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03.12.2004 11:09
Eugene Rally for Peace!
The 'Students For Change' sponsored a rally today at the EMU on the UofO campus. Notwithstanding chilly December temperatures, there was a good turnout of perhaps a couple hundred people, mostly students. I was remembering back three years ago when I went to some of the UofO peace rallies where there were perhaps a dozen or so students. The increasing numbers is a really good sign. People are waking up!

When I first arrived upon the scene I saw a small cluster of waving american flags. Within the group was a woman holding a sign "Give Peace a Chance" so I thought they were patriotic dissenters. However, upon closer scrutiny I found that they were Pro-Bush, Pro-War, Pro-Republican, Anti-Peace, Anti-Eco, and Anti-Friendly folks. One woman's sign - decorated with a flower - read "Peace through Superior FirePower".

I walked over to their camp and asked a couple of the young men if they were ready to go and fight. They said that they would do their duty if they are called. I asked "why aren't you there now then". They hemmed and hawed until an older man butt in and told me that he already served and then started spewing the same old tiring rhetoric: "get a job", "thank me for your freedom"... When he asked me what I have done for this country, I told him that I do things everyday, adding that I have worked with homeless veterans. He paused for a moment but than came right back at me in a very angry provocative tone.

[ Other articles by peace rebel girl ]


03.12.2004 10:45
Help Protect Civil Rights in Multnomah County
Here in our country and our own community, we are seeing an escalation of the assaults on the rights and the safety of immigrants, refugees, working people, and, indeed, all citizens. A proposed Multnomah County Resolution addresses these matters. Similar in many ways to resolutions that have been passed by the City of Portland and by 351 other local and state governments to date, this resolution goes further in addressing the matter of discrimination and harassment, in addition to the matter of civil rights. Members of the Board of Commissioners have asked for expressions of public support, in the form of organizational endorsements, reports of personal experiences, and attendance at the December 9 meeting, at which members of the Board of Commissioners will vote on the resolution.

What: Multnomah County Resolution Expressing Commitment to Protect Civil Rights
Who: People who live, work, study, worship and travel in Multnomah County
When: December 9, 2004 - 9:30 to 10:30 AM
Where: 501 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland
Action: Sign a letter of support as an individual, an organization, or come to the hearing.


HIPPY KICKS POLICE BUTT 02.12.2004 16:09
Fast Food Activism: Some thoughts from Alan Graf on the A-22 and Iraq war settlements

Alan Graf writes: I agree with some of the posts on this site and with Lloyd Marbet that this settlement has not as of yet made any noticeable difference in the brutality and oppression of the Portland Police.

However, for those of you who know me, I have been involved in trying to bring accountability to the police for years. See the Majority Report on the city of Portland website. I don't do this for recognition or for monetary gain. My grandparents were dragged out in the middle of the night by nazi thugs in uniform to be gassed to death at Auschwitz. I am genetically inclined to do battle with the forces of oppression for the sake of my grandparents and my children and grandchildren. Like everyone else, I appreciate appreciation, but don't expect it.

I, like Lloyd, would have preferred some written policy changes. However after negotiating for five months, the city offered us only watered down policy directives that were meaningless. I was not ready to recommend some meaningless piece of paper to my clients. [ read more ]

Related: [ The deadly effects of oppositional thinking and the power of contemplative practices | Northwest Constitutional Law Center ]


police/legal 02.12.2004 12:29
Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted
Alan Graf's speech, copied to Indymedia, is full of misrepresentations. The plain fact is that the suit failed miserably to accomplish anything of real or lasting value.

The plaintiffs, with the exception of Lloyd Marbet, were satisifed with a cash payment and no changes in the Police Department policies and practices, nor were the guilty parties punished in any way. The litigants settled by using the tax payer's money and calling it done. Tax payer money isn't the problem; police brutality and poor decision making is the problem. This suit in no way effects either of the two. In fact, it simply reinforces the City position that it can buy its way out of any problem, and that criminal actions by City employees can be ignored.

