown to the Marriott where the right wingers were gathering. We had a big, 40' long new banner, "END THE WARS." The day's rain had stopped in the still chilly night air.

Our regular chant leader, Tina, was back from her sabbatical giving birth to twin boys. We were high and enthusiastic to be together, after a day of odd uncertainty. We chanted, danced and drummed right up at the entrance to the Marriott. Michael was doing his cartwheels.

One violent incident took place. Den was bopping up by a door. Repugs were coming out and holding up 4 fingers (Shrub, 4 more years). About 3-4 police were also by the other doors. One of them, Delinko (sp?) stepped in and moved between Den and the Repugs coming out. In a swift swoop, that cop grabbed Den's small green justice flag, broke the stick off, and then took it inside the Marriott.


02.11.2004 23:48
It Has Only Just Begun
The votes are in, the selection is over. It never mattered. Liberals are turning radical, radicals are going revolutionary...and the conservative are second guessing themselves. I have been listening to portland imc web radio all day and I am now very excited, EXCITED, not despondent about tomorrow...and the next day...and the next.

Now, we can start our future the future that we have been begging for. Momentum is on our side. Had John Kerry won, we wouldve woken up late tomorrow and missed being out in the street. Now, they will make it a point, they may come out eary, they may take back the streets, maybe the city, and perhaps, just perhaps, they may begin to take back their lives.

[ Sad about having to wake up tomorrow... I No "winner" tonight I Bad news folks: I think it's over ]


SELECTION 2004 02.11.2004 16:02
Photos and reports from Multnomah County Elections office in Portland
3:49 pm: i really like that we have vote-by-mail here in this part of Cascadia temporarily known as Oregon. i appreciate having lots of time with the ballot to research my choices, discuss them with friends (and otherwise), and fill it out really slowly if i'd like, in the comfort of my own home. But as long as i've lived here, i've never mailed it. i always bike it up to the Multnomah County Elections Office on 10th & Morrison in Portland. i do this for two reasons: a) i want to assure that my ballot arrives safely where it's supposed to go, and b) i enjoy the sense of occasion and excitement of going somewhere in person on sElection Day.

So today i biked up there in the rain with my ballot, and the ballots of my roommates, and i was not disappointed. It was quite a scene up there.

Additional updates & photos: [ 6:35 pm | 6:50 pm | 8:42 pm ]


A busride down memory lane
The other day I took a ride on the #30 Burton bus up here in Vancouver. It's a wild ride, for those unfamiliar with it as it currently looks. A close inspection of the neighborhood this route passes through, the current level of construction activities, and the route itself, all seem to reveal a dirty little secret--or many of them. What it all reveals is probably endemic to the West, maybe even the entire country except areas where expansion (urban growth) is no longer possible.

The Burton bus heads N on 164th Ave., through the area known as Fisher's Landing, but it does pass a Fred Meyer which claims to be in the city of Camas, even though that city is a good 4 miles away. This is probably for tax or related reasons. Everything else is either in Vancouver or unincorporated. It's an area notable for the speed with which development occurred--one chain restaurant and bank after another grace the flanks of 164th Ave. At the intersection of 164th and Mill Plain, the worst is over for the most part, but the party has just begun. The bus goes down a hill and takes a left at NE 39th St., across from fields currently being prepared for either new subdivisions or a new shiny business plaza--a new project by (insert construction company name here).


SELECTION 2004 02.11.2004 12:50
Voting irregularities nationwide reported by the League of Pissed Off Voters
Re-selection The following is a list of voting irregularities reported this morning to The League of Pissed Off Voters:

New Orleans, LA: There have been over 80 complaints of voting problems in New Orleans so far (10:30 AM). Shana from New Orleans Election Protection and the League of Pissed Off Voters reported that there have been machine malfunctions and in some places there are no backup ballots available. Election Protection says that New Orleans is one of the top sites of voting irregularities nationwide.

Milwuakee, WI: In wards 72, 314, and 297 in Milwuakee, voting machines are broken. All three wards are predominantly African-American. Luckily, in some of the target wards in Milwuakee, voting turnout has already reached 50% of registered voters at 1PM.


02.11.2004 10:09
Pacific Lumber Poised to Log Ancient Redwoods
Threatened giant redwood Humboldt County, CA - Signs dotting Northern California's stretch of Highway 101 declare the scenic passage the "Redwood Highway," named for ancient redwoods that tower over its flanks. Passing through Humboldt Redwoods State Park, which contains one of the largest remaining contiguous stands of ancient coast redwoods in the world, lengths of the famous thoroughfare are just a stone's throw to ancient forest owned by Maxxam/Pacific Lumber - redwoods they hope to cut down in the coming weeks.

