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13.11.2004 03:38
Portland Community Liberation Front Targeted by PPD for Copwatching
Portland, OR - IN ANOTHER CLASH with the Portland Police Department [PPD], Portland Community Liberation Front [PCLF] successfully provided legal, non-violent observance of over five traffic stops on or near the intersection of MLK and Killingsworth Thursday, November 11 between 10pm and 1am. PPD's extreme response resulted in over $1,100.00 in minor traffic citations. This is not the first time the PPD has attempted to stifle the activities of PCLF and other community patrolling/Copwatching organizations. The events of the evening are indicative of PPD resistance to community involvement in police accountability.

On Thursday nights, PCLF (a police accountability organization by and for people of color that formed in response to the killings of James and Perez last year) holds its routine community patrol in North and Northeast PDX. They observe and document the activities of police officers during interactions with community members. The goal of community patrolling is to inform community members of their rights - which eventually may prevent another tragedy of police violence. When asked by police about their presence PCLF responds consistently in accordance with their rights, "We are here to observe, we do not intend to interfere."

During these patrols, PCLF has been subject to harassment, disrespectful actions and a lack of professionalism from the PPD.


Ecodefense Update: Blue River Face Tree-sit is now Blue River Face Tree Village
Pseudocephalaria rainerensis on logged old growth doug fir in Blue River Face Activists continue to occupy the upper canopy in unit 5d of the Blue River Face Timber Sale located in the Mckenzie Ranger District, Willamette National Forest. More treehouses have recently been installed at the 150 ft. level in hopes of offering the 40 acre unit protection from the chainsaws. Traverse lines running through the treetops are in place as a deterrent to cutting.

Our wish is to bring about increased awareness of the continued cutting of native and old-growth forest in the Mckenzie Watershed. The tree at Blue River Face are massive and the forest is lush. Owls can be heard hooting in the cool night air. Flying squirrels are visiting the tree-sits and telling us they would rather live in an intact forest than a managed stand of trees.

previous stories: [ Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues (Oct. 10, 2004) | Active Logging at Blue River Face (Apr. 18, 2004) | Rosboro Lumber steals trees, logs some of last Willamette Old Growth in Blue River Face (Apr. 30, 2004) | Cascadians occupy Unit 5d of Blue River Face timber sale (Aug. 31, 2004) ]


SECESSION 12.11.2004 21:45
Why We Are Seceding
I've seen many arguments, claims and retorts for and against the secessionist movement.? I'd like to address those arguments, especially those which are fallacious, and then move on to the actual reason for secession. ? It has been argued that we are seceding because we lost the elections.? Our detractors say that Kerry was our candidate and now that Bush has "won", we are unwilling to accept defeat.? This argument fails for many reasons, not the least of which is gross elections fraud.? However, since our argument does not depend upon the question of election fraud, let me address the argument assuming for a moment that our detractors are correct when they claim that Bush "won" the elections. ?

[ Another Reader Posted ]

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12.11.2004 14:30
Media launch preemptive strike on election fraud "conspiracy theories"
Looks like a new offensive in the battle for public opinion has begun in earnest. After a week of deafening silence on anomalies and irregularities in the 2004 Presidential Election, the "mainstream" media has opened up with a salvo of "in depth reporting" aimed at creating a public mindset that those who think the election results deserve close scrutiny are just a bunch of internet conspiracy theorists.

NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw tonight aired a special segment on the election issue, the thrust of which was "Nothing to see here. Keep moving." This followed a similar report on NPR earlier today.

previous sElection 2004 Theft features: [ Greens & Libertarian Presidential Candidates Demand Recount in Ohio (11/11) | Urgent: Act Now To Unhijack The Presidential Election (11/9) | PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to print & distribute (11/8) | Black Box Voting makes appeal for help in exposing vote fraud before Electoral College is seated (11/8) | Nader/Camejo Challenge Electronic Voting Results in New Hampshire | The Election was Stolen; How we know & Why it matters (11/5) | Karmic Blowback and the Democrats (11/4) ]


Thinking of going to D.C. to protest Bush's inauguration?
Sunday, November 14th at 7pm there will be a meeting at the Back2Back Cafe on 6th and E Burnside to begin planning for getting out to D.C. for the inauguration on January 20th.

We filled the streets the day after the election, and we need to keep the momentum going. On January 20th Bush will begin his second term in the city where he received only 9% of the vote. On that day we will be there with all the rage and frustration we displayed on November 3rd; but this time we will be more prepared.

We will not be silent and watch this happen.
We will resist.


