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19.11.2004 11:12
Iraq: Oregon Military Mom Speaks Out
When my daughter enlisted in the National Guard, I was proud of her for having the discipline to make it through basic training. But with the wisdom of one who has seen the effects of the Vietnam War, I said: "Baby, are you sure you should do this?" She said:" Mom, don't worry, I want to fight fires and build roads for Oregon, and there is never going to be another war."

When she called me after her unit went from Kuwait to Mosul in a convoy and told me she had gone through roads littered with depleted uranium dust and Iraqi tanks full of dead bodies, I began to feel the dread a parent feels when his or her child is facing mortal danger.


SELECTION 2004 THEFT 18.11.2004 17:15
Green Party pResidential Candidate David Cobb: Ohio Recount Must Start Now
Attorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik have sent letters to each Ohio county election director asking them to begin preparations immediately for the recount of the presidential vote.

Although a demand for a recount is usually not made until after the vote has been certified, there are concerns that waiting that long would not allow enough time for the recount to be completed before the Ohio presidential electors meet on December 13 in Columbus.

The letters go on to say that "the lack of a meaningful recount will also violate the rights under federal and state constitutional and statutory law of all Ohio citizens who cast a ballot for President on Election Day... . Immediate action is necessary so that the recount procedures may begin as soon as possible."

related: [ TRANSCRIPT: Democracy Now!: David Cobb of the Green Party Discusses the Ohio Recount | Need $39,000 more to train recount workers in Ohio ]

Nader volunteers work on New Hampshire recount
I'm here in Concord, New Hampshire with Rob Cirincione and Virginia Rodino and we're here for the New Hampshire recount of the Nader/Kerry/Bush race and it's just getting under way. There's a room full of people here. There's a lot of positive energy in the room. We've brought together more than twice the number of volunteers we need to manage the recount, to observe and make sure that the recount is done accurately. People feel very confident that we're going to make our democracy better and stronger.

We're doing basic democracy activism. We're trying to protect our democracy. This is more like an audit of the vote. We're seeking a recount in wards in New Hampshire where there have been mathematical anomalies, where people expected more votes for Kerry than Bush, and Bush got anywhere from 5 to 15% more votes than expected. When we look at those numbers it turns out that most of those anomalies occurred in wards where the vote was counted on the Diebold AccuVote Machine, in fact 78% of those unusual votes were on those machines. This is the first audit in a Presidential Election of an electronic voting count system so it's an historic moment.

related: [ Nader: Kerry Missed the Opportunity ]

more: [ Complete Exit Poll Data Confirms Suspicions: national e-vote fraud, unheard of "red shift" | UC Berkeley Research Team Sounds 'Smoke Alarm' on Florida E-voting | Ohio Hearings Show Massive GOP Vote Manipulation | MAKE CORPORATE MEDIA UNCOMFORTABLE ]

[ pdx indymedia Election Fraud stories ]


17.11.2004 23:57
N17 2002 Remembered: Anniversary of a bad choice
jail solidarity march, nov. 17, 2002 Two years ago, on Nov. 17, 2002, about 5000 people gathered in downtown Portland for a peace rally. It was the second of "the big ones" during the anti-war movement that briefly raised its shrill voice during the run-up to the March 20, 2003, re-invasion of Iraq by U.S. military forces. I remember the day's events vividly, and still feel the consequences of what happened (or rather didn't happen) that day. This was the march where the cops snatched a 17 year old kid from the crowd, physically abused him, and dragged him off to the inJustice Center, and the organizers of the march refused to stop and show solidarity, or demand his release. I remember being completely disgusted.


17.11.2004 23:28
Coast to Coast - Americans are Protesting
Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous movement happening across the United States that literally astounded me. There are protests and marches in every major city in the country.

I looked for articles in my local newspaper and on TV.....and there was nothing. These stories are found only on our network of IMCs, and bless them, for they are all unpaid volunteers serving the people, and trying to get the truth out - at a time when, we now know, the truth is not an issue for the Major Media. For instance, did you hear that in Chicago there were demonstrations for a solid week after the Nov. 2 Election..........NO.

What follows is an incomplete compilation of stories on citizen unrest from around the country. Most of them have fallen off the Main News Column, but can still be accessed. Check each cities' IMC to read the full story.



