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13.12.2004 13:50
Report-back from "You Stole My Vote" rally
Attended by approximately 300-350 people, the protest featured speakers and music. Speakers included Pete Hamer, Oregon State Coordinator of 51 Capital March; Elizebeth Atly, of Portland Code Pink and Johnny Marie of Actions Speak Portland. The mike was then turned over for anyone who wanted to speak, including a 13 year old young lady and a phone relay from Portland with information from a press release concerning events in Ohio.

A commenter adds: Channel 6 had a brief account on their 5pm news, saying there were "dozens" of protesters... a quick shot of the crowd ... a smirking news reporter. Pretty disappointing, not even a serious attempt to research what the rally was about or that it was nationwide. No interviews with attendees.

PHOTOS: [ 1 | 2 | 3 ]

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13.12.2004 00:32
Oppose East Burnside Home Depot/Target Tonight
  • MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2004, 5 PM
  • Public Workshop to gather input from presentations of Burnside Bridgehead Developer Proposals
  • State of Oregon Bldg
  • 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140
Wouldn't that be awful if there was a giant Home Depot or Target right in the middle of Portland? Folks driving by on the freeway would see it and sigh the sort of sigh that monoculture produces all over the place.

Well if we don't speak up, this vision will become a reality. They want to build a Home Depot or a Target on the east end of the Burnside Bridge, just a few blocks from locally owned Hippo Hardware. With enough public support, however, we could influence the planning comission to instead build a complex of locally owned businesses.

previous:[ The Start of the Battle over the "Burnside Bridgehead" ]


12.12.2004 11:44
Bettering Belmont Billboards
Close up of billboard betterment program results photographed by a passerby Was driving along Belmont and happened to notice a billboard around 28th or so. What a great opportunity to try out my fancy new cellphone with photo capability!

Obviously this message is more important than the usual billboard garbage from the fascists at Clear Channel. I figure this billboard improvement is likely true. I was surprised to learn that 50% of NYC residents believe that Bush and Crew consciously allowed 911 to happen for their own dark purposes.

When some monopolistic dictatorial company like Clear Channel has managed to swindle control of all the billboard space in Portland, then it is inevitable that people will fight back against their dominating control. I would enjoy seeing a new clear channel billboard improved every single day.

[ portland indymedia 9/11 investigation page ]


12.12.2004 11:06
Something to Ponder in the Days Leading Up To Dec. 22nd
On December 22nd, the Portland City Council will once again meet to decide whether to re-certify the Portland Joint Terrorism Task Force (PJTTF). When you go to protest this violation of our constitutional rights, be armed with the knowledge that JTTFs all over the country have been exposed for blatantly spying on political and environmental activists and critics of the government.

On December 2, the ACLU filed Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests all over the county to expose this nest of vipers. According to an ACLU press release, they filed FOIA requests in 10 states (including Oregon) and the District of Columbia "seeking information about the FBI's use of Joint Terrorism Task Forces and local police to engage in political surveillance." Said the press release:

"The FOIAs seek two kinds of information: 1) the actual FBI files of groups and individuals targeted for speaking out or practicing their faith; 2) information about how the practices and funding structure of the task forces, known as JTTFs, are encouraging rampant and unwarranted spying."

[ more on ACLU FOIA Requests ] I [ more CatWoman stories ]


Obstruction As Nuisance, Sit-Lie Law Before Council Next Wednesday!!!
The City of Portland is bringing the Obstruction as Nuisance ordinance back before the council next Wednesday at City Hall. Street roots has been reporting that the law was going to be brought back. According to the latest paper, the new law will ban sitting on the bus mall all together. Street roots thinks the law will target panhandlers on the bus mall. The law was declared unconstitutional last August after members of the Peace camp challenged the law.

Homeless activists say the law is used to target panhandlers, and move people experiencing homelessness from one place to another. The new law would essentially ban many other activities in the community... if it was like the last one. If you are standing in a group of 3 or more people on a sidewalk you are breaking the law. Activities that would include groups or lines of people in front of churches and bars may also be illegal if you sit or block some of the sidewalk.

Please spread the word, and come out and voice your displeasure about how the city is yet again punishing people experiencing homelessness, and others you dare to be different on Portland's sidewalks.


11.12.2004 00:33
Update on the Parry Center Strike, Day 11
A Union activist leads chants As most of you know, the Parry Center for Children has been on strike since November 29.