12.11.2004 00:55
WTC Collapse: A rebuttal to the NIST report
"what is the TRUTH?" graphics The following letter was sent today by Kevin Ryan of Underwriters Laboratories to Frank Gayle of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Underwriters Laboratories is the company that certified the steel componets used in the constuction of the World Trade Center towers. The information in this letter is of great importance.
Dr. Gayle,
Having recently reviewed your team's report of 10/19/04, I felt the need to contact you directly.

As I'm sure you know, the company I work for certified the steel components used in the construction of the WTC buildings. In requesting information from both our CEO and Fire Protection business manager last year, I learned that they did not agree on the essential aspects of the story, except for one thing - that the samples we certified met all requirements. They suggested we all be patient and understand that UL was working with your team, and that tests would continue through this year. I'm aware of UL's attempts to help, including performing tests on models of the floor assemblies. But the results of these tests appear to indicate that the buildings should have easily withstood the thermal stress caused by pools of burning jet fuel.

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12.11.2004 00:01
Activists Increase Militance in Wake of Bush's Re-installment
We held our signs high. We passed out flyers. We've marched in the streets. We've blocked traffic. We made noise and cried out against the war, against oppression. We went home with uplifted spirits, again preaching to the choir and irking passersby. We even went out and voted.

But the monster is still in office. There is to be four more years of absolute terror in the white house. Four more years behind a veneer of moral values and nationalism. We are fucking mad.

We need mass decentralized actions, fucking shit up at night. In every city, against, against military recruitment centers, against republican offices, against banks, against walmarts, and against - every component of the military industrial compex.

[ North Carolina: Vandals hit GOP Headquarters | Illinois: Republican office vandalized | Kansas: Vandal hits headquarters of county GOP | Wisconsin: Tires slashed on 20 GOP vehicles, Milwaukee police report | Vandals cause major damage to Wal-Mart ]


11.11.2004 23:52
Why Is Cash Strapped Portland Spending Money on a "Cold Case" Program?
It was announced this evening that Oregon faces a $1 billion shortfall. Portland is strapped for revenues and cutting programs, yet it can apparently find enough extra cash to fund a "Cold Case" program which will seek to solve 280 cold cases from the 1970s forward.

This decision is being made at a time when there is so much crime in Portland neighborhoods that police cannot begin to respond adequately to the many complaints. Instead, they respond by degree with burglaries under a certain amount and in certain parts of town, animal nuisance and neglect, noise, vandalism, etc. being virtually ignored. We can't afford to keep criminals in prison and many are released prematurely after having done little or no time or community service.

Why is the city wasting money "tidying up" after 280 years-old cases that benefit few people when it already has its hands full with current cases and we DO NOT HAVE MONEY TO SPARE?


SELECTION 2004 THEFT 11.11.2004 17:19
Greens & Libertarian Presidential Candidates Demand Recount in Ohio
Re-selection David Cobb and Michael Badnarik, the 2004 presidential candidates for the Green and Libertarian parties, today announced their intentions to file a formal demand for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in Ohio.

"Due to widespread reports of irregularities in the Ohio voting process, we are compelled to demand a recount of the Ohio presidential vote. Voting is the heart of the democratic process in which we as a nation put our faith. When people stand in line for hours to exercise their right to vote, they need to know that all votes will be counted fairly and accurately. We must protect the rights of the people of Ohio, as well as all Americans, and stand up for the right to vote and the right for people's votes to be counted. The integrity of the democratic process is at stake," the two candidates said in a joint statement.

The candidates also demanded that Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, a Republican who chaired the Ohio Bush campaign, recuse himself from the recount process.


SUPPORT THE REAL MEDIA 11.11.2004 08:57
"Miami Model" screening at Clinton Street Theater to benefit portland indymedia tech collective
This film documents the protests and police state built up in Miami around the Nov. 2003 FTAA Ministerial. Many Cascadians headed down there to be in the streets, and they met up with thousands of folks from around the hemisphere to all be part of the catastrophe that has constantly encircled this free trade agreement.

This film is simultaneously gut-wrenching and uplifting, there is amazing resistance and equally amazing repression. The fight against the FTAA is ongoing, but we are winning.

When/Where: Sat. Dec. 4, 2pm @ the Clinton Street Theater. This screening is a benefit for the portland indymedia tech collective, the folks who keep this site up and running. Cost: $5+ (sliding scale).

[ Downloadable PDF poster ]


11.11.2004 00:05
AUDIO FILES: The National Security State
Friday evening, November 5, 2004, a presentation was held at the First Methodist Church in Portland Oregon concerning the erosion of Civil Rights in this country and the emergence of the National Security State. Much of the material was concerning the USA PATRIOT Act.