17.11.2004 17:29
Issue #2 of the Firebrand Out Now
The second issue of the firebrand, a rank and file working people's newspaper is out. Copies of the paper can be found at cafes, union halls, and on the picket line. Come and support the Firebrand newspaper at our upcoming benefit. And don't forget about the Perry Center Strike, November 29th (monday) all day at 34th and SE powell. Nothing's too Good for the Working Class Brunch
[ Saturday, December 11th, 11 am to 2 pm, Liberty Hall 311 N. Ivy, $5 a Plate, Mixed Drinks $2 ]

Firebrand Interviews a Perry Center Rank n' File Militant

Firebrand: What is your position at the Perry Center for Children?
Todd: I'm a maintenance worker, which is kinda a catch all term for somebody who takes care of the facilities. This means I garden, paint, and fix anything if it breaks; if something goes wrong we're the ones dealing with it.


17.11.2004 13:19
Super Bad Anti-Forest "Rider" up for vote as soon as Friday!
Massive logged tree at Biscuit Early Fall 2004 A truly, truly horrific legislative "rider" has been attached to the US Senate's appropriation bill (the money they use to fund the government bureaucracy). The bill would immediately invalidate all lawsuits that have thus far stopped Southern Oregon's Biscuit timber sale (the largest logging project in the history of US public lands, see  http://o2collective.org/ for more info), including the lawsuits on the 12.5 SQUARE MILES of pristine, untouched roadless areas. In essence it would make the complete logging of all of the Biscuit timber sale the law and 100% unstopable by legal means.

Furthermore it would reverse the major environmental victory of this year, the court ruling that found that the Forest Service had failed to protect Spotted Owls by frequently allowing logging in owl's "critical habitat" (see  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2004/08/294184.shtml)

Lastly, it would legislate the so called "no surprises" rule, which essentially offers a warranty to property owners who take part in the conservation plans, guaranteeing that once they commit to a plan, no new scientific data can affect their ability to build (see  http://forests.org/articles/reader.asp?linkid=27771).

If you're the Senator calling type please do so ASAP!


2004 STOLEN ELECTION 17.11.2004 10:49
Back Box voting investigators catch election officials red handed; Volusia County on lockdown
vote fraud Black Box Voting began to compare the special printouts given in the FOIA request with the signed polling tapes from election night. Lo and behold, some were missing. By this time, Black Box Voting investigator Andy Stephenson had joined the group at Volusia County. Some polling place tapes didn't match. In fact, in one location, precinct 215, an African-American precinct, the votes were off by hundreds, in favor of George W. Bush and other Republicans.

Hmm. Which was right? The polling tape Volusia gave to Black Box Voting, specially printed on Nov. 15, without signatures, or the ones with signatures, printed on Nov. 2, with up to 8 signatures per tape?

Well, then it became even more interesting. A Volusia employee boxed up some items from an office containing Lana Hires' desk, which appeared to contain -- you guessed it -- polling place tapes. The employee took them to the back of the building and disappeared. Then, Ellen B., a voting integrity advocate from Broward County, Florida, and Susan, from Volusia, decided now would be a good time to go through the trash at the elections office. Lo and behold, they found all kinds of memos and some polling place tapes, fresh from Volusia elections office.

Journalistic vacuity of corporate media exposed
A commenter adds: For those readers who still believe that the corporate media can be reformed, please note the deafening silence in the papers and on TV about 2004's increasingly conspicuous sElection fraud. This account from Bev Harris has the elements of a Hollywood thriller: crime, complicity, cover-up, all of it out in the open for anyone to see. In other words, it's a GREAT STORY. You think people wouldn't tune in to this stuff? We're talkin' big ratings. Yet, as noted by another poster to pdx indy, all the corporate media has done so far is make fun of the independent investigators who've been digging and publishing and trying to get the word out. They're pissed -- Bev's a grandma from Cascadia, and she's putting the nation's reporters to shame. Go, Bev!

And that's the truth the corporate media really doesn't want to talk about: The people, using the internet, are making the corporate media irrelevant. The "Be The Media" movement has been growing fast over the past few years, and with this story -- the 2004 sElection Theft -- the people have pulled into the lead. The role of an independent, watchdog press is now being filled by ordinary folks, and of course we're doing a better job -- there's more of us than them. We are a swarm of mosquitos: numerous, agile, and capable of delivering a thousand painful stings. The corporate media is old, sluggish, and irrelevant. They've got one foot in the grave and are about to step in with the other. Good riddance.