Comment: No, the real problem we have is that people would rather whine than act creatively and intelligently, and sling mud and pick nits with the people who are already doing so. Have a little vision! Let me offer you a very realistic scenario how this judgment can be very useful: [ more comments ]


02.12.2004 12:00
Books To Oregon Prisoners Grand Opening At Reflections Bookstore
The Grand Opening of a new community-oriented education project, Books to Oregon Prisoners (BtOP), will be happening on Saturday Dec 11th at the newly re-opened Reflections Mirror-Image Bookstore, at 330 N. Killingsworth, noon-4 pm. At the grand opening, members of the community can come in and order books to send to their friends and family members incarcerated in Oregon state prisons.

Until now, the only way to send books to people incarcerated in Oregon state prisons was by ordering them online through Amazon.com or Powells.com. For many working class people, this option is out of the picture. BtOP has solicited donations of brand new books from book publishers and distributors, and for a $5 suggested donation, anyone can select two books from our catalog and we will send them to an incarcerated friend or family member.

The Grand Opening of Reflections features an art show by former Black Panther Billy X, on Saturday December 4th at 6 pm.


02.12.2004 11:50
Katz and Council humbled, but unapologetic about $300k A22 settlement
So, if you go to portlandonline.com, you can access the video archives of City Council meetings. Click on "Portland City Council 12-1-04 9:30AM" and you get to see, as the first item on the agenda, the Council discussing the $300k settlement for protesters injured by police during the A22 Bush Protest and March 20 Iraq War Protest.

Linda Meng, the City Attorney, is the first person to speak, and she reiterates that her office is recommending that the City settle for that amount. She also says she hopes this is the "last such case" in which protesters are able to band together and sue the City as a group. She alludes to "litigation strategies" her office has been developing to avoid this situation again, but demurs from discussing them "at this juncture", the implication seeming to be that such talk would be better behind closed doors. (That was my personal impression anyway).

related: [ Alan Graf's Press Conference Speech rebutted | rebuttal to rebuttal ]


02.12.2004 11:40
Hunger Strike By Indigenous Peoples At United Nations
Today, November 29th, 2004, at 11 am, we, Indigenous Peoples' delegates, declare a hunger strike and spiritual fast inside the United Nations Palais des Nations in Geneva, during this 3rd week of the 10th session of the Intersessional Working Group on the United Nations Draft Declaration for the Rights on Indigenous Peoples.

We, Indigenous peoples' delegates from different countries, undertake this action, with the support and solidarity of Indigenous Peoples and organizations from around the world, to call the world's attention to the continued attempts by some states, as well as this UN process itself, to weaken and undermine the Draft Declaration developed in the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations and adopted by the UN Subcommission for the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities in 1994.

Western Shoshone protest war | Shundahai Network


02.12.2004 11:38
Genocide By Omission: The arrogance and hubris of the Western medical establishment
Earlier this fall it was finally admitted by scientists and researchers at the university of Harvard Medical School in Cambridge Mass. that Linus Pauling was absolutely correct in his research and findings in the 1980's on the best way to combat AIDS. That way of course was to rebuild the immune system.

Pauling's credentials as a scientist are of the highest order yet when he presented his research on mega dose vitamin therapy and AIDS to the medical establishment in the United States and abroad in the 1980's the entire western health care industry went to work to discredit his findings. Creating rigged short-term studies produced in months to refute years of research the Pauling Institute carefully conducted.

Pauling and his fellow researchers had been under this onslaught from the Western medical establishment prior to their AIDS work.