The 65-acre Timber Harvest Plan (1-04-220 HUM) is habitat for the endangered marbled murrelet and contains many giant redwoods, including some over 10 feet in diameter. The plan, and its close proximity to the park, has drawn criticism from the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR), who sent a dissenting letter of Non-Concurrence to the California Department of Forestry (CDF). The denuded hillside would create a visual blight to passengers on Hwy 101, as well as those on Avenue of the Giants within the State Park. In this location, the "removal of residual old growth redwoods cannot be visually mitigated."


01.11.2004 15:30
Blackbox Voting: Hacking of voting machines might already have happened
MONDAY Nov 1 2004: New information indicates that hackers may be targeting the central computers counting our votes tomorrow. All county elections officials who use modems to transfer votes from polling places to the central vote-counting server should disconnect the modems now.

There is no down side to removing the modems. Simply drive the vote cartridges from each polling place in to the central vote-counting location by car, instead of transmitting by modem. "Turning off" the modems may not be sufficient. Disconnect the central vote counting server from all modems, INCLUDING PHONE LINES, not just Internet. In a very large county, this will add at most one hour to the vote-counting time, while offering significant protection from outside intrusion.

It appears that such an attack may already have taken place, in a primary election 6 weeks ago in King County, Washington -- a large jurisdiction with over one million registered voters. Documents, including internal audit logs for the central vote-counting computer, along with modem "trouble slips" consistent with hacker activity, show that the system may have been hacked on Sept. 14, 2004. Three hours is now missing from the vote-counting computer's "audit log," an automatically generated record, similar to the black box in an airplane, which registers certain kinds of events.

related: [ An Election Spoiled Rotten - Kerry Already Down 1 Million votes | Greg Palast - newest BBC report on Florida Black Voter 'caging' | New Florida vote scandal feared | VOTERS BEWARE!! FRAUD HAS BEGUN! | E-Voting Tests Get Failing Grade & so does its fraudulent 'creditation' framework | Why Do Americans Need a Machine to Vote? | USA, world's so-called 'beacon of democracy,' breaks down before one vote counted ]


01.11.2004 11:17
Caravan for Juarez Women Succeeds in Raising Awareness of 400 Murdered
Tucson was the final event of our 12 city tour on the Caravan for Justice for the Women of Juarez that began in Seattle on October 18 at the University of Washington. On most of our stops, the response was standing room only and very supportive. We sold nearly all the tee shirts, gave away thousands of post cards and much information. Surprisingly, the smallest turnouts were in L.A. and Phoenix. The efforts made by each host city were truly wonderful displaying much solidarity, love and sorrow in raising this very critical issue. Altars, candles, photos of murdered young women, slide shows of Juarez and Chihuahua, art exhibits,poetry, music and mourning were common themes thruout the journey. Rain followed us all the way to Arizona giving a fresh feel to each big, crowded city.

Ramona lost her daughter, Sylvia Elena Rivera Morales,16, in l995, when she was found 2 months after disappearing by a man caring for his animals in the mountains. Sylvia was a student and also worked part time in a shoe store. Her eyes were carved out, her face scraped off, she was raped and killed. Ramona, whose husband died 3 months after her daughter's death of pure sadness, has been seeking justice for nearly 10 years. The police have mistreated her and many other mothers. Many innocent people have been tortured into signing confessions and jailed. An Egyptian, Shariff, has been charged with Syvia's murder even tho the judge stated there is not enough evidence and the accused claims his innocence. It is a multifaceted tragedy that threatens all of us if we fail to act in stopping more murders.

[ more caravan for juarez articles ]


01.11.2004 09:44
OPB spreads disinformation about Measure 33
Colin Fodenvenzil reported on Measure 33 this morning. He talked with supporters and advocates then he interviewed the opposition by talking to head of the Oregon District Attorney's Association (Brad Berry?). The head of the ODAA claimed that if Measure 33 passed, the provisions in the Measure allow sick people to have up to 6Lbs of Marijuana. Then he claimed the federal DEA 6Lbs is enough marijuana for a sick person to smoke 2 joints, 24 hours per day, every day for a year.

Math check = 2 x 24 x 365 = 17,520 joints
Gram check = 28.25 (grams/ounce) x 16 (ounces/LB) x 6 = 2712 grams
2712 grams / 17520 joints = .15 grams / joint or more than 6 joints per gram.


i watched the "stolen honor" video....it made me want to vote for Kerry
I just watched Stolen Honor, and it was ridiculous! If I were an undecided voter, this film would make me want to vote for Kerry. Really old footage of him shows that he at least had a conscience back then! The major premise of the film was that Kerry and others protesting the Vietnam war dragged the war out and made life harder for the servicemen, especially POWs. This is positively absurd. What is better for servicemen than bringing them home to their wives and children?