After giving a brief biography of both speakers the moderator introduced the first speaker, Elden Rosenthall. Elden Rosenthall, according to the moderator, is the premier civil rights lawyer in Portland. He's been involved in serveral police accountability cases over the years. The second speaker was Michael Avery, national president of the National Lawyers Guild Avery, a Professor at Suffolk University in Boston, is also one of the founders of and active with, the National Police Accountability Project,

And finally, Dr. Frankel, spoke concerning what people in Portland and Multnomah Country are doing about the PATRIOT Act. Frankel opens his remarks directly to the point: "December 9th, Thursday morning, 9:30, the Multnomah County Board of Commissioners will unanimously pass a resolution expressing a committment to protect civil rghts and reduce discrimination and harassment in the era of the USA PATRIOT Act."

Audio Files Elden Rosenthall | Michael Avery | Dr. Herman Frankel


SELECTION 2004 THEFT 10.11.2004 23:21
Ohio sit-in to protest massive vote fraud postponed due to FBI
I have been debating all night whether or not to share this info with everyone (because I know how quickly it will spread and how paranoid everyone will become), but have ultimately decided to do so. Earlier today, the FBI showed up at my door. Apparently someone (*cough*right-winger*cough*) had reported me to them for attempting to organize a 'terrorist' activity...

Honestly, I do not know what to do. I'm fairly sure the only reason they showed up is because a right-winger reported me, not necessarily because of what I was trying to organize. But apparently under the dreaded Patriot Act civil disobedience CAN be considered terrorist, and I can be thrown in jail without formal charges or rights. So I'm postponing the sit-in for now... The point has been raised that holding it on the same day as CASE-Ohio's hearing would be splintering our resources, and I do believe I agree. We need to regroup and examine our options a bit.

[ Liberty or Death ]


10.11.2004 07:01
A bold new civil liberties strategy for Portland
It's time to focus the energies of the thousands of people in our city who don't agree with the policies of the federal government regime, and who even suspect foul play in these elections. At the local level, there are fresh faces on the City Council and a chance to start afresh with a strong new program. Here are some specific ideas for that program.


ROGUE NATION 09.11.2004 18:59
US Abandons Geneva Conventions in Fallujah: Destroys Hospital; Prohibits Ambulances
In Fallujah, U.S. declares war on hospitals. The U.S. has captured the main hospital, destroyed another and prohibited the use of ambulances. U.S. spokesperson Prime Minister Allawi has declared a strict curfew, and the U.S. military has declared that during curfew hours any and all civilian vehicles are free-fire targets with no prior determination whether they are hostile required.

U.S. soldiers have targeted medical personnel and ambulances. U.S. forces block ambulances from coming to the hospital and have prevented doctors from the captured hospital from moving to other clinics to treat patients. The civilian residents of Fallujah are without healthcare except for a few small clinics and risk their lives to get to them.

Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the New York Times lead editorial calls for an increase of 40,000 in the number of U.S. troops in Iraq. Rather than stand by moral and ethical principles and oppose this illegal and brutal occupation, the pro-war NY Times wants to escalate the barbaric treatment of the civilians of Iraq.

The NY Times promoted the lies regarding 'Weapons of Mass Destruction' that helped launch the war, and now they support an escalation of this war which is based on lies, which routinely violates the Geneva Conventions, and which has made a mockery of U.S. rhetoric regarding democracy and freedom.


DO PEOPLE WANT DEMOCRACY? 09.11.2004 14:50
Urgent: Act Now To Unhijack The Presidential Election
The 2004 Presidential election is NOT over! There's evidence the election may have been "hijacked" by fraud and that Bush has NOT won. A nationwide grassroots movement is underway to uncover the fraud, get the votes counted (or recounted) and file lawsuits, and YOUR HELP IS NEEDED NOW. Please spread the word, pitch in some volunteer time, help recruit volunteers with legal and/or computer expertise, and consider donating money. The Presidency won't be decided until the Electoral College meets on December 12; it's not too late to Redefeat Bush Again.
Florida - We need a recount in the optical scanner counties!
If you add up the data from http://ustogether.org/Florida_Election.htm, you can see that in the touch screen counties Republicans got 28.6% more votes than expected, while Democrats got 26.47% more votes than expected. In the optical scanner counties, Republicans got 45.84% more votes than expected while Democrats got only 0.92% more votes than expected. If we adjust the optical scanner counties to have the same percentages as the touch screen counties, then Bush loses about 230,000 votes, while Kerry gains about 366,000.
Adjusting the totals for Florida, Kerry wins the state by over 200,000 votes.