[ Portland Indymedia Election Fraud Page ]


VOTE FRAUD 17.11.2004 10:44
Kucinich Supports Green Party Demand For Ohio Recount
Support for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb's demand for a recount of the Ohio presidential vote continues to grow. Ohio Congressman and former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich has joined a growing list of individuals and organizations calling for a recount. On Monday, Common Cause, the National Voting Rights Institute, Demos, the Fannie Lou Hamer Project and People for the American Way Foundation issued a joint statement in support of the Cobb and Badnarik demand for an Ohio recount.

Kucinich expressed his appreciation of the growing movement demanding accountability for the 2004 election. "Thank you to the Greens and all others whose support for a recount will rescue a shred of honesty in the conduct of the 2004 Ohio election," said Kucinich.

"We need an election system and election officials we can trust. The problems in Florida in 2000 and the problems in Ohio in 2004 will repeat themselves in 2008 unless we do something about it. Our elections should be administered by an independent non-partisan commission, and not by the state chairs of the Republican presidential campaign," said David Cobb.

Petition Oregon US Legislaters at truthinvoting.org
A group of about 100 activists in Eugene Oregon have formed a focus group to assist in organizing local efforts to support investigation into US Voter Fraud. We have tentatively decided to call ourselves "truthinvoting.org" and have set up a website with an online petition at http://www.truthinvoting.org

Portland Indymedia Election Fraud Page

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17.11.2004 03:58
Home Demo At Vivisector Martha Neuringer's
Home Demo at Dr. Martha Neuringer's Portland animal rights activists gathered outside the home of Dr.Martha Neuringer, one of OHSU's vivisectors, to call an end to Martha's cruel and unnecessary experiments.


16.11.2004 21:06
Sami in Palestine: The Passing of Abu Amar
It was before the first light of day when the prayers started. They came crackling through mosque speakers as tired and worn as throats weary from two intifadas worth of shouting. They permeated stone and concrete walls of camps and villages, and roused fitful dreams in the sleepy heads of the resistance, and they didn't stop. They didn't stop like the everyday morning call to prayer of Ramadan. They continued all morning, all afternoon, and into the night. "He's dead," they said when I awoke, "the old man is dead," but everyone already knew.

That day there was a demonstration in the town square in Nablus, as in every Palestinian town to memorialize Abu Amar, known to the rest of the world as Yasser Arafat. Shops, schools, and other establishments were closed for 3 days to show respect. Likenesses of the late president plastered the territories from the sides of buildings to the hoods of taxis. Crowds gathered in the streets donning their keffiyas, carrying flags, banners and guns, shooting into the air to punctuate eulogies. It was a show of pride, nationalism, unity, and defiance. It was a show of love, reverence, and grief.

[ sami in palestine ]


16.11.2004 20:27
EFF Continues Push for Access to Secret Court Order
San Antonio, TX - Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) filed a reply brief in a federal court in Texas supporting its motion to unseal a secret court order. That order had led to the seizure of two servers hosting several websites and radio feeds belonging to Indymedia, a global collective of Independent Media Centers (IMCs) and thousands of journalists.

EFF filed its reply after the United States Attorney's Office in San Antonio, Texas, filed an opposition brief urging the federal court to refuse EFF's request to unseal. The opposition brief argued that secrecy was required to protect "an ongoing criminal terrorist investigation" and that the confidentiality provisions of a Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) trumped the rights of Indymedia in this case.

This marks the first time that the federal government has formally admitted to the secret order's existence. In its reply brief, EFF reminded the government that treaties are limited by the Bill of Rights, including the First Amendment right of access to court proceedings.


STAND UP AND BE COUNTED 15.11.2004 19:52
"Are Citizens of the USA Tired of Democracy?" A Response to the Presidential Elections
Prior to elections in Afghanistan, U.S. politicians asked, "Are the people ready for democracy?" implying that life under the rule of a repressive regime had stunted their capacity for participating as free people in the running of their government. In the reverse, those of us who are dismayed by officials' and citizens' conduct during recent U.S. elections are asking, "Have the citizens of the United States decided that authoritarian rule is to be preferred over Liberty?"
A Movement and Country in Denial
With it's 11,000 lawyers and millions of dollars the democrats are doing virtually nothing about the stolen 2004 election. Instead they are once again blaming someone. This time the 'red states'. And they are already talking about strategies for 2008 as if that one will somehow magically be fair. Knowingly or unknowingly they work to prevent real dissent, and protect the status quo. This sort of thinking permeates many leftist media outlets and indymedia is not exempt. If you go to NYC Indymedia, their front page has not a single headline about vote fraud. Likewise if you read the latest NYC Indypendent, there is almost no mention of vote fraud in this post election issue which is billed as an election wrap-up.