Things are going as one would expect: lots of hours on the picket line and very little movement on the managment's part. Despite union-related support from the head of DHS, the AFL-CIO, multiple unions, the County Commissioners, and the Governor, Trillium continues to be obstinate. One might wonder why they are biting the hand that feeds them (the Commissioners will have more control of funding for places like Parry come January); the union has no answer for this. The only thing we know for sure is that they've spent more money on busting the union than it would have cost to give us our wage increases ... this is according to the UNION'S figures, not the CEO's grossly bloated $1.1m estimate.

Community support has been tremendous. We've received a couple of thousand dollars in donations, mostly from other locals and unions, which we are going to put towards paying for our workers' COBRA (public health insurance) payments. We've also received lots of Fred Meyer gift cards, hand warmers, plastic ponchos, and canned food. People have been randomly coming up and marching with us on the line. The community/union/activist support is wonderful, and we're extremely grateful for all their efforts!

Kids' Fesival of Lights For Rights

  • WHAT: International Human Rights Day
  • WHEN: Friday, Dec. 10th 5-6:30 p.m.
  • WHERE: 3415 SE Powell Blvd.
The workers at the Parry Center for Children have been on strike since Monday, Nov. 29. Parry Center workers provide 24-hour residential care to some of Oregon's most troubled children. We're fighting for worker rights, and for better quality of care for the children we serve and care about. We're taking a stand and working hard to improve our community. Come join them in support on Friday, Dec. 10 from 5-6:30 p.m. at the Kids' Festival of Lights for Rights, in honor of International Human Rights Day.

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10.12.2004 10:57
I Pledge Allegiance To No One
Every morning Elizabeth joined her classmates in reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She never thought about what it meant, she just followed through with the other students repeating the words which came out like one very long run-on sentence. It was a mechanical exercise.

Today was different. A new girl, Amy, had transferred to her school from a school in another city. When the time came for the Pledge of Allegiance, she remained sitting, drawing on her notebook. No one ever gave much thought to the process before, until that day, but it was as if someone had scraped their fingernails on the chalkboard. Everyone felt very uncomfortable and they knew it was because one student was not reciting the pledge but they did not know why this bothered them.

The students began scanning each other, looking out the corners of their eyes, with an expression of incredulity. Never, in all their years, had they seen someone sit down and draw during the pledge. Amy seemed completely unaware of the tension and happily drew upon her notebook.

Other Childrens Stories: [ Why Do Old People Frown? I Should I Trust The Police? I Mommy, What is Government? ] [ Stephen DeVoy ]


09.12.2004 19:11
Multnomah County Commission passes anti-PATRIOT ACT resolution, 4-1
I just got back from the Multnomah County Commissioners board meeting and would like to say that the board passed the resoltion against the Patriot Act four to one. It was pretty interesting from my standpoint. Lots of great speakers (shy of twenty) spoke talking about civil rights, harassment from the government, discrimination under the Patriot Act, etc. No corporate media in sight were to be seen, only Portland Indymedia and KBOO yay!

All the board members excpet for Lonnie Roberts voted against the Patriot Act. I wasn't suprised or anything, but it just reminded me how afriad some people are to speak up, whatever their intent. Good work everyone who spent those lonely hours at night and long meetings working hard to get this passed.


09.12.2004 10:20
The Christmas Resistance Movement
You know holiday shopping is offensive and wasteful. You know Christmas "wish lists" and "gift exchanges" degrade the concept of giving. You know Christmas marketing is a scam, benefiting manufacturers, stores, and huge corporations, while driving individuals into debt. You know this annual consumer frenzy wreaks havoc on the environment, filling landfills with useless packaging and discarded gifts.

Yet, every year, you cave in and go shopping.

The relentless onslaught of advertising exerts constant pressure. So do the unified bleatings of herds of shoppers, who call you "Scrooge" if you fail to enthusiastically join their ritual orgy of consumption. Friends and family needle you with gift requests, store windows beckon with shiny colorful packages, the same "classic" holiday jingles are piped constantly through every speaker in town.

How can you resist?

[ Christmas Resistance ]


08.12.2004 22:50
National Public Radio: Voice of White Power
On Dec. 3rd N.P.R. (National Public Radio) ran a show called "On the Media". They did a piece, which was titled "All you need is Hate"; they spoke to a group called "Panzerfaust". Panzerfaust is a White Power music distribution company that is running a program called Project School yard. In this program they are distributing thousands of copies of racist music to schoolchildren. They described the project like this "This fall, Panzerfaust Records embarked on a venture called Project Schoolyard. It's basically a distribution effort for hate music. Based in St. Paul, Minnesota, Panzerfaust is, according to Newsweek magazine, "one of the top 'white power' record labels in the country." Through methods as simple as direct mail and handing out CDs to kids filing off the school bus, Project Schoolyard aims to hand out 100,000 CDs to kids who may not even realize what they're being handed".