[ Other articles by Lloyd Hart ]


02.12.2004 09:24
Fighting Corporate Globalization in Tucson, Miami, and Throughout the World
The struggle over Free Trade Agreements is continuous, and the fight against the FTAA came to a head in September 2003 in Miami. Indymedia videoactivists produced The Miami Model to document what happened, and this Saturday, Portland IMC will screen this film; This is a special benefit for the Portland IMC Tech Collective, which keeps this site running. Support their efforts and learn more about the FTAA and police repression, Saturday, December 4th at 2 pm at Clinton Street Theater.
more about The Miami Model | FTAA-IMC | ongoing Andean Free Trade Agreement protests in Tucson this week


01.12.2004 22:54
Campaign launched to support the Lower Elwha Tribal Community in protecting the Tse-whit-zen Village
To repair the Hood Canal Bridge in Washington State the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), Washington State Department of Transportation (WADOT), the Army Corp of Engineers, and other governmental agencies determined that the site of the Tse-whit-zen Village was appropriate to construct a Graving Dock project to build replacement parts for the Hood Canal Bridge.

Wildcat Community Development, a not for profit grassroots community based organization, has launched a campaign in support of the Lower Elwha Tribal Community to protect the Tse-whit-zen Village. As of this time over 250 complete human remains, 700 partial remains, six longhouses, and over 5000 artifacts have been uncovered in the preliminary construction phase. It is time to say "enough is enough" to the actions of the State and Federal governments that seek to totally destroy this village by covering it with concrete and seawater.

The first step of this campaign was to launch an online petition. This will be followed up with website additions to include contact information for agency officials and other actions that will be taken to defend this village site and burial grounds from being totally destroyed to build Hood Canal replacement parts.


01.12.2004 21:32
Call for Support for Parry Center Strike; Photos from Monday's actions
Despite the cold and threatening rain, a huge crowd estimated to be as large as 450 turned out to support striking Parry Center workers last night. Chants of "Put kids first!" and "No contract, no peace" echoed down Powell Boulevard as the long picket line snaked along the sidewalk during rush hour. Spirits were high as supporters and strikers came together on this first day of the Parry Center strike.
Community support is needed on the Parry Center picket line!
3415 SE Powell Blvd.
Anytime between 5 am and 11pm is great!
The best times are: 5 am - 9 am, 1pm - 4 pm, and evenings 7pm - 11pm.
Come down and lend your energy to Parry Center workers who are standing up for living wages and for children!

Act now: [ Call Kim Scott and Demand Binding Arbitration to End This Strike ]

[ Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike (11/30/04) | Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices (11/29/04) ]

[ Jobs With Justice ]


01.12.2004 16:27
Team of Activists and National Lawyers Guild Attorneys Bring City of Portland to its Knees
not ALL *White*

Who's Streets? Our Streets!!!

So says the Portland Progressive Community as it takes to the streets time and time again to voice its vigorous dissent and dissatisfaction with the policies and practices of the Administration of George W. Bush--an administration that continues to torture prisoners, spit on the Bill of Rights, destroy the environment, lie to the American public, engage in an illegitimate war and exhibit a criminal disregard for the rule of law.

Despite how the police tried to portray the August 22, 2002 and March 2003 demonstrations as protestor riots, the truth has finally come out. It was the police acting in a criminal manner similar to the President they were attempting to protect. The actions of the Portland Police showed a blatant and criminal disregard for basic humanitarian principles and human rights in this town.

We won, the police state lost. Chalk a big one up for Portland's activist community.

This is the first time that we have seen any real police accountability in this town

Round two is next and we are ready.

AUDIO FILE: News Conference Concerning Protest Suit Settlement
People took to the streets on August 22, 2002 to protest the policies of George Bush when he was briefly in Portland fund raising. And again in March of the following year, a street action, protesting the war in Iraq, met with similar heavey handed tactics by the Portland Police Department. After two years, a settlement was reached between Alan Graf, the team of activists and National Lawyer Guild attorneys and the city, which prompted the call for this news conference.

Following several questions from the audience, answered both by Alan Graf and Liz Joffee, three of those whose suffered abuse and injury at the hands of the Portland police made brief statements. These were Evelyne Moyo, Miranda May and Bill Ellis. Though present, Don Joughin and Corinna Andrew, whose infant was sprayed with mace by police during the A22 Bush protest, declined to comment.