This while hundreds of stories are accumulating from many states, and dedicated individuals nationwide work to raise the issue to national prominence and challenge the results before the Electoral College convenes on Dec. 13th. Not only do they have to struggle against the mainstream corporate media nearblackout, but against the denial of much leftist media as well. Bush is not yet (s)elected. Now is the time to ACT!

Pdx Indy Election Fraud Page

Vote Fraud Articles: [ GOP Wants to End Exit Polls | The Mother of all Vote Frauds | Patriotic CBS insider says that her corp. & others on "lock down" about Nov. 2 vote fraud! | Media launch preemptive strike on election fraud "conspiracy theories" | | 2004 COLLECTED VOTE FRAUD STORIES | ELECTION FRAUD SECTION | Ohio Vote Fraud: More Bush "Voters" Than Residents | more counting fraud updates | John Kerry sits on 51.6 million while third parties scramble for recount funds | New Hampshire approves Presidential recount for Nader | Florida county vote totals don't look right | RECOUNT IN OHIO A SURE THING! | Evidence of Electoral Fraud in the 2004 U.S. Presidential Election: A Reading List ]


15.11.2004 14:07
Videos from the Resistance at the Backspace
Yes, the "election" was a cruel joke, the forests continue to fall, fascism is rising, and imperialist war rages in our own streets and those of the middle east. But enough despair. Time to shake off the dust of apathy and get back to work. Come to the Backspace this Wednesday night - 7p.m. - to see what's happening in the resistance, and get inspired to act.


Green Party Raises $150,000; Cobb, Badnarik Seek Ohio Recount
On Thursday, David Cobb, the Green Party's 2004 presidential candidate, announced his intention to seek a recount of the vote in Ohio. Since the required fee for a statewide recount is $113,600, the only question was whether that money could be raised in time to meet the filing deadline. That question has been answered.

"Thanks to the thousands of people who have contributed to this effort, we can say with certainty that there will be a recount in Ohio," said Blair Bobier, Media Director for the Cobb-LaMarche campaign. "The grassroots support for the recount has been astounding. The donations have come in fast and furiously, with the vast majority in the $10-$50 range, allowing us to meet our goal for the first phase of the recount effort in only four days," said Bobier.


14.11.2004 20:19
War Tax Resistance Workshop
  • November 15th 2004
  • Time 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
  • Title Introduction to War Tax Resistance/Redirection
  • Location Laughing Horse Books, 3652 SE Division
  • Phone Contact 503-238-0605

General Alexander Haig said: "Let them march all they want - as long as they pay their taxes." If you are uncomfortable with the disconnect between your efforts towards justice and peace, and the use to which your federal taxes are put, this introductory workshop may be for you. We'll touch on the many ways and levels of war tax redirection, as well as the supportive community of war tax resisters.


Call to support political prisoner Jamal Holiday
Sample gets kicked on the street. On August 30th, around 4pm the Kensington Welfare Rights Union held an unpermitted march against the RNC. The March was named "The March for Our Lives: End the War at Home". The idea was that this march was to address the occupation of communities abroad AND at HOME. The unpermitted march was promptly met by police provocation. All individuals snatched were released within 8 to 12 ours of their arrest with no more than misdemeanor charges.

These snatches were clear provocations by the police to break up the march, isolate those willing to defend those arbitrarly detained, and provoke violence from the crowd. The crowd however did not respond violently..... until around 8:30 pm, when plain clothes Detective William Sample, drove his moped directly into the march running over several protestors. The crowd responded and several people pulled detective Sample off his moped, and beat him unconcious. no one was charged with the assault against Sample... local media repeatedly played footage of a young black man in a white t-shirt and ball cap kicking detective Sample on the street. 12-18 hours after the incident, an undercover NYPD officer picked up New York local JAMAL HOLIDAY, who was charged with the assault on Sample. Last I heard, Jamal's bail had been raised from $50k to $250k. Jamal spent his twentieth birthday in jail, and as far as anybody knows, he is still in. He is the only one still in.

I am concered that our movement may have encouraged Jamal to be on the streets the day he was picked up and accused of this assault, yet there was no jail solidarity for Jamal. People had to fly home and go back to school or work including myself. It seems that the criticisms are true about our movement... descending upon communities and creating a false sense of empowerment, than skipping town only to leave open wounds for buzzard police forces to further oppress these peoples. We have just finished a film intended to raise money to this end , yet we don't know where to start. If anyone know's what is going on with Jamal, has information about a bail fund please post it widely.
thanks yo.