N.P.R. not only didn't criticize what Panzerfaust was doing, they actually played their songs and had only one person say anything in rebuttal to the blatant hate being spouted by the Panzerfaust rep.

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08.12.2004 19:24
The Start of the Battle over the "Burnside Bridgehead"
The latest gentrification zone in Portland will be in the area around the east end of the Burnside Bridge. But what gets done there by developers is still an open debate. Are you ready for the struggle?

Y'all have certainly noticed changes in lower East Burnside. It is officially a PDC urban renewal area (mostly a good thing, though that could be argued long and hard).

Part of the project is creating an "anchor" complex at the end of the bridge. The PDC is entertaining three proposals - two of which would involve bringing "big box" retail stores (a Home Depot or a Lowe's) into the heart of Portland. The third proposal would house all local businesses (including a "chef's cooperative"). An article about the issue can be found here.

[ Public presentation of the Burnside Bridgehead development proposals: THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2004, 4 PM, State of Oregon Bldg 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140 ] [ Discussion/workshop of the Burnside Bridgehead proposals: MONDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2004, 5 PM, State of Oregon Bldg 800 NE Oregon, Rm 140 ] [ Portland Development Commission ]


pResidential sElection still contested; Rallies called nationally and locally to protest electoral college vote
As reported here on portland indymedia and throughout the alternative press, the 2004 pResidential sElection was not "free and fair". Across the nation, voters were illegally disenfranchised before sElection Day, intimidated at the polls, had their registrations lost, or dealt with long lines and faulty equipment. Additionally, evidence has been piling up that hundreds of thousands if not millions of votes were discarded, miscounted, or electronically manipulated. People of color were disproportionally targeted. "Third party" candidates Ralph Nader (independent), David Cobb (Green), and Michael Badnarik (Libertarian) have been pursuing legal means to demand recounts in various states, while independent researchers like Bev Harris of Black Box Voting have continued to uncover criminal shenanigans by election officials. Despite this critical mass of energy working toward justice, John Kerry has been nearly silent despite the resources allegedly collected for this very eventuality; either he and the Democratic Party leadership have no backbone (true in any case), or don't intend to win anyway.

Meanwhile, activists have been taking matters into their own hands, staging demonstrations both locally and elsewhere, and plan to rally on and before Dec. 13, when electors will sit to certify their states' results.

Two events at State Capitol Building, Salem:
Sun., Dec. 12, Noon - Protest & Rally
Mon., Dec. 13, 11am-2pm - Protest while Oregon's electors vote
more info: [ newswire post | TruthInVoting.org ]

Capitol Building in Olympia:
Sat., Dec. 11, Noon-2pm - 'Let Every Vote Count' Rally
details: [ newswire post ]

NATIONALLY: [ 51CapitalMarch.com ]

recent local efforts: [ ActionSpeaks meeting notes | Report-back from Democracy Is Dying gathering ]

pdx indy election fraud page

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F* THE CORPORATE MEDIA 08.12.2004 14:04
Fur Free Friday: Willamette Week's coverage snotty as usual
I was disgusted with the columnist known as "The Nose" and his take on the anti-fur rally last week in Portland. I wrote a letter to the editor saying that others who disagree with him should have some space to voice their views. Of course, they didn't print it.

The Willamette Week hires snotty, writers with snotty attitudes. They have a chance to make a difference but instead simply spout snotty reactions and judgements with regards to the protesters.

Anyone out there who is an animal lover should let the WW know that that paper sucks and that any newspaper with any merit would not have to sell escort services to support themselves.

[ Fur Free Friday report-back on pdx indymedia ]

some previous smack-downs of the WW:


08.12.2004 12:53
Unfounded Assumptions, Elections and Propaganda
Another unfounded assumption by the corporate media is that American soldiers are in Iraq to help the Iraq people by compassionate activities like giving candy to children, building schools and other projects, protecting them from "terrorists" (actually their own fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers) and helping them hold free and fair elections. Considering the devastation that has been visited upon Iraq and its people by the US military and the poisoning of their land for 4.5 billion years with radioactive uranium, I would say this was similar to a mugger assaulting much weaker people, stealing their possessions and then handing them a lollipop as compensation. The fact that most Americans do not laugh out loud at such ridiculous assumptions is a tribute to decades of brainwashing about the benevolent intentions of US foreign policy.