Aug. 22, 2002 Bush protest: [ A22 action page | A22 archive page ]
Iraq invasion protest stories: [ Day X (Mar. 20, 2003) | Week of Bombing (Mar. 21-29, 2003) ]


01.12.2004 13:22
Eugene Free School Starting
i am starting a free school in eugene & i already contacted dance teachers, martial arts teachers, bike shops, forest defenders, radical cheerleaders and crafty people i mostly just need a space to have it at. any ideas? if you want to do a work shop (anarchist theory,philosophy,herstory...)or help me organize email me at rollinthedirt at hotmail.com
The Anarchist Free School is a volunteer-run, autonomous collective offering free courses, workshops and lectures that cover a wide range of topics. Education is a political act. By deepening our knowledge of ourselves and the world around us, sharing skills and exchanging experiences in an egalitarian, non-hierarchical setting free of prejudice, we challenge disempowering habits and broaden our awareness of alternatives to the inequalities of capitalist society.

The free school is a counter-community dedicated to effecting social change through the application of anarchist principles in every sphere of life.


01.12.2004 11:11
Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb seeks Federal Court jurisdication in new Ohio case
Attorneys for Green Party presidential candidate David Cobb asked a federal court today to take jurisdiction of, and ultimately dissolve, a temporary restraining order issued by a Delaware County, Ohio judge attempting to prevent Cobb from seeking a recount of the presidential ballots cast in that county.

Cobb and Libertarian Michael Badnarik, who are jointly filing the recount demand, are named as defendants, along with their attorneys, in the restraining order sought by the Delaware County prosecuting attorney. The Delaware County judge issued the temporary restraining order without contacting or seeking any input from the candidates or their attorneys.

"This is an illegal and outrageous attempt to suppress our rights to participate in the democratic process. As a candidate, I have a right under Ohio law to demand a recount. If the Delaware County Board of Elections has a problem with that, they need to take it up with the Ohio legislature," said David Cobb.

Cobb & Badnarik file for recounts in New Mexico and Nevada
David Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate, today filed official requests for a recount of the presidential ballots cast in New Mexico and Nevada. As he did in Ohio, Cobb filed the requests jointly with Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik.

"The Green Party's dedication to protecting the integrity of the election process has led me to file for a recount in both New Mexico and Nevada. We want to ensure that every vote is counted and verify the accuracy of the electronic voting machines, particularly those which produce no paper trail," said David Cobb.

related: [ Collection of Green Letters to the Editor on Ohio Recount ]


pdx indymedia worker drones now reserve the right to hide any newswire articles that are "reposted from corporate media outlets"
indy ((i)) in fog and light Since Saturday, Nov. 20, a new criteria for composting articles has appeared in the site's editorial policy. Now, portland indymedia worker drones reserve the right to hide any newswire articles that are "reposted from corporate media outlets". These, and other hidden articles, can be found in the compost bin. Indymedia was never intended to be a one-stop-source for all news. Without the poison of corporate media, the portland indymedia website will now have a much better signal-to-noise ratio, and will perform better as a media source for the creation (not reposting) of "radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth" (which the corporate media doesn't publish, anyway).


Responses: [ bravo to PDX indymedia | I don't understand the new policy | Kerry Team Seeks to Join Fight to Get Ohio County to Recount (redux) | This sucks: the only news about the $300,000 victory for protestors is in the compost bin. | Corporate Media reports that Corporate Media Spreads Lies | resist! | local publishing | Publish anything you want here | Composting Important Corporate News Only Makes Sense When There is an Alternative Source | Indymedia, why did you compost my article?????? ]