TAKING IT TO THE STREETS 14.11.2004 02:12
Protesters at "Not My President" demonstration block traffic downtown
In the street, view 2 I like many other PDXers have noticed the flyers around town pinned to the local coffee shops bulletin boards, in the store front of local bike shops and strewn about other various places of community affiliation all gearing up for Today's "NOT MY PRESIDENT rally taking place 12:00pm at Pioneer Courthouse Square NOV 13th. S0o what happened?

'una' writes: The reason you did not see people at 12:45 is because we all talked and made a plan at 12:30 in the square, to leave in small groups and meet up again afterwards at 1pm at 2nd and Burnside. We left some people to tell latecomers the plan, but apparently that did not work out. The strategy worked pretty well and the cops did not arrive at Burrnside until about 40 minutes later when we had been blocking half of the intersection for 10 min. Pictures will hopefully appear here soon. There were about 60 0f us. I think we all agree that more planning is needed, I got a fair amount of contact info from people, hopefully everyone else is networking too. We were talking about the day after Thanksgiving (Buy Nothing Day) as a possiblity for the next large action.


14.11.2004 02:06
Biotech Industry Takeover of the USDA
Agribusiness Accountability Initiative A new report released today finds that regulatory policy at the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been "hijacked" by the agribusiness industry, which has seen to it that many key policymaking positions at the agency are now held by individuals who previously worked for the industry.

The report, titled USDA INC., was commissioned by the Agribusiness Accountability Initiative (AAI), a network of family-farm and public- interest groups concerned about the growing power of the big agri-food corporations. It is being released today at a conference in Omaha sponsored by the Organization for Competitive Markets. The report can be found online.

"In its early days, USDA was known as the People's Department," said Fred Stokes of the Organization for Competitive Markets, which first proposed the paper. "Today, it is, in effect, the Agribusiness Industry's Department, since its policies on issues such as food safety and fair market competition have been shaped to serve the interests of the giant corporations that now dominate food production and distribution."

"It is not surprising that USDA is slavishly following the agenda of agribusiness when you consider who holds many of the top jobs at the Department," said Philip Mattera, director of the Corporate Research Project of Good Jobs First and author of the report. "The upper ranks of USDA are filled with industry veterans, while people formerly associated with family-farm, consumer or public-interest groups are just about nowhere to be found."

[ Agribusiness Accountability Initiative ]


SELECTION 2004 THEFT 14.11.2004 01:58
Black Box Voting's efforts to expose sElection 2004 vote fraud continue apace
vote fraud BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting has launched a fraud audit into Florida. Three investigators (Bev Harris, Andy Stephenson, and Kathleen Wynne) are in Florida right now. We will initiate hand counts on selected counties that have not fully complied with our Nov. 2 Freedom of Information request by Monday (Diebold counties) or Tuesday (other counties).

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: We have reports that both David Cobb (Green Party) and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian Party) will be filing for official recounts in Ohio. Black Box Voting is also launching a fraud audit in Ohio. Gotta be replaced: Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell. Please invoke the following name change on Blackwell immediately, as he is 2004's Katherine Harris. He should now be referred to at all times as "Katherine Blackwell." Please retain this moniker for any future runs for governor. How to be your own media. Spread the word. Latest Katherine Blackwell outrage: Failure to properly account for provisional ballots, and refusing to allow citizens to see the pollbooks.

BREAKING -- SATURDAY NOV 13 2004: Black Box Voting is implementing fraud diagnostics on the state of New Mexico. Information we recently received is indicative of widespread vote manipulation. We are not going to publicize the specifics here.

related: [ Found -- Diebold's Source Code ]


ANIMAL RIGHTS 13.11.2004 13:44
Radio - 'On The Air' with Matt Rossell talking about the foie gras campaign
duck in tiny cage, waiting to be made into foie gras Todays show is with Matt Rossell, of In Defense of Animals. He is talking about the efforts to convince local Portland restaurants to stop serving Foie Gras. Foie Gras is produced by force feeding ducks or geese until their liver is diseased and enlarged many times over. Foie gras is then made from the diseased liver. The campaign is currently working to stop the serving of foie gras at Hurley's restaurant here in Portland.

The interview is both informative and funny. Listen to the archived show here.


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