It goes on to insinuate that POWs were treated even more badly BECAUSE of coverage of war protests.... And that the POWs suffered a brutal blow to their morale from people protesting the war.


01.11.2004 01:29
Standardizing Early Childhood Education?
In Washington State Governor Locke's administration is proposing new benchmarks for young children. The Early Learning and Development Benchmarks represent new risks for Washington's children. Since the benchmarks were required under federal mandates, all the nation's children face these risks.

The first risk is that the tools themselves may be overly simplistic or too complex to be useful. This risk can only be evaluated in the context of the actual benchmarks, which will be made public on November 8.

Another risk is that the tools will be presented as value-neutral, when they cannot be anything but based on values. All educational practice reflects what is culturally valued for children to learn and to experience. That fact that the tools will reflect values is not a problem - but deciding whose values to reflect can present lots of problems.

[ liberation learning ]


31.10.2004 15:03
Halloween Takeover of Mall of America's Victoria's Secret
Protesters stormed the Victoria Secret in Minneapolis's Mall of America around 1 pm October 31st.

The activists upon entering the store stripped down to lingerie and night gowns announcing their presence with a cheers with the intention of informing the shoppers of VS's tremendous contribution to forest destuction. Within minutes they were kicked out of the store by employees, but continued the cheers and guerilla theater outside of the store. Activists with cardboard chainsaws pretended to cut down other activists who represented trees. Soon after, mall security arrived and escorted the activists out of the mall.


oregon elections 31.10.2004 12:02
Sign vandalism at the County Elections office
About 9:30 tonight (saturday oct 30), I saw a man ripping down the large "VOTE HERE" signs from the light poles at the Multnomah County Elections office. He had a stack of 2 or 3 other similar signs, and threw them all into the back of his pickup. I was sitting at the light at SE 11th and Morrison waiting for the light to turn. He pulled away from the curb and stopped at the light at 11th and Belmont where I pulled up behind him.

It was a white Toyota Tundra pickup, license plate YCU 964, with Bush/Cheney stickers and a "I'd rather be RIGHT than Politically Correct" bumpersticker.


31.10.2004 00:39
Wild Oats Closing--Legal Help Needed
One of the two Eugene Wild Oats stores is closing. While yes, Wild Oats is a corporation, there are still people behind it, local people, our neighbors, friends and family. Wild Oats national is doing great injustice to the people who slaved for the store to make it a success. For example, some people who worked at the Wild Oats store, some more than 15 years, are getting at most 6 weeks of severance pay! How can it be possible for an individual to put out everythnig for something he/she believes in (natural foods) and get screwed so badly?!?!!! Any information you may have regarding previous legal actions is needed. We can't let the corporations hurt us like this, working is an evil paradox of life, the least we can do is hit the corporation hard so maybe it isn't as bad the next time around.


ARE YOU ANY MORE SAFER? 30.10.2004 16:11
PJTTF Hearing Delayed Again by the FBI
According to the office of the city auditor, the hearing is being held up by the FBI. Apparently, the FBI has not signed the contract, and it cannot go before the council until it receives their signature. It has been tentatively proposed for either November 24th (that's right, the day before Thanksgiving), or else December 29th (yes, that would be the week between Christmas and New Year when many people are on vacation). Obviously, the FBI does not want citizen involvement with this very important issue.

For those who do not know, the Portland Joint terrorism Task Force (PJTTF) hearing is an extremely important battle in the struggle for civil liberties and constitutional protections in Portland. The PJTTF is the agreement between Portland business interests, the corporate police state, and the FBI, allowing the collaboration between Portland police and the FBI. In short, they are spying on us. While their mission has been to prevent the specter of terrorism, the reality is that the only people who have been targeted (and there have been many!) have been political and environmental activists and people of color.

More Background on PJTTF
On May 30, 2002, US Attorney General John Ashcroft released new Guidelines on General Crimes, Racketeering Enterprise and Terrorism Enterprise Investigations (RICO). In doing so, he swept away protections that have been in place since the 1970s (which were a result of all the uncovering of FBI Counter-Intelligence, or COINTELPRO, abuses).