According to Liberty or Death, Bush averaged 7.25% over the exit polls in the states of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Florida, Minnesota, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The calculated odds of this happening by chance are astronomical. Then factor in that discrepancies are consistently in Bush's favor, and oddly enough, happen most in states where there is electronic voting and no paper trail and one might conclude that Kerry won a landslide victory!

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08.11.2004 22:35
Bio-Diesel: Salvation or Disaster?
Biodiesel is the fastest growing alternative fuel in the U.S. For the proponents of biodiesel, it promises to deliver us into an age of clean and renewable fuel. If present trends continue, biodiesel is more likely to escalate human misery around the world for years to come.

Is biodiesel renewable? Any resource is renewable only if it is extracted at a rate no greater than it is replenished. Overcutting a forest or overfishing a fishery renders a renewable resource non-renewable. Given that biodiesel potentially involves taking human food from the top of the ecological pyramid and feeding to automobiles, the renewability issue is paramount.


Eye-witness narrative from a U.S. citizen currently in Palestine
a friend of mine is in palestine right now, working with the international solidarity movement. because audio, video and written material are nearly impossible to get accross the border, she is e-mailing people in the states about her experiences doing community and direct action work with palestinians in the occupied territories. these are the first two e-mails i recieved...
Two days ago I finished my ISM [International Solidarity Movement] training in Ramallah, which was attended by about 15 activists from the US and europe. It was one of the most intense two days of my life, in which seasoned ISM activists tried to prepare us for anything and everything that might happen to us and around us in the occupied territories. One of the most important aspects of the training was learning about the history of nonviolent resistance in Palestine, how ISM fits into this framework, etc. Most of us from the US are used to all Palestinians being categorized as terrorists. Obviously our presence within ISM shows our resistance to this idea, but most of us still have no background or sense of history. It is useful to realize that the first suicide bombing was in 1994, and that there has been a rich history of nonviolent opposition since the twenties. The second day of training was a little bit harder to take, as it dealt with what weapons might be used against us during protests, how to deal with arrest, interrogation, deportation, etc. A lot of people have never even witnessed this much violence before, let alone been put in direct confrontation with soldiers with M16's. It's a givem that everyone is scared.


08.11.2004 21:14
My experience passing out copies of "The WORD on the Street" in Portland today
Yesterday there was a post on this site called, "PDF about sElection fraud from portland indymedia stories to PRINT & DISTRIBUTE", at  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/11/302663.shtml. It contained an upload of a newsheet called "The WORD on the STreet" for people to print, copy and pass around. Taking stories from indymedia, it exposes the fraud of the stolen election.

Today I printed one up, took it downtown where a friend of mine let me use the copier in his office, and made over 400 copies. Then I walked around Pioneer Square passing them out. About half the people I approached took one, and of those, about half were really excited. It was easy to offer it to people. "Hey, you want 'The Word on the Street'?" I'd say. That was fun to say.

Anyway, I left a stack of 100 or so at the Red and Black Cafe (22nd & Division) for other people to go get some if they want, to pass out themselves. They're on the white lit table by the computers. Come and get 'em!


08.11.2004 12:48
Portland Animal Rights Activists Try To Save Chickens
Commercial truck driver Dean Giddings, 42, of Oak Harbor, Washington, was towing two trailers on Highway 213 Sunday night, loaded with about 6,000 chickens when he reportedly ran a red light and crashed into two other vehicles at about 7:30 p.m. Several hundred chickens died at the scene and many suffered severe injuries. Animal rights activists appeared on the scene with animal carriers and video cameras as they attempted to liberate the animals from the Highway. [ Chicken Industry I pdx imc animal rights page ]


08.11.2004 03:29
Crossing Into Juarez with the International Caravan for Justice
The march for justice in Juarez A Portland indymedia videographer accompanied the West Coast leg of the International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua City. On October 31 the Caravan marched across the border between El Paso, USA and Juarez, Mexico to demand justice in the cases of approximately 400 murdered women, cases neglected and mis-investigated by Mexican authorities. This is part 2 in a series of reports about the Caravan, which visited dozens of cities in the US and Canada and spent 6 days in Mexico meeting with authorities and the family members of the dead.

previous reports from Caravan: [ 12th Day of International Caravan for Justice in Juarez and Chihuahua (Oct. 29) | Caravan for Juarez Women Succeeds in Raising Awareness of 400 Murdered (Nov. 1) ]

[ More from Steev | Mexico Solidarity Network ]


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