30.11.2004 23:23
Day 2 of the Parry Center Strike
A Union activist leads chants There was another good day on the line. Spirits are high and people are ready to see this fight through not just for the kids today, but all the kids who have to go through the Parry Center and all its mismanagement. Scabs and management are aggressively speeding into picketers and hitting people with their cars. If people could come down to the picket line and video tape these actions, it would be super super awesome. This is clearly ASSUALT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON and the people who have been hit plan want to prosecute. Food not bombs or others cooking and bringing food would be great. The line is again at 3415 se powell blvd. Lots of union members came by to express solidarity, and people are meeting with various locals throughout the week to garner support. Having activists come down too though would be great for morale and keeping numbers up to let scabs know how wretched they are.
The striker's demands: A summary of our struggle
Our main demands are .45$/hr more for everyone in the bargaining unit, the language of the staff-to-kids ratio law in the contract, and an end to illegal acts on the union, union supporters, and our protected labor rights. Where do these demands come from? This raise doesn't really track cost of living increases, inflation, or a living wage. Sadly we don't expect that much from such brutal managers. Instead we sought to gain some attempt at meeting inflation, not just because many of us are extremely impoverished, have student loans, etc., but rather because it will keep better trained more experienced people around. To work as a CATS staff (the people who take care of the kids) you must have a college degree and are paid 8.86$/hr-9.25$/hr. Strangely enough Trillium pays workers doing the same jobs at other facilities about 1$ more per hour... because they are non union. The school district pays a lot more for people doing a very similar job with less intense physical contact. This has created a situation where you attract people who are extremely committed to the kids, but eventually get burnt out by the enforced poverty and disrespect from management.

previous, multi-post feature: [ Group of Concerned Citizens Occupies Parry Center Offices (11/29/04) ]


30.11.2004 17:26
Upcoming Coat/Blanket Drives
he other night i was at back to back cafe on burnside and a homeless woman came along and began to chat with us. in the discussion the topic of the weather came up and how damn cold it is out there. she was asked if she had a blanket and she said no and i thought, WHAT THE FUCK!! i am shaking as i write this just thinking about how fucking cold it is out there and what the homeless must be going through. so i decided to go on indy media to solicit some help in organizing a blanket drive. this is urgent so please dont hesitate in getting in contact with me. i am completely open to advice sudgestions and general comments. [ help co-ordinate a drive.. ]



30.11.2004 16:45
OHSU Meeting to Discuss Humane Treatment of Monkeys
On October 18, a sub-committee of the OHSU Oregon Opportunity/Ethics Task Force met to discuss Line F of their responsibilities as a
  • WHEN: Wednesday, Dec. 1st 1-4 PM
  • WHERE: OHSU Main Campus
    3181 SW Sam Jackson Park Road
    Old Library, Room 217 [ MAP ]
committee: Line F was added due to the lobby efforts of In Defense of Animals and other advocates in the community. Line F's charge for the committee is to determine if the animals in OHSU's labs "are being treated in an ethical and humane manner."

Please join IDA this Wednesday for the final meeting where the sub-committee will make a decision and report back to the full committee. We need to let OHSU and this committee know the community has not forgotten about the animals lingering behind locked lab doors.

[ In Defense of Animals I past stories ]


30.11.2004 15:35
News conference on Wednesday, Dec. 1, regarding A22/Iraq War protests settlement
a22 bushprotest photos Alan Graf and the legal team involved in the A22 and Iraq War protester cases will be holding a press conference regarding the settlement tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday, December 1, at 1 pm at Alan's office, 1020 SW Taylor, Suite 230.

The settlement is for $300,000 divided among the 12 plaintiffs, plus costs and attorneys' fees.

[ A22 stories (Aug. 22, 2002 Bush protest) | Iraq invasion protest stories: Day X (Mar. 20, 2003) | Week of Bombing (Mar. 21-29, 2003) ]


30.11.2004 15:29
A Looming Threat To Public Access Television
I just received an e-mail from Portland Community Media linking to a recent article from BusinessWeek Online, concerning the future of Public Access in this country. What it gets down to is that the Baby Bells want to enter the lucrative cable t.v. market, and they don't want to have to pay local communites for the right of way.

This grandiose scheme is meeting with a roadblock in the form of local governments demanding franchise fees, like those collected from Cable franchises funding all local Public Access channels nationwide. These fees do not sit well with the Cable companies, and they have even recently, in San Jose, California sued to be released from these obligations. They lost, but as I understand it, the case will eventually go up to the Supreme Court.

[ other stories from Jim Lockhart ]


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