The new Guidelines allow the government to spy on US citizens and groups even when there is no suspicion of wrongdoing. Once launched, these investigations can continue longer, with more intrusive investigative techniques and with less oversight, even when investigations produce no evidence of criminal activity. These investigative techniques can include having undercover agents or informants infiltrate organizations and attend meetings, physical or photographic surveillance, examination of records, trolling the Internet, and commercial data mining services. Under state law, Portland police officers should have no connection to these policies, powers, and investigative techniques, but as members of the JTTF, they do because the deputized police officers are under the direction of the FBI officers.

Indymedia Summaries of 2003 PJTTF Hearings | Facts About PJTTF


30.10.2004 14:42
FBI/JTTF Raids Home Of Animal Rights Activist
Who Are The Terrorists? The Real Terrorists In The USA Are The FBI & The CIA

At approximately 6am, Thursday October 28th 2004 a residence at 50-18 Hazel Ave, Philadelphia, Pa, 19143 was served a warrant and raided by ~16 agents from The FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force.
The Warrant was signed by United States Magistrate Arlander Keys of the Northern District Justice of Illinois. The warrant was served by Special Agent Jeremy Ashcroft of Illinois Terrorism Task Force and was directed towards SHAC-USA and at the Prominent Philladelphia-Area animal rights organization "Hugs For Puppies".


30.10.2004 11:22
P.E.T.A. Demands End to Gruesome Animal-Slaughter Program at Local High School
Picture from Peta's Teachkind website Friday morning, P.E.T.A. (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals) fired off a letter to North Clackamas School District Superintendent Ron Naso, imploring him to immediately cease the slaughter of sheep and other animals as part of an animal-science class at North Clackamas High School. According to the district's own report, several sheep had their throats slit and necks broken while students looked on at the Sabin-Schellenberg Center, which is part of the school district.


Critical Mass bike rides busted up by cops in Portland and Corvallis
critical mass drawing [Corvallis]--As a group of 20 bikers or so took to the streets in Corvallis on Friday the 29th of October, I was rather pleasantly surprised the COVALLIS PO PO was nowhere to be found. Therefore, the group pedaled gleefully throughout the streets of Corvallis with overwhelming warm receptiveness from bystanders and community members.

The CM lasted for about an hour and then like clockwork the flashy squad cars pull up and officer ROOKIE leaps out of his moving car and orders the crowd of 20 peddlers to immediately stop.

[Portland]--this months ride started out with (i didnt do a head count) 200-300 cyclists?
anyways it was a really good turn out
and as usual the police also had a good turn out (good for them bad for us)
we got to ride for 10-15 minutes without a problem
then the police came down on us mass ticketing and even arrests

[Portland]--It is past the time to take some form of legal and/or subversive action against the City of Portland and their aggressive rude police bureau that continues to practice illegal discriminatory tactics against Critical Mass. The Halloween ride was just the culmination of the months of oppressive police tactics that often have no judicial support. Last night there were the standard trumped up citations, unwarrented physical 'attacks' and arrests, disruptions to the bystanding society at the expense of fun loving cyclists celebrating their legal right to ride en mass, and an arrogant over-reactive motorcyle crazed police wing.

[ NYC Indymedia: Critical Mass Harassment Continues | pdx indymedia Bikes & Transportation section | previous posts mentioning Critical Mass on pdx indymedia (1362 total) ]


30.10.2004 03:37
World Vegan Day Celebrates Happy Diamond Jubilee ! & Turns 60. (1944-2004)
World Vegan Day Logo Today is World Vegan Day. Vegans world-wide are celebrating around the globe their special habit, life style choice, and mission to recruit more vegans.. This week is "NATIONAL VEGAN WEEK 2004" which kick started on the 30th of October with 'Make A Difference Day' and the Vegan Society AGM and then runs until the 7th of November. Today marks the 60th Birthday of "World Vegan Day."


29.10.2004 17:48
12th Day of International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua
A Portland IMC videographer has been participating in and documenting this important solidarity campaign that is visiting dozens of cities across the U.S. as they converge on Juarez, Mexico, to demand justice from the authorities in the neglected cases of approximately 400 young women.

Steev's Blog


29.10.2004 07:22
9 a.m. KBOO interview today with Paul Richmond correcting Tom Potter's record
Paul Richmond will be talking with Per Fargren on KBOO today, Friday October 29 at 9:00 a.m. PST about Mayoral Candidate Tom Potter's past record, and current campaign. Paul was here in Portland during Potter's reign of terror, and knows the intimate details of how the current militarization of the PPD under Potter's reign, began. He may also share some of the other things he discovered while digging into Portland's inner workings, and exposing them on Cable Access as well as in the publications In Xcess (sp??) and The Portlandian.

This show can be listened to via live-stream by going to www.kboo.fm. Paul can be contacted via email at: paulrichmond_attorney@yahoo.com


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