08.12.2004 10:32
Report back from Portland's J20 Anti-Inauguration spokescouncil
J20 Graphic The meeting was attended by 2 dozen people, ranging in age from high-school students to seniors and everything in between. There was numerous unaffiliated people, as well as representatives from local high schools, Students for Unity at PSU, the Industrial Workers of the World, Code Pink, forest activist groups, Radical Women, Reclaming Pagan Cluster, Jobs with Justice, United for Peace and Justice, Veterans for Peace, Peace and Justice Works.

Motivated by our strong affinities (detesting Bush) everyone from labor to environmentalists, students to elders, and Dean enthusiasts to anarchists worked admirably together! At the meeting we set up something of a "spokescouncil" model (like the spokes on a wheel), with two primary planning groups, and a of variety of satellite groups and projects.

An initial flyer [pdf] [jpg] is now available!
Next meeting big planning meeting is on Wednesday December 15 (location TBA soon).

[ J20 PDX I Counter-Inaugural ]


07.12.2004 23:06
Big Victory for Blue River Face Tree-Sitters
Pseudocephalaria rainerensis on logged old growth doug fir in Blue River Face Activists working to protect ancient forests within the Blue River Face Timber Sale in the Mckenzie Ranger District of the Willamette National Forest have been informed the US Forest Service and Rosboro Lumber have reached an agreement to drop units 5d and 3d from the sale. Unit 5d is where tree-sitters have been occupying a stand of massive old-growth trees in an effort to call attention to Forest Service policys in the district. Unit 3a is at this point the only unit remaining in the sale.

The offical reason the Forest Service is giving for the dropped units is unit 5d would not be cost effective to log because helicopters would have been required for yarding and it was deemed not profitable. They are saying unit 3d was dropped because steep slope skyline yarding would have caused adverse impacts.

Mckenzie Watershed Guardians must ask the question: Why is the Forest Service suddenly concerned about steep slopes and erosion when we have been telling them for the last 3 years that Blue River Face Timber Sale is an environmental nightmare?

Previous Features: [ Ecodefense Update: Blue River Face Tree-sit is now Blue River Face Tree Village (11/13/2004) I Occupation of Blue River Face Timber Sale continues (10/10/2004) I all stories ]


07.12.2004 23:00
Area skinheads announce racist flyer outreach contest
A racist group, the Tualatin Valley Skins, will be trying to distribute 10,000 flyers of racist material for their "Flyer Outreach Contest." This group has flyered Portland, Eugene, Tualatin, Sherwood, Tigard and Beaverton. It has been reported that they have also disrtibuted bags of candy with their hate literature outside people's doorsteps to try and attract young people.

The Tualatin Valley Skins will be distributing racist literature in Portland on Jan.8, 2005. They will be meeting at Gabriel Park SW 45 & Vermont at 1:00pm. Are there any Anti-Racist groups/people that are or would be intersted in organizing to counter this event????? If anyone has any suggestions, group contacts, or info, email me


07.12.2004 16:25
Rightwing mythologies of crime and policing
There is a widespread public perception in the US that violent crime is rampant and only the bold and dangerous work of police officers is protecting us from it. This perception is largely unsupported by facts. Perception of crime and danger has increased while actual incidence of crime has decreased. Sensationalistic media are to blame. The resulting public perception feeds would-be totalitarians in business and government.


07.12.2004 14:21
Help Protect Civil Rights in Multnomah County
What: Multnomah County Resolution Expressing Commitment to Protect Civil Rights
Who: People who live, work, study, worship and travel in Multnomah County
When: December 9, 2004 - 9:30 to 10:30 AM
Where: 501 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland
Action: Sign a letter of support as an individual, an organization, or come to the hearing.


07.12.2004 13:59
Rod Coronado Indicted on Federal Conspiracy Charges
Rod Coronado On December 2nd at 11:00am at the Evo A. DeConcini Federal Courthouse, federal prosecutors will formally indict Chuk'shon Earth First! (CEF!) activist Rod Coronado on conspiracy charges related to the local environmental group's interference with the hunt for mountain lions in Sabino Canyon last March. The indictment comes just seven days before Coronado was to stand trial for three lesser misdemeanor charges filed after his arrest in Sabino Canyon on March 26th. The new charge, "Conspiracy to Impede or Injure an Officer" carries a maximum penalty of six years in prison.

Coronado believes the indictment is in response to his continued organizing against AZGFD controversial policies such as the killing and removal of lions from the Coronado National Forest and the trophy hunting of sandhill cranes and desert bighorn sheep in southern Arizona.


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